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10/3/07-OPEN UP






Tony is by Steve's side when he wakes up. Steve holds his head and asks what happened. Tony explains that the gas in the pit knocked him unconscious and that he managed to get him and Hope out just in time. Hope then comes in and races over to Steve, embracing him and overjoyed that he is alright as Tony watches. Steve thanks Hope for everything she did. He mentions he heard her while he was out of it. Hope is shocked that he did and then changes the subject to her just being happy he made it. Tony says he is too, especially since he is responsible. Hope and Steve are confused. Tony mentions that he ordered the guard to drop them in the pit but had no idea the guard would try to gas them. He gave the guard some cash and thought he was trustworthy. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Hope asks why he would do that. Tony says he didn't want them getting hurt after what happened at Maison Blanche with Byron. He is concerned Stefano is on their tail and he knows that neither Stefano or his men will kill him. He doesn't know if that same courtesy applies to them. He was simply trying to protect them and knows it was extreme. He also thought him acting alone would help move things along. Steve reminds Tony that he and Hope are looking for answers too. Tony nods and says he knows but it's unlikely that the answers lie in Italy. Hope agrees and tells Tony she understands why he did what he did. Steve agrees too even though he warns Tony he will be hearing from his attorney. Hope tells Steve he doesn't need Frankie. Steve smiles and says he was kidding. Steve then asks what Tony found, if anything. Hope realizes Tony mentioned finding something but never told her.

Tony fills Steve and Hope in on the note and birth certificate he found in the painting, as well as the fact that Liz has the answers he needs. Tony says they need to leave Italy ASAP because the guards will be on their tail soon and likely Stefano. Hope agrees, telling Steve he can leave the hospital in a few hours. Tony says they can work on tracking down Liz in Salem. Hope thinks it's time to go home as she misses JT, Bo, and the rest of her loved ones. She tells Steve that Bo and Kayla must be worried sick. Steve agrees but reminds Hope they have some unfinished business. Hope nods as Tony interjects and says he will keep to his promise to help them find what they are looking for. Hope smiles, saying they will help him too, just as they said. Tony thanks them and says he will go make the travel arrangements so they can leave.

After Tony leaves, Hope sits down by Steve and says he gave them quit a scare.

Steve: Sorry.
Hope: It's...
Steve: Wait a sec...Tony isn't here anymore so quit avoiding the issue. I know we have to go home right now but we do have to go back to Maison Blanche. We need to find out for sure about Chelsea and we need to close the damn book on our past.
Hope: I know, Steve.
Steve: We also need to talk. Alot has changed on this trip, Hope.
Hope: Nothing has changed. We had some close calls, a few memory flashes...
Steve: Oh, come on. You and I both know those memories were more then just memories. Those memories brought some feelings back. Feelings that I know I don't understand. We need to talk, Hope.
Hope: We will soon. I just want to focus on going home to Bo and my family. We can then go from there. Now, I will be back.

Hope gets up and leaves the room as Steve watches her, saying:

Steve: Your in denial, Hope. We have a problem. We have a problem that needs to be talked about...before we lose ourselves and both do something we will regret.


Jack and Billie are lying on the couch in each other's arms. Billie tells him she will do her best to help him keep his mind off Abby and Alex. Jack wishes her good luck. Billie explains that there is something she has been wondering about. She says it's funny how they seem to have this full-fledged relationship yet they have never really been on a real date. Jack says it's the fact that they have always been close friends. Billie agrees but says they really do need to start going out, at least for tradition's sake. Jack is ok with that and admits he could use the distraction from what is going on with Abby and the Alex business. Billie wonders what they should do. Jack thinks dinner and a movie. Billie thinks they have higher standards and are more creative then that. Jack suggests he surprise her. Billie smiles and says that sounds like a plan. She tells him he will be feeling the pressure not to disappoint. Jack says he is already. They both laugh.

Jack tells Billie he is so grateful to have her in his life. He still misses Jennifer like crazy but having her in his life has kept him going. He never thought he had any chance at finding another woman to love him, much less tolerate him. He is thankful for all she has done. Billie says she is thankful for all he has done. Jack reminds her that is what friends are for. Billie thinks it's remarkable how their friendship turned into what they are now. Jack just hopes he doesn't hurt her. Billie tells him he could never hurt her. He just needs to believe in himself and not let his inner demons control him. She doesn't want to see him go through what he did with Jen at times with his drive to be proven worthy and so on. Jack promises he will do his best. Billie smiles and embraces him, saying they just need to face the fact that they need each other. They always did and always will. She is just happy he has always been there for her. Jack says that goes both ways. They kiss and then hold each other close on the couch.



Lucas is raced in on a gurney. Rich tends to him and starts issuing instructions to those assisting him. Joelle waits outside, worried about what went wrong. She recalls his drinking the alcoholic drink at the Cheatin Heart by accident and that he had two pills earlier. She then recalls putting two more pills in Lucas's coffee upon his waking up. She wonders if the combination of substances is what did it. A worried Joelle prays that Lucas pulls through or else she and her mother and son have lost their one chance at a better life. Joelle watches with great worry as Rich and the other doctors and nurses work on Lucas before a nurse walks over and closes the blinds, taking away Joelle's view and raising Joelle's concern even more as she is watched by a mysterious someone from a distance.

