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SONBC Interview with A Martinez

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Note: unfortunately, like RTSB, this interview is entirely fictional :(

When SONBC's Return to Santa Barbara killed off it's central hero, Cruz Castillo, we smelled a rat. After all, RTSB had already fooled us once with Sophia- were they going to play that game again, just a few weeks after her death? Fast Forward to April- Months have gone by and we have yet to see Cruz or his portrayer since the fateful day that boat exploded. Is this for real? Or just another clever trick? We sat down with actor A Martinez for his thoughts.

SONBC: First thing's first- Is Cruz Really Dead?

Martinez: I just found that out myself. When I was written off, I wasn't sure if I'd be coming back as Cruz's ghost, Cruz, or a completely different look-alike. I just finished the first script and started filming. It's great to be back.

SONBC: You didn't really answer our question...

Martinez: You noticed. All I can say is by the end of this coming week, you'll know for certain.

SONBC: We also couldn't help but notice that you weren't pre-nommed for one of the SONBC Awards.

Martinez: I wasn't. Marcy & I discussed it and chose to keep our names off the ballots this time. We both thought that others deserved recognition, particularly Lane, Jed, and Judith. I don't think any of them ever received any type of award for their work on SB, which is a shame since they're all tremendously talented actors.

SONBC: Why the leave in the first place?

Martinez: I needed time off to film "Raines." It was one of the stipulations in my contract from the get-go. Luckily, it worked out within the landscape of the writers intentions for the first year. Or, maybe not so luckily, depending on how you look at it.

SONBC: That one was downright cruel.

Martinez: Yeah, well, I'll admit it's kinda fun knowing something that you don't know. And dying to know.

SONBC: Can you say who you've been working with since you've been back?

Martinez: There's been some stuff with.......actually, wait. You're not getting me buddy, not through the back door. No comment. How do you like that?

SONBC: Don't say we didn't try folks. Fine- one more and we're outta here- Any chance you'll be doing any 'revealing scenes on 'RTSB'? You know, like the ones we've seen with Mark Collier on ATWT, Don Diamont on Y&R, Daniel Cosgrove on 'GL' etc...?

Martinez: You really go for the jugular, don't you? I think I may be a little past my prime in that area but I'll say that I'm willing to do whatever the 'RTSB' script calls for.

SONBC: Talk about a note to end on

Martinez: Pun intended?

SONBC: What pun?

Martinez: End

SONBC: As in back end?

Martinez: Bingo.

SONBC: Thank You, Mr. Martinez, for giving us a much better note to end on.

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Short but sweet!!! Wow, A is so elusive here, it's almost as if his answers were coming right from Greg himself! ;) Anyway, VERY anxiously awaiting the return of ??Cruz?? :unsure: - either way, glad to know the "end" (of "Mr. Martinez's" absence of course) is soon to be in sight! :rolleyes:

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