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Episode 33




(EXT: Santa Barbara Medical Center)

----The Capwells, Lockridges, and Andrades stand mystified by what they've just heard. CC asks if there's anything that can be done and Ben informs him that according to the readings, there is no brain activity. He informs the family that only the machines are keeping her alive.

"Then you're saying she is alive?"

"Technically, she is, but as I said, there is no brain activity. She will never wake up and will remain forever in the state that she is in now. Without the machines keeping her alive, her body would immediately shut down. I'm so sorry. But there isn't any hope...."

"I want a specialist- another opinion. This is my wife we're talking about, damnit!!"

"CC," Mary consoles, "You could bring in an entire team of specialists and we could keep her body running for days or even weeks on end. They'll tell you the same thing. I told you I'd be right there with her and I have been......we've done everything we can do......there is nothing else left. I'm so sorry." Mary begins to tear up. "I loved her too. I was her nurse once you know. I wouldn't be saying this if it weren't the truth...."

CC looks at Mary and then looks over at his & Sophia's three devastated children. He looks directly into Eden's eyes as she continues to cry, but nods with her approval. Finally, his voice cracking, CC is able to get back up the gumption to speak.

"Can we see her? I'd like to be with her when they disconnect them.....and I think my family would like a chance to say good-bye...."

"Sure. Of course- I have no problem with that. Take all the time you need."

----Augusta tells Lionel that she thinks they should give the family space to grieve. Laken and Warren agree with their mother, and say their good-byes to their respective loved ones. They head downstairs with Augusta starting to follow when she turns around to see Lionel hasn't moved. She heads back toward him.

"Lionel, please, the Capwells may not be my favorite people in the world but their wife & mother is dead. We shouldn't be here any longer...."

Lionel ignores her and approaches CC.

"CC, would it be already if I had a minute with her? Before the family starts going in there..."

CC looks at his long-time rival, seeing the devastation and loss in his eyes. "Alright, Lionel, go ahead. Don't be in long though..."

"A couple of minutes, CC, a couple of minutes...."

Lionel walks away toward the room, leaving Augusta alone. Julia approaches her sister and hugs her.

"Julia, I'm so sorry. I really am. I shouldn't be here though. Tell CC.....tell.....just tell him I'm so sorry for his loss..."

Julia bids her sister good-bye and turns around to see Mary now sitting next to Mason, consoling him. Eden sees Julia watching them and approaches her. The two women look at each other and Julia begins to cry, overwhelmed by all the emotions filling her at once. Eden sees this and starts breaking up herself, as the two women hug.

----Santana sees Rosa, sitting down and saying her rosary. Santana sits down next to her and takes her mother's hand in hers.

"I should have done something!" Rosa says to her daughter

"What could you have done? You didn't have any idea..."

"But I did mija. Sophia confided in me about it. She didn't want the rest of the family to know or to worry about her. She was actually planning on doing some experimental treatment to try and beat it. I advised against it but looking back now, I wish I hadn't- I'd do anything to have Sophia still be here with us. Poor CC. He didn't even know- there are probably many things he would have done differently these past months had he known....."

"None of that is your fault mama- Sophia chose not to tell them, you were respecting her wishes."

Rosa has trouble seeing it that way, saying that she'd be livid with anyone if they'd helped Ruben keep a secret like that from her. It dawns on Santana that Sophia's dying is reminding Rosa of when her own husband passed away. Santana hugs her mother and tells her that Sophia wouldn't want her beating herself up over it.

---Lionel enters Sophia's room, seeing her laying there, completely helpless and motionless. Lionel breaks down and says that he can't stand seeing her like this. He tells her that he's never loved another woman the way he loved her and that there will always be a piece of his heart that is hers alone. He tearfully recounts the mistakes they'd made over the years and the life-long friendship that their affair blossomed into. He says that he wouldn't have traded his times with her for anything and that the world will be worse off without her presence. He wishes her good-bye, kissing her forehead, telling her he hopes to see her in the next life.

Lionel leaves and Mason comes in with Julia. Mason tells Sophia that she is good and so undeserving of what life has dealt her. He remarks that only the good die young, mentioning it being unfair that someone as scummy as himself is sure to live a life as too long as hers is too short. Mason says that he looked at her like a mother and even though he still has Pamela, he'll still feels like he's losing his mother today. He breaks down into sobs and Julia tenderly takes his hand. With their hands together, she guides him over to Sophia's hand. Julia kisses her fingers and places them on Sophia's lips, quietly offering a tender good-bye.

They leave and Rosa walks in, immediately taking Sophia's hand while sitting next to the bed. She tells her that she was only always more than an employer to her- she was a friend. She says she looked up to her as a woman with morals and values and kindness, and felt that though she herself was poor and Sophia was rich, that Sophia was deserving of everything she had in life and more. Rosa tearfully wishes her friend good-bye, kissing her on the cheek, and telling her to take good care of Ruben and Channing up in Heaven.

