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Pilot Episode - November 5th, 2007



2007 - November (Sweeps) - Series Premiere



Beyond the Horizon's debut episode is brought you with limited commercial interruption, thanks to sponsorship by XES Lounge!


"I'll be damned if I'm going to lose you... and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that won't happen," said a young, 20-something, dark, long-haired man to the beautiful ingenue. "And... scene!" said the 50-something director, calling the rehearsal to a close for the day. The long-haired actor and his scene partner departed the stage and the actor, Christian (David Evan Smith), met up with the director, Terrence (Walt Willey). Terrence complimented the scene, citing that he definitely felt the love shining through. Christian said it was easy to express love, since the man who taught him what love really meant was sitting in the director's chair. Terrence and Christian, despite their age difference, appeared to be blissfully in love.

Terrence took a break to call Fiona at her law office internship, and she struggled with an armful of case files as she held her cell between her ear and her shoulder. "Your presence is requested at dinner tonight, no excuses," Terrence demanded of Fiona (Connie Fletcher), the red-haired woman in her late 20s. Fiona could never say no to her father, so she agreed to postpone her dinner plans with the new man she'd been seeing, Leo. "And round up your brother too!" Terrence demanded, smiling.

Fiona dropped her case files and decided to text, rather than call her brother Rod (Forbes March). "Dinner 2nite at 9 with Dad... apparently he's got some kind of big announcement." Reaching over his lover, Crystal (Kerry Butler), Rod grabs his phone to read his text from his little sister. Rod was less than thrilled, since the last big announcement his father made was last year -- that he was gay -- which caused his wife/their mother Emma to divorce Terrence and abandon the family, never to be seen again. Attempting optimism, Crystal tried to reassure Rod, "At least whatever his new announcement is couldn't be nearly as earth-shaking." Refusing to give it much more thought, "I'll show you earth-shaking!" Rod smirked, tossing his phone and taking Crystal back into his arms.


Opening Sequence

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"Can't make it 2nite, reschedule 4 2morrow?" Fiona's text to Leo Von Stadt (Jeff Branson) read. "Sure, see you tomorrow" Leo texted back from his desk at VS (for "Von Stadt") International, the high-powered conglomerate. Leo mentioned to his father, President and CEO of VSI, Henry (Sebastian Roché), that he was dining with Fiona tomorrow instead of tonight. "You know you have the video conference call tomorrow night with the Olin Publishing company from Korea. Why would you be so foolish as to schedule a dinner date when your focus should be on work tomorrow?" Henry lectured. Leo told his father to just give the conference call to Shawn Marks, who is more than qualified. "Do you want our associates from every corner of the world to know how much more qualified Marks is than you are when it comes to these things? I'm trying to groom YOU to take over the company when I'm too old and frail to run it anymore, not Marks. Get your focus back, son." Leo continued growing more heated, but calmly reminded his father that dating Fiona might come in handy for both of them someday.

Shawn Marks (Tobias Truvillion), the handsome executive in his office at VSI, receives an E-Mail that he will be expected on a video conference call tomorrow night from 9pm-11pm with the Olin Publishing company discussing VSI's agenda in the buyout. Shawn seems excited to be thrown this conference call, and promptly calls his girlfriend, Jenna Baldwin (Kari Wuhrer) to cancel their date for the club. Jenna is disappointed, but realizes it's probably for the best... she should stay at the hospital and tend to her elderly father Theodore (John Ingle), recovering from his heart attack.

"Dad's awake again," said Jenna's hunky brother James (Alec Musser) from the doorway of their father's hospital room. Jenna gets off the phone to rejoin her siblings at Theodore's side. Aside from Jenna and James, their 19 year old half-brother Thomas (Bobby Steggert) is seated at Theodore's bedside. Jenna was glad her father's been getting his rest. Theodore couldn't get used to having all three of his children with him at one time... while he runs up a huge hospital bill. James assured him he'd have no problem paying it with his lottery winnings. Jenna marveled at how lucky her father was to be the only winner of a 350 million dollar jackpot. Theodore thought the greater purpose was that it brought his two wayward older children back home to him. Jenna and James revealed plans to move back in with him and encouraged him to think about buying a bigger home now that he could afford it. Thomas angrily lashed out, "is this all you can talk about... this freaking money? What about Dad's diet, his exercise routine... which is probably too strenuous for him at his age??" Theodore excused James and Jenna's talk of the lottery winnings explaining that they weren't around for a long while, and it's natural for them to be caught up in the big events like winning the lottery. Thomas feels that the heart attack is a bigger, more important event than the money. It was clear that Thomas didn't see eye-to-eye with his older half-siblings.

