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Episode 45

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(EXT: London, England- Edmund's Gothic Mansion)

----Sophia is stunned that Edmund cut the phone line. She asks him just what exactly is going on. He apologizes to her, claiming that he's very methodical. He explains that, being both a neurologist and a psychologist, he tends to use both studies in his treatments, this one being no exception.

"I don't understand.....Why would you just yank the phone line out like that, knowing I'm only calling my family?...." she asks him.

"You obviously don't understand. The psychology aspect of it- we're going to be starting hypnosis tonight, as part of the neurological treatments I'm doing to exterminate your aneurism. I need your mind to be at ease, completely open and relaxed. Speaking to members of your family could have a negative impact on that."

"I didn't really think about that....I just wanted to let them know I was okay is all. And besides, I had already gotten CC's Voice Mail when you hung up the phone....."

Edmund explains that he didn't know that but at the same time, he's still glad he was able to hang up the phone before she left the message. She again asks why and he tells her that he won't have CC calling there, every hour of the day to check up on Sophia. He again asks her if she really wants to recover and she says she does.

"If that's true, then you will follow my instructions to the letter, from here on out. I'd like to begin hypnosis in a few minutes. Are you ready?"

"Yes.....Yes of course I am. I've told you I'll do anything to get better and be with my family. Whenever you'd like to begin....I'll be ready."

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

----CC takes Elizabeth in what he believes to be a private room. Unfortunately for him, Keith and Gina follow he & Elizabeth and are listening in an adjoined room.

"Gina, so help me, if you don't stay QUIET for this......"

"Honestly Keith, I don't know what you expect to hear."

"Shhh. Can it."

CC stares Elizabeth down, saying that the mere site of her makes him sick to his stomach.

"CC, what on Earth has gotten...."

"Save it. I invited you here tonight because I wanted my children to get to know you better, perhaps get a different perspective. After all of the rotten things you did to their mother, I still thought they may accept you. Why? WHY would I even want you in my life? But now, NOW you've betrayed my confidence and blabbed to Timmons about my amending the will so that Channing IV will inherit the company?"

"CC, I did no such thing, I don't know how he...."

"STOP. You stop right there. I'm through listening to your lies. You know, years ago, you were like a diamond in the rough. So caring, quiet, gentle, and unappreciated. It was easy for me to care for you, turn to you in what was such a confusing time. I saw what your father was doing to you and your envy of Sophia. But I never imagined that envy would turn to such hatred. My God, you haven't spoken to her in almost 40 years and you suddenly decide to save MY company.......but only if you could make your sister feel like the outsider? And I gave in to your demands- I allowed you to do it because I understood where you were coming from and frankly, things like the business aren't important to Sophia. But now, there's nothing I regret more. You are a sick, vile, sociopathic woman. THIS? This is how you've lived your life? My God, I certainly stayed with the right sister. Sophia would never treat you so disgustingly, especially for things that happened so long ago...."

Keith and Gina continue listening in. Gina admits that it's "getting good" and Keith motions for her to be quiet, as they hear Elizabeth begin to speak.

"That's what you think? Oh you picked the right sister alright, CC- as far as I'm concerned, the two of you deserve each other. You think I'm sick? Sociopathic? A Liar? You take a real good look in the mirror my friend. And while you're at it, you could look through some photographs of your dead wife for another example."

"Don't you ever, EVER talk about my wife that way...."

"You won't tell me how I can and can not talk about my own sister or anything for that matter. You gave up those rights years ago."

"And I'm glad I did. Listening to you right now makes me wonder what I ever saw in you in the first place...."

"Funny, I'm wondering the same thing- what I ever could have seen in someone so blind. I can't believe I didn't see that before......I guess I did in a way. Otherwise, you may have figured out that I was carrying your child....."

(EXT: Edmund's Castle)

---Edmund has Sophia lay on the couch and asks her to completely relax. Forget about her worries, the aneurism, the phone call, anything that may be on her mind. He tells her that he's going to count down from 10 and when he gets to 1, he will snap his fingers, sending her to a state of tranquility. He asks if she's ready and she says she's ready as she'll ever be.....


He snaps his fingers and Sophia's face immediately stays in a fixed position. A smile comes over his face.

"Your name was Lorretta Mathis, born in 1931 to Doris and Francis Mathis in Sacramento, California. You had one younger brother, Andrew, born two years later. You grew up........"

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel, private room)

Gina and Keith continue to listen in from the other room as CC replies to Elizabeth's revelation.

"What did you say? What is this- more of your lies?"

"I only wish it were. No, CC, this is the disgusting, hideous truth. Yes, yes, I was pregnant. With your child. At the ripe age of 17, can you imagine that? I didn't want anyone to know at the time....I wasn't even sure myself. Sophia had already found us together and knew of our affair. And she did what Sophia always did when I did something she didn't like- she went to our father about it. I'll never forget it......He came into my room late at night and shook me awake. He slapped me across my face and called me a slut for sleeping with my sister's fiance. I couldn't believe my ears. He told me that I wasn't going to be seeing you ever again and not only that, but he'd be watching my every move. He had such rage in his eyes- that look he always got in his eye when he was going to explode. I was so afraid of him. I knew that I was pregnant and I didn't want him to find out.....but I'd be showing in a matter of months. I had to get out of there- I wasn't about to let him do anything to hurt my baby. But the next day, he took me to the doctor's office, for a check-up. He said.......(she chokes up)........he said he wanted to have me checked out for diseases, since I'd been carrying on like.....like.........a prostitute. I knew, I knew he was going to find out and I begged the doctor to keep my confidence. But I was a minor and he told me he had an obligation to inform my father. So instead, I told him. And he hit the roof......."

