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Episode #184 - Thursday, June 7th, 2007:

  • Kristen fights for her life. Tony stands by her side.
  • Greta and Frankie try to comfort Eric over the death of his unborn baby.
  • Chloe vows no one can ever learn her secret.
  • Belle asks Shawn if he still has feelings for her…and he admits he always will, but they have to move on.
  • Sami pushes Peter away.
  • Stefano relishes in the fact that Duncan’s surgeries went magnificently, and he is ready to take Bo’s place.
  • Eric tells Greta he should have been there for Kristen and the baby more. Greta says this is not his fault. He was not the one who put that pullet through the window.
  • Melissa breaks free from the closet she was locked and rushes to find Frankie. She is horrified to learn there was a shooting in Eric and Greta’s room!
  • Sarah wakes up and recalls Miguel knocking her unconscious. She rushes to Eric’s room and realizes there has been a shooting.
  • Miguel is outraged when he learns he shot the wrong person!
  • Kayla, Eugene, Calliope, Shane, Kim, Addie, Andy, Jack, Jen, Marlena, and John wait in the hospital lobby as Steve undergoes surgery to have the control chip removed from his brain…much like John did.
  • As the surgeon cuts into Steve’s head…someone arrives in the operating room - STEFANO!
  • A mysterious figure bandies about a hotel in Spain. He walks into his room and throws open his closet. He takes out a bag and packs it full of the only clothes he has. He zips it up and walks out the door.
  • Stefano puts the fear of God into the surgeon and shows him pictures of the good doctor in very compromising positions.
  • Stefano blackmails the doctor into leaving the surgery undone…and telling Kayla and the others the chip was removed! The doctor has no choice but to comply.
  • Eric pushes Greta away due to his baby’s death.
  • Meanwhile, his twin sister, Sami, does the same to Peter.
  • The mysterious figure arrives at the airport and books a flight for Salem, Illinois. He holds a picture of John and Marlena in his hands! His face (Milo Ventimiglia) is revealed!
  • Peter wanders…lost and alone. He cries out saying he’ll never be happy, and no woman he loves will ever return his feelings. He continues to wander the streets of Salem. He is shocked when he realizes, in his hazy state, he inadvertently wandered right to the front steps…of the Dimera Mansion!
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