Dr. Julia Lawless (Melissa Archer) called the children out of Theodore's room to give his children a progress report, and James was instantly smitten. Thomas attentively listened as Julia gave them instructions about diet and exercise restrictions, while Jenna kind of fiddled with her frilly blouse, and James stared into Dr. Julia's big, beautiful... eyes. Thomas snatched the printout of the restrictions from Julia's hand and returned to his father's room, while Jenna stepped away to make a phone call and James tried to get Dr. Julia's phone number. Sensing James was an immature playboy and citing that she had no time in her busy schedule for something (and someone) so frivolous, Julia warned James that he shouldn't waste his time. Julia walked off, but it seemed from James's face that he welcomed a challenge.

Julia returned to the nurses station of the hospital to look over other charts, and orderly Carina Reynoso (Natalia Livingston) delivered the third message from Julia's mother that week, asking Julia to call her back. Julia told Carina to let her mother know that Julia's transferred to another hospital, but isn't sure which one. Carina wished she had a mother as attentive as Julia's. Julia assured Carina that if Carina knew Julia's mother, she wouldn't be so quick to say that.

Theodore told Thomas to take a break from standing guard and go call his new girlfriend. Thomas asked if Theodore wanted him to hide his credit cards in case James and Jenna came back while he was gone. Theodore laughed and asked Thomas to cut his siblings some slack. Thomas doesn't know James and Jenna well, but Theodore is certain they came back home because they were concerned with his health, not because of the lottery winnings. Thomas marvels at how deeply his father loves. Thomas steps out to call his girlfriend Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) who is relieved Thomas's father is going to pull through. Rebecca's trying hard to get her head together to prepare for her professor's pre-finals test in her Psychology course. Thomas just wanted to check in, so he gets off the phone so Becky can get back to her studies.

Becky's mother Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) wanted to check in as well. Eleanor sat on the bed and asked if they could swap roles for a minute. Eleanor opened up to her daughter about missing her husband too much. Eleanor just had no idea how something as tragic as his death could have occurred. Rebecca consoled her mother, and warned her that they'd never know how he died or why he'd packed the car with his belongings and appeared to be leaving for good when he drove off the road over the embankment. "I just hate the idea that the last thing your father was trying to do was abandon me... abandon all of us," Eleanor cried.

"Rod and I can't make work tonight, Mom... super-important dinner with Mr. Applewhite," Crystal texted her mother Eleanor, who tried to compose herself and used Crystal's text to distract her from her vulnerable state. Eleanor compartmentalized and strategized her way into finding bar coverage for her nightclub since her oldest, Crystal, and bartender Rod, wouldn't be able to make it for work.

Eleanor called Ramon Valdez (Kamar de los Reyes) and told him he needed to take over bartending duties at The Redeye that night. Ramon was upset by the short notice, but didn't allow Eleanor to know about it, and "happily" took the shift. Ramon called his younger brother Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) and asked if he was bartending at Large Bar that night. Rolo was, and they made plans to meet up after their 1am shift ended. Ramon then called his girlfriend Aviva Reynoso (Christina Chambers), who was busy grading papers for her English Literature course she teaches at Hunter College, and invited her to keep him company on his surprise shift at The Redeye. Aviva thought that sounded nice and could use the relaxation that a drink after work would offer.

