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About this blog

Follow the lives of the residents of Salem. This blog begins with events following the February 14, 2014 episode of the TV series, taking it on a new course based on events prior to that date.


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Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Jordan and Rafe walk through Town Square together, hand in hand. They joke and flirt with each other casually, both smiling widely.

RAFE: ...And so then Gabi runs to Ma and just screams her full head of "Dario threw his waffles at me"

JORDAN: (laughing) God, it might be so nice to have a big family that's that close. You have so many awesome memories together.

RAFE: Yeah, I just...I wish we all lived closer together. And I really miss my sister, Ari.

JORDAN: Arianna? That's who Baby Arianna Grace is named after, right?

RAFE: Yeah, that's her.

Rafe gets a bit choked up at the thought of his sister, before changing his tone and trying to change the subject.

RAFE: Enough about my family though. You keep not telling me about your family, and I'm just dying to know about them!

Jordan sighs, nervous about attempting to navigate out of this minefield.


Sonny and Will stand in the kitchenette of their apartment. They're quietly discussing the matter of Sami's mental state, hoping she won't hear them from the other end of the room. Gabi tries to stay out of it and stays in her bedroom, keeping one eye out the door. She grabs her phone upon hearing the text tone. it's from Nick.

hey whats up?

Gabi is reluctant to respond, concerned that giving out the information might invade Sami's privacy. She thinks a moment before responding:

just having a talk with the boys. nothing crazy

Gabi feels awkward and wishes she felt comfortable being more open with Nick, but she resists.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Sonny continues to try to convince Will that calling Marlena is the right call.

SONNY: Will, I really think calling Marlena is a good idea. Besides, Sami might need her mom right now.

WILL: I just...I don't know. They have such a...tricky history, especially when it comes to EJ. You don't know my grandmother's history, there's a lot she doesn't talk about.

SONNY: Should I...look, I know, it's none of my business. But I think that it's the best call you can make right now. And I think Sami needs it.

Sami breaks out of her near-trance state and turns around. She stands up after hearing Sonny say her name and walks over to him and Will.

SAMI: What? What do I need?




The elevator door opens to Theresa's floor. Brady and Theresa are in each other's arms as Theresa goes to step out. Both look a bit...wired. Brady doesn't want to let go.

BRADY: Come on. Let's just...hang out a little longer.

THERESA: (giggling) Nope! I can't, and you especially can't. You got a big day tomorrow, Boy!

BRADY: Boy? Did you just call me "boy".

THERESA: What, you're too matuuuure for that now?

BRADY: I dunno about that. Come on, just five more minutes.

Theresa pulls away from Brady.

THERESA: No no! I gotta go, and so do you. Night!

Theresa waves cutely to Brady as the door to the elevator shuts. Theresa turns around and jumps back slightly when at her door, leaning on the doorframe is Kim.

THERESA: What are you doing?


Sami stands with her hands on her hips, waiting for Sonny's answer, which he hesitates to give.

SONNY: Uh...Sami! Look, I just think you should talk with--

SAMI: With my mom? So she can tell me all about how wrong EJ is for me? How he's destroyed my life because his family is the worst thing to ever happen in Salem since the witch trials? So she can make me feel about an inch tall for every decision I've made in my life since birth?

SONNY: Look, I'm sorry. But I think Marlena could be a lot more sympathetic than you think. I mean, she--

SAMI: She's a shrink. Right? That's what you were gonna say? Sonny I--

WILL: He's just trying to help, Mom. Just...he doesn't think you're crazy. You just...you went through something major and he just wants to help.

Sami untenses and backs off from Sonny as Will talks her down.

WILL: Look, I think, just...stay here on the couch tonight with us, and maybe go talk to Grandma tomorrow morning and we'll see...maybe she can help you find a way to maybe...process the memories you've unlocked.

SAMI: Thanks, Will. (sigh) I don't...I don't know if I can open up to her about this but...I'll try.

Will pulls her in for a hug, Sami struggles to accept it, feeling slightly tense with a claustrophobic air, but does reciprocate in the end.


Jordan stutters and huffs at Rafe request. Rafe's a bit exasperated by Jordan's reluctance.

RAFE: Well, come on! Talk to me! I mean...you're like...one big question mark to me still. You know?

JORDAN: (sighing) I know, I just...I didn't have a happy time growing up and I just...it makes me want to hear about your family, and what it's like to come from a home like yours. You know...the ideal family.

Jordan looks away, a little down, Rafe steps towards her and turns her around gently.

RAFE: Hey, now. My family wasn't all perfection and bliss. I mean...my mom had us later in life. She was afraid to have kids at all until she was well into her 30s.


RAFE: Well...

Rafe and Jordan sit down by Tom & Alice's tree. Rafe takes Jordan's hand affectionately in his.

RAFE: She had this...sorta fear in her after her first child.

JORDAN: So you have an older brother?

RAFE: Had. (sigh) Ma lost her first child shortly after she gave birth. She was really young at the time and she was an unwed mother so...she had the child at a home for unwed mothers. Real old school Catholic home run by a group of really strict nuns. Anyway, when Ma gave birth, they took the baby from her and she was told not long after that the baby had died before they were able to adopt him.

JORDAN: My God! How did she...how did she even--

RAFE: I dunno. She never got to hold him. Nothing.

Rafe looks down, solemnly thinking of his mom.

RAFE: Thing is, it just...it hurt her so much that she spent years trying to move on. Her first love abandoned her, shamed her so badly my family had to move out of their village. And they came here to Salem. Took her years to find the confidence to even look at another guy. When she married my pa, she finally was able to have another chance to have a baby. And then came me, then Ari, then Dario, then Gabi...

JORDAN: (laughs) Sounds like your mom's a real trooper.

RAFE: Yeah, well...you know...I helped a lot too. It's hard for her now. She's sort of...hidden herself away since pa left her. She never gained that confidence back.

Jordan squeezes Rafe's hand and rests her head on his shoulder.

JORDAN: I'm sorry to hear that. I know you love your mom a lot.

RAFE: Yeah. I would love to see her more often but...

JORDAN: Why don't you? I'm sure she'd love to have you.

RAFE: Ahh, we'll find time soon. You and I will go together. Maybe surprise her.

JORDAN: Sounds great.

Rafe and Jordan kiss sweetly, as they stare up at the night sky together.


EJ tries to calm an incensed Abigail down.

EJ: Abigail, I wouldn't think you'd turn to Sami in a million years, but you have to understand something.

ABBY: What, EJ?

EJ: Look, telling Nicholas Fallon about anything in this situation is tantamount to telling it to Samantha. You cannot confide in him.

ABBY: Why not, EJ? What makes you think you know Nick so well that you can tell me what he's thinking or what he's planning?

EJ: It's simply because I mistrust his motives. After what he did to Will and Sonny, I will not give him the slightest ammunition to use against the people I love. Do you understand that? I mean...for God's sake, Abigail. If he's willing to throw one cousin under the bus, he's just as capable of doing it to another.

ABBY: Okay, EJ. I get it. I know you're trying to protect me, and I appreciate it. But I will decide how I handle this, okay? And no, i will not tell Nick. But that's for my own reasons. Not to protect you.

EJ: (sighs) Just...be careful, alright?

ABBY: I will. And thank you for your concern.

Abigail turns to leave, EJ stops her yet again.

EJ: Abigail. Before you go. I want you to know that you will find work again. I'm sorry you had this little...disagreement with someone at work. Just know that if you need someone to put in a good word for you...you can count on me.

ABBY: Thanks, EJ. But that won't be neccessary. Good night.

Abigail turns toward the stairway and strides off into the night.


Kim smiles awkwardly at her daughter as they stand in the hallway together.

KIM: I was just coming to say hello. Is that a proble--

THERESA: Yes, it's a major problem, seeing as I told you not even five hours ago that I didn't want you coming for unannounced visits.

KIM: Theresa, why are you so angry at me?

THERESA: Mom, you know why. Okay? Don't even start with me about why I'm angry at you. You want me in jail, and so does dad, and I just...I can't deal with this right now, okay? Just...back off.

Theresa tries to get away as quickly as possible, and scrapes around in her purse, trying to find her keys to get inside and away from Kim.

KIM: Theresa, enough. And for God's sake, what were you doing with Brady? I mean...you know he's not in the best shape lately. You're not helping your case by going out with him--

THERESA: Oh my God, Mother! Back. Off. I can handle myself. Okay? I'm happy with Brady.

KIM: Oh God, you're not seeing him, are you?

THERESA: You know what, that's none of your business.

Theresa pulls her keys from her purse and turns around quickly to unlock her door. She drops something from her purse without noticing and steps inside.

THERESA: Now, I'm going to bed, okay? Goodnight.

Theresa slams the door shut in Kim's face, and locks herself inside her apartment. Breathing a sigh of relief.

Outside, Kim picks up the baggie of cocaine that Theresa dropped from her bag. She holds it up, a look of deep concern painted across her face.






Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Abby looks confused at Nick, as they sit next to each other on the bench at the pier.

ABBY: What? Nick, what do you mean by that?

NICK: I just have a feeling, that's all. Abby, you've had so many crappy things go down this past year...it's not fair. You're due for some good news.

ABBY: I would definitely agree with that. You know, Nick. I'm really glad to have someone to talk to. I mean...it's really hard keeping everything to myself sometimes, you know?

NICK: I know exactly what you mean. It's nice to have someone you can turn to. Just remember that. I'm always here for you. You're my family.

Nick takes Abby's hand and squeezes it gently. He gets up from the bench, ready to head off into the night. Abby looks up at him and smiles.

ABBY: Thanks, Nick. Appreciate it.

NICK: I'll see you later?

ABBY: You bet. And thanks. I really appreciate everything you've done.

NICK: Don't mention it.

Nick lets go of Abby's hand and sets off into the night.As he leaves, Abby watches him take off, while behind her, the shadows reveal that EJ's been observing their conversation from behind Abby, out of her line of vision.


At Chez Rouge, Theresa and Brady kiss at their table, only to be interrupted by Jennifer's disapproving voice.

JENNIFER: Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me.

Brady looks over at Jennifer in shock. Theresa responds by smiling smugly.




Theresa smiles her smug smile as she sits back in her seat, looking up at a disapproving Jennifer.

THERESA: Jennifer! What a nice surprise to see you lurking about this evening.

JENNIFER: Can it, Terry.

THERESA: Ugh, can we just stick with 'Theresa', Jenny.

JENNIFER: After you, Terry.

Theresa grimaces at the masculinization of her name, while Jenn looks over to Brady in disbelief.

JENNIFER: Really? I mean, you think this is a step UP from Kristen?

Brady holds up his hand to stop her.

BRADY: Okay, Jennifer, I really didn't want to hear Kristen's name tonight, okay? I just came here, with my date, and we came to have a nice, carefree evening. Now is okay with you?

JENNIFER: Not really!

BRADY: Really? Oh, and why not?

JENNIFER: Because, Brady. This wo...this GIRL tried to destroy my son's life to get back at me because I didn't put up with her nonsense on the job. She's petty, she's spiteful, sh--

THERESA: ...She flies around on a old broom in a pointy hat, etcetra, etcetra, etcetra. Seriously, Jenny, can you just save the tired character assassinations for ONE night and just leave me alone?

Jennifer leans in closely and squares in intensely on Theresa.

JENNIFER: No. I will not. And you wanna know why?

Theresa gives a defiant look back at her.

THERESA: Why's that?

JENNIFER: Because Brady's my friend. And I'm looking out for him. And the last thing I'm going to allow you to do is hurt him any more than he already has--

Brady pulls an escalating, and clearly agitated Jennifer away from Theresa.

BRADY: Woh, woh, woh, woh! Jenn. With all due respect, I am the only person who needs to concern myself with that. And trust me. I will be fine, okay? So let me and Theresa just...enjoy our evening, and you enjoy yours.

Brady gets up from his seat, and takes Theresa's hand, pulling her chair out so they may leave for the bar together.

THERESA: Yes, please. I would think you need to do something to make you feel better after the day you've had. You know how word gets around at the hospital.

Theresa winks at Jenn as Brady helps put Theresa's jacket on.

THERESA: See ya, Jenny!

Jennifer looks on in disbelief, shaking her head as Brady and Theresa head off for the evening.

Sheryl looks over from her table and catches a glimpse of Jordan and Rafe in their corner table.

SHERYL: Oh! Wow! It's Rafe and Jordan. You wouldn't mind if I just...popped over to say 'hi' for a sec, no?

LUCAS: No! In fact, I should probably pop over myself. Rafe owes me a few bucks for that bet we made.

Sheryl laughs as she gets up from the table.

SHERYL: Well, I'll be just a second. Us girls have a couple things to talk about on our own, but I'll be fast. Okay?

LUCAS: Sounds good. I'll be here.

Sheryl heads over to Jordan and Rafe's table. Upon arriving, Jordan looks displeased to see her for a second, spotting a very suspect look in Sheryl's eye that she recognizes immediately. Something's up.

JORDAN: Hey...Sheryl. I didn't realize you were here! How...nice to see you.

SHERYL: You too, both of you!

RAFE: Yeah, it's a nice surprise. You here with Lucas?

SHERYL: I am. He says he wants to pop by to say hi in a moment.

Rafe shuffles in his seat uncomfortably at that comment.

RAFE: I think I know why. (to Jordan) Hide me. He's after my money.

Jordan and Sheryl laugh.

SHERYL: I'll make sure he goes easy on you. Anyway, Jordan. I was hoping you had a minute so we could talk for a sec. I had something to tell you.

JORDAN: Oh! How...great! Okay. I'll be there in a sec--


Sheryl emphasizes through gritted teeth. Jordan furrows her brow and looks up at Sheryl, trying to maintain a cool and calm exterior for Rafe.

JORDAN: Heh. Alright. Rafe, if you'll excuse me.

Jordan gets up from her seat, and Sheryl grabs her by the wrist and pulls her off to the ladies room. Once inside, Sheryl turns Jordan around abruptly to talk to her.

JORDAN: OW! You know you're not good at this whole "subtle" business, eh?

SHERYL: I'm trying. But it's really difficult when I can barely get you to communicate with me.

JORDAN: Look, I'm sorry. I just...I've got a lot of things on my mind. How's...how's things with Lucas.

SHERYL: Good for now. He seems to be fine. I think this afternoon was just him in a bad mood. But we can't take any chances. Especially with that press conference coming up tomorrow. We need to be there and hopfeully we'll figure out what exaclty EnerNext's next move is.

JORDAN: Well, if it involves Titan, then we need to be really careful how we proceed. Especially you, since you're working for the company.

SHERYL: Tell me about it. Look, I think once the press conference happens, we'll be able to figure out what information we need to stop this project dead in its tracks.

JORDAN: Agreed. In the meantime, we just need to wait, and try to keep Kate Roberts from sticking her nose in any further.


Will comforts Sami on the sofa of his apartment. Sami is visibly upset by the recollections of her past with EJ that have come back to haunt her psyche. Sami is held close by Will, who looks to Sonny for guidance, unsure how to deal with the gravity of his mother's breakdown.

WILL: Could you pass me the water, Sonny?

SONNY: Sure.

Gabi looks on from the bedroom, very concerned about Sami's state. She has overheard the conversation, but doesn't understand the context of it. She holds her baby tightly, thinking of how great the bond between mother and child is. A momentary smile crosses her face, before she thinks again of Sami's suffering.

Sami, meanwhile, sips on the glass of water, catching her breath finally after nearing a panic attack earlier. Will pulls her from his side and looks at her.

WILL: Did you want me to make some tea or something?

SAMI: (quietly) That'd be nice.

Will slowly gets up from the couch as Sami is preoccupied with the drink of water. Sami stops momentarily and looks over to Will.

SAMI: Oh, and Will?

Will stops in his tracks and turns around.

WILL: Yeah, Mom?

SAMI: Thanks. I'm glad I can count on you.

A slight smile crosses Will's face.

WILL: Anytime, Mom.

Will steps over to where Sonny is, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the corner.

WILL: Do you know what I can do? I think...I'm pretty sure my mom's in meltdown right now.

SONNY: Just...keep doing what you're doing. Keep her calm, help her relax.

WILL: But, I mean. I can't leave her like this all night. I just wanted to give her the good news and have a nice evening and now...

SONNY: Don't worry. My suggestion? Call your grandma Marlena right away. She's a shrink, she can help us figure out what we can't, and maybe be of some comfort to your mom right now.

WILL: Possibly. I just...I don't want my mom to think that we think she's gone crazy--

SONNY: Will! You have to help her. Why are you even hesitating about this?

Will struggles to find an answer.


EJ approaches Abby, slowly descending down the stairs at the pier.

EJ: Abigail!

Abigail is startled by EJ calling out to her. She turns around quickly to look at him. She's unimpressed by his presence.

ABBY: What the Hell? EJ?

EJ: Abigail, what happened?

ABBY: What are you talking about? How long were you standing there?

EJ: Long enough to know something happened after I left.

ABBY: EJ, nothing happened. I discovered the hospital wasn't the place for me and I quit. I had a disagreement with a supervisor that couldn't be overcome. It's as simple as that.

EJ: Why is it I don't believe that?

ABBY: You can believe whatever you want to believe. That's the truth, now if you'll excuse me...

Abigail grabs her purse and turns to walk away. EJ grabs her arm and turns her back towards him quickly.

EJ: Not so fast.

ABBY: Ow! EJ! You're hurting me.

EJ lets go, but remains intensely focused on Abigail.

EJ: Did somebody find out about you and I?

Abby flashes back to Anne playing the recording of EJ detailing their affair.

ABBY: No. No one found out. And I didn't tell Nick either.

EJ relaxes slightly, but remains intensely focused.

EJ: Good. And most importantly, don't tell anything to Nick Fallon.

ABBY: Why shouldn't I?

EJ: Abigail, he's an incredibly dangerous individual. He has an agenda to hurt a lot of people that you and I are deeply for. I don't want to give him any ammunition.

ABBY: Oh right. So you think I'm going to tell him everything about you and I and that he's instantly going to make a beeline to Sami? Are you completely out of your mind, EJ?





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Will walks into the living room of his apartment, putting his jacket on. Sonny, holding the baby, and Gabi, helping to finish dinner, turn, still concerned about Sami's disappearance.

SONNY: You going out to look for your mom?

WILL: Yeah. Still haven't heard back yet. Not even a text. I can't even get ahold of EJ so...yeah, I'm really starting to worry. So, Sonny, if mom comes around while I'm out, let me know, okay?

SONNY: Will do.

Will & Sonny kiss, and Will heads for the door. As he opens it, Sami appears in the doorway, still in a state. She sees Will and throws herself into his arms tearfully. Will is shocked and takes a moment to react before hugging his mother back.


Jordan walks into Chez Rouge alone, and looks around for Rafe. As she looks around, Rafe walks in behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders. He leans in and speaks softly to greet her.

RAFE: Well, good evening, Miss Ridgeway.

A smile grows across Jordan's face, still facing away from Rafe, who's leaned in to kiss her neck delicately.

JORDAN: Hello, Mr. Hernandez. I'm so glad you're here.

Maggie walks in, a little worn down, but still trying to keep her happy face on.

MAGGIE: Rafe! Jordan! Good to see you.

RAFE: Hey, Maggie. We had a table for two reserved.

MAGGIE: Indeed you have. You're not the only ones tonight, though.

JORDAN: Oh? Who's here?

MAGGIE: Oh, well...Lucas is here with his date...Sheryl, I think.

JORDAN: Great! We'll have to say 'hi'

MAGGIE: And Jennifer's here with her date.

Rafe looks confused.

RAFE: Daniel's here with Jenn?

Maggie responds with more than a hint of indignation in her voice.

MAGGIE: Oh no. I'm talking about him. She's here with Liam Frazer. And to boot, Brady's here...with Theresa Donovan.

RAFE: Well, this is an awkward place to be then.

JORDAN: Look, forget about them. Maggie, is there a really private table somewhere you can sit us at so it can just be the two of us? (softly) I think Rafe was...really looking forward to that.

MAGGIE: I think I know somewhere. Come with me.

Maggie winks, and guides them over to a private booth in the back corner of the restaurant.

Brady hesitates to take the baggie of cocaine from Theresa, but as the waiter approaches with their meals, he quickly snatches it and hides it in his pocket. He gives Theresa an intense look, then winks. He thanks the waiter and they dig in. Not long after, Theresa's phone beeps. She has a text message from Anne.

just got abby 2 quit. 1 horton down, 1 2 go. come 2 my office NOW!

Theresa furrows her brow at the message.

THERESA: (under her breath) What has she done now?

BRADY: What has who done?

Theresa realizes she spoke aloud and struggles to cover her slip-up.




Jennifer and Liam sit at their table at Chez Rouge, laughing at a story Liam's telling Jenn.

LIAM: ...And so I knock on the door, and when this poor old lady answered the door, it turned out it was Sycamore EAST, not Sycamore West.

