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About this blog

Follow the lives of the residents of Salem. This blog begins with events following the February 14, 2014 episode of the TV series, taking it on a new course based on events prior to that date.


Please feel free to comment, all feedback is welcome!

Entries in this blog


Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

The doors to the elevator at University Hospital open, to find the Kiriakis clan step out, by and large upset and a bit panicked, as Maggie in particular moves briskly to the nurses' station to ask Maxine about Victor.

MAGGIE: Maxine! Where's Victor's room?

Maxine quickly points down the hall to guide Maggie, as she turns herself toward the room.

MAXINE: Just over here, Maggie. But you can't go in yet, they're operating!

Maggie runs before Maxine's even finished her sentence toward the door, stopping just outside, upset that she can't go in to see her ailing husband.

Alex, Sonny and Will hang back, as Justin and Adrienne step forward, the shock still plain on their faces.

Daniel steps out from the room VIctor's in and immediately sees his mother's worried face. He sighs, giving a half-hearted smile, as Maggie rushes over to him.

MAGGIE: Daniel! How is he?

Daniel holds up one hand, a half-hearted attempt to calm Maggie down, as the others move over closer to him to hear what he has to say.

DANIEL: He's stable. Victor had a heart attack.

Maggie clenches, upset by the news, she grabs Adrienne's hand for support.

ALEX: How bad was it?
DANIEL: (sigh) It wasn't minor. But...I wouldn't worry too much, he's getting prepped for surgery now.
WILL: Is he gonna be okay?
DANIEL: Victor's in...remarkably good health for his age. I think the bulk of the problem has been the stress he's been under lately. We may have underestimated how much pressure he's been under the past few months.

Maggie looks at her son, the feelings of guilt rushing over her as she recalls her snapping at him, knowing the pain he's been through.

JUSTIN: Alright, Daniel, just...keep us updated.
DANIEL: For sure.

Daniel stops to give Maggie a hug, before stepping away to prep for surgery. 

DANIEL: Alright, I gotta go prep for surgery, I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. I love you.
MAGGIE: I love you too. Thank you.

Daniel walks off at a determined pace, as Maggie starts to crumble. Sonny takes her other hand and pulls her towards him, putting her in a tight embrace.

MAGGIE: It's all my fault.
ADRIENNE: No, sweetie! Absolutely not! You were upset, and we've all been under a lot of pressure. You can't blame yourself for this.

Maggie begins to sob as she holds onto Sonny, Adrienne provides comfort, gently stroking Maggie's back, as the family circles Maggie for support.


Kim walks through Horton Town Square, quickly scurrying to get to her car as she's walking alone at night, when she spots a familiar face.

KIM: Roman! Hey!

Roman looks confused, before turning to face his sister. He looks at her with a look of a total stranger.

ROMAN: I...Hello...

Kim looks at her brother, a concerned look on her face and she leans over to touch his shoulder.

KIM: I...Roman, it's...it's me...Kimmy!

Roman stares at Kim, totally bewildered by her. Kim looks back, a smile on her face, but with an increasing tension and panic in her face.


Jennifer smiles as she and Liam sit at a late evening dinner at Chez Rouge. Liam pours Jennifer a glass of champagne, never taking his eyes off her.

JENNIFER: You know, you have this really sexy look in your eyes right now.
LIAM: Oh yeah? Well if that's a come-on, we haven't had our food yet.

Jennifer feigns offense, as Liam laughs.

JENNIFER: Well, I never! Putting off romance for food? I don't know about you, Mister!
LIAM: Ohh, I've always got time for romance.

Liam leans over the table and gently kisses Jennifer on the lips, before sitting back down in his seat.

LIAM: But I've also learned, that good things come to those who wait.
JENNIFER: Isn't that the truth.

Jenn raises her glass, as Liam does the same. They toast, once again never taking their eyes off each other.


A woman in black pumps walks quickly into the terminal of Salem International Airport. She walks over toward the exit, but stops just beforehand. Pulling her phone out, she taps the screen on her phone to get an Uber from the airport to the Horton House.

It's Abigail.


Nicole lies in bed, Eric's arms around her, as she sleeps soundly, deep in a dream:


Nicole stands before the justice of the peace, beaming as she looks at Eric. Flowers in her hand, she's about to become Mrs. Eric Brady.

JUSTICE OF PEACE: We are gathered here to today to join Nicole Walker, and Eric Brady in marriage.

Daniel and Chloe stand on either side of Nicole and Eric, smiling, happy for their friends' big day.
Nicole can't help herself and blurts out to Eric in joy.

NICOLE: I can't believe it's finally happening for us. I love you so much.

Eric, far cooler and reserved, smile back, responding warmly but casually.

ERIC: Me too, Nicole.

The justice of the peace continues:

JUSTICE OF PEACE: If anyone can show just cause why these two should not be joined in marriage, may they speak now, or forever hold their--

Everyone jumps as Sami's voice cuts the happy mood in the room, jolting everyone out of the moment. Sami and Marlena storm into the room, Sami and Marlena shooting daggers from their eyes at Nicole. Nicole turns around in horror as Sami walks over to her.

ERIC: Sami...Mom, what are you doing here?
SAMI: We're here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life, Eric.

Eric looks at his sister, annoyed at her constant interference.

ERIC: Sami...
MARLENA: No! Eric, she's right. Nicole has gone way too far this time.

Nicole rolls her eyes, irritated at the interruption, and trying to remove them from the room.

NICOLE: Oh whatever, you know what, you two have done more damage to our happiness than I ever could have.
SAMI: Oh that's REALLY rich, Nicole.

Eric, upset by what's happening, cuts in between Nicole and Sami, who are now right up in each other's faces.

ERIC: Wait wait wait wait wait, STOP! What is the meaning of this.
MARLENA: Eric. Nicole lied to you. She DID get the evidence proving that Kristen hired Dr. Chyka to drug you in that hotel room. 
ERIC: What?!
NICOLE: No! I wouldn't do that! If I knew what happened to that evidence, don't you think I would have turned it over?

Sami looks at Nicole, an angered, mistrustful look on her face.

SAMI: I don't know, would you?
NICOLE: You know, if I did do all this, where IS the proof, where did you get it?
NICK: I think I have the answer to that question.

Nick saunters into the room, a smug, self-satisfied look on his face, as Nicole begins to hyperventilate. Nick walks over to Eric, and casually places the folder with all the documentation into Eric's hands. He places a small flash drive on top for him.

NICK: Merry Christmas. Oh, and if you're wondering what the flash drive is, it's proof that she had this folder the whole time and just hid it in her desk so you wouldn't see it. At least, not if I hadn't broken in. (laughs)

Nicole panics, almost unable to breathe, before letting out a bloodcurdling scream, jolting her out of her dream.



Eric, scared stiff, jumps up, shocked at Nicole's freak out. He looks quickly at Nicole, and wraps his arms around her to comfort her.

ERIC: Shhh! Shhh! It's okay. It's okay. I'm here.

Nicole sobs, shaking in fear over her nightmare.

NICOLE: No, no no no no, it can't it can't, no...



Kim looks with a sense of dread at her brother, as Roman looks at her like she's a stranger.

ROMAN: I...I'm sorry. I...
KIM: Roman...come sit here with me. You do remember me, right?

Roman looks down as Kim takes his hand, holding it tightly. His confusion plain on his face as he tries to back off.

ROMAN: I'm sorry, Ma'am. I...

Marlena walks past at that moment, spotting their exchange and immediately springs into action, as Roman looks her way.

MARLENA: Kim! Kim, it's okay. Roman, Roman!

Marlena walks over quickly, as Roman begins to panic, feeling ambushed by Marlena and Kim.

ROMAN: Lady, let go!
MARLENA: Roman! It's okay! It's okay. It's me. It's Doc. Look at me!

As Kim lets go of his hand, she steps back, tears in her eyes. She observes the panic in Roman's eyes as he begins to calm down.

MARLENA: Roman. You recognize me? It's Marlena.

Roman, breathing heavily, nods as he holds Marlena's face in his hand. He gently carresses her cheek as he begins to tear up.

ROMAN: Doc...what is happening to me? Who...wha...
MARLENA: Roman, that woman is your sister. It's okay. Her name is Kimberly Brady. Do you remember a Kimberly Brady?

Roman shakes his head a moment, before cooling down.

ROMAN: That name means something to me, but...
MARLENA: That's her. That's your sister.

Roman squeezes Marlena's hand, nodding in understanding. Marlena looks at Kim and guides Roman to the bench.

MARLENA: Look, let's...let's sit down.

Kim approaches Marlena and Roman as Roman sits on the bench. He puts his hands behind his head and leans down, looking down at the ground.

ROMAN: My God...What's happening to me, Doc?
KIM: No, seriously, Marlena...what's happening to him?
MARLENA: I..uh...I'm going to talk to Kimberly for a moment, okay?

Roman nods, as Marlena takes Kim's arm and steps away from Roman for a sec to talk quietly to Kim.

MARLENA: I think...I don't want to say for certain before we've had a chance to look closer into things but...
KIM: Marlena, I can take it. Just...tell me straight up.

Marlena looks back at Roman, seeing him taking deep breaths on the bench behind them.

MARLENA: Valerie Grant and I are looking into it. We...we think it could be some form of dementia, but...
KIM: Roman as well?
MARLENA: That was my first thought, but...it's progressing too quickly to be anything like Caroline's...and anyway, I don't think this is the same situation as Caroline, anyway.
KIM: Wha...why is this the first I've heard about it?
MARLENA: Well, if I'm being honest, I didn't realize until today it was getting so bad so quickly. Honestly, Kim, I wanted to wait until I had a definitive answer before I said anything, and Roman...well, he didn't want to alarm you all what with Kayla leaving and Bo still missing...

Kim nods, understanding Marlena's point.

KIM: I understand that...but I wish you'd told me something was wrong sooner.
MARLENA: I know...and I'm sorry, just...I had to think about Roman's wishes as well.
KIM: I know. (sigh) Look, I...I think we should speak to someone at the police station about this before Roman ends up hurt. I mean...
MARLENA: I thought about that as well...I think, considering what's happened tonight, we might...maybe consult with Hope and...maybe Abe as well. I know Abe isn't...directly involved with the police right now, but...
KIM: It's still worth a try. I mean, I just...I don't want my brother to end up injured on duty or worse.
MARLENA: I agree. Look, for now, let's just get him home.

Kim nods again, in agreement.

KIM: I agree, I think...uh...I'd rather he not be alone though, maybe he should go with you.
MARLENA: Absolutely.

Kim sighs, a bit relieved, though still horribly concerned for her brother.

KIM: Okay.

Marlena and Kim turn to grab Roman from the bench, only to stop in their tracks upon realizing he's vanished.

MARLENA: Oh my God.
KIM: Oh no, he's gone.


Nicole is held in Eric's arms as she breathes deeply, still deeply shaken by her dream.

ERIC: It's okay...do you...do you want to tell me about it?

Nicole shakes her head as Eric cradles her.

NICOLE: No, it was too awful. I just...just hold me.
ERIC: I'll never let you go. Just know that, okay?

Nicole looks off, desperate to believe that what Eric says is true.


Eric, sensing her tension, kisses her gently on the lips and smiles at her.

ERIC: I love you.
NICOLE: And I love you. More than you'll ever know, Eric.

Eric smiles as Nicole finally smiles again, they kiss again deeply, as Nicole holds onto Eric for dear life.


Jennifer laughs again as Liam finishes a story. She's not drunk, but has had a few glasses on champagne by now.

JENNIFER: You know...I don't have to work tomorrow and...well...JJ's out with Rory...God help him, and my mom went out with some friends for the evening...so...we have the house to ourselves, you know.
LIAM: I'm listening...
JENNIFER: Unless...you...maybe wanted to take me back to your place? I haven't seen it yet and all...

Liam stiffens at the suggestion, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

LIAM: I...uh...I think we should maybe...maybe your place is a better idea.

Jennifer looks concerned suddenly by Liam's shuffling.

JENNIFER: You...you okay? I...
LIAM: Yeah, no. I'm...I'm fine, I just...my place is a disaster zone still, we're...we're kinda...still renovating the place so...

Jennifer smiles, a bit relieved but still thinking about what Laura told her earlier.

JENNIFER: That's fine...maybe we should just...take it easy tonight, if you're not up to it.

Liam catches on, and changes his tone again, trying to reassure Jenn.

LIAM: No! No, it's fine, I just...(sigh) I just don't want to disappoint you at all. You know?

Jenn smiles, reaching her hand across the table to meet Liam's.

JENNIFER: You could never disappoint me. Trust me.

Liam smiles back, grasping Jenn's hand in his. They both gaze intensely into each other's eyes.


Abby arrives at the Horton house. The lights all out. She turns them on as she walks into the living room.

ABBY: Well...so much for surprising everyone. (sigh)

Abby looks down at the table, and sees Jennifer's files from work. She looks wistfully at them, recalling the circumstances that led to her leaving the hospital.

ABBY: Back to keeping secrets and telling lies. Thank God it'll be easier now. No one will ever know about the baby now.


In the University Hospital lounge, Adrienne stands, holding a cup of coffee in styrofoam cup. Her hands shaking like a leaf as she struggles to raise it up to her lips to take a sip. Her sons, Alex and Sonny sit in the opposite corner of the room, a deep concern for Adrienne plain on their faces.

Sonny sighs, as he slowly gets up, as Adrienne nearly spills her coffee. He puts a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump momentarily.

SONNY: Mom...are you okay?

Adrienne turns to face her son. She smiles as she takes her son's hand. Alex looks on from the corner, a smile on his face as well.

ADRIENNE: Honestly, I'm terrified. But I'm grateful my boys are here. 
SONNY: Mom, we wouldn't be anywhere else.

Alex gets up from his seat, taking Adrienne's other hand.

ALEX: Sonny's right. We're here for you and for Dad.
ADRIENNE: Thanks, sweetie. Uh...Alex, honey, can...can I talk with your brother alone for a moment?
ALEX: Of course, Adrienne! I..uh...I'm gonna go check on Noelle.

Adrienne gently squeezes Alex's hand as he walks off toward the hallway. As he disappears around the corner, Adrienne turns to Sonny and looks at him intensely.

ADRIENNE: Sonny...look, I don't want to start a fight, but..I--
SONNY: Then don't.
SONNY: No! Seriously, Mom! This is SO not the time to start going in on me about my marrying Will.

Sonny turns away from Adrienne, as Adrienne reaches out, pleading with her son to listen.

ADRIENNE: Sonny, Listen! I didn't want to start a fight. All I'm saying is I want you to be careful. (sigh) Will has never been with another man before, and...

Adrienne pauses, looking out the door to make sure no one hears what she's about to say. Sonny, not watching his mother, interjects, prodding her for an answer.

SONNY: ...And??
ADRIENNE: ...And I saw Will...I saw how he was looking at...

Sonny turns around, exasperated by his mother's stalling.

SONNY: At??? At who, Mom? Spit it out!

Adrienne shouts out her response, shaking in fear and frustration over Sonny's demand for an answer.

ADRIENNE: At Alex! He was giving your brother the eye. The whole evening we've spent in that house, Sonny. I couldn't stand it. You were looking at him with such...love and affection and...it's so honest and...all I could see was the lust in Will's eye for Alex.

Sonny looks at his mother, absolutely stunned at what she's saying. Sonny begins to laugh at his mother's answer, totally in disbelief.

SONNY: You...you have absolutely lost your mind!
ADRIENNE: I'm serious, honey. I'm not making this up. I swear, I saw it with my own eyes.

Sonny backs away from his mother, holding his hands up to stop her from approaching.

SONNY: No! No no no, THIS...this is it, Mom. I know you can't stand the idea of me marrying Will, but to make up something like THIS? You stay away from my home, and away from Will.

Adrienne begins to tear up, petrified of losing her son.

ADRIENNE: Please! No...
SONNY: No, Mom! Enough! If you want to see Arianna, I'll bring her to the house, you can see her then, but I'm not going to allow you to meddle in our lives anymore. I've had it.

Adrienne shouts out as she watches her son walk out of the room. She holds her head in her hands as she cries.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Inside Anita's cabin, the dark night is lit up by the roar of the fire. A late winter snow and wind whips past outside, but inside, the home is warm and comforting. Anita sits inside, curled up on her sofa, engrossed in a book. She stares down at the page through her reading glasses, perched on the tip of her nose, as the sound of footsteps emerge from the guest bedroom.

It's Brady.

Anita turns, surprised to see him finally up and out of his room.

ANITA: Good Lord! You're out of your room!

Brady looks at Anita, inquisitively.

BRADY: Yeah! I mean...well...the fire and all...

Anita pulls her reading glasses off, a smile on her face as she looks at Brady, amazed to see him out.

ANITA: I just...well...I knew you'd been moving around your room but...you've barely been out since you've been here.
BRADY: I...I know. I just...I'm glad you gave me the space to...you know...recover and...clear my mind.

Anita moves over slightly on her sofa, then pats the space next to her, encouraging Brady to sit down, he walks slowly over and sits down, though awkwardly, his legs weak from weeks of under-use.

ANITA: Sit, sit! Look...Brady, I...you know I don't mean to pry but...darling, what happened to you before I found you on the shore? Whatever it is...it's deeply troubling you, and...maybe I can help you with it?

Brady looks down, sighing, as his mind wanders back to the night of his accident. The memories flood back to him.


Theresa pulls her little vial of cocaine out for Brady. He brazenly pours it out on the table in front of him and grabs his wallet to grab a credit card to cut it up with. Theresa is barely paying attention, as she uses her cell phone camera to try to get a good look at her makeup.

THERESA: I still look so good right now. Better than that bitch Chloe. God, her singing got on my nerves you know that?
BRADY: Stop talking about Chloe like that! She's...great.
THERESA: Sure, Brady. Whatever. I think I'm gonna take a selfie of this.

Theresa fumbles with her phone, trying to flip the phone around to use the flash, but ends up reversing which lens is in use, and begins recording a video of Brady as he does the line of cocaine from the table. Theresa, not sure why the camera isn't working, flips the phone back around in frustration.

THERESA: Ugh, this damned phone. Never...oh...
BRADY: What?
THERESA: Nothing. Stupid camera was on the wrong function, just...
BRADY: It didn't get a shot of me, did it?
THERESA: I can't even tell. Nothing's working right.


As the car takes off, Brady is back at the club, looking for Theresa. Unable to see her, he sees Chloe and stops her to ask.

BRADY: Hey, uh...have you seen Theresa at all?
CHLOE: No, the last time I saw her she was heading out the door in a hurry.
BRADY: What?


Brady opens the doors to the board room, overhearing Victor's announcement.

VICTOR: Then it is so...as of today, the 27th of July, 2014, Brady Black is temporarily relieved of his duties as CEO of Titan Industrie--

The board turn around in shock at Brady's outburst...



Brady's foot presses more and more on the accelerator, as the car pushes up towards 70, 75, 80mph. Theresa holds onto the grip on the door tightly.

THERESA: B...Brady, slow down.

Brady is looking straight ahead, barely even acknowledging Theresa's existence.

THERESA: Well...well the speed limit, Brady is--
BRADY: Do you honestly think I care right now? Like...at all? Do you think what you want matters to me right now?
THERESA: Brady, you're scaring me.

Brady starts to pay closer attention to Theresa now, but it is mostly anger he shows her as he intermittently divides his attention between her and the road before him.

BRADY: Do you think I'm scared? Huh? Do you think I can feel anything right now?
THERESA: Brady, what are you talking about?
BRADY: What do I have now, Theresa? Think about it for a second, yeah? I just lost my job, my reputation is ruined, the woman I thought I was getting to know and care about, she double-crosses me because she's so damned insecure about me being able to be nice to my ex-wife. Every single woman I ever get involved in betrays me. My family hates me. Tell me, Theresa.What do I have to live for now? Tell me.
THERESA: Okay, okay, Okay--
BRADY:...TELL ME! Do you get it?
THERESA: Okay! I'm sorry, Brady, would you PLEASE slow down.

Brady takes his eyes off the road now entirely, and begins to lean in closer and closer to Theresa.

His speed is now reaching 85mph.

BRADY: Ohhhh no. You don't get it, do you? I want you to listen to me for once. No distractions. No one around to watch you to see the glamourous life you're living off my back. Just you, finally facing the person you are. The despicable, self-absorbed piece of street trash you really are--

Theresa looks away from Brady. 


Theresa looks up and sees a sharp turn in the road ahead, she panicks and screams out.


Brady looks up and tries to steer into the turn while slamming on the brakes.

Theresa, in a moment of quick thinking, pulls her door open and leaps from the vehicle, but due to the speed the car is travelling at, she is knocked unconscious and severely injured immediately upon impacting the ground.

Brady's car skids off the road and drives through the barrier, off the side of the embankment, into the lake below.


Brady snaps out of his haze, as he begins to breathe heavily, almost having a panic attack right in front of a very concerned Anita, who has wrapped her arm around Brady's shoulders.

ANITA: Brady! Brady! Are you alright? Talk to me!

Brady shakes his head, coming out of his state, he looks at Anita, swallowing heavily before answering her, still gasping for air.

BRADY: I...I can't, Anita. I just...I gotta...

Brady gets up from the sofa, and grabs a coat from the coat rack. He quickly darts toward the door and steps out, shutting it hastily behind him. Left behind in the house is Anita, looking at the door in shock. She settles back down on the couch, mouth left hanging open in shock.


Sheryl lies asleep in her bed, lying next to a wide-awake Lucas. Lucas stirs silently, unable to close his eyes.

He sighs as he turns to look at a dormant Sheryl, he breathes heavily, looking uncomfortably at Sheryl in bed. He swallows, as if gasping for air, as he turns away to get up out of the bed, trying not to wake Sheryl.

He sits quietly at the edge of the bed, as though trying to catch his breath. He looks up, standing up as quietly as possible, grabbing his boxers from the floor and hastily putting them on before turning to walk over to the window. Deep in thought, he looks out and sighs as he stares off into the night.


Nicole and Eric flop down, spent from the passionate sex they've just had. Breathing heavily, they look lovingly at each other in bed. Nicole turns back towards her new fiance and puts her hand on his chest, playing with his chest hair as she talks softly to him.

NICOLE: You know...if it's like this every time, I can't wait to be Mrs. Eric Brady.

Eric smiles, laughing a bit to himself as Nicole looks on, mock-offended.

NICOLE: What?!
ERIC: I just had a thought...

Nicole looks at Eric, inquistively.

NICOLE: And that is...?

Eric turns his head to face Nicole. He raises his eyebrow and replies casually to her.

ERIC: Are you gonna take me to Red Lobster now? 

Nicole punches Eric's arm playfully as he laughs, clutching his arm in pain momentarily through his laughter.

NICOLE: You're so WEIRD.
ERIC: (laughs) No, but seriously...I was thinking...why wait? Why don't we get married tomorrow?

Nicole looks at Eric, shocked by his suggestion.


Inside the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Victor stands, sipping his drink slowly. While his family appears to unravel before his eyes in the garden, and his great-nephew is married to a woman he loathes, his stress is high. His glass of bourbon shakes in his hand as he simmers with rage.
Looking down after taking a sip, he sees a picture of Brady on his desk. Feeling emotional, Victor grits his teeth hard.

Suddenly, something appears to jolt Victor from within. He drops his glass of bourbon on the carpet, as he grabs his chest, the glass shattering on the ground.



Jordan and Jerome stand in Jordan's hotel room, a palpible tension between the ex-lovers. Jerome stands behind Jordan, waiting for an answer. Jordan turns, looks at Jerome, annoyed by his probing questions, and answers angrily.

JORDAN: My decisions and who I'm with now are no longer any of your concern, got it?

Jerome stares at Jordan a moment, before bursting out laughing. He shakes his head at Jordan, crossing his arms.

JEROME: That was a great performance, girl. I gotta hand it to you. But I'ma tell you something. Okay, you...you're in love with that dude. It's obvious. And you and I know damn well how dangerous that is when you're in town on a job. Especially when you in deep with a cop. 

Jordan turns away from Jerome again, now folding her arms, and rolling her eyes, not wanting to hear Jerome's advice. Jerome responds by stepping in closer to his ex.

JEROME: For God's sake, Kay! Have you looked this Hernandez dude up? He used to be an FBI agent! You know how much danger you're in if he figures out your ties to this EnerNext takedown? You have no choice but to leave town...and him.

Jordan turns back around, walking right past Jerome toward the door again, not even  looking him in the eye.

JORDAN: You're just trying to stir up trouble becuase you want me back. And as God is my witness, I am never EVER going back to you. You need to get that through your head, Jerome.

Jordan swings the door open to her suite, pointing the way out to Jerome.

JEROME: I'm not trying to stir anything up. I'm just looking out for you. Evidently something you aren't doing.
JORDAN: I am looking out for me. And I found a better way out. So whatever you and Sheryl have cooked up for tomorrow, I want no part in.

Jerome shakes his head as he steps toward the door.

JEROME: I got news for you. You're already too far in. There's no way out now.

Jordan snaps at Jerome, staring him down menacingly as her voice raises at him.


Jerome obliges, never taking his eyes off Jordan as he steps past the doorway. He turns before Jordan closes the door, and gives Jordan one last tidbit of advice.

JEROME: Alright! I'm out. But remember. There is no way out of this. Even if you do manage to worm your way out of this situation, your little detective friend is gonna find out all about your...extra-curriculars. And it ain't gone end well.

Jordan looks unmoved by Jerome's warning.

JORDAN: Goodbye, Jerome.
JEROME: See you tomorrow, Kay!

Jordan rolls her eyes as she slams the door shut behind him. Jordan leans against the door after its shut, the front of strength she put up against Jerome withering away, as she looks around, panicked by his stern warning.


Lucas looks intensely out the window of Sheryl's apartment. The night sky is dark, and the cloudcover means not a star in the sky. Looking out over the lights of the centre of Salem, he barely blinks as he thinks over what has just happened. 

Sheryl's words still linger in his head from earlier.

"You know....I never could understand...how a man....could still call himself a man...and not want to make love."
Lucas looks back at Sheryl, a bitterness in his eyes as she glares her way.

Wordlessly, he walks back over, puts on pants, and hastily throws back on his white t-shirt and dress shirt, barely managing to grab his suit jacket before he heads for the door.
On his way out, he takes one look back at Sheryl, before quietly closing the door behind him.

On the floor near the door, his tie has fallen in his haste to leave.


Nicole can barely choke out her reply to Eric about his offer to elope, as she lays in bed next to him, wide-eyed, and open-mouthed.

NICOLE: I...what? Eric, I mean...that's not what I had in mind for this wedding...at ALL!
Eric interrupts her just at the end, taking her hand in his as he speaks gently to her, trying to calm her nerves with reason.

ERIC: I...I know. Look, I would love to do it the traditional way and have a huge wedding with all our families there but...I mean...think about it, Nicole. That's really unlikely with my family.

Nicole shrugs, acknowledging the facts Eric's laying out.

NICOLE: Fair enough, I mean, your sister alone would probably try to drag me back up the aisle.
ERIC: ...Aaaaand not to mention my mother. I...I had a long talk with her and...I mean, we're just patching things up after what happened with Kristen and...(sigh) I just don't...I don't want another huge falling out. I'd rather just...quietly get married and...well, we can tell our families in our own time. Hopefully, without drama or any attempts to stop the wedding from happening.
NICOLE: Do you honestly think we can make that happen, though?

Eric thinks momentarily, sighing at the thought of having to hide his nuptuals.

ERIC: We stand a better chance of just making it to the altar this way. 
NICOLE: But we'll still have to face your family when we get back. I mean, Eric, I don't want our marriage to be this deep, dark secret, like we're ashamed of it. 
ERIC: I know. But...I'll make you a deal. We get married officially tomorrow. Just a simple justice-of-the-peace ceremony, and once my family gets used to the idea of us being together and..their opinion of you mellows a bit, we do a big ceremony, the right way. Okay?

Nicole smiles, nodding slowly in agreement to Eric's idea.

NICOLE: I think I can handle that.
ERIC: Good. I uh...I'll call Daniel in the morning, and we'll get this all organized?
NICOLE: And I guess I'll call Chloe, and...we head up to Chicago?

Eric smiles warmly at his soon-to-be-wife, raising a hand to gently stroke her cheek.
ERIC: You ever feel like a teenager?
NICOLE: Doing something BAD and rebellious?

Eric and Nicole giggle as they lean in slowly to gently touch each other's lips in a kiss.


Brady stands out by the lake, watching the waves crash against the shore. He stares straight ahead, barely even blinking as Anita walks over to him, wrapped warmly in her winter coat. She stands silently beside him for a moment, looking up at him with a piping hot cup of tea in her head.
Looking up, she offers him the tea.

ANITA: You took off in a real hurry.

Brady breaks his gaze, looking down at Anita, as he accepts the cup of tea.

BRADY: I had to get out of there.

Brady takes a sip of the tea, before raising the cup in a toast.

BRADY: Thanks for the tea, by the way.
ANITA: Anytime. I thought you'd be cold out here.
BRADY: Nah...it's not that bad. Besides, gives me some time to think. Some fresh air's good for the ol' brain.
ANITA: I would have thought you'd have plenty of time to think cooped up in that room all the time.

Brady laughs a bit at Anita's remark, still staring straight out at the water before him.

BRADY: Funny enough, I spend most of my time in there trying not to think. About anything, really...sneaks up on you sometimes.
ANITA: What do you mean?
BRADY: (sigh) Just...thinking about your family. What you left behind.

Anita stops a moment before responding. She hesitates even to say it, but eventually goes ahead anyway.

ANITA: Brady, don't you think you should eventually go back to Salem?

Brady looks back out at the water, shaking his head quickly.

BRADY: Nah. No way. If I do go back, my life in Salem is over, anyway. There's nothing left for me there.

Anita looks at Brady with a pained expression. Brady continues to look straight out for a moment, before turning to look at Anita.

BRADY: You know...you ever get the feeling that something terrible is about to happen, you just...no rhyme or reason to feel that way, it's just...your gut?
ANITA: Ohhh yeah. I've had that feeling a lot the last few weeks.
BRADY: Yeah...I'm feeling that now. And it feels like it's partly my fault.

Brady stares back out at the water. Anita joining him as the sound of the waves crashing against the shore mesmerize them.


Maggie, Alex, and Noelle stand in the kitchen at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie, still prepping dinner for everyone, turns toward the couple, who are stood together, with Alex embracing Noelle from behind. She smiles at them, loving their closeness.

MAGGIE: Well, you two. Dinner's almost ready. I'm just going into the living room to let Victor know and we'll be ready to start. Okay?
NOELLE: Alright, Maggie. We'll be in the dining room in a minute.
MAGGIE: Alright, but I don't want you two lovebirds to be late to the dinner table either, okay?

Alex and Noelle laugh as Maggie heads for the swinging door to the kitchen.

ALEX: Alright, promise.

Alex and Noelle hold up one hand, gesturing the promise to Maggie, who shakes her head while laughing at the happy couple.

After Maggie steps out of the room, Noelle quickly turns around to face her husband, kissing him quickly on the lips.

NOELLE: You know, I could really get used to being a Kiriakis.
ALEX: Now THAT is something I never thought I'd hear you say.
NOELLE: (laughs) It's true, though. Honestly, I'm grateful that Maggie's been so welcoming to me. It's really made a difference.

Alex takes both of Noelle's hands and looks her intensely in the eyes.

ALEX: Look, Victor will come around. Just give him time, and whatever misgivings he has about you are gonna fade away.
NOELLE: I'm...not so sure.
ALEX: Well, I am. So don't worry, okay?

Noelle smiles, leaning in to kiss Alex again. The couple wrap their arms around each other as their kiss evolves from a quick peck on the lips to a more passionate one.


Outside, in the Kiriakis garden, Justin puts a hand on Sonny's shoulder to try to get his attention, but Sonny shrugs it off immediately, aggravated by Justin and Adrienne's intense conversation at his and Will's expense.
SONNY: Don't...touch me right now, Dad. I'm serious. You two have seriously got to back off. All the way off. 

Adrienne pleads with her son, stepping towards him, and trying to take his hand, but Sonny will have none of it and lurches away.

ADRIENNE: Please, Sonny, just...you have to understand, I'm just trying to look out for yo--
SONNY: ...No! No, you need to stop doing that. Okay, your idea of looking out for me, which, by the way, I don't need because I am an adult...is smothering me, and it's toxic. It is starting to tear away at my relationship with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, and we haven't even made it to the altar yet!

Adrienne stops, trying to choke out a response to Sonny while holding back tears.

ADRIENNE: I just don't want you to make a big mistake. And I'm sorry, Will, but I think that Sonny marrying you would be a huge mistake.

Will shakes his head, feigning cluelessness at Adrienne's reasons for not wanting he and Sonny to marry, knowing that her answer will sound absurd to Sonny.

WILL: But why, Mrs. Kiriakis. I mean, you know Sonny and I have been through a lot. And I've stood by him. So why are you so concerned now?
ADRIENNE: Because, Will, I know what your mother's like, and I've seen the way you look at--

Adrienne gets cut off by the sound of Maggie's shocked voice coming from inside the house.
MAGGIE: (from inside) OH MY GOD, VICTOR!

Everyone turns around suddenly, stunned by what they hear.

Sonny is the first to react, running quickly inside, as the others filter in.

Inside, Maggie kneels by Victor's limp body, sobbing as she panicks, trying to figure out whether Victor is alive or dead.
Sonny arrives first, followed by Alex, Will, Adrienne, and Justin, as Noelle slowly saunters in behind them all, arms folded, with a much different look on her face from the others.

Maggie looks up as Sonny rushes into action, pulling his phone out from his pocket. Maggie shouts out to the others.

MAGGIE: I think he's had a heart attack, call the ambulance.

Sonny dials 911 immediately, as the others are stunned, almost too stunned to react, as they observe Victor lying on the floor, struggling to breathe. Justin then jumps over, kneeling down with Maggie, as he grabs Victor's hand.

SONNY: (into phone) Yes, this is Sonny Kiriakis, we think my uncle's just had a heart attack...



Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Rafe and Hope stand in their office at the Salem PD. Hope looks at Rafe with a concerned look on her face, as Rafe stands stunned at what Hope's just asked her.

RAFE: I...I don't even know how to answer that...I mean...I know these cops like they're family to me, Hope. No, I don't think they're racist.
HOPE: But what if...what if it's deeper than that. What if we've...(sigh) what if we're so used to seeing certain faces committing crimes that we've started to believe that they're inherently criminal people? 

Hope walks away from Rafe, increasingly uncomfortable looking him in the eyes. She paces the room, deep in thought, as Rafe's eyes follow her around the room.

