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Episode 59




GET SB ON TV!!!!!!


(EXT: London, England- Edmund's Castle)

----Edmund stares into Sophia's eyes, trying to figure out for sure whether his techniques have brought back his beloved Loretta.

"Edmund..........darling, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

(she laughs) "It's as though you're seeing a ghost....."

"Am I?"

(she laughs again) "Of course not. What's gotten into you this morning for Heaven's sake?....."

She stands up from the bed and begins walking up to him. Edmund becomes overwhelmed with emotion and freezes in place, unable to touch her. Instead, he continues to just stare at her. She senses his nervousness and takes his hand and slowly brings it up to her face.

"See" she says, gently. "I'm real, baby. I'm right here, standing in front of you."

"It's just....I....I.....don't believe it......." Edmund's eyes begin to well with tears. "I'm hearing your voice right now.....it's you, Loretta, it's you, after all these years......"

She smiles at him. "Of course it's me.....Wait a minute, what do you mean, after all these years?"

(EXT: Baja, Mexico- PIERS)

----Eden, Julia, Santana, Adriana, and Steve all continue wait for further word from the search party and the head of operations as they continue combing the waters. Eden pulls Adriana aside and asks her just who Steve is. Adriana covers, saying he's an old friend from school that she just happened to run into. Eden looks Steve over, seeing his earrings, black Rancid t-shirt, wallet chain, and grey dickies. She remarks that he doesn't look like anyone Adriana ran around with in High School. Eden tells Adriana that she thinks she ought to head home, that she could be in real danger.

"I don't think so mom. I'm not going anywhere- besides, what would they want with me now? They got what they wanted- Dad. He's GONE and I'm not leav...."

"Hold it right there. We don't know anything for sure yet...."

"They found his wedding ring. He never took that off- " her voice begins to crack. "How can this be happening? Who would do this?"

Eden takes her daughter in her arms, attempting to comfort her while keeping her emotions in check herself. "We've got to keep up hope. Sobbing and breaking down doesn't do your father any good right now." She pulls her daughter away from herself. "You and I, A. You and I need to be strong for him right now. If you're gonna stay here, you've got to promise me you can do that."

----Julia and Santana continue going over everything that transpired between she & Angel. Julia compliments Santana on her bravery and level-headedness through it.

"Surpised?" Santana smiles.

"Quite frankly, Santana, I'm more pleased than surprised. The Santana I knew before didn't allow herself that kind of strength."

"Cruz has done a lot for me Julia. He stood by me when noone else did and I'll forever be grateful to him. I wasn't about to let him go down without a fight. I just wish......I just wish I could've done something more....."

Eden and Adriana walk back up and Eden tells her she did everything she could.

"I do, however, have one question Santana, something that's been bothering me.......Why would you send Julia and I to the wrong pier? Why didn't you give us the directions to the same pier you were going to?"

Santana explains that Angel never told her which map was real and which was bogus. In order to cover their bases, she followed the directions on one map and gave Eden and Julia the directions from the other map. She says that she was trying to explain to them on the phone when the service cut out. All of their attention is re-directed when they see the head investigator, Detective Torres, pulling up with a passenger in his car. The two men get out, both well dressed in suits and ties, Det. Torres in black and the other man in grey.

"Who's that he's with?" Julia asks as the two men approach.

As the men gets closer, Julia, Santana, and Eden realize one by one who he's with.

"My God." Santana says

"It Can't be" says Julia.

"Oh it is. I'd know him anywhere. Kirk Cranston."

(EXT: West Palm Beach, Florida- Captain Joe's Restaurant)

----Mason and Mary sit absolutely stunned by what Sherri has just told them. Mary looks into Mason's eyes, as they well up.

"Nurse Rhodes, you're sure, positively sure she was a full..." (he stumbles on his words as he chokes up, unable to get them out. "a full-grown, healthy baby girl?"

"I was positive she was a full-grown baby girl, yes. But healthy.........healthy, she wasn't I'm afraid."