JENNIFER: Oh NO! (laughs)

Liam and Jennifer's hands come together in the middle of the table, and a warm, comfortable smile comes across Jenn's face.

LIAM: You're having a good time, right?

JENNIFER: I am. Today was a tough day, but, I gotta hand it to you, you have done a fantastic job of putting a smile on my face. I needed that tonight most of all. So thank you.

LIAM: My pleasure. You're really a special lady, Jennifer Horton. And I can't wait to spend more time with you.

JENNIFER: I'd like that. I feel this...connection with us, you know? Like I've known you for years. It really puts me at ease, you know?

Liam stirs a bit in his seat as Jenn makes this comment. He stares off into space a bit, and Jenn notices Liam's looking through her instead of at her.

JENNIFER: Liam? Liam, you alright?

Liam snaps out of it suddenly.

LIAM: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just...noticed the girl behind you. I know I've seen her at the hospital before, no?

Jenn turns around, and, upon seeing Theresa at a table behind her with Brady, Jenn's face drops.


Theresa fumbles with her phone, trying to cover up Anne's text from Brady.

THERESA: Oh, nothing. Just...that friend from LA with the tabloid connections. More ridiculous drama I don't have time for.

BRADY: Well, then I would put my phone away.

THERESA: Well, yeah, but what if work calls me?

BRADY: Oh right! Theresa Donovan, concerned about work after hours? Or at all, for that matter.

THERESA: Hey! That's not fair! I only didn't care about my job because I didn't get along well with my boss.

BRADY: Which I still don't get. Jennifer's a really sweet woman, and--

THERESA: ...And I. Do. Not. Care. Drop it. Anne is so much better to work for, anyway. She understands my way of doing...y'know, why are we even talking about work, anyway? Come on, let's enjoy the evening. You want to, maybe, hit up the club after dinner and really get crazy?

Theresa's suddenly seductive tone lures Brady in, and a knowing smile crosses his face.

BRADY: That sounds genius.

THERESA: What can I say? I'm always full of good ideas.

Theresa and Brady lean in for a kiss across the table.


Abigail saunters through the fog at the pier. Alone to think, she looks out at the sky, and through the mist, squints to see the full moon off in the distance. She sighs heavily, as from the fog, she hears footsteps approach, which startle her. A familiar voice rings out.

NICK: Rough night?

Abby relaxes upon realizing it's Nick. She stops short of smiling to greet him.

ABBY: You could definitely say that.

NICK: Mind if I join you?

ABBY: Not at all.

Abigail and Nick both sit down at a bench. They both stare out at the night sky (such as it is). Neither break their gaze to look at each other.

NICK: So what's eating you?

ABBY: Well...no one knows this but...I WAS going to start looking for my own place in town soon.

NICK: Oh yeah? Ready to fly the coop, eh?

ABBY: Yeah, though notice I say "was"?

NICK: Yeah! Did something happen?

Abby finally breaks her gaze to look at Nick, who turns to look back.

ABBY: Well...this has to stay exclusively between you and me, got it?

NICK: Lips: sealed.

ABBY: And if you ever tell anyone, I'll--

NICK: I get it, Abigail. Don't worry.

ABBY: Okay. Well...for lack of a better way of putting it...I got fired tonight. And it was for a really stupid reason too and...it's back to square one.

Nick looks at Abigail, empathy in his eyes. He ponders a moment, then turns to her again.

NICK: Not neccessarily.

ABBY: What do you mean?

NICK: Just...just wait. I have a feeling something's gonna come your way very soon.


Will and Sami separate from their hug, Will still confused as to what has got Sami so stirred up. Sami is still wiping away tears.

WILL: Mom, what's going on?

SAMI: I just...I just had a huge fight with EJ and it...it...I just needed to...oh God.

WILL: Come on, come on, let's set down a minute.

WIll takes Sami over to the sofa, Gabi takes the baby so Sonny can sit on the other side of Sami with Will.

SONNY: Did you want some water?

SAMI: (catching her breath) Got any whiskey?

SONNY: Well, not here, but...

SAMI: It's okay, Sonny. Just a joke. I'd love some water.

Sonny gets up from the couch and grabs a glass for Sami. Handing it to her, he stands back with Gabi and the baby.

SAMI: I...I just....EJ said something to me that took me...completely off-guard. I...hadn't even thought about anything that happened between us like that before. And...

WILL: Well, like what?

SAMI: Well, you remember I told you about when Dad and I were in that snowstorm at the cabin?

Will's eyes bug out a bit, shocked by what came up, he immediately makes the connections and realizes what the fight was about.

WILL: Woah! He didn't bring THAT up, did he?

SAMI: Ugh. Yes. Yes, he did.

WILL: Well, are you okay? I mean, that's pretty...intense.

SAMI: I don't know, Will. I mean...I realized tonight that...I just...I haven't dealt with that night the way I...

Gabi feels increasingly uncomfortable in the room, and heads for her room.

GABI: Um...sorry to interrupt, but I think I need to change the baby.

Sonny points to Gabi, implying he'll be following Gabi. Will nods, mouthing "thank you" to them as they slip out of the room to give Will some privacy with Sami.

WILL: You were saying?

SAMI: Will...I don't think...now that all these memories I've pushed back in my mind, now that they're coming out....I don't know if I can marry EJ.



DAYS #21: Seeing Rouge


Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami sits in the garden outside the DiMera house. Guilty over her feelings of uneasiness with her son Johnny, and reeling from her resugrent memories of her rape by EJ, Sami is completely overwhelmed. From the house, Mary, the maid, calls for her.

MARY: Ms. Brady! Are you okay?

Mary steps out of the double doors out to the garden, and calls out to Sami again.

MARY: Ms. Brady!

Sami finally pulls herself together, snapping out of the despondent trance she was in.

SAMI: Oh...uh...Mary! Hi, I'm...I'm okay.

Sami gets up from the ground and dusts herself off. She tries to play off what Mary just saw and pretend everything's fine.

SAMI: I...I just...I fell, it's okay.

Mary doesn't believe a word Sami says, but awkwardly tries to play along, though she's still concerned.

MARY: Oh...uh...yes. Okay. I hope you're alright. Your son Will called the house. He's wondering where you are. I told him you were in the garden.

SAMI: Oh my God! Thank you, Mary. I forgot I'm supposed to meet him for dinner tonight. Uh...just tell him I'm on my way over.

MARY: Yes, Ms. Brady.

Sami makes a beeline for inside, grabbing her jacket and purse before Mary even gets inside.


Maggie turns to see Theresa before her, approaching the table at Chez Rouge that Brady has just sat down at. Maggie is shocked and incredibly displeased to see her there. She asks Brady a question, never once turning around.

MAGGIE: Brady.

BRADY: Yyyes, Maggie?

MAGGIE: What is she doing here?

BRADY: Uh...I think she just told you. She's my date tonight.

Maggie finally turns back around, suddenly seething.

MAGGIE: Oh, like Hell she is! I...

Maggie stops herself from continuing, realizing she is working. She quickly regains her composure and draws herself up, in an attempt to retain her professionalism.

MAGGIE: Theresa, I hope you two have a pleasant evening.

Maggie grabs Theresa by the shoulders and whispers in her ear as she walks away.

MAGGIE: (whispering) And if I find out you're hurting Brady in any way, you're going to answer to me. Got it?

Theresa shoots Maggie a look before sitting down.

Maggie walks with determination back up to the foyer of the restaurant, just as Sheryl and Lucas walk in. Maggie smiles upon seeing Lucas.

MAGGIE: Lucas! It's so nice to see you, Honey!

LUCAS: Aunt Maggie!

Lucas and Maggie hug before Lucas goes to introduce Sheryl to her.

LUCAS: This is Sheryl, she's our newest hire at MadWorld.

MAGGIE: It's so great to meet you, and I see you're getting on pretty well with the boss, hm?

Sheryl laughs a little uncomfortably at Maggie's comment.

SHERYL: Well, Lucas has been really really great to me. Put it that way.

LUCAS: The pleasure's all mine.

MAGGIE: Well, here, let me take you to your--

Maggie stops midsentence as Jennifer walks in, Liam on her arm, the two of them laughing as they step inside. Maggie's smile vanishes as Jennifer looks over to her. An uncomfortable hush fills the room.




Jennifer hesitates to greet Maggie, sensing the tension. But she finally does.

JENNIFER: Uh...Aunt Maggie! Lucas, and you are...?

Sheryl extends a hand to Jenn, unsure why there's such tension in the air.

SHERYL: Uh...I'm Sio..uh...Sheryl Connors. Nice to meet you.

JENNIFER: Oh, it's nice to meet you, I'm...Lucas' sister, Jennifer.

SHERYL: Oh! It's so nice to meet you too, uh--

MAGGIE: Shall I take you to your table, Lucas? Sheryl?

Maggie, obviously displeased with Jennifer, takes Lucas and Sheryl to their table.

LUCAS: You know, Aunt Maggie, Jennifer and Daniel have been broken up for awhile. I think it's good she's dating again.

MAGGIE: Lucas, I know. But I wish they wouldn't have come here on their first date.

LUCAS: Well...maybe they didn't know it would be such an issue. Cut Jenn some slack, Aunt Maggie. She's not had a very easy year, you know.

Maggie sighs in a sort of defeat.

MAGGIE: I guess you're right. I'm just...I'm not having the best night, that's all.

LUCAS: You're still worried about Brady.

MAGGIE: Aren't we all?

LUCAS: You can say that again.

Maggie looks over and Jenn and Liam, who are talking back in the foyer. She hands Lucas and Sheryl menus.

MAGGIE: Look, I've gotta get back to work. Here's tonight's specials, and here's the wine list. Your server'll be back in just a second to take your order, alright?

Sheryl and Lucas smile Maggie's way as she walks away.

SHERYL: Thanks!

Back in the foyer, Maggie approaches Jenn and Liam with a bit of a scowl. Jennifer, after the day she's had, is fed up.

JENNIFER: Aunt Maggie--

MAGGIE: Jennifer Rose, don't 'Aunt Maggie' me. You have a lot of nerve showing up here with a date. Especially after what you did to my son today at the hospital.

JENNIFER: What I did?? Aunt Maggie, I don't think you understand what we talked about--

Liam attempts to defuse the situation and interjects.

LIAM: Uh, Ladies! It's alright. Look, Jenn. Maybe we should follow your Aunt Maggie's advice and go somewhere. It's my fault for making a reservation anyway. I didn't realize there was a problem.

JENNIFER: No, Liam. Don't. We're going to have dinner here. Aunt Maggie, I know Daniel is your son and you want to defend him and protect him, but Daniel and I have been apart for awhile now. And it's time you accept that he and I are not going to get back together. Now I'm pretty sure Daniel was upset about our conversation earlier, but that is between him and I. Just, please. Aunt Maggie, I love you. Let me move on with my life.

Maggie takes a deep breath and tries not to cry, but is so filled with emotions over the crazy evening she's having, she can't help it.

MAGGIE: I know. I'm sorry, Jenn. It's not going to be easy. But I will try. I promise.

Maggie and Jenn lean in for a hug, and Maggie shows Jenn and Liam to their seat.

Lucas looks back at the situation with Liam and Jenn, before turning back to Sheryl.

LUCAS: Well that didn't look awkward.

SHERYL: What's the problem there, anyway?

LUCAS: It's...a long story. Look, what's important is that you're here. I was worried you wouldn't come after how I acted this afternoon.

SHERYL: It's okay! Look, I'm sorry I interrupted you. You seemed really preoccupied with work.

LUCAS: Yeah, that's...that's it. Working and...things. I just...I just want you to know that, I really do care about, Sheryl. You've worked so hard for us and...well, you've made my life a whole lot more interesting, too.

SHERYL: That's so sweet of you. I feel the same about you. You've made it so much easier for me since I came to Salem. I mean, I had Jordan but...well, you know how that was when I first got into town. It's nice to have someone like you to take me around and make me feel...I dunno. At home?

LUCAS: Trust me, It's been a pleasure for me. You're really special, Sheryl.

Lucas takes her hand and squeezes it on the table. Sheryl looks down at Lucas holding her hand and smiles, looking into his eyes.

Brady and Theresa talk about Brady's meeting today, telling the story of what happened. Theresa listens, but is somewhat distracted by the drama of Jenn, Liam and Maggie's encounter.

BRADY: So then Kate just starts whispering to Lucas, but she isn't like, actually whispering she's...are you even listening to me?


Theresa snaps out of it suddenly and refocuses on Brady.

THERESA: Sorry, was watching Maggie acting like a train wreck. She's about one nasty customer away from throwing herself off the wagon.

Brady turns around to see Maggie looking a little ragged, giving a piece of her mind to an apologetic waiter as they both make a beeline for the kitchen.

BRADY: Bit of a crazy night, I guess.

THERESA: I guess so. Anyway, you were saying.

BRADY: Ahhh, it wasn't important.

THERESA: No no, you were saying something about a big press conference tomorrow and you'll be on TV making all kinds of big announcements!

BRADY: Yes, indeed. And the best part is, once this deal goes down with EnerNext, I will be richer than anyone ever thought possible. Like...you wouldn't believe all the things I'm gonna buy you, okay? Like...you're gonna have a castle in England for yourself, and another for a fleet of horses, okay? That's how rich you're gonna be.

Theresa laughs at how ludicrous it all sounds. At that same moment, their drinks arrive.

THERESA: You know, you amaze me.


THERESA: Yeah. You're the only guy I've ever met who can come right out of an awful situation and just...spin it into gold.

BRADY: Believe me, Honey. Ignorance is bliss.

THERESA: Cheers to that.

BRADY: Amen.

Theresa and Brady toast, with Brady taking a good swig of his drink. Theresa drinks somewhat more daintily. Brady leans in and points to Theresa, with one eyebrow raised.

BRADY: You know what the best part of this whole press conference is, actually?

THERESA: What's that?

BRADY: You and I are gonna celebrate it all that night in Chicago, and we're gonna really party it up.

Theresa fishes in her bag stealthily and leans in at the same time.

THERESA: Well, you know...it's never too early to start the party, you know.

Theresa takes Brady's hand, and subtly passes a small baggie of cocaine to him. Brady hesitates to take it.


Abby is in her office at the hospital, shocked at Anne's presence, not to mention her implication that she overheard Abby's conversation with EJ.

ABBY: Uh...what are you talking about, Anne?

ANNE: Oh Honey, come on. You know what I mean.

ABBY: No, I don't have a clue what you--

Anne presses play on her phone and the sound of EJ detailing their morning office romp comes blasting out. Abigail's jaw drops, and she stutters, shaking as she points to Anne's phone. Anne meanwhile, has a huge 'gotcha!' smile across her face.

ABBY: Where...where did you get that?

ANNE: Oh Honey, you need to be more careful where you have your personal conversations. I mean, anyone could just...hide around that corner there while the door's ajar and just...record anything they happen to hear someone say about...having sex in the workplace with a major hospital board member during company time.

ABBY: Anne. Anne, give me that phone.

ANNE: Ah, ah, ah! Not so fast!

Anne pulls her phone away from Abigail's grasp. Holding one nagging finger up, Anne shakes it at Abigail, and takes a long moment to think about what to say next. She paces across Abby's office, taunting her. Abby is bordering on a panic attack when Anne finally speaks again.

ANNE: Now, here's the thing.

Anne stops and turns around, leaning against's Abby's desk.

ANNE: I know for a fact that if I played this for the hospital board, they would be...scandalized. But...and I'm sure you realize this because you're such a smart girl, so bear with me here...did you also know that if you're caught having sex while on duty at the hospital, you could be (fake gasps) FIRED?!

ABBY: You wouldn't dare tell any--

ANNE: ...And the one person I know would be more disappointed and shattered by a revelation like this coming out would be...guess who, Abigail?

Abby shakes her head, hoping beyond all hopes Anne stands close enough for her to grab the phone from her hands, she realizes Anne's threat.

ABBY: You can't...you can't tell my moth--

ANNE: ...Your MOTHER. That's right. And you know how much I would love that. So that means you have to do something for me.

ABBY: Anything. Please, Anne. I'll do anything.

ANNE: Anything?? You sure about that?

ABBY: Yes, please. Just please...make that recording go away.

ANNE: Quit. Put in your resignation tonight, and I'll be so grateful to have one less Holier-than-thou Horton to deal with every day, that no one will ever find out about your little sexcapade with Mr. DiMerRRRra.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Sami is in the garden, deep in thought, thinking back on her fight with EJ, his revelation about his raping her, and their son together, Johnny. Sami thinks of him, but for the first time, Sami connects her young son with EJ's ultimatum in the car during the snowstorm. Her pain, her feeling of violation, her sense of helplessness in the situation. She flashes back further in that moment to her rape as a teenager. She tries to stop the associations, but the flashbacks overwhelm her, she begins crying.


Johnny spots Sami from the house and emerges from inside to run over to her to give her a hug.


JOHNNY: Mommy!!


Sami winces at his touch, but holds it in. She tries to keep a cool head, but she still needs time to think and alone time. She hugs Johnny back, but pulls away quickly.


SAMI: Hey Johnny.

JOHNNY: Mommy, you look sad. What's wrong? Did you have another fight with Dad?

SAMI: Of course not, honey. I just...I need some time alone to think. But it's sweet you came to see me. But...I need you to do me a favour.

JOHNNY: What's that?

SAMI: I need you to go upstairs and do whatever homework you have. And I promise you I'll bring home something tasty from the bakery when you're done, okay?



Johnny excitedly runs back into the house. Sami watches Johnny run inside before breaking down in tears, slumping down in the grass.







Kim holds her hand out to Theresa again, as they stand in the hallway of the apartment block.


KIM: Look, Theresa, I tried to tell you I was coming to see the apartment about 6 times. You never answered.

THERESA: Well, I was busy. In fact, I'm still busy. I'm on my way out.


Theresa brusquely shuts the door to her apartment and locks it up, almost to prove a point to Kim that she's unwelcome inside. Before stepping away, she points her key at Kim.


THERESA: Look, do me a favour. Don't come knocking on my door for "friendly visits", and for God's sake, don't spy on me. I'm an adult, and I don't need you or anyone else in this family of Polyannas to come check up on me. Got it?


Theresa storms off to the elevator. Kim sighs heavily. The landlord stands awkwardly in the hall next to Kim, unsure what to do or say.


LANDLORD: So...I assume you've met your new neighbour before?


Kim shoots the landlord a look.




Roman, Kate, and Lucas are at Roman's office at the police station, going over Roman's discoveries on Jordan & Sheryl.


ROMAN: So...Kate, you are going to have to keep Jordan around at all costs. I see she's with Rafe. Support them, or at least appear to. Whatever you do, you cannot make it obvious that you're onto her. At any cost. Same goes for you, Lucas. I need you both to keep Sheryl on your payroll. Make it seem like nothing has changed.



Lucas looks sick after that statement.


LUCAS: I may have already blown that.

KATE: What do you mean by that?

LUCAS: Well, I ran into Sheryl at Club TBD earlier and I...I admit, I was acting really standoffish.

KATE: Do you think she suspects anything?

LUCAS: It's possible. But I think I can maybe calm her nerves later on. I'm gonna meet her for dinner at Chez Rouge after this.

ROMAN: That's good. That'll keep her suspicions at bay for now. Now, here's what we're gonna do. The ISA is going to send over an agent to work with you at MadWorld, and their sole function will be to suss out exactly what Sheryl and Jordan are up to, and they'll be working overtime to try to stop them before anything serious goes down.

KATE: Well, how will I explain this to my other employees? Is it going to be someone I can use? I mean...I can't just throw some random person into the executive team.

ROMAN: You won't have to. The ISA is sending Billie. That way, no one's suspicions will be raised, and you'll have someone who knows your company.


Kate smiles, impressed that Roman truly thought of everything with this plan.


KATE: Roman Brady, you're a genius.




Brady enters Chez Rouge. Maggie greets him at the door, a hesitant smile on her face.


MAGGIE: Brady.

BRADY: Maggie! Uh...I made...a reservation for two tonight.

MAGGIE: Oh really! Is this a date?

BRADY: Yes, it most definitely is, so I figured, where better to take a beautiful young lady than to the most intimate restaurant in town.

MAGGIE: Ohhh, don't flatter me, Brady. Come on now. I'll show you to your seat.


Maggie motions Brady over to a table, and talks with him as she heads over.


MAGGIE: I assume she's meeting you here, then?

BRADY: Yeah. She is, she should be along shortly so...


Maggie shows Brady to his seat. Maggie talks to him as he sits down.


MAGGIE: That's lovely. I'll be sure to send her your way. Listen...Brady, I want to tell you how glad I am to see you find someone new to connect with. I really do hope this is the start of a great new direction for you. You deserve it.


Brady smiles, somewhat surprised after not having heard a single word of praise in awhile.


BRADY: Thanks, Maggie. I appreciate that.

MAGGIE: Don't mention it. So who is this young lady you'll be dining with tonight?

THERESA: Her name's Theresa Donovan, and she's oh-so happy to be here.


