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Episode 76





(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---Many of the attendees of Cruz's funeral have gathered for a late luncheon at the Capwell house. Rosa and some of the caterers from the hotel staff set out all sorts of intricate platters of food for the guests to enjoy. The Castillos arrive and Eden immediately goes to the family, apologizing for her outburst at the end of the funeral.

"It's quite alright, Eden. It's a painful time..." Carm assures her

"Yes but I shouldn't have upset everyone the way I did."

"You've done nothing sweetheart," Rafael interrupts "None of this is your fault- you're not responsible for Cruz not being here with us and you don't know who is, much like the rest of us. It's frustrating."

"And Kirk Cranston had no business showing up at my brother's funeral," Ric chimes in.

---Across the room, Victoria comments to Chip on what a lovely service it was. Victoria laments that his father was a wonderful, honorable man and didn't deserve a fate like this. She starts to reminisce about their days as a couple when Chip excuses himself to get something to eat.

"Something I said?" Victoria asks herself.

"For Heaven's sake- his father just DIED, Victoria," Julia says, walking up, "and it's not as though he's unaware of his heritage, both incarnations for that matter. Don't you think it might make him a bit uncomfortable to hear you talk about his father in a romantic way?"

"Why should it? I'm his mother...."

"You never really change do you? You're the same, manipulative woman you were 20 years ago. Here's a dose of reality for you Victoria: Mothers take care of their children. They are there for them in times of good and bad, when they scrape a knee, their Kindergarten graduation, their first report card.......... You can't even take care of yourself. Never could. Even now, he's the one taking care of you. The only real mother he's ever known is Eden. And he knows exactly how you used him to get to her..." Julia says, before walking away.

"And how about the years Eden spent selfishly away from her family in Europe? Everyone conveniently forgets those....."

---Ted and Angela talk with CC across the room about Capwell Enterprises. Ted says that his trip to New York couldn't have been better and was exactly what he needed. CC is happy to hear that it went so well.

"How was Laken, by the way?" Warren says, coming upon the group. "I haven't heard from her much since she went back to New York...."

"You saw Laken while you were in New York?" CC asks increduously. Angela becomes uncomfortable with the conversation but Ted continues with it.

"Yes, I did, briefly...."

"Briefly? From what I hear, you two were out painting the town red..."

"It wasn't like that Warren. She's been a good friend over the years and I was glad to spend some time with her, especially after what happened with my mother...."

Warren spots Eden across the way and walks off, ignoring Ted's statement. Ted wonders how Warren would have known that he even saw Laken in New York. CC says that he probably heard it from her itself. Brick then approaches the group and Angela uses his arrival as an excuse to get away. Brick apologizes to all of them for not attending Sophia's funeral and asks if they received his donation and the flower arrangement.

"We did but that still doesn't excuse you not being here for your own mother's funeral...."

"I guess in your eyes it wouldn't CC. Thanks to you, my mother and father, and this feud between the families, I never even had the chance to be raised by my own biological mother, nor develop the feelings one naturally would have for their mother...."

"But you were given that opportunity later in life Brick. And you chose not to do so...."

"Can you blame me CC? Ted? Honestly? How would you feel if you found out that you were switched at birth and that your real mother ended up shooting and killing the man that was supposed to be you, thinking he was your father? Not exactly the coziest of homes to join, wouldn't you say? I made a choice to honor the people who raised me, the Wallaces, and I don't regret my choice. Now I'm sorry that Sophia is gone, I really am......but she was never my mother...."

Brandon is shown in the background, sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir. "Salud, Brick. Salud."

(EXT: London, England)


---Edmund awakens first and daydreams about the previous night with Sophia. He looks at her, so peaceful and beautiful lying on the bed and tiptoes out. He puts on his robe and quietly walks downstairs to speak with Christine. Christine sees Edmund and immediately pours him a cup of coffee.

"Mornin Dr. L. Didn't expect to see you up this early. How'd it go?"

"Perfect. The entire evening was so perfect- it was wonderful to finally be with my wife once again, after all this time."

"You two were always magic. Mrs. L couldn't stop gushing about you while she was getting ready. Reminded me of the old days, with the old Mrs. L."

"You and me both, which is why I want this morning to be just perfect. I'd like all of her favorites prepared and.."

"I'm well ahead of you there, Dr. L. Should be ready in a jif actually...."

"Excellent. Don't set the dining room table though- set our plates up on the serving cart. Mrs. Lavery and I won't be leaving the bedroom today- We are not to be disturbed..."

"10-4 Dr. L. Though I was looking forward to girl talk....."

"Tomorrow, Christine. Tomorrow."

He takes the cart up the elevator and wheels it into the bedroom. The aroma immediately awakens Sophia, who is quite impressed with the entire display. She puts on her robe, kisses Edmund good morning, and sits down to breakfast with her husband.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

----Joann works diligently in her office, when Kirk surprises her at the door.

"What are you doing here? Are you nuts? What if someone saw you?"

"Relax, Joann, the Capwells are all mourning their beloved RoboCop. Nobody else here knows me...."

"What do you want?"

Kirk explains to Joann that he needs her now. Joann is not surprised, mentioning that she didn't think it would take him long to cash in on his blackmail.

"You know me so well, for a woman who never gave a damn about me. Something has....well...come up..."

"Let me guess- Eden."

"How'd you know?"

"Is that question really necessary?"

