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As the storm continues to rage on, we revisit our beloved Salemites aboard the cruise ship...

-Victor and Maggie break from their kiss. Maggie says at least now they can die knowing how they feel about each other. Just then, Caroline appears. Greta, Frankie, and Philip soon follow. They are shocked to see Victor and Maggie. The water has reached the faces of Victor and Maggie. Victor explains how Stefano left them to die. Caroline says it sounds like the truce is over. Victor nods.

Philip and Frankie search for something to break the gate lock with. Frankie finds an ax in a glass holder on the wall. Philip breaks the glass. Frankie uses the ax and breaks the lock, revealing Victor and Maggie. Caroline embraces both of them as Philip embraces Victor, followed by Greta. Everyone wonders why Victor and Greta hugged. Victor says there is no time and he will explain later. They need to get off the ship now. There is no time to go looking for everyone else. Frankie agrees and they all race off.

-Marlena has her gun aimed at Orpheus as Roman watches. She tells him his reign of terror is over. Orpheus laughs and says that Marlena is making him out to be some sort of comic book villain. Marlena lashes out at Orpheus and reminds him that she isn't Marlena. She is Samantha and his time is up. She points her gun at Orpheus as a horrified Roman watches.

-As water continues to fill the passageway, Kayla grabs hold of a railing and calls out for Steve. She recalls them being thrown up against the wall by the rush of water, with Steve taking the worst of the hit, and prays that Steve is ok. She then sees Steve's body being dragged off by the force of the rising waters. Kayla realizes she must swim over to him and lets go of the railing, allowing herself to be pulled by the dangerous waters as she struggles to reach Steve.

The scene then shifts to Jack, who is being pulled away by the rising waters. Billie screams out for him. Jack tells her to hold on. Jack sees a cabin room nearby and grabs on to the door frame. He holds on tight and tells Billie to take his hand as she is pulled by. She does do and he pulls her in to the room. Jack then closes the door behind them to keep anymore water from getting in but tells Billie it's only postponing the inevitable. Billie asks why they bothered getting in the room if it's only going to fill with water too. They may as well have taken their chances with the rising waters.

Jack says it's the only thing he could come up with quickly and they were both in danger. Billie tells him they still are...only now they are going to die sooner rather then later as they are trapped in a room that will soon be filled with water as well. Jack tells her not to panic but Billie tells him it's over. They need to accept it. No matter what they did they were going to die. They just helped it to happen sooner. Billie turns away, resigned to her faith, as a frustrated Jack looks around the room, searching for a safe way out.

The scene then shifts to Bo, who is calling out to Hope. She is still holding on to a steel bar. Bo tells her to hang on. He notices a staircase near Hope and thinks that may be his best chance to get to her and get them both to safety. Bo allows himself to be pulled by the forceful waters as Hope screams out to him that he is being stupid and will get himself killed. Bo reaches for the staircase railing and, after nearly missing it, manages to grab it. He pulls himself up to the second stair and reaches for Hope, who is a few feet away. Hope says she takes back the stupid comment. Bo smiles and says that she needs to stop with the kneejerk reactions. Hope explains it's her nature and he is always one to take stupid risks.

Bo tells her enough with the talking. He instructs her to grab his hand and he will pull her over. Hope reaches but nearly gets pulled away. Bo tells her to take his hand. He isn't going to let anything happen to her. He can't lose her. Hope and Bo both smile at each other. She then reaches for his hand as he reaches for hers. She grabs it and he pulls her over, fighting the force of the rising water, but managing to get her to safety with him on the staircase. He pulls her into an embrace and holds her tight, elated she is alright.

Bo: I don't know what I would've done. Seeing you handing on like that...I was so scared. You mean everything to me.

Hope: And yet you spent the better part of the last year pushing me away.

Bo: Look...