Theresa takes Maggie by surprise, and Maggie turns around, all the joy and hope washed from her face as she looks at Brady's date.




EJ and Abby are inside Abby's office at the hospital. EJ has come to break off their affair, and, believing they are alone, is being rather candid about the whole issue. Little do either of them know that Anne Milbauer is around the corner, holding her cell phone on record.


Abigail is feeling a little uncomfortable after EJ explicitly states that he wants to end their affair, but refuses to let it show. She maintains her alluring presence.


ABBY: Why would you want to give this up, EJ? What is it? Did Sami give you a hard time?

EJ: Let's not go there, Abigail.


Abigail wraps her arms around EJ's neck, leaning in slowly for a kiss, her speech softer with every word.


ABBY: Why not? We seem to go there over and over...and over.


EJ ducks away before Abigail can plant a kiss on him. Anne stands, excited as all get-out over how juicy the whole situation is.


EJ: Enough, Abigail. I'm serious. Look, I need you to understand something. It's not just that it's inappropriate for you to be throwing yourself at me in your workplace, but you have to remember, Samantha and I...we have children together. Alright? I can't be risking what may be my last chance to allow my kids to grow up with both their parents together. Happy. I lost that chance at a very early age, Abigail. I won't put my kids through it as well.


Abigail becomes increasingly pensive as EJ speaks. Her facade of confidence and sensuality cracks, and the insecure girl in her re-emerges.


ABBY: My God. I've been so stupid. And selfish.

EJ: Abigail, don't beat yourself up over thi--

ABBY: And YOU! You want to pretend this never happened. Don't you? Just sweep me under the rug? Or maybe you wanna pull me out on special occasions when you haven't been getting any from Sami, huh? Business trips?

EJ: Abigail, you know this isn't just some cheap sex for me. I really do care for you.

ABBY: But that's the thing...that's what I just realized. It isn't just some cheap sex for you. It's control. You aren't getting sex from Sami. She's controlling you. And you wanna feel like the man, in charge of someone's emotions. And that's where I come in. Right, EJ?

EJ: That's not it at all, Abigail, I'm telling you. It's...look, something happened tonight. Something took over in me, and I...I said something I really shouldn't have. But it made me realize what's important in my life. And what's important to me is my family. Samantha, and our children. They are my family.

ABBY: I understand that, EJ. I really do. Your kids need you, Sami loves you, but that's the thing. You love control more than you'll ever love her.

EJ: That's not fair, Abigail.

ABBY: None of this is fair. I wish I'd never gone to Smith Island in the first place.


Abigail turns around, shaking her head, upset, and thinking hard about that fateful trip to the island cabin.


ABBY: But that doesn't mean I just turn my feelings off for you. I still want you. I really do wish that we'd been able to keep going this morning.

EJ: (with a little laugh) It's not all that, I promise you. Sex in the office just makes a mess for yourself to clean up later.

ABBY: This isn't a laughing matter, though, EJ. Look, I really need to...I need to clear my head.


Abigail turns to head out of the room, EJ grabs her arm to stop her.


EJ: Abigail. Wait. I'm sorry this hasn't worked out in your favour. But remember. I'm always here for you. No matter what. I want to remain your friend.

ABBY: How's that even gonna be possible, EJ?

EJ: You'll find a way. Remember, you're important to me. More than you know.


EJ turns and walks out of the office. Abigail tries in vain to hold in tears, as Anne walks into her office, applauding slowly.


ANNE: You know, that performance could've won you an Emmy. Good work, Abby!


Abigail turns around in horror to see Anne in her doorway.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa is shocked and in disbelief by what she sees in her hallway. Her mother being handed keys by her landlord.

THERESA: Do I need to ask again or is someone going to talk?

Kim turns to face Theresa, a tentative smile on her face.

KIM: Well...honey. I was trying to call you to tell you this. I had a viewing with your landlord and...well...I put a deposit down on the apartment just across the hall from you! Isn't that fantastic??

THERESA: Oh my God. Like...I think I might actually be dying, right now.

Kim walks to Theresa and takes her hand.

KIM: I know! Isn't it great??

Theresa's eyes bug out, and she pulls away from her mother. She is not impressed.

THERESA: No, this is the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen. Are you absolutely nuts??


Roman is in his office, just finishing up a call. He sets down the reciever on his office's land line and types a quick note on his computer. His face wide with satisfaction.

ROMAN: Gotcha!

Roman immediately picks the phone back up, and dials Kate.


KATE: Kate Roberts.


ROMAN: Kate! It's Roman Brady. I need you and Lucas to come down to the station. It's urgent.


KATE: I'll be right over.

Kate hangs up the phone, a wide, sinister smile crosses her face.

KATE: Jordan Ridgeway, whatever your crazy little plan is, it ends right now.




Victor steps into the hallway after the Titan board meeting lets out, his grumpy demeanour plain as the nose on his face. Brady struts out immediately afterwards, smug and confident that he put on a good presentation. He slaps Victor on the back in self-congratulation. Victor doesn't respond, but tenses in reaction.

BRADY: SO! Grandfather! How was that?

VICTOR: If you want my honest opinion, that was the most embarrassed I've ever been in my adult life. And that's no small feat, considering the number of times I married Vivian Alamain.

Brady's expression changes immediately, from cool confidence to confused and upset.

BRADY: Seriously? I mean, you're actually gonna go there right now with me?

VICTOR: Gladly. You're a CEO of a multi-national corporation, not a high school dropout contemplating which McDonalds to apply to work at. You've got responsibilities, Brady. And it's high time you actually took those responsibilities seriously.

BRADY: Or what, Grandad? You're gonna take over as CEO? I dare you to try. The board has to vote me out to reinstate you. You're over 80. They want young blood with the energy to hold up under all the pressure of this job.

VICTOR: I'm well-aware. And after today's performance, I definitely look like a strong candidate in comparison.

BRADY: Hah. You know, you're funny, Grandad. Really. You could've had a second career as a comedian. You know that?

VICTOR: Save it, Brady. I'm being serious. I know you hear this every day at least twice, but I'm really worried about you. I'm worried you're on a slide into something that could destroy your entire life. And I might not be able to help lift you out of it. And frankly, I just can't deal with that at this age. Excuse me.

Victor saunters away, calmly, but inside he is evidently troubled by Brady's behaviour. Brady shakes his head, watching Victor walk away.


Jordan walks into the Horton town square, looking for Sheryl. Upon finding her, she sits down at a table at the cafe area. Jordan's concerned after Sheryl's revelation at the hospital.

JORDAN: Alright, I'm here. I have to meet Rafe in a half hour so you gotta make this fast.

SHERYL: God, I wish you hadn't taken up with Rafe. Seriously, I know why you did it but it makes everything we've planned so much more difficult.

JORDAN: Okay, if you dragged me out her to give me another lecture on how dangerous it is for me to be dating the guy that gives us access to a good chunk of the info we need to pull this off, I'm going back to my apartment to get ready for my date.

Jordan gets up to leave, Sheryl stops her.

SHERYL: Woah woah woah! Jordan! Wait. I meant it when I said I had to talk to you about Lucas.

Jordan sighs and sits back down.

JORDAN: Fine. What is it? Why do you think Lucas is onto you, Sheryl?

Sheryl leans in, as if to share some great secret.

SHERYL: I ran into him at Club TBD earlier. He was...off. Like, really cold. I'd never seen him look at me like that before. There was an ice in his eyes, and he was definitely holding back something.

JORDAN: That's it? Seriously? Sheryl, you know that Kate's after me, not you. And there's no way she's going to figure out who I am. She wants you with Lucas. I don't know what you're so freaked out about.

SHERYL: What if you're wrong, Jordan? How can you be so damned sure Kate doesn't have it in for me too and has just been playing nice this whole time? We need to get our ducks in a row, and fast, or there'll be no chance of stopping the oil sands project, especially if we have to fight both EnerNext and Kate Roberts.


Roman greets Kate and Lucas at the door of his office as they arrive.

ROMAN: Kate, Lucas, have a seat.

KATE: Thank you, Roman. I'm glad you called when you did. I think I know exactly what's going on with Jordan and Sheryl now.

ROMAN: Well, so do we. And we have a plan. All you two have to do is follow it down to the letter, and Jordan and Sheryl will be neutralized.

Kate smiles a wry smile at Roman's news. Lucas carries a bit of uneasiness as he looks to his mother.


Will is on his phone at the apartment, a concerned look on his face. Gabi walks in at that moment and flashes a quick smile to Will, who waves back. Sonny enters the room, holding Arianna. Will sighs in exasperation suddenly.

WILL: (into phone) Hey, mom. Uh...so I need to know when you're able to come by so we can make you dinner. I really do have some big news for you, so whenever you can come by would be great. Uh...EJ is totally welcome to join us if you two are on good terms, because I never know where that stands lately...umm...give me a call back. Bye.

Will drops the phone on the table in front of him.

WILL: Voice mail, again!

GABI: What's wrong? Is Sami okay?

SONNY: We have no idea, we've been calling for about an hour. No answer, just goes straight to voice mail each time. We had some big news to share with her...and you too, but...you know...

WILL: We kinda wanted to make a big announcement to everyone at once.

GABI: Well...why don't you give EJ a call. Maybe she's with him?


Abigail is heading for the door of her office, files in hand, not really focussing on where she's walking. She opens the door to her office to head out and standing before her is EJ.

EJ: I need to talk to you, RIGHT now!

Abigail raises an eyebrow and gives EJ a knowing smile.

ABBY: So! Back for seconds so soon, hm? I didn't think I was that good.

EJ walks right past her and into her office.

EJ: That's not what I meant, Abigail.

Abigail stops the sexy intonations and tightens right up, suddenly feeling a rush of insecurity. Unbeknownst to either of them, Anne Milbauer has just approached her office door, which is still partially ajar, to ask her a question, and overhears EJ's next comment.

ABBY: Well then, what is it?

EJ: We have got to stop this affair, and right now.

Anne's curiosity spikes, she hides around the corner, just enough to be within earshot, and, with some quick thinking, immediately pulls out her cell phone, hitting record.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Hope stares down Aiden at the table, where Jenn and Aiden are sitting at the town square. Jenn tries to break the awkward silence.

JENNIFER: Uh...Hope. Hi! Uh..sorry. I've had a bit of a rough day.

HOPE: So it would seem--

Aiden gets up with a start, grabbing his coffee cup.

AIDEN: Look, I don't want to interrupt family time. Jenn?

HOPE: Oh don't leave on my account.

AIDEN: Well, I do have some things to get done anyway, so it's alright. Jenn? You gonna be okay?

JENNIFER: I'll be fine. Thank you for the coffee.

AIDEN: It's my pleasure. Hope.

Aiden walks away, Hope glares as he departs before sitting down beside Jenn.

HOPE: So why were you confiding in him of all people?

JENNIFER: Hope, he ran into me at the hospital, I didn't even have time to--

HOPE: Jenn. Really. I just...the man's a real jerk. I would suggest you stay far away from him.

Jenn, surprised by Hope's strong dislike, is at a loss for words.




Eric leads a blindfolded Nicole to a clearing in the woods, and has her stop in the middle of the clearing.

NICOLE: Oh God. We stopped. Eric?

ERIC: (laughing) Yes?

NICOLE: Why did we stop? What's going on? I'm still not a fan of surprises, if you hadn't noticed.

ERIC: Why don't you have a look?

Eric gently pulls off Nicole's blindfold, revealing to her a beautifully arranged picnic, complete with freshly picked wildflowers, and soft music. Nicole is taken aback by Eric's gesture.

NICOLE: Eric! What is all this?

ERIC: It's a picnic, what else?

Nicole and Eric sit down on the blanket the food's arranged on, Nicole still absolutely in awe of Eric's work.

NICOLE: But...I thought you'd reserved at Chez Rouge.

ERIC: Oh, you're disappointed now?

NICOLE: NO! Don't be ridiculous. I'm shocked but I'm certainly not disappointed!

ERIC: Oh I know. Well, I wanted to give you a special night. But I also wanted to do something a little more...intimate. Especially since it's such a beautiful evening.

Eric snuggles in close to Nicole.

ERIC: You see, I figured, we could sit back, have dinner. Watch the sunset, and just relax. Get away from all the problems in our lives for a while.

NICOLE: Mmmm, I like the sound of that.

ERIC: I figured you might.

Eric leans in to give Nicole a soft kiss.


Brady has just burst into the Titan board room, shirt untucked, the smell of alcohol on his breath. He bows regally to the group.

BRADY: My apologies for my tardiness.

Brady jumps up and moves to the head of the table.

BRADY: NOW! Let's get this show on the road! Grandfather, may I?

VICTOR: If you insist.

BRADY: I do.

VICTOR: You're on your own, Brady. (whispers) Try not to make an ass of yourself.

Brady throws a shady look Victor's way, but shakes it off and begins. Brady slurs his words and stumbles.

BRADY: Okay, so tomorrow...is a big...bigday. For all of us! And do you know why? Because we are going to announce our merger with EnerNext. And that's gonna kick off a whole bunch of other awesome stuff. uh...do we have a ...a power point or something of this? I feel like I need a visual. Anybody?

Victor shakes his head, deeply embarrassed by Brady's state. As Brady continues to speak, Kate's eyes suddenly bulge out of her head. She squeezes Lucas' hand, startling him.

KATE: Oh my God, Lucas. I figured it out.

LUCAS: OW! Mom! That hurt.

Kate pulls her hand back.

KATE: Sorry, sweetie.

LUCAS: What did you figure out, anyway? That Brady's the worst CEO in history?

KATE: Ha! Far from it. I figured ou--


Brady points in Kate's direction. He starts to wag his finger lazily about.

BRADY: Am I boring you two or something?

Kate furrows her brow as much as she's able to, pursing her lips into their usual soured expression.

KATE: Pardon me, Brady. Carry on.

BRADY: Thank you, Kate! Now, you see..

As Brady carries on, Kate leans over again and whispers to Lucas some more.

KATE: I've figured out why Jordan and Sheryl are in Salem.

LUCAS: Why? What is it?

KATE: This! EnerNext! The oil sands project. Lucas, they want to shut it down, and take Titan down with them.


Theresa is in her apartment, readying herself to leave for the afternoon to work. Remember at the last second to grab her phone, she picks up, seeing a text from Brady.

Reservations @ 8 chez rouge. C U then wink.png

Theresa smiles broadly, then places her phone in her bag and heads for the door. She hears some talking in the hallway as she does, but thinks nothing of it. As she opens the door, there stands her mother and her landlord in front of the apartment right across the hall. Her landlord handing Kim the keys.

LANDLORD: There you go, Mrs. Donovan. Welcome to your new home!

THERESA: What the hell is going on??

Kim and the landlord both look to Theresa is surprise. Theresa is incensed.


Sami runs over to EJ and pulls the phone from his hand, stopping him from making a phone call to turn himself into police.

SAMI: EJ, What the Hell are you doing??

EJ: What does it looks like to you, Samantha? I mean, what do you want me to do to prove to you that I'm not hiding something, I'm not lying for Kristen. If there was a way I could track her down, I would. But even then, it would kill me, because I know what she's gone through in her life. Just like I know that if you had been put in similar circumstances, you wouldn't be in much better shape.

SAMI: How dare you compare me to Kristen at all? I've grown, and changed since I was teenager. She still carries on like the world owes her something.

EJ: You really don't get it, do you?

Sami cools off, looking more disappointed and deflated than angered.

SAMI: What's there to get, EJ? You see your family's problems as bigger than mine. But Eric didn't do anything to deserve what Kristen did to him. And my sympathy for your sister ends the moment she takes her hurting and uses it as a weapon against anyone within a 50 mile radius.

EJ: And that's what I mean, Samantha. Neither of us are perfect, either. Right? I've done hideous things. To YOU! And you to me. And yet, somehow, we learned to accept those things and move on. Why can't that be the case for Kristen?

Sami explodes, not willing to hear another word from EJ defending Kristen.

SAMI: Because she raped my brother!

EJ: And I raped you!

Sami is stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes glaze over as she contemplates the truth in EJ's words, as though an unbroken trust had been breached with his bringing this up. EJ, impassioned, but not enraged, continues to shout back to her.

EJ: You remember that, surely. I forced you to have sex with me in exchange for Lucas' life!And yet now, here we are. My ring on your finger. We're planning to marry. Do you not think Kristen can be afforded 1/10th of the same benefit?

Sami sits down at the desk. She can barely breathe, but manages to choke out a few words.

SAMI: EJ...I need to be alone. Please go.

EJ: Fine. If you need me, you know how to reach me.

Sami breaks down in tears as EJ slams the door shut.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Victor mills about the Titan board room, speaking to the other execs and organizing his paperwork. Kate and Lucas enter the board room together, and Victor perks up momentarily, then relaxes, realizing who's arrived. The disappointment painted on his face.

VICTOR: Kate. Lucas. Good to see you.

KATE: Well you could've fooled me. I assume you were expecting your wayward grandson?

VICTOR: Give it a rest, Kate. If you had any moral compass, you'd be concerned and asking me how Brady is doing, instead of mocking his suffering.

KATE: Victor, please. I do care about Brady. But how many favours are you doing him by letting him run Titan into the ground like this?

VICTOR: He's an adult, Kate. I can't shadow him for the rest of his life.

KATE: Maybe you'd better start. Your livelihood might depend on it.

Kate turns and walks over to her seat, head held high. Lucas takes his next to her. Victor waits a few more seconds, before excusing himself to the hallway outside the board room. Pulling out his cell phone, Victor calls Brady. The line goes straight to voice mail.

VICTOR: (into phone) Brady Black, you have five minutes to get into this board room or I'm gonna tie you up from the nearest flagpole. You have an important announcement to make tomorrow. Get with it, already!

Victor hangs up and storms back into the board room. Visibly upset, he begins.

VICTOR: This meeting will come to order. In the absence of our CEO, I will be overseeing the proceedings.

Brady bursts into the room, shirt untucked, breath smelling of alcohol.

BRADY: Goooood afternoon, everybody!

Victor stares down Brady. Brady seems unconcerned by Victor's disappointed glare.




Eric leans over and hugs Nicole, kissing her on the cheek, as Nicole sits in her desk chair, looking with bright eyes at her computer screen.

ERIC: Do you have any idea how proud I am of you?

NICOLE: I think I have a little hint of it?

ERIC: Well....you're about to get a whole lot more of a hint. You hungry?

NICOLE: I am, in fact. All this research got me workin' up an appetite!

ERIC: Okay, well...

Eric gets up and walks over to the chair on the other side of Nicole's desk, where he's placed his messenger bag. He stops, and points to Nicole.

ERIC: Close your eyes.

Nicole squints her eyes and glares at Eric.

ERIC: Do it! Come on now!

Nicole laughs and closes her eyes, while Eric walks back over to her.

NICOLE: You know...I was never good with surprises. Never had many good ones to talk about, really.

ERIC: Well, this one will be a very very good one.

Eric ties a blindfold around Nicole's eyes gently. He gets up from behind her desk, and takes her hand to guide her up from her seat.

NICOLE: Oh God, I'm blind. Ack!

Nicole trips a bit getting out of her seat, but Eric gently guides her over.

NICOLE: (in a whiny voice) Where are you taking me?!

ERIC: You'll see. Just be a patient.

NICOLE: Have we met or something? I am SO impatient.

ERIC: (laughing) Oh I know.

Eric grabs his bag and guides Nicole out of her office.


Jennifer smiles a bit as Aiden provides her a bit of comfort over her breakup with Daniel, as they sit in the town square having coffee. Unbeknownst to either of them, Hope is standing nearby, listening in on their conversation.

JENNIFER: ...So, I dunno, I feel like...I know he was trying to help but...

AIDEN: It's not enough. I know. He kept things from you. Big things. It's....not easy. And I know how painful it is to...

Hope makes a move and emerges from behind Tom & Alice's tree. She approaches cool and casually.

HOPE: Hey Cous! ...Aiden.

Aiden looks up, a little frustrated to see Hope.


Sami returns home from work. She's exasperated by the day's events. EJ sits in the living room, looking over some files at his desk when Sami comes bursting in.

SAMI: Ooooh I swear I could just STRANGLE that woman!

EJ looks up suddenly, a little shocked from Sami's sudden entrance, though a dulled shock, probably from years of enduring this melodrama.

EJ: Which woman? It could be about 16 on this block alone.

SAMI: Don't be cute, EJ. I'm talking about Nicole.

EJ: Oh God. What has she done now?

SAMI: She has coerced my brother out of the priesthood.

EJ is stunned. He pulls his glasses from his face and turns to face Sami.

EJ: Voluntarily? St. Pius X himself stepped down?

SAMI: If that is some kind of sick joke, I'm not laughing.

EJ: Seriously, Samantha. I just can't understand what that man sees in her, but that is entirely up to him. You can't force him back into the priesthood. Even if they'd let him back in, which is doubtful at this rate.

SAMI: You would say that.

