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-At the Pub, Katherine and Cal are talking with Caroline and Kayla when Katherine realizes they need to go as they need to run back to the suite to get the rest of their things. Caroline and Kayla embrace both of them, wishing them well. Caroline reminds him that his home will always be Salem and that they will always be his family. Frankie, Max, and Bo come over, embraces both Cal and Katherine, and reiterates that statement while Stephanie watches. Frankie uses him and Max as an example as they aren't blood Brady's but have always been treated as part of the family. Cal smiles.

Kate and Abe then come over to say their goodbyes. Abe says he still considers him one of his best friends. Cal thanks him. They embrace. Kate tells Cal that some of the best times of her life were with him and it doesn't matter who he is. It's the person he is that matters and a part of her will always love him. They embrace, followed by Kate giving him a kiss on the cheek. Kate tells Katherine to take care of him. Katherine smiles and nods. Marlena then comes over and wishes both of them well. She tells Cal they spent alot of time together and him being Cal doesn't change a thing. She still cares about him and wishes him the best. They embrace. Cal thanks her. Katherine says they really have to go. Cal agrees. Everyone at the Pub waves and says goodbye as Cal and Katherine do the same before exiting the Pub and shutting the door behind them.

-In New Orleans, Steve is at the airport, having just made his way off the plane. He looks at the directions Tony gave him and tells himself it's time to do this thing, unaware that Hope is right behind him, vowing to find out what is going on with him.

-Cal and Katherine walk through their suite, packing things up. Cal then gets a phone call on his cell, telling him that the Toscano Jet is fueled and ready for takeoff. He thanks the captain and hangs up, telling Katherine that it’s time to go. Katherine walks over and hugs Cal, telling him that everything will be just fine. A new life and wonderful times await for them and they better not waste any of it stuck in that cramped hotel room. Cal smiles as he kisses Katherine and, after he does, there’s a knock at the door.

When he opens it up, Angelica stands in front of him, telling him that everything is set. Cal instructs her to make sure that Katherine gets down to the limousine ok. Angelica obeys and she walks in and picks up Katherine’s suitcases. As she walks out, Katherine walks past Cal, placing her hand on his cheek and telling him to take his time. She closes the door as she leaves and Cal stands in the middle of the room, thinking to himself. His mind drifts back to times past......

Of when he first came to Salem during John/Roman and Marlena’s aborted wedding. Being a pawn of Kristen Blake’s. His love affair and marriage to Kate. The arguments he had with Sami. The horror of the SSK and the Captive Island tragedies, losing his identity as Roman Brady, his work in the police force, his friendship with Abe, his lost family..............and last, but not least, seeing the greatest love of his life for the very first time...........his wife, Katherine.

And now, everything is now in the past. His life in Salem is over.......for now. He goes and looks out the window one last time on the city he called home for the last 10 years and then turns to walk out. He stops, looks around, places the key to the room on the end table, clicks off the light, and quietly closes the door.

Thirty minutes later, Cal walks on board his private jet. He looks at Katherine, who is busy watching a DVD. When he asks what it is, she says that it’s her all time favorite mini series.........North And South. Cal asks why she loves it so much. She says she never honestly knew but then says that she is a huge fan. When Cal asks who her favorite character is, she says she likes them all........but that Ashton Main is one evil bitch. Cal laughs at that and kisses her on her cheek. He then walks over and pours himself a beer, looking at Katherine and saying how old habits die hard. Angelica then walks in and says that they are ready for take off.

As they all buckle in, Cal receives a phone call from a man. When he answers the phone, he can’t make out the voice but the man tells him.....

Man: Sir, everything in San Francisco is prepared for your arrival.

Cal: Good to hear.

Man: It will be a pleasure working with you again, sir.

Cal: Oh........we know each other?

Man: Well, sir, I think you will recognize me when we see each other.

Cal: Sounds mysterious.

Man: No, no, sir. My apologies. I didn’t mean to come off that way.