Hope: Bo, don't you see? You claimed that you pushed those you love away because you felt you couldn't be the man you should be. You felt you couldn't be the husband, friend, father...but, don't you see? You still are. You prove it everyday. Today, you showed that your still my hero and a hero to so many others. You took charge with helping to get everyone off the ship and you helped Will with his problems for weeks. Your Uncle Eric hurt you but that was in the past and you only just remembered it now. It doesn't change who you are. Your still the same man I fell in love with. You questioned your manhood and everything that you are but there was no reason for it.

Bo: Hope...I just want to be what I need to be. A loving father and son...someone my family can depend on...someone...

Hope: You are all of that and more. You always have been. You still are what you strive to be, Bo. You just proved it by saving me and by how you helped out in the ballroom. Nothing has changed. The man who isn't who you want to be is that man who lied and pushed his family away for months. All that did was cause more hurt for everyone. That man goes against everything you strive to be...so, promise me that man won't make a comeback? We have alot of issues to work through but...your still the same man that I can't live without. The man I want to wake up next to every day for the rest of my days. I love you, Bo Brady. I just want us to be together. We all need to be now...more then ever. We can work through our problems together. You just can't run and hide.

Bo: Your right. I caused more harm then good. I hurt the people I love more with how I handled learning the truth. I just got rattled and...I just want to heal. I want our family to heal. No more running away or pushing people away. Life is too short and, if we get off this ship, I promise we will face our problems head on. I love you, Fancy Face. Always have and always will. I want to be in your arms again. I want our lives back.

Hope: Well, then, let's get going so we can get off this ship and make that happen.

Bo: Just a second...

Bo leans in and kisses Hope passionately.

Bo: Needed to seal our reunion with a kiss. We have come so close to reuniting before...just needed to make this official.

Hope (smiling): No arguments from me. Come on, let's go!

Hope and Bo race off.

-On the main deck, Abe and Cal are discussing what they should do. Katherine, Lexie, Celeste, and Stefano have been loaded into the lifeboat but they wonder if they should wait for any of the others to find their way back before lowering it as there is only one lifeboat left. Victor, Maggie, Frankie, Greta, and Philip arrive. Victor takes a look at Stefano and lunges for him, lashing out at him for leaving him and Maggie to die. Abe says there is no time for this. The ship is going down and some people are still missing. Abe says he is going back to search for them. Frankie agrees to go with him, as does Cal. Abe says he needs Cal to stay behind with the lifeboat. His expertise is needed. Cal agrees and asks if Abe is sure about lowering the lifeboat given they have only one left. Abe says they have to get as many to safety as possible. Everyone agrees.

Celeste tries to convince Abe to just wait for the others but he says he has a duty and that is to go and help those people. Lexie watches this scene, recalling seeing her mother and Abe kissing before. Stefano watches Lexie coldly stare in their direction and smiles. Victor says he isn't getting in the same boat as Stefano. Cal tells him he has no choice and he will use whatever means necessary to keep order on the boat. Maggie and Lexie try to calm both men. Stefano and Victor coldly look at each other as Abe, Frankie, and Cal lower the lifeboat. Once it's lowered, Abe and Frankie race off to find the remaining 8 guests on board the ship.

In one of the other lifeboats, Abby asks Chelsea if she sees her dad on the boat that just got lowered. Chelsea shakes her head and says she doesn't see her mom yet either. Forest tells Abby it will be ok and embraces her. Max whispers to Chelsea that he doesn't like what he is seeing. Chelsea agrees. On another lifeboat, Cassie is relieved to see Stefano and Lexie on the just lowered lifeboat. Anna comments on how Stefano just doesn't die. Tony smiles. On another lifeboat, Julie tells Doug that she doesn't see Hope yet. Doug says he doesn't need Julie reminding him that his daughter is still in harm's way and orders he to just be quiet and leave him alone. Julie turns away from Doug and begins to cry. Nico puts his hand on Julie's shoulder as a gesture of comfort. She looks up at him, puts her hand on his, and smiles.

Meanwhile, Sami asks Carrie how she is holding up. Carrie remains silent, while holding Evan, and begins to tear up when looking into Evan's eyes. Sami embraces the both of them. Lucas looks at Will and says they need to stick together as a family...now more then ever. Will nods. Belle watches a stoic Nicole, who has her back turned to everyone. Belle tells Kate that nothing will ever be the same again. A stone-faced Kate nods in agreement and says that she, herself, is to blame. Her son is dead and she could've prevented it all from happening.