EJ: Why, Sami, why? Because of my sister? Is that what you're going to say? For the 100,000th time, I do not know where Kristen is. I do not know.

SAMI: Really, EJ? Because last time I checked, you seem to know a lot more than you let on about a lot of things.

EJ: That is not fair, Samantha. I was in the dark just as much as you about Kristen's plans for Eric. Oh but YOU! You want me to tell you where she is? Betray her, right?

SAMI: It's not about that, EJ. You're loyal to the wrong people. What about my family? Why hasn't it even entered your mind that my family is going to your family once we're married?

EJ: And the same goes for you, Samantha. Whether you want to admit it or not.

Sami approches EJ slowly, almost trying to stare him down into submission.

SAMI: My family is not out to ruin people's lives, EJ. We're loyal to each other because we know we're good people at heart. You'd do well to remember that.

EJ: Fine, Samantha. I think I understand now.

EJ grabs his cell phone from his jacket pocket and begins to dial.

SAMI: What are you doing?

EJ: Calling the police. If I'm being made to throw my sister under the bus, I might as well go down with her!


Sheryl sees Jordan in the hall at the hospital and pulls her aside.

JORDAN: Sheryl! You scared me! What are you doing h--

SHERYL: ...We need to talk, right now.

JORDAN: Ow! You're hurting my arm, Sheryl.

SHERYL: Well, if you and I don't figure out our next move, it might not just be your arm that's hurting, Jordan.


Jordan looks around her, concerned and a bit suspcious. She leans in as she talks to Sheryl.

JORDAN: What do you mean by that?

SHERYL: I think Lucas Horton might be onto me.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole is transfixed by her research. She stares into her monitor in an almost-zombie-like trance, dutifully copying down information she finds, while typing away. Eric steps into her office while this is going on, and a big smile appears on his face. The sight of Nicole itself would be enough to inspire this, but seeing the woman he loves so involved in her work makes him even happier.

ERIC: Hard at work?

Nicole looks up from her computer and smiles.

NICOLE: Hardly workin'!

ERIC: (laughs) I doubt that.

Nicole gets up from her chair, excited about the possibilities of this story.

NICOLE: Seriously, Eric, I figured this story was going to bore me to death. But you wouldn't believe how fascinating it all is. I mean, seriously. We have got a potential bombshell on our hands with this one.

ERIC: Oh yeah? What's this about?

Nicole sways back and forth cutely like a small child with a secret.

NICOLE: Well, I really shouldn't say anything, buuuuut...I trust you, come on.

Nicole motions Eric to come over to her desk. Showing him what's on her screen.

NICOLE: Kay, so have you heard about that new oil sands development they're planning out in the west end?

ERIC: Barely. There hasn't been much about it in the news.

NICOLE: Okay, well. I started looking into the impact it would have on the surrounding area. I made a few calls to some researchers in the field too. Turns out that yes, it would do some amazing things for the job market, but look at what the same kinda project did to the air in Alberta. Apparently it's a huge hot-button issue out there, and apparently it's poisoning everyone in the surrounding area slowly.

ERIC: Wow. Okay, so what does that mean for Salem though?

NICOLE: Well...basically because Salem's so spread out along the river, the development being to the west side means that they'll get the brunt of the pollution from the tar sands.

ERIC: Right.

NICOLE: And since that part of town is already incredibly poor, and mostly filled with minorities--

ERIC: It's going to cause a major firestorm at city hall.

NICOLE: If not statewide. Eric, this might be my chance to really break out in this business. I have to make this happen. EnerNext is going down.




Aiden sits down with Jenn at Horton Town Square. He hands her a coffee and hangs back, not sure what to say.

AIDEN: ...You okay?

JENNIFER: Gee, I dunno. What do you think?

Aiden hangs his head, sheepish over asking such an obvious question. Jenn feels bad for her snarky response.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry. I'm...(sighs) I didn't mean to snap back like that.

AIDEN: You don't have to explain yourself. Whatever happened at the hospital, I know it really upset you.

JENNIFER: Understatement of the year.

AIDEN: Did you want to talk about it?

JENNIFER: I dunno. I really don't. I mean, you've got your own things to deal with and I don't want to burden you with my problems, Aiden.

AIDEN: Jenn. I've got broad shoulders. I can handle it.

Hope passes by as Aiden puts his arm around Jenn's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Hope hangs back out of their line of sight as she observes their conversation.


Theresa lay in bed alone. Brady can be heard in the adjacent bathroom showering. Theresa thinks back to earlier when she and Brady were making love, and she smiles.

THERESA: Hmmm...how did you get so lucky, Theresa Donovan? I mean, really?

Theresa hears her cell phone start ringing. She rolls her eyes before getting up, exasperated that she has to move.

She looks at her phone. It's her mother calling. It's obvious Kim's been trying to phone repeatedly to no avail.

THERESA: EUGH! Leave a MESSAGE, mother!!

Theresa throws her phone down on the bedside table before flopping back down in bed. Brady emerges from the shower, drying himself off.

BRADY: You alright? What was that about?

Theresa doesn't move. She simply lies there, staring straight at the ceiling.

THERESA: My mom called. Again.

BRADY: Still no message?


BRADY: Well, I have to get going anyway, so why don't you figure out why she won't stop calling, and tell me about it later tonight over drinks. How's that?

THERESA: Ugh. That would involve communicating with her. I don't know if I have it in me.

Brady laughs. He leans over to give Theresa a kiss.

BRADY: I know you can do it.

Theresa smiles as Brady kisses her.


Kim stands at the Brady Pub with Marlena and Roman. She walks back over to their table, slightly exasperated by her inability to contact her daughter.

KIM: This is the fifth time and she still won't answer.

ROMAN: Well, considering the time of day, she's probably busy at work.

KIM: That girl wouldn't know work if it bit her on the nose. She's probably avoiding me, like usual.

MARLENA: Ahhh motherhood. Ain't it just grand?

Marlena laughs and gives Kim and quick, playful hug. Kim looks at her phone again, and quickly gets up again.

KIM: I'm really sorry to cut this short but I have to meet with a landlord about an apartment. You guys don't mind if I pay you back for lunch later, right?

ROMAN: Kimmy, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.

KIM: Oh, Roman, stop it. I'll pay you back. Bye, guys!


After Kim runs out, Marlena is still smiling, clearly pleased to have her old friend back in town.

MARLENA: It's so nice to see her again. She's been away far too long.

ROMAN: You can say that again, Doc. I just wish I didn't have to run off in the middle like that.

MARLENA: What did Kate want anyway?

ROMAN: Ahh, nothing too serious. Kate just being Kate. I'll deal with it in due time.

MARLENA: Sounds about right.

ROMAN: Did you manage to make Hope feel any better about Bo?

MARLENA: Not really. To be perfectly honest, I think all three of us are really worried about all three of them. It's hard to shake off.

ROMAN: No doubt. But Bo's always been the adventurer. You remember the first time you met him? Back at our first wedding.

Marlena is puzzled by Roman's comment. She puts down her coffee and looks concerned at Roman.

MARLENA: That's not the first time I met Bo.

ROMAN: Sure, it was! He tried to take you off on a stolen police motorcycle.

MARLENA: Roman, that never happened. I met Bo after we were married. He tried to give us a stolen microwave as a wedding gift. Don't you remember?

Roman looks back to Marlena, confused.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami is in the midst of confronting Nicole in Nicole's office. Sami is refusing to back down.

SAMI: Now, you listen to me. Eric is not going to fall for whatever little game you're playing. At least not forever. Because I am going to figure out exactly what you did that made him think that leaving the priesthood for you was a good idea.

NICOLE: Okay, Sami, that's enough. Eric decided this all on his own. Okay, I went out to Chyka's hut in the woods and Daniel and I, we worked our asses off to get a confession out of him, and get evidence on him, because all I wanted was for Eric to be back at St. Luke's.

SAMI: So why is there no confession, Nicole? Where's all this evidence?

NICOLE: He got away, Sami. He hit me over the head and took my phone, and whatever evidence I did have. End of story.

Nicole gets up from behind her desk and heads for the door to show Sami out.

NICOLE: Now get out of my office. I have important things to do, none of which involve going another 6 rounds with the likes of you.

Sami gives Nicole a look of intense dissatisfaction. Arms folded, Sami shakes her head, knowing Nicole isn't telling her everything. She begins for the door.

SAMI: This isn't over, Nicole.


Sami walks out the door, Nicole slams the door immediately behind her.

NICOLE: UGGGH! I swear, this day just gets better and better! I should actually get some work done. Find some excuse to not take this stupid owl-watcher story.

Nicole walks back to her desk. Sitting down, she grabs Percy's envelope from her drawer. Opening it up, she begins looking up any information on the story.

NICOLE: EnerNext...

Nicole hits 'search'. Her eyebrow goes up after the results page come up.

NICOLE: Uh oh.




Jennifer walks past everyone at the nurses' station and makes a beeline for the elevator, still sobbing. Maxine takes notice and calls out to Jenn.

MAXINE: Jennifer! Honey, you alright? ...Jenn!

Jenn presses repeatedly on the down button and doesn't respond to Maxine. As the door opens, she races in, slamming right into Aiden.

AIDEN: Woah! Jenn! Woah, woah, woah, you alright?

JENNIFER: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't...(sighs)

Jenn tries to run past Aiden and close the door to the elevator, but Aiden jams the door and steps back in.

AIDEN: Oh no no, I am not leaving you alone when you're like this.

JENNIFER: Please, Aiden, seriously, I know you mean well but--

AIDEN: I am not taking no for an answer. You need a friend, I'm gonna buy you a coffee, we can talk. How's that?

Jenn, looking down at the ground with tears still in her eyes, pauses for a moment, then nods in agreement.

JENNIFER: (quietly) Sure.

AIDEN: Okay, come on.

Aiden wraps a comforting arm around Jenn's shoulder as the elevator doors close.


Sheryl sits at Lucas' table at Club TBD, and is puzzled by Lucas' change in attitude. Lucas' change in opinion has blindsided her, and she's visibly upset, almost hostile.

SHERYL: Me? What did I do?

Lucas stops for a second, feeling somewhat unsure about how she'll take a rejection. He snaps back to reality after remember his mom's advice to maintain the status quo until she meets with Roman.

LUCAS: Look, I just...I don't feel comfortable being so open about this. And every time I turn around, you're there. And I can't help myself when I see you because I'm...

Sheryl cracks a bit of a smile, suddenly. Lucas being flustered is very adorable to her.

SHERYL: Because you're totally attracted to me, and you can't help it.

LUCAS: (sighs) Yes. In spite of everything, yes.

Sheryl laughs, putting her arms around Lucas' shoulders.

SHERYL: You are so sweet. And you are the best boss a girl could ask for. Who cares what people say about us?

LUCAS: I do. I have to manage these people.

SHERYL: Well, then have a talk about stamping out gossip in the workplace, then.

LUCAS: You've got an answer for everything, don't you?

SHERYL: Most of the time.

Lucas smiles uncomfortably as Sheryl tries to kiss him. Just before she does, Lucas' phone rings, and he jumps to answer it.

LUCAS: Woah! Sorry. I gotta take this. Heh.

Lucas grabs his phone awkwardly and answers, Sheryl leans back in her chair, still smiling.

LUCAS: Lucas Horton.


KATE: Where are you?


LUCAS: At Club TBD, you?


KATE: The office. I'm waiting for you. Victor's going to hold the pre-press conference meeting and they need you there.


LUCAS: Do I really? It's probably about that damned oil project again.


KATE: Yes, well, he needs to go over the ramifications of the announcement to all divisions at Titan. Yours included.


LUCAS: (sighs) Fine. I'll be there in a sec.


KATE: Alright. But don't hurry too much. The way Brady takes his time lately, we'll be lucky if this press conference doesn't happen at noon tomorrow.


LUCAS: Gotcha. Be there soon.

Lucas hangs up. He looks to Sheryl apologetically.

LUCAS: Sorry. Mom.

SHERYL: (laughing) It's fine. Don't worry about it.

LUCAS: Look, we're good, right?

SHERYL: Of course!

LUCAS: Good, because...I don't want things to go sour between us. You're fantastic to work with, Sheryl. And I don't want anything to ruin that.

SHERYL: Don't worry.

LUCAS: Great. How about we grab dinner later at Chez Rouge tonight?

SHERYL: I'd love that!

LUCAS: Awesome, 8?


LUCAS: Okay. See you then.

Lucas grabs his things and takes off like a shot, leaving Sheryl hanging for a kiss. She looks disappointed.


Nick steps back from Gabi, who is sitting on the park bench. He is puzzled by her reaction to his hand on her shoulder.

NICK: Woah!

Gabi relaxes a bit. She realizes Nick was actually there but isn't actually afraid of him in this moment. In fact, she's a bit regretful of reacting this way.

GABI: Sorry! I-I didn't even realize you were there.

NICK: Look, Gabi. I'm sorry, I touched you like that, I should've known better.

GABI: It's...it's okay. Look, I'm just...I'm having a hard time...

NICK: Becuase of what I did to you. I know, there's...there's no excuse. Especially after what I...

Nick breathes in. He still, years later, has a hard time talking about his own rape. It takes all his strength to even talk about it. Saying the words is out of the question at this moment.

NICK: You know, you'd think I'd know. You'd think the last thing I'd want to...inflict on someone I care about as much as you is the...pain that I felt so many times.

GABI: Nick, it's okay--

NICK: NO! No it's not, okay? I did something so...awful...and I love you. Why would I force the woman I love to have sex with me? Why would I want to make her afraid of even being touched by me?

Nick sits down on the bench next to Gabi. He's very pensive, looking at the ground, but not focusing on anything in reality. His thoughts are on his past. Gabi puts a hand on his shoulder in comfort. Nick doesn't refuse it.

GABI: You know, for what it's worth...I do still care about you. I mean...it's going to take time for me to get past how what happened that night. But I know you've forgiven me. The least I can do is try to do the same for you.

Nick looks over to Gabi and smiles. He slowly puts his hand on hers, but she recoils, moving her hand off her shoulder as his moves towards it. Gabi looks away, as Nick's smile disappears, turning back into the saddened look of a lost little boy.


Percy gets a phone call at his home in the woods. He trots over to the telephone in his kitchen.


Nicole holds the phone away from her ear, a pained grimace on her face merely from the volume of Percy's salutation.

NICOLE: Uh...hi. Percy?

PERCY: Indeed it is I. Whom shall I ask is speaking?

NICOLE: Uh...It's Nicole Walker from Titan TV. Look, we've got to meet up very soon. Like, hopefully today, if not tomorrow.

PERCY: Oh really? Is there something occurring imminently I should be made aware of.

NICOLE: You could say that. There's going to be a press conference held at the Town Square tomorrow around 5? I'm hoping to be there, and I'm hoping you can too. Looks like something really big is going down.

Percy is delighted and intrigued by Nicole's request.

PERCY: I believe that can definitely be arranged.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa lays back in her bed, spent after some wild lovemaking with Brady. She looks up at the ceiling, trying to slow her breathing a bit, before turning to look at Brady. He turns to face her as well, a look of relaxed satisfaction across his face.

THERESA: You know what confuses me about you?

BRADY: What's that?

THERESA: How you can be so much fun, and yet everyone I meet tells me how miserable you supposedly are, and how concerned they are about you.

BRADY: Why's that confusing? From what I've seen and heard, they do the same damn thing to you.

THERESA: Yeah, well. I was pretty miserable for a long time. You would be too if you lived with my mom.

BRADY: Hey, hey, now. Let's not kill the mood. I don't want you to get down and start thinking about all your problems. This here's about the good times, right?

Theresa looks at Brady with a big smile. She relaxes a bit.

THERESA: That's right.

Just then, Theresa gets a text message. She leans over to her bedside table to check it, she texts back quickly, furrowing her brow a bit, then laughing to herself. Brady takes some notice, but doesn't seem especially bothered.

BRADY: What's that about?

THERESA: Oh, just a friend of mine in LA. She works for one of those big celebrity news sites, she just sent me something about a singer back there, fell out of a car and flashed everybody. You know, the usual Hollywood drama.

BRADY; Yep. That sounds about right.

They have a laugh, before Brady has an idea and turns to Theresa.

BRADY: I got an idea.

THERESA: Ooo! What's that?

BRADY: Well...my friend in Chicago, he's opening up a new club. Sort of an exclusive sorta club thing. He invited me to the grand opening in a couple weeks. How about I take you as my date.

THERESA: Really? But I don't have anything nice enough for that.

BRADY: And that's why I would be taking you shopping for it, obviously!

THERESA: Oh my god, Brady. You are the best!

Theresa leans over and kisses Brady sensually, Brady kisses back and rolls over on top of her. They're off for Round 2.


Nick focuses on his computer. He studies the search results on his screen before stumbling on a link near the bottom of the results page tht catches his eye.

NICK: Well, well. What is this?...

The link connects to a news story from an international business site on EnerNext.

NICK: (mumbling to himself) EnerNext today entered a multi-billion-dollar deal with Greek-American firm Titan Industries. The deal will see thousands of high-paying new jobs created in the energy sector in the upper midwest near Titan's Salem headquarters.

Nick looks up from his computer, a knowing smile crosses his smarmy face.

NICK: Gotcha!

Nick picks up his phone and calls Percy back. Nick's beaming with pride as he speaks into his phone.

NICK: Percy! I think I've found exactly what we need to bring down the energy company, and everyone else, all in one big fell swoop.




Jennifer sits in Daniel's office, visibly upset by the revelation that his fling with Nicole was another lie.

DANIEL: Look, Jenn, it was for a good reason, I swear. We just...we needed to make sure Eric accepted our help, and he wouldn't knowing that Nicole was in love with him.

Jennifer almost bounces out of her chair, she stands up suddenly to face Daniel, she steps towards in him, pointing angrily at him, which intimidates him a bit. He backs up as she advances.

JENNIFER: Oh, and that's supposed to make it all better! I'm supposed to just forgive all the months of lies and the feeling that you were spiting me by hooking up with not just Theresa, but the woman who threw herself down a flight of stairs just so she could frame me for her baby's death? All so she could get me out of the picture? I mean, have you completely lost your mind, Daniel?

DANIEL: Jenn, I thought we were past all this stuff with Nicole.

JENNIFER: Well, we would have been if you hadn't moved her in and made out like you were the hot new couple of Salem.

DANIEL: Okay, it's not like we were out all over town parading this great romance in your face or anything, but we had--

JENNIFER: You had to make it convincing. I know.

Jennifer cools off a bit before continuing.

JENNIFER: Look, I want to forgive you, I really do. I mean, you did all this for all the right reasons. But you hurt me so much for so long, Daniel. It's been too long, it's too late. I'm sorry.

Daniel stands back. He looks at the ceiling and tries to breathe, as Jenn walks out, fighting back tears that have come back. As Jenn closes the door behind her, she breaks down in tears. Inside, Daniel can be heard, throwing a small vase of flowers across the room, shattering them. He screams out in pain.

DANIEL: Dammit!

Jenn can hear him from outside, as she sobs, slowly breaking down in tears against his door.


Sami stands in Nicole's office doorway, arms folded. Nicole is behind her desk. Irritated that Sami is there at all.

NICOLE: Security needs to be tightened around here, I think.

SAMI: Probably. I mean, how'd you get in here, anyway?

NICOLE: My God, you're hilarious! You should take that show on the road.

Nicole stands up from her chair, pauses a moment, waiting for Sami to say something. When she doesn't, she gestures in confused frustration.

NICOLE: What exactly are you doing here anyway?

SAMI: I've come to give you a warning.

NICOLE: Oh this oughta be good.

Nicole sits back down in her office chair, throws her hands out the sides, with a ready smile.

NICOLE: Alright, Sami. Let me have it.

Sami begins to slowly walk towards Nicole's desk, pointing her finger at Nicole angrily.

SAMI: You can make light of this all you want, but you're the reason my brother's out of the priesthood, and you know it.

NICOLE: Oh here we go--

SAMI: You manipulated him into this. That's all you've been doing this entire year. And now you're here, sitting back all smug and satisfied, because you finally got what you wanted. But I'm here to tell you, Nicole. That's not gonna last. Your true colours are gonna come out real soon, and my brother's gonna see you for the cold-hearted bitch you really are.

Sami is now leaning against Nicole's desk, shooting daggers at Nicole. Nicole still sits back in her chair, appearing unfazed. She slowly begins to clap as loud as possible.

NICOLE: Bravo, Sami! Bravo! What a performance. But it's not gonna make me crack. And your brother is mine. And that's how it's gonna stay. Got it?


Lucas steps into Club TBD. He sits down at a table with work files. Sheryl walks in not long after. She spots Lucas and smiles broadly at him. Lucas nods to her formally, with his usual slightly annoyed look. Sheryl isn't sure how to respond, but approches him anyway after ordering herself a coffee.

SHERYL: Lucas! How are you?

LUCAS: Sheryl.

SHERYL: Lucas. What's...what's going on? Why are you so...uptight?