The scene then shifts to...


Orpheus comes to Sami in her room and asks if she has seen the latest developments. Sami says she isn't in the mood for his games. Orpheus insists it's not a game. He turns the TV on to show Lucas being raced into the ER at University Hospital on a gurney. Sami is in shock and is horrified by what happened. She hears one of the doctors say he seems to have drugs and alcohol in his system. Sami begins to panic and thinks he is falling apart without. She hates what this is doing to the people she loves. Orpheus admits that he is glad he had someone filming this and calls it an inspired move. Sami turns around and tells him to shut up.

Orpheus smiles and tells Sami there is nothing she can do but toss her insults around and pretend to be strong when inside she is falling apart watching all this happen. Tears stream down Sami's face as she calls Orpheus a monster and promises he will get his. He will suffer when someone finally gets the best of him and takes out his ass. Sami tells Orpheus she will be first in line to give that person a medal. Sami then tells him he will go straight to hell where he will spend eternity. Orpheus tells Sami he will see her there. Sami turns around in disgust as Orpheus laughs. Sami looks at the TV screen, hoping to see something or to hear word on Lucas.


Victor and Maggie walk down the 7th floor hallway. Victor thanks Maggie for coming with him to see Greta. Maggie says she loves him and wants to be there for him. She knows this is hard for him. Victor looks into ICU #3 and sees Frankie still lying by a comatose Greta. Victor is nearly overcome with emotion and then stops himself. Maggie tells him to let it out if he has to. Victor shakes his head, saying that's not what Victor Kiriakis does. Maggie appreciates his being strong but advises it might be better if he lets out all his emotions. Victor smiles and assures he is fine.

Maggie and Victor enter the room and ask Frankie how Greta is. Frankie says there is still no change and Rich thinks if her condition stays that way they will have to send her to a place where she can get around the clock care. Victor hopes it doesn't come to that but, if it does, he will see to it she gets the very best care. Victor walks over to Greta and takes her hand, telling her he will do everything he can to bring her back to them. Just then, Greta's monitors go off. Victor looks up and sees that has flatlined. Frankie races out to get a doctor as Maggie comforts Victor, who begs Greta not to do this and to fight for her life.


Hope is looking in at Steve outside his cubicle when Tony returns, saying he booked a flight back to Salem. They should be home by morning. Hope is silent as she continues to look in at Steve, who seems to be asleep. Tony asks Hope if she is ok. Hope's finally notices Tony is there and nods, saying she is grateful that they are all alright. She is happy to be going home. Tony says he understands as she probably misses her family but admits he wonders if there is another reason why she is so eager to go home. Hope asks what that means. Tony tells Hope he is aware of her past with Steve. He says he overheard alot of things over the years, especially his years in captivity. Hope asks how much he knows. Tony says only that Steve was imprisoned with Hope as someone to keep an eye on her. He was instructed to be a guard and, in return, he would be given info about his past but it seems that all changed when he first saw her.

Hope asks what happened. Tony says all he knows is that Steve bonded with her and became her knight in shining armor in a sense. Tony adds that he was going to mention all this before but he wasn't sure it was the right time. He had a feeling that is what Steve and her were looking into on this trip and promises he will help them get whatever answers they need. Hope thanks him and then asks what he meant before when he thought she had another reason for wanting to go home. Tony says he meant that he has noticed Steve and Hope getting quite close while on this trip. He noticed it when he first showed up and met them at Maison Blanche and noticed it here in Italy, especially in the pit.

Tony: I understand you two have always been close friends, Hope, but...
Hope: What are you getting at?
Tony: That looked like more then friendship, Hope. You acted as if you couldn't live without him. The way you looked at him in the pit and when I brought you two up...the way you are looking at him now and the way you embraced him earlier...
Hope: I care about him. He's a friend. He's my brother-in-law!
Tony: Perhaps I have overstepped my bounds. I apologize. It was none of my business.
Hope: It's ok, Tony. I think we are all exhausted. We've been through alot. It's a wonder any of us know what we are saying. Just know that there is nothing but close friendship between me and Steve. That's it.
Tony: Of course. Again, I'm sorry.
Hope: Apology accepted.
Tony: Well, I have to go make sure those guards aren't tailing us yet. I'll be back soon to get you and Steve.
Hope: Ok.

As Tony leaves, he looks back at Hope, who is now looking in at Steve again.

Tony: Sometimes the past doesn't stay there, Hope. Feelings are always there. They never go away.

Tony walks off as he sees Hope still looking in at Steve. The scene then fades to black.




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Good episode. I love the chemistry between Hope and Steve. It's palpable. I love them better than Hope and Bo and certainly better than Steve and Kayla.

Joelle. I'm indifferent to her. She could never show up again and I would be happy. I don't like her and I want Sami to beat the ever living [!@#$%^&*] out of her.

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Very good episode, again, guys. It's interesting to see Steve and Hope connecting the way they are in here. It just seems like a good transition/change for them to be away from their respective counterparts. They are Steve and Hope, not Bope, or Sayla, or whatever the hell their couple name is. Individuals, I like that a lot.

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