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ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 34 Amanda is relieved of her duties





Amanda is relieved of her duties

in this episode, Rachel, Amanda, Greg, Lindsay, Grant, Iris, Reginald



Rachel is on the phone.

Rachel: What do you mean no? We have banked with you for a number of years and you can’t give us another line of credit? Nobody’s been more loyal than we have, and we’ve always paid back what we’ve borrowed.

Amanda walks in as Rachel continues her conversation.

Rachel: I will write a letter to your C.E.O. because this is ridiculous.

Amanda: You called? What’s wrong?

Rachel: That is the fifth bank I’ve called to see if we can borrow money. They won’t give us what we need.

Amanda: There’s got to be something.

Rachel: Maybe, but first I have something to tell you. I want you to take a leave of absence.

Amanda: No mom I won’t do that.

Rachel: Amanda, this isn’t a request.



Gregory has wheeled himself into a room around with Lindsay close by.

Lindsay: Good session today.

Gregory: Yeah.

Lindsay: You okay?

Gregory: No. Not at all.

Lindsay: You’re making good progress.

Gregory: And what’s Michele doing huh? You heard what Vicky said. She was right. I am responsible for her daughter’s death.-



Iris is on the phone…

Iris: Yeah I was released. Oh you saw it on the news. You know all I thought of were my grandchildren. I was hoping I could…well…speak to them. Oh they’re busy. Can I just say hello real quick? I…I understand. Tell them I love them, and I love you Dennis.

A deeply disappointed Iris goes and sits at the bar.

Iris: Scotch on the rocks please.

Grant, who is reeling from Paulina’s hesitancy to let him in, joins her. He looks at Iris, and says “Make it a double.”


Amanda: Look I understand that we’re going through a tough time---

Rachel: A tough time? We will go under if we don’t get some money, and we got in this situation because of your decision to approve those buyouts.

Amanda: How can you say that? Those writers were pulling out. Would you rather have gone to court over lawsuits? We would definitely have been wiped out. I had to make a decision!

Rachel: A decision that may cost us your father’s company.

Amanda: You’re telling me to take a leave has nothing to do with dad. It is all about your need to be in control.

Rachel: Someone needs to make sound decisions around here!

Amanda: Really mom! Your decision to marry a man who tried to kill my father and kidnap you wasn’t the BEST one you’ve ever made!

Rachel: Are we on that again? You really should let that go Amanda!

Amanda: It’s funny you mention about things being let go, because everything that you THINK you’re in control of…is falling apart!

Amanda storms out…


Lindsay: Greg I…I don’t know what to say.

Gregory: You don’t have to say anything. I saw Michele and her family gathered there at her memorial, it hit me. I realized what my steroid use had done. I killed someone.

Lindsay: Didn’t the police rule it an accident?

Gregory: I tried to get out of the way…but…but I couldn’t. I didn’t mean it.

Gregory starts shaking his head as if to be overcome with guilt, as he recounts the moments before the car he was driving struck Michele.

Gregory: I didn’t mean it! What have I done Lindsay? I’m a killer!

Gregory starts crying and Lindsay hugs him.


Iris and Grant have had a bit to drink at this point…

Iris: You know my own SON won’t let me speak to my grandchildren.

Grant: I can’t believe it.

Iris: I mean he wouldn’t even let me say HI to them. If it weren’t for me, Dennis wouldn’t be here.

Grant: And what does that mean to them when they grow up?

Iris: Nothing. They just get on their high horses and forget that you provided them with the best things in life when they couldn’t fend for themselves.

Grant: Well my son seems to have forgotten that, too. He can’t stand me either. He sides with his mother.

Iris: Vicky? I hear she’s been a tornado.

Grant: She always has been. She’s definitely made my life hell, but yet my son sides with her. And Paulina…

Iris: My half sister---

Grant: One of Mac’s bastard children…she can’t see a good thing when it’s right in front of her.

Iris: Oooh you’ve got the hots for her.

Grant: I have taken care of her and her son since Joe was killed, and she only thinks of me as a friend. Ingrate!

Iris: I’m surprised. Paulina used to like bad boys. There was Jake, and Ian Rain. Joe was a bit puzzling to me though.

Grant: Well I got bigger fish to fry.

Iris: So do I…here’s to…sharks instead of trout…

Grant: Big fish.

As the two glasses clink, Reginald watches them in the background.



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Hmm I am glad to see Greg realize and deal with what his high ass did.

Too Bad for Amada I wonder how this will effect Allen. How old id Rachel these days?

I can't believe how Grant was taling about Paulina as a second class citizen. Wonder what Reggie will say bout Grant and the Iris.

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That last scene was great.

I think Iris and Grant briefly dated when he first came to town.

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