Cal: No need to say you’re sorry. I’m just glad that I’ll have someone who’ll know the family business. I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Man: And you’ll get it from me, sir. Well, see you in a few hours.

Cal: Looking forward to it.

Cal hangs up the cabin phone and Katherine asks who it was. Cal says someone who worked for his father. Katherine gets up and comes over to him, sits down next to him, and asks him....

Katherine: So, honey. Ready to start our new life together?

Cal: As ready as I’ll ever be.

Cal motions for Angelica to tell the captain it’s time for takeoff. The plane taxis onto the runway, guns the engines full throttle, and takes off into the beautiful night sky.

In San Francisco, the man Cal was talking to turns and starts to order everyone to get everything ready. The head of the Toscano Family is coming to stay and everything has to be just right. As the servants and assistants leave, the mysterious man turns around. And, thinking out loud, can only say one thing.........

MYSTERIOUS MAN---CLICK HERE!!! This will be a welcome home Cal and his lovely bride will never forget.

The man then walks over to a table, pours himself a brandy, and downs it in one gulp, placing the glass back on the table, and walking away.

-On the island, Billie slips deeper into unconsciousness as Jack picks her up and holds her in his arms. He says that the storm is too strong to go out there and search for something to help treat the poisonous bite. He doesn't know what else to do so he just keeps talking to her, telling her that he hasn’t felt like this about a woman since..........and Jack can’t finish his sentence. He tells her that the storm is getting worse but the cave will protect them. Billie comes to long enough to tell Jack to shut up and just hold her. Jack smiles at her as she rests her head against his chest. Jack grabs a blanket and wraps her up in it, rocking her back and forth as she relaxes somewhat in his arms. He tells her she will be fine. Then, Jack looks towards the heavens, asking God for one favor......

Jack: Please, God. Don't let Billie die. Please. I can't lose her like I lost Jennifer.

At that very moment, a helicopter carrying Elizabeth and Alexander drops down over the ocean. Alex tells his mother that it would really be a shame to die like this. Elizabeth agrees, saying that this wasn’t the greatest idea. The pilot has control of the helicopter but then announces that engine No. 2 is going out. He doesn’t know how long he can keep the plane flying. A few seconds later the helicopter drops suddenly, causing Elizabeth to let out a violent scream as the lights in the helicopter go out........

-Back in Salem, at the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor sits in his study, watching his favorite movie. Nico and Bo walk in and Bo says out loud that he always did love The Godfather. Victor agrees, saying that Brando was wonderful in that role. Bo wants to know why he’s watching this movie now. Victor says he’s just thinking. He then gets up and turns the DVD player off and tells Nico to make sure the door is locked. As Nico checks the door, Victor tells Bo to have a seat. Nico then walks over and pours drinks for everyone. Victor asks if Cal and his wife got off ok, to which Bo says he made sure Cal and Katherine are fine. He’s just glad they are now out of harm’s way from both Stefano and Orpheus. Victor says that that doesn’t matter. Orpheus got to Sami, Eric, and Austin. No telling whose next.

Which brings Victor to the next phase of his plans. Bo asks if that is what the blueprints are for. Victor nods his head. He tells both men that they have an operative working on something very special for Stefano. Once everything is in place, he’ll fill them in. Bo agrees with that and then Bo says that he has to call Hope and make sure she’s ok. He tells Victor he will also call Steve since he didn't answer before. Bo feels that he is a part of this too. As Bo gets up and leaves, Victor stops Nico and tells him to shut the door. When they are alone, Victor tells Nico.....

Victor: You watch over my son. He is very, very important to the future of this family.

Nico: And what about Johnson?

Victor: If he has to be sacrificed.........so be it. He isn’t blood anyway.

Nico: Understood, sir.

Victor: Good. And make sure you get in touch with our operative. The time is drawing near. This war is about to reach a brand new level.......

And we better make the first strike before it does.

Nico obeys his Godfather and walks out of the room, leaving Victor to grimly contemplate what lies in front of all of them.

