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April 11, 2007

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-At their cabin, Cal and Katherine are in bed together. Katherine still can't beleive they are engaged and tells Cal she has never felt so alive in her life. Cal says he couldn't agree more. They kiss and lovingly smile at each other. Katherine then begins to talk about how there is so much to do to plan a wedding and says she is concerned about it taking away from his therapy and so on. Cal says he has an idea that may make everything easier. Katherine asks him what it is. Cal asks Katherine how she would feel about getting married...TOMARROW!!! Katherine is stunned.

-Kate is with Austin in his and Carrie room at the Salem Inn. They are discussing whether or not he should propose to Carrie. Kate reminds him of what she said to him a few days ago. Carrie could use something positive to hang on to in her life right now. She encourages Austin to just go ahead and do it. Carrie and him are meant to be. Austin says he was all set to propose but, with Marie's funeral and Carrie being so out of it and depressed, he just wasn't sure. Kate tells him to propose. It's the right thing to do and the worst she can do is say no, which is doubtful with how much she loves him. He smiles.

Kate then gets a call. She answers it and then tells Austin to excuse her as she needs to take this. Kate goes outside the room.

Kate: Ok. What do you got?

Man (dressed in lab coat): Ok. I am at the hospital near Green Mountain where Eric and Nicole brought the baby.

Kate:Ok. Good. It's good to know you private investigators can do that much right in such a short period of time. I know my daughter can but I wasn't sure about the rest of you. From what I heard, people of your ilk are always tedious with results.

Man: Not me, Ms. Roberts.

Kate: Good. It's reassuring to know you are doing what I paid you to do. So, did you sneak into the lab undetected?

Man: Yes. I have the baby's medical records from the night Eric and Nicole admitted him. Everything is here. Blood type and everything.

Kate: Ok. I need you to somehow make a copy of that to bring to me and I also need you to send me some of the DNA information on my cell. Send it in a text so I can crosscheck the DNA with Carrie's.

Man: Ok. Will do.

Kate: Just hurry and get out of there so you aren't seen. Make the copy and send the info to my cell. By time I get to University Hospital, I am hoping to have the info on my phone.

Man: I will make sure it is.

Kate: Great. Thanks.

Kate hangs up and goes back into the room to tell Austin she must go. She embraces him and wishes him luck with Carrie. Austin thanks her as she leaves. Carrie enters the room. Austin asks how her hot bath was. Carrie says it was good. She feels more relaxed and better. Austin is pleased. He then asks Carrie if she would go look for his blue silk shirt. He needs it for work and he can't seem to find it. He knows she was messing with stuff in the bedroom before the funeral so he was hoping she could find it. Carrie doesn't remember moving anything but says she will go look for him.

Carrie leaves. Austin then makes a phone call to room service, asking for a romantic lunch for two.

-At the Hudson Street Diner, Sami is with Lucas and Eric eating lunch. Sami says she was happy Eric could join them. Eric says he had nothing else to do with Nicole and him split up and her having not called him yet. Lucas tells Eric he would be better off cutting his losses. Sami tells Eric she knows he loves her but she agrees with Lucas. Sami reminds Eric of what he told her and Lucas and says it sounds like it's pretty clear Nicole is up to something. Eric then tells both of them that if Nicole is up to something, he will find out what it is. That is a promise.

-Nicole is with baby Evan at Salem Place. She sits down on a bench and then gets a phone call. She answers "Hello" repeatedly with no response. She can hear breathing and begs the person to just answer her. She isn't in the mood.

Voice: Aww...poor Nikki. Too bad I don't care what mood you are in.

Nicole: Who is this?

The person is revealed to be....THE MCF!!! The MCF, via his or her voice changer, tells Nicole:

MCF: Nevermind. Let's just say...I am someone who cares...about me, that is. Nonetheless, what happens to you and your newly adopted child is of great interest to me.

Nicole: Why? Who are you?

MCF: I'm an ally. I know everything, Nicole. I know you went to Victor. I know you helped him by pretending to sleep with him to push Maggie away. I know Victor pulled strings to get you that baby and your job at Titan. I actually know far more then you do.

Nicole: I don't...

MCF: There is something you must know. I called to warn you of an impending threat to your happiness.

Nicole: Why do you care? I don't understa...

MCF: Just listen. Carrie Brady's claims the other day were true. Baby Evan is her child.

