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June 27, 2007

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-Cal, Katherine, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Belle, Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Will, Kate, Eric, Jack, Billie, Frankie, Greta, Max, Shane, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Stefano, Cassie, Victor, Philip, Tony, Anna, Kayla, Abby, Chelsea, and Forest all look on with Marlena watching backstage and Nicole watching from the back of the ballroom. Steve, Alan, James, and Ernesto are still on stage as the MCF laughs and says to Stefano:

MCF (via voice changer): Wow...that cold stare has me shaking in my boots.

Stefano: Don't mock me.

MCF: Oh, come on. Why such tension?

Stefano: You shot me!!! You left me in a coma for weeks. You led Alexandra on a wild goose chase and ambushed her in Milan. You attacked her in my own home country. You imprisoned her...you also imprisoned my son, Tony.

MCF: Oh, come now, Stefano. You don't give a damn about Tony. He isn't even your son. He's Enrico's with Daphne. You only call him your son to suit whatever purpose you have at the time.

Stefano: I will not have you making such ludicrous statements.

MCF: It's the truth. You know it.

Cassie (whispering): So, that is why he didn't seem so desperate to find Tony at first. But, that means I am not his granddaughter by blood. He seems to treat me well...

Stefano: Tony, don't listen to this person. Whoever it is, don't worry. He or she is speaking nonsense.

Tony: I know, father. You wouldn't lie to me. You told me years ago that you have and always will think of me as your son.

Stefano: That won't change. I assure you.

MCF: Touching. Cassie! One of my lovely forced assistants. (gently touches Cassie's neck)

Stefano: Get your hands off her. You have done enough to my family. I will have your head!!

MCF: Calm yourself. Cassie and I are good friends. Aren't we?

Cassie: You...

MCF: We started off rough. You see, I set her up so that her little secret came out. She had made it appear like Abigail Deveraux pushed her down the hospital stairs, thereby causing her to miscarry her baby with Max. She manipulated Max and guilted him into staying with her and turning against Abby. She even blackmailed Chelsea by using the fact that Chelsea murdered her rapists. I set Cassie up and had Max walk in on her watching the security camera footage of her fall down the hospital staircase. She had wanted Chelsea to steal it so I made it very accessible for her to steal. I tricked Chelsea into leaving Cassie's room and made sure Max walked in on Cassie watching the tape. She lost everything, making her vulnerable to doing my bidding. She wanted revenge on Max, Abby, and Chelsea so I met with her and asked her to do me a favor. One that would help me and herself. Tell them, Cassie.

Cassie: I...

MCF: Oh, you want me to? How giving!

Cassie: No!!

MCF: You see, everyone. The lovely Cassie aided my men and I in kidnapping Abby Deveraux and Chelsea Brady. I needed to distract Jack and Billie a bit so, with Cassie's help, I had their daughters kidnapped. Cassie was nice enough to drug the girls and cover our tracks as my men entered the Deveraux home and nabbed them.

Max: You did what? I knew it. I knew you were acting real guilty that night!

Jack: You helped them kidnap my daughter!

Billie: I can't believe this!!

Abby: Just when I thought you couldn't go any lower, you do this. Cassie, you truly are a Dimera.

Cassie: I...

Stefano: Cassie, is this true?

Cassie: Yes. The cloaked person threatened you and our family, grandfather. You were in a coma. I didn't have a choice.

Stefano: If I wasn't shot and in a coma...

Cassie: It's ok.

MCF: Gotta love you Dimera's.

Stefano: Shutup!

MCF: You really act like the caring father. Bravo!

Stefano: I love my children.

MCF: Yeah...but only when they are what you want them to be. They must be true Dimera's.

Stefano: What the hell are you talking about? I would do anything for my children no matter...

MCF: Now that is bull. If that was the case, how did your Alexandra lose Theo? Your one of the most powerful men in the world and you can't make sure your daughter wins a custody case? Sounds to me like you wanted to ensure loyalty from your daughter. She had turned her back on your family once after losing the child she believed to be hers. You knew the only way to get her fully back into the family and to remain loyal would be to turn her against all of Salem. Isn't that why you hired Tek to seduce her and break up her marriage to Abe? That set up the custody issue so perfectly. Poor Alexandra watched all of her friends in Salem support Abe because they wanted to keep Theo out of the Dimera's clutches. You knew this was pushing her toward you and you twisted the knife. Then, you lied to her and said you tried to influence the judge with threats and bribes but he balked when, in reality, you did nothing, Stefano. You made it seem like she lost Theo because of Abe, Celeste, and all of her friends in Salem. You and the Dimera's were all she had and she needed you to help get Theo back and that turned her to the dark side, if you will. Caring father...HA!! Not you. Not a father that manipulates his own children.

