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Episode 68





(EXT: West Palm Beach, FL- Sherri's APT)

---Mason, Mary, and Maureen hurry up the stairs to Sherri's apartment. When they get there, they run into the superintendent, who's locking Sherri's door behind him.

"What's going on?" Mason asks Where are the people that lived there?"

"Moved out this morning. Interested?"

"The only thing I'm interested in is the people who lived there and where they've moved to."

"Can't help ya there, all I know is they're gone. Paid to break the lease and split...."

Mason is devastated by the news and becomes enraged. Mary attempts to calm him down but he says he needs some air and heads down the stairs. In the meantime, Mary approaches the super and asks him if he wouldn't mind if she did take a look at the apartment. He tells her the condition probably isn't the best, but she insists it doesn't matter, saying she'd like to just get a feel for the place. He agrees and lets she & Maureen in. Soon after, he gets a beep from a lady down the hall, saying she's having trouble with her pipes. He leaves the ladies alone and Mary searches frantically for clues. She searches through everything, but finds nothing. She's frustrated when she sees that Maureen isn't even looking.

"I'll find him Mary. I always do. He'll contact me or she will- one of them will slip up. It may not be right away, but in time...."

"In TIME? All there's been is time, Maureen. Over 20 years now, I've been waiting, trusting your son, only to find out that he's LIED to me repeatedly. Even now, just when I think I have the truth, and I can put all of this behind me......It all turns out to be another one of his sick manipulations. Well Mark has lied to me for the LAST TIME! He kept me apart from MASON, He's kept me from MY CHILD- All for what? FOR WHAT? Just to make ME miserable- after everything he'd already done to me, you'd think he'd have some kind of heart, a conciense. But your son, your Mark. He's a MONSTER! And I'm going to make him PAY for what he's done to me, you mark my words....."

Maureen and Mary head out of the apartment building, empty-handed, and join Mason in the car, taking off for their respective hotels.

(EXT: The Lair)

----Keith and Elizabeth walk into the bar, without a care in the world. He orders them a round of Manhattans from the bartender. Keith comments that he used to know the owner of the place and Elizabeth asks about him. Keith tells her about TJ and his relationships with Sophia......and Kelly.

"That's SICK! I knew she was low, but really......... well that's my sister for you, never satisfied with what she has...."

"And what GENE did you get Elizabeth?" Gina says, walking up behind the two of them "Only being satisfied with what isn't yours?"

"EXCUSE Me? Last I looked, you weren't wearing a wedding ring...."

"Ladies, Please, We're in a Public Place....."

"OH SHUT UP!" they say in unison.

Elizabeth tells Gina that she & Keith don't owe her any explanations for their behavior. She tells her it wasn't anything they planned....it just sort of happened. She admits at first, that she wasn't going to go along with it, but has opted to give Keith a chance, which he asked for.

"A Chance? Like you're some kind of Prize? You really are quite pathetic, you know that. And to think, when I met you, I thought we could be friends.......You kicked Sophia out of the building, had CC by the throat- both admirable qualities...."

"You and I? Friends? Oh, Gina, really, I know you must admire me at all, but I know trash when I see it. You leech onto men and use them for their wealth and their status, without having anything of substance to offer yourself!"

"You B!TCH!"

Gina goes to throw her drink at Elizabeth, but Keith steps in the way and ends up with a face full of Cosmopolitan.

"Pink always was your color, Keith. Enjoy CC's leftovers...."

Gina storms out of the Lair. Elizabeth takes a towel from the bartender and begins cleaning up Keith's face. She thanks him for taking the drink in the face for her. He comments that he's her husband, he has to be good for some things.

"Seriously, about that, Keith, do you really think this is working? I mean, honestly, why are we going on with this charade? Look how upset it's gotten HER!...."

"Give it time- I'm an acquired taste. And besides.....I thought you liked me...."

"I do kind of like you Keith, you can be quite charming, even sweet when you want to. But that doesn't mean...."

Keith brings his finger to her mouth. "It's a start."

He gives her a peck on the lips and smiles. She smiles back, at the very least, entertained by the mischievous district attorney.

(EXT: London, England)


---Edmund and Sophia sit nestled together on his living room sofa, in front of a small fire. Sophia apologies for her behavior toward "Addie", saying that she shouldn't have gotten so jealous, or let "Addie" get to her. Edmund insists that it was fine and believes that "Addie" was taunting her on purpose.

"Without question. What did she mean when she said if she wanted you right now, she could have you?"

"To be honest, my love, I have no idea. She may think that in her head but it couldn't be further from the truth. She was a great friend to me when I was ill, but my feelings for her never went further. It was always you, my love, you that I was waiting for."

Sophia smiles and remarks how safe she feels with him, sitting there in his arms. He assures her that she'll always be safe with him. She asks him to take her out the next day, maybe to the theatre, but she's dying to get out of the house for an evening. Edmund tells her he'd love to, but he'd promised "Addie" that he'd ride her to the airport. Sophia is annoyed, asking why she can't hire a driver. Edmund soothes her, saying that he's already promised and doesn't go back on his word.

"I understand. It's one of the things I love so much about you" she says.

He leans in and kisses her. She asks him if he wouldn't mind if she went with him to take "Addie" to the airport. Edmund is hesitant at first, but cannot resist Sophia's charms. He kisses her again and she asks him to stay in the master bedroom with her tonight. He looks her in the eyes and asks if she's sure; she nods in affirmation. He takes her hand and walks her up the stairs, passing Christine.

"Those two....." Christine begins choking up "It just warms my heart to see them together again..."

