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The Guiding Light Update: 06/02




The Guiding Light Update
06/02 Edition

The Calm After the Storm

The lighting, the thunder and the rain has finally ended, but the ramifications of the night are just beginning to be felt by those in Springfield. "One of the biggest stories that we had going during that time was Holly and Ed." Says executive producer/co-head writer Josh Hawkins. The week begins with an "In the Light" featuring Holly and Blake. "We wanted to showcase these two dynamic characters who both Dan and I are in love with." Hawkins went on.

And their love with Holly is clearly being seen as of this date Holly had moved from the shadows of the soap to the front burner where Dan Gobble, co-head writer assures she will stay. "Holly is by far one of the most dynamic characters on daytime, she deserves to be front and center."

"After Roger's death we thought about the next logical step for Blake and Holly, the steps that we've outlined are that the most logical." Shares Hawkins. Look for Holly's "ITL" to be published Monday, June 4th.

What Time is It?

So as most readers know "The Guiding Light" went about a week and half without an update. "Life sometimes does that to you." Shared Hawkins. However rest assured you won't be missing any of the story! "We're still telling stories as if it were mid-May." He continued. So that means look for Michelle's baby to be born in the next few weeks, prom and graduation for the Senior class of 2007.

SONBC Awards: Stay in the Light

"The Guiding Light" has been nominated for seven SONBC Awards, the second most nominated blog behind "Salem Lives" who led with nine. While an announcement date for the winners has yet to be announced we invite you to take a look at video celebrating our nominees.

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Sneak Previews

- Harley comes home from Cedars!
- Beth's life hangs in the balance...will she survive!
- Danny goes behind Marah's back.
- Spaulding Enterprises and Lewis Construction present their plans to Cedars.
- Prom Night for the Senior Class of 2007!

Casting News

- Kim Zimmer (Reva) returns home just in time for Shayne's big night.

- Krista Tesreau (Mindy) returns in Episode 075 and shares scenes with Marah (Alexa Havins.) "The young Lewis women are embarking up on a business venture of sorts." Shares Hawkins. "One that we hope will be successful for them and our readers, I have a pretty big surprise up my sleeve for them.

- Ian Novick joins the cast and represents the character of Austin Hollingsworth. Novick is most notably known as one of the final three contestants on the CBS Daytime Reality series, InTurn. Novick has signed on for ten episodes throughout the summer.

- Rumor! Recently another "ATWT" actress was spotted on "The Guiding Light" set. Sources say she was only visiting but with Lillian's past with Dr. Susan Stewart is another crossover in the works. Stay tuned!

- After an exhausting casting search for a handsome early 40s leading male character, the role has been cast! However, the executive producer/head writing team are keeping the name to themselves.


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That is a great video! Congrats on all of your nominations. :)

Excited to see the big name for the new leading male.

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