HOPE: I know it's...I know it's not that they're bad people. I mean, we're trying to keep the community safe. I mean...everyone loves Abe...they loved Lexie when she was on the force, you're respected...but...
RAFE: Hope, come on. Don't let this one case hit you so hard, I mean...so the profile was wrong. There's a million ways that could have happened. The eye witness could have seen the wrong person, it could have been dark out...Hell, the perp could have an accomplice, this may not even be over yet--
HOPE: ...But what if it is, Rafe?! What if the Salem PD is the problem here? What if Jerome was right?

Rafe sighs as he looks at Hope, shaking his head in disbelief of what she's asking him.


Sheryl sits at the table at Club TBD, where the lights are dimmed as the evening clientele mills about, having their cocktails and eating their dinner. She keeps one eye on the door as she looks over her menu. Her impatience building as she sees each person step in, and not seeing Lucas.

Finally, Lucas steps in the door, nervously looking around for his date. Sheryl immediately spots him, and waves in his direction. After a moment, Lucas feigns a smile and heads over to greet her.
Sheryl gets up from her seat, a big smile on her face as she reaches out to her date.

SHERYL: Lucas, honey! I'm glad you finally escaped your mother's clutches.
LUCAS: Sheryl--
SHERYL: ...Oh come off it, Lucas, it was a JOKE! 
LUCAS: Yeah...sorry. I'm just...you know, tense.

Sheryl leans over to touch Lucas' shoulder, causing Lucas to flinch again at her touch. Sheryl looks on, hurt again by Lucas' resistance to her.

SHERYL: Okay...I'm sorry. I guess I'm just...not used to you being quite so...prickly.

Sheryl sits down, a sense of defeat in her eyes. Lucas follows, adjusting himself a bit as he gets comfortable in his seat. Sheryl looks at Lucas, a bit annoyed at him. Lucas picks up on it, and leans in to speak softly to Sheryl.

LUCAS: Look, I'm sorry. I haven't had a very good couple days. With work, and...the TV station selloff...I've been really overloaded.
SHERYL: I understand that.
Sheryl reaches out across the table to Lucas, almost touching his hand, but hesitating at the last moment.
She pulls her hand back into her lap. She looks down, appearing a bit sombre.

SHERYL: I just...I wish I could...maybe find a way to help...I dunno, make it easier on you. Maybe take some of the load off.

Lucas sighs, remembering his mom's advice before he left for dinner to be more convincing in his 'relationship' with Sheryl. Lucas looks up at Sheryl, who looks back at him with a lustful look in her eye. Lucas looks back curiously, as Sheryl gently slips her left pump from her foot, and glides it up his leg.
Lucas' eyes widen, as Sheryl's not-so-subtle come-on becomes obvious to him.

LUCAS: Well! I uh...ahem...Gee I...I feel better already. Uh...

Lucas quickly turns to get T's attention as he passes by.

LUCAS: Hey! T! Can you uh...can you get me a cup of coffee...and a uh...

Lucas turns to face an expectant Sheryl, who looks Lucas' way unwaveringly, as she makes her order.

SHERYL: Double vodka on the rocks.

T looks on at the situation before him, slightly amused, and intrigued as he responds, fighting back laughter.

T: Alright...coming up, guys!

T rushes off, leaving an uncomfortable Lucas at the mercy of Sheryl. He squirms uncomfortably, but decides to play along, against his better judgment.

LUCAS: I uh...I knew you wanted to help me unwind but...I had no idea you meant like this.

Sheryl looks on, raising her eyebrow seductively, as she responds to Lucas.

SHERYL: Maybe we should skip dinner. I think I'm feeling hungry for something a little different.

Lucas tries to hold back an uncomfortable look, as he tries to formulate a response to Sheryl.


Jerome steps off the elevator at the Salem Inn, walking over to Jordan's door. He knocks.

Inside, Jordan jumps up from her chair, startled by the sudden unexpected visitor. Through the door, she hears Jerome's voice.

JEROME: Kay? Baby, it's me.

Jordan races over to the door, hoping none of her neighbours heard Jerome call her by her real name. She quickly opens the door and motions him inside, an irritated look on her face.

JORDAN: I told you not to call me that! Get in here! NOW!

Jerome slides casually inside, with Jordan stuffing him inside as she tries, through her frustration, to close the door while resisting her urge to slam it.
She glares as she speaks menacingly to him.

JORDAN: How did you find me here?

Jerome smirks as he looks at his ex-, appearing to take pleasure in her dismay.

JEROME: I texted Sheryl. She said you could use the pep talk.
JORDAN: Oh right, I forgot. Sheryl's my mom now and I need her to tell me what I need to do. 

Jordan opens the door back up, motioning to Jerome to leave, as Jerome walks toward the door.

JORDAN: Look, I'm sorry you wasted your time, but I don't need you, and I don't need your 'pep talks'.

Jerome puts his hand against the back of the door, shutting it, while blocking in Jordan. They stand mere inches apart, as Jerome looks lustfully in Jordan's eyes. Jordan, still clearly attracted to Jerome, looks at him intensely.

JEROME: Maybe you don't know what you need as much as you think you do.

Jordan looks back at him, her defenses wearing thin against Jerome, though still trying to put up the front.


Adrienne stands, still uncomfortably cold in the Kiriakis garden with Justin, as Adrienne tries to explain her calling Alex "Justin's son".

ADRIENNE: I didn't mean it like that, Justin.
JUSTIN: No, but what else COULD it mean, Adrienne? You've always resented Anjelica's presence in our lives, even being just on the peripheral.
ADRIENNE: Well, I don't know, Justin. Maybe her trying to blow me up might have something to do with it? I mean, I know, I'm just talking crazy here, but--

Justin sighs, knowing this argument's going to go around in circles. He tries to stop it from moving further down this road.

JUSTIN: Adreinne. I don't blame you for hating Anjelica. But you have helped raise Alex from the time he was a toddler. I thought you have accepted him as your own--
ADRIENNE: ...I have, Justin...I just...
JUSTIN: You just...what? You see Anjelica every time you look at him? You...resent his presence in our lives again? You question his motives in marrying Noelle Curtis because you're just, so certain that he's got something to hide?
ADRIENNE: A mother knows her son, Justin.

Justin explodes with anger at Adrienne's remark.

JUSTIN: You just reminded me he isn't your son, Adrienne! So how do you know he's hiding something? And how do you know that Will is so...eager to play the field that he's willing to risk what he has with Sonny to make a play for his brother. His brother who is married to a woman?

Justin and Adrienne jump back, looking towards the door as a voice calls out to them.

SONNY: Is that really what you feel, Mom?

Adrienne stands, shocked and at a loss for words as she's caught by her visibly upset son.



Rafe puts his hand on Hope's shoulder, as Hope stays fixated on the view through her office window.

RAFE: Hope, you can't fix everything, you know. 

Hope stays fixated on the street below, leaving Rafe unsure if she's even listening. He squeezes her shoulder gently, hoping to rouse some kind of reaction in Hope.

RAFE: Look, I know this case has thrown you for a loop. That's why I was pushing Grant so hard. But you gotta realize, we're only human.
HOPE: Yeah, but we also need to have some humanity. 

Hope sighs, turning around to face Rafe finally.

HOPE: You know, I just...seeing Jerome and...seeing Valerie again just reminded me why I became a cop in the first place. I didn't do it to hurt people, or...punish people. I did it to help protect people. To make my community a better place. 
RAFE: And you do that. Every day. I see that.

Rafe puts his arms around Hope, as she reciprocates, holding Rafe in a tight embrace.

HOPE: Well, I need to do more, Rafe. I need to figure out a way.

As Rafe and Hope separate from their hug, Hope walks over to her desk, grabbing her purse and jacket. As she puts it on, she sighs.

HOPE: I gotta...I gotta pick Ciara up. She's probably upset, I've been...really busy lately.
RAFE: You want me to give you guys a ride home? I gotta head that way anyway, pick up Sheryl at the Salem Inn.

Hope smiles a bit, nodding appreciatively.

HOPE: Yeah. I'm...not exactly in any shape to drive right now, am I?
RAFE: Come on, Partner!

Rafe puts his arm around Hope, walking with her out of her office, finally coaxing a lasting smile out of his sombre partner.


Jordan inhales deeply, taking in Jerome's scent as she tries to hide her discomfort, and her attraction to Jerome.

JORDAN: Don't patronize me, Jerome.

Jerome lifts his right hand up to gently carress Jordan's face, causing Jordan to flinch, and push Jerome away. Jerome doesn't fight back as Jordan walks away from her.

JORDAN: Dammit, Jerome! Don't you get it? It's over between you and me. And it has been for a very long time.
JEROME: You know...that's funny because...I didn't think we ever officially broke things off between us. You know, as far as I remember...you just up and left town without saying where you were going, what you were doing, or who with. Now, what I wanna know is...is that how you normally break things off with the men you get with, or am I just a special case?

Jordan turns around to face Jerome, eyes rolling, cutting him off as he finishes his question.

JORDAN: I didn't...I didn't think we had anything more to talk about. You didn't want to tie yourself down to me, and...then this whole...EnerNext thing came up. I mean...Kate's offer to come to Salem came up way sooner than Sheryl and I expected.
JEROME: And you couldn't take two minutes to pick up a phone and tell me what was happening. Say goodbye? Dear John letter? A text message--
JORDAN: ...I couldn't! Dammit, Jerome. It wasn't safe! The RCMP were onto us, and if I stopped to make that call, I'd be setting myself up.

Jerome looks down, shaking his head, knowing Jordan's making excuses. Jordan looks him dead on, as earnestly as she can.

JORDAN: Look, I know I left suddenly. And I'm sorry for that. But we were having too many problems to ignore. And it wasn't going to get any better if I stayed in Toronto.
JEROME: But you don't know that.

Jordan stops, sighing as she looks up to the ceiling. She throws her hands up in defeat.

JORDAN: No. No, I don't. But it's too late to go back now. We have a job to do. That's the only relationship we're going to have here in Salem. You put that virus in the Titan server, and it's done.

Jerome cocks his eyebrow, sensing a hint of hope.

JEROME: And after that?

Jordan rolls her eyes at Jerome's badgering, she looks away, folding her arms in discomfort.

JORDAN: After that, I don't know.
JEROME: Does that mean you'll be leaving Salem?

Jordan hesitates, looking down, away from Jerome's intense gaze.

JORDAN: I haven't decided yet.

Jerome leans toward where Jordan's looking, hoping to catch her gaze. Jordan looks away, and Jerome follows her eyes. Jordan sighs again, as it hits him just why she's hesitating.

JEROME: Oh God. It's that sumbitch cop you been screwing around with. Hah! You're in love with him, aren't you?

Jordan bites her lip, trying to avoid giving Jerome the answer he's searching for.


The elevator dings before the door opens to Sheryl's floor. As it opens, Sheryl is pressed up against a visibly-uncomfortable Lucas, who is trying to get into the mood for the sake of Kate's plan, but Sheryl notices his tension. They kiss, but Sheryl, feeling Lucas' tension, steps back.

SHERYL: Lucas! Come on, what's wrong?

Sheryl grabs Lucas' hand and guides him from the elevator toward her apartment door.

LUCAS: Ahh, it's nothing. I guess I'm just still tense from the office.

Sheryl wraps her arms around Lucas, smiling seductively at him. He feigns a smile in return, putting his arms around her.

SHERYL: Well, you know what I say to that.
LUCAS: Yes, I do.
SHERYL: Well, do you want to come in? Maybe I can...work out those knots in your shoulders, and maybe...help you relax?

Lucas inhales, trying to gather his strength to go through with what's surely about to happen.

LUCAS: I think that's a great idea.

Sheryl smiles back, as she turns to open the door to the apartment.


As Sheryl steps in, Lucas lingers behind, almost afraid to step inside. Sheryl laughs at Lucas' reticence, coaxing him inside.

SHERYL: (laughs) Come on, silly. You're acting like a school boy. Haven't you ever been to a girl's bedroom before.

Lucas furrows his brow, as though Sheryl's wounded his pride.

LUCAS: Hey! I resent that! I'll have you know I've been to...p...a few ladies' bedrooms in my time.

Sheryl giggles as she sits herself down on her bed. Kicking off her shoes, she bites her lip seductively as she looks up at Lucas, who stands nearby, hands in his pockets, looking Sheryl up and down.

SHERYL: Hmm...that's good to know then. Aren't you gonna come over here.
LUCAS: I uh...ahem, I dunno if I'm up to it.

Sheryl looks up at Lucas, getting up off the bed and walking over to him. He backs up slightly, as Sheryl forcefully grabs his belt buckle and undoes it. Lucas resists momentarily.

LUCAS: Sheryl...
SHERYL: Not. A. Word.

Sheryl leans in, nearly kissing Lucas, but instead whispers, half seductively, half threateningly, as she kisses his cheek, and slowly nibbles his earlobe.

SHERYL: You know....I never could understand...how a man....could still call himself a man...and not want to make love.

Lucas' resists the urge to leave, his masculinity called into question, but simultaneously hearing his mother's voice in his head, nagging him to stay:

KATE: If you intend on seeing this plan through, you're going to have to be an awful lot more convincing than what just went down.

Before he can respond, Sheryl pushes Lucas onto her bed, straddling him aggressively.

LUCAS: Wh...what are you doing, Sheryl?
SHERYL: Isn't it obvious?

Sheryl rips open Lucas' shirt, as she kisses him full on the mouth. Lucas looks disgusted, but doesn't resist, replaying his mother's words over and over in his head, and Sheryl's emasculating whispers spliced between his mother's voice.
you'll have to do better than that
what kind of man doesn't want to make love?
better than that

SHERYL: I want you, Lucas Horton. Make love to me.

Sheryl leans over aggressively to kiss Lucas again, her legs straddling his torso as she kisses down his neck, kissing further and further down his chest, as Lucas lays back, closing his eyes momentarily, trying to simply go along with Sheryl's desire as best he can, still hearing the threatening voices circle in his head.
what kind of man...
you'll have to do better than that
...doesn't want to make love
I never understood
you'll have to do better...

Lucas gasps in a combination of mental anguish and physical stimulation as Sheryl moves her way down his body. Tensing with an anxious uncertainty as Sheryl takes sexual control over him.


Maggie and Alex carry on talking to each other in the kitchen, as Noelle steps into the kitchen.

MAGGIE: Noelle!
NOELLE: Hi, Maggie! I just came to check in on my husband.

Noelle wraps her arms around Alex, who turns his head to kiss his wife on the cheek. Noelle smiles widely as she hugs him. Maggie looks on, smiling.

MAGGIE: I'm so glad you two are so happy. (sigh) We could use a lot more of that in this house lately.

Noelle looks on, sighing quietly, understanding Maggie's pain.

NOELLE: I'm sorry, Maggie. I...I know the last few months haven't been easy on you and Victor...but...I have a feeling things are going to change very soon.

Maggie smiles at Noelle, leaning against the island, feeling Noelle and Alex's concern and warmth.

MAGGIE: Thank you, both of you. I hope so, too!


Sonny and Will step into the garden, Sonny fuming at his parents' argument over his relationship. Adrienne stumbles over her words as she tries to respond to her son's question.

ADRIENNE: I...I...Sonny! Look, your father and I--
SONNY: ...Were just nosing their way into my personal business. Again.
ADRIENNE: Sonny...
SONNY: Can it, Mom!

Justin steps in to defend Adrienne, glaring at Sonny angrily.

JUSTIN: Sonny. Don't talk to your mother like that.

Will steps toward Sonny, touching Sonny's arm gently.

WILL: Sonny...look, I didn't mean to cause trouble, I--
SONNY: No. No, that's all my mother's job. My mother, who can't seem to separate mother from son. My mother, who seems to think that Alex Kiriakis and Anjelica Deveraux are the same person, just like Sami Brady and Will Horton.

Adrienne tries to calm Sonny down, trying to step toward her son, but Sonny shakes his head, backing away from her.

ADRIENNE: Sonny...
SONNY: No! No, not this time, Mom. I love Will. And I know that Will is in love with me just as much. Whatever problems we're having right now, we will work them out, because that is what marriage is about. I know that's hard for you two since you seem incapable of going half a decade without some kind of litigation against each other, but--
JUSTIN: Sonny! Enough! Now, you owe your mother, and myself, an apology.

Sonny laughs mockingly at Justin, incredulous that Justin would make such an assertion.

SONNY: Hah! Like Hell, I do! You know, this is exactly why I wanted Will away from Titan. I didn't want him to be involved in all this family drama, and melodramatics. And I definitely didn't want anyone in this family, especially my own parents, to spend so much energy trying to run our lives, and trying to manipulate, and and and speculate about our sex lives. I mean, what business is it of yours?

Adrienne and Justin look solemnly at each other, realizing only now the depth of Sonny's anger at his family's involvement in his life. They stand, stunned, not realizing that inside the house, from the doorway, stands a solemn Victor, holding a drink in his hand. He listens closely to the entire conversation.

Victor takes a sip from his drink, before breathing in heavily, an almost pained expression on his face as he contemplates his family's growing tensions.



Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Hope stands in her office at the Salem PD, staring thoughtfully out the window. Rafe slowly opens the door. Observing Hope, he sighs to himself, as he stands in the doorway, holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

Never once looking away, barely even blinking, Hope doesn't notice as Rafe walks over to her, and hands her the cup. She jumps a bit, startled by Rafe. She looks down at the coffee cup and smiles as she takes it from Rafe.

RAFE: Figured you could use this.
HOPE: Thanks.
RAFE: You alright? Mrs...what was it, Grant? She really got to you.

Hope looks down, then back out the window, not looking Rafe's way as she takes a sip of her coffee. She takes a second before replying to him.

HOPE: Was it that obvious?

Hope turns around to face Rafe, a slight smile on both their faces, as they attempt to relieve a bit of the tension from dealing with Valerie and Jerome. Rafe shrugs as he makes a bit of a joke.

RAFE: Enh, not really. Heh. But seriously, that Valerie woman really shook you up. You...obviously have met before?

Hope looks down, nodding slowly as she answers Rafe, though almost zoning out.

HOPE: Ohh yeah. My...nephew David was supposed to marry Valerie a looong long time ago.
RAFE: And...obviously that didn't work out so well.
HOPE: You could say that.

Rafe looks on with concern, as Hope stays brooding in her own head, as though Rafe wasn't even in the room.

RAFE: Look, I don't wanna pry here, but...you look really upset by this.
HOPE: Yeah, well...(sigh) besides all the personal history...there's something about this whole situation that...it's just not right.

Hope looks up, looking intensely at Rafe, who looks back in stunned confusion.


Nicole and Eric unlock the door to Nicole's unlit apartment, laughing in between kisses. Eric holds a bottle of champagne in his hand, and places it down on the kitchen counter, as Nicole quickly turns on the light.

NICOLE: Ahhh! I...I cannot believe this.

Nicole runs back over to Eric, wrapping her arms around him from behind, much to his surprise. Eric laughs as he loses his balance while trying to grab champagne glasses from the cabinet above.

ERIC: Woah! Hey, Miss soon-to-be-Mrs. Brady.
NICOLE: Mmm, I like the sound of that.

Eric turns around, champagne glasses now in hand as he puts one arm around Nicole. Guiding her around to his side, he grabs the bottle and squeezes Nicole gently.

ERIC: Well, you better get used to hearing it, because I can't wait to make you my wife.

Eric twists off the cork with a loud pop. The cork flies out of the bottle and smashes the lightbulb above them, rendering the apartment once again pitch black. Nicole and Eric duck momentarily to protect themselves from the shattering glass, before looking up in stunned silence.

ERIC: Well...at least the darkness is romantic.
NICOLE: Yyyyyeah, I was never a fan of making love on broken glass, though.

Nicole turns toward the cupboard, pulling out a big flashlight.

NICOLE: Fortunately...

Nicole turns on the flashlight, startling Eric, who jumps back to protect his eyes from the bright light.

ERIC: ...AH! Hey!
NICOLE: I'm prepared for anything!

Nicole strides quickly back around, heading for the closet to find another bulb.

NICOLE: Don't move, I don't want you to step in the glass or anything.
ERIC: Yeah. Sure.

Eric looks on, sighing at the romantic, celebratory mood being gradually killed before his eyes.


Adrienne and Justin stand outside the Kiriakis Mansion, in the garden. Adrienne holds herself tightly, cold from the chilled winter air, as her husband drapes his jacket across her shoulders.

JUSTIN: You're shivering.

Adreinne waves dismissively at him.

ADRIENNE: I'm fine. I can handle it. Thank you. I just...I needed to breathe. You could cut the tension in that room with a knife.
JUSTIN: Don't I know it. You never explained yourself, why are you suddenly so against this wedding.

Adrienne steps in close to Justin, her voice gets softer as she explains herself. From inside, Will stands by the slightly-ajar door, straining to hear her.

ADRIENNE: I saw what was happening with Will and Sonny in there, Justin.
JUSTIN: And what was happening, exactly? Remember, I just got here.

Adrienne responds incredulously.

ADRIENNE: You didn't see it?? Justin, Will might as well have been on another planet, he was so completely...fixated on Alex.
JUSTIN: Well...Alex is an extremely attractive guy, I mean, it doesn't mean anything. Alex is with Noelle.

Adrienne rolls her eyes at what she views as her husband's naivete.

ADRIENNE: Oh please, Justin, I've told you a thousand times, Alex isn't with that girl for love. It's so obvious.
JUSTIN: You know, I don't exactly appreciate you making assumptions about my son's sexuality--
ADRIENNE: Why? Are you ashamed of Sonny now?

Justin looks down, stopping and sighing before answering as thoughtfully as he can. Careful not to say something he'll regret.

JUSTIN: You know that's not what I meant, Adrienne. I just--
ADRIENNE: ...You just still wish he were straight? I don't get it.

Justin explodes in anger, raising his voice, pointing back into the house emphatically, as though Sonny stood behind him.

JUSTIN: NO! I am so proud of our son, Adrienne. He has more strength and self-respect than most men twice his age. I would go to my death for that kid.
ADRIENNE: Then you need to stop him from making a huge mistake.
JUSTIN: He can decide that on his own, Adrienne.

Adrienne leans in close to Justin again, her one finger raised to make her point to Justin. She speaks softly but firmly.

ADRIENNE: If it isn't Alex, it'll be some other guy. He's Sami Brady's son in every. Single. Way.

Will leans back, the back of his head hits the wall behind him. He rests himself there, standing in stunned disbelief at what he's overheard. He breathes heavily before looking around for Sonny, then darting off.




Nicole kneels on the kitchen counter of her apartment, as she finishes screwing in the lightbulb that had previously burnt out. Eric looks on from behind the counter, silently spotting Nicole, trying to protect her if she loses her balance.

NICOLE: Aaaaalllmost got it. Aaaaaand THERE!

The light flickers on, causing Nicole to throw up her arms in victory.

NICOLE: HaHA! So? How many Nicoles DOES it take to change a lightbulb?
ERIC: I'd say one.

Nicole looks down, glaring at Eric for his dry 'wit'. 

NICOLE: Smart-ass.

Nicole leans over to playfully swat Eric, but misses and loses her balance. She shrieks as she falls into Eric's arms.

After a moment of panic, Nicole and Eric stop for a second, looking into each other's eyes. After a long moment, they slowly lean in and kiss each other passionately. Their kiss leads to Nicole reaching around to wrap her arms around Eric's neck, as she draws him in closer.

Aroused by the intensity, Eric lifts Nicole onto the counter, as Nicole draws Eric close to her. She wraps her legs around his waist as he pulls open her blouse, kissing down her neck as Nicole closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation of every kiss.

Nicole takes a breath as Eric lifts his head, looking into Nicole's eyes. She smiles wryly, as she pulls his shirt off quickly, exposing his rippled body.

NICOLE: The bedroom?

Eric nods, a playful glint in his eye.

ERIC: Bedroom.

Eric effortlessly scoops Nicole up into his arms, her arms and legs still wrapped around his body. The kiss passionately as he carries her into her bedroom, the lights, newly changed, left on.


Noelle casually walks toward Victor, both of them standing in the Kiriakis living room alone. She looks at him smugly, as Victor tries to ignore her completely, looking the other way.

NOELLE: You know, this really is such a beautiful home. I could get used to it here.

Victor squints his eyes, trying to stop from spitting his drink out, as he chokes out an answer. He turns around, glaring at her.

VICTOR: You expect to live here? I was hoping you'd at least settle for a neighbouring zip code.

Noelle crosses her arms, a wry smile on her face. She begins to pace the room as she talks, contemplating as she speaks. Victor gets tense as she speaks.

NOELLE: Victor, you're a card. You know as well I do, though, that as long as Alex is staying here with you and Maggie...

Noelle turns around suddenly, staring down Victor.

NOELLE: ...I...will be right here with him. I mean, I am his wife, after all.

Victor grimaces, never once looking away from Noelle as they each try to intimidate the other.

VICTOR: Mm. Don't remind me.

Noelle laughs quietly as Victor turns back around, finishing his drink.  She saunters around to the other side of Victor, grabbing a glass for her own drink as she picks up the caraffe and begins to pour herself a drink.

NOELLE: Oh come now, don't you want your nephew to be happy?
VICTOR: Yes. Which is exactly why I want him far away from you, and preferably the rest of your dysfunctional family to boot!

Noelle takes a sip from her drink, savouring the flavour, as she responds to Victor's repeated snipes, again with a smile and cool exterior.

NOELLE: Well, don't worry about my family. You've already done your part in tearing ours apart. And juding by how tonight's going...it looks like you're doing wonders on your own.

Victor looks menacingly at Noelle, who takes the opportunity to turn toward the hallway heading for the kitchen.

NOELLE: I best check on Maggie and the boys. Enjoy your wallowing!

Victor watches from his peripheral vision as Noelle casually walks out of the room. Once gone, he quickly finishes his drink, before slamming the glass down on the desk before him.

VICTOR: Damn that little...


Maggie turns around in the Kiriakis kitchen, holding some serving bowls she's pulled out from the pantry, and walks slowly toward the centre island, where Sonny leans against the counter, and Alex sits casually on a bench. They're relaxed, catching up, and helping bring a smile back to Maggie's face.

MAGGIE: It's so nice to be back in a kitchen again.

Alex, who's stealing some mini-profiterols from a bowl on the counter, looks over to Maggie, a wide smile on his face.

ALEX: You know how funny that sounds, knowing you own a restaurant?

Maggie and Sonny laugh, as Maggie smacks Alex's hand away as he reaches over to grab another profiterol.

MAGGIE: Restaurants! And you're gonna spoil your supper if you keep that up.
SONNY: And those abs, I might add.

Alex gives Sonny a smug, mocking look.

ALEX: Ahh you're just jealous because I got the good genes.
SONNY: Yeah, well, apparently modesty's a Johnson thing anyway.
ALEX: Ohhh! I know you didn't go there just now.
SONNY: I SO did!

As the boys laugh, Maggie leans over the table and grabs their hands, squeezing them tightly as she smiles, looking back and forth between the two of them.

MAGGIE: You know...can I just say...this was exactly what I needed?
SONNY: I'm glad to hear it, Maggie. I'm sorry about what's been happening between you and Uncle Vic.

Maggie smiles warmly at Sonny.

MAGGIE: Thanks, Sonny. I mean...I know it's not his fault. With everything that's happened. Titan being in so much trouble, and...Brady dying...I know it's been hard on him.
ALEX: But it's not your fault, either.
SONNY: Exactly. Don't be afraid to have some sort of...release.

Maggie nods, sighing in a sense of relief of having been able to talk this out with Alex and Sonny.

MAGGIE: I know. I was never very good at that. At least tonight, I've got the kitchen free for a bit.
SONNY: Yeah! I was amazed you got Chef to go home early.

Maggie gives a cute smile to Sonny.

MAGGIE: I have my ways.

As Maggie winks at the boys, everyone laughs, and Alex smiles, nodding in approval of his great aunt.

MAGGIE: But you know...honestly, it's nice having a kitchen again. I thought I'd love being waited on hand and foot but...I miss everyone coming down to my house and hanging out in my kitchen.
SONNY: Yeah! That used to be like...every lunch break. Me, Chad, Will, Gabi, Melanie...
MAGGIE: I really miss that. But...I wouldn't trade it for life with Victor for anything.

Alex pats Maggie's back gently, smiling approvingly, as Sonny takes a sip of his drink.

ALEX: Well...we wouldn't trade you for anything either. You make a great addition to this family.

Sonny holds up his drink, as Alex reaches over to grab his. Maggie, not having hers, laughs awkwardly, slightly embarrassed by the praised being given to her.

SONNY: Hear hear!

As Sonny and Alex toast, Will bursts into the room. He sees Sonny and Alex toast and senses the same tension as before.

ALEX: Hey, Will!

Will stops a moment before calling out to Sonny.

WILL: Hey! ...Uh...Sonny, can I...talk to you a second?

Sonny, sensing something's troubling Will, immediately walks over.

SONNY: Uh, sure. Everything alright?
WILL: Yeah, I just...I need to ask you something...in private.
SONNY: Ssssure.

Sonny and Will both look back into the room, with Sonny giving both Maggie and Alex a smile, while Will looks on, fixated on Alex, before catching himself and looking away.

WILL: I won't keep him long, I promise.

Maggie and Alex laugh quietly, as Sonny is dragged into the hall.


Once in the hall, Sonny looks around, a bit annoyed by Will's awkward behaviour, he whispers intensely at Will.

SONNY: What's wrong? You alright?

Will begins to panic as he grabs Sonny, holding him tightly for a moment.

WILL: I...I don't know.

Sonny reciprocates, holding Will tightly in his arms for the first time in days. He savours the moment, as much as he worries for Will.

SONNY: What is it? Tell me.

Will holds back tears as he pulls back from his embrace with Sonny. Looking intensely at his fiance, tears in his eyes, he answers.

WILL: It's your mom, Sonny.

Sonny looks on, worry and aggravation painted on his face.


Adrienne stands in the Kiriakis garden, facing away from a confused Justin. Justin stands, hands on hips, trying to sort out Adrienne's thought process.

JUSTIN: Do you seriously think that Will is going to marry our son, his first boyfriend, I might add, only to throw everything they've worked so hard for away just as things are starting to smooth out for them?

Adrienne laughs softly, as she turns around, shaking her head at her husband.

ADRIENNE: Justin, you cannot be that naive.
JUSTIN: And you can't possibly be that cynical. Do you hear yourself right now? Will is Sami's son, therefore he's inevitably going to turn to be a Samantha Gene Brady mini-me?

Adrienne sighs, holding in her feelings as Justin ravishes her for her remark.

ADRIENNE: That's not what I'm sayin--
JUSTIN: Then what ARE you saying, Adrienne? Because whatever it is, I don't think it's fair to Will, or to our son if you start trying to separate them again. All you're going to do is alienate them both. Is that what you really want?
ADRIENNE: No! Of course not! Justin, I just...there is something going on between Alex and Will, and so help me, if your son comes between Sonny and Will--

Justin, taken aback by Adrienne's slip, cuts her off, stunning her into silence with his interjection.

JUSTIN: My son? Adrienne, you helped raise Alex like he was your own...what are you saying?

Adrienne struggles to find an answer, hoping not to make matters worse. Justin looks on, an increasingly hurt and angered look in his eye.


Rafe looks confused at Hope.  He looks on, attempting to figure out what she's referring to.

RAFE: I...I don't know what you mean...I mean...we went on the info we had on this guy...it turned out to be wrong. End of story.

Hope turns around, shaking her head in disagreement. She takes a second, sighing before responding to Rafe.

HOPE: Not...exactly.

Rafe squints in confusion, now shaking his head.

RAFE: I don't get it.
HOPE: Oh, Rafe, dammit! I just...I have...concerns.
RAFE: About--

Hope turns around quickly, interrupting Rafe, a sudden intensity and anger in her voice.

HOPE: ...About Jerome! About why we arrested him when he was...so diametrically opposite to what the real thief looked like.

Rafe shrugs, trying to rationalize with Hope, but still uncomfortable.

RAFE: Well...these things happen all the time, you know that--
HOPE: No! This...it's more than that. I mean...

Hope looks down, turned back away from a confused Rafe. She looks at the ground, as if not even focused on anything in the room. She's intensely inside her own thoughts, and Rafe, her audience for her self-reflection.

HOPE: ...I mean...Rafe, that profile. How many profiles have we seen...black male...early 20s...

Hope turns back around, prepared to look at Rafe again.

HOPE: What...what if Jerome's right? What if he was only made a suspect in the first place...because he was black?

Rafe looks on, a conflicted look on his face, as he contemplates what Hope says to him.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson



Will, stood in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion alongside his fiance Sonny, looks on at Noelle and Alex's cosy togetherness. Stunned, he can barely choke out a response to Alex's introduction of Noelle, his wife.

WILL: I...your wife! I...wow! You...I didn't realize.

Alex laughs at Will's surprise, as Sonny reaches out to Noelle.

SONNY: It's so good to finally meet you.
NOELLE: And you, Sonny.


Noelle breaks free from Alex's arm to give her brother-in-law a hug, as Adrienne steps forward into the scene from across the room, as Victor, still stood in front of the living room bar, looks her way.

ADRIENNE: Well, now that we've all had a chance for introductions, shall I uh...set the table?
VICTOR: Nonsense, Adrienne. Have a seat. Would you like a drink?


Adrienne looks behind her to the chair behind her. She sits herself down as the others follow suit, seated across the sofa, with Maggie taking the easychair opposite Adrienne. 

ADRIENNE: Uh, no thank you, Victor. I'll just...wait until dinner.

Maggie senses tension in the air, and tries to break it after a moment of awkward silence.

MAGGIE: Ah, so...Noelle! It's...really nice to see you again. Ah, I was just saying to Adrienne and Noelle in the kitchen that I hadn't seen her since she were a little girl. And now here you are...all grown up--

Noelle looks Maggie's way, smiling, as Victor interrupts Maggie with a snarky remark.

VICTOR: Marrying for money and status, just like her louse of a father.

Maggie immediately turns to Victor, disgust plain on her face, as Victor takes a sip of his drink.

MAGGIE: Victor, we have guests. They may be family, but it is no time to be airing your greivences.

Adrienne chimes in, hoping to reclaim some good humour in the room.

ADRIENNE: I agree. This is supposed to be a pleasant evening, and...
MAGGIE: ...And it's a time for celebration. Alex is back in Salem, with a beautiful new bride, no comment from the peanut gallery, thank you.

Victor scowls as Maggie looks pointedly his way.

MAGGIE: And we have one more marriage soon to come in the family. As Will will soon be part of our family as well.

Will smiles awkwardly as Maggie gets up from her seat to pour herself a soda. Sonny puts a hand on Will's knee, causing Will to look down quickly, before looking up at Sonny. Sonny's eyes are glued to Will's, almost pleading with him to be civil. Will looks at Sonny, lovingly, but with a degree of coldness.

MAGGIE: Adrienne, would you at least like a soda to toast with?

Adrienne looks away from Sonny and Will, as if snapping out of a daze. She responds to Maggie, awkwardly, but pleasantly.