(EXT: Angela's condominium)

---Warren brings Angela inside. She complains that it's hot in the condo as Warren gets her a glass of water. She drinks it and thanks him for taking such good care of her. He tells her to think nothing of it, he's happy to be there for her whenever she needs him. She tells him that he's such a good guy.

"Why did we break up again?" she asks.

"Honestly......I can't remember......" ;)

"Well whatever it was, chalk it up to Angela's stupidity with Men: Beginners' Edition."

He reassures her, telling her that she's a married woman, so she must be doing something right.

"Not for long...." she says, removing her wedding ring.

Warren insists that Ted loves her and she'll see that when he comes back to town, but she's adamant that the marriage is over. She tells him that Ted wants a saint, like his mother, even moreso now that she's passed. Probably someone more along the lines of Laken. Warren insists that his sister is not a saint.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?!?!" she muses.

She walks up to Warren, running her hand down his face, telling him she was a fool to ever give him up. Warren tells her he thinks it's the Gin talking and suggests she go lie down. He leads her into her bedroom, where she immediately walks to the window and opens it, saying it's so hot and she needs air.

"What YOU need is rest...." he says.

But he stops dead in his tracks when she begins removing her clothes.

(EXT: West Palm Beach, Florida)

---Mary sits in the room, alone, thinking about everything that Maureen told them. She thinks about everything that Mason said about what Mark did to them.


Mason, sitting at the bar, having the exact same thoughts.


Mary also thinks about her conversation with Maureen inside Sherri's apartment. She stands up and walks out the door, heading downstairs.


In the bar, Mason nurses his drink, thinking back on his times with Mary. He then begins thinking of all of the conflict with Mark, including everything surrounding the rape. He then remembers Mary's death, and all the pain he went through. Additionally, he remembers being on the run for Mark's murder. When he comes to, he sees Mary standing before him, tears in her eyes.

"Why did he do it to us Mary? How could he do this?"

"I know Mason, I know..." She gently rubs his shoulder.

"When I think of what we've lost, how we've been manipulate, lied to, had our whole LIVES turned upside down because of him...........And the thought that he could get away with it, that he thinks that he has...........When I see him....(he begins breaking down).....I'm gonna make him PAY, I'm gonna make him hurt the way that I hurt right now, the way I hurt when I thought I lost you.... I'm gonna make him feel all of those dark places, all those thoughts that I had......He's going to feel MY pain, OUR pain, for what he did to US! I'm going to make sure of it...."

"I know. I know you will, Mason, and believe me, I understand how you feel- violated. Like you didn't control your own destiny, like your life and all of the choices you're supposed to make were made for you.....And it leaves you.....broken...."

"Oh, Mary...."

"Let's go upstairs Mason, get some sleep. We're going back to Santa Barbara tomorrow and we'll go from there..."

He looks at her as she begins to back up. She takes his hand and he lets her lead him upstairs.



Sophia and Edmund lie in bed, passionately kissing each other. Suddenly, he stops.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing's wrong....everything's perfect....."

She goes to kiss him again, but he stops her. "We have all the time in the world, Loretta. Our whole lives are ahead of us. But tonight......I'd like to just hold you in my arms.....would that be alright? It's been so long since I...."

She gently takes his arm and wraps it around her, smiling and closing her eyes. He kisses her softly on the side of her forehead while he holds her.


Angela approaches Warren, now completely naked. He tells her she doesn't know what she's doing, but she claims to be very much aware. He insists that it wouldn't be right, but she shushes him, putting her finger on his lips and telling him that it couldn't be more right. She passionately kisses him on the lips. He pulls back, looking into her eyes. He grabs her & kisses her again. She rips his shirt off as he lifts her up and tosses her on the bed, climbing on top of her...


Mary and Mason enter the hotel room. Mary walks into the bathroom to freshen up and when she comes out, she sees Mason sitting at the table, looking at the information from Pearl. He crumples it up and throws it in the garbage. He angrily stands up and turns around and sees her watching him. He walks directly up to her. He looks at her, with pain in his eyes, and caresses her cheek with his hand. He passionately kisses her. She gives in and kisses him back. He begins undoing her dress and leading her to the bed. She unbuttons his shirt as they fall onto the bed together. Things begin to get heated, until Mary stops herself.

"We can't do this Mason. It isn't right.....It isn't fair to...."

"Don't talk to me about fair Mary. What isn't fair is that after all we went through together, you were taken away from me. I want you. I NEED you..."

She looks him in the eyes and begins kissing him again, unbuttoning his shirt the rest of the way as they begin to make love.


Angela and Warren, rolling around in her bed, giggling and laughing. Suddenly, the scene goes from color to black & white. The camera then zooms out from the black & white scene, revealing it to be on a cell phone screen. It then pans to Lily, outside Angela's window, videotaping she & Warren.


THE END......................for TODAY!!

Don't forget- Radio Show- TONIGHT! 10 PM EST - Talkin Santa Barbara!


The # to call in is (646)652-4802

If you don't wanna call, but still want to be heard, we'll also be taking questions in the official 'RTSB' chatroom here:



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WOW that was close!!! I was on the edge of my seat with Soretta and McCreepy LOL Thank God he came to his senses!!! :P

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Shhh........don't tell anyone......but I am starting to warm up to McCreepy. Don't get me wrong......I am glad he stopped and I believe that Sophia does belong with CC....but at long last we see someone who is treating her special. Sure he did brainwash her into thinking she was his long dead wife but we can't all be perfect. :)

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