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Episode 47




(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

----The whole party is stopped and fixed on the scene developing between Pamela and CC. Mason rushes to his mother's side and helps her up.

"It's just like you to disrupt this entire party Pamela- typical of the Pamela Pepperidge that I've always known." CC says.

Mason continues helping his mother stand on her own two feet. He offers to take her up to her room and get her out of there.

"I think that's a good idea, Mason"

"Save it Eden. The rest of you have made a mockery of my mother her entire life, whether it be to her face or behind her back..."

Pamela interrupts him. "There's no need for you to defend me darling, I'm quite alright." She turns and looks directly at CC, who is still staring at her.

"Pamela, why don't you do us all a favor and...."

"And what CC? Disappear? Go far, far away and let you all push me out like you always have? I'm so sorry to disappoint you CC, but the days of you and your family pushing me around ended long ago."

"What is this, Pamela? Seriously, why are you chasing my father around like a fool and causing a scene at a party given in honor of my marriage? Haven't you done enough to me?" Kelly asks.

"That's just like you, dear, making things all about you. But that isn't the case, is it CC? Care to tell all of us what it was you were discussing with Elizabeth, causing her to go running out of here in a frenzy?"

"Frankly, after all the damage that woman caused, I can't say I'm sorry that she's gone in the first place, Pamela. Actually, it's about time dad stood up for mom, even if it was too late....." Ted says.

"Now, Ted" CC tries to calm him.

"Really, Ted? That's what you think? My she really did have you all fooled, all of you in this room. Did you ever stop and think that perhaps her sister has been given great reason to hate your mother? How is it that when anyone has been scorned by anyone in this family, somehow, all of you are able to turn it around and make yourselves the victim? Particularly in the case of Sophia..."

Julia walks up and tries to stop her and help Mason get her to her room, but Pamela is resistant, saying that there are a few things she has to say to the people in the room, and she isn't going anywhere until she's said it.

(EXT: Limousine, driving on the Santa Barabara highways, stops at a trendy bar)

----Elizabeth tells Keith that she's grateful that he followed her, though she does think it unnecessary. Keith insists that he's not going to let Elizabeth be alone and that as her date, it's his duty to make sure she get home safely.

"My, I didn't realize you were so chivalrous...." she says.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me..."

They approach the bar and Keith orders a dry martini for Elizabeth and a bourbon and coke for himself. Elizabeth asks Keith why he's been so supportive of her, even to the point of doting. Keith tells her that there's something about her he likes and finds fascinating. He remarks that it doesn't hurt that she's incredibly beautiful.

"When you say that, I almost believe it...."

"Believe it..." Keith says, as he kisses her.

Elizabeth finishes her drink and orders another, apologizing for her behavior at the party, especially running out without finding him first. Keith says that he understands and if she'd like to, she can feel safe opening up to him. Elizabeth thanks him for the sentiment but insists that all she wants to do is forget about the Capwells and try to enjoy her evening. Elizabeth looks up and sees the news on television, featuring a quick snippet of high society- CC Capwell talking about his daughter Kelly's return to the company and her new husband.

"Everywhere I go around here it seems one of them is right there, staring me in the face!"

"Welcome to Santa Barbara, land of the Capwells, Elizabeth. They're like bad pennies- one disappears, then two more show up. It's their never-ending family tree that populates half this town......"

"I see what you mean"

"Not to mention your company merged with CC's. Not exactly the best way to go about avoiding the Capwells."

She laughs a frustrated laugh as she realizes that all of this is of her own making. She mentions wishing she could just get away from it all, if only for a view days. Keith tells her that he sees no reason why they can't. He mentions that she must have access to the company jet, which she does.

"But where would we go?" Elizabeth asks.

"Where would we go.....where would we go...." Keith's mind starts spinning and it dawns on him. "VEGAS!"


"Yeah, Vegas. You need a change of luck as much as a change of scenery, Liz. There's no better place for that than Las Vegas..."

She smiles a bit at the idea, looking at him and he stares back at her, excitedly nodding in approval.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

---Pamela stands facing CC in the middle of the room, with Julia and Mason slightly behind her on either side.

"Mason, DO something!" Ted says.

"What do you propose I do, Ted? Physically carry her out of the room?"