ADRIENNE: Ahh....oh, yes! Yes, thank you!

Maggie turns back to pour the drink, as Victor paces behind the sofa, observing all the tension bubbling under the proceedings. His face tells the story, as his scowl persists.

MAGGIE: There you are. So, to our guests of honour. Will, Sonny, Alex, and Noelle. May they live and love for many years to come.

As everyone raises their glasses, Maggie fixes her gaze on an unmoved Victor, who raises his glass only at the behest of his wife.




Billie picks up a cup of tea from the coffee table in the Horton living room, as Jennifer sits down in the chair near her.

JENNIFER: Billie, I don't see why you're so curious about my feelings for Daniel.

Billie stirs uncomfortably, as she tries to answer Jennifer as gently as possible.

BILLIE: Look...Jenn, I don't mean to pry, that certainly isn't my intention. But...I think you should know...Daniel and I have been...well, we've been seeing each other, and it's been getting pretty serious.

Jennifer keeps a cool exterior, setting down her tea on the coffee table. She nods at Billie and feigns a smile.

JENNIFER: That's great. That's good to hear, Billie. But Daniel and I are through. What he does is really none of my business.
BILLIE: Well...that's where you're wrong.

Jennifer looks at Billie, confused, and a touch resentful at Billie's insistence.

JENNIFER: What do you mean by that, Billie? 

Billie looks down at the ground, trying very hard not be tactless in how she answers the question.

BILLIE: Because, based on what I've seen today, it's obvious to me that he's still very much in love with you.

Jennifer looks at Billie, contemplative and a bit frustrated, by Billie's revelation.



Laura knocks gently on JJ's bedroom door. JJ sits at his desk, typing away on an assignment, with her earbuds in, and doesn't hear Laura. Laura, seeing this, lets herself in, walking over to JJ and tapping him on the shoulder. JJ jumps, and upon seeing Laura behind him, takes his earbuds out.

JJ: Grandma!
LAURA: Sorry if I scared you, but...I wanted to give you some news.

JJ turns around, as Laura sits down at the edge of JJ's bed.

JJ: Okay, what's up?

Laura smiles, trying to sum up everything she's learned today. Still a bit tense and uneasy with some of it, she decides to start with the good news first.

LAURA: Well, there's some good news, and some...troubling news.
JJ: Alright, lay the bad on me first.
LAURA: Well, maybe I should give you the good news first. I...I don't want to cause you alarm.
JJ: Grandma--
LAURA: Look, the good news is...I spoke to Daniel today, and...well, he agreed to look into Liam a bit more deeply for us.

JJ smiles, a look of relief on his face.

JJ: That's fantastic! Do you...do you think this will mean that...maybe there's a chance they'll find their way back to each other?

Laura looks down, a bit worried. She shakes her head.

LAURA: JJ, I know you just want your mother to be happy, but...it's too late for your mother and Daniel.
JJ: But, I mean, he still loves her, right? I mean, he's agreed to help us--
LAURA: ...That doesn't mean that they're getting back together. Look, I know you blame yourself for your mother and Daniel splitting up, but...what's important right now is that we keep your mother safe.

JJ nods, a bit disappointed, but understanding his grandmother's thinking.

JJ: No, you're right. So...what was the bad news, then?

Laura breathes in deeply, hoping the right words will come out.

LAURA: Look, I don't want to...(sigh)...I don't mean to worry you, but...I overheard Liam having a conversation on the phone at the hospital today.
JJ: A conversation? Okay, with who?

Laura takes a second to answer, her eyes staring intensely at JJ as she speaks, worry causing her voice to shake.


JJ looks on, more worried for his mom than ever.






Valerie and Jerome step into their new house. Valerie tosses her car keys casually on the table by the door, as she and Jerome step in from the winter cold.

VALERIE: Well...it's not exactly how I planned your welcome. (sigh) But here it is.

Jerome looks around, a smile on his face as he takes in his surroundings.

JEROME: Well, well. Not bad, Grandma.

Valerie turns around, cracking a smile. She puts her hand up to Jerome's face, looking affectionately at him.

VALERIE: I'm glad you're alright. You know, I know it sounds like I'm paranoid but...I mean, you know this, every time you...turn on a TV or look at a newspaper, it's another black person dying in custody, and--
JEROME: Grandma, I told you. You don't need to worry about me.
VALERIE: That's where you're wrong, Jerome. You're dead wrong.

Jerome looks at his grandmother, confused by her persistance.

JEROME: What do you mean, Grandma? I mean, you talk like you're speaking from experience or something.

Valerie sighs, hesitating to answer. She looks unflinchingly at Jerome, a simmering rage inside her that she tries desperately to hold back.

VALERIE: Maybe I am.

Jerome looks on, dumfounded, shaking his head, as his phone rings. The disruption cuts the tension, as Jerome turns to find his jacket, where the phone is.

JEROME: I gotta get that.

Valerie sighs, as Jerome walks over to pick up the phone. Seeing that it's Sheryl, he immediately answers, but quietly.

JEROME: (into phone) Hey.



Sheryl steps off the elevator at the lobby of the Titan building. Her cell phone in hand, as she responds.

SHERYL: (into phone) Hey, where are you?


JEROME: (into phone) Ohhh I'm at my new house. Just settling in after my stint as a hardened criminal.


Sheryl, surprised by the news, scrunches her face in displeased surprise.

SHERYL: (into phone) WHAT? You're joking.


Jerome continues, looking at Valerie, trying to keep the conversation light.

JEROME: (into phone) No joke. Look, I uh...I don't really wanna get into it right now, but...you alright?


SHERYL: (into phone) Not really.


Jerome rolls his eyes, knowing Sheryl's problems will be something petty.

JEROME: (into phone) Alright, spill. What is it?


SHERYL: (into phone) I think Lucas might be onto us. I don't know how but...something's wrong.


Jerome looks ahead, responding without hesitation.

JEROME: (into phone) Meet me at Jordan's in 20 minutes?


Sheryl again furrows her brow, confused by Jerome's request.

SHERYL: (into phone) I can't until morning.  Uh...besides, you don't even know where she lives...


JEROME: (into phone) Text me directions now. She and I need to clear the air. You be there at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Bye.

Jerome hangs up abruptly, putting his jacket back on, much to Valerie's chagrin. Valerie starts to head toward Jerome.

VALERIE: Jerome Grant, where are you going?

Jerome opens the front door of the house, barely stopping to explain himself.

JEROME: There's an emergency at the University I have to deal with, Grandma. I'll see you in a bit.
VALERIE: Jerome, wait!

The door slams shut behind Jerome, causing Valerie to flinch, before looking off resigned and angry.



Nick walks up to Stefano's grand leather chair. Resting against the back of it, he watches the fire along with Stefano.

NICK: You know...you remember those...photos I sold you? Those ones Percy took of Abigail and EJ doing the do? Whatever happened to those?

Stefano laughs heartily, never taking his eyes off the fire as he answers Nick.

STEFANO: Ohh I have them in a very safe place. And if Elvis plays his cards right, they won't move from that place.


Jennifer gets up from her seat, arms crossed, pacing the room uncomfortably as Billie looks her way, hoping to find a way to calm her nerves.

BILLIE: Jenn, I'm sorry if I upset you, but...

Jenn shrugs, shaking her head, deep in her own thoughts, almost not answering Billie, but just verbalizing her inner thoughts.

JENNIFER: No, it's...it's okay, Billie. it's not your fault, and I'm sorry it's gone this way. But Daniel and I can't be together...I can't trust him. Besides, I've moved on.

Billie looks Jenn's way, uncertainty in her eye.

BILLIE: Jenn, I mean...maybe it's my insecurity talking but...it doesn't sound like you have.

Jenn stops pacing, clicking back and turning to face Billie. She puts her hand over to meet Billie's, which rests on the top of the sofa near where Jenn was pacing. She smiles warmly at her longtime friend.

JENNIFER: I have. And I've met a wonderful man who loves me and...it feels like we've known each other forever.

Billie cracks a smile, as Jenn walks around to the other side of the sofa, never letting go of Billie's hand as she goes to sit on the sofa next to Billie, where she begins to gush about Liam.

BILLIE: That's...GREAT. Tell me more!
JENNIFER: Oh, Billie, I mean, you know, I know, I've..moved on kinda fast but...this guy, we talk about he just...he understands where I'm coming from, and he...I mean he even remembered Abigail's birthday a couple months ago, I like...I barely remember mentioning it to him. (laughs)

Billie doesn't join in Jennifer's gushing, schoolgirl laughter, though she tries momentarily. The realization hits her, that this was what Laura was talking about to Daniel. She tries to hide her concern.

BILLIE: What a...sweetheart.
JENNIFER: He really is. Billie, I can't wait for you to meet him.
BILLIE: I'm sure I will soon. He uh...he works at the hospital as well?
JENNIFER: Yeah! He's a uh...pharmaceutical rep.
BILLIE: I see.

Billie nods in feigned approval, before starting to get up from the couch.

BILLIE: Look, I need to get going, but I'm glad I stopped by. It's good to see you again.

Jennifer gets up from the couch as well, smiling widely. She reaches quickly over to hug Billie.

JENNIFER: It's SO good to see you. Ohhh my gosh, you, Daniel, Liam, and I...we should get together sometime soon. 

Billie smiles, nodding in strained agreement.

BILLIE: Yes, we...definitely should. And...again, I'm sorry if I upset you.
JENNIFER: No! Sweetie, never. I know what you're feeling right now. You're going through a lot of emotions. You're feeling...vulnerable. Insecure. It's okay. I understand that. And if you need me, I'll be there for you. Okay?

Billie smiles earnestly, almost blushing at her friend's warmth and caring.

BILLIE: Thank you.

Billie turns and heads for the door, as Jennifer stays behind in the living room, an intense, thoughtful look on her face, as Billie heads out the door.

Outside, Billie stands in the doorway, more concerned than ever.

BILLIE: Alright, Billie. Time to find out who this Liam Frasier guy is...and what he wants.


JJ gets up from his seat, his worry about his mom's safety palpible, he starts to panic as he speaks, building himself up into a bit of a frenzy, which Laura can't bear to watch, worried she'll be worked up herself.

JJ: Grandma, what are we gonna do? I mean...if this Liam guy is really working for the DiMeras...I mean...mom could be in serious danger...and Abigail. I mean...she's working for them already. What if they're spying on her. What if this trip to Italy was...what are they gonna do to her?

Laura looks at JJ, welling up with concern for her family, she can no longer hold back. She stands up from the edge of JJ's bed

LAURA: I don't know, JJ. But I do know one thing for sure, is that you need to be kept safe from all of this. And I promise you, I will keep you safe, no matter what it costs me.

Laura leans over and takes JJ in her arms, holding her grandson tightly.


Maggie continues to try to cool the frayed nerves in the Kiriakis living room, trying to keep the mood light with banter, which falls on deaf ears to the rest of the party.

MAGGIE: So it looks like The Penthouse Grille reopening will be ready to go by the spring. Isn't that great?
ALEX: That's fabulous news, Maggie. I can't wait to see the place.


Just then, Justin walks in the doors of the living room. Upon seeing his son looking back at him, Justin's face lights up, as does Alex's.

JUSTIN: You gotta be kidding me! Come here, big guy!

Justin and Alex laugh and share a warm hug, as Adrienne gets up from her seat to greet her husband.

JUSTIN: And I'm assuming you brought Noelle with you?
JUSTIN: Noelle! It's been awhile.
NOELLE: (laughs) Yes, it has. 

Justin steps over to Noelle, giving her a kiss on the cheek as a greeting. Adrienne, awkwardly stands near Justin, finally piping up.

ADRIENNE: Ahh, Justin. Sweetie.

Justing and Adrienne quickly kiss on the lips, Justin smiling warmly at his wife, though sensing her tension.

JUSTIN: Yes, my dear.
ADRIENNE: Could I, uh, speak to you in the kitchen a moment.

Justin shrugs casually, pouring himself a quick drink before taking off.


Adrienne leads Justin out of the room into the side room. Inside the living room, Will's eyes follow Adrienne and Justin out, an air of suspicion as he watches them leave. Victor walks back around toward his previous seat.

VICTOR: God, I hope dinner's soon. All this fretting and suspicious behaviour is working up my appetite.

Maggie, starting to lose her cool, begins to crack, her voice raising in irritation not just as Victor, but everyone.

MAGGIE: Victor, I swear to God. One more snide remark out of you--
VICTOR: ...And what, Maggie? You'll divorce me?

Maggie gets up from her seat, finally blown her cool.

MAGGIE: Don't press your luck, Kiriakis!

Noelle sits, revelling in Victor's misery, but Sonny thinks better of the situation and gets up as well to try to calm things down.

SONNY: Okay, maybe we should go set the table. I think Chef is nearly ready for the starters, so...

Will follows suit, still more fixated on Adrienne and Justin's whereabouts, but using this as an opportunity to spy.

WILL: Yeah. Yeah, I think that's a great idea, Sonny.
NOELLE: Ohh, and miss all this great together time? Victor will be so disappointed. Won't he?

Victor stands stoically by the bar set. Taking a sip of his drink, he casually retorts.

VICTOR: Blow it out your nose, Hussy.
MAGGIE: That does it! I've had enough. Victor, I hope you enjoy the poolhouse, because that's where you're staying tonight.

Victor looks at Maggie, incredulously.

VICTOR: What on Earth are you talking about, woman? This is MY house!
MAGGIE: And I own half of it. Remember? I'll be in the kitchen.

Victor scowls in defeat, as Maggie steps around Victor, heading to the kitchen to join the others in preparing dinner.

Victor lingers in the living room, alone, save for Noelle, who has stayed behind, a smug smile on her face. Once the last of the group leave the room, Noelle begins to clap at Victor's misfortune.

NOELLE: Great work, Victor. I have to say...that's one for the books. You've managed to alienate your entire family before the first course is even served. That's got to be a new record. Even for you!

Victor looks away from Noelle, shaking his head slowly, before quickly downing the rest of his drink.


Will and Sonny head for the kitchen, but Will stops just short of the kitchen. Sonny looks back in Will's direction, and Will motions to him, holding one finger up to tell him to hold on a moment.

WILL: Just need to have a pit stop for a moment.
SONNY: Okay.

Sonny disappears through the saloon doors into the kitchen, while Will hangs back, spotting Adrienne and Justin chatting in the garden. Being sure not to be seen, he hides around the corner, just close enough to overhear their conversation outside.


Adrienne stands  stone still. Arms folded, staring straight ahead, as Justin tries desperately to discover what's wrong. He walks up behind Adrienne, putting his hands tenderly on her shoulders.

JUSTIN: Hey, you alright?
ADRIENNE: (sigh) I hope so.

Justin, unsatisfied with his wife's answer, resists his urge to roll his eyes, as Adrienne continues.

ADRIENNE: I uh...I think I must be losing my mind.

Adrienne momentarily laughs at herself a bit, before carrying on.

ADRIENNE: Yeah! Well...see...you know how I've always....had some misgivings about Will and Sonny being together.

Justin nods, worried that he knows the direction this conversation's headed.

JUSTIN: Yyyes. And we've reminded you to stay out of it. Let the boys handle it.

Adrienne spins around quickly, almost cutting Justin off.

ADRIENNE: Yes! Exactly! And I told you over and over again that Will is just...he is too much like Sami, and Lucas has not been a much better example for him.
JUSTIN: Okay. I mean, Lucas has had his fair share of drama, but...you know...so did we.

Adrienne looks seriously into her husband's eyes. She inhales deeply while she works out her next thought.

ADRIENNE: Well, I didn't realize how right I was...not until tonight. Justin, this wedding CANNOT happen. I won't let it happen.

Justin looks on, stunned by his wife's sudden emboldened, and passionate plea.

Will, meanwhile, hides around the corner, enraged by Adrienne's pointed disapproval.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sonny walks up to the door of the Kiriakis Mansion, and rings the doorbell, while Will stands behind him, trying to hide his annoyance at having to be at this family dinner to begin with. Henderson opens the door.

SONNY: Hey, Henderson, we're here...

Sonny is taken aback, when he looks behind Henderson, to see a face he hasn't seen in years.

SONNY: Oh my God....Alex???
ALEX: Hey, my man, how are you??
SONNY: Oh WOW, this is...WOW, look at you, man! It's so good to see you!

Sonny races inside to give Alex a hug, as Will steps inside, a wave of horror washes over him. Sonny turns to face Will, a huge smile on his face as he speaks.

SONNY: Alex, I want you to meet my fiancé, Will Horton. Will, this is my brother, Alex Kiriakis.

Will turns ghost white, stunned into silence. Realizing what's happening, he snaps out of his daze and chokes out a reply. Feigning a smile.

WILL: I...yeah, we...we've met.
ALEX: Yeah! Turns out Will's my new employee.
WILL: Yeah! Keeping it in the family. You know.

Will sneaks a look at Sonny, whose eyes beg Will not to keep antagonizing him on this night. Will smiles, as Alex motions them into the living room.

ALEX: You, uh...you guys wanna come into the living room. We're having drinks before dinner.
SONNY: That...sounds like exactly what I need. Will?
WILL: Absolutely. Lead the way.

Sonny and Alex head into the living room, Will following closely behind, his face dropping as his sudden tension at being at dinner with both Alex and Sonny shows.


Jennifer walks into her living room, a file folder in hand, as Laura sits on the sofa, reading a book on her tablet. As Jennifer walks in, Laura looks up at her daughter and smiles.

LAURA: Jennifer! How was your day?

Jennifer sets the file folder on the desk in the corner of the room, before turning toward her mother, smiling, but with an visible tension about her body language.

JENNIFER: Oh, it was good. You know...quiet day. I had...a press release to finish up about our brand new chief of staff.
LAURA: Ohh Valerie Grant. It's...so exciting to have her back. I mean, I wish it were under different circumstances, but...
JENNIFER: I know...it's such a shock...Kayla taking off like that so suddenly. No word on why or...what's happening with Steve and Joey.
LAURA: I just hope they're okay.
JENNIFER: Yeah...so do I.

Jennifer looks to one side in the momentary silence between mother and daughter. She smiles quickly before heading for the kitchen.

JENNIFER: I, uh...I should go get myself together. Liam and I are going out tonight.

This causes Laura's eyes to bug out, suddenly worry showing across her face as she watches her daughter head out of the room.

LAURA: Going out, again? You...Jennifer, you and Liam have become...really close really quickly.

Jennifer stops in her tracks in the doorway. Turning around, a strange look on her face.

JENNIFER: Yes, we have. Uh...Mom...you know, you've been rather...uneasy with Liam lately. I mean...I know JJ has also had some...rather vocal misgivings about him as well.
LAURA: Yes, he has. And...I confess...so have I. But--
JENNIFER: ...Has JJ been putting these ideas in your head, Mom?

Laura turns to Jennifer, trying to put her at ease and reaching out, as Jenn walks back into the room, arms folded.

LAURA: Darling, no! Look, we just...we love you, and with Abigail away, and it being so little time since you and Daniel split...I just...I don't want you to rush into anything, I mean...are you going to be coming home tonight?

Jennifer turns to face Laura, arms still folded in discomfort at her mother's invasive line of questioning.

JENNIFER: Mother! Look, this is none of your business, I am a grown woman with adult children of my own. I don't have to tell you where and when I'm spending the night with a man I'm dating.

Laura puts up her hands to try to calm Jennifer down a moment.

LAURA: That's....that's not how I meant it. I'm just....I'm just saying, I want you to take it slow. I know how Daniel hurt you by lying about JJ and Theresa and I just...
JENNIFER: You're just looking out for me, I know...

Jennifer walks away again, her arms unfolding as she tries to calm down, realizing her mother's only looking out for her. After a moment, she turns again, cooled off enough to speak again.

JENNIFER: I know. It's just...JJ's different. I know he wants me and Daniel together, and...I don't know...
LAURA: Do you think JJ's making up trouble for nothing?

Jennifer ponders Laura's question a moment before answering.

JENNIFER: I don't know. I mean, maybe. Maybe he's just looking out for me.

Jennifer shrugs as she continues, pacing the room as she talks to Laura, almost thinking aloud as she does.

JENNIFER: Sometimes I wonder about Liam. I mean...today he came to visit me at work, and...he had some phone call. He hurried off. It was...it was bizarre, he seemed so...tense. 
LAURA: A phone call?
JENNIFER: Yeah...some deal he had to close with another hospital. It really seemed to upset him and he ran off.

Laura feigns cluelessness, as she tries to coax more information out of her daughter.

LAURA: Well, hopefully it clears up before tonight.

Laura gets up from the couch, putting a hand on her worried daughter's shoulder.

LAURA: Look, JJ will come around, and soon Abigail will be home, and...things will get back to normal again.

Jennifer smiles, the tension starting to ease off as she turns to face her mother, a warm smile on her face again.

JENNIFER: Thanks, Mom. And for the record, I have not been to Liam's home yet...I actually...honestly don't even know where he lives, if I'm honest. It's...strange, isn't it?

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, prompting a chuckling Jennifer to head for the door again, leaving Laura behind, her worry intensifying. Laura responds quietly, as Jenn leaves the room.

LAURA: Yes...very strange.

Jennifer steps into the foyer. Opening the door, she's surprised to see Billie waiting at her door.

JENNIFER: Billie! Oh my God, it's so good to see you!

Billie smiles widely, looking almost too happy to see her old friend as she waits at the door.



Jennifer hesitates for a moment, before stepping back from the door to invite Billie inside.

JENNIFER: Uh, sorry, oh gosh, Billie, come in.

Billie steps in, all smiles, with a tension in her smile, as she looks around to see if anyone else is at home. Jennifer turns to face Billie, holding her arms out for a hug.

BILLIE: Ohhh, thank you, it's so good to see you!

Jennifer and Billie hug tightly. Billie steps away from Jennifer, still holding her hands.

JENNIFER: You too. I'm surprised to see you just...drop by.
BILLIE: Yeah, sorry, I should have called first. I've been in town...well...a month or two now and...I just never called. I'm sorry, there's just been....a lot happening.

Jennifer looks with concern at Billie.

JENNIFER: I heard what happened with Theresa. I can't see her and I...ever saw eye to eye but...she didn't deserve this.

Billie looks down, trying to hold in her emotions. Her voice cracks a bit as she talks to Jennifer.

BILLIE: Yeah, well...ahem...she'll pull through this. She's pulled through a lot already.

Jennifer simply smiles in response. After a moment, Laura walks over, a bright smile on her face as she sees Billie.

LAURA: Billie! It's good to see you again.
BILLIE: Hi! Yes, it's been...years. Wow!
LAURA: Look, uh...Jenn, I'm just going upstairs a minute. I have a call to make.
JENNIFER: Alright, Mom.

Laura heads upstairs, as Jennifer guides Billie into the living room. Jennifer motions to the couch for Billie to sit. Billie obliges, as Jenn steps to the side table.

JENNIFER: Did you, uh...did you want some tea?
BILLIE: I'd love some, thanks.

Jennifer flips over two teacups from the tray on the table, pouring out tea from the pot next to it. Billie reluctantly speaks up, breaking the increasingly awkward silence.

BILLIE: So, uh...Jenn. I uh...I hear you've been...seeing someone. Does this mean you are...you know...over Daniel?

Jennifer looks up, setting the tea down before she overpours the tea. Turning to face Billie, she looks on with confusion at Billie's strange line of questioning.


Lucas sits at his desk at Titan, typing away at his computer, as Sheryl knocks on the door of his office. Lucas barely flinches at the distraction, choosing to continue his work. Sheryl, refusing to be ignored, speaks up.

SHERYL: Oh Mr. Horton. You have a visitor.

Lucas looks away finally, seeing Sheryl looking at him sensually. Lucas smiles back.

LUCAS: Sheryl! Hey! Um...hey, come in, I'll just be one second, okay?
SHERYL: Alright.

Sheryl steps into Lucas' office, walking up behind him, putting her hands on his shoulders, sensing tension in them. Lucas flinches as Sheryl rubs his shoulders gently.

SHERYL: Ooh, someone's feeling a bit tense.

Sheryl leans in, speaking softly into Lucas' ear as she rubs Lucas' shoulders more deeply. Lucas can't hide the discomfort he increasingly feels. As she does, Kate is about to enter Lucas' office, but stops, hearing Sheryl inside. She leans against the door and listens in silently.

SHERYL: I guess I should...(whispers) take care of that.

Sheryl bites Lucas' earlobe, finally causing Lucas to jump back. Sheryl jumps back as well, stunned by Lucas' strong negative reaction.

LUCAS: Sorry, I just...you caught me at a bad time.

Sheryl looks Lucas up and down, annoyed at the reaction to her sensual play from her partner.

SHERYL: I should say so. God, far be it from me to disturb you.

Lucas gets up from his seat, putting a hand to his forehead, as he tries to apologize.

LUCAS: Look, it's...it's not you, I just...there's a lot of stuff going down right now with work. You know, the TV station selling, the oil sands fiasco, and  Brady dying. It's just...I got a lot on my mind.

Sheryl takes a moment, before stepping towards Lucas again, trying to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Kate spying even closer by the door, just out of eyeshot of the two inside.

SHERYL: Honey, I know that. That's why I wanted to...surprise you with a little...you know...affection.
LUCAS: I know, babe, but...look, just...just give me ten minutes and, I promise...I'll make this up to you, we'll go for some drinks and maybe a late dinner at Club TBD? How's that sound?

Sheryl cracks a smile again, noticing Lucas relaxing again.

SHERYL: Alright, you're on.
LUCAS: Great, uh...why don't you go ahead of me and, I'll meet you there in 20.

As Sheryl responds, Kate opens the door to let herself in. Sheryl looks on, surprised to see her.

KATE: Sheryl! What a surprise to see you in so late...putting in those overtime hours is paying off?
SHERYL: You could say that.

Kate smiles, but with an underlying coldness in her tone that Sheryl can sense.

KATE: Well, I wouldn't want you to overwork yourself. Go enjoy your evening.
SHERYL: Ohh, I intend to. I'll see you later?
KATE: Indeed.

Sheryl walks toward the door as Kate steps inside. Sheryl turns back to speak to Lucas as she rests her hand on the doorknob.

SHERYL: See you in a half hour?
LUCAS: Sounds good.
SHERYL: Alright, bye, honey.

As Sheryl closes the door, Kate turns to face Lucas, looking unimpressed.

KATE: A piece of advice?

Lucas looks at his mother, dreading what's about to come.

LUCAS: No, but I'm sure you'll give it to me anyway.

Kate leans over Lucas' desk, never taking her eyes off Lucas for a second.

KATE: If you intend on seeing this plan through, you're going to have to be an awful lot more convincing than what just went down.

Lucas looks on, looking simultaneously annoyed at his mother, and confounded that she was able to listen in.


At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano sits quietly in his executive chair, facing a raging fire, as the sun dims into dusk. He stares directly into the fire, contemplating the many matters on his mind at the moment. 

As he does, the doors of the living room open, Nick Fallon making something of a grand entrance.

NICK: Mr. DiMera, Sir! You will be pleased to know that everything is moving ever-so-quickly into place.

Stefano smiles, his eyes never moving from the fire as he responds to Nick.

STEFANO: I should hope so. You've done very well in bringing us Titan TV, now to bring us the rest of the empire...and Victor Kiriakis' head on a platter.


Victor stands in the living room, pouring himself a drink, as Sonny, Will, and Alex step inside. Victor looks over, and smiles.

VICTOR: Ah! Sonny! Will! Glad to see you've made it. A drink?

Will immediately pipes up, cheerily chiming in his response.

WILL: I'll have a double.

Sonny looks back, annoyance still lingering on his face, as Victor responds, holding a glass up.

VICTOR: Sonny?

Sonny hesistates, trying to communicate to Will to cool it, before turning to respond to Victor.

SONNY: Uh, yeah, Uncle Vic. Just a single for me, though.
VICTOR: Fine. You, Alex?
ALEX: I'll pass, Uncle Vic.

Victor prepares the drinks, as Victor continues, casually starting conversation.

VICTOR: So, Will! How are you finding working for EnerNext?

Will looks at Sonny, then Alex, smiling wryly as he responds to Victor.

WILL: So far, I love it. Everyone's been lovely, and your uh...nephew here has been incredibly welcoming.

Victor turns, heading over to hand Will his drink.

VICTOR: That's good to hear. And how are things between you and Sonny?

Sonny and Will look awkwardly at each other, before Sonny tries to end this line of questioning.

SONNY: Uh...Uncle Vic, I'd rather not--
WILL: ...Oh it's fine, Sonny. After all, you were more than open with Victor about how you feel about me having this job, I'm sure Victor won't mind me sharing how I feel.

Sonny looks at Will, shocked by his petulence.

ALEX: I...think I should go...check on...dinner...
WILL: No, no! Alex, don't be ridiculous. Stay, it's nothing major.

Victor looks at the situation, taking a sip from his drink while he frets about the mess created.

VICTOR: So you heard about our conversation then, Will?

Will looks at Victor, smiling, a smugness in his eyes.

WILL: Oh yes. We had a really...intense talk about it. Oh, don't worry. He and I came to a very good resolution about it. I mean, you know...it's not perfect but...well, I'm definitely not going to be giving up my job anytime soon.
VICTOR: That's good to hear. We're lucky to have you with us, Will.

WIll smiles warmly, the layer of artifice melting away at Victor's compliment.

WILL: Thank you, Mr. Kiriakis.

Victor smiles back, as he hands Alex his drink. Alex obliges, nodding slightly in thanks. Alex turns to Will in the same moment.

ALEX: Victor's right, you know. I'm really glad Sonny has gone along with this job. Personally, I didn't think he would be down with it. He's really....proud that way.

Sonny laughs uncomfortably at Alex's dig at him. Alex continues before Sonny can respond.

ALEX: Ahhh, I'm just playing. Look, bro. Your fiancé's a great writer. He's gonna be an awesome addition to the team.

Sonny smiles graciously, if sheepishly. He nods in agreement, though looking to the ground, deep in thought.

SONNY: Yeah, that's...no surprise to me. He's a very talented guy.
WILL: You're all so kind. I mean, honestly, thank you. All of you.

As Will finishes, Maggie, Adrienne, and Noelle walk into the living room from the side room leading to the kitchen. Maggie's face lights up upon seeing Will and Sonny.

MAGGIE: Will! Sonny! You're here!

Maggie walks over quickly, giving a hug to both Will and Sonny, while Noelle hangs back, curling her arm around Alex's. Adrienne, meanwhile, hangs back, watching Victor's quickly-souring face as he watches Noelle slinking herself around Alex, never talking her eyes off Victor as she does.

A moment later, Adrienne's eyes are taken with Will's sudden fascination with Noelle and Alex's closeness. Will looks stunned, almost despondent, by the gesture of affection between Noelle and Alex.

WILL: Um...Alex...who is this?

Alex looks over at Noelle, who rests her head affectionately on Alex's shoulder.

ALEX: Oh! Yeah, where are my manners? I'd like to introduce you and Sonny to my wife. Noelle Curtis.

Noelle smiles proudly as Will's face drops, another bombshell hitting him. Victor, meanwhile, grips his drink tightly, immediately taking a sip while he looks away bitterly, and Sonny looks on, cheerily oblivious to everyone else's displeasure.

Adrienne, meanwhile, looks on from the corner, fixated on Will's miserable expression. She can't hide the displeasure and concern in his face.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Laura, Marlena and Will walk into Laura's office at University Hospital, laughing as Laura tries to break the tension from her earlier close encounter with Liam.

LAURA: So, I was hoping to grab something Ariana was really going to need, but...I kept thinking to myself, "Laura, remember when you just had Jennifer, and all you wanted was a couple glasses of wine to mellow you and Bill out?"...and then I remembered that you and Sonny are nowhere as dysfunctional as Bill and I, so (laughs) I just went with it.

Will and Marlena laugh as Laura reaches down into the cabinet behind her desk and pulls out a rather large box. Will looks on, pleasantly surprised by Laura's gesture, as she sets it down on her desk, but is unsure whether or not to open the package. Laura motions towards him.

WILL: I...what is this?
LAURA: Go on! Open it! I have another one for your wedding, so don't feel like you have to wait on Sonny. This one is all for you.

Will smiles warmly at Laura. Feeling a bit emotional, he sighs as he responds.

WILL: Thank you, Laura. You know, you don't have to do all these things for us.
LAURA: But I enjoy doing them.
MARLENA: And, I have to say, she is persistent too!

Everyone shares a laugh, as Will opens the package, revealing a set of wine glasses, and a pair of fine wines, one red, one white. Will is stunned by the gift.

WILL: I...Laura! Oh my GOD, you didn't have to do this for us!

Will leans over and gives Laura a warm hug. Will, Laura, and Marlena share a laugh, as Will's phone rings. Separating from their hug, Will looks at Laura and Marlena apologetically.

WILL: Sorry, I...I gotta take this.
LAURA: Oh, not to worry. Go ahead.
WILL: Thanks.

Will turns to head out into the hall, and sees who's phoning. He glowers a bit when he sees it's Sonny.


Sonny calls Will's phone from outside Club TBD, hoping to get an answer from his fiancee.  As the phone rings repeatedly, Sonny becomes increasingly impatient.

SONNY: Come on....come on, Will, pick up.

Exasperated, and just about to hang up, Sonny is about to move the phone from his ear when Will finally answers.


WILL: (into phone) Hello?


Sonny immediately bugs his eyes out, glad to finally get an answer, but annoyed he had to wait so long. He covers his annoyance on the phone.

SONNY: (into phone) Hey! I uh...I'm heading to Victor's now, just...wanted to check to see if you were on your way.


Will closes the door to Laura's office behind him, a bit annoyed by Sonny's persistence. Will doesn't hide his exasperation, however.

WILL: (into phone) Of course, I am, Sonny. Just...finishing up at the hospital.


Sonny, sensing Will's frustration, gets a bit agitated, but tries to suppress it.

SONNY: (into phone) Look, I'm sorry I bugged you, but...we haven't been talking much the last few days, and I was worried you were gonna back out.


WILL: (Into phone) I'm not gonna back out, Sonny. I keep my promises.


Sonny bites his tongue, knowing the subtle implications of what Will just said. He smiles sarcastically, and responds politely, but coldly.

SONNY: (into phone) I'll be there in 15. Meet you at the gate?


WILL: (into phone) Will do. 

Will hangs up the phone immediately.


SONNY: (into phone) I--

Sonny hears the phone click, ending the call. He stammers in frustration at Will's continued petulence. 

SONNY: ...love you.

Sonny sighs, disappointed by how the call's gone. He walks off toward his car.


Kate walks back toward the seat where she and Nick had been waiting for Gabi, with Ari in her arms. Nick still looks distraught, the searing headache still gripping him. She looks on, feigning concern, slightly.

KATE: Didn't find anything for that headache, hm?