Rod and Crystal arrive amorously at the dining room of the Applewhite brownstone. The dining room is decorated for an elaborate dinner, with seating for five. Rod immediately notices how many seats compared to who he knows was invited. "Looks like your father has a very big announcement," Crystal says, from the look of things in the room. She notices a hopeful look in his eye, that is quickly dashed. Crystal asks him about it, and after some reluctance, he admits that he thought maybe his mother had decided to come back. Rod doubted that his parents would ever get back together, but Rod wished his mother hadn't left town the way she did. Fiona arrives, echoing the sentiments that it's not likely the extra seat was for their mother. Fiona greets her brother's girlfriend sweetly. Terrence arrives suddenly and tells them all will be explained shortly, and to get comfortable. The four of them sit, Terrence at the head of the table, Fiona at his right, Rod next to her, and Crystal across the table from Rod... for the best view into his eyes by the candlelight, of course. Terrence was glad to have both of his children together for once and wished it happened more often in everyone's busy lives. Terrence was also happy to see Crystal, as always. As the first course of the meal arrives, Rod impatiently wants to know what inspired his father to call this family dinner to order...


Beyond the Horizon will continue in a moment.

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And now back to Beyond the Horizon


"Why do I have the feeling this will be as big or bigger than your last announcement over dinner?!" Rod speculated. Terrence admitted to his son that the reason behind tonight's dinner was related. Terrence thanked Rod and Fiona for being supportive of him when he came to terms with who he was and decided to live his life for himself. Terrence knew it could have gone an entirely different way and he could have lost everyone that he loved. The fact that Rod and Fiona stuck by him proves that they love him and want to see him happy. Rod's still skeptical, "So where are you going with this, Dad?" Terrence smiles at his son's nervousness, and meets that with nervousness of his own. "Well, son... and Fiona... and Crystal too..." Terrence doesn't know how to say it, "... I've met someone." Terrence studies his children's expressions, and Crystal pays close attention to Rod's, concerned for how he might take it. Fiona and Rod's eyes can't help but grow wide with surprise.

Carina is returning to the nurses station at the hospital to answer the phone. "Just who I was calling for!" Aviva Reynoso cheerfully greets her younger sister. Carina seems less than excited to hear from Aviva, "Oh hey. What's up." Aviva confirms that Carina is off her shift soon, and then invites her to join her for drinks at the Redeye. "Ramon ended up working tonight and invited me, so it'd be a chance to catch up with my gorgeous little sister." Carina's mood doesn't lighten, "Hm, a whole evening across the table from my sister while she stares doe-eyed at her boyfriend over the bar. That sounds so FUN!" Carina's voice is heavy with sarcasm. Aviva's cheer is unflappable on the other end of the phone. "Come on, it's decided... you're coming! I want to hear what's going on with you!" Aviva hangs up her phone, smiling. Carina, thrilled with the decision just made for her, lets the phone dangle in her hand until it falls into the receiver. "Splendid. Can't wait," Carina tells herself.

At The Redeye, Aviva settles into her barstool and Eleanor tells her Ramon isn't in for a few minutes. Eleanor asks how her daughter Rebecca is doing in Aviva's English Literature class at Hunter College. Aviva tells her Rebecca's one of her most promising students! Insightful and clever, and fantastic at putting her thoughts on paper. Aviva asks how Eleanor is doing. Aviva knows that Rebecca took her father's death very hard, and Aviva can't imagine what Eleanor must be going through. "Well it's just one day at a time, you know? I have to go through each day and remind myself not to call him to add something to the grocery list. It's hard to think that I'm now the only person that our children have to look up to now. My husband was always a little more together about life than I am. Smart about people, better at reading them than I ever was. I always trust people until I have a reason not to... and that's been a mistake before, but it never was when it came to trusting him. At least... while he was alive. Now that he's gone, I don't know if I ever knew him at all."

Thomas returned to his father's home to find James laying on their father's bed and Jenna going through their father's closet. "What the hell are you two doing in here? Get out!" Thomas lashes out at his older half-siblings. Without their father around to see, Jenna and James are far less concerned with being nice to Thomas. "Oh run along and play, little Tommy, don't worry about us," Jenna smirks at him dismissively as she continues to rifle through their father's closet. "What are you doing?" Thomas demands to know. "I'm picking out a handsome outfit to bring Daddy home in," Jenna explained. Thomas reveals that his father wants his track suit, "the comfortable one that he always wears on the weekend," Thomas states, determined to prove he knows their father better than his half-siblings do. "You mean that hideous navy blue velour monstrosity? I threw that away, it was full of holes and barely being held together by the laws of physics." Thomas is outraged that Jenna threw away their father's favorite tracksuit. Jenna off-handedly promises to buy him a new one, a nicer one, and with much better craftsmanship. "With his money, that's so generous of you," Thomas snipes. "Hey, don't you have some porn to watch on your computer or homework or something?" James interjects, tossing a small foam basketball into the air and catching it over and over again as he fills their father's bed. The good thing about the two of you coming back like this... is that you're so freaking transparent that dad is going to see right through you and kick you both out on your high maintenance asses," Thomas exhales in frustration as he storms out. His warning seems to echo for Jenna, "He might be right, James. We have to figure out how to play this, because that little twerp of a half-brother has it in for us."

