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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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-Bo continues to be followed by a mysterious person, this person watches as Bo visits Zack’s grave.

-Victor continues to comfort Caroline, while Steve looks at Victor with anger and hate.

-Rex tries to go see what is wrong with Mimi, but Cassie walks in and stops him, she tells him she does not need him, and that he should just back off for now. Meanwhile as Mimi calls Bonnie and tells her to meet her at the loft now, her conscience, who is “Jan”, taunts her saying that her secret is going to come out soon, and Shawn will hate her forever, and run straight back to Belle.

-Frankie is about to leave town on an air plane, but he gets a phone call from Caroline, saying Shawn Sr. has collapsed at the hospital. Frankie quickly gets off the plane… and runs into Greta Von Amburg!

-Belle is just entering the loft when she runs into Shawn (Brandon Beemer), Shawn asks where Philip is, and Belle tells him Philip is off on a trip for Victor, she hears Claire crying and goes into her apartment where the babysitter is, Belle says the babysitter can go so she does, then Shawn helps her as she tries to stop Claire from crying. They start to all bond.

-Kimberly decides to take a walk, she leaves the hospital and as she walks around Salem she remembers her times with Shane.

-Marlena seems confused about what is going on, but nonetheless she has a good reunion with Brady and Chloe. As they talk about what has been going on in each other’s lives and they introduce Marlena to their new daughter, Sam sneaks out of Marlena’s penthouse.

-Jennifer and Jack inform Abby of their plans to go to London, they ask if Abby would like to come, but as they suspected Abby refuses. They finalize they’re plans to leave Salem and get ready to inform their family of it. Lilly watches them from the window and says “Excellent, Abby doesn’t remember a thing about what happened in the secret room, so now on one knows my secret.” and then Lilly leaves.

-Jan tells Nicole about her new plan. The plan is Jan will disguise herself as a simple woman who wants to be Shawn and Mimi’s surrogant, she will make sure she gets the job and no one else, after that, she will make everyone think (still posing as the surrogant) she has been implanted with Shawn and Mimi’s child, while really, she has implanted with Shawn’s sperm and HER egg! She says she will switch Mimi’s egg with hers right before the process, therefore implanting her with Shawn’s sperm! Nicole says it will never work, but Jan assures her it will and then Nicole just shrugs it off and they get started on designing Jan’s new disguise!

-Lexie continues to try to stabilize Shawn Sr., but to no avail. After a while of trying to revive him, Lexie tells the other nurses and doctors that they have him on life support right now, but that is the only thing keeping hi alive and that he has lost too much blood. She tells them she is going to inform Caroline of this, and give her the choice of keeping Shawn Sr. on life support or pulling the plug.

-Lucas asks Carrie what she is talking about, Carrie is suddenly silent and Austin stands there, on the inside hoping that Carrie will say she still loves him. Carrie tells Lucas it was just the slip of the tounge, but Lucas does not buy it, and asks her if she still loves Austin.

-Billie begins to think no one is coming to the warehouse and that she is tricked, but she hears a mechanical voice saying “I am hear Billie, now are you ready to find out who attacked your daughter?” Billie says she is ready, and then the Mysterious Woman sneaks up behind her with a rock in her hand, Billie hears her and turns around instantly, but before she can see who is behind her the Mysterious Woman knocks her unconscious by hitting her on the head with the rock!

-Max and Erin continue to get to know each other and bond a little, Lilly walks up to the window and is shocked to see what is happening! She thinks Max is flirting with Erin and is about to bust in but Sam all of a sudden appears from behind Lilly and asks “Are you alright?” Lilly is startled and looks at Sam suspiciously.

-Bo says to Zack’s grave to please help guide Hope back to him, because they belong together. He gets up and leaves Zack’s grave. The person who is watching him from a bush says in a woman’s voice “After I am done with you Bo, you won’t think Hope and you belong together anymore.” The camera zooms up to the woman’s face to reveal THIS PERSON!


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