Nick looks up, sitting at the booth, lifting his head from the table. He looks groggy.

NICK: No, I did. Just...didn't work.
KATE: I see, so I guess Gabi's your only hope then, now, hm?
NICK: I dunno. These headaches have been getting pretty bad.

Kate smirks as she starts to put Ari in her high chair.

KATE: Well, then! I guess you're going to need something stronger to dull the pain, aren't you?

Trying to hold in her smug laughter, Kate looks over suddenly as she hears Gabi walks in just at that moment, the bag of pills in hand. Almost leaping over to the table, she reaches into the bag and pulls out the bottle of what appears to be acetominophen. Handing it over to Nick, she smiles.

GABI: Here you go, Nick.

Nick smiles back, accepting the pill bottle eagerly. Kate looks on with amusement.

NICK: You're a lifesaver.
KATE: Yes, she certainly is.

Gabi looks at Kate curiously, as Kate looks back with her trademark smirk.

Nick takes the glass of water on the table in front of him and downs two of the pills quickly. Gabi breathes a quick sigh of relief, as Nick gets up from his seat.

NICK: I uh...I need to go to the bathroom just a minute. You'll...you'll watch my things, yeah?
GABI: Of course!
NICK: Thanks. I'll be right back.

Kate smiles, playing with Ari as she watches Nick leave.

KATE: We'll be waiting!

Once Nick's out of eyeshot, Gabi sits down nervously by Nick's things. Kate looks at Gabi with a knowing look, which renders Gabi ten times more nervous than she was already.

GABI: Kate, you're....you're scaring me.
KATE: Oh, I'm sorry. I just...I can't get over your chutzpah!

Gabi looks at Kate, increasingly confused.

GABI: My what? Kate, what are you talking about?
KATE: Why Gabi, don't be so coy! It's not every day you get your psycho ex-boyfriend hooked on prescription drugs again. Quite frankly, I'm impressed.

Gabi looks at Kate, horrified that she's been caught, as Kate casually sips on her martini.


Hope is at the Salem Police Station, questioning Jerome in the interrogation room, as Valerie Grant storms into the station, the look of a woman on a mission. She stops at Rafe's desk, trying to grab his attention.

RAFE: Uh, can I help you?
VALERIE: Yes, you can start by explaining to me why my grandson has been arrested for having the audacity to move into my home, and make it fast.

Rafe looks on, a cocky grin on his face as he prepares to do battle with Valerie.



Inside the interrogation room, Hope interrogates Jerome about his alleged crime spree. Jerome continues to evade all of Hope's questions, looking straight ahead at nothing in particular, deep in his own thoughts.

HOPE: Look, we're getting nowhere, and you're going nowhere before you talk.

Jerome doesn't respond, as though not even in the same room. Hope becomes exasperated and gets up from her chair, slamming the palms of her hands against the table in frustration.

HOPE: Dammit, Jerome, talk to me.

Jerome doesn't move, except for his eyes, which suddenly flash, as he looks at Hope.

JEROME: Why? So you can intimidate me with what you claim you know about me?
HOPE: No, because we need the truth. Now, I'm not gonna ask you again: What were you doing with that rental van?

Jerome bites his lip a moment, before finally answering.

JEROME: You want the truth, hm? 

Hope stands upright, thinking she's finally got somewhere.


Jerome looks Hope dead in the eyes, disdain and malice cutting the tension in the air.

JEROME: How's this for you? If you had done any research before making your arrest, you would know that that was my rental that I used to bring my stuff from Toronto to Salem. If you had bothered to check whose house you stopped at, you'd know that was my grandmother's house I was parked in front of, trying to move my things inside. If you remembered anything, which I get the strange feeling you know a lot more than you're letting on, you'd know that Valerie Grant was going to marry your nephew, a certain...David Banning? Yeah. So you only had to make one two minute phone call to see that my story checks out. But that would be too difficult for you, wouldn't it? Because anytime a black man 'fits the description', y'all are all too happy to scoop him up whether you have a shred of credible evidence or not--

Hope finally snaps, not wanting to hear Jerome's accusations of racial prejudice.

HOPE: ...ENOUGH! Look, this has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, Jerome. Whether you want to believe it or not, we had every reason to arrest you for these burglaries. The description matched you perfectly--

The sound of Valerie's voice cuts through, stopping Hope in her tracks.

VALERIE: ...Let me guess. Black male, mid-to-late 20s, muscular build, wearing a hoodie.

Hope turns around to see a fuming Valerie at her door, with Rafe close behind. Valerie continues into the room, a confident stride as she steps toward Hope in confrontation.

VALERIE: Am I getting warm, Detective Williams?

Hope stands, unable to think clearly when faced with her nephew's ex-fiancee. She looks to Rafe, who looks on, a bit sheepish.

HOPE: What is she doing in here? This is an interrogation ro--
VALERIE: ...And this interrogation is OVER. It ends NOW, Hope.
RAFE: The, uh...the boys brought in the real perp. Caught in a woman's house on Greeson St.

Hope turns, and Jerome looks up to see the main room, where a man in a similar hoodie to Jerome's is brought in...but the man is white. Valerie looks back in the room, giving almost menacing looks at Rafe and Hope.

VALERIE: Another accurate description by the local police. And they wonder why we're dying.

Valerie looks at the ground, disappointment stinging her watering eyes, before she speaks again, looking at Hope at the tail end of her sentence.

VALERIE: Is my grandson free to go?

Hope doesn't speak, only nodding in agreement. Valerie turns to Jerome, as Rafe walks over to remove his handcuffs.

VALERIE: Let's go, baby.

As Jerome's handcuffs are removed, Valerie guides Jerome out the door. Before stepping out, she turns to Hope one last time.

VALERIE: Give David my regards, Hope.

Hope looks on, too stunned to respond, as Rafe guides Jerome and Valerie out of the room. The door closes behind them, as Hope turns away, looking shellshocked by what's just transpired.


Gabi looks behind her, hoping that Nick hasn't heard what Kate's just said, before leaning in and speaking just above a whisper to Kate.

GABI: What are you talking about, Kate?

Kate almost chokes on her martini, setting it down on the table as she tries to hold back her laughter.

KATE: Gabi, come on! You can drop the act. I heard your phone conversation.
GABI: WHAT? You were spying on me, Kate?
KATE: Ohhh, relax. Honestly, I'm actually impressed. I wish I'd come up with it, myself. The truth is, if you're going to get rid of Nick, the best way to work is under his nose. So tell me, who's supplying you?

Gabi sighs, as she tries to find a way to evade the question.

GABI: Look, Kate, I really can't talk about this here. Nick could be back any moment, and--
KATE: ...And you don't want to get caught with that perscription pad you're also trying to hide from me, right?

Gabi looks down, terrified that Kate really does know what's going on. Kate looks quickly down toward Nick's bag and nods very subtly, a signal to Gabi.

Gabi takes the cue and gently glides Marlena's perscription pad into Nick's laptop bag. Kate reaches out at this point across the table to Gabi, attempting to reassure her.

KATE: Gabi, you need to understand something. I've been in your shoes before. My ex-husband was an absolute tyrant, and I regret not having taken the steps to put him away when I had the chance. I lost years with Billie and Austin I'll never get back because of that, and there's no way I'm going to let the likes of Nick Fallon do the same to you.
GABI: Kate, thank you. But you don't need to get involved in this, I'm handling it.
KATE: I'm sure you are...as well as you're able to.

Gabi looks at Kate, a bit annoyed at her lack of faith.

GABI: What's that supposed to mean?
KATE: It means you need all the resources you can get. I heard you on that phone call. Let me guess, the police didn't take the bait the first time, and that's why you're trying again, this time taking the extra...embellishment of planting perscriptions pads on him? It's smart, but you have to have a plan B. Someone to help you with the potential pitfalls.

Kate looks over at this point, and sees Nick approaching. She nods and almost mouths her next words.

KATE: (whipsers) Think about it.

Nick steps over to the table, still a bit groggy.

GABI: Nick. How are you feeling?
NICK: I'm uh...still a litle sore, but...the pain's going down at least. Thanks for running out and grabbing the pills for me. I owe you one.

Gabi waves dismissively at Nick's offer.

GABI: Oh, it's nothing. Don't even worry. You don't have to pay me back for that.

Kate looks at Gabi, trying to hold back a smile at the hidden irony, as Gabi tries to ignore Kate's look.

GABI: Uh, hey. If you're free at all tomorrow night, we should get together for a bit.
NICK: I'd like that. 
GABI: Great, text me.
NICK: Sounds good. Hey, could you grab me my bag from the corner there.
GABI: OH, sure!

Gabi reaches around to lift Nick's bag over, the perscription pads poking out slightly. Gabi spots it and slyly pushes them in as Nick takes the bag.

NICK: See you ladies later on. OH, and Kate. We have to talk about your current proposal soon.

Kate looks ahead, drink in hand, almost completely ignoring Nick.

KATE: Nick, we have nothing to talk about. You handle your business, and I'll handle the rest.
NICK: So you're okay with Gabi taking on the modelling gig?
KATE: If she's okay with it.

Kate looks at a stunned Gabi, who is studying Kate's face, looking for a clue as to what she should say in this moment. On the spot, she chokes out a reply.

GABI: I....sure! Yes! Sure.
KATE: Great! We'll sign the papers at my office tomorrow morning, okay?
GABI: Sure!
NICK: Okay, well, I'm out then.
KATE & GABI: Bye, Nick!

As Nick heads out, Gabi and Kate wait with baited breath to see him close the door to the Brady Pub behind him. The moment it closes, Gabi turns quickly, and angrily to Kate.

GABI: What was that, Kate?? You told me you were trying to get me away from Nick, not sucking me deeper into his...sick...web.

Kate raises her glass, smiling widely as she offers a toast to Gabi.

KATE: Oh, don't worry, Gabi. You may not realize it now, but I have everything under control. You're just gonna have to trust me.

Kate takes a sip, smiling as she does, while Gabi looks on in stunned amazement.


Will walks up to an awaiting Sonny outside the front door of the Kiriakis manion. Will looks anything but pleased to be there, but Sonny manages a half-hearted smile. He speaks nervously.

SONNY: Hey...you made it.
WILL: Yep. Just like I promised.
SONNY: Yeah, you mentioned on the phone. Look, Will...just...speaking of promises, can you and I...make a deal? A pact?

Will almost laughs in Sonny's face, giving a spiteful smile to Sonny's request.

WILL: Heh...Sonny, come on. Your promises don't mean much to me right now.
SONNY: Will, I'm serious. Let me...make this a chance to make it up to you.

Will's smile disappears, looking down to one side as he sighs, knowing Sonny's being earnest.

WILL: Alright. What do you want us to do?

Sonny steps toward Will, placing his hands on Will's shoulders tenderly. Will flinches, but doesn't step back.

SONNY: Just...pretend to be happy, for tonight. Look, my...my parents will be here, and...you know how my mom is about you and I...just...we'll pretend nothing's wrong, and whatever we're feeling, we can talk it out tomorrow. We'll sit down, have breakfast...and we'll talk. Just you and I.

Will takes a moment to think over his words, still not quite looking Sonny in the eye. He finally looks up, nodding slowly in agreement.

WILL: Okay. But don't expect instant results.

Sonny smiles, finally being given a glimmer of hope by his fiancé.

SONNY: Thank you. (sigh) Look, we...we better go in.
WILL: After you.

Sonny walks up to the door, and rings the doorbell. Henderson opens the door.

SONNY: Hey, Henderson, we're here...

Sonny is taken aback, when he looks behind Henderson, to see a face he hasn't seen in years.

SONNY: Oh my God....Alex???
ALEX: Hey, my man, how are you??
SONNY: Oh WOW, this is...WOW, look at you, man! It's so good to see you!

Sonny races inside to give Alex a hug, as Will steps inside, a wave of horror washes over him. Sonny turns to face Will, a huge smile on his face as he speaks.

SONNY: Alex, I want you to meet my fiancé, Will Horton. Will, this is my brother, Alex Kiriakis.

Will turns ghost white, stunned into silence.



Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson
Billie sits at Theresa’s bedside, holding her friend’s hand, watching her comatose body rest. Billie looks on, solemnly, and deep in thought. She smiles after a moment.
BILLIE: Theresa. It’s me. Billie.
Billie stops a moment as she watches her friend lie in silence. The only sound in the room is the machinery around her bed, the beep of her heart monitor. Billie fights the urge to tear up, and smiles instead.
BILLIE: You know, I was thinking the other day...about one of our phone calls. You were fifteen and you were so mad at your Dad because he was…off on another ISA mission, and you had made plans with him for the weekend to have a ski trip in Colorado. You were…so upset, but you told me that you knew that you had to be there for your mom. You knew what she was in for when your dad left…I….I know you love your mom, Theresa. No matter what she’s done…underneath all that anger.
Billie’s tears up, in spite of her best efforts. The door to the room opens, startling Billie. Daniel walks in, allowing Billie to relax a bit. She gets up from her chair, regardless.
BILLIE: Daniel…
DANIEL: You…probably shouldn’t be here right now.
BILLIE: I know. I just…I needed to cool off a bit.
Daniel looks on, concerned, noticing Billie’s teary eyes.
DANIEL: Yeah, I’m not so sure you succeeded at that.
BILLIE: Yeah. Really.
Billie wipes the tears from her eyes, and puts her hands on her hips, trying to regain her composure.
BILLIE: Look…uh…Daniel…about…earlier.
DANIEL: Billie, I…I can’t talk about it, you know that.
Billie holds up her hands to stop Daniel continuing.
BILLIE: I know. Look, it’s…it’s not about that. I just…look, I know we haven’t been together very long, but...you know…listening to you talking to Laura and…doing…whatever you’re doing to protect Jennifer…I…I mean…
Daniel looks at Billie with uncertainty.
DANIEL: What are you saying?
BILLIE: Daniel, you’re still in love with Jennifer, aren’t you?
Nicole slams her files down on her desk in frustration. Sighing audibly, she begins talking to herself aloud.
NICOLE: And yet again, my shadow follows me. (sigh) Except now I gotta work for her. Dammit!
As she raises her fist in aggravation, she stops herself.
NICOLE: Having said this...EJ did give me the go-ahead to do the EnerNext exposé...
Nicole smirks a bit, realizing how this could work to her advantage.
NICOLE: Maybe that little bastard Nick isn't such a bad guy after all.
Laughing to herself, Nicole is suddenly interrupted by a text message. Searching momentarily for her phone, she finds it. Picking it up, she swipes over to check her messages.
It's from Eric.
meet me @ Anderson park 535. dont b late, its important. Love, eric
Nicole looks a bit concerned. She scrunches up her face.
NICOLE: Hm! Wonder what HE wants. Maybe he's finally made up his mind...
Nicole stops herself a moment before continuing, laughing sarcastically.
NICOLE: Right. Maybe the Pope's become an atheist too! God, I need a drink. Good thing TBD's near the park.
Nicole grabs her files, shoves them hastily into her briefcase before grabbing her coat, and heading out of her office.
Tyler sits uncomfortably in his seat in Victor's office at Titan, as he tries to talk his way out of his dismissive comment against Maggie he just made to Victor. Victor, meanwhile, stands in the corner of the room, sorting through some documents.
TYLER: I...I'm sorry, Victor. I didn't realize...Maggie was...your...wife.
Victor turns, smiling wryly as he saunters over to his desk, slowly sitting himself down in his executive chair.
VICTOR: I had a feeling. Personally, I'm amazed you've made it this far in business without learning to do your due diligence. A man in your position could stand to be a bit more careful.
Tyler swallows hard, nodding fervently as he swivels himself slightly to reach a jug of water on Victor's desk. Pouring himself a glass, he continues to backtrack.
TYLER: Well...knowing what I do about Maggie now...I...well...she'd be a great fit. I will say though...
Victor glares Tyler's way as Tyler continues to fumble.
TYLER: You, uh...you might want to take a few days to...you know....assess the situation.
VICTOR: Well, naturally, I'll be attending to some other things, dealing with the last of Brady's affairs with Titan, and handling the selloff of Titan TV.
Tyler, suddenly snapping out of his own worries, remembers something important to bring up to Victor. Scurrying to grab his tablet, Tyler gets up from his seat, and walks to Victor's side of the desk.
TYLER: Speaking of which, you uhh...you might want to look at this.
Tyler hands Victor his tablet, showing the news report, revealing DiMera Enterprises has acquired Titan TV. Victor's rage escalates immediately.
VICTOR: Dammit!
Gabi walks carefully down the steps onto the foggy pier, looking cautiously around for Liam. Spotting him approach through the mist, she looks nonchalantly about before heading his way.
Gabi cautiously looks around before speaking to Liam, who never quite looks her in the eye as they chat.
GABI: Have you got it?
LIAM: Yeah.
Gabi looks at Liam intensely suddenly, holding out her hand in anticipation, but Liam doesn’t hand the bag containing the pills quite so quickly.
LIAM: NOT…so fast. I didn’t go to all this trouble for you to just grab and go. You need to understand a few things first.
Gabi breathes quickly, very uncomfortable suddenly with a very intense Liam.

Jerome is escorted by Hope into the police station in handcuffs. He stays silent, but has an intense, embittered look on his face as Hope leads him into the interrogation room, where a curious Rafe joins them.
Looking over, he points toward Jerome.
RAFE: Who's this?
HOPE: THIS is the burglar that's been targeting the houses in the west end.
RAFE: Is that so? Well, then I guess it's time we had a little chat then, huh?
JEROME: I'd love to...after my lawyer shows up.
Hope rolls her eyes as Rafe leans over the table, trying to stare Jerome down. Jerome won't engage. He stares at the floor, head tilted.
RAFE: You'll talk now if you know what's good for you, man. That's the eighth house you've hit this month. You're a hard man to track down!
JEROME: I thought I was entitled to a phone call.
Rafe grins, shaking his head.
RAFE: Heh. Yeah, no. You're not entitled to one.
JEROME: I know my rights. What little I have--
RAFE: ...You've been watching too much Law & Order. You're not going anywhere until we hear those magic words.
Jerome sighs, fighting his urge to roll his eyes. He simply closes them and responds as if on cue.
JEROME: Please?
HOPE: Wrong magic words, Jerome. He means "I did it".
Jerome finally turns to face Hope and Rafe, as if suddenly HIS magic words have been spoken. He looks intensely at Hope as his temper flares.
JEROME: Would it make a difference if I did?
HOPE: What's that supposed to mean?
JEROME: It means when a black man is in the wrong place at the wrong time, he could saving the President from a terrorist attack and you suckers would think he's the one trying to kill him!
Rafe steps toward Jerome in anger, but Hope holds him back. She focuses in on Rafe a moment, speaking softly to him.
HOPE: No. We're doing this my way, okay?
After a moment, Rafe cools off and nods. Hope turns back to Jerome.
HOPE: You want your lawyer? Call them.
JEROME: I need to contact my grandmother to get a lawyer for me.
Hope sighs. She walks up to Jerome.
HOPE: Stand up.
Jerome responds dutifully, as Hope walks him toward the door. Rafe hangs back, as Hope leads Jerome out into the main room, Rafe following behind them, arms folded, looking imposing.
HOPE: We have to book you anyway.
RAFE: You alright or you want me around?
HOPE: I think I can handle this one.
RAFE: Alright. Suit yourself. You know where to find me.
HOPE: Yup...alright, sit down here.
Jerome sits down in front of the desk, as Hope motions another cop to stand behind Jerome to monitor him, which elicits a momentary eye roll from Jerome. Hope barely notices as she pulls up the file on the computer.
HOPE: Right. Full name.
JEROME: I'm not getting my phone call first--
Hope interrupts in a booming voice that could silence a football field.
Jerome looks down again, defeat in his voice as he responds.
JEROME: Jerome Grant.
Hope looks up suddenly, taken aback by Jerome's last name.
HOPE: Uh...right. I think the uh...booking can wait. Did you...your phone call. It was to...
JEROME: University Hospital. Ask for Valerie Grant.
Hope looks over at Jerome, wide eyed, her cool truly lost.
Daniel and Billie walk into Daniel's office. Daniel shuts the door behind them as Billie walks in, still emotional from her visit with Theresa, and with her questions for Daniel.
BILLIE: You didn't answer me, Daniel.
DANIEL: No, I didn't. Because I wasn't going to start an argument in a room you're not even supposed to be in.
Billie sighs as Daniel walks over to her, putting his hands firmly on her upper arms. He holds her there, staring deeply into her eyes.
DANIEL: Look...Billie, I know it hasn't been that long that I've been...separated from Jennifer, but....you really need to understand. What she and I had together...it's over. Completely.
BILLIE: That's not what I asked, Daniel.
Billie tries to shake Daniel off of her, but Daniel lets go anyway. Billie starts to pace the room, looking down as she carefully chooses her words.
BILLIE: Look...I don't want to bring up the past and...painful memories any more than you do, but...when I saw Laura in your office, and you were talking about helping Jenn and Abby out, I...I saw the look in your eye, Daniel. You still love her.
DANIEL: Well, yes. I mean...it's not like those feelings just...disappear overnight, you know. I mean...yes...YES, I love Jenn. I probably always will. But, Billie...
Daniel walks back over to Billie and tenderly caresses her cheek with his hand. Billie initially tries to wriggle away but relents quickly, as Daniel continues.
DANIEL: I'm IN love with you. That's all that matters.
Billie says nothing, sighing a bit as she leans her face into Daniel's hand.
DANIEL: Right?
Billie starts to crack a smile as she steps toward Daniel, putting her arms around him.
BILLIE: I guess...I guess you're right.
DANIEL: Thaaaat's better.
Daniel smiles as he holds Billie. They lean in for a kiss.
Separating, Billie smiles.
BILLIE: Look. I...I have to get going. Thanks again for getting me in there today.
DANIEL: Anytime.
BILLIE: Uh...maybe we can meet up tonight? Dinner at my...
Daniel looks at Billie, shaking his head.
BILLIE: ...mom's...bad idea.
Simultaneously they shake their heads, responding over each other.#
DANIEL: Baaaaad idea.
BILLIE: Yeah, no. Not going there. Well...I'll text you?
DANIEL: Better idea.
BILLIE: Alright.
Billie leans against the doorway to Daniel's office, she smiles playfully, blowing a kiss Daniel's way.
BILLIE: I love you.
DANIEL: I love you too.
As Billie turns the corner, her expression changes immediately to one of determination.
BILLIE: Alright, Daniel. What are you trying to protect Jenn from, and why are you Laura's only hope.
Inside Daniel's office, Daniel shakes his head, expression changed as well, as he mulls over what he knows about Jenn, and Abby.
DANIEL: God, I hope Billie doesn't go digging now. I'm not even sure Abby's safe now. God help her if Billie gets involved.
Gabi looks fearfully at Liam, who's grabbed her one arm, hands her a plastic pharmacy bag, containing a bottle of what's marked as generic Acetaminophen, and Marlena's stolen perscription pad.
GABI: What...what's in here?
LIAM: Everything you asked for. But you can't go demanding anything like this again. It's too risky. You got it? No more contact.
Gabi nods furiously, scared stiff.
LIAM: Okay, here's what you need to know. These are Dr. Marlena Evans' perscription pads. Slip them in his bag when his back's turned, and make sure they nab the guy this time.
GABI: Okay. Okay. Look, what if this doesn't work?
LIAM: Then he's your problem. There's no third chance here.
Gabi sighs. Eventually nodding. She grabs the bag and runs off, stopping momentarily to thank Liam.
GABI: Thank--
Gabi looks and finds Liam's already vanished into the mist. Gabi sighs audibly and heads quickly back up toward the pub.
GABI: This HAS to work. Please, God. For my daughter's sake.
Gabi looks around again, careful not to be seen by anyone as she makes her way up the steps from the pier.
Nicole walks into the clearing at the park. Looking around for Eric, she doesn't see him. Or anyone. She stands in her winter coat, shivering as she goes to grab her phone from her purse.
She looks down to see a bright red envelope attached to the bench in front of her.
Intrigued, she steps towards it, picking it up.
Her name is on the front. Opening it, she begins to crack a smile as she sees the card inside. She pulls the all-white card from the envelope and reads its inscription.
I'm glad you made it.
I don't want to dwell on the past anymore. Someone very close to me gave me some excellent advice. "What matters is that you're happy". Well, Nicole. You're what makes me happy.
Nicole looks up.
NICOLE: 8-3-5? What the...?
Jarred by the abrupt end to the letter, she begins looking around again. She notices a single red rose on the ground on the other side of the bench. Tilting her head around, she approaches it.
Picking it up, she sees a trail of roses leading into a larger, but dimly lit clearing on the other side of the bushes. As it's getting dark, she fishes through her bag to pull out a small flashlight she keeps on her keychain.
Following the trail leads her to a small box with a combination lock on it.
Nicole studies the box carefully as she picks it up. A song gently begins as she does.
(0:13) Nicole checks the note again and begins to plug in the combination.
(0:26) Valerie hears her office phone ring at the hospital, as she prepares to leave for the day. Picking up the receiver, she's immediately upset by what she hears on the other end. Tearing up as she shakes her head, she responds to the person on the other end shortly before hanging up.
(0:51) Jerome looks straight ahead, a distant blank look in his eye as the phone is placed back down at the police station. Hope looks on, now more distracted and concerned than she would normally be on the job. She tries to speak to Jerome.
HOPE: Is she on her way?
Jerome doesn't answer, lost in his own mind, he doesn't even look Hope's way.
HOPE: Jerome?
Knowing he's not paying attention, Hope carries on with the paperwork, sighing in resignation.
(1:30) Billie drives down the road, deep in thought about her friend Jennifer and the insecurity she feels about her relationship with Daniel, as well as the tragic circumstances that have led to her close friend Theresa ending up in a coma she may not wake up from, and Kim barring Billie from visiting Theresa in hospital.
Distracted, she begins to veer into oncoming traffic.
(1:55) She catches herself as a horn blares out, causing her to quickly jerk the steering wheel right, pulling her car over to the shoulder. Braking hard, she begins to tear up. Resting her head against the steering wheel, she lets her emotions out, crying hard in her car.
(2:08) Victor sits alone in his office, the headline of DiMera taking over Titan TV resting on his desk.
Victor looks over to see a picture of Brady looking back at him. He stares into it, wistfully.
(2:30) Nicole finishes setting the combination on the box, and opens it.
Seeing a beautiful diamond ring, she takes a step back, trying in vain to hold back from crying.
(2:45) Eric appears, as a series of lights are turned on via dimmers. Eric smiles warmly at a teary-eyed Nicole.
The lights are strung up to read "Will you marry me?". Nicole reads them over, and tears up even more.
ERIC: So...I've been doing some thinking.
Nicole laughs through her tears, Eric joining her. Nicole responds as she wipes her tears away.
NICOLE: I can see that.
ERIC: I just want you to know that...if doing the right thing means a life without you...I don't want that life.
Nicole wraps her arms around Eric, moved beyond words.
ERIC: Nicole. I love you...so...much. So...what do you say?
Nicole breathes in deeply, as Eric gets on one knee to put the ring on her finger.
ERIC: Nicole Walker. Will you marry me?
(3:34) Nicole shouts out her answer, bouncing in place, still freezing.
NICOLE: Oh my God, YES!
Eric puts the ring on, lifting Nicole into the air for a passionate kiss that they wish would never end. Eric and Nicole's hands wrap around each other, holding each other tightly as they kiss with an intensity that heats up the cold evening.
When they do end their kiss, Nicole rests in Eric's arms, as they tenderly hold each other, Nicole's tears still smearing her mascara. Eric looks on with a look that shows he's finally at peace.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson





Eric walks out of the flower shop at Town Square, a huge bouquet of red roses in his arms, as he ponders his next stop. He strolls alongside the shops lining the town square before stopping before The Hourglass. Looking inside, he smiles before opening the door to step in.


ERIC: Perfect.


The door creaks as it shuts behind him.





Jerome makes his way down the street in his rented van, transporting his belongings to his new home in Salem. He approaches his grandmother’s new house. Radio on, he overhears the news.


RADIO: Salem PD are on the lookout this hour for a suspect involved in a string of burglaries in West Salem. Suspect is said to be an African-American male—


Pulling into the driveway in his rented U-Haul, he turns the van off, pulling the keys out of the ignition, shaking his head.


JEROME: Always a black man. (sigh)


Opening the van door, he remembers to press the button to automatically unlock the back of the van. Walking around to the back, he pulls out one lighter box from on top, breezily slinging the box under his arm. Jerome shuts the back of the van before heading for the door.


Looking through his keys, he finds the key that Valerie told him would open the door. Awkwardly trying to balance the box and manoeuvre himself around to get the key in the lock, he nearly drops the box. Jerome finally gives up, and places the box on the ground, focusing his attention on unlocking the door to his new home.


The key doesn’t work.


Jerome’s arms drop to his side, frustrated, he curses in his head, as he pats his jacket, searching for his phone.


JEROME: Where the Hell…is my phone??





Jerome’s phone sits on Valerie’s desk in her new office at University Hospital. As she flips through the files on Roman Brady, she’s struck by something. Concerned, she flips back to the previous page, studying the page through her reading glasses.


VALERIE: Wait a minute…this file…there’s nothing in here from before in 1997…maybe it’s still in John’s file?


Valerie flips through to find John’s file. Opening that up, she takes a minute to search through his records before closing that file.


Valerie looks up, deep in thought.

VALERIE: Where on Earth is the rest of Roman’s file?





Liam walks quickly into the lobby at University Hospital. Looking around, he sees Marlena step off the elevator, and head for her office. Hanging back, he watches her intently.



She stops, then turns back towards the opposite hallway, stopping quickly at the nurses’ station.


MARLENA: Maxine, is Jennifer still in her office?
MAXINE: Yes, Dr. Evans, she’s in her office right now.


Marlena smiles her trademark warm smile as she heads back towards Jenn’s office.


MARLENA: Thank you.



As Marlena disappears down the hall, Liam smirks, and begins down the opposite hall, heading for Marlena’s office. Not far behind is Laura, still trying to keep out of sight from Liam. Maxine watches as Laura follows Liam at a distance. She furrows her brow as she tries to figure out what’s going on, but Laura’s eyes are trained on Liam, as she makes her way down the hall.

Around the corner, Liam looks around to make sure no one sees him. Sensing the coast is clear, he closes his eyes momentarily as he puts his hand on Marlena’s office door handle. Twisting it, the door opens and Liam breathes a sigh of relief as he enters, still checking to see if anyone’s looking.

As he steps inside and goes to shut the door, Laura turns the corner. Seeing the door shut, Laura looks on in fear for her friend’s safety. She doubles back to seek out Marlena.







At Titan HQ, Victor steps into Tyler’s office, an unhappy look on his face. Tyler turns around, surprised to see him.


TYLER: Victor! I thought you were working from home again today.

VICTOR: I was, but I had to go over some things quickly with you before the day was out, and it isn’t anything we can go over on the phone.


Tyler, sensing something serious is up, sets down the files he had in hand and sits down in his chair behind his desk.


TYLER: Alright. What’s the trouble?

VICTOR: John’s declared Brady dead. Says he doesn’t want to drag the matter out any longer when there’s so little chance of Brady being alive. And as much as I don’t want to believe that he’s really gone…I really don’t have much choice but to accept it.

Tyler looks on, mulling over Victor’s words. He nods gently as he responds.


TYLER: I’m sorry, Victor.


Victor doesn’t look up from the ground after Tyler speaks. He continues, still deeply in his own mind.


VICTOR: I have, as a result, room to appoint a new member to the Titan board.

TYLER: Do you have anyone in mind?

VICTOR: Not really. No one I particularly trust, anyway. Phillip’s removed himself from the board while he’s working for another company, and Daniel has no interest in the business.

TYLER: I see.


Victor looks up at Tyler suddenly, his gaze piercing through Tyler, almost causing Tyler to jump back a bit.


VICTOR: I was considering my wife.


VICTOR: Yes. I have set up arrangements so that my wife will have full ownership over the top floor of this property. She’ll be regenerating the space as The Penthouse Grille once again. I’ll need your sign-off, of course on that.


Tyler, still a bit off-kilter, almost intimidated by Victor, nods quickly to Victor’s request.


TYLER: Absolutely. No problem. I do have to...well, question your taking on your wife as a board member, I mean…what kind of business credentials does she have, really?


Victor looks at Tyler incredulously. He scoffs back at Tyler.


VICTOR: She owns three thriving restaurants across the city, and is about to reopen a fourth, all while also running a health spa. I don’t know, Tyler. You tell me. She goes by Maggie Horton in the professional world, perhaps you’ve heard of her.


Tyler’s eyes widen, surprised to hear the woman he’d been flirting with was Victor’s wife, and so accomplished.




Eric steps out from the parking lot outside Horton Town Square and locks his car remotely. He stands in the park just outside Town Square and smiles widely, a relaxed feeling he hasn’t felt in ages.


ERIC: Everything’s set. Now…the last step.


Eric pulls his phone out of his pocket and texts Nicole.


meet me @ Anderson park 535. dont b late, its important. Love, eric


Eric smiles as he hits send.


ERIC: And now, we wait.




Laura walks briskly back down the opposite hallway, in hot pursuit of Marlena, who’s just about to enter Jennifer’s office. Before Marlena has a chance to knock, Laura calls out to her.


LAURA: Marlena!


Marlena turns quickly to see a panicked Laura.


LAURA: I really need you for a moment, it’s urgent! I think someone’s breaking into your office.


Marlena draws herself up, a worry rushing over her as she lets go of the handle of Jennifer’s door.




Inside Marlena’s office, Liam leaves the light off, but pulls a pocket flashlight from his pocket, attached to his key ring. Holding the keys so they don’t jingle, he walks over to Marlena’s desk.

He crouches down, and attempts to open the top drawer. It’s locked.


Noting that a couple are locked, he quickly adjusts his key ring to pull out a long pin-shaped device. Sliding the device into the lock, he manages to fix the lock to open the drawer. He begins to dig inside, while holding the flashlight above the drawer. He spots what he’s looking for.


LIAM: Bingo.


Pulling the pad out, and sliding them quickly into his pocket, Liam quickly closes the drawers and gets up, heading quickly for the door.






As Liam heads for the door, Will makes his way down the hallway, approaching Marlena’s office door. As he puts his hand up to the handle of her office door, Laura and Marlena quickly approach, concerned looks on their faces as Marlena call out to him.




Will turns around fast, smiling widely as he spots his grandmother and Laura. His smile fades as he looks at their worried expressions.


WILL: Hey! I was just looking for you. Uh…you alright?

MARLENA: Yes. I…we’re fine. We just had a scare. Laura was…just telling me she thought someone had broken into my office. You…weren’t just in there looking for me, were you?


Laura looks on, realizing that Will is dressed almost exactly the same as Liam, and realizes she could easily have confused him for Liam. She sheepishly responds as she begins to second-guess herself.