-Back on the ship, Jack is still looking around for a way out when Billie tells him to give it up. The cabin room is rapidly filling with water. It's only a matter of time as the water has already reached their waists. Jack says he won't give up. Their children need them. He promised Jennifer he would take care of them. Billie tells Jack that he will be reuniting with Jennifer soon. Jack tells her not to talk like that. Billie says she can't help it. The ship is sinking and the room is filling with water. There is no way out. It's over and they just need to accept it.

Jack: Billie...

Billie: Jack...the sooner we stop denying it and just admit that we are going to die, the better. Although, admitting something so hard can be...difficult (looks down and turns away).

Jack: I get the feeling you aren't just talking about dying on this ship, are you?

Billie: Nevermind.

Jack: Oh, come on. I know you, Billie. We've been friends for years.

Billie: Yeah...I know. That is what makes it hard.

Jack: What?

Billie: So much time has been wasted. Now, here we both are...on a sinking ship...about to die. After all we have both been through, especially in the past year, it's weird for it all to end like this. I only wish...

Jack: Billie...just tell me what is on your mind. I can tell something is.

Billie (fighting back tears): It's hard, Jack. I'm almost as afraid of this as I am dying. I have been hurt so many times...Bo, Nicholas... my luck with love has sucked, to put it mildly. I am so afraid to put my heart on the line (wipes tears from her eyes) You know, I finally moved on with my life and then, last summer, you and I begin spending more time together then usual. You needed me because you lost Jennifer and then we had all those troubles with our daughters and Laura, not to mention working together on the cloaked figure case and you helping me through JJ and Angel's deaths and the kidnapping of our daughters. You have been there for me so much. We've always been close but...now...

Jack: Billie...

Billie (crying): I have wanted to say something for so long but...I didn't want to be hurt again. I also didn't want to ruin what we have. I would never want our friendship to end. It's gotten be through some rough times.

Jack: Billie...what are you saying?

Billie: So much time wasted...I was so scared to tell you. I didn't know how you would react. Now, we are going to die and I can't help but...tell you. My feelings...they are just boiling over inside me...I just want you to know...if this is it...

Jack: Billie....go on...tell me...

Billie (tears streaming down her face): I love you! I love you, Jack! I have fallen...totally and completely...in love with you.

Jack looks on stunned and turns away from Billie.

Billie: (wiping her tears): I knew it. I should've never said anything but...I couldn't help it. I mean, we are going to die anyway and...God, I'm rambling. I sound like you. Jack, damnit Jack! Say something! Please!

Jack (turning towards Billie): Guess I rubbed off on you with the rambling...

Jack smiles as Billie shows a slight grin back.

Jack: Billie...you've always been a true friend. Always loyal, supportive. In the last year, I would've never made it without you. Between Jennifer, Abby, Orpheus...you were there right by my side through it all. We've both been through alot and here we are. Things don't look too good and that often makes people think about things...life, regrets...and one thing I regret, like you, is not saying this sooner.

Billie: Saying what?

Jack: Like you, I was afraid. It's only been a year since Jennifer and I wasn't sure if my family...if I was ready...for another relationship. I didn't want my family to get hurt or myself. I also didn't want to risk what we already have...this great friendship that has been going strong for years.

Billie: Jack...

Jack: Billie, now that you have said what you said, I feel like I can say what I have wanted to now, as well.

Billie: Which is...

Jack: My feelings for you have become something that is more then that of a buddy. I never thought I could feel like this again about anyone after Jennifer but, lo and behold, I do. Everytime I look into your eyes...it makes me feel alive again. It makes me feel ok to laugh and to enjoy life. Billie...I'm in love with you. I love you, Billie Reed!

Billie (tears streaming down her face): Jack...you feel the same way?

Jack: Yes. I only wish I hadn't waited until we were about to die to say this but timing has never been my strong suite, I guess (smiles).