LUCAS: Is that really any way to talk to your boss, Sheryl?

SHERYL: Lucas, what's up with you?

LUCAS: Look, I don't think...

Lucas realizes he's doing exactly what Kate told him not to do and begins to backtrack.

LUCAS:(begins speaking quietly) I don't think we should be quite so...open about spending time together. People might talk, okay?

SHERYL: O...kay?

LUCAS: Look, I just...I don't want to rock the boat, okay? You're new, I want everyone to be comfortable with you at work. I don't want people spreading any gossip, you know?

SHERYL: That's really sweet of you, but everyone's been more than gracious at work.

LUCAS: Well, that's good to hear.

Lucas looks back at his paperwork, Sheryl's brow furrows at his inattentiveness. She sits down in response, looking Lucas straight in the eye, trying to catch his attention.

SHERYL: Hello? Earth to Lucas. What's bugging you? I can totally tell something's up.

Lucas thinks back to Kate informing him of Sheryl's true identity. He snaps back to reality.

LUCAS: Alright. I'll tell you. It's you.


Gabi is sitting on a park bench alone, thinking on her nightmares about Nick, flashing back to the night he attempted to rape her. She gets incredibly tense at the thought of it, and at that same moment, a hand rests on her shoulder. Gabi is jolted back to reality and is shocked.

GABI: NICK! Get off me!

Gabi blurts this out, not realizing who's behind her is actually Nick. Nick is shocked by Gabi's outburst. Gabi looks his way, terror in her eyes.




written by A. Washington-Beeby

story consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & ML Cooks

Daniel stands up from his desk, he's at a bit of a loss for words after Jennifer reveals she knows what happened the night of Theresa's OD.

DANIEL: Now wait...just...what did JJ tell you happened that night?

Jenn steps into the office and sits down in the chair in front of Daniel.

JENNIFER: Well...I know you helped my son. And for that I'm grateful. You did such a wonderful thing helping him out, especially considering how awful he's been to you.

DANIEL: Jenn, it was the right thing to do. And JJ was in a lot of pain--

JENNIFER: You don't need to explain anything. I get it. What I don't get is why you had to lie to me about it.

DANIEL: Lied...Jennifer, I mean. We had to do it to protect JJ.

JENNIFER: From the judge, yes. But you didn't have to hide the truth from me. Here I am thinking you slept with Theresa for months. And that you did it to spite me, I mean...did you think I couldn't be trusted to protect my son?

DANIEL: Jenn, come on. You couldn't know or you'd be forced to live a giant lie until JJ's hearing was over. The chances we'd be caught? I mean--

JENNIFER: I could have dealt with that. I could have handled pretending. We could have made it work, together, but...

Jenn begins to cry, choked up thinking over the last few months. Dan puts a hand on her shoulder. Jenn brushes it off.

JENNIFER: No, Daniel.

DANIEL: Jenn, I...I just wanted to protect JJ, and no one could know that I didn't sleep with Theresa.

JENNIFER: I know. It had to look convincing. But that doesn't excuse it. And then...taking up with Nicole? I mean--

DANIEL: I thought you'd forgiven Nicole. I mean, Jenn...we weren't together.

JENNIFER: Wait, what are you saying?

DANIEL: Okay. Jenn, Nicole and I...we were never together. That was all a lie to help Eric.

JENNIFER: I don't believe this. Are you serious right now?




Marlena, Hope, and Kim step into the Brady Pub, where Eric and Caroline are discussing Eric's departure from the church. Caroline is visibly disappointed by the news, but her face brightens immediately upon seeing her daughter, Kim.


KIM: Mom!

Caroline totters over to her daughter, giving her a big hug. Their joy surprises some of the bar patrons surrounding them, but neither really pay any mind. They separate and Caroline looks behind Kim, half-expecting other family members to follow.

CAROLINE: Is Shane with you?

KIM: No, Ma. (sighs) Shane's actually off with Bo, and John right now.

CAROLINE: Oh! Well, then he'll be along later.

Caroline stops for a second, realizing what she's said. Kim reminds her before she has a chance to react.

KIM: They're not here either, Ma. Remember? Bo and John are in Europe, doing undercover work.

CAROLINE: I knew it the moment it came out of my mouth, too.

Caroline shakes her head, and Kim puts a hand on Caroline's shoulder. Caroline puts her hand atop Kim's.

CAROLINE: Now! What are you doing back? Is my granddaughter in trouble again?

KIM: (laughing) No, thankfully, no! I'm actually back for...let's call it an extended vacation.

CAROLINE: What? Where are you staying?

KIM: Oh I've just got my things checked in at the Salem Inn. I didn't want to impose or anything.

CAROLINE: Nonsense, I'll fix you a room upstairs. With Shane away, you need to be around your family.

KIM: That's sweet, Ma. But it's not neccessary. I'm going to be looking for an apartment of my own here in Salem while I'm in town.

CAROLINE: You're planning to be here that long, hm?

KIM: Well, I'm on sabbatical from work back in LA, and I think, considering all the things that have happened this year...this is a really chance to maybe reconnect with Theresa, and sort through some of our issues.

Kim looks to her mother hopefully. No one else in the room appears as hopeful as her, however.


Theresa steps fresh from the shower, wearing only a towel. She steps into the living room when she hears the ring of her doorbell.

THERESA: Coming!

Theresa steps over to the peephole and a huge smile appears on her face. She opens the door, revealing Brady on the other side.

THERESA: Well, hey, stranger.

BRADY: Hello to you too. I brought you a little something.

Brady holds up a shopping bag to a high-end boutique. Theresa's face brightens up even more.

THERESA: Are you serious?

BRADY: Very serious.

Brady scrunches his face up, making Thersa laugh out loud. She leans over to give Brady a kiss, then pulls back, leaning sensually against the doorframe.

THERESA: I think I know exactly how to repay you for your generosity.

Theresa drops her towel, all the while looking intesnely into Brady's eyes, before she grabs the back of his head and kisses him deeply. They close the door to her apartment.


Nicole steps back into her office, exhausted. She walks over to her desk and sets herself down behind it in her chair. Pulling out the big brown enveloped containing Percy's story, she rolls her eyes and pulls open the drawer on the lower right hand side, revealing her other big brown envelope: the one containing the evidence against Kristen and Dr. Chyka. Nicole is reminded of her glee at finding the documents, but also her denial of having found them. She holds up the envelope as she thinks back, before putting in Percy's file, then Eric's file into the drawer and closing it. She's racked with guilt and it's written all over her face.

NICOLE: Dammit. Eric doesn't deserve this. Or me.

Sami steps into Nicole's office at this same moment.

SAMI: Well, for once we agree on something.

Nicole is shocked at first, then visibly irritated by Sami's arrival.


Victor steps into Miles' office. He looks typically displeased, and catches Miles off guard with his presence. Miles immediately sets the phone he'd just picked up back on its receiver awkwardly. Victor intimidates him.

MILES: Mr. Kiriakis!

VICTOR: So! Did you do what I asked?

MILES: I certainly did, Mr. Kiriakis. We've got our best investigative reporter on the case. I have no doubt she's going to make this story out exactly how you hoped.

VICTOR: It damn well better. Because if there's one thing we need, it's the public supporting us, and not some owl-watching kook from Dulwich.


Nick walks into his apartment, on his phone to Percy.

NICK: So how'd it go with the interview?


Percy paces his cabin, sipping on tea.

PERCY: Swimmingly, I must say. Ms. Walker was reluctant at first to partake in this investigation, but I was charming and convincing.


NICK: Excellent. Look, I need to know what the name of that company is that's doing the oil sands project. I figure if I research them, we can figure out who's behind it. I'm pretty sure there's a larger, more established company behind this.


PERCY: Oh I'm quite certain, myself. Let's see.

Percy heads to his fridge and pulls a business card from it. He puts on his reading glasses and studies the card thoroughly.

PERCY: It reads "EnerNext"


Nick sits down at his computer, still on the phone. He hastily types in the name.

NICK: EnerNext...alright. I'm gonna look this up, and I'll give you a call back, okay? I have a strange feeling about this.


PERCY: Indeed, Nicholas. I look forward to hearing back.


NICK: Okay, bye.

Nick hangs up and begins to relaly focus on his computer. He studies the search results before stumbling on a link near the bottom of the results page tht catches his eye.

NICK: Well, well. What is this?...

The link connects to a news story from an international business site on EnerNext.

NICK: (mumbling to himself) EnerNext today entered a multi-billion-dollar deal with Greek-American firm Titan Industries. The deal will see thousands of high-paying new jobs created in the energy sector in the upper midwest near Titan's Salem headquarters.

Nick looks up from his computer, a knowing smile crosses his smarmy face.

NICK: Gotcha!




written by A. Washington-Beeby

story consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & ML Cooks

Daniel sits at his desk at University Hospital. He is reading over some reports, and studying them intensely when a knock at his door breaks his concentration. He looks over to the door.

DANIEL: Come in!

Jennifer steps into the room, a morose expression on her face. Daniel is surprised to see her, but, seeing her face, isn't sure he really wants to see her right now. After a second, he finally speaks up.

DANIEL: Jennifer.

JENNIFER: Daniel. We really need to talk.

DANIEL: Uh, sure. Um...have a seat.

Daniel scrambles to put away his work to give Jenn his full attention. Jenn walks over quickly and sits down on the other side of Daniel's desk.

DANIEL: So...what's going on?

JENNIFER: Look...maybe this isn't the best place to do this--

DANIEL: No. No, Jenn. There's no time like the present. It's my office so we have some privacy if that's what you need, so...what's up?

JENNIFER: JJ. He told me everything.

DANIEL: Everything about...?

JENNIFER: About the night Theresa OD'd. I know what happened, Daniel.

Daniel's shocked and doesn't know how to react to Jenn's news.


Sami passes by Nick, Will and Sonny in Horton Town Square, just as Sonny and Nick shake hands. Sami is outraged.

SAMI: What in the hell is going on here?




SAMI: I asked you a question.

Sonny and Nick end their handshake, while Will walks over to try to calm Sami down.

WILL: Okay, Mom. Just...relax, okay? Nick, Sonny, and I, we're just...we're calling a cease fire. We figure, the best way to move forward is just...for everyone to get along.

Sami looks at Will like he has three heads.

SAMI: Is there something wrong with the air in that apartment? I swear, it's making everyone in there lose any shred of common sense they ever had.

NICK: Sami, all I'm trying to do is--

SAMI: Change! CHANGE! Change! Yes! I know! You're trying to make a fresh start, a change. I swear, you're starting to sound like the homeless man on the streetcorner, you talk about change so much!

NICK: Well, I can't exactly do that unless people give me a chance, now will I?

SAMI: We all have. We've given you so many chances, and you used those chances to try to ruin Will's life. So yeah, maybe I'm not exactly so open to Nick Fallon Version, what is it? 3.0? 4.0? Deluxe Edition, perhaps?

SONNY: Sami. Please. Just calm down. Okay? Look, come by later on and we can talk about this, okay?

Will pulls Sami aside to say something to her away from Nick's ear.

WILL: (just above a whisper) Please, Mom. We'll have some...good news to share with you as well. Okay?

SAMI: (breathes) Okay, fine. But this better be good.

WILL: Promise.

SAMI: Okay.

Sami turns to Sonny, who smiles and nods to her. After a moment, she breathes again. She addresses the group.

SAMI: Look, I gotta get back to work. You boys have a good afternoon. Nick.

Sami gives Will and Sonny quick goodbye kisses and walks away. She stops around the corner, and looks back over to Nick, Will, and Sonny, who are still talking.

SAMI: Either something's going on, or my son's brain's fallen right out of his head.


Percy is incredulous at Nicole's veiled rejection of his story.

PERCY: What do you mean 'if'?

NICOLE: I mean, seriously, this is a nonstory. I mean, come on, we see this all the time. Some big company comes in and buys up all the land for cheap and drives all the weirdo nature people out, people complain, and then people get over it when the money and the jobs start coming in.

PERCY: I beg your pardon?

NICOLE: My point is, considering how bad the economy is, and how few new jobs are available in Salem right now, how can you justify being so hostile to this project?

PERCY: It's quite simple, really. We will be ruining the community if this project goes ahead. Why, the air quality alone will be enough to kill all the native wildlife, or at the very least drive them away. This area is such a unique gem. So many beautiful, graceful creatures call this land home. And that, my dear, is more important to me than any oil sands.

Nicole sits, unmoved by Percy's speech.

NICOLE: Then volunteer for Greenpeace and chain yourself to a tree.

PERCY: I do believe you misunderstand how important this is to the community.

NICOLE: Okay, convince me.

PERCY: The entire west end of the city will be completely devastated by the project. Cancer-causing pollutants in the air. In a few years, you will all see the brightness and prosperity of the moment be swallowed up by the heavy toll and looming miasma of death. And naturally, the rich and powerful in the east end will be spared the indignity of this peril.

Percy's intense monologue causes Nicole to react only with a raised eyebrow and vague interest. She sits, arms folded on the table.

NICOLE: That was great. What was that? Shakespeare?

PERCY: I am serious, Miss Walker. You cannot take this lightly. You must look into this, if not for me, for the community at large.

Nicole holds up her hands in defeat. Something tells her she can't in good conscience ignore Percy's plea.

NICOLE: Alright. Alright. Fine. I'll make you a deal. I will research this story. If I dig up anything worthwhile, I'll proceed with an on-camera interview. But that's all I promise.

PERCY: I shall accept this offer.

Percy holds out his hand to Nicole. Nicole reluctantly shakes his.

NICOLE: I better not regret this.


Kate stands up from her desk, in complete disbelief at Roman's refusal to arrest Jordan and Sheryl.

KATE: You have got to be joking.

ROMAN: I'm not! There are absolutely no grounds to arrest Kaylie Matthews or Siobhan McKinnon at this moment.

KATE: They firebombed a bank. They're wanted terrorists!

ROMAN: You clearly didn't read the whole story on them, did you?

KATE: What are you talking about? I had those two looked into with a fine tooth comb.

ROMAN: Well, if your guy was worth a quarter of his rate, you'd know that Kaylie and Siobhan were brought in, and acquited due to the nature of their arrests during the G8 protests. The police contravened the law in their arrests, and everyone involved was set free.

Kate shakes her head at the news.

KATE: Damn it all. And damn that hack Ortiz. I swear to God you can't find a good PI these days.

Roman stands up to stop Kate from grabbing her phone to contact Ortiz.

ROMAN: Now, Kate. I never said this was over. We all know they're guilty. And I can guarantee those two are in Salem for a reason. We just need to figure out what they're up to before they strike again.

KATE: Well how in the hell are we supposed to do that, Roman?

ROMAN: I'm gonna make a call to some guys at the FBI. I'll get back to you on this.

Roman starts to head for the door. He turns around and points to Kate to ask her something.

ROMAN: Does anyone else know anything about this?

KATE: Only Lucas. Sami thinks she does, but I didn't tell her anything.

ROMAN: Okay. Well, keep it that way until we meet. Keep your phone on you, I wanna meet with you and Lucas at the station as soon as I hear from these FBI guys. Got it?

KATE: Got it.

ROMAN: I'll see you later.

Kate sighs heavily, arms folded. She slumps into her chair, shaking her head.

KATE: Dammit, Jordan. What the hell are you planning?




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Abby fidgets awkwardly at her desk, pretending to organize files to distract from her nervousness at Jenn's invasive line of questioning.

ABBY: You don't believe me? I mean, Mom, why would I lie? I'm fine! I swear!

JENNIFER: And so that's why you just moved the same file folder to one side of your desk and back twice?

Abby stops and looks up at her mother with a hint of irritation. She drops the file on her desk and folds her arms.

ABBY: You know, you and JJ have been on my case for awhile now about something being wrong with me. Ever since Chad left for Boston. I am fine.

As Abby rants, Jenn looks toward the closet Abby stood before as Jenn walked in. Sensing something's up, Jenn slowly walks toward the closet. Inside the closet, sensing Jenn's been around for too long, EJ makes a quick decision and calls Abby's phone.

ABBY: And Mom, I really don't appreciate you coming here and lecturing me about something that isn't going wrong in my Mom what are you doing?

Before Jenn can reply, Abby's cell phone rings. Incoming call from EJ. Abby is concerned, but quickly clues in to what he's doing.

ABBY: (into phone) Hello?

EJ doesn't answer, Abby waits a second before responding.

ABBY: (into phone) Oh! Yes, send them in!

Abby hangs up and walks over to Jenn just before she opens the closet door.

ABBY: Mom. I have a very important meeting coming up in a sec. They're heading in now.

JENNIFER: Oh? What's it about?

ABBY: It's the man from the...uh...digitization company. They're teaching me how to properly...digitize the files. That's why I was so nervous. It's a really big deal.

JENNIFER: Oh! Well, that's great, Honey. I'll just...see myself out then.

Jenn gives Abigail a big hug at the door, which Abigail has propped open so Jenn can leave.

JENNIFER: I'll see you at home later tonight. I have a date with Liam.

ABBY: Ooo! Have fun!

JENNIFER: Thanks! See you later!

ABBY: Bye!

Abigail slumps in her chair, as though all the tension in the room just disappeared. EJ hears the door close and peeks his head out from the closet.

EJ: Is it safe?

Abby nods. EJ emerges. He adjusts his tie and heads for the door.

EJ: You and I need to find a better place to have a chat.

EJ closes the door to the records room and checks both ways before making his way down the hallway like nothing ever happened. Abby remains slumped in her chair, taking in the scene that just took place in her new office. Slowly, a smile crosses her face.

ABBY: Well, can't say my Monday morning was dull!




Marlena and Hope are standing outside The Brady Pub, Marlena places her hands on Hope's. She gives Hope some comforting words on her husband Bo.

MARLENA: You know...the way they're talking in the letter, I have a feeling that they may be coming home real soon.

A voice is heard from the alley behind them.

KIM: If ONLY I were as sure as you, Marlena.

Marlena and Hope turn quickly to see who's talking. Kim looks back, and has a look of uncertainty on her face. She slowly approaches as Marlena and Hope's faces light up, seeing their friend again.

MARLENA: Kim! Oh my, it's been so long!

Marlena and Kim hug warmly. Kim is subdued, mostly because in sadness thanks to Shane's absence. Kim then hugs Hope, whom Kim hugs longer, in more of a hug of comfort.

KIM: Ohhhh honey. I am so sorry, Hope. Look. Maybe I...spoke too harshly, but...I really am worried about how long Shane, and Bo, and John will be away. Come on, let's go inside and talk.

Kim takes Marlena and Hope's hands and walk into the pub.


Sonny, Will & Nick are at Horton Town Square. Nick has just made his presence known, startling Will & Sonny. Sonny stands in front of Will, as if to protect him from Nick.

SONNY: Nick. What do you want?

NICK: Nothing. I was just....out....minding my own business.

SONNY: And you decided to just come bother the gays? How thoughtful of you!

NICK: (laughs) Wow! You are way too worried about nothing. Seriously. I just came to say 'hi!'

SONNY: Hi. And Bye, Nick.

WILL: Sonny, Sonny. Come on.

Sonny looks to Will and takes a step back.

WILL: Look, Nick. I know you want to make a change and try to start your life over.

NICK: Thank you, Will for acknowledging that--

WILL: But. You're going to have to remember something. Okay? It's going to take some of us some time to get over what you've done. You can't just...expect people to come to your side right away.

NICK: Look, all I'm asking for is a chance to prove myself to you.

WILL: And we'll give you that. But in the meantime, you have got to give us the space to see for ourselves.

Nick takes a second to ponder it. Will turns to Sonny, and puts his hands on Sonny's shoulders.

WILL: (softly) Remember what we talked about. Keep it cool. Got it.

Sonny nods reluctantly. Will turns back to Nick.

WILL: Look, just...give us some time. I think we can all make this work. Okay?

NICK: Alright, man. And thank you.

SONNY: Don't thank us yet, just...just keep working on that new life. Alright?

Sonny holds out his hand to Nick. Nick shakes Sonny's hand. At the same moment, Sami passes by, witnessing the handshake. She's incredulous.


Percy lets Nicole into his cottage. Nicole is immediately hit with the smell of old pine. She wrinkles her nose a bit, usure what to make of her surroundings. Percy pulls out a chair for her.

PERCY: Have a seat, my dear.

NICOLE: Oh, oh thank you.

Nicole sits down, pulling out the orange envelope containing the files on the story. Percy sits down at the other side of the dining room table.

NICOLE: So...I assume someone contacted you previously about this...story.

PERCY: Indeed. And I am positively chuffed that someone of your stature in the business has chosen to take me up on this story.

NICOLE: Yeah, well. Don't...chuff yourself too much. Not so soon, anyway. I don't know whether or not this story's even worth going ahead with.

Percy is surprised and disappointed.


Roman looks over the file folder Kate's handed him on Jordan and Sheryl. He studies the pictures and the article carefully. He looks up at Kate and nods.

ROMAN: Yeah, I remember these two. Kaylie Matthews and Siobhan McKinnon.