"That's right- I forgot that you USED it to manipulate me into the bogus Capwell takeover attempt, silly me..."

Kirk explains Eden's behavior toward him since Cruz's death. Joann says she couldn't blame her, claiming that he probably did have something to do with it. Kirk assures her of his innocence, but says that the same assurance won't work on Eden. What he needs is an alibi......

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---Angela confronts Warren about his big mouth in front of Ted. Warren refuses to apologize for his actions, saying that Ted doesn't deserve Angela, especially after how he's treated her.

"Ted and I are working on our problems. My marriage is none of your business, Warren."

"You made it my business when you slept with me!"

"Will you keep your voice down? That was a mistake- I was vulnerable, I was upset, and I'm sorry it happened. But it's not something that's going to happen again...."

"Everything alright here?" Kelly says, walking up. "Is he bothering you Angela?"

"No, not at all.....excuse me...."

Kelly asks Warren point blank what exactly is going on between them. Warren insists that it's nothing, they're old friends and it's upsetting him to watch how her brother treats her.

"You also used to be lovers, Warren, or did you think I forgot that fact?"

"That was long, long ago Kelly. Besides- I'm more interested in you....."

"Don't turn this around, Warren and I'm a happily married woman, thank you very much....."

"Yes" Warren says, looking at Ashton with Eden and Adriana, "And such a charming fellow, that one...."

"You don't know him...."

"I know his type- charming, smooth talking, pleasant accent.....He's pulling the wool over your eyes, you and your family's Kelly- he's up to something and I promise you it has nothing to do with loving you and your best interests...." Warren says, walking away.

Kelly's eyes become fixed on Ashton, who's talking with Eden and Adriana. The camera moves to focus on their conversation.

"I'm very sorry for your loss and so sorry I never had the privilidge of meeting Cruz. It seems as though he was quite beloved by everyone he knew...."

"He was. If you'll excuse me, I have to make a speech to the guests....."

"I don't get why she's so cold with you, Mr. Lavery." Adriana says.

"Please, Ashton.."

"Oh, sure, Ashton....she's tough on everyone right now. I'm her own daughter and she barely has a kind word for me since dad was killed......"

"That's not right- you're going through just as much of hell as anyone....you need your mother right now...."

Their attention is re-directed to Eden, who thanks the entire group for coming. She says that though the pain is unbearable, it's helped so much to be with Cruz's family and friends on the occasion and she takes comfort in knowing that he touched all of their lives. She tells them that Cruz is there with her today, within all of them. She again thanks them all for coming.

(EXT: London, England)

---Edmund & Sophia are shown in bed, laughing and cackling as they kiss underneath the covers, rolling around and such. Meanwhile, downstairs, the doorbell is ringing continuously. Christine finally gets to the door and answers it, seeing Augusta standing on the other side.

"May I help you?" she asks Augusta.

"Yes, I'm here to speak with Dr. Lavery. Could you get him please?"

"I'm sorry, but he's upstairs with Mrs. L and they're not to be disturbed...."

"Mrs. L? You and I both know that Mrs. "L" has been dead for many years...."

"Not the old Mrs. L. The new Mrs. L....."

"The new Mrs. L? What planet are you from?"

"But that's what she is- the new Loretta...."

"If you don't mind, I suggest you march up there and break apart Dr. L and the Loretta:2007 and tell him that Augusta Lockridge is here to speak with him....'

"As I said, they're not to be disturbed...."


Augusta turns to Christine. "Consider them Disturbed!!!"

THE END..............FOR TODAY


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"Consider them disturbed!"

WOO-HOO Go Augusta!!!! I could just see her saying this!!! LOL I can't wait to see what happens next. :P I hope she kicks Dr. McCreepy's ass!!! :D

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I can totally see it happening! Consider them disturbed! Love it. Sad about the funeral. Warren is fast becoming one of my favorites. He is the observant one. Awesome episode

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"If you don't mind, I suggest you march up there and break apart Dr. L and the Loretta:2007 and tell him that Augusta Lockridge is here to speak with him....'

Loretta 2007.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very funny episode here Juniorz! In fact, it may rank as my favorite yet.

The comedy provided a nice balance to the post funeral stuff!

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"If you don't mind, I suggest you march up there and break apart Dr. L and the Loretta:2007 and tell him that Augusta Lockridge is here to speak with him....'

Loretta 2007.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very funny episode here Juniorz! In fact, it may rank as my favorite yet.

The comedy provided a nice balance to the post funeral stuff!

Word! This was great.

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I agree. Great episode. Loved Warren and Brick stirring things up. The stuff with Eden is as heartwrenching as the McCreepy stuff is stomach turning. Loved Augusta barging in and I can't wait to see how the "good" doctor explains her to Soretta. I am always excited when I see there is a new episode and once again - I am SO addicted.


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What a trip! HATE that Kirk guy, but the "beloved Robocop" reference still has me cackling. Like that Warren is keeping an eye ON Ashton and OUT for Kelly in all this. And love, love, LOVE Augusta's hutzspa - "faster than you can say Sophia Wayne Capwell" and of course, "consider them disturbed." HYSTERICAL!!! :lol:

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Addicted. Yes! So am I. I love Augusta! I hope Mcreepy will not be able to deceive her!!! Loved, that funny end! Thanks, Greg! :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS: I hope we don't have to wait too much for the next part... ;)

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You won't, Viktoria. The next installment will be tonight! (before you even get back here I'm sure Vicky ;) )

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