LAURA: Uh…maybe I…I must have made a mistake. I…saw you in the hall, Will and had to…call Marlena over. I thought…well, it doesn’t matter. Uh…mm…hey, I bought Arianna an early Christmas gift. It’s…in my office if you wanted to come see.


Will smiles broadly, though still confused. He nods at Laura, while Marlena smiles.


WILL: Uhmm…sure! I have to get going in a minute though. Family…dinner tonight or something.

LAURA: Oh, I won’t keep you long.

MARLENA: I have to grab something from you anyway, so I’ll come along.

LAURA: Great! Let’s go…


Laura scurries away, as Marlena and Will look at each other with confusion.


After Marlena and Will walk away, Liam creaks the door open to Marlena’s office. Seeing them round the corner, and noting that coast is now clear, he slyly exits Marlena’s office, before heading casually back down the hall. He gets on his cell phone once again.


LIAM: (into phone) I got everything you need. I’ll be at the pier in ten.

Liam hangs up, rolls his eyes, and sighs, as he walks over to the elevator, hitting the down button and waiting for the elevator to arrive.





Hope drives the road, heading for the elementary school to pick up Ciara. As she drives, she’s in the middle of a call piped through the sound system in her car. It’s Rafe.


RAFE: (through the speakers) I’m just gonna put through the final papers on that case and we’re done, alright?

HOPE: Sounds good, Rafe. Um…Rafe, I have to meet with that…(sigh) Aiden Jennings tomorrow morning, can you…


Midsentence, Hope spots the infamous rental van parked outside a house she’s driving by. She becomes transfixed by it, nearly running herself off the road. Hope slows down slightly, as she changes her subject to Rafe.


HOPE: Uhm…Rafe?

RAFE: (through the speakers) Yeah.

HOPE: What was that description you gave me of the burglary suspect?


After a moment, with the sound of papers ruffling, Rafe finally answers.


RAFE: (through the speakers) Uhhhh…black man, 6 foot, driving a rental van. Possibly wearing an out of state college sweater—


Hope interjects before Rafe can even finish.


HOPE: …I think I just got him. Hold on.

RAFE: (through the speakers) What? …


Rafe’s next comments get cut off as Hope parks her car and quickly turns off the ignition. She steps out into the street, as Jerome walks back over the back of the van, placing the box he had planned on bringing into Valerie’s house back inside the van. He mutters to himself.


JEROME: I can’t believe I forgot my phone…


As Jerome shuts the back doors to the van, Hope appears behind the door, gun in hand, pointed at a stunned Jerome.


HOPE: Put your hands up! You’re under arrest!




Jerome, visibly angered, but knowing he shouldn’t say another word, raises his hands, palms facing Hope as he turns to face her, a resigned look on his face.















Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson



Will walks down the hallway on the EnerNext floor of Titan towards his office. As he walks, he passes Alex, who’s heading into his own office across the hall from Will. Will looks up, suddenly nervous as Alex locks eyes with Will and smiles. Will holds back a giggle and smiles back awkwardly.


ALEX: Hey Will! How’s the first day going?


Will nearly chokes on his words as he responds, voice cracking.


WILL: Gre…(clears throat) great! Heh.


Will immediately bugs his eyes out as he turns away, opening his office door and quickly scurrying away in embarrassment. Closing the door behind him, he leans up against the other side of the door, exhaling audibly in relief to be out of that situation.

A moment later, Will’s cell phone rings. Frantically trying to remember where he’d put his phone, he jumps over to his desk to grab his phone. Seeing Sonny’s name on the screen, his face drops. Looking unimpressed, Will holds his finger over the ‘hang up’ button, but thinks better of it and, after a moment, answers.


WILL: Hey.




Sonny is sitting standing by the bar at Club TBD, nervously tapping his fingers against the bar as he begins to speak to Will.


SONNY: Will! Hey…I…uh…I’m glad you answered. 



WILL: Sonny, I don’t really have much time, I got a lot of work to do.



SONNY: Don’t worry, this…this won’t take long. I uh…I just got off the phone with Maggie, she and Victor invited us to dinner at the mansion tonight.



Will rolls his eyes and tries to cut Sonny off.


WILL: Sonny, I don’t really have time—



SONNY: Will, it’s…a big deal. Apparently Victor has a surprise for us or something. It’s a big family dinner.



WILL: This wouldn’t happen to be some ploy to get me to forgive you, would it? Because, seriously, Sonny, I’m really not in the mood for any more games right now, I’m serious—



SONNY: Will, I’m serious. This is no game. Now, please, can we just…put our problems aside, just for tonight and just…pretend everything’s okay?



Will bites his lip, looking to the sky as he mulls over Sonny’s plea. Reluctantly, he answers.


WILL: Fine. But this does not mean everything’s good between us. Don’t even try to use this as an opportunity to try to squirm your way back into bed tonight. You understand.



Sonny closes his eyes in frustration, sighing audibly.


SONNY: Fine. Meet me at TBD for 6 and we’ll head over together?



WILL: Meet me at Victor’s for 6:30 and we’ll walk in together.



Sonny snaps, finally losing his cool at Will.


SONNY: Will, come on!



Will smiles evilly, knowing his got Sonny’s goat.


WILL: Final offer!



SONNY: (sigh) FINE. See you at Vic’s.


Sonny hangs up angrily.



Will hangs up, a deliciously evil smile on his face as he chuckles to himself.


WILL: Sonny, you are not gonna get away with lying to me that easily.


Will sits down in his office chair, smirking as he leans back confidently.


WILL: You did the crime, now you’re gonna do the time.





At the hospital, Billie steps into Laura’s office, having interrupted Daniel’s talk with Laura about Liam. Both Laura and Daniel are taken aback by Billie’s arrival, and both struggle to speak.


DANIEL: Uh…Billie! Hey…uh…mm, Laura and I were going over some…

BILLIE: …Something I’m not supposed to know about? Sorry to drop in like this, Laura. I couldn’t find Daniel in his office and I heard his voice from the hall.


Laura, sensing tension in the air, looks back and forth between the two of them and starts to back away.


LAURA: I think…I’ll leave you two for the moment. Daniel, we can finish this later.

DANIEL: Sure, Laura.


Laura walks towards the door, but, before walking out, stops and turns back toward Daniel.


LAURA: Oh! And, by the way, Daniel! Thank you so much for everything. You’ll lock up behind me?


Laura smiles, and heads out the door, as Daniel holds up his hand in a half-hearted wave back at Laura.


DANIEL: Sure. Don’t mention it.


Once Laura leaves, Billie crosses her arms, impatiently waiting for an answer from Daniel.


BILLIE: Far be it from me to be sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong, but what exactly was that?


Daniel looks off to the side in frustration, knowing Billie won’t stop until she has an answer.


DANIEL: (sigh) I can’t go into this with you, Billie.

BILLIE: Oh come on, Daniel. I mean, I…Jenn’s a good friend of mine. If something’s wrong with her and Abigail, I want to know about it.

DANIEL: Billie, there’s nothing wrong. I…Jenn’s worried about Abigail being in Italy working for the DiMeras, and Laura just wanted me to check in on her.


Billie’s eyes peer down at Daniel, who’s sitting in front of Laura’s desk. Billie leans over and perches on top of Laura’s desk. She looks at him intensely as she responds softly and slowly to him.


BILLIE: I don’t believe a word you’re saying. And I’m going to find out exactly what’s really going on.


Daniel sighs in frustration at Billie’s resolve.





In Jennifer’s office, Jenn sits behind her desk, working away on her computer, when she hears a knock at the door.


JENNIFER: Come in.



The door opens and Liam’s smiling face appears. Jenn smiles in return, pleased to see him.


JENNIFER: HEY! I wasn’t expecting you!


Liam comes in and walks immediately over to Jenn’s desk. The two kiss quickly on the lips.


LIAM: I figured you could use a break from the nonstop…press releasing.


Jenn laughs and smiles warmly as Liam sits down across from her at the other side of her desk.


JENNIFER: Well, it’s definitely welcomed. I gotta get this all done by the end of the week. We have to announce the new head of HR that’s replacing Anne and then…ugh, I’m boring you, aren’t I?

LIAM: Never.

JENNIFER: Well, good, cos I’m boring myself. (laughs) So what brought you here, I thought you had to go consult at a hospital in Chicago.


Liam shuffles in his seat a bit before leaning in close to Jenn, a sensuous look in his eye as he gives Jenn his news.


LIAM: I…yeah, but I finished early, so, I thought you and I could leave work a little early today for a little…quiet dinner at Chez Rouge?


Jenn leans in, smiling wider than ever, she nuzzles in close to Liam as she answers.


JENNIFER: I think that is something that can be arranged, Mr. Frasier.


Jenn leans in and touches Liam’s nose with hers. They look intensely in each other’s eyes before leaning in ever-so-slowly for a soft kiss.





Gabi looks up from reading Nick’s tablet, as she sits across from him at a booth at the Brady Pub. She looks stunned by what she sees: An old modelling picture of her in an apparently new ad for MadWorld Cosmetics.


GABI: Wh…what? You want me to be new face of MadWorld?


Nick smiles broadly, anticipating a favourable reaction from Gabi to his gift.


NICK: Absolutely. I mean, Gabi, you’re gorgeous, and you’re already established with MadWorld…there’s nothing stopping you.

GABI: I…Nick, I mean, this isn’t the first time you’ve set up modelling jobs for me and it was a disaster—


Nick holds up his hands to stop Gabi midsentence. He interrupts her.


NICK: I know! I know, it’s…I didn’t go about it the right way last time. This way, you can stay here in Salem, you can co-parent with Will and Sonny, there’s no great upheaval. We can take it slow.

GABI: Nick, you’re…you’re talking like…


Gabi stops herself mid-sentence, stopping herself from letting Nick know her true (lack of) feelings for him, but Nick’s suspicious, and it shows in his eyes.


NICK: Like what?


Gabi tenses up almost immediately, trying to backtrack to allay Nick’s suspicions.


GABI: You’re talking like…like I can just stay in Salem and model, I mean…that isn’t exactly how it works.


Nick nods in understanding, but pinches the bridge of his nose, as though feeling a sudden pain. Gabi looks on, trying to sort out what’s happening.


NICK: No, you’re…you’re right.

GABI: Nick, you okay?


A voice is heard approaching Gabi and Nick from behind, while the sound of approaching heels clicks closer slowly.


KATE: Is he ever?



Gabi and Nick look up in surprise to see Kate looking down with her usual sour expression. She catches a glimpse of the MadWorld ad and looks over at Nick, unimpressed.


KATE: What are you up to now, Nick?









Kate leans against the edge of the booth casually, waiting for an answer from an obviously pained Nick.


NICK: Nothing, Kate. Just…ugh, taking care of business with Gabi.


Kate, unmoved by Nick’s pain, grabs his tablet and looks at it momentarily before holding it up to show Nick the picture of Gabi.


KATE: I see, and this wouldn’t have anything to do with your little…amateur adventures at Photoshop, would it? Because I never authorized you to set up any ad campaigns, Nick. You work in the lab, remember? You make the formulas, I sell them.


Nick groans as he tries to keep up with Kate, trying to grab his laptop bag to grab his “ibuprofen” tablets. He replies as he searches.


NICK: God, Kate. You never let up, do you?

KATE: In business, if you let up, you get screwed. You should know that better than anyone.


Kate looks over, watching Nick struggle to find anything in his bag.


KATE: Having trouble, Nick?

NICK: Yeah, can’t find my aspirin, you have any, Gabi? I’d take them from you, Kate, but you have a bit of a history with poisoning things, I’m not gonna take my chances.


Kate rolls her eyes as Gabi hesitantly goes through her bag. Not finding anything, she gets up from her seat.


GABI: Uh, no. I don’t…if you want, I’ll run down to the drugstore at the corner and grab you something, okay?

NICK: Sure, thanks, Gabi.

GABI: No problem, uh…Kate, can you do me a huge favour and watch over Ari—

KATE: …Say no more, but hurry. I have places to be.


Gabi turns back and nods appreciatively.


GABI: Yep, no worries, I’ll be right back.


Kate turns around and picks Ari up from her high chair, as Nick fumbles out of his seat.





 Outside the door, Gabi looks back to make sure she isn’t spotted by Kate or Nick. She walks just to the edge of the building, just out of sight from those inside. She grabs her cell phone and makes a call.


GABI: (into phone) EJ! I need your help. NOW.




Will walks onto the elevator to head for home. When the doors open, Will steps in, and leans casually against the back wall, catching up on messages on his cell phone. As the doors are nearly closed, a hand stops them from completely shutting, and the doors open again.


Will sighs, impatient to go home, and looks up unimpressed by the new passenger.


Until he sees who it is.


WILL: Alex.


Will immediately lights up as he sees his new supervisor dressed in skin-tight biking gear. Will’s eyes look Alex up and down as he steps on. Alex smiles back at Will.


ALEX: Hey! Will! How you doing?

WILL: I…uh…good, I…heh. You look, awfully casual.

ALEX: Oh! Yeah, this. I…heh…I usually bike home from work, and I wanted to try the commute home from the new office before the weather got too cold.


Will nods, half-listening to Alex, as he’s too distracted by Alex’s biking outfit, which leaves…little to the imagination. Will licks his lips and, catching himself, looks up at Alex, smiling.


WILL: Yeah, it’s…good weather for that.


Alex smiles, before the air fills with an awkward silence, broken only by the sound of the elevator as it beeps, passing each floor on the way down. Alex finally breaks it.


ALEX: So, how was your first day?

WILL: Oh, it was great. I’m…really glad you were able to help. I have a feeling I’ll…need a bit more. Heh.

ALEX: Oh, don’t even worry about it. I’ll definitely be around whenever you need. Just ask.

WILL: Thanks.


Will looks up, looking at his watch. The awkward silence hits again for a moment, but Alex again takes the opportunity to break it.


ALEX: So…you…uh…have any plans tonight?


Will thinks a moment, before answering carefully.


WILL: I…uh…yeah. A bit later, but...hey, maybe…did you wanna maybe grab a drink before you head home, we can maybe…go over…a few more things and get to know each other better…


Will quickly realizes what he’s just said and quickly backtracks.


WILL: In a totally professional way, of course.


Alex laughs as Will blushes, Alex’s eyes linger into Will’s as the elevator finally stops at the ground floor. The doors open as Alex responds.


ALEX: I would love that, but I have dinner plans tonight, and I’d better go shower before all that, so…maybe tomorrow?

WILL: I…YEAH! Definitely.

ALEX: Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Alex goes to head out the door, but puts a hand on Will’s lower back on his way out. Will tenses as he feels Alex’s hand touch him gently.


ALEX: Great work today, by the way.


Will nearly chokes as he feels Alex’s hand slide away, Alex walking out the door, smiling at him as he waves, that Will nearly forgets to leave the elevator himself.


WILL: I…yeah…I mean, thanks!


Will exhales as he exits the elevator. He watches Alex walk towards the door, mesmerized momentarily by his muscled body in his tight-fitting sportswear. Will snaps out of it a second later, feeling like the biggest fool on the planet.


WILL: Yeah, Will. Great work. (sigh)




Daniel gets up from his desk, still trying to find a way to allay Billie’s concerns.


DANIEL: Billie, you can’t do anything about this.


Billie watches from atop Daniel’s desk, looking at him incredulously.


BILLIE: Like Hell, I can’t. Look, I know you want to protect them, but if something’s seriously wrong…I mean...you’re not exactly chummy with Jennifer since you two split.

DANIEL: That’s…putting it mildly.


Billie gets up from Daniel’s desk and slowly walks up behind him. She puts her hands gently on his shoulders and sensuously rubs them, as she softly speaks in his ear.


BILLIE: So…why not let someone who’s a little less…let’s say…controversial get the goods you need, hm?


Daniel smiles and has a bit of a laugh, but turns around to face Billie. Putting his arms around her, while she rests her arms on his shoulders again, he tries to let her down gently.


DANIEL: I would love nothing more than to fill you in on every detail of this…


DANIEL: But…it’s not going to happen, Billie. This is something I have to do myself.


Billie’s drops her arms to her side. She sulks as she backs away from Daniel.


BILLIE: Fine! I’ll just go to Jenn myself and find out from her what’s going on—


Daniel’s voice booms as he instructs Billie.




Billie is stopped in her tracks by Daniel’s explosion. Her face looks toward Daniel, shocked by his intensity. Daniel walks back towards Billie. His voice returns to its soft tone, but the intensity remains, forcing Billie to take in every word.


DANIEL: Look, you cannot go to Jenn about ANY of this, do you understand? She has no idea what’s going on, and if she does, she may be in grave danger, okay? And if I tell you, there’s a good chance that you’ll be in just as much danger as she is, okay?


Billie looks at Daniel, a mix of worry and fear in her eyes as she nods slowly in understanding.


BILLIE: But…will YOU be okay?


Daniel bites his lip, thinking things over a moment before speaking.


DANIEL: God, I hope so.




Kate holds Ari, bouncing Ari in her arms as she speaks to Nick, unimpressed by his latest antics.


KATE: I told you to keep out of my business.


Nick, still struggling with his sudden headache, pinches the bridge of his nose while he responds.


NICK: Kate, we had a deal. You had to get Gabi a contract with MadWorld or I say what I know.


Kate leans in, speaking softly, as if to get Nick to quiet down by proxy by lowering the tone of her own voice.


KATE: And it wasn’t time to offer anything to her yet. We had to have product first.

NICK: No, no. You were stalling. I knew you were. And I decided to take matters into my own hands. You should be thankful this is all I did. You know what I could do.


Kate rolls her eyes, unable to counter Nick once again.


NICK: I’m gonna go check with Mrs. Brady and see if she has anything for this headache.


Nick heads off to the bar to talk to Caroline, while Kate saunters over to the front of the pub. Suddenly spotting Gabi just outside the doorway, she walks closer to the door to spy on her.





 Outside, Gabi stands slightly off to the side, thinking she can’t be seen in the building. She has her cell phone out, talking on her phone.


GABI: (into phone) I know I was supposed to just get him hooked and get him arrested but it wasn’t that easy…




EJ stands in his office at DiMera Enterprises, an agitated tone in his voice as he talks to Gabi.


EJ: (into phone) What do you mean, Gabi? What’s happened?



GABI: (into phone) Hope didn’t take the bait. She couldn’t find the bottle of pills I switched out at all. I know he’s been using it, I mean, he’s been getting these really bad headaches. But…he’s out of pills and I don’t know what to do.


Kate is now outside, looking on, brow furrowed as she catches some of what Gabi’s saying. She listens closer as she approaches, as quietly as she can.



EJ: (into phone) Okay…I have an idea. Just…head to the pier and meet the same guy as before in one hour.



GABI: (into phone) No, I don’t have that kind of time, EJ. He thinks I’m already headed out to the pharmacy. Please, you have to make it sooner than that. I can’t do this anymore. This time, the plan has to work. He has to be caught red handed before he goes any farther.



EJ: (into phone) Well, if the pills weren’t enough last time…



GABI: (into phone) Well, then we need something more incriminating then. A prescription pad, a…phony doctor’s note.SOMETHING.


Kate is stunned by what she’s hearing. A wry smile starts to appear on her face as she begins to realize what Gabi’s up to.



EJ slams his fist on the desk in anger. He shouts into the phone.


EJ: (into phone) Dammit, Gabi! Okay, just head there now. I’ll try to get my guy over there, but no promises.



GABI: (into phone) Oh my God, thank you, EJ. I owe you BIG time.


Gabi hangs up the phone, and quickly walks off toward the pier. As she walks away, she doesn’t see a smiling Kate behind her. As she bounces baby Ari in her arms, she laughs quietly to herself.


KATE: Bravo, Gabi. I gotta say, I didn’t think you had it in you.




Liam and Jenn’s kiss is interrupted by Liam’s cell phone ringing. The pair are jolted out of their romantic moment, as Liam leans back in his chair, grabbing his phone and looking at who’s calling.


Frustrated, he gets up from his seat and holds up one finger to indicate to Jenn.


LIAM: Ahh I gotta take this, it’s Chiacgo, one moment.

JENNIFER: That’s fine, take your time, sweetie.


Jenn nods, going back to work, as Liam hastily leaves her office, shutting the door behind him.


Liam storms into the hallway, checking all around to see who’s passing by, before sliding into the waiting room. As he turns into the waiting room, Laura passes by and spots Liam going in. She carefully follows to the doorway and, just out of his line of sight, listens in closely.


LIAM: (into phone) This better be important.



EJ responds, now pacing his office, a headache developing for him as well now.


EJ: (into phone) You need to get Percocets and a prescription pad to the pier in 15 minutes or less.



Liam reacts in angered disbelief.


LIAM: (into phone) WHAT?



EJ: (into phone) Exactly what I just said. We’ve got an emergency on our hands and if Gabi Hernandez doesn’t get Percocets and a prescription pad in her hands by…


EJ checks his watch hastily before continuing.


EJ: …4:30, everything we’ve worked for is in jeopardy.



LIAM: (into phone) A prescription pad? EJ, I mean…the drugs are one thing but…


Liam looks around the room to make sure no one’s watching or coming into the room. He leans in and speaks softer. Outside, Laura focuses in even closer.


LIAM …a prescription pad? That’s not exactly easy to get.


Laura looks on, confused as all get out as to what Liam’s up to. She whispers almost inaudibly to herself.


LAURA: Prescription pad? And why is he talking to EJ? (sigh) I have a bad feeling about this.



EJ: (into phone) You’re in a hospital, you’ll manage. 15 minutes, Liam. No ifs, ands, or buts.



LIAM: (into phone) Oh, what? I’m just supposed to pull one out of my ass now? Come on, EJ. This is crazy.



EJ: (into phone) There is no time argue or question me. Get the pills, put them in the same ibuprofen package as before, get the prescription pads, give them to Gabi Hernandez, and tell her she needs to sneak the pad into the target’s bag when he isn’t looking. That’s it.



Liam, resigned to his fate, throws his hands up.


LIAM: (into phone) (sigh) Yep. Right. I’ll be there.




EJ hangs up the phone. Liam follows suit.


LIAM: Okay. Percocets…and prescription pads. Good luck, Liam. You’ll need it.


Liam turns and storms out of the room. Laura, still standing outside, leans up against the wall as closely as she can, praying Liam doesn’t spot her. He turns away from her, and walks down the hall in the other direction. She breathes a sigh of relief, but looks on, more worried than ever.


LAURA: Selling pills and prescription pads…to EJ DiMera. Oh Daniel, I hope to hell you figure out what he’s up to before it’s too late.








Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson







Hope walks through the Salem Police station towards her office as Rafe approaches. Hope looks over and smiles in greeting as Rafe does the same.




RAFE: Hey! Just who I was looking for.



HOPE: Well, don’t I feel flattered. Come in.




Hope opens the door to her office and props it open for Rafe come in behind her. He shuts the door after entering as Hope sits down behind her desk.




HOPE: So I got a few things I’ll need to take care of today so I’m not here long. What’s up?




Rafe walks over to Hope’s desk and drops a file on it before her.




RAFE: Well, this can’t really wait. There was another burglary in the west end again last night.




Hope looks up, stunned and disappointed.




HOPE: You’re kidding.



RAFE: Nope! This time, they at least got a description of the suspect. It’s not perfect, but…




Hope picks up the file and looks it over quickly, studying it as best she can.




HOPE: Young male, black, 20-25, muscular build. Grey college hoodie, not Salem U. Wow, okay. Anything turn up so far?



RAFE: Nah. This guy seems to have vanished into thin air after the robbery. All they know is he was in a rented moving van, but no one can trace it, they didn’t get the licence plate or anything.




Hope drops the file on her desk as she looks back over at Rafe.




HOPE: Damn. (sigh) Alright, well, we’ll keep looking. You doing okay?




Rafe shrugs, smiling half-heartedly.




RAFE: Yeah, I’m fine. Can’t complain too much.




Hope looks at Rafe’s face and raises her eyebrow skeptically.







HOPE: Why don’t I believe you?




Rafe looks up, confused.




HOPE: It’s Jordan, isn’t it? Rafe, is something going wrong between you?




Rafe sighs, hesitant to get into this discussion now.











Daniel stands, stunned in Laura Horton’s office at University Hospital. Laura looks up at him, worried about Daniel’s sudden silence. She gets up from her chair and tries to get Daniel’s attention.




LAURA: Daniel? Daniel!




Daniel blinks, suddenly back to reality.




DANIEL: Hi. Sorry. Umm…look. I think I just…put two and two together and…yeah, I’m worried about Abigail. Very worried.




Laura looks at Daniel, now more worried than before about her granddaughter.











Nick sits casually on Percy’s sofa in the cabin, as Percy works away, carefully studying the Titan security videos. Nick scrolls through his tablet, earpiece in one ear, smiling widely at what he’s seeing and hearing as he suddenly gets up and turns to Percy.




NICK: Got it!




Percy looks up, peeling the headphones off his ears as though they’d been on for hours. Percy winces in pain as his ears appear, red as tomatoes.




PERCY: My apologies, Nicholas. I didn’t hear you.



NICK: I think I know exactly what we’re going to need to stick it to Victor. Check this out.




Nick offers his tablet to Percy, who studies the image of Jordan, Sheryl, and Jerome’s meeting. After squinting at it a moment, Percy dons his bifocals, staring once again at the screen looking down his nose.




PERCY: But…Nicholas, who is that young man there? I’ve never seen him before.




Nick pulls his tablet away, casually flipping the case around it to close it as he heads back to the sofa to put the tablet away.




NICK: That…is apparently a man named Jerome Grant. From what I caught, which, incidentally isn’t much because those girls need to stop mumbling so damn much, he knows Jordan and Sheryl from before they came to Salem.




PERCY: Could he be a danger to us?




Nick pulls out his cell phone from his bag, smiling his classic smug smirk.




NICK: Ohhh, I don’t think that’ll be a problem, Percy. Look, I’m gonna head into town, I’ll see you later, okay?




Nick grabs his laptop bag and slings it over his shoulder as he heads for the door. Percy smiles, nods, and waves as he begins to put his headphones back on.




PERCY: Absolutely, I’ll keep you informed if I hear or see any so-called “juicy tidbits”, Nicholas!



NICK: Great stuff, Percy. See you later on.




Nick closes the door to the cabin, as he makes his phone call.










Gabi, sitting at a table at Town Square, rocking Arianna back and forth in her stroller, hears the phone. She suddenly stops and looks frantically for her phone. Pulling it out, she looks down with a sickened look on her face as she sees Nick’s name on her screen.




GABI: Oh God.




Quickly answering, she swallows hard, expecting the worst.




GABI: Hey Nick, w…what’s up?







NICK: Hey, Gabi! Uh…look I really have something important to talk to you about. Can you meet me in 20 minutes at the Brady Pub?







GABI: Uh…sure. Yeah, I can!







NICK: Great. See you then.




Nick hangs up the phone, beaming.




NICK: Ohhh Gabi. You’re gonna love the surprise I have for you.




Nick walks off toward his car, feeling on top of the world.








Gabi hangs up the phone, a look of dread on her face, as she tries to distract Ari, but silently curses Nick. Her sudden tension isn’t lost on Ari, who begins to cry, upsetting Gabi even more.











Marlena and Eric walk into Club TBD, Eric finally having a laugh with Marlena after spending two days in solemn silence. They find a seat and are handed menus by the server. Marlena and Eric both look up pleasantly, Marlena holding up her hand to stop her before she puts the menus down.




MARLENA: Oh, it’s okay. I’ll just have a coffee.



ERIC: Same for me.




Marlena turns back to Eric with a serious, but loving face that Eric recognizes immediately. He reacts to it with a change of expression, back inward.




ERIC: Mom…



MARLENA: (interrupting) I know you don’t want me to pry…



ERIC: No. Actually, I do. Mom, you’re the only person I can turn to about this. I’m…honestly, I’m really struggling.




Marlena looks on, now really concerned for Eric. She squints a bit, staring intently at him. Eric catches this and looks down as his coffee is put down on the table in front of him by the waitress, Marlena’s in front of her.




MARLENA: Eric…what’s the problem?




Eric breathes in deeply, then sighs as he prepares to tell his mother about his dilemma.




ERIC: Mom, I’ve been…really troubled ever since this whole…situation with Kristen went down and…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.



MARLENA: Okay. I mean, it’s understandable that you’d have a lot of conflicting emotions, Eric. You lost your vocation. It meant a lot to you, you don’t just…lose that overnight.



ERIC: Right, but…(sigh), some things have happened since then…I mean…Sonny and Will’s wedding, among other things…and it’s made me sort of…realize…




Marlena leans in, trying to catch Eric’s eyes. Eric, stirring his coffee mindlessly, stops, finally looking at his mom.




MARLENA: Sweetheart. Realize what?



ERIC: I’m thinking of leaving the church altogether.




Marlena’s eyes widen at Eric’s revelation.














Valerie stands in her office at University Hospital, leaning against her desk with her other hand on her hip, as she stares down her grandson, Jerome.




VALERIE: Come on now, out with it! Something is on your mind, and you’re a bad liar.



JEROME: Grandma…



VALERIE: Well, maybe you can fool other people but you sure as Hell can’t fool me. Now spit it out.




Jerome rolls his eyes, pausing a moment before he gives in. He turns and faces his grandmother, earnestly responding to her.




JEROME: I just…I ran into old university friends from Toronto here and…we didn’t leave things on a good note. That’s all.



VALERIE: Well, you know, it’s not like you’re still kids, Jerome. I think taking the year off before you started your PhD was probably a good idea. Maybe things have mellowed and you’ll work things out.



JEROME: Hopefully….I just can’t shake the feeling that something’s happening that I don’t quite understand. I got a bad feeling, Grandma.




Valerie smiles as she walks over to Jerome, putting her hand under his chin in a form of encouragement.




VALERIE: You will be alright. In all your years on this Earth, you’ve managed to be smarter, and more resourceful than anyone I’ve ever met. You just remember that.




Jerome smiles slightly, a warmth in his eyes as he looks at Valerie. He suddenly looks down at his phone and sees the time. Fumbling around a moment, he sets his phone on Valerie’s desk as he asks her a question.




JEROME: Thanks, Grandma. Look, I gotta get going, uh…you got the keys to the new house?




Valerie digs into her pocket and pulls out a keyring with three keys on it, tossing them Jerome’s way casually.




VALERIE: Yep! Got ‘em right here.




Jerome catches them with ease as he starts for the door.




JEROME: Thanks. I gotta get this stuff into my room before I head into Salem U. Get into the registrar’s office before it closes. Thanks, Gran!



VALERIE: See you later, Sweetie.




As Jerome closes the door, Valerie watches him, a warm smile on her face, before she grabs her file folder on Roman. She stops as she picks it up, putting it back down again as she sees Jerome’s cell phone.








She jumps up from her seat and runs for the doorway, but Jerome is already gone. She stops in her doorway, turns back around and sighs. As she heads back to her desk, she stops before it, and stares at Roman’s file.




VALERIE: Well...maybe it’s time we found some answers for you, Roman.








Rafe looks at Hope, sitting opposite her at her office desk. Rafe tries to hold back his emotions a bit. Hope leans in, trying to catch Rafe’s eye.




HOPE: Rafe, come on. I think we’ve known each other long enough to know when something’s up with each other.




Rafe looks up at Hope and sighs. He decides to speak his mind. He begins, fidgeting uncomfortably.




RAFE: Well…yeah, you’re right. I dunno. Jordan’s been…really distant the last few weeks and I can’t put my finger on why.




Hope looks at Rafe, concerned.




HOPE: Has anything changed in the last few weeks? Like…I know she’s been busy with work and all but…



RAFE: Nah. It’s mostly been Sheryl. I think she’s going through something and…apparently can’t go to Lucas about it so she goes to Jordan.



HOPE: And you get left out in the cold.



RAFE: (sigh) Right.




Hope reaches out and puts her hand over Rafe’s, giving him a comforting look.




HOPE: Just be patient. Whatever’s going on is not going to break the two of you. I see the both of you and you’re always…incredibly happy when you’re together. Whatever’s going on with Jordan or Sheryl…it’ll pass.




Rafe smiles slightly, as Hope gets up from her desk and slips on her jacket, and grabs her keys.




RAFE: Hope you’re right.



HOPE: I know I’m right. Look, I’m going to pick up Ciara from school, I’ll keep my eyes open for anything about the burglaries. Okay?




Rafe gets up from his seat to head into the hallway himself. He holds the door for Hope as she exits the room, with Rafe right behind her.




RAFE: Sounds good. I’ll text you in a bit if I come up with anything.



HOPE: Great. See ya!



RAFE: Bye!




Rafe shuts the door behind Hope. He sighs as he grabs his phone to check for any notification from Jordan.




RAFE: Nothing. (sigh)








Laura looks at Daniel, she takes a moment before asking her next question to Daniel, almost afraid of the answer she’ll get.




LAURA: I’m afraid to ask.




Daniel immediately starts to pace the room, trying to calm himself a bit in hopes of also placating a now-frantic Laura.








DANIEL: Look, just…I was Abigail’s doctor when she had that…accident at work. And…I’m not saying to panic but…I will look into this for you, okay? But…don’t worry. I will make sure Abigail is okay.




Laura exhales and smiles at Daniel, nodding in satisfaction. She relaxes a bit, feeling reassured.




LAURA: Thank you.




Laura stops a moment, seeing that Daniel still appears troubled by their conversation. She puts a hand on his arm in reassurance.




LAURA: And, Daniel. Just…I’m sorry to insert you back in Jennifer’s business like this…I know you two have, well, gone your own way. But…I feel like you…you know my family better than anyone at this hospital and…well…Jenn and Abigail could really use your help. I just…I didn’t know who else to turn to.







Daniel nods in understanding. As he responds, Billie approaches Laura’s office door. She hears Daniel’s voice and stops, creaking the door open as he speaks.




DANIEL: No, it’s okay. I…totally understand why you came to me, and I mean…I’m always going to love your daughter, no matter what’s happened between us. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Jenn and Abigail safe.




BILLIE: What are we keeping Jenn and Abby safe from?




Daniel and Laura both turn around, surprised by Billie’s entrance. Billie looks back, a curious look on her face.








Marlena looks at Eric incredulously. She leans in closer to him, almost scolding him with her reaction.




MARLENA: Are you serious? Eric, you were so passionate about being a priest, it…it was your life—



ERIC: …WAS my life, Mom.



MARLENA: Eric, don’t let Kristen win. She’s taken so much from us already, you can’t…




Eric holds up his hand to try to stop his mom from continuing.




ERIC: Mom…please. It’s not about Kristen. In fact, I’m starting to think that it’s because everything that happened was because of Kristen, that…maybe that’s why it’s taken me until now to make this decision.




Marlena chokes a bit on her words, unsure how to respond, but still not pleased.




MARLENA: I…I, I mean how…look, you just need the proof that Dr. Chyka’s drug is what poisoned you that night, and you’ll be exonerated. We know that.