KATE: Bingo. And they're in Salem, masquerading as Jordan Ridgeway and Sheryl Conners, planning God knows what!

ROMAN: Now, Kate--

KATE: The question is, Roman: What are you going to do about it? Are you going to arrest them?

ROMAN: Absolutely not.

Kate is shocked and outraged by Roman's firm refusal.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Sami won't take no for an answer, and continues to prod Kate for information on Jordan.

SAMI: Come on, Kate. You can't leave me in the dark about this.

KATE: Ohh yes I can. In fact, I consider it my responsibility to keep you in the dark about this, because until this information is public, I cannot run the risk of you shooting your mouth off to anyone in the heat of the moment...

SAMI: Hey--

KATE: ...Which you are rather infamous for, even you will admit.

Sami glares at Kate, not willing to admit Kate's right, but knowing she probably is. Roman knocks on Kate's door at this moment, pushing open the door, which is already slightly ajar.

ROMAN: You don't have a secretary anymore?

KATE: Don't ask.

Roman raises his hands as he steps in.

ROMAN: I won't. Hey Sami.

Sami hesitates to leave. Kate motions her to the door. Sami knows Kate won't talk for now, and grabs her things to leave Kate's office.

SAMI: Fine, Kate. But remember something. I was married to Rafe. And despite what you might think, I want him to be happy more than anything else. If you change your mind, call me.

Sami walks out, putting her hand on her dad's shoulder as she steps out. Roman closes the door behind her.

ROMAN: Alright, Kate. What's this all about? And it better be good.




Jennifer stands in the doorway of Abby's makeshift office, looking at Abby, who is leaning against the closet door. Jenn already feels like something's going on. Little does she realize EJ is hiding in the closet.

JENNIFER: That's an awfully wide grin for someone who's been so moody lately.

ABBY: Oh my GOSH, Mom. Can you believe it? They gave me my own little office so I could work on the digitization project in peace!

Abby runs over to Jennifer and gives her a happy hug. Mid-hug, you can see Abby's eyes pop out of her head, worried about her mother's presence, unsure how to allay her suspicion (which, by the look on Jenn's face, it hasn't.)

Once they separate from the hug, Jenn pulls the papers from her bag, and looks around the room, hoping to find some sort of clue as to what's going on.

JENNIFER: Uh...yeah. Great, honey. Uhmmm...look. Sweetheart, Anne brought these for you. Some sort of thing about your new assignment. I think it's the confirmation of your usage of the records room as office space or something.

Abby takes the papers and looks them over hastily, grabbing a pen from her desk.

ABBY: Oh, great.

As Abby's about to sign, Jenn is confused that Abby isn't even really looking it over.

JENNIFER: Abigail, are you going to read that over first?

ABBY: What, mom? I believe you.

JENNIFER: Yeah, but I taught you better than to sign something without reading it over first. Especially something from Anne Milbauer.

Jennifer pauses, scans the room again quickly. Abby is on pins and needles, hoping Jenn doesn't think to look in the closet.

JENNIFER: You want me to leave, don't you?

ABBY: NO! Mom I don't, I just...I have a lot of work to get to.

JENNIFER: Yeah. Right. So why don't I believe you?

Abby looks incredibly uncomfortable now, unsure how to respond.


Percy stands in the doorway of his cottage in the woods. He is in a passionate debate with a 30-something man in a suit. The man represents a real estate company and Percy is enraged by his presence.

PERCY: I have resided at this abode for many a year, and purchased it with the express intent of leaving it to my grandchildren, so they may learn to enjoy the wildlife as I have. There is no question of sale for any price.

AGENT: Uh...but...sir. I mean, you'd be ....you'd be a fool to turn down a million bucks for a place like this...I mean...it's....not exactly the Ritz-Carlton.

PERCY: Good sir. If I have designs on emulating the Ritz-Carlton, one would assume I would take a somewhat more urban surrounding, no?

The estate agent looks back at Percy, completely dumfounded.

AGENT: $1 Million. Final offer.

PERCY: I would tell you what you could do with your million dollars, sir. However, I don't use that kind of language. Good day!

Percy slams the door in the agent's face, shaking his head at his persistance. Moments later, Percy gets a knock on the door. He turns around in anger and throws the door open, ready for a fight.

PERCY: I thought I told you a million times, NO SALE! Oh...

Nicole stands on the other side of the door, a look of confusion and terror on her face.

NICOLE: Nicole Walker. Titan TV?

Percy steps back, slightly embarrassed.


Will and Sonny walk hand in hand through Horton Town Square. Some people stare, some grimace, most just ignore them and carry about their business. They're headed to the Brady Pub to meet with the family regarding their engagement.

SONNY: So? How you feeling about this?

WILL: I'm....actually really nervous!

SONNY: Seriously? Why?

WILL: It's just...I mean, marriage is different from being in a relationship, right? People are generally cool with that, but...marriage has been such a touchy thing lately.

SONNY: Yeah but...you know, that's changing fast. I mean....look at some of the people staring at us right now.

As Sonny points it out, at least a couple people look away quickly. Will looks all around.

WILL: I don't get what that meant...besides making me self-conscious?

SONNY: (with a laugh) No, like...what I mean is, even a few years ago, I couldn't have walked through town square hand in hand without everyone fixated on us, and people making rude comments. Things, they're changing, Will. Every day. And part of it is us. We're helping change it. Just remember that.

Sonny leans in and kisses Will, and they embrace, unaware of who's behind them.

NICK: Remember what?

Sonny and Will are startled out of their hug, and turn to face Nick, obviously displeased by his presence.


Marlena and Hope walk out of the Brady Pub together, with Eric remaining inside for the moment. Hope is still feeling lousy over Bo's continued absence. Marlena puts her arm around Hope's shoulders in comfort.

MARLENA: You know what?

HOPE: What?

MARLENA: I have a feeling about Bo, and John, and Shane.

HOPE: Oh you do?

MARLENA: Well, to be fair, John sent me a letter. Abe gave it to me last night.

HOPE: Oh really? I figured with all the divorce proceedings he was...you know...uninterested.

MARLENA: Well...we'll have to see about that divorce.

Hope cracks a smile at the news.

HOPE: Does this mean what I think it means?

MARLENA: Well...we'll have to see. Basically, I'm willing to give it another try if he is. And that letter gives me hope that...John may have finally come to terms with what happened with Kristen.

HOPE: Well, I'd hate see Kristen win anything out of all this mayhem she caused. I've got my fingers crossed. Now...what about this feeling?

MARLENA: Well...the way they're talking in the letter, I have a feeling that they may be coming home real soon.

A voice is heard from the alley behind them.

KIM: If ONLY I were as sure as you, Marlena.

Marlena and Hope turn quickly to see who's talking. Kim looks back, and has a look of uncertainty on her face.


Kate paces back and forth as she begins to tell her story to Roman.

KATE: Well, first thing's first...I'm sure you've met Rafe's physiotherapist, Jordan Ridgeway.

ROMAN: That I have, and I think she's a mighty sweet girl.

Kate stops her pacing momentarily and rolls her eyes at Roman's statement. She carries on pacing as she begins to speak again.

KATE: Well, first thing I need to tell you, you have to keep quiet about for various reasons that are not relevant.

ROMAN: Alright, you have my word.

KATE: Great. You see, I hired Jordan to care for Rafe as a sort of...shall we say, a donation to the hospital. Everything was approved by Kayla, there's no funny business going on there.

ROMAN: Alright, but what's the problem then?

KATE: The problem is, I started to look into this woman. At first I'll admit, I was just being nosy and she wasn't exactly warm to me, but then I found Jordan to be incredibly shady about the details of her past. Or indeed any of her past because, according to my PI, she didn't exist before three years ago.

ROMAN: Alright. But I don't see anything wrong with someone changing their name. What's this got to do with me?

Kate comes around the other side of the desk and sits down on the edge of her desk. She grabs the file containing her and Sheryl's mugshot and the accompanying newspaper clipping.

KATE: A lot, when you're dealing with a pair of international fugitives.



Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Jennifer turns the handle to the records room, startling EJ and Abby, causing them to reclothe hastily. Jennifer is about to step in when a voice calls out her name.

LIAM: Jennifer!

Jennifer is pleased to see Liam, and her long face brightens up when she does.

JENNIFER: Liam! HI! How are you?

Jenn leans in and hugs Liam. Liam graciously kisses Jenn's hand. Jennifer is charmed, giving a muted smile.

LIAM: M'lady. I am well. What about you? You seem a little less...yourself than usual.

JENNIFER: Oh, it's...nothing. I just...I found out something about a friend and I need to go talk with him about it.

LIAM: Daniel, isn't it?

JENNIFER: (sighing) Yeah. Anyway, it's no big deal, I'm not going to let him ruin my day.


Inside Abby's office, EJ and Abby are panicked.

ABBY: (whispering) Your shirt. Here!

Abby throws EJ his shirt, he catches it and throws it on, while simultaneously trying to put his pants back on.

ABBY: (whispering) Can you fix my zipper, I can't reach--

EJ: Here, here, here.

EJ grabs her zipper, struggling to keep his pants from falling down.


LIAM: Well good, because I happen to be of the opinion that your day is about to get a whole lot brighter.


LIAM: Yes. I have taken it upon myself to reserve a quiet table for two at Chez Rouge for 8pm. Would that sound good to you?

JENNIFER: I think that is just what I needed.

LIAM: Excellent. Pick you up at 7:30?

JENNIFER: Absolutely, mi lord! (laughing)


Abby looks frantically around for a place to hide EJ. She points to the closet behind her.

ABBY: (whispering) Quick! In the supply closet. Fast, she's coming.

EJ runs into the supply closet, still buttoning up his shirt.


LIAM: Fantastic. Just keep that smile on your face for tonight. Look forward to it.

JENNIFER: Me too. Bye!

With a fresh smile on her face, Jenn steps into the records room, where Abby's makeshift office is located. She steps in just as Abigail shuts the door to the supply closet EJ is stashed in. Abby has a wide, awkward grin on her face as she stands right in front of the closet.


Jennifer is immediately suspicious.




Hope stands by the booth that Eric, Marlena, and Roman are sitting in. Roman motions for her to join them.

ROMAN: Come on, Hope. I think we need to have a talk about Bo for a sec.

HOPE: I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound so hostile.

MARLENA: Oh don't even think that. Look, honey, I know what you and Ciara are going through right now. It's awful. I can tell she's really having a hard time. But you are strong enough. And you have friends and family that'll help you get through until Bo's back.

ROMAN: Marlena's right. We all know Bo's working real hard to take down the DiMeras, and it's all to protect you and Ciara and Shawn D. You know how many years we been trying to take them down.

Hope's a bit exasperated, hearing the same things over and over.

HOPE: I know! I know I know I know. I understand it, especially being a cop and having gone undercover before. I know why he's doing this, I just...I just miss him. I don't get why he couldn't find SOME way to come home, even for Christmas. Something.

ERIC: Aunt Hope, I know he'll be back soon. Just...trust God's will is to see him back home to you. Safe and sound.

HOPE: I wish I had your faith. Truth is, I don't know if he's ever coming back.


Sami gets off the elevator at Titan HQ, making a beeline for Kate's office. She looks momentarily for Kate's secretary, before shrugging and charging into Kate's office. She's in a panicked fury, and shocks Kate with her brusque arrival.

SAMI: Think you're gonna throw us under the bus so soon, hm?

Kate, shocked and completely confused, gets up from her chair and folds her arms.

KATE: Sami, what in the hell are you talking about?

SAMI: I'm talking about the desperate phone calls you've been making to my father, demanding that he meet with you ASAP.

KATE: They have absolutely nothing to do with you or Nick Fallon, if that's what you're wondering.

Sami takes her purse off her shoulder and sits down in the office chair on the other side of Kate's desk.

SAMI: Oh yeah, then what is it?

KATE: It's none of your business, actually.

SAMI: So it's about Rafe and his pod woman, then?

Kate doesn't respond, but raises her eyebrows, insisting that she's saying nothing to Sami on the subject.

SAMI: It IS, isn't it? She's totally a serial killer hiding out, isn't she? I KNEW it! Nobody has that little personality, and I could tell those glasses weren't perscription, I mean--

KATE: SAMI! Enough! I am not getting into this with you. Not now.

Sami folds her arms and gives Kate an "I know I'm right" look.

KATE: I can't prove a damn thing about Jordan, and if I do know something, I really don't think you're the person I want to turn to first, considering how well you've handled this Nick situation so far.

SAMI: What do you mean by that? I handled that the best way I knew how.

KATE: Oh right! Miss "I don't feel a pulse, he must be dead". Let me ask you, is it really that hard to find a vein on someone that skinny?

SAMI: Oh come on, that was SO not my fault. His head must have been...swollen from being hit with a boulder or...something, I don't know.

KATE: That's exactly it, Sami. You don't know. And this time, you're gonna stay out of it. Completely.


Jordan and Sheryl meet by the pier. They are both bundled up for the cold, and are shivering from it. They recognize each other and step towards each other.


SHERYL: Hey. What's going on? You seemed really tense on the phone.

JORDAN: I'm starting to worry about Kate.

SHERYL: Weren't you always worried?

JORDAN: Well, yes. But I'm getting really worried now.

SHERYL: More like paranoid. Come on, there's no way she is going to pull our faces out of all the people that were protesting at that summit.

JORDAN: Yeah, but not everyone there stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bank and got away with it. I mean, seriously? We were all over the news in Canada.

SHERYL: Yes. In Canada. Have you seen how much Canadian news gets reported here? Zero. Zilch. Unless you're the mayor of Toronto, you're basically invisible to the wider world.

Sheryl and Jordan's conversation becomes more hushed, concerned that someone could sneak up at any time and listen in on them. They huddle in closer together.

JORDAN: Well, my point is, you need to be more careful. Especially around Lucas. You can't rush into this relationship with him, or he's going to catch onto what you're really up to.

SHERYL: Oh my God, Jordan. Come on. Lucas Horton is eating from the palm of my hand already. We are going to have everything we need in no time flat. Trust me.

JORDAN: You better be right. Or we are in real big danger. And we may not be able to squirm our way out this time.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Jennifer steps off the elevator at University Hospital, making her way over to the desk at the Nurses' Station. Maxine is there to greet her.

MAXINE: Hey, honey. How are you this morning?

JENNIFER: Oh I'm alright. (sighs) Is Daniel in?

MAXINE: Yeah, I think I saw him head in early this morning. Why?

Maxine raises an eyebrow with a wry smile on her face. Jennifer shakes her head in warning.

JENNIFER: Don't get too excited, Maxine. We're not getting back together, I can guarantee you.

MAXINE: Now, come on, honey. You been saying that for weeks now. We all see how you feel about him.You gotta stop torturing yourselves like this.

JENNIFER: No, see...torture would be getting back together with him once again, only to have it fall apart again. I can't do it, Maxine. I just can't.

Jenn grabs her things and heads off, trying not to well up.

JENNIFER: If you'll excuse me.


Abigail turns to face EJ, who has just closed the door to the hospital records room, where Abby has taken up office. Abby and EJ can feel the tension between them and attempt to keep a distance.

ABBY: What do you want, EJ?

EJ: We need to talk seriously about this...thing that's going on between us.

ABBY: That's vague. I mean, come on, EJ, let's really lay this out there. We both want each other, but you're in love with Sami. I mean, everyone's only too happy to tell me about how much you love her. So tell me. Truthfully, if you love her so much, why are we sleeping together?




Eric is thoroughly exasperated with Sami's accusation directed at Nicole. Though he's doubting Nicole's motives, he isn't willing to entertain the thought that Sami might be right about her arch enemy.

ERIC: Sami, I think you better stop.

SAMI: WHY?! All Nicole wants to do is get in your pants, I don't see why I should have sugar coat it.

ERIC: SAMI, ENOUGH! Seriously!

At this moment, Roman's phone rings. It's Kate again, demanding Roman meet her immediately.

ROMAN: Kate, give me a second, okay?...It's incredibly important, yes...No I won't have time for a little bit. I'll let you know when I'm free, okay? Alright. Bye.

Roman puts down his phone. The family is suddenly hushed and paying attention. Sami's especially interested, considering her current situation with Kate, Gabi and Nick.

SAMI: What did SHE want?

ROMAN: Ahhh Kate's just freaking out about something. She really wants to tell me right away, so I told her I'd head down to the MadWorld offices soon as I can.

SAMI: Oh....geez. I...well I hope everything's okay. I should probably get going actually.

Sami gets up from her seat and grabs her purse and spring jacket. Eric gets up and Sami goes to give him a hug.

SAMI: Look, Eric. I love you, and I support whatever decision you make. Just...don't make a stupid one for the sake of...that...woman.

ERIC: I'm not. Don't worry.This decision is solely mine to make.

SAMI: Alright. I believe you. (laughs)...alright, I'll see you soon.

Sami leans over to kiss and hug Marlena & Roman.

SAMI: Bye mom, bye daddy.

ERIC: See you, Sami.

MARLENA: Goodbye, sweetheart.

ROMAN: See you in a bit, baby girl.

Sami scurries off quickly. It seems only slightly suspicious to the others, who are kind of desensitized to Sami's actions at this rate. High strung and dramatic are part and parcel of Sami Brady. Best just to get used to it.

MARLENA: (with a bit of a laugh) My God, my daughter's bullheaded sometimes.

ERIC: And easily distracted.

ROMAN: Well, when you're as busy as she is, it's not hard to understand why.

ERIC True.

Eric is served another coffee by their waitress.

ERIC: Uhhh...so? Any word from Bo yet?

ROMAN: Not quite yet. He's working with John and Shane on something though, it seems.

HOPE: Well that's more information than I've managed to get out of him. Good work, Roman.

Hope has enetered the room, still upset from Bo's phone call earlier.


Will and Sonny sit down in their living room on either side of Gabi, who is holding Ari.

WILL: Gabi, let me hold her for a sec.

GABI: No! No, Will. I want to hold her, please.

Will reaches out to take the baby from Gabi, but Gabi's protests stop him. He retreats awkwardly.

GABI: I just...holding her makes me feel...I dunno, a little safer right now.

SONNY: Okay, Gabi. What's wrong? You look so tired, you've obviously been up all night.

GABI: Well...the baby was crying...and so I got up out of bed and stayed with her.

WILL: Gabi, we're talking about your dream. What about Nick that's got you so spooked.

GABI: It's...it's nothing, he just...

Gabi darts her eyes between Will and Sonny. She gets up to put Ari back in her crib.

GABI: Look, I know you guys just want me to say something bad about him, but it's not his fault. He just...he was going through things.

SONNY: So that gives him permission to rape you?

GABI: But he didn't, Sonny!

WILL: Gabi, he tried. He scared you to the point that you hit him in the head with a rock. Obviously you felt threatened by him enough--

GABI: Yeah, but that's not the point. If I hadn't....humiliated him in Town Square like that in front of all those people NONE of this would've happened.

Sonny can't believe what he's hearing. Desperate to try to get through to Gabi, he grabs her shoulders, Gabi recoils.

SONNY: Do you hear what you're saying right now? Gabi, he assaulted you!

GABI: Get your hands off me, Sonny. (backing away) Don't touch me. Please.

SONNY: I'm sorry. But I'm worried about you. I don't want Nick to hurt you again, or Will, or Ari.

GABI: I don't think he will.

WILL: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that.


Jennifer makes a beeline for Daniel's office, but is stopped in the hallway by Anne Milbauer.

ANNE: Ohhh! How nice to see you actually at work for once.

JENNIFER: (sighing) What do you want, Anne?

ANNE: To see you working more than an hour a day, continuously, I might add, since you tend to work about two-and-a-half cumulatively, but I hardly count that--

JENNIFER: I don't have time for this.

Jenn tries to walk away, Anne grabs her shoulder to stop her.

ANNE: Woah woah woah woah not so fast, sweetie. I need you to have your sweet little doe-eyed daughter sign something for me. We're going to be publicizing the digitization of hospital records, and she's working on those as we speak.

JENNIFER: Anything else?

ANNE: No, just get it back to me right away.

Jennifer stiffens and salutes Anne mockingly.

JENNIFER: Yes, Ma'am!

ANNE: Cute. Very cute.

Anne walks away, Jennifer laughs to herself at Anne's ridiculousness, she decides to take are of the signing off right away and backtracks to Abigail's temporary office.


EJ takes a moment to think before he responds to Abigail. Abigail folds her arms in impatience.

ABBY: Well? What is it, EJ? Why does this keep happening?

EJ: Look, Abigail--

ABBY: Stop! Don't...don't feed me your spin. I think you're still channeling your inner politician. And I don't want to hear it. I want truth.

EJ: What makes you think I haven't been totally upfront with you?

ABBY: Well, I don't know. Maybe it's something to do with why I had to be kept in the dark when Nick was missing. Maybe it's because I feel like the only reason you even slept with me in the first place was to shut me up and 'WHOOPS!' you actually enjoyed yourself.

