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#46 Monday, June 4

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Jill is floored to learn Ji Min has been fired

At the Abbott estate, Jack is finishing up breakfast when he hears the doorbell ring. Checking his watch, he quickly makes his way to the door and frowns upon seeing Brad on the other end. Jack tells Brad he has no time to talk to him, since he is heading off to work. Smirking a little, Brad tells Jack that now that he's working at Jabot, maybe they can carpool together. Jack tells Brad that the day he accepts a ride from him is the day hell freezes over. Grabbing his briefcase, Jack slides past Bradly and opts to take his own car to work.

Michael, who is preparing to meet Lauren for breakfast, tells Gloria that he will be home some time in the day. When he walks out, Gloria tells Kevin that she doesn't like how Michael has been acting. Kevin doesn't understand what she means. Sighing alittle, Gloria tells Kevin that not once today or yesterday has Michael made mention of what ways he was going to plan on defending her. Kevin realizes that Michael may in fact be having second thoughts in defending their mother, and assures her that once he comes home, they will stress how he is the only one that they have faith in.

Colleen stops by to have breakfast with Lily. Lily, still cloud nine after her night with Daniel, is unable to keep her excitement under control. She boasts to Colleen that the outfit that she bought on their shopping trip was the right thing to get Daniel's attention back on her. When Colleen asks her what she means by that, Lily tells her that Daniel couldn't keep his hands off of her. Colleen isn't sure that dressing sexier is the right approach to get Daniel's attention back on her. Lily tells Colleen that she will do whatever it takes to keep Daniel's mind on her and off of looking at other women. Shaking her head a little, Colleen advises her friend to be careful about using tricks to get Daniel's attention.

At the athletic club, Michael and Lauren are talking as they dine on breakfast. Michael asks how Fen is doing, expressing how much he misses him. Lauren tells him that he's getting bigger every day, and that hopefully Michael will soon have a part in his life. The two eat in silence for a moment when Lauren brings up the subject of Gloria, asking if Christine has started making a strategy plan for Gloria's case. Michael looks up at her and tells her that Christine isn't going to be taking the case. Staring at him, Lauren immediately realizes that Michael has decided to defend his mother. She asks him point blank if he's going to once again bail his mother out. He tells her that it is exactly what he is doing. Grabbing her purse, Lauren walks away.

On the other side of town, Jill is coming downstairs to have breakfast. When she sees that Katherine is there, she coldly sits down and doesn't say a word to her. Katherine can tell that Jill is in one of her famous foul moods, but instead of asking her what is troubling her, Katherine tells her about Cane getting along well in his new job. Jill glares at Katherine and mutters something under her breath about how it must be nice to 'magically erase all her wrong-doings'. Shaking her head, Katherine decides not to even make mention of her comment. Instead she informs Jill that Ji Min called telling her that as of yesterday, he was fired by Jack.

Brad finds Jack in his office, and in another attempt to get his goat, steps inside to talk to him. Jack tells Brad that he's not fooling anyone by trying to work at Jabot; he is well aware that Brad took Newman money to leave the company. Sniffing a little, Brad tells Jack that regardless of what he knows, he should focus on the fact that he's at Jabot, and wont be going anywhere. When Brad proceeds to leave, Jack mutters not to be too sure about that.

When Michael returns home, he catches both Gloria and Kevin off guard with his feisty attitude. Michael tells Gloria that they will be staying up late to plan her defense, and will need a lot of information to deflect any possible blame on her. Kevin and Gloria are thrilled to hear that Michael will in fact be taking on the case. Kevin immediately goes into the kitchen to bring out a bottle of wine. As they are celebrating the news, Kevin hears the doorbell and immediately answers it. A court appointed messenger hands him an envelope and leaves. Michael asks who it was. Kevin, opening the letter, reads that Gloria's trial has been slanted for June 22.

Jill, upon hearing about the firing of Ji Min, barges into Jack's office, slamming the door behind her. She demands to know what posessed him to fire him. Jack, not batting an eye, tells Jill that Ji Min Kim is un-trustworthy and his services are no longer needed. Jill insists that Jack call Ji Min and give him his job back, but Jack stands his ground and tells Jill that she is in no authority to tell him what to do. When she blinks back at his words, he smirks letting her know that Jabot power is in the hands of someone new, and that all decisions made are final.

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Ooh, that final scene between Jack and Jill was AWESOME! It's so nice to see Jill in an actual story.

Sick of Brad, but I am on the show, too, so surprises there :lol:

Glad to see Gloria's going ot probably have to pay for the skin cream debacle, even if Mikey tries to help her out.

Interesting bit for Lily and Daniel...Colleen's got a point. This story will be far more interesting to follow here than on CBS :D

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Thanks Keith... We wanted to do everything that wasn't done on the actual show... We want for Lily to go through her own little issues. We definitely want to give the fans of the show a Gloria storyline where she actually has to face the consequences for her actions; and we have big plans for Michael as a result to all of that.

I know you can't stand Brad, but hey, Stone-Face has to be in true form, right :D

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