Nicole: WHAT?! How do you know this?

MCF: Because I am the one that made sure you ended up with the baby. I intercepted the child after she gave him up and I was the one who left it for you and Eric to find. Trust me...

Nicole: Why should I? I don't even know you. In fact, you sound like that cloaked person the police are after.

MCF: Look, I am trying to help you. Someone is very close to finding out everything and you need to be ready. You need to know you have an ally in me and the rest of those involved in my operation.

Nicole: Operation? What the...

MCF: All I need to know is if you are willing to do what is necessary, just like the Nicole of old. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to your child?

Nicole: I knew Carrie was on to something. It was all too much of a coincidence. Damn it. Yeah...I am not going to lose Evan...I am not going to lose anything. I will do whatever it takes.

MCF: Good. I will be in touch soon. Don't be alarmed if you have recieve a special visitor at some point. As I said, someone is unraveling the secret behind baby Evan as we speak.

Nicole: Who?

MCF: We'll talk soon. Just maintain your cool and await my call.

The MCF then hangs up as a confused Nicole wonders if that truly was the MCF and why whoever it was has an interest in her and Evan. She then wonders if the person on the phone was truly telling the truth about Evan being Carrie's. She decides she can't take a chance and that she needs to be vigilant. Nicole holds Evan and promises never to let him go.

-At Uniersity Hospital, Kate appears outside the hospital records room dressed like a nurse. She hopes no one catches her. She uses the master keys she obtained to open the door. She sits down at the computer and begins to look for Carrie's files. She manages to pull them up and cross checks them with the info she recieved on baby Evan and she is stunned by what she sees.

Kate: Oh my God...I don't beleive this. It's true...Evan is Carrie's son.

-Back at the cabin, Katherine is stunned by Cal's idea. She asks Cal why he feels the need to rush. Cal explains to Katherine there is no reason to wait. They can married quick and start their new life. Life is too short and this way they don't prolong his therapy. Besides, he wants to have a private ceremony and he thinks getting married where they are is important. It's where they fell in love and it's almost like the place they will always remember as the place where they started with a clean slate. It's the place where their new lives began.

Katherine says she can she he is passionate about this and admits she actually thinks getting married in the mountains near the cabin would be romantic. Cal adds that as much as he loves the people he cares about in Salem, he thinks it's best to do this away from all of them. Afterall, it is a new life. Cal asks Katherine what she thinks. Katherine, after some hesitation, agrees. She says it sounds romantic. Cal assures her she isn't making a mistake and says that this all feels right. Katherine agrees. They both embrace and begin to kiss, leading to them beginning to make love yet again.

-Back at the diner, Sami asks Eric how he plans to find out what Nicole is up to. Eric says he knows that Nicole will talk to him eventually. He knows that she loves him and that one of her dreams is them being a family with Evan. Eric tells Sami and Lucas that, eventually, he will get the truth out of Nicole. Once him and her begin talking again, it's bound to happen. It will just be hard to hold it together all the time around him. He already knows so much of this ties into what her and Victor were up to. Sami begs him not to set himself up to get hurt. Lucas agrees and tells Eric not to stay in his marriage just to find out what Nicole is up to.

Eric says he won't. He still wants to make things work with Nicole. He loves her. He also wants to find out what is going on with her and he intends to give it his best shot to make that happen. Lucas asks Sami if she should be going to Salem High yet. Sami says she has a few hours as her meeting with Will's principal isn't for a few more hours. Eric tells her that he hopes she find something out. He knows how worried Lucas and her have been. Lucas tells Eric worried isn't the word for it. Sami agrees it's been hard but says she hopes that speaking with the principal and teachers may help. They may be able to ask some students some questions or something.

Either way, something has to be done. Sami admits to both of them she knows something is wrong with Will and that he needs help but, for some reason, he isn't telling anyone or letting anyone help him. Sami promises both of them that her family has been through too much lately and she isn't about to let her son's life fall apart either. Lucas says he feels the same and Eric agrees. Sami then thinks about Carrie and tells Lucas and Eric that she hopes she is doing better and that Austin has found a way to help her begin to move on from her baby's "death."