EJ: That's not what it is.

ABBY: You've said that before. I'd like to believe it. But I walk away every time EJ, and I feel cheap, and used.

EJ: I'm sorry, Abigail. I truly am--

ABBY: ...And the worst part is...I know the second you and Samantha get over whatever you've been fighting about, I'm gonna be thrown out like yesterday's trash. Won't I?

EJ's anger boils over, he turns around, upset by her accusation.

EJ: NO! No you will not, dammit. I am attracted to you. You give me something I need, and you're a beautiful girl.

ABBY: Girl. Exactly, EJ. I'm not a woman to you. Sami's a woman though, isn't she?

Abby drapes her arms around EJ's neck, leaning in closer to him.

ABBY: Sami is grown up, she's everything you want in a woman. Sami can make you feel like no one else, can she?

EJ: Abigail, I--

ABBY: Shhh. Let me ask you something.

Abigail is merely an inch from EJ's lips. She whispers sensually to him.

ABBY: What if I'm more woman than you realize?

Abigail leans in to kiss EJ. He kisses back, and the fire ignites. EJ clears off Abigail's desk, and lays her down on it.

Outside, Jennifer fumbles with her purse, searching for her keycard, finding it, she buzzes herself in and turns the handle.




written by A. Washington-Beeby

story consultant: ML Cooks

JJ steps downstairs slowly to see where his mother is. Finding her studying papers in a folder in the foyer, he makes his way down delicately.

JJ: Uh...mom?

Jennifer stops immediately and turns to JJ with a smile.

JENNIFER: JJ! Good morning!

JJ: Yeah, good morning. Look, uh...are you in a hurry or do you have time to talk?

JENNIFER: No, I've got time...but honey, if this is about Daniel again, I don't want to hear about it--

JJ: Look, it is, but it's also about me, and I think you should hear me out.


Sonny & Will wake up in each other's arms. The sunshine hits Sonny's eyes and tempts him awake. After a big yawn, Sonny stares lovingly at Will for a moment. He drinks in the sleeping face of the man he loves. Eventually, he leans over and kisses him softly on the lips, which stirs Will from his sleep.

WILL: (groaning) Is it time...wake me up later.

SONNY: Come on, you lazy bum. We got things to do.

Will scratches his eyes and tries to rouse himself. Sonny hits him with a pillow.

WILL: OW! Hey!

SONNY: Come on!

Sonny gets up out of bed and heads for the doorway.

SONNY: We have something very important to do today!

WILL: How could I forget? Half priced brunch day at the club!

Sonny shoots Will an evil eye. Will giggles.

WILL: Sorry I had to.

SONNY: You're the worst.

WILL: (still laughing) I KNOW!

Sonny leans on the bed, looking lovingly at Will.

SONNY: I cannot wait to tell everyone we know that I'm marrying the greatest, sexiest guy on the planet.

WILL: You can't marry yourself, Sonny.

Sonny rolls his eyes with a smile.

SONNY: Oh my God, that was terrible.

Sonny and Will kiss.

WILL: You love my awful sense of humour.

SONNY: You're lucky I do.

Will & Sonny emerge from their bedroom to find Gabi on the couch, wide awake, bleary-eyed, holding Ari. They're immediately concerned for her.

SONNY: Gabi! Are you alright?

Gabi continues to stare straight ahead, as though she doesn't hear them.




Brady storms into the Kiriakis mansion, cocky as hell as per usual. Victor is waiting alone in the living room, as Maggie has left upon hearing the door, hoping to give Brady and Victor some time alone to hash things out.

BRADY: Alright, Grandad. What's all the angry phone calls and threats of search parties about?

VICTOR: Gee, I dunno. Might have something to do with the business you supposedly run. And yet, here I am, doing your job for you so you can go around town sulking and drinking all day.

BRADY: How many times do I have to tell you, Grandad. I do NOT have a drinking problem.

VICTOR: You're so full of crap it's coming out your eyeballs.

Brady throws up his hands and makes his way for the door.

BRADY: I don't need to hear this--

VICTOR: Oh yes you do. The board meeting's coming up. They want to know how we're going to get out of the financial mess we've been in since you took over. I've been trying to cover for you, but you need to pull a solution out and fast.

BRADY: What do you mean by that?

VICTOR I mean Titan TV bleeding money by the week, MadWorld and that nincompoup Nick Fallon and that ridiculous computer virus that wiped out the entire fall line, the magazines are all basically kaput, and the only deal that could possibly keep us solvent is languishing on the backburner, all because we can't buy the land we need. And where the Hell is the CEO? Getting drunk at 10am.

Brady pours himself a drink as Victor rants, essentially ignoring him.

BRADY: Are you quite done?

Victor's had enough. He grabs the drink from Brady's hand and smashes it against the opposite wall.

VICTOR: If you don't clean up your act before that board meeting next week, this gravy train is gonna reach the end of the line, and it won't be turning back.


Gabi finally responds to Sonny and Will, though she continues to look straight ahead. She trembles a bit as she does.

GABI: I had a nightmare. I couldn't sleep.

Will immediately sits down beside Gabi and tries to hug her. Gabi tenses and backs away slightly, before rationality returns to her and she shakes it off.

GABI: I'm sorry. I'm just...I'm jumpy.

SONNY: I can tell. Gabi, what's bothering you.

Gabi finally snaps out of it and looks to Will and Sonny.

GABI: It was about Nick. And it's got me thinking, and I don't know what to do.


Hope stands in Town Square, face to face with Aiden. She is displeased to see him, and is fighting back tears from her conversation with Bo over the phone.

HOPE: We've got to stop meeting like this.

AIDEN: We probably do.

HOPE: Well, if you'll excuse me.

Hope goes to walk away before she starts to cry, but Aiden, after hesitating, calls out to her.

AIDEN: I really don't know if I should ask you this but....are you alright?

Hope turns around with a sour expression. Her mascara running slightly.

AIDEN: Stupid question.

HOPE: Only slightly.

AIDEN: Look, I just wanted to ask.

HOPE: Well, I appreciate it, but you've made it more than clear the only person whose pain you're concerned about is your own. Excuse me.

Hope storms off. Aiden looks dejected but as though he expected Hope's reaction.


JJ turns to Jennifer, looking her full-on. Jennifer clearly looks uncomfortable, and would rather be discussing anything else but this.

JENNIFER: Look, JJ, I told you before, I am in no mood to talk about Daniel.

JJ: Mom, I'm serious. You need to know this. It's SO important that I tell you the whole truth.

JENNIFER: What? What do you even mean, JJ?

JJ: Look, just...come to the living room with me for a sec, okay?

JENNIFER: Okay, but I'm running late so--

JJ: Mom, this is too important. It can't wait.

Jennifer throws her hands up, admitting defeat.

JENNIFER: Alright, lead the way.

JJ and Jenn walk into the living room and sit down on the sofa.

JJ: Okay...(clearing his throat), so remember the night...well...obviously you remember the night Theresa OD'd.

JENNIFER: How could I forget?

JJ: Well, you see...look, you can't....you have to promise me you won't tell anyone this, okay?

JENNIFER: Oh God, JJ. What is it?

JJ: Mom, promise me.

JENNIFER: OKAY! Okay, I will. I promise. JJ are you in trouble again?

JJ: No. Mom, I swear. I've been....100% honest with you in everything else, I just...I screwed up. Okay?

JENNIFER: What do you mean?

JJ: The night Theresa OD'd. I was there.

JENNIFER: What? JJ? What are you talking about?

JJ: Okay, Daniel....Daniel was not there with her that night. She invited me over. I was...I was into her and so I went over there. She...she told me she had this drug that she wanted to try out, but she was already wasted so she overdid it. I swear, I barely had any, but she...Theresa...she drank it all and...and fast. She passed out, and I didn't know what to do.

Jennifer is too stunned to even move. JJ just looks dead ahead, recalling the events of that night.

JJ: I just kept replaying over and over in my head....that judge. Warning me that he's going to make an example out of me. The thought of me in that prison cell. I couldn't do it. I couldn't deal with that. So I called Daniel.

JENNIFER: Daniel? Why didn't you call 911, JJ--

JJ: I couldn't. I couldn't, Mom. They would've hauled me in. Daniel came in like....5 minutes. He saved her life. He told me to leave. I wanted to help but he wouldn't let me. He insisted I keep quiet about it. Even to you, even after my sentencing he didn't want me to say anything to you in case my sentencing was reversed. But....I just couldn't keep quiet anymore.

JJ takes Jennifer's hands and looks into her eyes.

JJ: He loves you, Mom. He never slept with Theresa. He wouldn't do that.

Jennifer mulls over everything JJ's told her. She takes a deep breath and thinks before she finally speaks.

JENNIFER: My God, JJ. I just...I wish you'd told me. Why didn't you tell me?

JJ: He thought it was safer if you were called as a witness, or were questioned. It was safer to have you hate him than to have to keep this secret.

JENNIFER: I don't....I would have done it for you.

JJ: But don't you see--

JENNIFER: No, no I don't, JJ.

Jennifer's now fighting off tears, she pulls JJ in for a hug.

JENNIFER: Look, I'm so so glad you finally told me. And I know you've been trying so hard. I'm so proud of you, and how far you've come. But...I don't think there's a chance for Daniel and I anymore, even after what you just told me.

JJ: Seriously?

JENNIFER: No, honey.

Jennifer wipes away her tears and gets up, grabbing her handbag.

JENNIFER: Look, I've gotta get to the hospital.

JJ: Mom, just promise me you'll talk to him. I just want to see you happy. And I know that he made you happy.

JENNIFER: You're so sweet. But I'll be fine. With or without Daniel. I promise.

Jennifer gives JJ another big hug and sets off to work. JJ is left frustrated at home.


Abby gets off the elevator at Salem University Hospital and heads to the Nurses' Station. Picking up some files, she's spotted by Maxine, who waves to her.

ABBY: Oh, hey Maxine.

MAXINE: Hey honey, how you feeling?

ABBY: Oh, I'm alright.

MAXINE: Sure you are. By the looks of you, you have not slept a full eight hours in a week.

ABBY: You've been talking to my mom again, haven't you?

MAXINE: Now, you know your mom keeps tabs on you. She's just worried about you, that's all.

ABBY: Well, she has nothing to worry about and neither do you. But thanks.

EJ emerges from the board room, Abigail doesn't spot him as he exits from a door behind her. He lingers and feigns looking over some paperwork, but is listening in.

MAXINE: Alright. Well, look. Here's the first of the files to begin digitizing. We set you up with a temporary office by the records room so you can have some peace and quiet while you work.

ABBY: Oh my God! That's amazing!

MAXINE: You better thank your Aunt Kayla for that. She pushed for that for you.

ABBY: That's so sweet. I'll have to thank her when I see her next. Anyway, I better get to work.

MAXINE: Alright, honey. See you. And get some sleep!

Abby walks away from the Nurses Station, heading for her office. EJ quickly tucks away around a corner.

ABBY: (laughing) I will!

Abby unlocks the records room door with her keycard, and steps inside. Fully focused on the folder in front of her, she doesn't notice the door stops from fully closing by EJ, who sneaks inside behind her and closes the door behind him. His booming voice shocks Abigail.

EJ: Abigail. We need to talk, right now.



DAYS #6: Back To Work


written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Brady is heading back home from Theresa's when he receives a text from Sami that reads:

Get to the brady pub NOW!!! its important

Brady rolls his eyes at Sami's text and ignores it. He's about to put his phone away when he gets a call from Victor. He grumbles as he picks up.

BRADY: Grandad.

VICTOR: Brady Black, I was about five seconds away from calling a search party. Where in blue blazes have you been all night?

BRADY: Okay, grandad, I thought we agreed that I was going to be living alone like an adult and not having you guys keeping tabs on me.

VICTOR: Then start acting like one and do your damn job! Be here in ten minutes or I'll be signing your pink slip.

Brady responds calmly, feeling Victor is really grasping at straws now.

BRADY: You can't do that, Grandad. I'M the CEO.

VICTOR: OH? Just watch me!

Victor hangs up as Maggie walks into the Kiriakis living room where Victor is.

MAGGIE: Who was that?

VICTOR: Three guesses.

MAGGIE: Brady.

VICTOR: Dammit, Maggie. I'm so worried about him, and I feel like no matter what I do, it's the wrong thing.

MAGGIE: Maybe he needs some time away from work. Maybe...maybe you should step in and run Titan for awhile.

VICTOR: You've taken leave of your senses, woman! I want him to at least want to talk to me again before I die.

MAGGIE: Well, Victor, I don't know what to say. You let him move out, drop out of the program, I'm no longer his sponsor. Your solution to all of this seems to be to just let him do whatever he wants and not have to face his problem.

VICTOR: That's not what I'm trying to do at all. I want him to stay in charge at Titan because I thought the responsibility would be good for him...

Maggie senses a hesitation in Victor's voice. She presses on.

MAGGIE: But...?

VICTOR: Honestly? I'm not so sure anymore.




Nicole throws the envelope down on her desk in disdain. She has her hands on her hips as she stares Miles down, hoping he'll back off and give her another story.

NICOLE: What do I look like? Erin Brokovich?

MILES: Nicole! Come on! You're the perfect person for a story like this.

NICOLE: Are you kidding? What kind of television is a story like this gonna make? "Nocturnal Owl Watcher Being Forced From His Land By Big Oil!"

MILES: I don't see what the problem is! This Percy guy is quite a character. He'll be fantastic on television!

NICOLE: I thought I was working for Titan, not Greenpeace!

Nicole turns away, shaking her head, arms crossed.

MILES: Now come on, Nicole. You don't know ANYTHING about this story. Look into it. All I'm asking is that you look into it. Maybe you'll be surprised by what you come across.

NICOLE: And it's even more likely I'll wanna gouge my eyes out from boredom.

MILES: You know, you're walking on some pretty thin ice here. It's not like you have a job at the church to go back to.

Nicole's face tightens up as she realizes she's being railroaded into taking the story. She turns around quickly to face Miles.

NICOLE: I'll think about it. Now get out of my office, would you?

Miles gets up from behind Nicole's desk, holding his hands up as if to surrender.

MILES: Alright, alright! But I gotta say, you definitely have a much nicer chair than I do.

NICOLE: Office Supplier, right behind University Hospital. Get your own.

Nicole gives Miles and mocking smile as she waves him out the door.

MILES: Okay! But you give me an answer by tonight, you hear me?

NICOLE: Yeah, yeah. GOODBYE!

Nicole slumps in her chair after Miles closes the door, in disbelief at the story she's just been presented.

NICOLE: An owl watcher? Seriously, Miles?


Nick and Percy both enter the lab at MadWorld HQ, impressed by their surroundings.

NICK: HA! It's so nice to be back at work!

PERCY: I've never seen such a glorious monument to modern chemistry!

NICK: Oh trust me. You're gonna love every second of working here.

Nick places his laptop bag on a counter and pulls his laptop from his bag. Percy walks over to the same table.

NICK: Alright. So are you ready to do this?

PERCY: Ready, willing, and able!

Nick opens his laptop and begins working furiously on it, while explaining what's happening to Percy.

NICK: Alright. So first thing's first. We're gonna need to ingratiate ourselves to Kate. Make her trust us and our intentions. It's the only way we're going to be able to gain any access.

PERCY: Are you sure you'll be able to?

NICK: Well, there's two possibilities. Either I can use my savvy and get Kate to trust me, or you are gonna have to really use those investigative skills of yours and dig up something big against her. Either way, Kate Roberts will be eating from the palm of our hands.


SAMI: You cannot be serious!

ERIC: I am.

Sami is stood beside the booth at the Brady Pub where Marlena, Roman, and Eric have gathered to discuss Eric's resignation.

SAMI: They couldn't have come to a decision that fast. Are you serious? Because if they are, I am going to go down to St. Luke's and have a talk with that Father Poindexter or whatever his name is--



ERIC: Sit down and shut up for a second.

Sami frowns like a child and slumps down in the booth next to Marlena.

SAMI: Priests don't talk like that.

ERIC: I've resigned, I don't have to play nice anymore.

SAMI: That's not fair. You have to, you know, let me get used to it. Anyway, what happened?

ERIC: Well, I was just telling Mom and Dad that I had decided that it was best if I resigned. When Nicole and Daniel tracked down Dr. Chyka, they weren't able to find any evidence linking him to Kristen.

SAMI: Which means there's no evidence implicating that Kristen raped you.

Eric winces slightly at Sami's choice of words, he looks down in disappointment and in some degree, of shame.

ERIC: Exactly.

MARLENA: Wait, Eric. What do you mean?

ERIC: Well, Daniel and Nicole found out where Dr. Chyka's hideout was, and went off to find him without getting the police involved.

ROMAN: Which was stupid. Hope told me about this last night. Those two could've got themselves killed going up against that bastard by themsleves.

ERIC: I know, Dad. And I mean no disrespect, but Stefano's always had men hiding in the force. I mean, look at Benardi!

Roman shakes his head, completely understanding the situation.

ROMAN: I know, son. We've had a lot to deal with internally in the force when it comes to the DiMeras. I just...I feel like we could've done more if they'd come to us instead of going about it on their own.

MARLENA: Wait a minute. What is going on? What happened to the doctor?

ERIC: Well, Nicole was told to guard him and he escaped with the evidence.

SAMI: Of course. Of course she did.

ERIC: Sami, I don't want to hear it, okay?

SAMI: Oh come on, Eric. She's so transparent she might as well be made of plastic wrap. She knows if they don't get the evidence against Kristen, you'll be out of the priesthood, and she can't wait to pounce on you. And you know it.

Eric fights his rage at Sami's accusation, but a piece of him can't fight the sense of doubt.



written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Theresa is in bed with Brady, reaching frantically for her phone, which Brady is denying her.

THERESA: Seriously, give that back.

BRADY: Only if you promise me you won't even try to take another picture.

THERESA: FINE! Now give it back!

Brady slowly lowers his arm and hands Theresa her phone, which she snatches back brusquely.

THERESA: What the Hell was that for anyway?

BRADY: I'm gonna tell you something about me, okay? I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I run a pretty big conglomerate, okay? So everything I do outside the confines of the workplace, have to stay pretty discreet. That means no texting pictures of me naked in bed to your friends, no tweeting that we're going out or something. None of that. Because if that gets back to Titan?

THERESA:...not so good for you.

BRADY: Exactly. So you're gonna put your phone away. And...I'm gonna pretend you didn't just try to send a pic of me in your bed to your friends in LA or wherever they are.

Theresa rolls her eyes and lies back down, facing the ceiling.

THERESA: (sighing) Fine.

BRADY: Good. [pauses]...you know, I DID have a good time last night. You're pretty damned good in bed, I gotta say.

Theresa tilts her head to face Brady, not sure whether to be seductive or embarrassed.

THERESA: What can I say? I'm gifted.

BRADY: Ain't that the truth.

Brady senses a bit of tension in Theresa and snuggles in a little closer to her.

BRADY: Look, I know we started off...really icy. I was....well, a bit of a jerk--

THERESA: ...HUGE jerk.

BRADY: Huge drunken jerk. But, seriously, I was wrong. And I hope you can forgive me. And maybe we can do this again?

Theresa looks Brady over and slowly but surely, cracks a smile.



Nicole snaps out of her state of shock after dropping her coffee on the office floor. Miles gets up from his seat and checks the floor before checking Nicole.

MILES: You okay?

Nicole picks up her coffee mug. Thankfully the lid has stayed on so only a little spilt.

NICOLE: Yeah. I'm fine. Thankfully, I'm more of a mimosa girl, anyway.

MILES: Well, hold off on one of those for a bit, we need to talk.

NICOLE: Miles, I told you, I'm doing all I can--

MILES: Nicole, listen. I know your relationship with the horny priest bla bla bla, but just...take a look at this, would you?

Nicole reluctantly takes the envelope from Miles' hand and opens it. Inside, a DVD in a jewel case, as well as some documents.

NICOLE: What the hell is this?

MILES: Your new assignment! I'm taking you off the horny priest story--


MILES: Okay! Okay! Jeez.

NICOLE: Actually, I'm kind of relieved.

MILES: Hah! I knew it. You got it bad for that guy, don't you?

Nicole struggles to respond, averting her eyes and giving an awkward smile.




Nicole glares at Miles, feeling like a child in school being mocked by classmates for having a crush.

NICOLE: Does it matter one way or another? It's not like I'm doing the story anymore, now is it?

MILES: So the answer is yes.

NICOLE: Why should I even give you an answer to that. It's none of your business.

Nicole reaches for the envelope and snatches it out of Miles' hand. Opening it up, her eyes widen and her jaw drops.

NICOLE: Oh HELL no! Miles, are you insane??


Hope is heading over towards The Brady Pub to meet with Marlena, Roman, and Eric. As she walks through the town square, she gets a phone call from Bo. She stops to answer.

HOPE: Bo! It's so nice to hear your...Bo, I can hardly hear you, what's going on?...