Billie (laughs): Yeah. Jack, you feeling the same way, it's such a relief...

Jack: If we somehow miraculously get off this thing, I want to be with you. I don't want to fight it like we both been.

Billie: We're not getting off though.

Jack: One thing I have learned in life is you never know. I never thought I would find love again and I did...with you.

Billie: Got me there. Ok...if we get off somehow, I want to be with you too. I just want to finally be happy!!

Billie breaks down in tears as Jack takes her in his arms as the water is nearing their necks. They then break from the embrace and look into each other's eyes. Jack gently wipes Billie's tears with his hand and says:

Jack: Don't cry. No matter what happens...it will be ok. I'm here...

Billie: Just like you always are...

Jack: Just like I always will be.

They both then lean in and share a passionate kiss as the water in the room continues to rise.

The scene then shifts to Kayla, who is fighting the force of the water as she continues to swim to catch up to Steve. She is closing in and sees that Steve's body has stopped being pulled away as it's reached a dead end. Kayla notes that the water is rising fast and swims quickly over to Steve. She pulls his limp body to a staircase and pulls him up the stairs to a landing on the next floor up. She checks him over and discovers his head is bleeding and concludes it was injured when he was thrown against the wall with her, only he took a direct hit.

Bo and Hope arrive. Kayla is happy to see them and tells them what happened to her and Steve. She discovers he isn't breathing and panics, saying Steve can't leave her now. He promised to remember his past and to fight to get his life back. She won't let him die on her. She won't give up. Kayla begins CPR as Bo helps by doing compressions as Kayla does mouth to mouth as Hope prays that Steve makes it as Abe and Frankie arrive. They are happy to see Bo, Hope, Kayla, and Steve and ask what happened. Hope tells them what is happening and they all look on with worry, hoping Steve will be fine as Bo and Kayla continue CPR.

The scene then shifts to Marlena, who still has her gun aimed at Orpheus as Roman watches.

Orpheus: I can't believe you would consider killing me. I was helping you to get your revenge.

Marlena: No. You used me. Little did you know that I was using you too...

Orpheus: There! We were using each other!

Marlena: Yes but you betrayed me. You framed me for the McCluer murders and then set me up to be locked in a nuthouse, which allowed me to be framed for the Chez Rouge fire. I went through hell and you are going to pay for it. Your going down...just like everyone else on this ship!

Marlena has her finger on the trigger. Roman begs Marlena not to sink to Orpheus's level. Marlena lashes out again and reminds Roman once more that she is Samantha and he will butt out or get a bullet to the brain. Marlena prepares to fire as Orpheus aims his gun, saying he will fire right back. Marlena smiles and tells him to go right ahead. It will be worth it. The ship then rocks, throwing everyone's balance off. Roman takes the opportunity to go for Marlena's gun. he lunges for her and struggles with her over it. Orpheus races off, which Marlena notices. She throws Roman off of her and says:

Marlena: Damnit! You let him get away! Salem PD shows it's stupidity again! You say you hate the man and then you help facilitate his escape.

Roman: I just didn't want you to do something you would regret. This all has to end, Marlena.

Marlena: Marlena is gone. That is the last time I will say that. This is also the last time I will allow you or anyone else to get in the way of my plans. The only thing ending tonight is the lives of everyone on this ship, including you.

Roman: Mar...

Marlena: SHUTUP!! IT'S OVER!!! YOUR LIFE, THAT IS!! Your lucky. The others will likely suffer slow and painful deaths by drowning but yours will be simple and quick. BOOM!! HA!!

Roman: You don't want to do this!


Marlena aims her gun at a nervous Roman as the scene fades to black.



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Stop killing all the hot men. Please. But you can kill Roman, I don't care about him :)

Wonderful drama....I love that Billie was the one to confess her feelings to Jack first.

Is there anyone stupider than Roman Brady. His grandchild's father was just killed by Orpheus and he is on his high horse tellin gMarlena not to kill him. How high does Orpheus' body count have to get?

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