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Episode #189

  • Kayla conducts DNA tests on John, Marlena, and Aidan.
  • Jenna and Mike Horton continue to flirt at the bar, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.
  • Kristen and Tony have a long talk about their lives.
  • Mike opens up to Jenna about the race for Chief of Staff. Mike reveals he wants this badly…but he is afraid to want it because he might not get it…like last time. He says he was in the running before until his ex, Ali McIntyre, ruined it all. He says Jenna actually reminds him of her. Jenna jokes that is a low blow. Mike says it wasn’t all bad…but he says he knows a bad girl when he sees her.
  • Kayla conducts the tests. She refuses to the leave the test results alone until they are completed. She is afraid of tampering.
  • Kristen and Tony recall how when they used to be good people, these bad things would happen and instead of turning to God and asking for the strength to live through it, they asked why it had to be them that this happened to…and they turned to the dark side. They recall how doing bad things will ALWAYS lead to bad things befalling you…but then you know it is because of the horrible things you’ve done.
  • Jenna manages to get Mike out on the dance floor of the Cheatin’ Heart where they share a sexy dance to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Mike reveals to Jenna that he hasn’t dance or had fun even in a long, long time. Jenna smiles…pleased.
  • Marlena secretly asks her good friend Dr. Laura Horton to also run the same DNA test results in case Stefano has some hand in this.
  • Frankie and Greta receive word their divorce is finalized.
  • Miguel vows revenge on Frankie.
  • Kristen is traumatized over the death of her baby. She cries. Tony takes her in his arms. Kristen tells Tony she doesn’t want to be bad anymore. She looks like an innocent little girl when she says this. Tony says she never was bad. He said she was a beautiful innocent girl when he fell in love with her and that she was always this way. He says he sees glimmers of that person in her still. Tony says they can work on being better people together…but they need to keep each other free of the Dimera curse. Kristen says they’ll do it together…with Peter.
  • Stefano reminds Peter that he has been the only person who has been there for Peter. Peter agrees. Stefano tells Peter he was always his most loyal child…more loyal than Tony even. Stefano asks Peter to come work for him once more. Peter says Sami would never forgive him. Stefano reminds Peter Sami has pushed him away due to Lucas’ death. Peter recalls their bitter break-up. Peter agrees and seals Stefano’s offer with a kiss on his father’s lips.
  • Mike opens up to Jenna about the patient he lost tonight. Jenna has a look of guilt as she sees Mike pour his out to her.
  • John continues to be skeptical of Aidan, but they have a rare bonding moment.
  • Stefano opens up to Peter about how he is planning a huge attack for the Brady/Horton BBQ on the 4th of July.
  • Meanwhile, Hope and Alice put the final touches on renting a luxurious small cruise ship for the July 4th week…to go sailing on Lake Michigan!
  • Jenna and Mike pour into the door of a sleazy motel. They kiss passionately and tear each other’s clothes off. Jenna gets on the bed, and Mike follows. He kisses her neck from behind and starts to remove her clothes. Mike and Jenna have passionate sex as he takes her from behind in a scene too hot for daytime.
  • Marlena calls Eric, Sami, and Belle. She tells them everything is fine, but they might want to come to the hospital at once.
  • John does the same with Greta.
  • Greta and Eric decide to fly back to the States immediately to be with his mother and her father.
  • Laura and Kayla both enter the waiting room of the hospital at the same time and both reveal their test's results...Aidan is their biological son! John has mixed feelings. Aidan has a sense of closure. Marlena breaks down and takes Aidan into her arms, apologizing to him over and over. John is so confused at this turn of events.
  • Jenna awakens. Mike lays in a post-coital exhaustion coma. Jenna walks to the wall…she removes a picture from the wall and looks behind it to see a camcorder. She turns it off and ejects the tape. She picks up the phone and dials. “It’s done…”…she says into the phone with a look of guilt on her face. On the other end…a man laughs to himself. “It’s good to be back.”…he says.
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