Hope's face drops as the silence continues, Bo is on the other end, delivering news that disappoints her. Unbeknownst to her, Aiden is overhearing the conversation. He stands behind the tree and listens closely.

HOPE: I just don't understand why you can't take a little bit of time and come home....Shane and John can work this without you, why do...you have no clue do you?

Hope starts to fight back tears, as the strain from trying to care for Ciara on her own starts to finally overwhelm her. Bo's neglect suddenly hits her like a ton of bricks.

HOPE: Fine...yeah. Goodbye.

Hope hangs up and tries to pull herself together, but as she turns to walk away, she finds Aiden standing in front of her. She sighs at the probability of another confrontation with her favourite person.


Lucas is in shock from having seen Sheryl and Jordan's mugshots in the newspaper clipping Kate dropped on the table. He studies them closely.

KATE: Yes, that's right. Jordan and Sheryl are actually Thelma & Louise.

LUCAS: You can't be serious! I mean, this has got to be fake.

Kate sits down in her big office chair, playing with a pen in her hand and looking at Lucas with a blasé expression.

KATE: Nope. 100% real. And here's the fun part.

LUCAS: Fun. There's a fun part. Okay mom, lay it on me.

KATE: These aren't just any run-of-the-mill bank robbers. Oh no! These two are wanted under the terrorist act.

Lucas' eyes nearly pop out of his head at this revelation.

LUCAS: Are you serious? What for?

KATE: Well, it seems they were involved in some protests in Canada that got really ugly. Smashed windows, looted stores. Except THESE two went the extra mile. They bombed a bank.

LUCAS: What?

KATE: Mmmhmm.

Lucas is lost for words for a minute. He turns to Kate and struggles to even get a word out for a moment, he's so shocked.

LUCAS: I....did...did you tell Rafe this?

KATE: No, are you insane?? He'd insist I was being jealous. No, no.

LUCAS: Have you at least called Roman about this yet?

KATE: I tried, but he's (Kate makes quotation gestures with her hands) "too busy". Some kind of family emergency. You know, those things that happen every five minutes in that household.

Lucas paces the room, dumfounded by Kate's evidence, he can hardly think clearly or rationally on the situation, being so blindsided by Sheryl's deception.

LUCAS: I can't believe it. I....I have to fire Sheryl right away. I mean she can't be working for us--

KATE: Lucas! Honey, calm down. Calm down.

Kate takes a second to let Lucas sit down and breathe.

KATE: Don't fire anyone, don't call anyone. We will talk to Roman, and they'll be arrested. It's as simple as that!


Marlena and Roman are aghast at Eric's announcement that he is leaving the priesthood. She leans in and gives a concerned look.

MARLENA: Eric, the...the priesthood, it meant everything to you.

ERIC: Well, yes. But I have faith that God has a different path for me.

ROMAN: Eric, now, seriously. Are you sure this is what you really want to do? I mean....what made you come to this decision?

ERIC: Well, my retreat helped. It helped an awful lot. I was able to really understand that my life needs to go in another direction. I need to deal with a lot of the things that Kristen did to me, I need to rebuild my life. My relationships with my family. Especially with Brady.

Marlena reaches out a hand to Eric across the table. Eric takes her hand in his. Roman places his hand over theirs.

ERIC: I could really use your support.

ROMAN: You always have our support, Eric. No matter what you choose to do.

MARLENA: I can't help but be a little disappointed. I mean, you loved your work with the church so much, and I saw how devoted you were.

ERIC: Mom--

MARLENA: I know....I know. But I will always support you. No matter if you decide to leave the church or not.

Sami naturally walks in at this moment, only hearing the last thing Marlena said.

SAMI: You can't be serious! They kicked you out of the priesthood??




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

It's a new morning in Salem. Roman begins the day walking into the Brady Pub, cell phone up to his ear, trying to talk over the person on the other end. Caroline walks over to him to greet him, two plates of breakfast in her hands, looking at him inquisitively. Roman instinctively knows she's asking who's on the phone and he mouths "Kate" at her. Caroline nods and mouths "Ohh" back before carrying on her way to an awaiting table.

Roman sits himself down at a booth and continues his conversation, finally getting a word in.

ROMAN: Kate....Kate, I can't meet you until later. Okay? I told you that last night. Look, we're swamped at the station right now. [pauses] I know, I know, I told you I'd meet you first thing this morning, but you see Eric called Marlena and I down here to the pub. He's got something he wants to tell us so....Yeah, I'll keep you informed. For sure. Alright.

Hanging up, Caroline leans against the opposite bench, a smile across her face.

CAROLINE: What did SHE want?

Roman dismissively waves his hand as he puts his phone away.

ROMAN: Ahh, nothing. She's just up in arms 'cos she had something to tell me last night and I didn't have the time to see her is all.

CAROLINE: Well, it sure sounded important to her.

ROMAN: Oh yeah, well, you know Kate, Ma. Everything is a big production.

CAROLINE (rolling her eyes): Ain't THAT the truth. Did you want something to eat?

ROMAN: Nah, I'm good with just a coffee. Marlena and Eric should be here any minute.

CAROLINE: Alright, suit yourself.

Marlena walks in, also with a phone in her ear. She says goodbye to the person on the line before sitting down.

ROMAN: Who was that?

MARLENA: Actually, that was Laura. She hadn't called in awhile. Just wanted to catch up.

ROMAN: Oh yeah? How's she doin'?

MARLENA: Relieved that JJ's sentencing is over and done with. She's actually hoping to visit soon, so that should be nice. Anyway, I hope you haven't been waiting long.

ROMAN: No, actually I just sat down a second ago. Ma's gone to get me some coffee.

MARLENA: Oh good.

ROMAN: So, you figure the diocese made a decision on Eric and that's why we're here?

Marlena's face drops a bit, as though she'd been putting on a tense smile this whole time and can finally drop the facade.

MARLENA: I can't see it being anything else. Unless there's been some new information that's come to light. I know Daniel was working on something.

ROMAN: Well, according to Hope, that didn't go anywhere, but they have a name now of the doctor that gave Kristen those drugs. I just hope it's not too little too late.

Eric walks into the pub. Marlena looks up immediately, and Roman turns with a start, revealing he's more on edge about this meeting than he's been letting on.




Kate walks into the MadWorld offices, only to find an empty secretary's chair in front of her office door. She calls out for her secretary.


Kate checks around the corner, seeing nobody, she rolls her eyes and walks into her office, cursing the entire way.

KATE: That damned useless secretary, I swear to God, I could wring her useless little--

Kate stops upon seeing the note on her desk from her secretary. She picks it up and reads it aloud.

KATE: Dear Kate, please accept this as my official resignation, effective immediately, I have found another positionDAMMIT.

Lucas walks in on Kate's tirade, a cool, calm demeanour eminating from him.

LUCAS: Well you're having a good morning.

KATE: Lucas, I don't want to hear it.

LUCAS: Hey hey! What did I do? Come on, I'm just, you know, saying good morning to my mother.

Kate stops and breathes heavily. She turns to Lucas, trying very hard to keep calmer.

KATE: Alright. Actually, I am glad you're here.


KATE: Oh yes. Looks like we need to do some more thorough background checks on new hires from now on.

Kate drops the article her PI handed her the previous night on the table. This time, a second picture appears. Sheryl's mugshot appears alongside Jordan's. Lucas is stunned.


Theresa lays in bed beside Brady, playing with her phone. She gets a twinkle in her eye. She has an idea. She leans over and nuzzles in next to Brady before taking a selfie. The flash stirs Brady into semi-consciousness, when he realizes he's being photographed, he snatches Theresa's phone.

THERESA: HEY! What the hell?!

BRADY: Oh no! You are NOT taking pictures of this.

Theresa gives him an exasperated look.

THERESA: Are you for real?


Marlena shuffles over to allow Eric to sit down. An uncomfortable silence looms over the table before Eric finally moves to break the silence.

ERIC: So...

MARLENA/ROMAN (talk over each other)

Marlena and Roman stop, look at each other and hold back a little laugh.

ROMAN: Go ahead, son.

ERIC: Well...I figure you both have some idea why you're here.

MARLENA: Did the diocese make a decision?

ERIC: No, not yet. But...well, they won't have to.

ROMAN: What da hell does that mean?

ERIC: Well, I've made a decision. I am going to leave the priesthood.

Marlena and Roman look on aghast. Eric's eyes dart between his two parents, preparing for the onslaught to follow.


Nicole walks into Titan TV, armed with her purse, her laptop bag, and a traveller mug filled with hot coffee. She strides confidently into her office and shuts the door. As she turns to head for her desk, she is stopped and scared stiff as her chair slowly turns around. It's Miles, holding a brown envelope exactly like the one she hid in her desk the previous night. Miles has a wide grin across his face as he holds the envelope up.

MILES: Good morning, Nicole! Were you looking for this?

Nicole immediately drops her mug on the ground in shock, spilling her coffee all over the office floor.



The halls of Titan TV are dead quiet as Nicole walks quietly into her office. The cleaning staff can be heard in a distance. Nicole checks the halls to ensure no one sees her enter before unlocking her office door.

Walking over to her office desk, she sets her handbag down and pulls out a flashlight. Before turning it on, she mutters to herself.

NICOLE: Better this than risk being seen. And better getting rid of that envelope now than leave it at Daniel's. Now where's the "on" switch.

She turns on the flashlight while it's facing her chin, bright light flashing her in the eyes momentarily.

NICOLE: AGH! Dammit! OW!

Nicole drops her flashlight, quickly remembering she's being loud and covers her mouth quickly. After a moment of blinking and making sure she's not been blinded, she bends down and picks up the flashlight, then steps behind her desk with the envelope. Unlocking the drawer at the bottom, she files the envelope away in the very back of the drawer.

As she rises from the desk, Nicole catches a shadowy outline pass her office window. Nicole tries to stay still as it passes. She waits another moment before sneaking back out of the office, making sure no one sees her leave.



Gabi doesn't know what to say in response to Sonny's accusation. She stumbles to respond.

GABI: I....look...maybe I...

SONNY: Oh my God, she actually is still in love with Nick.

GABI: Hey, I didn't--

SONNY: What is wrong with you?


GABI: Why are you so unwilling to believe that Nick might have actually changed, or that at least he's trying to, if someone would just give him a chance to?

WILL: We gave him chances, Gabi. Over and over. And he did terrible things to us all in return. Especially to you, Gabi.

GABI: But you just said it was a good idea to be nice to him. I don't get it.

WILL: I'm not suggesting we do that because I think he's suddenly a stand-up guy, Gabi. I'm saying we do it because we don't know what he's plotting. And whatever it is, it could be really dangerous.

Gabi goes to speak but stops, unable to retort.

SONNY: We have to hold our cards close to our chests, Gabi. Will's right.


Kate wanders through Horton Town Square, clutching the envelope she's just received, containing shocking information on Jordan Ridgeway. Kate mutters to herself.

KATE: Jordan Ridgeway aka Kaylie Matthews, former bank robber, turned physiotherapist, hm? Now, should I go to the police, or to Rafe first.

Kate ponders this momentarily before hearing laughter behind her. Rafe and Jordan are out for a late-evening stroll. Rafe greets her warmly.

RAFE: Kate! Fancy meeting you here!

KATE: Indeed. You two having a great night, I'd imagine.

JORDAN: That we are.

KATE: And what have you two been up to tonight? Anything particularly memorable on the agenda?

RAFE: Nothin' too special, just thought we'd take a nice walk now that the legs are back workin' for me again.

KATE: Well you know what I think? I think you two should take some special time together and take advantage of this beautiful night while you still can.

RAFE: What do you mean by that? It's not late at all and it's beautiful out tonight.


Kate pauses for a second before speaking.

KATE: All the more reason to take advantage. I heard that...what was it, polar vortex was swirling back this way. Best to enjoy it before the winds change.

Kate gives a smile, much to Jordan and Rafe's bemusement.

KATE: I'll see you both later, I'm sure.

RAFE: Yeah. Definitely.

Kate saunters away, leaving Jordan and Rafe somewhat baffled.

JORDAN: What is she even talking about?

RAFE: Search me.

Kate walks out to the bench outside town square before making a phone call.

KATE: Roman? It's Kate Roberts. I need to speak to you immediately.


NOTE: Hopefully this entry is a little easier to take in for some of you. I know a few of you have been hoping to see more of my dialogue. Expect quite a paring down of the cast. I find there's a few characters that just aren't working right now, and they'll be gone soon. Some will be a surprise, but the episodes will soon be quite a bit more focused. Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Here it is!


At the apartment, Sonny stands aghast at Will for agreeing with Gabi regarding her tactics with Nick.

WILL: Look, I'm not saying I like the guy, or anything. All I'm saying is that maybe Gabi's onto something.

Sonny clasps his hands together and closes his eyes, looking like he's trying with everything in his power to hold back what he really wants to say.

SONNY: I don't....I don't even understand what you're talking about right now.

WILL: Sonny, don't you get it. Look, Nick's back. We don't know what he wants, what he's hiding, anything. All I'm saying is that maybe if we give him some time while we're figuring out what he's up to--

SONNY: And then what? In the meantime, we hand Ari over to him? Will, look what he did to you before. To Gabi. You can't seriously think this guy is actually about to turn on his heels and do a 360 now, do you?

Gabi's had enough, and interjects suddenly.

GABI: What if he has?

WILL/SONNY: Seriously??



(yeah, that's right. I'm kickin' it old school)


Nicole paces Daniel's apartment, clutching the envelope containing the evidence of Eric's innocence to her chest. She ponders what Hope has told her previously, that any evidence collected from Dr. Chyka's hideout would likely hurt Eric's case, not help it. She flashes back to Eric telling Nicole that he's giving up the priesthood to be with her. She sighs heavily.

NICOLE: This is the right thing to do. Now, where to hide this.

Nicole stares at the fireplace and contemplates throwing the evidence into it.

NICOLE: I could just burn it...then it'd be gone forever...I can't do that.

Nicole turns away and continues pacing. She holds the package away from herself and starts shaking it before her.

NICOLE: UGGGH! What am I gonna do with you?? I wish I could just...throw you in a drawer and forget you're even there.

Nicole thinks for another minute before coming to a conclusion.

NICOLE: The only place that I know only my eyes will see you is in my office.

Nicole grabs her purse and heads off to the TV station.


Kate walks through the park outside Horton Town Square and runs into a shady-looking man, holding a large brown envelope. They both look around to ensure they are alone before speaking.

KATE: So? What do you have?

MAN: See for yourself.

The man holds out the envelope, which Kate takes from him. Opening it up, she finds an article and a familiar-looking mugshot staring back at her.

KATE: Well, well, well, Jordan Ridgeway. Or should I say Patty Hearst?

Kate dons a wry smile, amused by her own wit.


Back at Will, Sonny & Gabi's apartment, Gabi has worked up the nerve to stand up to Sonny and Will's objections about Nick.

GABI: Look, I think we should just give him a chance. I mean, he knows that Sami and Kate tried to kill him but he's not--

SONNY: Woah, woah, wait a minute. He knows? And where exactly is your name in all this?

WILL: Seriously, Gabi, you hit him over the head with a rock, I wouldn't exactly say you didn't do anything--

GABI: Nick says I'm innocent.

Will and Sonny stand aghast. Sonny suddenly realizing the depth of Gabi's insecurity and desperation. He responds with more than a hint of disgust.

SONNY: Oh, God, you're still in love with the guy, aren't you??...Admit it, Gabi.



DAYS #1 + intro

So yes, I'm gonna try to do this. I'm going to start from the events after Valentine's Day's episode, and try to build the story off from there. Hopefully I don't get too confused as I go, so bear with me! Any feedback would be marvelous! I recognize this isn't overly enthralling (or that different from what's actually going on right now, but indulge me, I'm kind of zooming through some of the current stories to break off from what's happening onscreen).

Hope you enjoy!

*** *** ***

Celebrating JJ's verdict, the Hortons gather at the family home. Jennifer receives a call from Liam, wondering if she's available tonight for an impromptu date. Jennifer informs him of JJ's verdict, and invites him to join the party.

Upon Liam's arrival, JJ makes another effort to dissuade Liam from pursuing Jennifer. Jennifer overhears JJ and pulls him aside, telling him that her personal life is not his to interfere in, and that he should focus on celebrating his victory. JJ insists that there is something Jennifer needs to know before she pursues anything with Daniel, but Jennifer doesn't want to hear it, and returns to Liam's side.

Abigail asks JJ what he thinks he's doing. JJ is tight-lipped, and insists that it's nothing. Abigail isn't so sure, though she's preoccupied with her own troubles with EJ.

After the party ends, Liam and Jennifer kiss goodnight. JJ catches the kiss from the living room entrance and is troubled by it. Jennifer turns after closing the door and tells JJ immediately that she doesn't want to hear it. JJ insists he wasn't going to say anything against Liam, but that he wants to tell Jennifer something about Daniel. Jennifer cuts him off, saying that she isn't going to talk to JJ about her personal life, and really doesn't want to talk about Daniel. Instead, she wants to congratulate JJ on not going to prison, and that she's proud of him for finally being the sweet, honest son she used to know. She hugs him goodnight and goes to bed.


Gabi runs into Nick again at the town square. They have a long chat, and Gabi is left believing that Nick is well and truly in the process of changing. Near the end of the chat, Nick asks to hold baby Ari. Gabi agrees, and Nick holds the baby, calling her "his little baby girl". It is at this moment that Sonny and Will arrive at town square hand in hand to share the news with Gabi of their engagement, and they stand in horror as they see Ari in Nick's arms.

Gabi attempts to allay Sonny and Will's fears, but Will will have none of it, demanding that Nick hand him his daughter. Nick asks Will to calm down and hands him the baby, while Gabi attempts to ease the tension by insisting that everything was under control and that Nick just wanted to hold the baby for a moment. Sonny is having none of it, and instructs Nick to back off. Nick laughs at Sonny's demands, asking if he'd forgotten that Gabi also has a say as Ari's mother. Nick attempts to lay a guilt trip on Will and Sonny, wondering why Gabi's point of view is never considered in anything, before backing away and leaving to "take care of some business".

Will and Sonny rip into Gabi upon their arrival at their apartment, wondering what she's thinking. Gabi insists that she believes Nick is making a positive change, and thinks that the best thing they can do is to be nice to Nick so that he doesn't press charges. Sonny, unaware that Nick called Sami, Gabi, and Kate out on their attempts to dump him in the river, demands clarification. Once Gabi fills him and Will in on the situation, Will tells Sonny that he actually sees Gabi's point of view. Sonny is stupefied by Will's admission, and insists that Nick cannot use Ari as a tool of blackmail.


Marlena is working late at the hospital, and is visited by Abe in her office. After warm greetings, Marlena invites Abe to have a seat. Abe insists he can't stay too long as he needs to get back to JJ's party at the Hortons', but has news from John. Marlena is slightly dubious, but indulges Abe.

Abe informs Marlena that John has been asked by the ISA to resume working for them, and he, Shane, and Bo are working on a major case together. Marlena wishes to know more, but Abe cannot say. Abe does tell Marlena, however, that the case could change everyone's lives forever. He presents Marlena with a letter from John that he'd been asked to give her in person. Abe then leaves Marlena's office and heads for the Hortons.

Marlena ponders the letter momentarily before opening it. John expresses in his letter his continued love for Marlena, and his regrets at how he handled their differences over Kristen. Though he is still hurt by Marlena's lack of faith in him, he recognizes that it was all part of Kristen's plans, and that in due time, he hopes they can mend their relationship. The letter brings a smile to Marlena's face.


Theresa steps inside Daniel's apartment and attempts to talk to Daniel about what happened the night she overdosed. Daniel is completely uninterested in having this conversation, but Theresa is insistent. Knowing that if JJ is allowed to go home that he will tell Jennifer what really happened the night of her overdose, she throws herself at Daniel in a last-ditch effort, but is rebuffed.

Daniel then throws Theresa out of his apartment. Theresa, seeing all her leverage and her plans falling apart around her ears, heads to Club TBD for a drink (or six). Theresa's fed up of perpetuating her charade, and her frustration over not being able to bed Daniel (or anyone else) is starting to get to her. She sits down, deep in thought, at the bar, and demands a drink from T. T tries to make conversation with her, thinking Theresa's pretty cute, but is immediately turned down. As T walks away, Theresa looks further down the bar and sees a contemplative Brady sitting at the opposite end of the bar. Theresa makes her way over to him, and strikes up a conversation with him.

Brady is his typical guarded self, replacing honest emotions with pointed snarky remarks. Theresa is unfazed, and dishes it right back. Brady figures out that Daniel has rejected Theresa, and laughs at her naivete in thinking Daniel would go for her. Theresa responds by ordering another drink.

After a few more drinks, Theresa realizes she needs to go home, and Brady offers to walk her home. Upon arriving at Theresa's apartment, she stumbles upon getting out of the elevator, and when Brady reaches to catch her, they kiss sloppily, and then desire takes over. Theresa opens the door to her apartment, and Brady follows her in.


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