Mary asks what was wrong and Sherri explains that Mark kept the baby incubated for too long while Mary's blood was infected. As a result, this caused an infection in the child, and she was born with an extremely high fever. Immediately, Mark and she began treating her, trying to bring the fever down. Mark insisted that only the two of them work on the baby. He called the rest of the doctors on staff, many of whom were volunteering their time, and for the first time, allowed them to work on Mary without his presence. Not only did he allow it, he insisted on it. In the meantime, he and Sherri worked alone and diligently on the baby. Sherri insists that they tried everything, even wrapping the baby in cold towels and putting her on ice. Mary is shocked when she hears that they put her on ice, saying that could have shocked her system beyond repair, especially as a newborn.

"He was desperate Mary- we both were. I felt as if it were my own baby I was working on, that's how close to the situation I'd become. I wouldn't have done anything to endanger her Mary....I promise you that. But the problem was, nothing worked. And then.......the poor thing, her little body just couldn't handle the trauma of it all. She was just born and to come into the world the way she did.....that short, painful existance....it was too much for her to bear. Mark- he held her the whole time, and wept, quietly telling her it was okay to let go. After that, he wrapped her in blankets, and took possession of her. He buried her, alone, without any loved ones or even myself present......And that day, he vowed that he'd never walk away from you, that he wouldn't lose you both......He loved you so much, Mary..."

"I've hurt just about enough of this. LOVED her? Mark was OBSESSED with her, fixated on her. He let his obsession kill her and my child and you sit here and tell me he LOVED her? Mark is incapable of anything like that. My God.....my girl...my poor, baby girl. I should have been there for her, I should have been there for both of you. When I think of what he did.....to you, Mary and to that little girl.....our innocent little baby.......When we find him, When I find him..........God help him....."

Mason stands up and storms out of the restaurant. Mary asks Pearl to go after him and apologizes to Sherri for his outburst. Mary thanks her for having the courage to meet with them and be honest about everything that happened. Sherri tells Mary that even though the baby was further along than he expected, Mark still led on that the baby was his. Had she had any idea that it were someone else's, she would have done everything in her power to track them down long before.

"I just can't believe I trusted him.... I was so dumb...." Sherri says.

"You weren't dumb, Sherri. You were young, and Mark can be quite charming and manipulative when he wants to be. You had no way of knowing....."

Sherri looks at her watch and realizes she needs to get going home, since she's working an early shift in the morning. Mary thanks her again for meeting with them and Sherri apologizes for not being able to give them better news. Mary nods and Sherri leaves. The camera zooms in on Mary, who begins softly rubbing her stomach as her eyes well up.

"My girl. My poor baby girl......" she says, as she continues rubbing her belly.

(EXT: London, England- Edmund's castle)

----Edmund explains to Sophia that she's been in a coma for a long time, one he thought she may never wake up from.

"That explains why I feel so well-rested" she jokes.

Edmund says that there was a time where he had given up hope at all, as she seemed so content in her sleep, he thought she'd never wake.

"But here you are....in front of me. As radiant and pure as you ever were. My darling Loretta."

"I don't know about radiant....I could probably use to freshen up some, no? I'm so sorry I put you through all of that, dear. But I'm awake now, I'm here. And frankly, I can't remember when I felt better than I do right now...."

"I'm so pleased to hear that. Can I get you anything? A cup of tea? Some breakfast...."

"I'd love a cup of tea.......and a muffin, you know how I love them. But first, as I said, I could really use a shower...."

"Of course, of course, I'll show you the way...."

He smiles as he leads Sophia down the hallway.

(EXT: Baja, Mexico- PIERS)

---Eden walks straight up to Det. Torres and Kirk.

"Hello, Eden. Det. Torres told me about Cruz. I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do...."

Eden immediately raises her hand and slaps Kirk square across the face. "Go to hell Kirk- you can do that."

Adriana looks the man over that she's heard about throughout her life. Steve whispers to her, asking who he is. "Bad news" she whispers back.

"I take it you two know each other..." Det Torres says.