Meanwhile, Carrie tells Austin she found his shirt and that it was actually right in the top drawer. Austin says he must've missed it. Carrie asks him what is going on as he is acting strange, like he wanted her out of the room so he told that shirt lie. Austin smiles and says he is surprised she didn't see right through it sooner. Carrie says she isn't on her game with everything going on. She asks what Austin is up to.

There is then a knock at the door. Austin opens it and room service brings in a romantic lunch for two complete with champaigne. Carrie asks Austin what is going on. Austin turns on some romantic music and tells Carrie he has a very special surprise afternoon planned for her but, first, there is something very important he needs to ask her. Carrie looks at Austin, puzzled at where all this is going

-Kate is back at the Salem Inn and is now with a hotel maid, who she seems to know. The maid tells Kate that they miss her at the Salem Inn. Kate says misses the service at the Salem Inn too but she just felt the offer to move into a suite was too good to pass up. The maid understands and tells Kate that they are at the room. Kate thanks her again for doing this favor. She knew her friend was staying at the Salem Inn but forgot the room number and she can't seem to find the paper she wrote the room info on. She just wants to setup a surprise for her in celebration of her new baby and says she has arranged for some people to come in to do some decorations and so forth.

The maid says it's fine as she has known Kate from her time living at the Salem Inn. She knows she is trustworthy. Kate slyly smiles as the maid opens the door and lets her in. Kate thanks her again and assures the maid that no one will know about this and gives her a wad of cash for her trouble. The maid thanks her. Kate closes the door and begins to search the room. She then hears someone outside the room and realizes she must hide. Just then, Nicole comes in as Kate hides in a closet. Nicole puts everything down and sits down on the couch with Evan.

Nicole: I am not going to lose you, Evan. I have come too far. I helped Victor break things off with Maggie by pretending to be in bed with him just so he would give me that job and help me adopt you. I do what I have to do and I will again if I have to. If what this person who called me said is true and you are Carrie's baby, then I will do whatever it takes to make sure she never takes you from me. She wanted to give you up and, if what this person said is true, it's not my fault that he or she intercepted you and made sure Eric and I found you. If what I was told is true, you and I are victims in this, sweetie. I won't let anyone take you. Don't you worry.

Kate then bursts out of the closet, tape recorder in hand.

Kate: HA!!!

Nicole jumps in fright and then turns around, stunned to see Kate.

Kate: I am glad I brought this tape recorder. I had a feeling it may come in handy.

Nicole: Kate...

Kate: Yes, Nicole. It's me and I know everything. I know the baby is Carrie's. I know what you did for Victor and what he did for you. I know everything and I have all the proof I need. DNA, medical records, everything you just said while I was in the closet....I got ya, honey. I know everything and you are going down....YOU EVIL, CONNIVING BITCH!!!

A worried and frightened Nicole holds Evan tightly close to her as a victorious and confident Kate smiles in delight as the screen fades out.


Abe to Celeste: I am beginning to wonder if this is nothing but a wild goose chase.

Lexie: I am not giving up. Not yet.

Steve to MCF: This is going nowhere, man. How's about I come home to good, old Salem USA?

Austin to a crying Carrie: Make me the happiest man in the world...and be my wife.

Kate to Nicole: It's all over for you.

Billie to Jack (with Greta and Frankie): Oh my...look at this. I think we have a break.

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I actually burst out laughing at reading Kate flying out of the closet on Nicole..

Loved the interaction between Sami, Lucas and Eric.I truly want that baby to go back to Carrie, but I have a feeling that Kate is going to blunder or MCF will have it arranged that she won't get close to revealing to anyone what's going on.

Good episode guys. :)

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Just wanted to say I've been reading your blog for the past few months and I love it. I especially love the way you guys are writing the interactions between Sami and the other Brady siblings. I also loved John being the real Roman. What you guys are writing is what I dream of seeing on the real Days. The Bo molestation storyline and Will/Bo relationship was so unexpected but excellent. Keep up the good work!

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Just wanted to say I've been reading your blog for the past few months and I love it. I especially love the way you guys are writing the interactions between Sami and the other Brady siblings. I also loved John being the real Roman. What you guys are writing is what I dream of seeing on the real Days. The Bo molestation storyline and Will/Bo relationship was so unexpected but excellent. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!! :) .

I am glad you are enjoying and

I hope you continue to comment.

Comments really help in preparing story.

While we have things planned months in advance, we

can always change things based on fan response so

commenting is very important.

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