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Episode 53





(EXT: West Palm Beach, Florida- Upscale Hotel)

---Mason and Mary dine in the hotel restaurant, waiting for Pearl to get there with Sherri. Mary says she's exhausted from all of the traveling and delays they experienced the day before. She thanks Mason for coming along with she and Pearl on the trip and admits to being nervous about meeting Sherri for the first time. Mason asks if she remembers Sherri at all, since she seemed to remember Nurse Hodges but she tells him that Sherri was long gone before she woke up, this being the first she's ever heard about her. Mary says that she's so angry with herself for never checking out Mark's story in the first place, for trusting him.

"It's not your fault- you had no way of knowing when you woke up that I thought you were dead- I can't imagine what you must have thought, with only Mark there with you. And to find out how he fought for you and kept you alive for four years- he manipulated you Mary. He had every tool he needed to do so, and of course, the necessary prey: a trusting, honest, loving woman. He knew exactly what he was doing and if our child has been alive all of these years, it is his fault we don't know about her, not yours." he consoles

"I can't help it though- I should have known Mason, never to trust him. I should have wondered about her- my God, she could be anywhere....."

"If she's out there, Mary, we'll find her. I promise we will."

Just then, Pearl comes flying into the restaurant, asking Mason if he can have one of his muffins. As he begins scarfing it down, he says Nurse Rhodes wasn't at work, having switched her shift with another nurse. Mason asks Pearl if she may have been tipped off that they're looking for it and Pearl says it's possible, though also possible she innocently switched the shift. Mary asks if he was able to find out when she'd be working again and Pearl says he was able to get on one of the hospital computers and see that she'll actually be working the overnight.

(EXT: MEXICO- The Royal Flamingo Hotel er, El Flamingo de Royale :))

---Cruz prepares for his rendezvous at sundown. Angel thanks him again for all his help with Marta and just hopes that everything works out as it's supposed to.

"With any luck, we'll have your little girl back by the end of the day, safe and sound, and these guys will be behind bars."

"If I don't get a hold of em first....."

"Now don't go doin anything stupid, man, like followin me when she gets here. The last thing any of us wants is you gettin into any more trouble with the law...or worse. Let me take care of these guys. And believe me when I say that I will take care of em, man."

Angel agrees but retains a copy of the map, to give to the proper authorities if they don't make good on the deal with Marta. Cruz packs up the suitcase with hundred dollar bills and looks over the paperwork that they asked for. He sees that everything is in order and straps himself with his brown leather suspender-like gun holster. He takes the suitcase and paperwork, grabs his keys, and heads out. The camera zooms in on Angel.

"Good luck Castillo. Good luck......" he says, with a pained expression on his face.

(EXT: Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office)

----Julia sits at her desk with her reading glasses on, looking over some paperwork when her secretary buzzes her, telling her that Eden Castillo is there to see her. Eden walks in and asks Julia if she's heard anything about the investigation.

"Actually, I just got off the phone with Vic Boswell. A meeting has been set up, between Cruz and one of the kidnappers....."

"There's more than one?"

"It seems as though there's at least two involved, as the other is to drop Adriana off at the hotel to Angel. The exchange is supposed to take place at sundown, in about an hour or so....He's going to be alright Eden- it's Cruz we're talking about here. He's been doing this for years- it's in his blood."

"He's meeting with them alone?"

"Yes, but he has plenty of backup from the local authorities who will be close by, keeping an eye on things."

Eden is relieved to hear that he won't be handling everything on his own. Eden asks Julia how she is, telling her she knows about Mason's trip. Julia says she's doing her best to be strong, especially for Samantha's sake. She says she'd be lying if she said she wasn't worried about her marriage.

"It's an impossible situation and frankly, I'm more worried about your brother than I am myself. No matter what he does, he's going to have to hurt one of us by being honest with us both, none of which is Mason's strong suit. And his mother's antics of late aren't making matters any better...."

"You're right. I've been so wrapped up on everything going on with Cruz and with Adriana I haven't even stopped to think about Mason, what he must be going through..."

"Not to mention your mother's death, Eden. It's not an easy time for anybody- you don't have to apologize for not dropping everything when your half brother goes on his semi-annual tailspin......Although this time, I fear it could have much further-reaching impact than his previous episodes...."

Eden comforts her, telling her that both of their husbands are going to get through it and emerge stronger than they were before. Especially having two strong, faithful women that they're married to.

Adriana bursts into the office with Samantha, telling Eden & Julia they need to talk, it's an emergency.

"Dad's in trouble, mom. Please, you've gotta believe me.... They weren't after Marta, mom...."

"Adriana, we've been through this- we just have to have faith in your father. And according to their demands, it seems as though Carlos and Angel are their only reasons for doing this."

"I can't explain any of that, but you've gotta LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE!!!! When they were taking me, mom, when they were taking me, they said that my 'cop father would have me home good as new in no time, not to worry' "

"I'm not quite following you...." Julia interjects.

"Don't you get it? They were taking ME at first, before Marta maced them. If they knew dad was a cop....."

"Then they knew it was you they were taking...." Eden realizes.

"EXACTLY! Which means...."

"He's being set up. MY GOD! Julia, He's being SET UP!!!"

(EXT: West Palm Beach, an apartment)

---A woman is shown putting on her white jacket, with the nametag saying Sherri Rhodes, R.N. She walks out into her living room, where her live-in boyfriend is sitting on the couch. She finishes packing her overnight bag and pours herself a cup of coffee for the road. Her boyfriend gets up out of his seat before she leaves.

"Now, remember everything we talked about," a familiar voice says.

"Don't worry. I know exactly what to do...."

She walks up to kiss him and when they part from the kiss, the camera dramatically, in slow-motion, zooms into the face of the boyfriend- HIS FACE!!!!!!!

THE END..................for today! Sorry it's late!


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What a reveal at the end! Love it! This will be interesting...

Glad that Adriana got to Julia and Eden in time to tell them it was her that the kidnappers were after. I hope that they can get to Cruz. Great episode!

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Oh Goodie - Another unstable ex-husband* is back on the scene to stir up trouble!

*Wait a minute - he may not be an "ex" at all! :o

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So if Mark is still living and breathing who died at the church all those years ago?

I hope they get to Cruz before the kidnappers get him.

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So if Mark is still living and breathing who died at the church all those years ago?

That will most certainly be addressed......

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