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Episode 52






(EXT: LONDON, ENGLAND Edmund's Castle (Dungeon))


----Edmund watches Sophia while she sleeps peacefully in her room. He thinks back to the night before and her response to the hypnosis. He remembers feeding her more of Loretta's memories, that of her childhood and marriage to Edmund. Only one part of her memories hasn't been implanted: the affair with CC and birth of Ashton. Edmund realizes that while implanting Loretta's memories thusfar has gone smoothly, replacing Sophia's memories of CC with Loretta's could prove trickier. He walks over to the side of her bed and runs his finger down the side of her cheek, gently stroking it.

"A woman with such beauty and grace should never be subjected to the likes of CC Capwell. He'll never hurt you again, my love, I promise you that."

He kisses his fingers and gently dabs them on her forehead before leaving her to rest.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

----Ashton sits at his table talking forcibly to the person on the other end of his cell phone. He tells them that he expects that they will take care of it by the end of the day or their job is on the line. Kelly walks in and the host directs her to Ashton's table. She comes up from behind him and takes her seat, startling him. He again warns the person that they'll do as he asks or they can look for work elsewhere. He hangs up the phone and apologizes to his wife.

"I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that. Who was that anyway?"

"Business- someone from our Tokyo office trying to wiggle their way out of meeting an extremely important deadline........Oh, I don't want to bore you with it. Needless to say, they're taking care of it. How are you love? How is it to be back at the office? Hectic?"

She tells him it's actually been quite calm there, since Elizabeth left for an impromptu vacation. Ashton speculates as to whether it has to do with her apparent confrontation with CC at their reception. Kelly admits to having had the very same thought, though she doesn't really give much credence to what Pamela says. Ashton says he thought it interesting that she seemed to be acquainted with his father.

"Which is more than I can say for myself- when do I get to meet my own father-in-law?"

"Soon, actually, if you'd like. I'm going to have to go to London for at least a few days soon, to check on operations and things of that nature. I'd love for you to come along- if he's up for having the company, perhaps we could even stay with my father. I think you'll have an appreciation for the house- it's this old-world, desolate castle, very English."

"It sounds wonderful."

----Across the room, Warren dines with Pamela. He mentions that Elizabeth has been MIA from Capwell Enterprises since the party. Pamela re-iterates that she was telling the truth that night- CC did something to upset her. Warren remarks that it seems that every few years, a new scandal from that time period emerges about the Capwells.

"Yes, well, CC and his father were not exactly upstanding citizens. I would think your mother and grandmother might have educated you on some of that......"

"Of course- and I've seen enough first-hand myself to know those people are capable of anything."

Warren asks Pamela how well she knew Augusta when she was married to CC. Pamela dodges the question a bit by saying that as a Capwell, she didn't exactly befriend any of the Lockridges. She know of Augusta- who she was and all, but they weren't exactly close. Warren wonders if, to Pamela's knowledge, Augusta had any extramarital affairs in those days.

"Your mother was always quite........how shall I put this........worldly. There was gossip of her penchant for other men, particularly the younger ones. But that's all it ever amounted to......at least from my perspective............This is about your father, isn't it? You'd like me to help you find him..."

"You did live here at the time and I've come to trust you, Pamela. I figured if you knew anything, anything at all, you'd help me out."

"I wish I could - I do, but unfortunately, I cannot."

Warren understands, though he admits to being frustrated at being back at square one. Pamela suggests that he's opening a can of worms that doesn't belong open. After all, Lionel raised him and has been his father in every way that counts- it's not as if he hasn't had the presence of a father in his life. He sees her point of view but says that it's about knowing where he came from- the truth that has been hidden from him and possibly his father for his entire existence.

(EXT: Mason & Julia's Beach House)

----Adriana tells Samantha she's quite impressed with all of the progress she's made, remarking that soon, she won't need physical therapy or Rafe.

"Oh, I think I'll still be needing the therapy a little longer, but thanks for the encouragement A- I do feel as though I'm getting stronger every day....."

"Glad to hear that."

"So what brings you by?"

Adriana tells her she's just worried about her dad and can't really talk to her mom about it. Samantha asks her why and she explains that her parents have it set in their heads that Marta was the intended kidnapping victim, no matter how she insists that isn't the case. Adriana can't for the life of her figure out why anyone would want to kidnap Marta, especially if only to blackmail someone into not testifying against them.

