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Episode 250



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Kim orders Brad and Katie into her office. While Kim finishes a phone call, they trade barbs under their breath, blaming each other for the studio melee. Their voices grow louder until Kim clears her throat and gives them one of her iciest stares, shutting them up. When she's ready to address them, she shows them unedited footage of the fight and asks them if they know how ridiculous they look. When they start accusing each other, Kim slaps her desk; startling them into silence. Eyes blazing, she informs them that if there is another incident between them that wastes station time and resources, their paychecks will be docked accordingly. For everything from the crew's salaries to the ink used in getting statements to put in their permanent files---she is done playing den mother to a pair of spoiled brats.

Margo arrives at the Holden and Lily's and tells them that Colin's body is being autospied as they speak; they suspect foul play, no doubt. Lily pleads for Margo to go easy on Jade since she just got walking papers from the hospital. Inside her room, all that Jade can recall is walking through the park after work. After that, everything goes blank, she cries. After some earnest pleading from Lily that the questioning has gone on long enough, Margo relents. She promises to get back to them soon. Later, Luke worries that Jade is responsible. He flashes back to finding the bloody knife in Jade's bag after the ambulance picked her up. Protecting his cousin, he remembers throwing the knife in the woods at Lincoln Park and realizes that the police might find it there. Panicking, he hurries off to the park without telling anyone where he's going.

Carly panics when a production meeting gets rescheduled for late afternoon, leaving her unable to pick up the kids after school. None of her usual backups can help, so Brad offers to pick up Parker and JJ from hockey practice. He arrives to find practice already over, and Parker and JJ still on the ice getting extra one-on-one help. The boys introduce Brad to their coach, who insists they all call him Mac. The boys consider it a privledge, and go on and on praising Mac while Brad drives them home. When Brad finds out Mac had dinner with the family, it's clear he doesn't like it.

Wandering through the ailes of the local store, Emma accidentally bumps into Lucinda. The two women share an awkward silence before Lucinda finally apologizes for not telling Emma about her past marriage to Clark sooner. She was young and stupid, she reasons, and they haven't spoken since the annullment. Emma quips that Lucinda should be ashamed of herself. The one time that Emma actually has a shot at happiness, Lucinda rolls in and steals her thunder. She cuts Lucinda a harsh glare before finally storming off. Back at Lucinda's, Noah informs Lucinda that he's moving out of the guest house and finding his own place. When Lucinda asks why, Noah beams that he's getting his own place and inviting Carrie to come live with him. Lucinda warns Noah that he might be moving a little too fast, but Noah reasons that it's nothing more than a friendly gesture.

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