Rosa exits as Ted & Angela walk in. Ted is unable to even speak when he sees his mother lying there in that state. He immediately breaks down into sobs, not even able to utter the word "mom." Angela holds her husband as he breaks down even further.

"I can't do this....I'm sorry, I can't do it....." he sobs to his family as he's exiting, with Angela at his side. The family looks at him, getting even further upset.

Kelly, Cruz, and Eden enter her room next. Kelly approaches the bed first.

"Mama.....it's me....Kelly. Your baby girl, your little trouble maker. I remember when I was a little girl, Eden used to be able to do things that I wasn't allowed to do, like wear make-up, or stay out late, or date boys. I remember one day I was so upset with you because Eden got to stay up late one night and I had to go to bed. I complained and whined to you that Eden got to do everything first just because she's older. And you asked me why I wanted to grow up so fast? And you told me that being older wasn't all it was cracked up to me.........Oh mama, I don't know what I'll do without you, without your strength and your wisdom...I...oh..."

Eden takes her sister's hand and comforts her, crying herself. Cruz steps up to Sophia's bedside as Kelly and Eden stand watching him, holding each other's arm around the other.

"Mrs. C- you're a good lady, always good to me. You've kept Mr C in line the whole time I've known ya and that's no easy task. You've shown me nothing but love and acceptance since making me a part of your family and I look at you and Mr. C as my second parents." Cruz wipes his nose, fighting back his tears. "You don't deserve this, not yet- you got so much more life left in ya............"

Eden looks at her husband as a tear rolls down his face. She walks up to him and and rubs his shoulders as he leans over her mother's side. Eden walks in front of him and brushes her mother's hair back from her face.

"Mama....We haven't had the easiest mother/daughter relationship or the most normal for that matter......but I wouldn't want to call anyone other than you mother. The strength, courage, and values you've instilled in all of your children will continue to stick with us for the rest of our lives. You will live on through each one of us- Ted got your sweetness and kindness, Kelly, your looks and charm. And myself.....I've always seen a lot of myself in you and vice versa, though I didn't necessarily want to at one time in my life. But we've grown so much and through at all, your love for me was always unconditional, even when I placed conditions on my love for you. I hope......(she begins to break up).....I can only hope that I've raise my daughter, Adriana Sophia, to be half the woman that she was named after. I love you mama" She bends down, kissing her mother on the cheek.

CC walks in and the three exit, giving him time alone with his wife. After they leave, CC takes a good look at his wife and begins to weep.

"You were the love of my life, the light in my day. How can you do this to me? How can you expect me to go on living without you? I need you, by my side, telling me what a fool I'm acting like or making me appreciate the things around me, like my family, my wife......I've spent most of my life married to you and all of it worth remembering in love with you. You are the most beautiful, graceful, elegant woman to ever grace this forsaken world with your presence. The world will lose an angel today and Heaven will gain one. I know you'll be forever with me and watching over me and your children.....but you know me.....I'm selfish and greedy and I want you here. I'd give anything to have that. I should be the one in that bed, damnit, it should be me. Oh God, not Sophia, not my wife, my beautiful Sophia......."

He bends down and tenderly presses his lips on hers, the tears from his cheek falling onto Sophia's stilled, motionless face. Ben walks into the room. CC comes up from kissing his wife and looks at the doctor.

"Are you ready?" Ben asks him.

"To let go? I'll never be ready....."

"I can understand that CC.....if you'd like some more time with her, by all means.....'

"No. I don't want her suffering any more than she has to. It's time." CC kisses his wife's forehead and takes her hand, sitting beside her. Kelly, Cruz, Eden, Julia, and Mason all come back in the room. CC asks where Ted is and they tell him he went home, that he couldn't bear it anymore. Mary comes in the room, and gives the family a look. CC nods his approval as they begin unplugging the machines...........


Mary unplugs the first machine, as CC clutches Sophia's hand, the family tearfully watching............


Ben continues and takes out Sophia's IV.


Mary finally unplugs the respirator. CC quietly whispers "Good-bye my love.......I'll always love you......"


The heart monitor goes silent, the line flat. The camera pans around the room, passing by the anguished faces of Kelly, Mason, Julia, Cruz, and Eden, before settling on CC & Sophia, Sophia lying in the hospital bed, lifeless, with CC's sitting next to her, holding her hand to his face.......crying for his lost love.....

THE END....................for today


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I am crying!!! How could you do that? How could you kill her? When you said that things would go better I meant that they keep her in alive with mashines. But now?

How could you do that with that family? How could you do that with us???

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OK, Junior, I calmed down. :)

It was the most beautiful and saddest episode you have written. You know I am Sophia's fan and it was too hard for me...

I want to congratulate. Well done.

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All this episode was missing was a montage set to a sad song!!! I could just picture CC thinking of all the memories that they shared together throughout the years. Great writing!!! Keep up the good work!! :D

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Heartbreaking!!No words!! :(

I have to say it´s been too sad but I loved CC´s words to Sophia and Lionel´s too!!

I think I´m going to spend my whole weekend reading!! :)

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