"You call yourself a detective? I was married him, he tortured me, blackmailed me, kidnapped Cruz and myself on numerous occasions......Just what is he doing here anyway?"

Det. Torres explains that Kirk owned the boat that exploded. Eden is floored by this, and jumps to the conclusion that Kirk murdered Cruz.

"Why the HELL isn't he in cuffs then? So help me God Kirk, if he's dead, if you killed him, I will tear you apart piece by piece. Mark my words, you mark my words."

"Will you calm yourself Eden. If you'd listen to the Detective for a minute, you'd realize I have absolutely nothing to do with this. A lot's changed since I last saw you and I'm not the man you knew before....."

Eden lets out a frustrated laugh. "What do you take me for Kirk, a fool? You honestly expect me to believe it's some kind of COINCIDENCE that my husband was lured to a boat that YOU own and it exploded with him on it? After everything you've done to us? You BASTARD- I could KILL YOU! I could KILL YOU!!"

She starts beating furiously on his chest, until he grabs her hands and forces her to look at him. "LISTEN TO ME- I had nothing to do with this and I'm fully cooperating to help you find out who did."

"And why should I believe you Kirk?"

"Because I have reason to believe that someone is doing all of this to set me up. Renting my yacht.. Luring Cruz down here. Eden, if I were going to kill your husband, do you honestly think I'd be dumb enough to lure him down here, where practically the entire city knows me thanks to my businesses, onto my own yacht and blow it up with him on it, knowing full well that you, my ex-wife, will be down here in no time? Think about it...."

Eden looks at Det Torres, who seems to agree. He tells her that there are plenty of people in Baja that would benefit by getting Kirk out of the way and that this would be the perfect way to do it.

"You see?" Kirk says.

Eden ignores him and asks Det. Torres what they've found out about the body that they discovered.

"I thought you knew it was Cruz's" Santana says "Didn't they find the wedding ring?"

"I want to be sure, Santana. This is my husband we're talking about and if he's out there.....I'm going to find him...."

Det Torres explains that the body has been taken in to the coroners office for examination, though is badly burned and decomposed. He tells her that they're working on getting a tissue sample from the body as they speak and will do a comparison with Cruz's DNA, to be sure that it's a match. Eden asks if the tests are 100% accurate and Det. Torres guarantees they are.

As they continue talking, a nervous look comes over Santana's face, which only Kirk seems to notice. Their eyes meet and Santana realizes that Kirk is reading her. She acts as though she can listen to no more and walks off alone. Kirk walks a bit away from the group as well, staring at her looking off the pier.

"What is she up to?" Kirk says, quietly.

THE END...............FOR TODAY


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"Hello, Eden. Det. Torres told me about Cruz. I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do...."

Eden immediately raises her hand and slaps Kirk square across the face. "Go to hell Kirk- you can do that."

MADE - MY - NIGHT! :D Love resolved, spirited Eden! Curious tact Jerk (that's C&E fan code for "Kirk") seems to be taking here (showing his face so soon is not in line with his usual style) and Santana's involvement in this whole thing is entirely too odd. What an enigma is this story! Any chance Pearl will take a slightly southern detour on his way to unruffle Mason and pop up to help straighten this conundrum out for us?

Also not sure what to make of the 3M (Mason, Mark & Mary) developments yet...or that Sherri girl. ;)

Of course, the Dr. McCreepy & Loretta reincarnate story is just as surreal and compelling as always!

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Thanks for sharing, Sherri! :lol: I was more than happy to write that part today. Today I featured all 3 of my major stories......and there's more than meets the eye with each one..... Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Great writing!!! It was worth the wait. LOL I'm loving all three stories now.

I don't think I like that smile on Dr. McCreepy's face, just a little too eager to show Sophia the shower. LOL :blink:

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I don't think I like that smile on Dr. McCreepy's face, just a little too eager to show Sophia the shower. LOL :blink:

:lol: I was thinking the same thing Shannon! I held my breath for the whole last paragraph wondering how far that shower scene might go... :o

Great Show Greg!

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