"I mean, if they're going to go to the trouble of kidnapping her, why not try and get the charges completely dismissed?"

Samantha agrees that it doesn't make much sense.

"And now my dad is down in Mexico trying to help her....he could be playing right into somebody's hands.......he could get hurt...or worse!"

"I can see why you'd be worried- you can't help but worry- hell, I'm worried sick about my father right now and he's just in Florida. But your dad's a cop- he can handle himself..."

Adriana stops cold, something about Samantha's words triggering her memory.


"Oh my God. That's it- Samantha, THAT'S IT! I remember!"

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

----Warren and Pamela finish their lunch and Warren insists on paying the bill. She thanks him very much and says she's going to retreat to her room for a hot bath and some rest. She gets up to leave and spots Ashton and Kelly sitting in the dining room. She walks up to their table and interrupts them mid-conversation.

"I'm sorry to intrude on your lunch but I just wanted to apologize for my behavior the other night...."

"You can save your apologies Pamela," Kelly says "Do you even know the damage you do at times? Our mother just died and you publicly trash her during my wedding reception? A simple apology doesn't exactly cover it....."

"No, it doesn't, you're right. But it's a start, no?"

Ashton says that her ears must have been ringing because they were just talking about her. She asks in what context and he tells her that he was surprised that she had been acquainted with his father. She says they weren't very close, but she did know him when they lived in Santa Barbara and has she said, read very much about him in Europe. Kelly says he's quite remarkable and she's anxious to meet him.

"Meet him? You mean you haven't met him yet? Your own father-in-law dear?"

"No I haven't, but we're going to be rectifying that soon, isn't that right love?"

"Really ? He's coming back to Santa Barbara?"


"Well then how do you plan on meeting him?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but Ashton and I are planning a short trip to England."

"Oh?" Pamela says, stunned. "Well that should be nice- he's such a lovely man. Do give him my best when you see him, Ashton. Anyhow, I'll let you two get back to your lunch."

Pamela keeps her composure, but when she turns to walk away, her face fills with panic and worry.

(EXT: Edmund's Castle)

----Sophia awakens and wanders seamlessly into the living room area, where she sees Edmund studying his notes carefully. She walks up to him, choking back the lump in her throat and holding back the tears in her eyes.

"How long did I sleep?"

"Oh, probably a good 12, 13 hours. Not uncommon with your condition and as a side effect to the treatments we're giving you here."

"No wonder it feels like I've been asleep for days- I have!! I don't know how much more of this I can take Edmund- my short term memory has all but disappeared and I ......I.... just everything seems so hazy and confusing. For instance, I automatically knew you'd be in this room and to come find you here.......and I knew exactly how to get there, yet I've never been here before in my life and frankly, it's quite intricate..."

Edmund writes it off as her just being more familiar with her surroundings than she had thought. As far as everything being hazy, he assures her that, after their next session, all of that should clear up. She asks how things are coming with her aneurism and he tells her she'll be as good as new in no time, which is music to her ears. He asks her if she'd like to go ahead and begin their session, rather than waiting until later in the day, saying it should bring some relief to the symptoms she's describing. She agreees and tells him she'll go into the office and wait for him in there. She heads off to the room, and a smile appears over Edmund's face.

"It will be complete. After today, after all these years. finally, you'll be back with me, back where you always belonged. It's time the tables turn - and your murderer suffers the same way that I have suffered for all these years. But no more.........because you will have come back to me, Loretta. My sweet Loretta."

THE END............for the week


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Edmund is the creepiest villian! Excellent job with him.

Ashton, not sure what to make of him yet. So many layers to him that haven't been uncovered. Poor Kelly, is she ever going to get a man who loves her for her? It always seems like she goes down the wrong path for love.

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Great job Greg. Loved the Sophia and Edmund stuff - so good.

Glad to see Warren and more of his search for his father. Can't wait to see who it is.

Always love Pamela.

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Love the creepy castle picture!!! LOL I can totally picture Dr. McCreepy working in his laBORatory "creating" Loretta. :o

Loved the panic that came over Pamela when she found out that Kelly and Ashton are going to London!!! :blink:

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Despite being a CC/Sophia believer, Dr. McCreepy is growing on me. At the moment, I'm much more wary of that Creepmaster son of his. <_<

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