Lexie: Father, is this true?

Stefano: Alexandra...I...

Lexie: Oh my...you did. (Lexie slaps Stefano) How could you?!

Stefano: I'm sorry. I...

Lexie: No!! You don't get to speak. Not now.

Lexie turns and walks away from Stefano. Celeste looks at Abe and smiles. He smiles back, realizing this may turn Lexie against her father and the Dimera's for good.

MCF: Ok. Enough of this. I'm bored with this group. Let me see who else I can have fun with.

The MCF looks around. Hope and Chelsea both panic, wondering if the MCF will come back to them and reveal their secret. The MCF then looks at Cal and Katherine.

MCF: Ah!! The newlyweds. How is life treating you?

Katherine: Go to hell!

MCF: Aww...is that any way to talk to the person who can give your husband the answers he seeks? I know the truth, Cal. I know all about your past, just like I said in the invitation you received to come here.

Cal is stunned.

-Back in Salem, at the Horton house, Kim is drinking tea with Alice. She thanks Alice for letting her stay with her. She had no place to go and the police made her leave the harbor. She is so worried about their loved ones. Alice says they just need to have faith that it will all work out. Kim says she has a horrible feeling that they may have seen many of their beloved love ones for the last time. Alice tells Kim she did right by calling the police as soon as the ship left. Kim hopes it wasn't too late.

Alice looks at Tom's picture, remembering the awful feeling she had earlier that something bad was going to happen. She prays that Tom and all of heaven's angels will look down on their loved ones at sea and bring them home safe and sound. Kim then joins hands with Alice and says that the people they love need all the prayers they can get. They both then close their eyes and continue praying as the scene shifts back to...

The cruise ship, where Cal asks:

Cal: You know the truth? Your bluffing.

MCF: I do. Ernesto, come here!

Ernesto walks off stage and down to the MCF.

MCF: Give me that file.

Ernesto: Wait, no. Per the terms of our partnership, you vowed not to reveal this.

MCF: I changed my mind.

Ernesto: You can't...

MCF: The partnership is off, Ernesto. Things change.

Ernesto: Wait, you can't...

MCF: You know, I was going to let you have your revenge on your enemies, just like my other assistants. I like you, Ernie. However, you are getting on my nerves right now. It's simply good business and I think you and I need to go our separate ways now. I have had a change of heart.

Ernesto: You used me! You used all of us. You appeased us by allowing our enemies on board to make it look like you were sincere. Damnit...you played even the people that were on your side. The people that helped you pull this off.

MCF: Your usefulness has reached it's limit. You no longer have anything I need.

Ernesto: Wait a sec...

The MCF then points his or her gun at Ernesto and shoots him. Ernesto falls to the ground. Everyone in the ballroom is stunned. The MCF laughs and says there is plenty more where that came from if everyone doesn't behave.

Cal and Katherine look on. Cal tells Katherine to tend to Ernesto. He may be a bad man but he may have the answers to his past. He tells Katherine that Ernesto seemed really worried that the MCF would tell him about his past. Ernesto appeared in his memories. It has to mean something. Katherine agrees and goes over with Cal to Ernesto. They begin to tend to the wound and put pressure on it. Katherine is aided by Kayla, who says she took an oath to save lives regardless of who the person is. Kayla says that Ernesto is losing a lot of blood.

The MCF watches and says that this scene is truly touching but it's time to move on. James then comes forward off stage.

James: Wait, how do I know you won't screw me over like you just did Ernesto? I mean, he was your partner.

MCF (looking at Alan): Have I screwed you over?

Alan: Nope. I am pretty happy.

MCF: See?

James: Yeah. Big deal. Alan is getting his revenge and what he wants but I have yet to get anything. My family was murdered and you promised me...

MCF: Revenge. Yes, I know. You will have it.

James: Seeing as how you just betrayed Ernesto, I can't trust you. Also, the fact that you have mentioned everything tonight but the night my family was murdered tells me that you are hiding something.

MCF: Do you want to be shot, too?

James: I just want answers. I want to know why you are steering clear of mentioning my family's murder tonight? You said Marlena did it so why not mention it? You talked of everything else.

MCF: Well, there was no point in mentioning it and...

Marlena: Oh, please. Don't try to avoid the issue again. Just tell them all the truth. Tell James the truth.

Marlena then appears, aiming a gun at the MCF.

