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Episode#276: The Taxi




Episode#276: The Taxi

-Greta comes to visit Jan and Nicole, and sees Jan trying to figure out a way to escape. Greta laughs and says how cute, and tells Jan to just give it up, she’s not getting out of here. Nicolee asks Greta if they have to be in there can she at least go away, and Greta responds that there’d be no fun if she did, and she just thought she’d tell them how their loved ones are!

-Lucas walks around the kitchen of the Spears Mansion, and says he still can’t believe that Jan just up and left town like that...especially when they were about to get married, and he wonders if Will and Arianna, Greta, and her being Marlena’s child just pushed her too far…but he then says outloud that she wouldn’t have just left Bentley here. He says that something is not right!

-Sami arrives at the hospital, and runs into Mike, and she frantically asks if Nicole is still here!

-Elvis, Renee, Kristen, and Lexie continue to wait for a tow truck and taxi to arrive, and Elvis paces as he thinks about what’s about to happen. Finally, after a bit more waiting, the tow truck arrives and takes their broken car away, and the taxi also arrives, and Kristen whispers in the driver’s ear where to take them! They all get in the taxi and drive off!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Nicole sarcastically asks what loved ones she has left, and Greta says that’s such a good point, but her mother and brother are doing fine. Nicole threatens Greta and tells her to stay away from Faye and Brandon, and Greta chuckles and tells Jan that poor Lucas is going through such a tough time, his fiancee just taking off int othe wind. Jan asks Greta what she’s talking about, and Greta says that Jan wrote him a little note, telling him how she couldn’t take everything anymore and left Salem!

-Lucas recalls when everything started getting really crazy around the Spears Mansion and Jan’s life back in late May…how he proposed to her and she accepted, but then Will returned with a baby and didn’t particularly like Jan, Sami constantly acted weird…he says that Jan’s been through worse so that wouldn’t push her over the edge, he says that Nicole was revealed to have pretended to be the DiMera Child when Jan really was the child, and that may have pushed her, but she’s pulled off those type of schemes herself before…but getting two new parents would be huge…Lucas continues to ponder this, but then he remembers randomly finding Greta injured on the front porch, and Jan also being scratched and bruised, and he wonders what happened between them, and if Greta’s still in town then he needs to find out!

-Mike tells Sami that Nicole mysteriously vanished from the hospital days ago, and they haven’t seen her since…he’s assuming she left, but she didn’t even give the hospital any check out forms. Sami says that’s way too strange and they have to know something about where she is, and Mike shakes his head and says unfortunately, they don’t. As Mike walks off, Sami stands there in shock and asks what kind of hospital this is, letting patients just walk out and not even try to find out where they are! She says to herself that she needs to find Nicole, because she remembers how Stan shot her at the fashion show in May, when he wanted to kill Marlena…and Stan had to have a reason for shooting Nicole, so its obvious Nicole knows something, and she could help her…but now she’s missing!

-The DiMeras continue to drive across Salem…

-Jan’s eyes widen and she snaps to Greta that Lucas would never believe that! Greta tells her that he already has, his little son Will had to comfort him over it. Jan screams “NO, NO, NO!!!!” over and over, and Greta takes joy in seeing her in so much pain. She looks at Nicole and says that she hates her the most, she only wishes she had a loved one that she could trick into thinking Nicole took off from…but Nicole is such a bitch she doesn’t have any. Nicole says cute, and Greta tells them that she’ll leave them alone, and Jan breaks down crying!

-Lucas decides to find Greta, and takes off!

-The taxi stops somewhere in Salem…and Kristen thanks the driver and pays him as they all get out, and Elvis gulps, and warns them all to be careful, which raises Renee’s suspicions. They all look around and Lexie asks what they are doing here, and Kristen says they have to get in there NOW…they have to get into St.Luke’s Church before its too late!!!!

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Greatn episode. BOut time Lucas wied up. I love this secret room tory I wonder how it will turn out And I wonder what's at St. Luke's church. I like how the sami and nicole/secret room story seems to be tying in together. Smart move

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