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......happens TONIGHT at 9:15 PM when the NEW Victoria Lane makes her debut. For the first time ever, I'm posting an episode at an EXACT time- Be there!!!! This is an episode you DON'T WANT TO MISS!!!!

I'll be in the Chat Room LIVE from 9:15 through the radio show tonight, so be sure to come & join me to discuss this historic RTSB event!!! RTSB CHAT ROOM!!!

Of everything we've done on RTSB- The Mud Fight, Sophia's Collapse & Subsequent Death, Mary's Return from the Dead, Mark McCormick's return, Kirk Cranston revealed as the man behind the takeover, Cruz's Horrific Death in the Boat Explosion, The Final Year of SB spoof, Justin Deas' return as Keith Timmons.......





Be there for the Action on "Return to Santa Barbara" tonight at 9:15 PM U.S. Eastern Standard TIME!!!! And don't miss the after-party on TALKIN SANTA BARBARA! with Greg & Melissa LIVE at 10 PM!

PS- Please don't hurt me Tishy! :unsure: Only 3 hours to go! :P


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My guess....

Eileen Davidson.

I will try my hardest to call in. You can bet your ass that I will be reading unless stupid BF takes the computer away from me

If I am wrong, YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT NOW :)

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OK my guess is...................WANDA DE JESUS!!!!!!!! :o

LMAO Of course she would have to dye her hair blonde. LOL


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My guess....

Eileen Davidson.

I agree with Tishy....Eileen Davidson that is my guess too. So now it is a waiting game. :blink:

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