Meanwhile, at The DiMera Mansion, Stefano orders one of his men, Petrov, to come in. He says that being the son of one of his most loyal men gave him an inroad into the DiMera family but his work is not done. Stefano knows that Victor and Orpheus will both be after him and now is the time to make sure that all of their men are in place and ready to strike when the moment comes. Petrov asks if that time is near, to which Stefano replies.....

Stefano: Of course it is. I’ve lost too much in my lifetime to be defeated by ether of those men. Renee, Megan, and Andre. Tony hates me and my son Benjamin...........I haven’t spoken to him in years. Alexandra can’t even breathe the same air I do. All I have........is power. And I intend to use it to CRUSH each and every person that dare stand in my way!

He orders Petrov to get in touch with his personal bodyguard and tells him to make sure that Orpheus, Victor Kiriakis, and especially Roman Brady are kept under surveillance until the right moment. And........when that moment arrives.......

All three men will know what pain and suffering is truly made of. Petrov obeys and leaves Stefano to bask in the glow of the symphony that he is listening to at this very moment, as he laughs at the destruction that will fall on Salem.

-Back in New Orleans, Steve arrives at Maison Blanche. He walks up to the door and rings the bell. The caretaker answers, asking who he is and what he wants. Steve says he is a friend of Tony Dimera. The caretaker understands and says Tony called and let him know he would be coming. He introduces himself as Byron Muldoon. Byron mentions he always had a soft spot for Tony as he is much more giving and kind then his father. Steve agrees and asks if it's ok if he looks around a bit. Byron says that's fine as Tony told him he would be searching the house. He tells Steve to take his time and to let him know if he can help in any way. Steve thanks him and begins to look around.

Meanwhile, Hope comes to the door. She wonders if she can somehow convince the caretaker to let her in since Tony didn't give her permission. She rings the bell, causing Steve to wonder who that could be. Byron tells Steve it's probably just a delivery or something. Steve nods and goes into another room as Byron opens the door. He asks Hope who she is and what she wants. She introduces herself and says she is a friend of Steve's and has come to help. Byron thinks for a minute and tells her to leave the premises or the police will be called. He then slams the door in her face, leaving Hope to wonder what she is going to do next.

-At Roman and Marlena’s, Roman sits at the dining room table looking over some plans. Marlena comes downstairs and sees what Roman is doing. She walks over to him and asks him why he left the Pub before saying goodbye to Cal and Katherine. Roman said he had things to do. A frustrated Marlena then asks him......

Marlena: Are you going out again?

Roman: Maybe. Maybe not. Whose to tell.

Marlena: Do we have to get into this again?

Roman: No. Not really. If you would just leave me alone, we don’t HAVE to get into anything, now do we?

Marlena: I thought I was supposed to be the one who was nuts in this marriage, not you.

Roman: Funny, Doc. Very funny. How funny was it when your sister was buried, hmmm? How funny was it when you and the family thought I was dead? How funny is it now that we have to see our children at their graves? I’m sick of this [!@#$%^&*], ok? From now on, ANYONE [!@#$%^&*] with my people........

Better have their life insurance paid up. And now........if you’ll excuse.........

Roman gets up and walks out the house once again. Marlena tries to follow but suddenly gets dizzy. She looks around and sees the room spinning out of control. She then tries to walk towards the phone but stumbles.......and then falls forward in one huge heep on the floor. As she hits the floor, a bottle of pills falls out of her pocket. It is the same medicine that she was supposed to be taking for her illness. At that moment, the phone starts ringing. On the other end is her doctor, Barbara, trying to get in touch with her.

As the phone rings, the scene slowly starts to pan upward, and as the scene shows an unconscious Marlena on the living room floor, the scene keeps rising slowly rising upwards as it fades to black.



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I am very intrigued by this new mystery character, I have no clue where you guys are going with that lol. The Bo and Victor scenes were great as usual, loving their dynamic. Looks tomorrow's episode will end with a boom! Keep up the great work, I'll be reading!

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