Roman: Doc...

Sami: Mom...

Belle: Mom...

MCF: Marlena!! Truly a sight for sore eyes!

Marlena: I'm not Marlena. I'm Samantha. Also, save your BS for someone else. You betrayed me. We had an agreement. I help you and you help me. You set me up the night of the Chez Rouge fire. You fed me to the police and I ended up locked in a psych ward for weeks!!

MCF: Well, I look at it as me sending you on a vacation. I mean, you got some nice peace and...

Marlena: Shut up. I'm not crazy!

MCF: Well, you have taken on the name of your dead sister.

Marlena: Ugh...I should've known you would betray me in the beginning.

MCF: Oh, come now. I helped rescue you from that volcano last summer after you fell. Ernesto saw you fall on that ledge and he and I came back and got you. We nursed you back to health.

Ernesto (weak from his wound): That's bull. You...and me used hypnosis on her. We took advantage of what Andre, Wendell, and the Dimera's did before us. They had messed with Marlena's mind to have her...recall all the bad times in her life over and over again. They twisted everything in her mind, taking her to a dark place. She was still like that when we got a hold of her. I used my hypnosis talents while you used ISA psychological techniques to get her...under your control. Too bad we pushed her to a psychotic break. She became a loose cannon. You thought that she could be controlled. That was the plan. We were going to use her as a key piece of our plan but she went over the edge. That is...why we had no choice but to set her up and have her get captured and put in that psych ward. We needed her out of the way or else she would ruin everything. We put her through hell and put ourselves in the predicament we...got into with her.

Kayla: Well, you both had to know that was coming. Her mind can only take so much and it went through a lot in a short period of time with the brainwashing and hypnosis from Tek, Wendell and Andre, and then from you two.

Ernesto: Yes. She went off the deep end and multiple personalities was the result. She became a loose cannon, as I said.

Katherine: And her sister represents one of the darkest things ever to happen in her life so, based on the fact that the brainwashing and hypnosis was emphasizing the negative in her life and manipulating it to mold her into what you two wanted her to be, it's no wonder she took on that persona.

Marlena: ENOUGH!! I am not crazy and stop rehashing all this!! Now...back on topic. Come on, oh great cloaked one. Tell James. What are you afraid of? For months, you strut around like you are invincible so what has changed?

MCF: I have nothing to tell.

Marlena: STOP LYING!!! You glossed over this topic all night. You obviously have something to hide. Think about it, James. You and I spent time together. What purpose would I have to kill your family? I wasn't afraid of the police or anyone else. They couldn't catch me until the cloaked one over there set me up.

James: Well, you did say one time that you would do whatever it takes...

Marlena: Yes but I had no reason to kill your family. They were more of a threat to the cloaked one and Ernesto then me. If they went down, I would still be around and kicking and I could still do what I planned to do. They had more to lose, James. They had more motive. We all know Ernesto wasn't here at that time so that leaves our beloved boss over there.

James: Alright. Fine. (looks at MCF) I want the truth. I have had my suspicions, especially lately, that you were the one that brutally killed my family and that you used that to keep me on board to do your bidding. You didn't manipulate my emotions, did you? I mean, losing my family...I want to avenge them and you know that. You could use that as a way to get me to help you with your enemies. You didn't do that, did you? I want the truth. Did you do that? Did you kill my family and manipulate me like that?

MCF: Of course not.

Marlena: LIAR!!! Julie and Mags over there already tried to frame me for arson.

Doug coldly looks at Maggie and Julie.

Marlena: I will not continue to be framed for this. Tell James and everyone in this room the truth. Tell them that you killed James's family and used that to manipulate him. You made him hellbent on revenge against the PD, Jack and Billie...practically all of Salem. Tell him, damnit!!

MCF: I will shoot you!!

Marlena: I have a gun too. You may have guards all around but killing you will be worth me dying. Tell the damn truth. You did it. Tell him.

James: Is it true? Did you kill them?

The MCF is silent.

James (with tears in his eyes): You did, didn't you? I should've known. It was all right in front of me. How could I....damnit!! You did it...you gutted my family like fish and then you manipulated me!!! YOU COLD BLOODED MONSTER!!!

The MCF looks on silently. Everyone in the ballroom is stunned and looks on while Marlena, still holding her gun, shows a devilish grin as the screen slowly fades to black.


James to MCF: After everything I have done for you......you repay that by killing the people that I love?

Ernesto to Cal: You have....to get your bride and yourself out of here.

James to MCF: Well, time to reveal.....the puppet master........

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