"If that's what it takes, then yes" Kelly chimes in

Eden tells Adriana she wants her to go home with Rafe and Samantha. Adriana insists that she wants to stay but Eden will not allow her daughter to be subjected to what she can see is about to happen. She tells her to go and Cruz offers to leave with she and Rafe. Finally, she agrees, but Samantha refuses, saying that Pamela is her grandmother and she'd like to hear whatever it is she has to say.

"All of you, every single one of you were so blind to her. My God, she killed your brother Channing in cold blood."

"That was an accident," Kelly interrupts.

"Some accident. Tell me, do you consider it normal behavior to try to scare an ex-lover with a gun Kelly? Is that what my Jeffrey would have had in store for him had he remained married to you? Pay attention, Ashton, you may learn something."

"That's quite enough. I think it's time you leave!" CC says as he grabs her by the arm. She again pushes away from him.

"I'm not going anywhere, CC, nowhere at all. Why is it that you are so afraid to face the truth, all of you? That woman intentionally stole my husband, my life, and used my persona as a means to do it. She dressed like me, imitated me even, in hopes of winning the love of a man that she couldn't have cared less about at the time. She was cold, calculated, and deliberate with her moves, removing me from my own home and attempting to remove me from my own son's thoughts and heart. And what did she do when she finally won? When she finally had everything she wanted? She carried on her affair with Lionel Lockridge behind all of your backs, and eventually faked her death because of it. I think you of all people should remember that part of your mother's history quite well, don't you Eden?"

"That's exactly what it all is, Pamela, ancient history. Why is it that the rest of us have been able to let it go, but you, for some reason, persist on dredging it all up every chance you get?" Eden fires back.

"Perhaps because she can't forgive all of you for the dismissive way in which you treat her, much in the same way you dismiss everyone who's lives you destroy." Warren throws back.

"That's a part of it, Warren, but it's more than that. I, unlike Eden, Kelly, CC, and Ted, don't just conveniently forget all of the inconvenient truths about Sophia. Lest we forget she was well aware of who she was when she returned with the intention of shooting your father.....er, Lionel. And did she bother to tell anyone in her family, including the husband and son she so callously stole from me? No, she didn't. No she went back into hiding and accepted the convenient lie that her step-son Marcello told her after she SHOT HER OWN SON! And a man went to prison and many were accused, all because of the lies of Sophia Wayne Capwell. But yet, everyone acts as if she's this saint and anyone who speaks against her needs to have their head examined for feeling so negatively about her. You jump at her sister, but have any of you even bothered to find out what your mother did to her? Because I'm sure it doesn't even compare to the minor humiliation of being barred from your husband's company. Hell, I'm living proof of what Sophia was capable of.... The only mistake I made today was trying to give any sort of comfort to you, CC. Because I felt sorry for you. In a moment of weakness, I reverted to the days of our marriage and wanted to help you, make things better for you..."

"HELP? YOU think THIS is being helpful? Going on and on about the sins my wife committed against you so shortly after her death? And at a FAMILY celebration of my daughter's marriage?!? You really are delusional, Pamela, you really are. What you were never able to see or comprehend is the reasons that we all have been able to forgive Sophia: because of the woman she'd become, which is the kind of woman someone like you could only dream of being. She was kind, honest, thoughtful, loving, caring, feeling- and you possess not one of those qualities. Not a single one. Look at you. Look how you're acting here, what you're doing, and what you're saying- this whole scene is really low, Pamela, even for you. Now, Mason, son, I suggest you take your mother and get her out of my site before I do something that I may not regret."

"That's quite alright, Mason, I'll go on my own. It's of no use, anyway, they'll continue to see things with their Capwell blinders, regardless of what I say. One day though, mark my words, one day you'll all realize how right I am about her. And you'll feel as foolish as you look at this very moment. Enjoy your party. Oh and Ashton......Congratulations! This is exactly what you've married into, my dear. Here's to hoping this better prepared you for the agony, deceit, and heartache that is sure to come your way."

The remaining guests- Eden, Kelly, Ashton, CC, Ted, Angela, Julia, Lily, Gina, and Samantha stare as Mason softly and quietly escorts his wailing, upset mother to her suite.

THE END.........................FOR TODAY


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GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it Greg. Keep up the good work. I thought Pamela was so well written here. I love her. I love my Sophia but love Pamela too - especially the way you write her.

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Funny the famous dinner scene should be mentioned. I was just watching it this evening. Pamela never has been a character I liked because of her extremes. I think she was important to the show at various times but I am glad she wasn't part of the day to day show for an extended period of time. Love to see Julia supporting Mason in this dealing with his mother.

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