Eric looks down, already exhausted by Marlena’s unrelenting pressure.




ERIC: Mom—



MARLENA: Eric! You can’t give up when you’re so close to clearing your name.



ERIC: Mom! I’m not about to give up. I will never stop until people know the truth about what happened to me that night. But, Mom, how am I supposed to support a system of beliefs that tells me that my nephew…not only doesn’t have the right happiness with the man he loves, but that they both should be killed for it. Just for loving each other? How do I support a church that is so ready to throw me under the bus, and to judge me as this…monster, when I was a victim? There is so much…evil that is swept under the rug in this church, and they want to dismiss a priest who comes out as gay? I mean…Mom, they won’t even acknowledge your marriage to John, even with all the extenuating circumstances that caused your affair and your divorce from Dad.




Marlena looks down, nodding sadly as she thinks back on her affair with John.




MARLENA: I know that was hard, but…



ERIC: Mom, it’s…I chose to overlook it for a very, very long time. Because I saw the good that being faithful, and being a priest could do. The benefit it could have to humanity, and the…the joy and comfort that my faith could bring, and I wanted to share that with the world. And maybe I was doing it, in a way to…make my family proud, I don’t know. But the fact remains that I could not reconcile my faith and my love for my family. And my desire to see them happy with the people they love.




Marlena reaches out across the table and grabs Eric’s hands in hers. Squeezing them tightly, she begins to cry, a look of pride across her face.




MARLENA: Ohh, Eric. My darling boy. I don’t care what your vocation is. I will ALWAYS be proud of you. And so will your father, and your grandmother, and your aunts and uncles and everybody.




Eric and Marlena share a laugh, as Marlena holds Eric’s hands firmly.




MARLENA: I want you to remember, no matter what…I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am right now. Don’t you ever forget that.



ERIC: Thanks, Mom.




Marlena and Eric get up from their seats and share a tight, warm hug that seems to last ages. As Marlena lets go of Eric, she looks him dead in the eyes, still a bit teary.




MARLENA: And whatever you do decide…I will support you. No matter what.




Eric nods, feeling the first bit of comfort he’s felt in a long time.




ERIC: You know, you don’t realize how comforting it is to hear that. Seriously, thank you. I love you.



MARLENA: Oh, Eric.




Marlena pulls Eric in again for a hug, once again holding him tightly, like she was comforting him as a boy.








Nick looks up from his tablet, as he sits in the booth at the Brady Pub. He spots Gabi in the doorway and gets up from his seat. He goes to grab Arianna, but Gabi tenses up, reactively pulling her closer to her chest. She tries to pass it off as nothing and points to the high chair in the corner.




GABI: No, no! I got her, can you just…grab the high chair for me.




Nick turns around and spots the high chair, springing into action dutifully.




NICK: Oh! Yeah, absolutely.




Nick steps over to grab the high chair, and sets it up for Ari to sit in. Gabi smiles and slots Ari in carefully, with Nick’s help.




GABI: There we go! Easy does it.




Once Ari’s in place, the pair sit down.




GABI: Ohh, thank you, Nick.




Nick shifts midsentence towards Ari, paying the beautiful young child some attention, but Ari is not having it and flinches at Nick’s touch.




NICK: Anything for you and this beautiful little girl of yours! Hey sweetie!!




Ari kicks Nick’s hand away, causing Nick to jump back a bit, and having a short laugh about it.




NICK: Wow, she’s feisty today!




Gabi laughs nervously in response before becoming fairly serious, nervously asking Nick the question of the hour.




GABI: Heh, yeah. She’s…like that some days. You never know. So…uh…why did you ask me to come, Nick? It sounded...pretty important on the phone.



NICK: Oh, trust me, Gabi. This is…life-changing news. Without a doubt.




Gabi looks to one side, grimacing, trying to fake a smile and failing.




GABI: Can’t wait.




Nick looks down at his trusty tablet, swiping through different screens until he pulls up the screen to show Gabi.




NICK: Kate and I have been working on a new line for MadWorld. It’s a young, fresh line of skin care that is 40% less heavy than your main line products with just as long-lasting coverage. Can’t really get into details more than that, but…it’s tested REALLY well.



GABI: That sounds fantastic. W…what does it have to do with me?




Nick turns the tablet toward Gabi and hands it to her. On the screen is a beauty shot from Gabi’s old modelling shoots with a tester from the new line photoshopped in. Gabi looks on in shock as Nick reveals his intentions.




NICK: We want you to be the face of the new line.




Gabi looks up at Nick, breathing in deeply, an almost panic-stricken look on her face.











Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Laura sits in her office at University Hospital, recalling what JJ told her the previous night about Liam. 




Laura breathes in deeply, standing in her bedroom, as she tries to relax herself and keeps asking JJ questions.

LAURA: Right. Okay...so...JJ...what happened after that conversation you had with your mother?
JJ: Well...they took off, mom and Liam did...and I stayed behind to try to...sort this out in my head...and as they left...Liam...he looked at me...I caught him trying to...like...stare me down or something. But I'm more worried about Abigail than anything. I mean...she's working for Stefano but...Liam works at the hospital, he has no ties to Stefano.


Laura thinks intensely about what JJ said, while shaking her head.

She swallows hard before talking to herself.

LAURA: Ohhh, let's just hope I'm wrong about Liam.

As she finishes, Daniel opens her door, knocking gently on it. Laura looks up and smiles at him.

LAURA: Daniel!
DANIEL: You asked to see me?
LAURA: Yes, I...I have a favour to ask you.

Daniel squints a bit, unsure what to expect.

DANIEL: Oh? What kind of favour?

Laura stirs awkwardly for a moment, trying to find the best way to ask.

LAURA: I need you to do a bit of digging on someone...Liam Frasier.

Daniel looks down, sighing in frustration.



At the former Titan TV studio, Nicole stands with Miles before hearing the sound of the doors to the studio opening, as a group of people enter the room.

She closes her eyes, anticipating the worst before turning around to see who's come in.

As she turns, she spots a group of men in suits approaching.

Followed by none other than Sami Brady and EJ DiMera.


Sami stops before the group of men, and immediately launches into her announcement.

SAMI: Good afternoon, everybody! I'm sure you all know by now, I'm Samantha Brady. And I will be operating the TV operation formerly known as Titan TV, as of today.

Nicole breathes in deeply, choking back a scream, as Sami locks eyes with Nicole, a huge smile across Sami's face.

NICOLE: No! You've got to be joking!

Sami smiles widely, trying to stop herself from laughing as EJ responds.

EJ: Oh, believe me, Nicole. This is anything but a joke.

Nicole looks at EJ incredulously, before looking back towards Sami.

NICOLE: How is it not? Samantha Brady has as much experience running a TV station as Billy Baldwin has at the Oscars.
SAMI: My God, Nicole. Even your references are dated...

Sami saunters over a little too causally over towards an agitated Nicole. She stands inches in front of her as she continues.

SAMI: You know...considering how our...advertisers demand our programming be....youthful, fresh...ahead of the curve? I might be really careful what I say around here. Know what I mean?

Nicole scowls at Sami, as Sami smiles smugly.




Marlena walks into the 7th floor lobby at University Hospital as the door to the elevator opens. Eric walks out, catching Marlena's eye. He spots her as well and stops, walking back towards his mother.

MARLENA: Eric! It's good to see you.
ERIC: Mom.

The two hug warmly, though Eric's troubled face doesn't get past Marlena, who immediately begins to worry.

MARLENA: You alright? You seem...a bit distracted.
ERIC: Yeah, you could say that.

The two separate, and Marlena looks at her son. She steps back a moment before answering, a worried look on her face.

MARLENA: You want to grab a coffee and we can talk about it?

Eric nods solemnly.

ERIC: I'd like that.

Marlena smiles warmly as she presses the down button to the elevator, headed for the ground floor.

MARLENA: Great. I've had quite a morning myself.

As the door opens, the two step on, and Eric looks on, puzzled himself.

ERIC: Oh? What happened?
MARLENA: Ohhh....it's a long story.

The elevator doors shut as Marlena looks over at her son, whose own worried expression is now equally directed as his mother as it has been at himself.


Valerie steps into her office, holding Roman's medical files in hand. Pouring over them, she looks confused by the contents.

VALERIE: This...can't be right...

As she speaks, Jerome steps into the room, knocking on the door of her office, causing her to jump a moment.

JEROME: Hey Grandma.
VALERIE: Jerome! Baby, how are you?? When did you get into town?

Valerie puts the folder down, and almost runs over to Jerome, throwing her arms around him, gleeful at seeing her grandson.

JEROME: Just this morning. I...actually haven't had a chance to go to the house and drop my things off yet.
VALERIE: Well, actually that's good because I should probably go help you out when I'm done here.
JEROME: Okay, I'll meet you after.

Valerie smiles, happy to see her grandson again.

VALERIE: Sounds good. I should be done in an hour or so. I just gotta...figure out something with this patient file first. Hey, did you get everything settled at the university yet?

Jerome stops a moment, a strange look on his face that Valerie spots immediately.

JEROME: I...yeah...I just was taking care of a couple things.

Valerie looks at Jerome, squinting her eyes like she knows something's up.

VALERIE: Jerome Paul Grant. I have raised you from the time you were in diapers, and I know you're lying to me. Now out with it. What were you really up to?

Jerome breathes in, eyes darting quickly to the side as he tries to quickly come up with something to tell his grandmother.



Nicole keeps her eyes firmly locked on Sami, as she puts one hand on her hip.

NICOLE: You know, this is hardly the way to build workplace morale, Sami.
SAMI: Well, I always figured it wasn't exactly great for workplace morale to have a murderous psycho on staff, but these folks seem to manage just fine.

Nicole rolls her eyes.

NICOLE: (sigh) Sami, get over it. Whether you want to admit it or not, I'm good at my job, and I work hard. So at least someone thinks I have something worth holding onto.

Sami begins to laugh at Nicole's assertion.

SAMI: Like who?
NICOLE: Your brother for a start! 
SAMI: Right, well, Eric always did have rotten taste in women.
NICOLE: Oh that's rich, considering you're the one taking my sloppy seconds. 

EJ finally has had enough and interjects.

EJ: Okay, ladies, that's enough, alright? Look, Nicole, I recognize you've done a lot of fine work for Titan TV, and you're in no danger of losing your job now, you understand.

Nicole looks back EJ's way with a smug smile.

NICOLE: Thank you, EJ.

EJ walks up behind Sami, putting both hands on her shoulders.

EJ: Besides, Samantha, we have a very special project for Nicole to work on for us.
NICOLE: And what would that be, exactly?
EJ: You're going to work on that expose of all the shady business practices over at EnerNext. We'll give you every dollar you need. I want you to nail the bastards for us.

Nicole smiles widely, partly in relief to get her bosses' support.

NICOLE: Oh, I think I can arrange that.


Daniel squirms as he tries to respond to Laura's request, visibly uncomfortable getting involved in this situation.

DANIEL: Laura...I want you to understand something, okay? Jenn and I...when we split, I made the point to stay out of her life as much as possible, and I've held to that--
LAURA: ...Yes, but now she needs you, Daniel.
DANIEL: What do you mean? I mean...Liam's a good guy, I work with him every day here at the hospital.

Laura begins to appear visibly agitated by Daniel's refusal, her desperation becoming clear to him as she continues.

LAURA: Daniel! Look, I know what your situation has been with Jennifer, and I understand you're moving on, but I do NOT trust this man at ALL.

Daniel looks stunned by Laura's statement. Laura, meanwhile, gets up from her desk, and begins to pace nervously around the room.

DANIEL: Wha...why not? I mean, he treats Jenn really well from all accounts, and...honestly, I don't understand what all the fuss is about, Laura.
LAURA: No, you don't understand. Look, before I say anything to you about this, you need to promise me this stays between you and I. Nobody else can know about any part of this. Do you understand.

Daniel puts his hands up in surrender, as Laura stands tense before him, looking directly into his eyes with a great intensity that is offputting even to Daniel.

DANIEL: You have my word.
LAURA: Alright...

Laura looks away, a bit more relaxed again, but once again pacing the room.

LAURA: JJ came to me last night...he was...he was shaking, Daniel. He was terrified.

Daniel looks at Laura, a real concern starting to come across his face.

DANIEL: Terrified of what?
LAURA: Of Liam. He had overheard Liam talking to someone outside the Town Square on his cell phone, and that someone mentioned that they would be keeping tabs on Abigail while she's out of the country, and...something about reporting to Stefano.

Daniel looks down a moment, mulling over what Laura's just told him.

Daniel thinks back to Abigail's fall, and her being his patient afterwards. He recalls her nervousness regarding her pregnancy.



Abigail lies in her hospital bed as Daniel casually goes over her chart. Abigail is nervous thanks in part to Daniel's close ties to her family and ex-colleagues at the hospital.

ABBY: That's good. Uh...Daniel...umm...you're not going to tell my mom about any of this, are you?
DANIEL: Nah, that's...that's not gonna happen. See, your mom and I are, in no uncertain terms, finished.
ABBY: Good. Uh...that's....not quite what I meant. I mean, I just...well, you know a lot of my family and friends and...
DANIEL: Doctor-patient confidentiality. Cross my heart.

Abigail smiles, feeling reassured that Daniel won't speak to anyone about her condition.


After this moment, his eyes snap back up towards Laura, a realization having struck him.

DANIEL: My God. 





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Maggie walks down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion, a worried look on her face as she calls out to her husband.

MAGGIE: Victor??

Maggie looks toward the doorway, then the living room. Not seeing Victor, or indeed anyone else, she slowly walks into the living room. Spotting an envelope on Victor's desk, she sees her name written on the front of it.

Curious, she touches the envelope reluctantly. She then turns around, looking behind her, making sure Victor isn't looking in on her. 

Once she deems the coast clear, Maggie slowly opens the envelope, pulling the paper out and unfolding it nervously. She struggles to read it, having left her reading glasses in her purse.

MAGGIE: Oh My God. 

Hearing a noise behind her, Maggie turns around to find a morose-looking Victor behind her. She smiles warmly at him.

MAGGIE: The title for the Penthouse Grille.

Victor smiles slightly. Maggie looks on lovingly.

VICTOR: I wanted to make sure you had control over the property regardless of what happens to Titan.

Maggie looks at Victor, surprised by his attitude.

MAGGIE: Victor...what on Earth are you talking about?

Victor looks down, away from Maggie, the sadness and worry plain on his face as he struggles to answer her.


Marlena opens the door to her office at University Hospital. Roman and Valerie follow Marlena into the room. Valerie immediately closes the door behind her, ready to get down to business.

VALERIE: Okay, so, talk to me. Tell me about these memory lapses.

Roman stands, head down, hands on his hips, as he thinks over the moments he's missed so far. His reluctance to talk about his problem being obvious as he stutters his way through his troubles.

ROMAN: Well...they...just started a few months ago. Minor stuff. There were these....holes in my memories that weren't there before.
VALERIE: Such as...?

Marlena, resting against the front of her desk, chimes in.

MARLENA: The first time I met Bo, for a start.

Roman turns to look at Marlena. He makes a strong face of frustration, recalling her reaction to his misremembering of that memory. Marlena sees his frustration and stops herself for a second, having been caught off guard by his look.


Nicole walks into the studio at what is no longer Titan TV, as many of her colleagues mill about, chattering. All are fascinated by what's going on, curtains obscuring the studio wall that formerly held the Titan logo.

Nicole looks around, as Miles appears, immediately going to speak to Nicole.

NICOLE: Miles!
MILES: Hey, Nicole. You excited about the news?
NICOLE: To be honest...I'm more nervous than excited.

Miles nods, and takes a moment before responding.

MILES: Yyyyeah. So am I. If the news matches the rumours I heard, you won't like the news any more than I will.

Nicole looks up, eyes widened. A thousand negative outcomes fill her head.


Kate sits at her desk at her office. She looks up at a worried Lucas, who has just come in panicked about Sheryl and Jordan. Lucas, meanwhile, paces back and forth in front of Kate's desk as Kate tries to relax him.

KATE: Oh come on, Lucas. What do you mean, you can't carry the charade with Sheryl? You owe this to me, and to your sister. She's worked way too hard on this for you to back out now.
LUCAS: I'm not backing out, I just...we need to talk to Roman and Billie and get them to start making a move. 
KATE: Oh sure! And blow this whole thing up? And then what? 

Kate holds up her hands and dramatically makes air quotes.

KATE: "Jordan Ridgeway" and "Sheryl Connors" catch wind of what we're doing, and throw US under the bus. No way.
LUCAS: Well, Mom. I'm sorry. But I just can't keep up this ruse anymore. I'm not gonna sit there wasting all of my time and energy on a phony relationship just so YOU can win Rafe back.

Billie steps into the room as he finishes his sentence, closing Kate's office door behind her, startling Lucas.

BILLIE: Well, you're gonna have to, or else this whole operation goes down the toilet. And this is way bigger than keeping Rafe away from Jordan at this point, Lucas, and you know it.

Lucas looks on at his sister, sighing audibly.



Valerie, Roman, and Marlena stand in Marlena's office at the hospital, going over Roman's recent history of memory lapses. Marlena hesitates to continue, knowing Roman's frustration and hurt over his disappearing memories is building each time she brings them up, but she presses on.

MARLENA: He...I mentioned the day I met Bo, and his "wedding gift" for us...and...well, it troubled Roman quite a bit that he couldn't remember it properly.

Valerie looks on, almost through Marlena and Roman as she contemplates the situation.

VALERIE: Properly, or at all?

Roman looks down, shaking his head. He sighs before turning back toward Valerie.

ROMAN: At all. I don't remember that happening. But it WAS over thirty years ago. These things don't always stay as clear in your mind as you get older.

Marlena looks on, concerned for Roman, she attempts to chime in, but Roman interrupts.

MARLENA: Roman, I--
ROMAN: Now, look, I...want to figure this out as much as you do...but I...I gotta get going. I have to deal with some police business, okay, Doc?

Marlena closes her eyes, visibly frustrated by Roman's volatility. She exhales before speaking.

MARLENA: Okay. Sure.

Roman turns back to Valerie as he turns to head out of Marlena's office. He speaks sternly, with a hint of irritation in his voice.

ROMAN: Valerie. If you need anything more from me, let me know. But I can't do this right now. I'll see you later.

Roman leaves, closing the door behind him forcefully, causing Marlena to tense up visibly. Valerie shuts her eyes a moment, before looking back up at a troubled Marlena.

VALERIE: He's worried, Marlena.
MARLENA: (sigh) I know. So am I.

Valerie racks her brain, deep in thought over what she's witnessed. She throws her hands in the air, before pacing across Marlena's office. An idea strikes her.

VALERIE: I mean...the symptoms, top to bottom....it reads like Alzhymer's. But...

Marlena nods. She herself looks down, not giving Valerie eye contact, as her troubled mind racks through all the possibilities.

Valerie stops pacing, and looks up at Marlena.

VALERIE: Roman's medical records.
MARLENA: What about them?

Valerie, perking up, moves toward the doorway, an idea having finally hit her.

VALERIE: I'm going to grab them. If there is any clues as to what may be wrong with him...chances are it'll be there. I'll be right back.

Valerie opens the door, almost running down the hallway towards the records room. Marlena stays behind, a concerned but hopeful expression on her face.

MARLENA: My God, I hope you're right, Valerie.


Maggie shakes her head at Victor in disbelief. She puts down the title deed for The Penthouse Grille and puts her hand on her hip, the other on the desk beside her.

MAGGIE: Victor, nothing is going to happen to Titan. It hasn't so far, and there's no way it will now.
VICTOR: You can't guarantee that, Maggie.
MAGGIE: Oh I don't have to. I've seen how much blood and sweat you put into this company, Victor. And I'm not exactly new to this whole business thing myself, you know?
VICTOR: Maggie, that's different. You run a restaurant, not a conglomerate.

Maggie looks at Victor, exasperated.

MAGGIE: Victor, I've never seen you be such a defeatist. In my entire life, I haven't.

Victor looks away from Maggie. He shrugs.

VICTOR: Maybe I've always had a reason to fight before.

Maggie's face changes, realizing how Victor's been affected by Brady's demise. She approaches him and puts her hands on his shoulders, prompting Victor to look up at her.

MAGGIE: Victor...do you remember when I lost Janice?
VICTOR: Maggie, this isn't the same--

Maggie raises a finger to hush Victor up. She raises her voice over him.

MAGGIE: NOT...a word! Now, I recognize that the circumstances were different...but we pulled through Janice's death. It took time....but we were able to put our lives back together. And remember...you have Phillip, you have Daniel...whether you believe it or not, you have Justin!

Victor rolls his eyes, holding back his feelings at the moment about Justin, which Maggie anticipated, and quickly continues before Victor can retort.

MAGGIE:...and you have me. Just rememeber that.

Victor leans in to kiss Maggie, and embraces her warmly, as Maggie smiles.


Billie walks into Kate's office, pleasing Kate, as she could use the backup against Lucas' hysterical position. Lucas folds his arms, knowing what's coming from his sister.

BILLIE: We have too much on the line for you to be giving this up already, Lucas. We nearly have them right where we want them, right?

Lucas rolls his eyes, answering begrudgingly.

LUCAS: Right.
BILLIE: And...we are VERY close to getting them to do something major that will get them into jail. The deeper we dig, the better the chances of getting Jordan and Sheryl in jail, where they belong.
KATE: Exactly. So Lucas, you're doing us all a favour by staying the course for just a little longer. 

Lucas sighs heavily. Throwing his hands up in defeat, he responds.

LUCAS: Okay, fine. Sure. I'll stay with Sheryl for now, but we need to figure out what they're up to with this...Jerome charater. And fast.
KATE: Jerome? Who the...
LUCAS: That's what I wanna know. I was just in Sheryl's office and Jordan was there...with this...guy named Jerome Grant. Said they were working on a project together. She made out like it was for my birthday but...

Billie thinks a moment, before pointing Lucas' way.

BILLIE: Okay. I'm gonna look up this Jerome Grant guy, and see what his story is. If that's his real name, and we can get a handle on what he's actually here for, we might be able to intercept them before they do too much damage.

Kate smiles Lucas' way, confidence beaming in her eyes. Lucas looks back, much more unsure than Kate.


Nicole looks around, making sure no one's paying attention as she talks quietly with Miles.

NICOLE: What do you mean? What did you hear?
MILES: I heard a major corporation was taking over the station, and they're planning to flip the whole operation on its head, and it's someone well-known to us.
NICOLE: Like who?

Miles hesitates to answer. He stutters a bit as he does.

MILES: I erhh...it's someone you know very well, put it that way.
NICOLE: I don't like the sounds of this at all, and if you're playing a game on me, Miles, I swear to God...

Nicole hears the sound of the doors to the studio opening, as a group of people enter the room.

She closes her eyes, anticipating the worst before turning around to see who's come in.

As she turns, she spots a group of men in suits approaching.

Followed by none other than Sami Brady and EJ DiMera.


Sami stops before the group of men, and immediately launches into her announcement.

SAMI: Good afternoon, everybody! I'm sure you all know by now, I'm Samantha Brady. And I will be operating the TV operation formerly known as Titan TV, as of today.

Nicole breathes in deeply, choking back a scream, as Sami locks eyes with Nicole, a huge smile across Sami's face.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Kim sits quietly in Theresa's hospital room, watching her comatose daughter. She looks on, visibly pained by her daughter's condition, as she holds her daughter's limp hand. The sound of the heart monitors beep behind Theresa, the only sound in the room.

As Kim squeezes Theresa's hand, the door opens, causing a focused Kim to jump slightly, as she turns her head toward the opening door. Kayla walks slowly in to see her sister and niece. Kim quickly wipes away tears as she greets her sister.

KIM: Uh, Kayla! Hi!

Kayla smiles with a tempered smile as she walks over to her sister, putting a hand gently on her shoulder as they both watch Theresa's lifeless body.

KAYLA: Hey Kim. How are you holding up?
KIM: Ohh, you know. Same as always. You? 
KAYLA: Well, actually...I'm glad I found you. I wanted to tell you before I told Roman or Ma.

Kim turns around to face Kayla, a worried look on her face.

KIM: Kay? Is everything alright?
KAYLA: Oh yeah! No, everything's fine! Don't worry...I...I just have some...well...big news.

Kim smiles, a bit confused. Anticipating the worst, she asks her sister the obvious question.

KIM: Well...what is it?

Kayla breathes in deeply and, taking Kim's hand in hers, makes her announcement.

KAYLA: I'm leaving Salem...tonight.

Kim looks on, shocked into speechlessness.


In the hospital cafeteria, Roman stands in the doorway, confused by Valerie Grant's greeting. Marlena stands by Valerie, attempting to figure out how intervene.

ROMAN: I...I'm sorry?
VALERIE: Chris? Don't you remember me? Valerie Grant.

Marlena cuts in to try to stop the situation from escalating.

MARLENA: I...uh, think you should know that--
ROMAN: ...Ahh, it's alright, Doc. I remember Valerie. I just can't figure out who de hell she think I am.

Valerie furrows her brow slightly, unsure what's going on.

VALERIE: What do you mean? You're Chris Kositchek. I mean, you sure look like him, I...
ROMAN: Valerie, I'm Roman Brady. You...do remember me, don't you?

Valerie looks stunned, now even more confused as she looks Roman up and down, before turning to look at Marlena, who stands, nodding in agreement with Roman.


Lucas looks around at Sheryl's office, seeing Jordan and a stranger, Jerome sitting all around. He asks Sheryl again his previous question.

LUCAS: I asked you what the hell was going on, Sheryl. Now come on! Answer me!

Sheryl looks on with a raised, sarcastic eyebrow from behind her desk as Jordan and Jerome look back and forth between Lucas and Sheryl.

SHERYL: Obviously, it's a meeting.
LUCAS: Between your friend, who's a physiotherapist, and...who are you exactly?

Jerome stands up and immediately extends a hand to Lucas, rather formally, catching Lucas off guard. 

JEROME: My name is Jerome Grant, and you are...?

Lucas looks at Jerome with a baffled look as they shake hands, Lucas moving his hand towards Jerome's very reluctantly.

LUCAS: Lucas Horton...what...exactly are you doing here, exactly?

Sheryl pipes up as the two men firmly shake hands, interjecting from her seat.

SHERYL: Ah HE...is an old friend of Jordan's and I. He's...uh...here to help me with a project.
LUCAS: A project? 
SHERYL: Yes, honey. Uh...look, can I...talk to you a second outside?

Lucas looks over to Sheryl and nods, unsure what on earth is going on.

LUCAS: Uh...sure. Yeah.

Sheryl steps out from behind her desk and heads hastily for the door, grabbing Lucas' hand as she heads out. She turns quickly back toward Jordan and Jerome.

SHERYL: Great! Okay you two...try not to kill each other while we're gone, yeah?

Sheryl flashes a cheeky smile and winks at Jordan and Jerome. Jordan glares back, irritated by Sheryl's behaviour, as Sheryl shuts the door behind them.

Jordan immediately turns to Jerome, hissing as she points toward the door.

JORDAN: That was too damned close, Jerome? What the Hell are we gonna do? And why the hell are you really here anyway?!




Nicole stands in Town Square, arms folded, her face showing her displeasure plainly to Eric, who separates from a hug with his old friend, Noelle.

NOELLE: Uh...Eric?
ERIC: Yes, Noelle?
NOELLE: This wouldn't happen to be someone you know, would it?

Nicole steps forward, never taking her eyes off Noelle as she extends a hand to greet her. Noelle looks cautious as she meets Nicole's hand. They shake, Nicole squeezing Noelle's hand a little too firmly, causing Noelle to resist wincing.

NICOLE: Nicole Walker. Eric's girlfriend. You know what that means, don't you?

Noelle rolls her eyes quickly as she responds curtly to Nicole.

NOELLE: Oh I know well.
NICOLE: And you are?
NOELLE: Noelle Curtis. Childhood friend of Eric and Sami. Oh, and...

Noelle holds up her hand, showing her diamond wedding band off to Nicole.

NOELLE: ...a married woman. Happily. Married woman.

Nicole looks on, slightly embarrassed at having given Noelle a hard time, but refuses to let it show, and leans back, folding her arms again with a disapproving look on her face. Eric looks on, surprised.

ERIC: Married?

Noelle turns to face Eric momentarily, putting a hand on his shoulder.

NOELLE: I'll explain later. Let's have lunch tomorrow?
ERIC: Sure.
NOELLE: Great. Good seeing you, Eric.

Noelle turns and nods, her face turning quickly to a scowl as she looks to Nicole.

NOELLE: Nnnnicky.

Nicole doesn't respond verbally to Noelle as Noelle steps past her on her way out, but her returning scowl follows Noelle out as well. Eric observes disapprovingly, and once Noelle's out of earshot, he immediately cuts into Nicole.

ERIC: What was that? Nicole, that was unbelievable!

Nicole turns back to Eric, surprised and annoyed by Eric's reaction.

NICOLE: Excuse me? You wanna stand there trying to tell me how unreasonable I'm being? You're the one who told me that this relationship will never go anywhere because you're so attached to a church that's rejected you because they can't prove you were raped!
ERIC: How dare you?
NICOLE: I could ask you the same thing. Don't waste my time moralizing about God's laws when you can't even figure out that He's obviously not here for you. 
ERIC: Nicole!

Nicole holds her hand up to stop Eric from speaking. Getting emotional, she finishes.

NICOLE: Seriously, Eric, you know what? If you ever find your brains, come find me at the station, figuring out who my new boss is. Excuse me.

Nicole storms off, leaving a stunned Eric behind, looking on as she walks away.


Marlena steps over to guide Roman in closer, as Valerie stumbles over her words, trying to form an apology to Roman.

VALERIE: I...I don't understand. Wh...what's going on?
MARLENA: Uhh...Roman...came back looking somewhat....different last time. He uh...he had an accident and...
VALERIE: And came back looking like someone else?
MARLENA: Well...it's a long story.
VALERIE: I'd love to hear it.

Marlena tries to shake the awkward moment she, Valerie, and Roman are sharing, and clasps her hands together tightly.

MARLENA: Ah, well...we can maybe do that in my office? Valerie, I have something...important to talk with...both of you about? That...research I was hoping you could do?

Valerie takes a moment, still transfixed by Roman's similarity to Chris, before she turns to Marlena, and nods in agreement.

VALERIE: Ah, yes! Yes. Let's do that. Roman?
ROMAN: Lead the way.

Valerie looks Marlena's way, conveying her astoundment at the situation. Marlena motions to Valerie to head for the door after Roman, and she complies, with Marlena following close behind.


Kim sits up in a chair beside Theresa's bed as Kayla sits down across from her. 

KIM: I...I don't understand, Kay. I mean...why are you leaving, it's so...
KAYLA: Sudden? Yeah. Well, see John was in town for Brady's memorial service and...well, he asked me to come over with him to...Europe.
KIM: Why?
KAYLA: Well, it seems like Steve needs my help with something so...John's going to fly me out.

Kim looks at Kayla, observing the concern in her eyes. She turns her head slightly and reaches out to hold her sister's hand.

KIM: I know you wouldn't leave so suddenly without a good reason. So...is everyone okay? Should I be worried? I mean...
KAYLA: No, no, no, no, no, no. Kim, no. Don't worry. In fact, when I get back, we may have some really good news for everyone.

Kim smiles, squeezing Kayla's hand as Kayla puts her other hand over top of Kim's. 

KIM: I hope so. How long will you be away?

Kayla shrugs, trying to fight tears off.

KAYLA: Oh, I don't know. As long as it takes. Few weeks, few months.
CAROLINE: Well, I hope it's sooner than that. I can only afford so many plane tickets to see my kids, you know.

Kayla and Kim turn around to see Caroline standing in the doorway.

CAROLINE: And just when were you gonna tell me you were leaving town? I had to hear it from Maggie.

Kayla gets up from her seat and walks over to Caroline, giving her a big hug.

KAYLA: I'm sorry, Ma. I just...it was so last minute, It's a bit of an emergency.
CAROLINE: Why? What's wrong?

Kayla hesitates to say anything, but continues.

KAYLA: Nothing. Nothing's....wrong. In fact, if this all goes to plan, a lot of things may be right.

Caroline looks on, a bit confused.

KAYLA: Just...trust me, Ma. I'll be fine. I'll fill you in when I can.

Caroline mulls it over a moment, before coming to accept Kayla's words, nodding before putting a hand on Kayla's shoulder.

CAROLINE: Well...just make sure that you keep me updated on how Joey is doing, okay?
KAYLA: I will. And I'm so sorry to just...up and leave like this. It's just...
CAROLINE: Don't worry about it now. You can explain it to me later. Just be safe.

Caroline and Kayla return to their hug, as Kim gets up and slowly comes over, wrapping her arms around Caroline and Kayla as well. They share a laugh as they cry softly.


Jerome smiles and almost begins laughing aloud at Jordan's histrionics. Sauntering across the room, before leaning against Sheryl's desk casually.

JEROME: You know? I almost miss your...melodramatic way, you know?

Jordan rolls her eyes at Jerome, reacting with disgust at his coolness.

JORDAN: Oh, don't you dare patronize me, Jerome. You know this isn't the first close call.
JEROME: Oh, I know! That's why we need to begin meeting at a more discreet location.
JORDAN: OH? Where's that, exactly?

Jerome smiles cheekily.

JEROME: Your place.

Jordan's eyes widen in disbelief.

JORDAN: Wha...Absolutely NOT! You can't...
JEROME: Oh, I can. And I will. And I think that Sheryl would agree with me.

Jordan folds her arms, shaking her head in disbelief.

JORDAN: I cannot believe you. You know, now I remember why we broke up.

Jerome keeps smiling, trying not to laugh.

JEROME: Oh really? Why's that?
JORDAN: Because you never take anything seriously. Nothing I say, nothing I do. Anything that happens is a joke. My reactions, my concerns. Look at you! You're trying not to laugh as we speak, I mean, I can't believe Sheryl still wants to work with you at all!
JEROME: And yet, she does. And you're gonna have to get used to that.

Jordan stands, displeased by Jerome's obstinance.


Sheryl turns Lucas around abruptly and grabs the lapels of his suit, pulling him in for a quick kiss on the lips that's still full of passion. Lucas relaxes almost immediately.

LUCAS: So...what's this...project?

Sheyl leans back, slowly opening her eyes from her seductive kiss and smiles widely.

SHERYL: Mmmm....I can't tell you yet.
LUCAS: Oh? It's for me then?
SHERYL: Suffice to say you'll be incredibly surprised...and VERY pleased that I didn't tell you anything right now.
LUCAS: Ehhh, I like the sound of that.

Sheryl giggles slightly, never taking her eyes off Lucas.

SHERYL: I knew you would. Now you...get back to work. I gotta finish these plans up, okay?

Sheryl jabs Lucas gently with her finger as she directs him away. Lucas reluctantly complies.