"Why wouldn't you have told me?"

"I hadn't found the right time. You were still engaged to her and even though I knew you had feelings for me, I didn't want to use our child to manipulate you. But after my father found out, he wouldn't let me. I was scared to death of him. He didn't even want Sophia to find out but she heard us arguing one night and overheard everything. He told her not to worry- that he'd take care of everything. She said she didn't see how it was possible, since once you found out, you might leave her and her own child. Either way, it would be all in the newspapers and there would be such a scandal. He told her again, not to worry- that he knew someone and had a plan. I wasn't sure what he meant but I knew it wasn't good. I was going to leave the following night- you, Sophia, my father.....all of you, so I could be on my own with my child. But that never came to pass. My father and Sophia woke me late that night and drove me to my father's friend's house. I remember I was so cold, frightened. I didn't know where we were going and I didn't dare ask......and when we got there, and I saw the hospital bed, I knew, I knew what they were going to do to me...."

"My God."

"I begged them, Both of them. Sophia and my father, even the doctor. Please. PLEASE! Don't kill my baby......Please don't kill my baby. I held on to my stomach so tight and sobbed, begging them. Your precious Sophia ignored my pleas and instead, waited in the car while they did it. No hospital. No anesthesia. Just a fire to sterilize the knife and wire hanger, the bed and this man, mutilating my body and my child as I sobbed. I remember he had this bear, this teddy bear in the room and I just held it tight, and sobbed. The next day, I ended up being rushed to the hospital because of the infection. That's when I was told that my uterus was severely damaged during the procedure and I wouldn't be able to have children. Because of HER! All because of HER and My Father's obsession with her. That's what she did to me. So the next time you want to call me sick. Or vile. Or sociopathic, you just think about that, about having to deal with all of that at the age of 17, not having anyone to talk to about it. Not feeling safe. You just THINK about it...."

Elizabeth flings the door open and runs out the back door, crying and holding her dress together. Before Gina can stop him, Keith goes running after. CC sits down at the desk, shocked by everything he's heard. Kelly walks in and asks him if everything's alright, and that everyone is wondering where he is. CC tells her he's fine and that he'll be back in a minute. Kelly asks where Elizabeth is and CC tells her she left. He asks Kelly if she'd leave him to be by himself for a minute, before he comes back. Kelly agrees and kisses him on the cheek, making sure he's definitely okay. She leaves and CC takes out his cell phone, looking at the missed call. He realizes that it was an international call from England and wonders who would be calling him from there.....

(EXT: Edmund's Castle)

---- "When I count back from 10, you will go into a deep sleep, to prepare your mind for tomorrow's procedure.. Everything you've learned you will remember as your own memories, as things that happened in your own life, as Loretta Mathis. 10....9....8....7......6.....5......4.....3.....2........1...... " He snaps and she immediately goes to sleep. He smiles his sinister smile. He hears the phone ringing and goes to pick it up.....


CC is stunned when he hears the voice on the other end, flashing to Edmund & Loretta.


"Lavery. What the hell are you calling me for?"

"CC! So nice to hear from you too.......actually, I heard that you were throwing a party in honor of the marriage of my son to your daughter and I thought I'd call to check on how things are going...."

"How did you.....nevermind. So help me God, Edmund, if your son does one thing to hurt my daughter, I'll....."

"You'll what CC? Have him killed? Make him so miserable he no longer wants to live and takes his own life? I think you've done quite enough to my son, thank you very much. Besides, he's told me he's very much in love with your daughter and asked for my approval...."

"And you GAVE it?"

"Sure- he's old enough to make his own decisions and know what he wants for himself. Unlike you CC, I don't try to control the people that I love and everything around me. In any event, it's been so nice talking to you and please, let's not make it a habit shall we?"

Edmund hangs up the phone on him and looks at Sophia and smiles.

"Everything is going to be right now. Everything will be as it should and this time, the Lavery men are going to have everything they deserve....."

THE END.....................for today!!!

If you guys want to chat about today's episode, I'll be in the chat room for the next 1/2 hr to an hour. If you come in, give me a minute to respond- b/c if there's nobody else in there, I'm probably doing other stuff & periodically checking it!!!!! LINK: http://www.freewebs.com/ccandsophia/

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Brilliant work. CC has his nerve. I hate his guts. He shouldn't have the right to mourn Sophia. He didn't give a damn about all the times he cheated on her.

Edmund is just creepy. I don't know how our heroine will escapethis, but I'll keep reading everyu day to find out.

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"When you were younger, you were like a diamond in the rough...so caring" :lol:

That's caring alright, SLEEPING with your sister's fiance!

Kinda makes you want to be an only child, doesn't it!!! <_<

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Brilliant work. CC has his nerve. I hate his guts. He shouldn't have the right to mourn Sophia. He didn't give a damn about all the times he cheated on her.

I am beginning to agree with you....well at least some of it.

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