Dr. Julia stops into Theodore Baldwin's room to check on her favorite patient. Vital signs are good. Looks like Theodore will be going home this week. Theodore's thrilled and promises to take it easy. Theodore apologizes in case his children were a bit too much to handle. "I'm sure they bicker because they all love you in their own ways," Julia assures Theodore. "I was more referring to James... he has a weakness for strong and beautiful women," Theodore smiles. Julia laughs, "Honestly I didn't pay much attention. Your son is very handsome but doesn't sound like he and I would have much in common." Theodore speaks up for his son, "Well don't sell him short... He was always a smart student, an athlete, and the life of the party. I suppose his only drawback is that he's not the most in touch with his emotions. But perhaps that's where you come in, my dear?" Julia smirks at Theodore's attempt at matchmaking, grips his arm warmly and leaves to return to her rounds.

Henry Von Stadt tells his son Leo that his dalliance with Fiona better have payoff for them in the long run, but he hopes they will never need her services. Leo is about to leave work for the day and asks what's on his father's agenda tomorrow. "Interviewing personal assistants! My favorite part of the job," Henry groans. Leo reminds his father that whatever secretary he hires, he had better find one good at keeping secrets. "Absolutely, and you'd do well not to forget who you're talking to, son. I can manage myself very well," Henry reminds him. Their relationship is obviously tense.

"Well that's wonderful!" Fiona expresses enthusiasm, looking to Rod, hoping it will catch on. It doesn't. "You called us here to tell us you're dating someone?" Rod asks, not seeing the point. "I called you here because I'm in love with someone. And you two are the most important people in my life and I wanted you to meet him," Terrence says cautiously optimistic. "Dad, isn't this a little early to be in love? You've been out of the closet for what, not even a year yet?" Rod objects. "So when do we meet him?" Fiona tries to continue on the path her father was trying to take with the dinner. "Tonight, if you like. He's here." Fiona shows interest in meeting this man and Crystal grips Rod's clenched fist and tries to speak for them both by saying it would be a lovely night to meet the man Terrence cares so much for. Terrence, nervous, calls Christian into the room. Christian, looking obviously younger than both Terrence's children, but nicely dressed, with his long hair slicked back and pushed behind his ears, enters, and sits in the empty chair at Terrence's left. "Fiona... Rod... it's so good to finally meet both of you," Christian smiles. Fiona's face turned from forced enthusiasm to shock and awe. Fiona couldn't keep her jaw from sagging and Rod couldn't keep the grin off his face. Rod was grinning in disbelief, not thinking it could have gotten as ridiculous as it just did.

Carina arrives at The Redeye, hoping to not hate the drinks she's about to share with her big sister, Aviva. Aviva jumps out of her chair at the sight of Carina and gives her a big happy giggling kiss. Carina's offering a half-hearted smile at most. "So my darling sister... what's been going on with you? I haven't seen you since... Labor Day? Toiling away long hours at the hospital? Or have I not seen you because you've found yourself a MAN..." Aviva teases, trying to brighten her sister's mood... which doesn't work. "No, no man. Just work. There's actually nothing going on in my life. At all. Absolutely no changes since I saw you for Labor Day," Carina says, hardly believing it herself. "Oh there's Ramon. Let's go sit at the bar, he'll give us free drinks." Carina's prophecy came true... now Aviva will spend all her time staring at her boyfriend. Aviva drags Carina to the bar and they sit on the stools, Ramon and Aviva instantly cooing at each other over the bar. Ramon serves them drinks -- cosmopolitans. Ramon turns to Carina and reminds her that they're $5. "So much for free drinks..." Carina says under her breath and Aviva feels horrible that Ramon is charging Carina for hers. Aviva digs into her purse to pay for her sister's drink, but Carina refuses her money. "No, he obviously doesn't want your money, so keep it. He'll take your drink out in trade, I'm sure," Carina mock-teases. Aviva can (finally!) tell Carina's in a seriously sour mood.

