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Episode 264



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Carly gives Brad a piece of her mind.

Lily thanks Dr. Michaels for coming over on such short notice. She's dismayed when Margo trails in close behind, reminding her that there's an open investigation. After Jade tearfully reveals what she remembered, Margo calls the station to see if the reports have come back in on the knife. The deputy responds that three sets of prints were found: Jade's, Luke's, and an unidentified set of prints. Recalling the mystery person in the video, Margo asks if anyone was in the park with her and Colin the night of the murder. Jade growls that she can't remember. With no other option, Margo arrests Jade on murder charges as Lily begs her not to do this. Luke beats himself up for telling Jade the truth, but Lily comforts him that he had no other option; she knows how stubborn her niece can be. She shivers at using the same word her mother used to describe her and heads off to the station with Luke close behind.

Brad continues that he doesn't trust Mac. He thinks it's more than irony that Brad started digging into Mac's past, and suddenly someone sends him to the hospital. There's no way Mac could have known about that, Carly insists. They don't know that for sure, Brad tells her. Anyone could have done it, Carly shrugs, even his resentful wife. Brad admits he considered that. But Katie's not the violent type. Smashing a car is one thing...smashing in someone's skull isn't her style. Interrupted by the doorbell, Carly smiles when she sees Mac at the door, returning her scarf. Mac claims he found it in his van. It must have slipped off when they went to Chicago with the team. Carly thanks him, shaken she didn't even realize it was gone. Flashing back to the moment Jack wrapped it around her when he left, Carly gets a sinking feeling in her gut. Thinking maybe Brad has a point, she declines when Mac invites her out to lunch the next day, and makes excuses when he suggests meeting later in the week. Brad gives Mac a superior smile as he leaves, letting him know Carly's seen the light about him. While Carly tells Brad her actions don't have anything to with what he said, Mac calls someone from his van and tells the person on the other end that they've hit a snag.

Rosanna ends her conversation with Paul, giggling that she'll be home soon enough. She's less than thrilled when she sees Craig sitting alone at Java. Attempting to ingore him, Craig approaches and apologizes that things had to get so messy. Rosanna hisses that he's done enough damage to her and her family. As if running her off the road and into a coma wasn't enough, now he's fighting her for custody of her son...the same one he kidnapped. Craig replies that Cabot is just as much his as he is hers. Legally, Rosanna hisses. She turns and makes her exit, nearly colliding with Carrie outside. Both ladies know the other, but they play as if they don't, exchanging formal introductions. Carrie details how she was supposed to meet a prospective employer here today just as Craig approaches. Realizing that Carrie came to meet Craig, Rosanna tells the young lady that working for such a vile man will only cause future employers to scoff at her résumé. After Rosanna has left, Craig asks Carrie to be his assistant. Despite being claimed dead, he still is a very busy man, he chuckles. After nailing down the specifics of the job, Craig gives her the details on his relationship with Rosanna. Carrie strays from the subject of children and Craig notes how distant she seems. Carrie vaguely excuses herself while Craig secretly notes his new employee's reluctance in talking about children.

Michael assures Lyla that treatment is going according to plan. However, her latest tests aren't that good. Lyla asks how much time she has left, but Michael refuses to say. She won't die in his hands, he reasons. When Casey died, the loss of his brother prompted him to become a doctor so that no family would ever have to bear the burden of loss under his care. Lyla's touched, but thinks Michael's living in a fantasy world if he believes he can avoid death. Later, Michael walks Lyla out to her car and kisses her goodbye on the cheek. Lyla grins how good it truly is to have him back, despite her initial reluctance in accepting the fact that he was here to stay. Michael chuckles and sends her on her way. Returning inside, he meets Susan's angry gaze and realizes she saw him with Lyla. Recalling that she heard about Lyla's cancer returning, she wants to know why he kept it a secret. They did, after all, agree on no more secrets. Michael defends himself, citing doctor patient confidentiality. Susan accepts the excuse, but makes it known she doesn't see why he's spending so much time with Lyla. The woman was his brother's wife and her life is on the line, Michael shrieks. Offended by her nosiness, Michael tells her that although they're together again, that doesn't give her the right to meddle in his life. Susan quickly retreats and apologizes with a passionate kiss. She winks that she'll be in the supply closet in about twenty minutes and Michael chuckles that he will be, too.

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Damn! I wanted Mac to be a good guy. I hope there's still hope that he's a character that has lasting potential.

Glad to see Craig, Rosanna and Carrie are all closing in on the same story. ;)

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