LUCAS: Ohhh fine, if you insist.
SHERYL: I do. Come on now, people will talk.
LUCAS: Yeah, well, I'm their boss so they better not. I'll see you tonight?
SHERYL: Always.

The two kiss quickly as Lucas darts off down the hallway. The relief and relaxation as Sheryl sees Lucas leave is clear on her face, as she rolls her eyes back, shoulders dropping as she turns to head back into her office.

SHERYL: God, I wish I could get away with drinking at the office sometimes.


Jordan turns abruptly to Jerome and, holding back a bit, speaks to him.

JORDAN: You know, I think we were doing pretty damn good without you. So you know how to manipulate a computer. So what?

Sheryl opens the door at this moment and steps in in time for Jerome to respond. She hangs back to listen to him.

JEROME: The difference is that without me, neither of you would have gotten out of that prison cell in Canada, you'd never have made it back into the States, and you never would have made it to Salem so you could go screw up your lives all over again. You want my honest opinion? You shoulda thanked me for saving your ass. And instead, you dump my ass for some cop?
SHERYL: Far be it for me to interrupt a personal moment...

Jordan and Jerome jump in surprise as Sheryl breaks up their tense moment. Sheryl calmly continues.

SHERYL: ...But we had better get to work right now...or we are all going to end up right back in those prison cells.


Kate sits in her office when her office phone rings. She quickly picks it up, hardly breaking her focus from her work.

KATE: Ahh, I see you're at your desk for once, Francince...Lucas? Sure, let him in.

Kate hangs up the phone, and a second later Lucas walks in, a concerned tension on his face and his walk that alarms Kate immediately. 

KATE: Rough morning?
LUCAS: Oh yeah, we got problems. 
KATE: What kind?
LUCAS: With Jordan and Sheryl, mom. I don't know how much longer I can keep up this charade. We need to stop them. NOW.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Valerie and Marlena sit in the cafeteria in University Hospital, sipping on coffee as they pick away at their lunch. The old friends smile as they catch up. Marlena pulls a picture from her wallet.

MARLENA: So this is my daughters Belle and Sami.
VALERIE: What beautiful young women they are...Wow. Roman must be so proud of them.

Marlena looks down awkwardly, which Valerie catches.

VALERIE: Okay, Marlena...you gotta get me up to speed on this whole...Roman situation. What happened between you two?

Marlena nearly spits out her coffee at Valerie's unintentionally loaded question.

MARLENA: Valerie, if you wanted me to fill you in on that, you'd need all afternoon, not just a lunch date.

Valerie smiles, laughing quietly, but realizing how out of the loop she's been. She furrows her brow subtly as she responds.

VALERIE: Cliff notes?

Marlena puts down her coffee, trying hard to hide her frustration at Valerie's persistance, but Valerie catches on, and holds up her hands.

VALERIE: Okay...if you don't want to talk about it...
MARLENA: No no. It's just...it's very complicated. (sigh) Basically...we thought we had lost Roman...many many years ago....not to...get into too much detail but...a man came to town. John Black. We...we all thought he was Roman and...I married him.
VALERIE: But Roman was alive the whole time?
MARLENA: He had been held prisoner...for seven years. And then they kidnapped me as well.

Valerie looks on, shocked by Marlena's story.

VALERIE: My God! Marlena, I'm...so sorry.

Marlena smiles re-assuringly. She puts her hand over Valerie's.

MARLENA: It's alright. We managed to escape. Either way, once we were all back in Salem...things got complicated. John and I had an affair...and that's how we had Belle.
VALERIE: I see. Is....that why you and Roman aren't together anymore.

Marlena nods with a hint of sadness. Valerie looks at Marlena with a sympathetic face.

VALERIE: I'm sorry to hear.
MARLENA: Oh it's okay. That was a long time ago. I just wish things were going well with John now.

Marlena stares off in a distance as she thinks over her recent problems with John, and their divorce.


Daniel stands by the nurses' station at the hospital, trying to step between Billie and and angry Kim, who has caught Billie and Daniel in a warm embrace.

DANIEL: Okay...Kimberly, I want you to understand something here. This hospital is extremely well-protected without a police guard. There will always be someone within eyeshot of Theresa's room, so all this talk about a police guard is unneccessary. Okay?
KIM: Says the man that I just caught hugging the woman I have a restraining order against. Come on, Daniel. I'm not stupid.

Daniel sighs, as Billie rolls her eyes. Giving up, Billie presses the down button on the elevator.

BILLIE: Look. I have to get back to Titan, but, Kim. Just...let it go. I'm not going to see Theresa, okay? I'm respecting your wishes.
KIM: If that's the case, then why are you here?
BILLIE: Believe it or not, I have friends at this hospital that aren't named Theresa. I had to go see Jennifer for a moment, if you must know. Alright? So just relax and call your dogs off. 

The door to the elevator opens, with Billie staring Kim down as she steps on, making a snarky remark before leaving.

BILLIE: But I will not stop caring about Theresa. And when she wakes up, you better hope she doesn't put a restraining order out against you. Especially conseridering how well you two get on. Have a nice day, Kim. Daniel? I'll see you at Club TBD?

Billie steps onto the elevator, while Kim stares her down as the doors close. Kim points to Billie as she looks up at Daniel, who's had quite enough of Kim, himself.

KIM: Do you see that? And you try to explain to me why I shouldn't have a police guard up.

Daniel finally snaps, looking over Kim's head as he shouts out at her.

DANIEL: Okay, Kim, ENOUGH! There will be no guards for Theresa's room and that's final, got it??

Kim looks at Daniel, stunned and disgusted by his strong reaction, and his domineering.


Eric walks through Town Square, deep in thought as he quickly grabs his phone from his pocket to check a newly received text message. As he does, he continues walking. Turning the corner by Tom & Alice's tree, he slams into a woman passing by, who jumps back before she falls down, herself not having paid close enough attention.

NOELLE: Oh God, watch...!
ERIC: I'm so sorr--

Eric stands back, shocked to see Noelle again. Eric looks on, at a loss for words momentarily, as is Noelle.

ERIC: Noelle Curtis...what are you doing here?




Eric offers a hand to Noelle as he lifts her up off the ground of Horton Town Square. The both smile, surprised to see each other again after so long.

NOELLE: My God! Eric Brady, it's been...ages!

Noelle leans over and gives Eric a warm hug. Eric smiles and hugs back.

ERIC: It's been a...long while. You're looking...fantastic.

Eric pulls out of the hug and, still holding her hands, backs away from her to see how beautiful she looks. Noelle smiles, flattered by Eric's compliment.

NOELLE: You're not looking so bad yourself. I heard you...have had...quite a year.

Eric's face drops, as he nods, a sad look across his face.

ERIC: ...Or two. Yeah, you could definitely make a case. But I'm pulling through.
NOELLE: Good. I'm glad. Yeah, it's...definitely not be an easy year for me either.
ERIC: I heard about your dad. I'm sorry to hear. Neil and my mom were good friends for a very long time.

Noelle smiles half-heartedly, a certain sadness in her eyes. She nods as she looks down, deep in thought in a way, as she continues to talk to Eric.

NOELLE: Yeah. It wasn't easy on any of us. Especially since now I'm...helping to support her.

Eric looks shocked by Noelle's revelation. He looks into Noelle's eyes with a deep concern.

ERIC: What??

Noelle holds up her one hand to motion to Eric not to panic.

NOELLE: It's...not a big deal, don't worry. I'm taking it all in stride. I'm just...gonna have to make it work is all.
ERIC: Well, I hope it does work itself out. Hey, how long are you in town for? 'Cause I really would love you to meet everyone, catch up with me and Sami and...

Noelle laughs at Eric's enthusiasm as she interrupts him to give him her news. As she does, Nicole appears from the opposite end of Horton Town Square and spies Eric and Noelle speaking. She hangs back, observing their body language from afar.

NICOLE: Who the Hell is that?

Noelle smiles and responds to Eric.

NOELLE: Well...we'll have plenty of time for all that. I'm staying in Salem...hopefully for good.

Eric's eyes light up at the news. He smiles widely, still standing hand-in-hand with her.

ERIC: Really??
NOELLE: Really!
ERIC: That's fantastic!

Eric pulls Noelle back in for a big hug as Nicole looks on. Now blind with jealous rage, she storms over to Eric and Noelle and, upon approaching them, makes herself known.

NICOLE: And just what in the HELL is going on here?

Eric pulls away from Noelle and turns to face Nicole, his face immediately twisted into one of confused displeasure.


Jordan sits down at Sheryl's desk, sitting in a chair next to Jerome. Sheryl leans over her desk, placing down before the both of them a single page each. Jordan squints at the page as she picks it up, looking up at a smirking Sheryl as she scans the page.

JORDAN: You're serious about this?
SHERYL: Absolutely.

Jordan sets the paper down on Sheryl's desk. She looks over incredulously at Jerome.

JORDAN: You're going to steal all the data Titan has on EnerNext from their mainframe and cover your tracks with a virus?
SHERYL: Not just any virus, Jordan. That's why I brought Jerome back to help us. He can explain it a lot better than I can.

Sheryl motions to Jerome to continue. He smiles wryly and begins, hands clasped together as he sits casually at his seat.

JEROME: We will be accessing that specific server only. Once the files are accessed and copied, which should only take about twenty minutes, we would have to cover our tracks to avoid any chance of Titan's security system catching the transfer. As a result, we will systematically corrupt and effectively paralyze the Titan servers, top to bottom.
JORDAN: And what if the firewall stops us before then? I mean, wouldn't someone not get a warning that there was a breach in the firewall?
SHERYL: Not if Jerome's plan goes correctly.

Jerome looks over to Jordan, who is still a bit lost on the logistics of the plan.

JEROME: There is a hole in every firewall. We just have to figure out where it is, and take advantage of it.
SHERYL: Once we're in, we take what we need, and then effectively set fire to the house.

Jordan looks at Sheryl, unimpressed, and responds sarcastically.

JORDAN: Sounds extreme.
JEROME: It's the best way. It's effectively untraceable, destroys Titan's inner workings, which will cost them millions if not billions, and whatever we collect on the project will go straight to the media, which will put the final nail in Titan's coffin.

Jerome turns to Sheryl at this point, pointing and smiling, looking impressed.

JEROME: Oh, and by the way. Great work with the Titan TV sale. I didn't think you could pull that one off, but it helps us out big time.
SHERYL: Thank you.
JORDAN: Won't that still be a bit of a battle? I mean, I'm sure there's a boatload of Titan loyalists still left at the station. I can't imagine they'd be thrilled with this.

Jerome looks back to Jordan, a wry smile on his face, and a glimmer in his eye.

JEROME: Trust me. When the man isn't signing their cheques, they'll take him down in a heartbeat for a good story. You can believe that.
SHERYL: And truth be told, I'm certain that by the end of the week, there won't be a Titan for them to worry about anyway, and we'll be miles away by then.

As she finishes her sentence, Sheyl looks up shocked as the door to her office swings open. Lucas looks on, confused by the scene he sees in front of him.

LUCAS: Miles away from where?

Sheryl looks on, stunned and at a loss for words as Jordan and Jerome turn to see Lucas in the doorway.

LUCAS: Sheryl, what the Hell is going on here?


Daniel pulls Kim into his office, with Kim attempting to free herself from his clutches, as he shuts the door. Kim pulls off him, finally, and curses him as she feels her not-as-sore-as-she's-making-out upper arm. Daniel leans against his desk and points a finger at Kim as he starts in on her.

KIM: Let go of me! What kind of neanderthal are you?
DANIEL: One that's concerned about your daughter's well-being.

Daniel stops a moment, relaxing somewhat as his tone changes to a more reserved, concerned one.

DANIEL: ...And yours.

Kim looks up from studying her arm for bruising. She squints at Daniel in wonder.

KIM: My well-being? (laughs) Daniel, I've been through...so much worse than this.
DANIEL: Yeah, and how did you handle that?

Kim looks away a moment, annoyed by Daniel's interference.

KIM: I don't want to get into this with you, okay?

Daniel raises his voice, hoping to stifle Kim's objections.

DANIEL: You need to, Kimberly!

Daniel stops a moment before softening his tone again, his eyes unmoving from Kim's.

DANIEL: Your daughter has been in a terrible accident. The longer she's in that coma, the greater the chance she'll never wake up from it. Now, I want to do everything I can to make sure she does wake up, but that includes her being surrounded by friends and family that will help her heal. And whether you want to admit it or not...that includes Billie.

Kim looks away at the window, shaking her head in denial. As she responds to Daniel, she becomes increasingly emotional, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

KIM: That woman has caused us nothing but pain. She's torn every bit of stability and normacly away from that girl. And just when I finally get my daughter back...

Kim stops a moment to collect herself as she begins to break down. Daniel looks on, sympathetically, but folds his arms and stays put, not wanting to step towards Kim.

KIM: I can't take any chances with this, Daniel. Billie Reed poisoned my daughter against me, and I'm not going to let her near my daughter again, ever!

Daniel looks down, retaining his composure as best he can as he takes in Kim's emotion.

DANIEL: It's not right. And you know it.

Kim nearly hollers over Daniel, refusing to accept what he has to say.

KIM: Oh to HELL with what's right for Billie! She has no right to insert herself into this.
DANIEL: Okay, Kim...I want you to realize something. Okay? I saw Billie with Theresa, and I saw how much Billie cares about that girl getting better. That kind of energy is sometimes exactly what can make the difference between someone coming back out of a coma, and someone never waking up. 

Kim stays silent, wiping away her tears as she listens to Daniel.

DANIEL: But I have to respect that restraining order. If I don't, I run the risk of losing my job, and my licence. Why would I risk that? Just...don't let this anger consume you, Kim. Billie may be in my life, but that's not gonna give her special privilege where Theresa's concerned. You need to trust that. 

Kim stops a moment, mulling over what Daniel's said before continuing.

KIM: Okay...fine, I won't ask for a guard for Theresa's room, and I will respect...whatever thing you have going with her...but if I ever catch Billie Reed in my daughter's hospital room again, so help me, you will live to regret it. Do you understand me? And trust me, if she's in there, I WILL find out. I can guarantee you.

Daniel looks up again, afraid to even make a response against Kim's strong reaction.



In the hospital cafeteria, Valerie studies Marlena's troubled expression with concern of her own.


VALERIE: What do you mean by that? Is everything okay with you and John?


Marlena sighs as she answers, not able to quite look Valerie in the eyes, hoping to retain her composure.


MARLENA: No, I can't say that they are. We're getting a divorce.


Marlena feigns a smile, as Valerie reaches out across the table to touch Marlena's hand in comfort.


VALERIE: I'm really sorry to hear that. But I'll tell you something, you look a hell of a lot more conflicted than sad about this. Marlena...are...are you sure this is what you want?


Marlena looks down, contemplating Valerie's question. She slowly nods, before looking back up at her friend to answer her question.


MARLENA: Yes. Yes, it's probably for the best. Too much water's passed under the bridge, and as much as I don't want to admit it, I have much more important priorities to consider right now.


Valerie raises an eyebrow at Marlena's vague statement.


VALERIE: Such as...?
MARLENA: What to do about Roman.
VALERIE: What do you mean? Is he okay?


Marlena takes a sip of her coffee before answering. Putting the cup down, she shakes her head subtly, hoping to maintain discretion concerning his situation.


MARLENA: No. And actually, that's something I really should ask you about, especially with your expertise in neurology.
VALERIE: Absolutely, anything.


Marlena leans in, looking around to make sure no one could be listening in on them as she softly asks Valerie her question.


MARLENA: Roman's been having very...bizarre memory lapses and these...strange moments that almost seem like the beginnings of dementia...
VALERIE: It very well could be, but he's so young, that's a surprise to me.
MARLENA: To me too. And it comes so soon after his mother's diagnosis with Alzheimer's as well. But, that's the thing. The symptoms don't quite line up.


Valerie looks on, head tilted slightly in confusion.


VALERIE: How do you mean?
MARLENA: I mean that something in my gut is telling me something else is happening to him. And I need you to figure out what it is.
VALERIE: I'll do whatever I can.


Marlena smiles at Valerie warmly.


MARLENA: Thank you. I'll be meeting with Roman after lunch so maybe we can have a chat with him then.
VALERIE: Sounds good to me, I'm free for a little while longer, so I don't mind at a...


Before Valerie can finish her sentence, she spots another familiar face walk through the door of the cafeteria, looking for someone. She spots Roman immediately and calls out to him as she stands up, smiling widely.


VALERIE: Chris Kositchek! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!


Roman looks at Valerie, bewildered, and as though looking at a stranger, as Marlena looks on, a flash of deep concern hits her as she looks quickly back and forth between Roman and Valerie.






Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie walks up to Daniel by the Nurses' station at University Hospital, and taps him on one shoulder, before darting in the opposite direction. Daniel turns around and looks confused momentarily before spotting Billie out of the corner of his eye and grabbing her. They both laugh heartily as Billie grabs Daniel's arm and smiles.


DANIEL: Gotcha.
BILLIE: Yeah, well, I don't put up much of a fight with you. How are you doing?
DANIEL: Ahhh, alright. Ready for lunch if you are.
BILLIE: I think that would be an excellent idea. You made the arrangements for tonight?


Daniel looks at Billie and shakes his head.


DANIEL: You know I can't talk about that here.
BILLIE: I am being as vague as I can, but frankly, I just want to be sure you made the arrangements. This has got to work.


Daniel leans in close and hugs Billie.


DANIEL: Don't worry. Everything will be fine.


As Daniel holds Billie, Kim steps off the elevator and catches the two of them in their embrace. She folds her arms immediately and stares disapprovingly.




Sami walks down the hallway of University Hospital, just outside Dr. Laura Horton's office, making a quick phone call on her cell phone as she turns the corner.


SAMI: Gabi! Glad I caught you...umm...are you free at all this afternoon?


Gabi walks casually toward The Brady Pub while on her phone, pushing her stroller with her other hand, thinking momentarily before responding to Sami's question.


GABI: Uh...yeah. Sure. I can...meet you. Why? Is something wrong?


SAMI: Uh...no! No, everything's fine, I just...I have a proposition for you, so I just...figure we could meet up.


GABI: Sure! I'm just about to sit down to lunch with Will, so...maybe after that?


SAMI: I might have to make that a little later. I've got a quick stop to make to clear up some business so...maybe...around 3?


GABI: Sounds good, I'll see you then.


SAMI: Perfect, bye!


Sami hangs up the phone before looking down at it again to check the time. She inhales deeply as she looks up at Laura's office.


SAMI: Well, here goes nothing.


Sami steps into Laura's office, but jumps back a moment when, opposite Laura, sits EJ. He smiles upon seeing Sami enter the room, and gives a small wave. Sami smiles back, relieved that he's made it.




Gabi struggles into the Brady Pub with her stroller. Will, already inside, catches this and jumps over to help Gabi in. He laughs as he helps Gabi push Ari inside.


GABI: Oh my God, thank you SO much, Will.


Will lifts the stroller over the bump in the doorway, and lets the door shut behind him as he helps to guide the stroller.


WILL: Heh, hey, I gotta make myself useful somehow today.
GABI: Rough first day?
WILL: Just a bit.


Gabi finds their booth and sits down, positioning the stroller so that Ari can face her. 


WILL: Here, I'll just...grab a high chair, be right back.
GABI: Kay.


Will grabs a high chair from the corner and they set Ari up in it, at which point Gabi folds the stroller shut.


GABI: There we go!
WILL: So how was your morning?
GABI: Pretty boring. Just...got Ari fed, got myself ready, came here.
WILL: Must be nice.
GABI: Well, it was pretty uneventful until a minute ago.


Will's ears perk up. He looks at Gabi inquisitively.


GABI: Yeah. Your mom just called me. Something she really wants to talk with me about.
WILL: Sounds...serious.
GABI: Yeah...and with your mom, I don't ever know what to expect.


Will rolls his eyes and nods his head in agreement.


WILL: Trust me, I've lived with her my entire life, it never gets any easier.


Gabi snickers a bit before looking at Will with a bit of a bemused look as well.


GABI: So...morning that bad?


Will shrugs, looking down at his menu disinterestedly. Gabi tries to catch his attention.


WILL: I guess...I dunno. Met my boss.
GABI: And how's he?


Will thinks carefully about his answer, recalling the tension he felt as Alex moved in close to him, and helping Alex peel his shirt off. He snaps out of it after a second as Gabi snaps her fingers, trying to regain his attention.


GABI: Will!


Will shakes his head, trying to get back to the land of the living. He looks at Gabi with a confused, smitten look that's hard to hide, even though he's desperately trying to downplay it.


WILL: Sorry. I just...I don't know...I've never met anyone like this guy in my entire life.


Gabi looks at Will, trying to downplay how shocked she is at Will's answer.





Jordan awkwardly steps forward in Sheryl's office, half-smiling at Jerome as she goes to take a seat. Jerome gets up as she makes her attemps and steps toward her, causing her to step back slightly.


JORDAN: Wow...It's...been a long time, Jerome.
JEROME: How've you been...what is it now?
JORDAN: Jordan Ridgeway.
JEROME: Right.


Jerome smiles and opens his arms for a hug. Jordan reluctantly accepts, wincing as Jerome pulls her near. She steps back and sits down as she looks daggers at Sheryl, she smiles smugly at the situation.


SHERYL: So nice to see old friends reunited, no?


Jordan rolls her eyes at Sheryl. She shakes her head as she responds.


JORDAN: You know, you're really starting to make me question this partnership, Sheryl. Ever since we got to Salem, you've been doing nothing but antagonizing me.
SHERYL: Well, if I don't push you, you'd be spending all your time cozying up to the good cop Rafael, am I right?


Jordan tries to shush Sheryl as she mentions Rafe, but to no avail. Jerome's heard, and turns his head Jordan's way.


JEROME: Rafael? You done got yourself some latin dude now? And a cop? My God, nearly going to jail for blowing up that bank really must have scared the crap out of you, Kay.
JORDAN: JORDAN. My name in Salem...is Jordan. And no, it didn't. I just have other priorities than constantly trying to take down Western capitalism. It's called growing up.


Sheryl lets out a dismissive laugh at Jordan's comment. She looks Jerome's way, while pointing to Jordan.


SHERYL: You see what I've had to put up with? So come on now, let's just...get down to business. I don't have much time before Lucas comes to pick up for lunch so...let's get this plan down, okay?
JORDAN: Sure, whatever.
SHERYL: Not whatever. This is going to give us all the leverage we need to stop this EnerNext deal...with or without Nick Fallon's help.


Jordan looks on, increasingly uneasy with Jerome suddenly involved in this situation, but sighs, looking at Jerome, a bit defeated.




Gabi looks at Will, a bit surprised by his expression about his new boss.


GABI: You sound like you're...smitten or something.
WILL: I'm not...


Gabi looks at Will, giving him a disbelieving "yeah right" look. Will looks to the side, knowing he's been caught. He leans in close to Gabi so as not to be overheard.


WILL: He...(sigh)...Gabi, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
GABI: Are you attracted to him?


Will sighs heavily, looking down at his coffee mug. He nods sheepishly.


WILL: Yeah, I am. But...I just met him today, I mean...you've been attracted to people you've just met before, right?
GABI: Well, yeah, but, I mean...I'm not always the most rational person when it comes to guys, now am I?
WILL: You said it, not me.
GABI: Rude.
WILL: I know.


Will winks at Gabi, and the two friends laugh a second, before Will looks at Gabi seriously.


WILL: But...seriously...you...you can't...don't tell Sonny, okay? Promise me.


Gabi takes Will's hand across the table and puts hers overtop, giving it a gentle squeeze.


GABI: Will, why would I do that? You know I'd never say anything...but you have to be honest with yourself, Will. I mean...you've only ever really been with...Sonny...I mean...there's me but that...
WILL: Hardly counts, I know. And...maybe you're right. Maybe my...brain or my body is just telling me that I'm just...not ready to be married yet. 
GABI: Maybe. But I do know one thing. I know you love Sonny more than anything. So, you really need to be sure before you take your vows.


Will nods. He thinks over Gabi's words carefully before answering.


WILL: Yeah. But I do know one thing...I know I can't hurt Sonny. And maybe I'm just...angry at him and want to...lash out because of yesterday but...I know that'll pass. I love him, Gabi.
GABI: Then you need to be honest with him. Tell him what's going on, and figure out what you two need to do next. Do it now, before this goes any further.


Will looks up at Gabi, struck by her seriousness.




Sami looks pleasantly surprised to see EJ in Laura's office. She laughs awkwardly, as she steps forward, then takes a seat next to him.


SAMI: EJ!  Wow...I'm really glad you made it.
EJ: Samantha, where else would I be?


Laura smiles, seeing the natural closeness they share, she steps over toward her own seat, and sets herself down across from EJ and Sami.


LAURA: You know, it's not often that I see such positive energy coming from both partners in a setting like this. It's a very good sign.
EJ: It's simply how I feel for her, Laura. If this is what I have to do to give Samantha peace of mind, so be it. I will be here for her every step of the way.


Sami looks over EJ, touched by his warm words, and sensing how genuine they seem. She smiles and replies softly and emotionally.


SAMI: Thank you, EJ.


Laura looks on, putting on her reading glasses as she grabs her notebook and tape recorder. She hits 'record' and begins to take notes as she looks over the top of her glasses at Sami and EJ.


LAURA: Okay, shall we begin?


Sami and EJ shuffle in their seats at Laura's announcement.


SAMI: When ready.
LAURA: Excellent. Now, Sami, I wanted to start with you. We've talked about how your relationship with your son has changed recently. How has that situation changed in the last few days?


Sami looks up at the ceiling. She thinks a moment before responding.


SAMI: Ohhh I don't know...I stepped into Johnny's room last night. Was watching him sleep. I wanted to reach out to him...run my fingers through his little curls...but I couldn't.
LAURA: Okay, I just want to focus on something here though...you say you went to his room. Sami, that's actually a good sign. You weren't even able to look at him before without having flashbacks.


EJ looks to Sami, seeing her stare straight ahead, letting Laura's words sink in. She hesitates to smile, as though unsure whether she believes Laura's optimism or not.




Kim steps towards Daniel and Billie, who immediately separate from their embrace. Her arms folded, she tuts them as she shakes her head disapprovingly.


KIM: Well! Far be it from me to break up a cozy scene. But don't you think that, as Theresa's doctor, you really shouldn't be so...cozy with the woman I've specifically had banned from my daughter's hospital room?


Daniel turns to Kim, arms up to try to motion to Kim to cool down.


DANIEL: Kim, you need to hold on a sec--
KIM: I am not going to hold on a second. How am I supposed to trust that you're not sneaking her in?
BILLIE: Because I'm not.


Kim glares at Billie as Daniel tries to cool the tension between the two women.


DANIEL: Kim, I understand why you're concerned about this, but Billie and I have discussed the situation, and she will not be going in to see Theresa, okay?


Kim shakes her head, refusing to buy into Daniel's words.


KIM: No. I don't buy it.


Kim raises her voice, pointing her finger towards the doorway to Theresa's room.


KIM: I want that door protected by a police guard so I can be absolutely sure...that this woman...


Kim points to Billie as her voice lowers to a hiss.


KIM: Stays the hell away from my daughter.


Billie sighs, biting her tongue hard as Daniel looks on, still trying to reason with Kim, who could shoot daggers at Billie with her eyes.






Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami stands in the DiMera living room, her arm being firmly grasped by Nick, who's attempting to stare her down. Sami glares back, determined with every fibre of her being not to allow him to.


SAMI: Nick. Let go of my arm.
NICK: Will you at least hear me out.


Sami finally wavers, looking down at where Nick's grasping her arm. She sighs in defeat.


SAMI: Sure.


Nick releases Sami as she forcefully breaks away from him simultaneously. She steps back away from Nick as she looks back toward him, while holding her arm where Nick held it.


SAMI: Who knew such a skinny little rat had such a strong grip. Ow.
NICK: I'll take it as a compliment.


Sami snaps, cutting Nick off before he can continue his 'witty' banter.


SAMI: Just what do you want, Nick?


Nick ensures the doors to the living room are shut and saunters ever-so-slowly over to the sofa. He casually sits down and looks at Sami.


NICK: We had an agreement, did we not?
SAMI: What do you mean? I've done everything you've asked of me.
NICK: Except...neither you, nor Kate have offered Gabi that modelling job I requested you to give her.


Sami rolls her eyes at Nick's persistent request.




At the board room at University Hospital, the crowd of staff are aghast at Dr. Kayla Brady's revelation that she will be quitting her position as Chief of Staff.


MAXINE: Dr. Brady, how soon are you leaving us?
KAYLA: Today will be my last day.


The crowd is even more shocked by this turn of events. Kayla immediately tries to cool down the crowd, talking over each other in shock and dismay.


KAYLA: Everybody! Calm down! It's...not a big deal, I swear!
MARLENA: Kayla, what's wrong? Why are you leaving?


Kayla tries to hold back, recalling John's request that she tell nobody of her plans. She inhales deeply as she answers Marlena.


KAYLA: I...have a bit of a...personal trip I'm going to need to take. I'll be in Africa for the forseeable future with Joey and Steve.
MAXINE: Well we, at the hospital, are gonna miss you, Kayla. And I am gonna throw you one hell of a going-away party.


The crowd cheers Maxine's plan on as Kayla stands awkwardly, again trying to silence the crowd.


KAYLA: I'm...I'm sorry to disappoint anyone...but I will be leaving tonight. There won't be time for a goodbye party. However...


Kayla has to take a moment over the sound of disappointment from the staff. She holds her hands up once again to try to calm the crowd.


KAYLA: However...I do have some great news, especially for those of us who have been at University Hospital for a long time. I'd like to welcome our new chief of staff. An old friend of ours with an extensive resume here and in Europe. It's my honour to welcome back to Salem, and to University Hospital...Dr. Valerie Grant.


The door to the board room opens as the group filling the room turn to see Valerie standing in the doorway. Applause slowly builds in the room as Valerie steps in, smiling widely as she looks around the room.





Rafe and Jordan lie in bed together at Rafe's, cuddled naked together comfortably in their sleep. Rafe begins to stir from his sleep, which rouses Jordan. She turns to face Rafe, who puts his arm around her, as they gently kiss good morning.


RAFE: Well if there was a better way to wake up, I sure don't know about it.


Jordan giggles as she quickly kisses Rafe again, never taking her smiling eyes off his.


JORDAN: I could get used to this being every morning.
RAFE: Mmm...I like the sound of that.


As they roll over again, Rafe now on top of Jordan under the sheets as they begin to kiss more intensely, their eyes shut as Jordan wraps her arms around Rafe's neck, pulling him in closely to her.


This would be when Jordan's cell phone begins ringing, prompting Rafe and Jordan to stop suddenly, but after a moment's shock, Jordan realizes who it likely is and chooses to ignore it, grabbing the back of Rafe's head and pulling it back towards her. After another moment of kissing, Rafe leans back up again.


RAFE: Aren't you gonna get that?


Another kiss, Jordan is determined to distract Rafe from her ringing phone, but Rafe stops again, starting to exasperate Jordan.


RAFE: Jordan, that could be important.
JORDAN: It isn't. Trust me. I just wanna focus on you right now.


Jordan looks seductively at Rafe, her hands running up and down his chest and shoulders. Rafe smiles back at Jordan, as Jordan's phone goes silent, the call going to voice mail. Rafe and Jordan get back into the mood, as Rafe leans in again, starting to kiss down Jordan's neck and slowly kissing down it toward her chest, causing Jordan to stir pleasurably.


Jordan's phone begins to ring again. This time Rafe immediately slumps down in frustration, while Jordan flops back as well, staring at the ceiling.


JORDAN: I guess I have to get that now.
RAFE: Yyyup!


Rafe sighs as he rolls back over off of Jordan, who leans over to grab her phone off the bedside table.


Naturally, it's Sheryl.




Sheryl sits at her office desk, dressed impeccibly as always. She sits in her office chair, relaxed, and looking over at someone sitting across from her on the other side of her desk.


SHERYL: Finally!




JORDAN: Ugh...Hi.




SHERYL: Don't be so happy to hear from me! Where were you?




JORDAN: Just in bed, I'm not due into work for another two hours so...we were taking it easy.




SHERYL: What can I say? I've got a gift for timing. Listen, I need you to head over to Titan, ASAP.








SHERYL: No time like the present. I got a surprise for you.




Jordan's eyes widen, realizing what this means. She stutters a bit before speaking, trying to hide her sudden panic from a concerned Rafe.


JORDAN: I'll...I'll be right there.


Hanging up her phone, Rafe looks on with concern as Jordan immediately starts to get up from her bed. Rafe paws at her in a vain attempt to keep her in bed.


RAFE: Wait, wait, wait, you're not going so soon, are you? We were just getting started!
JORDAN: I know, and I'm sorry, but...patient at the hospital is in a...really really bad way right now and they need me there early.


Rafe sighs, not able to argue with Jordan's job. He starts to get up from the bed himself, reluctantly.


RAFE: Fair enough. But I think we've got time for some time alone, still.


Jordan goes pilfering through her drawers quickly, looking for clothes for work and not paying attention as Rafe walks over behind her, still naked himself.


JORDAN: No we don't, I really need to go.


Jordan stops suddenly and turns back toward the door, bumping immediately into an upright, smiling Rafe. She looks up in a bit of shock at him as he holds her arms in his hands.


RAFE: I can help wash your back at least.


Jordan smiles back, almost giggling at Rafe's suggestion.




Sheryl puts down her phone at the office and looks back at her guest. She laughs as she begins to speak to him.


SHERYL: I caught her in a bit of a...personal moment.


The man she talks to looks back her way, having a bit of a chuckle as he replies to her.


SHERYL: You know, it's good to have you back with us, Jerome. Now our plans are finally gonna start to really gel. You know?


Jerome looks back from the chair opposite Sheryl, hands clasped together, one leg crossed over the other casually as he sits in his smartest pinstripe suit.


JEROME: Well, let's hope Jordan thinks so. Otherwise you may find youself in over your heads, and I guarantee you, you'll end up drowning.




Valerie steps up the head of the table in the board room, and begins to address the group.


VALERIE: Well, I told you I'd come back, I just...didn't expect it to take so long!


Everyone laughs, including Valerie, as she continues on, in a more serious tone.


VALERIE: But in all seriousness, I am thrilled and honoured to return to University Hospital. I spent a very long time away, and I've missed seeing so many familiar faces. I'm so glad to be back!


the crowd applauds, as Valerie looks around, a smile on her face.


VALERIE: I would like to thank Dr. Kayla Brady for recommending me for this position. I know we haven't seen each other in a long time, but I'm grateful that you thought of me, and I will do my best not to disappoint you.


Kayla and Valerie hug, as the crowd applauds again, and Marlena heads up to greet her old friend.