Julia sits down with her laptop in the on-call room at the hospital and sees four e-mails, all from her mother. She blows through them, and the last one reads "I'm on my way to NYC!" Julia's look instantly transforms from irritation to worry.

Christian tries to make an effort to jump start conversation to kill the awkward silence filling the dining room at the Applewhite home, "Okay, so let's talk about that elephant in the room. Yeah, there's an age difference," Christian admits, knowing there was no way of getting around the subject. Rod jumps on the topic ferociously, "Yes, what grade are you in?" he smugly asks. Terrence shoots him a harsh glare. Christian swallows Rod's animosity and continues in a civilized way, "I'm 23 years old. And believe me, Terrence and I both had concerns entering into this when it came to the age gap between us. But we both see the world the same way, we can laugh at the same things... we connect, and without age entering into it, that's a pretty amazing thing these days when everyone is usually so consumed with looking for that next best thing around the corner," Christian speaks confidently of his relationship with Terrence, and Rod has lost track of the fact that the smirk hasn't left his face.

"Forgive me if I don't ask when the wedding is," Rod smiles. "That's enough, Rod," Terrence shuts down his son's sarcasm. "I hope that if you can't find it in yourself to be supportive you can at least be civil to Christian just because he's a guest in our home." Rod decides to respect his father's wishes, "Sorry. I can be a jackass sometimes." Christian is surprised at the turnaround, "It's fine," Christian responds, "So can I, sometimes." Fiona tries to continue the ease of tension, "So Christian, what do you do for a living?" Christian announces he's an actor, and has done some television, one very bit part in a independent film, and generally works in theatre. Rod nearly chokes on his champagne. Before Rod can make a crack about it, Terrence acknowledges that was how they met, through a theatre project. And that falls under the category "things they have in common". Rod looks to Fiona with a skeptical look, and she meets his look with one that is meant to pacify him. Fiona then throws a sympathetic smile to her father. "Well... you will have plenty of time to ask Christian anything you like and get to know him better," Terrence informs his kids, "since I've asked Christian to move in here with me. With all of us." Crystal looks to Rod again, nervous for what this revelation might do to him. Fiona almost has to break her quiet support at this point, since moving in together seems like a huge leap since the Applewhite children just met this boy tonight.


Stay Tuned for scenes from the next Beyond the Horizon


This November, on Beyond the Horizon:

Eleanor Halperin advises her daughters to protect their hearts when it comes to men.

Rebecca Halperin befriends sexy classmate Tiffany Lawless and feels pressured to hide the fact she's a virgin.

Eleanor meets her dead husband's boss, CEO of Von Stadt International, Henry, who works his charms on her.

Hattie Wilson, Tiffany and Dr. Julia's off-kilter mother, takes a job as Henry's secretary, and sets her sights on the wealthy businessman.

Hattie can tell Eleanor will be a significant roadblock in her quest for Henry's heart, so she works to undermine Henry and Eleanor's growing connection.


Shawn Marks is both thrilled and somewhat nervous when his Private Investigator sister Rachel decides to put down roots in NYC.

Shawn hopes to continue climbing the corporate ladder at VSI and backs girlfriend Jenna's pitch for her own design label.

Shawn hides a major secret from everyone in his life.


Rolo Valdez performs poorly in Aviva's class at Hunter College, leading to tension for his brother Ramon's relationship with Aviva.

Ramon makes a drunken mistake that won't be so easily forgotten.

Rolo's interest in classmate Tiffany Lawless makes him postpone his decision to drop out of college.


Rod hires a private investigator to dig up what Christian Avery Field is really all about.

Rod plots to expose Christian's secrets at Thanksgiving dinner, but his plan promptly backfires.

Terrence issues his family an ultimatum over Christian.


James and Jenna convince their father Theodore to buy a large brownstone with some of his lottery winnings so the entire Baldwin family can live together.

James hopes to use his newfound wealth to get closer to Dr. Julia Lawless.

James and Jenna win the battle, but know they will have to work harder to win the war with younger half-brother Thomas.


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