MARLENA: Hello, stranger!
VALERIE: Marlena! Ohh it's so good to see you again! How are you?
MARLENA: I've been well. Lots has happened since I last saw you!


The two women laugh as Marlena and Valerie stand, holding each other's hands.


VALERIE: Well, listen, I'd love to catch up with you, if you're able to. Maybe we can meet up today for lunch?
MARLENA: I'd love to, but I'm meeting Roman for lunch already. Unless you'd want to join us. I know it's been an eternity since you've seen him!
VALERIE: I'd LOVE to! Absolutely! Are you two still married?


Marlena looks off to the side whimsically, and answers with a bit of a laugh, as she turns to head out of the room, putting her hand on Valerie's shoulder.


MARLENA: That's...a very, very long story.


Valerie looks on, a bit confused as the two women walk toward the door.




Sami plays cool with Nick, though she's clearly exasperated by his persistence.


SAMI: We've played this game before, Nick. Remember? You trying to get Gabi a modelling job so that you could whisk her away to New York and live happily-ever-after with my son's baby? And how did that turn out, exactly?
NICK: I dunno, you tell me.
SAMI: As I recall, it went over as well as...well (laughs) a giant boulder.
NICK: Don't try to be clever, Sami. It doesn't suit you. That's more of a...Nicole thing.


Sami glowers at Nick, unable to resist his obvious baiting. She bites back loudly.


SAMI: Say what you need to say and get out, Nick!


Nick doesn't move from the sofa, instead smiling widely, knowing that he got a rise out of Sami.

NICK: Offer Gabi a modeling contract. Make her a contract, have me vet it. If you get sneaky, I'll catch it, so don't try to put any clause in there that could upset me. Because you don't want me upset, Sami.


Sami rolls her eyes and folds her arms, knowing Nick's won.


SAMI: Fine. I'll draw it up. Now get out.


Sami grabs her bag and heads to the door, opening it, then standing by it and motioning to Nick to leave.


Nick gets up but turns away from her, facing the doorway to the garden, pinching the bridge of his nose, but trying to hide it from Sami, who senses something is off. She steps forward slightly, trying to catch Nick's attention. Nick is distracted by the surge of pain in his head.


SAMI: Did I stutter?


Nick draws himself up and turns around, still feeling the pain in his head, but working his best to not appear weakened.


NICK: Just remember, don't even think about double-crossing me, or you'll have an awful lot to answer for, to a lot of people. See ya!


Nick waves, and sets off walking casually out the door of the DiMera living room, as Sami rolls her eyes. She sighs heavily as she grabs her bag, and leaves the living room herself, shutting the living room door behind her.




Jordan storms into Sheryl's office, visibly irritated by being summoned yet again. She sighs audibly as she greets Sheryl.


JORDAN: You summoned, m'lady?
SHERYL: I told you I had a surprise for you.


Jordan stops as her face drops, as the colour drains from it, looking down as the chair in front of Sheryl's desk turns around slowly. Jerome appears, smiling slyly as he does.


JEROME: Hey stranger.
JORDAN: Jerome....


Jordan breathes in deeply, trying to maintain as the shock hits her.






Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


At what is for now Titan TV, Nick smiles smugly while lounging in a chair opposite Nicole's desk. Grabbing his laptop bag as he pulls out his tablet, he taps and slides his finger across the screen before showing Nicole footage of their exchange up to now.


NICOLE: You....what?
NICK: I have it all right here. See, I've got eyes, Nicole. Everywhere. You know, once you master the art of hacking, you really can do anything! It's crazy!


The colour drains from Nicole's face, as Nick puts his tablet back in his bag, and pulls out a flash drive from his bag, placing it on the desk before a stunned and terrified Nicole, who was just caught by Nick's surveillance equipment admitting to hiding the documents proving Eric was drugged. Nicole gulps audibly before responding to him with as strong, but cool a voice as she can muster, which comes off more upset and wavering than she'd like to believe.


NICOLE: What do you need me to do, Nick?


Nick nods, still smiling as Nicole squirms, hating cowtowing to her blackmailer's increasing demands.


NICK: Much better. Everything you'll need is on that flash drive. Just remember to destroy it when you're done. Have a great day, Nicole!


Nicole holds up the flash drive, looking it over as Nick grabs his bag and leaves Nicole's office. Nicole holds it firmly in her fist, silently cursing Nick. She sits down at her desk and thinks aloud.


NICOLE: There has GOT to be a way to trap that little rat in his own game. But he's on the side of the good guys...how the hell does that work?


Nicole shakes her head as she puts the flash drive into her computer and waits for it to load.





Will walks down the hallway towards his new office at EnerNext, holding a coffee mug in his hand, before stopping at the door. He turns the doorknob and steps in, jumping back upon seeing Alex standing inside.


ALEX: AH! Will! I was looking for you.


Will stands at his doorway, keeping a goofy smile on his face, stunned by Alex's presence in his office.




Laura walks off the elevator at University Hospital and stops at the nurses' station. Maxine greets her immediately with a warm smile.


MAXINE: Well! Good morning, Dr. Horton. How's it going?


Laura smiles, but with a tension in her face that Maxine can't quite put her finger on.


LAURA: Oh, just fine, Maxine. Uh...you haven't seen Dr. Jonas around anywhere, have you?
MAXINE: No, he's taken a late start today. In fact he's requested to work evenings all week. Should I have him get ahold of you when he comes in?
LAURA: Yes, if you don't mind. Thanks!
MAXINE: Anytime, Dr. Horton. Oh! And, uh, by the way, there's a very improtant meeting at 10:45 in the board room.


Laura looks up from her mail, a bit surprised, but smiles Maxine's way.


LAURA: Oh. Alright, thanks. Any idea what it's about?


Maxine shrugs dismissively.


MAXINE: I dunno, usually it's about not wasting paper in the photocopier and boring budget updates. I wouldn't worry too much.
LAURA: Heh, alright. Thanks again, Maxine.
MAXINE: Have a good day, honey.


Laura steps away from the nurses' station and over to the coffee machine. Pouring herself a cup, she sighs heavily while looking over to see none other than Liam talking with one of the doctors at the opposite end of the room. Laura looks on momentarily, before muttering to herself.


LAURA: Alright, Laura. Keep calm, and tread lightly. Daniel may be able to help you keep on eye on Liam, but don't overplay your hand. Jenn and JJ's safety depends on it.




Brady wakes up, pale and sweaty, to find a tray of breakfast food arranged beside his bed, a note laid down beside his plate of eggs, bacon and toast. Brady rubs the sleep from his eyes and reads the note carefully, his vision still not the greatest.


Figured you'd want a nice breakfast. If you need anything, just holler. Anita


Brady tries to get up from his bed but quickly realizes he can barely move them, after days of bed rest. As he tries to shuffle over to his breakfast, Anita walks in, hearing the rumbling.


ANITA: Oh good, you're up. Here, I wasn't sure if you'd be able to reach the food, but I knew that you'd better eat something or you'd shrivel up and die.


Anita rushes in and grabs the tray from the TV dinner table set up beside the bed. She quickly pops the tray on Brady's lap.


BRADY: Well, I'm not so sure I'm not gonna shrivel and die yet.
ANITA: Don't talk like that. You're looking better every day.
BRADY: You know, I'm...I'm still not hungry. I feel so...
ANITA: That's probably you coming down from your drugs.


Brady looks up, shocked that Anita was even aware of his relapse.


BRADY: What? How...? How did you even know I--
ANITA: The doctor told me during his house call. You had a rapid heart beat and dialated pupils. He figured you were high when you ended up in the water. Honestly, from what that doctor told me, it's a miracle you're even alive.


Brady looks up at Anita, alarmed by her sombre statement.






Anita sits at the edge of Brady's bed, conversing with him about his situation. Brady looks at Anita with a concerned look.


BRADY: What do you mean, lucky to be alive?
ANITA: You showed up washed ashore by the lake. Limp as a fish. I thought you'd drowned, but thankfully...I'm a retired nurse so...


Brady flops down, exhausted, in the bed. Looking at the ceiling before inhaling deeply and shutting his eyes, trying to soak in each breath.


BRADY: Why don't I feel so lucky?
ANITA: Probably withdrawals. And your body's probably weak. Lucky for you, I managed to get your body warmed up, or that cold lake water would've killed you before the withdrawal symptoms ever could.
BRADY: Great. (sigh) I don't think I wanna eat.
ANITA: I'll leave it here for you anyway. You might get hungry later. But you do need to eat.


Anita gets up and heads for the door, stopping and turning back, as though remembering something.


ANITA: I'll make you a pot of tea, that might help.


Brady continues to stare blankly at the ceiling.


BRADY: I...sure.


Anita stands in the doorway and smiles.


ANITA: I'll be back in a minute.


As Anita walks out, Brady summons the strength to sit up again in the bed. Looking around the room, he looks out the window overlooking the lake. 


The images flood back in his mind of the night of his accident. His harsh words for Theresa. The sound of his car speeding into the icy water. He shudders as he relives the moment of panic, recalling the impact. 


He flops back in bed, squinting his eyes shut, as if shutting his eyes will wipe the memories away.





Sami stands in the DiMera living room, standing before the desk. She closes up her briefcase after filing away some papers, and putting her tablet inside her purse, as she hears the living room doors swing open. She continues preparing, assuming EJ is at the door to motivate her to get a move on.


SAMI: I'll be there in a sec, EJ, just gotta...


Sami turns around and jumps back immediately upon realizing Nick is at the door, not EJ.


NICK: Oh come on, Sami! I'm way skinnier than EJ. But I appreciate the compliment. He's a looker, that one!


Sami looks on, eyes squinting with malice.


SAMI: What do you want, Nick?
NICK: Just wanted to have a little talk with you.
SAMI: Well, I don't have time right now. I have to get to the hospital, as a matter of fact.


Sami tries to walk out, appearing busy as she collects her things. Nick grabs Sami's arm to stop her, causing Sami to stop in her tracks, a bit of a shiver as she looks at Nick with an insane contempt. Nick looks back, an arrogant, dangerous nonchalance in his eyes.


NICK: Not so fast, Sami. This will only take a minute. And I think it's in your best interests, and Kate's...and Gabi's...if you stuck around for....just a minute. Don't you think?


Sami continues to stare him down as Nick retains his firm grasp on her arm.




Nicole sits at her office desk and looks down at the flash drive Nick's given her.


NICOLE: (sigh) Alright. Let's see what dirty little secrets you have locked inside you.


Nicole holds the drive in her hand before rolling her eyes.


NICOLE: Although, knowing Nick, he's probably just loaded a virus onto this thing to wipe my hard drive clean. Oh well, I'll just expense a new one with my new boss, I guess.


With a bit of a laugh, Nicole plugs the flash drive into her computer. She talks herself through the process as though she's at a slot machine in Vegas.


NICOLE: Alright, baby, show Mama the money....


Nicole looks on with laser-focus as the document list appears on her monitor. Clicking on the first document, she waits with baited breath as the document loads on her screen. She inhales deeply as she soaks in the information.


NICOLE: My God. Victor, you're going DOWN.


Nicole smiles a satisfied smile as she reads on.




Will relaxes a moment, miraculously keeping his coffee cup in tact as he steps inside his office toward Alex.


WILL: I...Alex. I...sure, what do you need?
ALEX: Come here.


Alex opens a folder as Will steps close to him. Alex leans in close to him, causing Will to tense up. Alex begins to show him a document for Will to work on.


ALEX: I'm gonna start you off slowly, just to get your feet wet, so...here...is a press release we'll be sending out tomorrow regarding the property acquisition problems we're having.


As Alex speaks,Will feels Alex's body move in close to him, his breath on his neck, and every touch, no matter how inadvertent, excites him. Will breathes in deeply to try to relax himself, all the while, so focused on holding himself back, that he barely listens to Alex.


ALEX: Okay, so...


Will sits himself down at his desk to look over the file, as Alex crouches down beside him. Will sets his coffee on the table and leans in close again, as Alex explains the file.


ALEX: So essentially, you'll be editing this for time, and we need this to read more like progress is being made on this front. We can't let the press see that we're stagnant on this issue.


Will moves his arm over to point to a piece of this document.


WILL: Right, so, here...


Will clips his coffee mug as he points over the folder and knocks it off his desk...and all over Alex's shirt. Alex jumps back and Will jumps up from his seat.


WILL: Oh God. I'm...


Alex looks himself over, holding back a curse as he tries to undo his tie and shirt before the heat of the coffee burns him.


ALEX: Ow Ow ow ow ow!
WILL: Ahhh I'm sorry, here, here, here, let me get that off...you...


As Will jumps over and helps peel Alex's wet shirt off him, they both stop a moment. Will looks down at Alex's body and swallows hard. He stutters as he tries to speak.


WILL: I...I'm so sorry. I just...I...


Alex laughs a bit, looking at an obviously embarrassed Will.


ALEX: Don't worry. I'm...a klutz half the time myself. Uh...look. Let me...go change. I bring a change of clothes usually just in case...a pen explodes...bit of my lunch falls on me...
WILL: Some idiot newbie spills coffee on you on the first day.


Alex smiles, putting a hand on Will's shoulder in reassurance.


ALEX: Nah, come on. Don't be so hard on yourself. Will. I'm not gonna fire you for this. If I was going to, I'dve fired myself last year. Okay?


Will nods sheepishly. Alex now puts both hands on Will's shoulders, looking up at Will to try to convince him to look up his way. Will finally does, and their eyes lock. Will's defenses go down and he smiles at Alex, they both laugh gently at their situation, as Will's eyes get distracted by Alex's shirtless body.




Marlena arrives at University Hospital's board room to find it filled with people from all over the hospital. She quickly walks over to Laura, who looks over and greets Marlena.


LAURA: Good morning. I take it you got word about the meeting?
MARLENA: Yes, I did. It's unusual of them to ask so many people to one of these meetings, so I'm rather curious what it could be about.
LAURA: Sounds serious.
MARLENA: It very well could be.


Laura looks over to see Jennifer walk into the room with Liam in tow. Laura stares with a deeply troubled look, which Marlena immediately picks up on.


MARLENA: Laura...are you alright?


Laura holds her gaze a moment longer before responding, looking Marlena's way only as she finishes speaking.


LAURA: I'm fine. I'm...just fine.
MARLENA: Why don't I believe you?


Laura smiles and tries to reassure her friend, but is barely able to reassure herself.


LAURA: Don't worry. I'll be just fine.


Marlena looks on, deciding to drop it, as the door closes behind a newly arriving Kayla, who calls out to the room for their attention.


KAYLA: Good morning, everyone! Let's get started!


Kayla walks over to the head of the board room table. She remains standing as she speaks to the crowd gathered in the room.


KAYLA: So...you're probably wondering why I've called this meeting this morning. And I do want to thank you all for coming out on such short notice....but I am...officially announcing my resignation as Chief of Staff at University Hospital.


The crowd look on, stunned by Kayla's announcement.








Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson




Marlena steps out of the coffehouse in Horton Town Square, cup of coffee in hand as she sits down at one of the tables out in the square. She sits down as her cell phone rings, she picks it up and talks as she rifles through her bag.


MARLENA: Dr. Evans...yes...yes, I can be at University Hospital in...20 minutes....Board room? Uh, sure! I'll be there. Bye bye.


As Marlena hangs up her phone, she looks around and sees a young blonde woman walk into the square, looking a bit lost. She looks on, a bit of recognition in her eyes as she smiles, looking the young woman's way.


Finally, the woman stops upon seeing Marlena and smiles widely. She approaches Marlena, who remains seated.


MARLENA: Noelle?



Noelle looks back excitedly as Marlena recognizes her.


NOELLE: Marlena!


Marlena jumps up from her seat, as Noelle and Marlena hug each other tightly. As they pull away, their screams of joy begin to turn to giggles.


MARLENA: Oh my LORD, it's so good to see you again! I've missed you.

NOELLE: I was amazed you even recognized me, it's been so long. I think I couldn't have been more than...what, 12 when I last saw you?

MARLENA: Probably.


Marlena smiles warmly as she looks at Noelle proudly. They hold each others hands.


MARLENA: Your dad would be so proud of you. I'm so sorry to hear about his passing.


Noelle's demeanour changes almost immediately. Her face drops as she steps away from Marlena momentarily before sitting down at the table.


NOELLE: Yeah, thanks.

MARLENA: I'm sorry to have brought him up. I know it's still relatively fresh for you and your mother.

NOELLE: Yeah, well...there's a lot of....adjusting to do. In more ways than one.





Nicole sits at her desk at her office, staring down Nick, who's sitting across from her, lazily lounging in his chair, a typical cocky look on his face. Nicole tries to posture to appear unmoved by Nick's threats.


NICOLE: I need to remind you of something, Nnnnnnick! You need my help more than you're willing to admit.


Nick leans back in his chair, sitting himself in a casual position almost mockingly.


NICK: Oh this oughta be good. Where's the popcorn?

NICOLE: I'm serious. If you and your little minion didn't have me telling everyone in Salem how disastrous this oil sands project would be, no one would give a damn about Percy and his little...owl-watching sanctuary. You'd have been a thirty-second human interest curiosity on one newscast before the Titan spin machine forced the public's hand and the city's, into forcing him to sell his land. And then where would that leave you?


Nick tenses as Nicole speaks, the smile slowly fading from his face, but still trying to appear relaxed.


NICOLE: Face it, Nick. I have more power than you're willing to admit. And it bugs the hell out of you.







Will steps off the elevator at the Titan Building on the EnerNext floor. He luckily steps off the elevator as Tyler steps into the hallway. Tyler notices Will immediately and greets him with a professional smile.


TYLER: Ah! William! Perfect timing. You're looking rather chipper this morning.

WILL: Thanks, Mr. Houston. I...had a hard time sleeping last night.

TYLER: Well, it certainly doesn't show. Ready to meet everyone?

WILL: I sure am.

TYLER: Great.


Tyler motions Will to follow him down the hallway. Will smiles, trying to hide his nervousness. Tyler looks over, sensitive to Will's uncertainty, and tries to break the tension.


TYLER: So I guess I should tell you a bit about what you'll be doing here.

WILL: Could help. (laughs)

[b[TYLER: Well, you'll mostly be writing press releases, dabbling a bit in advertising copy. We will need you to focus a bit on speechwriting, as I'll want someone who really understands spin and how to avoid any potential...pitfalls.


Will nods, understanding what Tyler's getting at.


WILL: A bit of...persuasive writing, if you will.

TYLER: Precisely.


Tyler smiles and puts his hand on Will's back in a father-like way. He motions them forward again as they approach the door to an office.


TYLER: So here's where your new office space will be.


Will steps into the room, beaming as he examines the lush surroundings.Dark wood covers the walls of the office, with the light streaming in from the window right behind his new desk. Will stands in awe of his workspace, as a young, chiseled man with dark hair steps in from the hallway.


WILL: It's...amazing.


As Will speaks, the man knocks on the doorframe. Tyler looks behind him towards the door, and sees the young man. He immediately walks over to him and ushers him into the room.


TYLER: Ah! William! This is Alex, you'll be reporting directly to him.



Will turns to face Alex and smiles immediately. A rush coming over him as he looks him over. Alex extends his hand for Will to shake. Will stands awakwardly for a moment before clueing in and shaking his hand in return.


WILL: Oh...nice...to meet you, I'm Will.


Alex smiles back, lingering in their handshake slightly longer than expected. Will smiles a bit of a goofy smile and Alex smiles back.


ALEX: Pleasure.




Noelle walks with Marlena across Town Square, both ladies with coffee cups in hand. They laugh as they share stories.


NOELLE: (sigh) Thank you for meeting me today. I was...honestly really worried about coming back to Salem.


Marlena stops and touches Noelle's cheek gently, moving a strand of hair away from her face lovingly.


MARLENA: I know it's difficult moving back here after all these years. And so far from your mother. How is Liz holding up?

NOELLE: Oh she's...alright. We've been helping her out as much as we can, but....it isn't so easy from so far.

MARLENA: Why doesn't she come back to Salem with you?


Noelle shakes her head, shrugging as she continues to look straight ahead, in thought as she speaks.


NOELLE: A lot of memories. I think mostly of Dad. Mother couldn't really take it.


Marlena stops and looks at Noelle with concern in her eyes.


MARLENA: It's been well over a year, Noelle. I mean...do you think it's healthy for Liz to still be so...

NOELLE: I think Dad's death and...well, I just think that she's hurting a lot more than she's willing to believe.

MARLENA: Is she working?


Noelle looks down, laughing almost to keep from crying. She shakes her head.


NOELLE: No. She hasn't in months. Marlena, her first performance in two years, and dad was at home dying of a heart attack. She's...she's never forgiven herself for it.

MARLENA: Surely she knows it isn't her fault.


Noelle looks up to keep from crying, this time starting to lose the battle.


NOELLE: Listen, can we....can we continue this later. I...I have to get some errands done today before dinner.



Noelle takes Marlena's hand and squeezes it, smiling warmly her way through her tears as she tries to wipe them away.


MARLENA: Listen, Noelle. Just remember, if you need someone to talk to...

NOELLE: Thanks, Marlena. I'll call you soon.


Noelle walks away as Marlena lingers behind, still looking on with real worry on her face.




Nick gets up from his seat. He leans over Nicole's desk, trying to intimidate her, but Nicole responds cooly. She remains in place, arms folded on her desk, a calm expression her face.


NICK: You think you got this all figured out, don't you, Nicole?

NICOLE: I know that you'd be stupid to use what you've got on me unless you absolutely had to.

NICK: Don't be stupid enough to think I won't.


Nicole leans back finally, laughing in Nick's unmoved face.


NICOLE: I don't think you understand this at all. Your plan's worked just fine so far, but what happens if even ONE piece of your little...convoluted plan fails? City council could still allow EnerNext to buy out Percy's land.

NICK: That won't happen if you do what you're instructed to.


Nicole leans back in, looking menacingly at Nick.


NICOLE: I don't take instructions from you, you little twerp.


Nick gets back up from leaning on Nicole's desk. He shakes his head at Nicole's insolence.


NICK: You really don't get it, do you? I have every document you kept hidden from Eric in your desk drawer safely stored where you can't find it. I can pull it out whenever I feel like it.

NICOLE: And I know you won't do that. Nick, you can't overplay your hand here. The Titan executive is gonna get wise to you, and then you and your little plan here are gonna crumble like stale bread.


Nick smiles smugly. He responds ever so calmly, yet menacingly.


NICK: Not now they're not. Remember that old saying, Nicole? Loose lips sink ships?


Nicole still looks on dismissively.


NICOLE: I'm sorry, am I talking to the Riddler? Would you just spit it out?

NICK: Well, Nicole. Let's just say that no matter what happens around this building, I know about it.


Nicole furrows her brow, confused and a bit worried by the implication Nick's making, but disbelieving it simultaneously.


NICOLE: How is that even possible? Did you develop ESP or did you hit up Dionne Warwick for a psychic friend?

NICK: I wouldn't say that so much as....the walls, Nicole? They have ears. And trust me, you've been so very helpful. Especially now that I have video that shows our little...exchange here about what you did.


The colour drains from Nicole's face as Nick smiles a winner's smile.






Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Sonny lies on the sofa in the living room of the apartment, fast asleep until the sound of the curtains being brusquely opened is heard. The bright morning light billowing into the room jolts Sonny out of his slumber, his eyes blinking wildly as he covers them with one arm, trying to adjust to the new light.

SONNY: Ugh! God! What the He...Oh my God.

Sonny stops, eyes suddenly wide open at the sight of the person standing in front of him. He looks on completely flabbergasted.



Laura steps into the living room of the Horton house, dressed in her housecoat, a lost look on her face, and deep in thought. Her daughter, Jennifer, steps into the living room, coming from the kitchen, with two cups of coffee in her hand, oblivious to her mother's distress at first.

JENNIFER: Good morning, Mom! I heard you stirring upstairs so I got an extra cup of coffee ready for you...

Jennifer looks over as she puts the coffee down on the table in the living room. She stops suddenly and looks with concern at her mother.

JENNIFER: Mom, you look awful, Are you okay?

Laura tries to allay Jennifer's worries, as she tries to rub the sleep from her eyes and stretches her arms and back while she talks.

LAURA: Yes, Honey. I'm fine. I just...I didn't sleep very well last night, that's all.

JENNIFER: (sigh) You're worried about Abigail too, hm?

LAURA: You could say that.

Laura walks over to the other side of the sofa and sits down beside Jenn. They both begin to sip their coffee as they talk.

JENNIFER: I just...I worry that she's in over her head, working for DiMera like this, it's...it just seems so dangerous, Mom.

Laura nods in agreement, putting her coffee cup down as she speaks.

LAURA: I just hope this trip doesn't drag out too long. Quite honestly, Jennifer, the longer she stays in Italy, the more worried I am for her safety.

Jennifer looks at her mom, surprised by her alarmism.

JENNIFER: Mom, what are you saying? Do you know something you're not telling me?

Laura looks up at Jenn, her face looking a bit surprised but still painted with the fatigue of worry.



Sami walks into the DiMera living room, fully dressed, and ready for another day’s work. She smiles as she spies EJ turning toward her, also dressed for the day.

EJ: Ready?

SAMI: As ready as I'm gonna be. Did you get everything set up?

EJ smiles as he hands Sami his tablet.

EJ: We can make the announcement by this evening. Should be finalized by noon.

Sami beams as she reads the tablet. She looks up at EJ, but hesitates to hug him. Her smiles drops off a bit, as the tension persists between them.

SAMI: You are a miracle worker.

EJ: Only when I'm properly motivated.

Sami looks down a moment, trying to contain herself, but EJ, sensing Sami's guard starting to finally come down, touches her chin, prompting Sami to look back up at EJ. She touches his hand to pull away, but stops herself from gripping his hand. They both pull back from each other, as Sami breathes in deeply and speaks seriously.

SAMI: I, uh...I asked Laura Horton if....if we could, uh...do a...umm...a group session together. The three of us.

EJ tries to interject but Sami interrupts, anticipating EJ's objection.

EJ: Samantha, I don't--

SAMI: ...EJ, we need to do this. Do it for me. If you want this marriage to...hold together or survive in any way...we need to do this. Please.

EJ sighs heavily, looking through Sami as he thinks over her request.





Nick bursts into Nicole's office at what is, for now, Titan TV. Nicole is visibly displeased to see Nick, and immediately turns back to her computer pretending to be hard at work.

NICK: Knock, knock.

NICOLE: And here I thought I was gonna have a GOOD morning.

NICK: Ohh, come on now, Nicole. This is easily the low point of your day.

Nicole shoots a glare at Nick before returning to her computer monitor.

NICOLE: Or a bad omen.

Nick sits down opposite Nicole at her desk, undisturbed by her ignoring him. He leans in, a sleazy smile on his face the whole time, enjoying the repartee.

NICK: Life's what you make it. Especially now that you're free from your...suffocating ex-employer. No?

NICOLE: Oh please. Give yourself some credit, Nick. You've managed to somehow be far more suffocating than even being MARRIED to Victor could ever be!

NICK: Flattery will get you everywhere. Come on, you've gotta be at least...somewhat happy with this. Now we can get down to the business we came here to do, right?

Nicole finally breaks her laser-focus with her computer monitor and glares Nick's way. She turns to face him, leaning over her desk, almost hissing her response to him.

NICOLE: What part of this don't you understand, Nick? I don't want anything to do with you or your sleazy plans. Is that clear enough for you or do I have to draw you a diagram?

NICK: I think I hit a nerve. I think I need to remind you of something, Nicole. I hold all the cards here. So I'd suggest dialing that temper of yours back before your little secret ends up the first story you read on the 6 o'clock news.

Nicole rolls her eyes, looking annoyed, but knowing Nick has her number. She shakes her head at him, astounded by his audacity.


Laura turns away from Jenn as they sit on the sofa in the Horton living room. She shakes her head.

LAURA: No, no. Darling, I don't know anything more than you do.

JENN: Well, then I think we need to take a step back. I mean, I know...I'm as worried about her being in Italy working for DiMera as you are, but sitting here...stewing about it all the time is...it's only going to stress us all out, and we know that's not what you need.

Laura gets tense as Jennifer alludes to her mental health. She turns to Jenn with a slight agitation.

LAURA: Don't start with that, Jennifer Rose. I am entitled to show concern for my granddaughter. I just can't...I'm getting worried about how close Abigail is getting to the DiMeras and for her own safety, I think that...well...maybe we should convince her to quit once she gets home. I think it would do her a world of good.

Jenn looks over to Laura, thinking over her idea, shaking her head in agreement.


EJ sighs as he steps away, turning towards the doorway to the garden. He finally speaks up to respond to Sami.

EJ: Samantha, I don't know that that's such a good idea.

SAMI: I know, it's...not exactly what you wanted. But...but it's a good first step, you know? Get all our...awful past out on the table, maybe work out what makes our relationship so...you know...volatile.

EJ: (sigh) I just...I don't like the idea of...pathologizing our problems like this, it seems...

SAMI: EJ, this is for me...and for...Johnny.

EJ turns around, surprised.

EJ: Wait, you're not telling me that Johnny's become affected by everything between us.

Sami shrugs, defeatedly.

SAMI: Are you surprised? He was always...super aware of everything that happens between us. He's a really sensitive kid, EJ.

EJ: Yes, but...to this extent?

Sami sighs, dreading telling EJ the truth of the situation. She finally speaks up.

SAMI: That's not all. He, uh...I've been having trouble when I...

EJ: What? What is it?

Sami stammers and puts her arms up a moment before walking towards the garden doors herself, hoping that focusing on something other than EJ will help her speak.

SAMI: I...uh...I was out...in the garden. Few weeks ago, you know. Just...after our fight. Wanted to (sigh) clear my mind.

Sami turns around to face EJ, who looks on, listening intently, seeing the pain Sami's in, and for the first time, seeing her pain beyond his own suffering. He tears up a bit as he listens to Sami speak.

SAMI: Johnny ran out to see what I was doing...

Sami pauses, looking down. She takes a moment before starting to tear up herself.

SAMI: He hugged me. And I couldn't....I couldn't stand the touch of him. I wanted him...away from me. All I could think about was...you. That night, making me...service you so that Lucas could live. I...

EJ: Samanth--

Sami interrupts EJ, increasingly agitated as she recalls the situation.

SAMI: I thought...I was over it. I thought I'd moved on. That...that we were finally past it, but...but I can't do it, EJ. I can't. You...all the things you have done to me, and all the times I've had to fight back.

EJ:Samantha. I love you. And I will spend every...single day of my life...from here on out, making this up to you.

Sami cools down again, fighting her anger with every muscle in her body. She breathes in deeply before speaking again.

SAMI: EJ. If you want to make it up to me...the first step is to come with me to see Laura.

EJ looks down, seriously contemplating Sami's point.



Will turns around from opening the curtains. Fully dressed in a smart, tailored business suit, he smiles with a hint of smugness as he looks down at a half-asleep Sonny.

WILL: Good morning.

Sonny looks Will up and down, awestruck. He finally croaks out a response.

SONNY: I...you look like...a whole new person.

Will raises his eyebrow and smirks at Sonny, in a bit of a pose.

WILL: Amazing what a suit and a shave can do, hm?

SONNY: Yyyyeah. Wow...you look amazing, Will.

WILL: Well, you'll have all kinds of time to ogle me later. I need to get to work.

Will grabs his laptop bag. He smiles at Sonny as he walks over to the door. Sonny calls out to him to stop him.

SONNY: Uh...Will!

Will stops and turns around.

WILL: Yes?

SONNY: I...did you feed Ari this morning?

WILL: Oh! Yeah, it's all taken care of, Sonny. Ah, look. Just because...well, you know...how things are right now, I think we should probably stay in separate rooms again tonight. You know? Oh, but if you had a rough sleep, you can definitely sleep in the bedroom while I'm at work.

Will flashes a [[email protected]#$%^&*]-eating grin Sonny's way, while Sonny looks on, brow furrowed, clearly hurt by Will's coldness.

SONNY: Will...

Will laughs, continuing his chipper charade for Sonny.

WILL: Sonny, come on, I'm gonna be late for work.

SONNY: Aren't you forgetting something?

Will looks himself over, feigning ignorance.

WILL: Mmm...got my bag, got my laptop, did my teeth, deodorant...mmmmmmnope!

Sonny sighs audibly, slumping down on the couch.

SONNY: Will, come on, let's talk about this.

WILL: I wish I could, but I gotta go. Bye!

Will struts out the door and shuts it as Sonny calls out, trying to object.

SONNY: Will, come on, I--

As the door closes, Sonny turns away, upset by Will's lingering anger.

SONNY: ...wanted to talk.


Outside the apartment door, Will smiles and adjusts his posture.

WILL: Alright, Sonny. You don't think I can hack this job...time to show you what I can do.

Will walks off, pulling out every ounce of confidence he can muster as he heads off towards his car.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Jordan and Rafe sit down at a table at Club TBD. Rafe tries to prod a smile out of Jordan, who is deep in thought.

RAFE: Hey! Earth to Jordan. Come on, what's up?

Jordan snaps out of it, though she still looks concerned and distracted. She gives Rafe a half-hearted smile.

JORDAN: Ugh, I'm sorry, Rafe. I just...I got so much going on at work, and...

RAFE: Aaaand you're not at work. Look, you've been distracted all day. you didn't make it in time for Brady's memorial, and you've spent every moment...

Rafe sees Jordan looking away every couple seconds at her cell phone, which is planted face-up on the table. Rafe puts his hand over her phone and slides it towards himself.

RAFE: ...looking at your phone. What's going on?



JJ knocks on Laura's bedroom door. Laura's still awake and calls out to him from her vanity stool, where she's finishing putting lotion on her face.

LAURA: Come in!

JJ walks in carefully, as Laura turns and smiles to see her grandson.

LAURA: JJ! How are you?

JJ: I'm alright, Grandma. I...uh...I wanted to talk to you. It's...really important.

LAURA: Sure! What is it?

JJ breathes in deeply before speaking, a hopeful look on his face as he quietly speaks to his grandmother.

JJ: I need you to talk to my mom about Liam.

Laura's face drops as JJ brings Liam up to her.

LAURA: What do you mean?

JJ: Okay...so...when I got to Brady's memorial today? I saw Liam, he was with my mom, but...then he got this phone call. And I...I followed him out into that park by the square?

Laura nods in understanding, all the while still intently focused on what he's saying.

LAURA: Okay? Then what happened.

JJ looks down a moment while speaking, before looking up at his grandmother, a worried look on his face.

JJ: I overheard his conversation, and I'm certain I heard him say that he was watching over Abby for Stefano.

Laura draws herself up immediately, a wave of panic on her face.



Daniel walks up to his door to the sound of someone knocking frantically on his door. He's half-naked and clearly not fully awake. The frantic knocking causes him to scurry quickly to the door, if only to make the persistent knocking stop.


He opens the door to find Billie standing in front of him. He's surprised to see her at this hour.

DANIEL: Billie!

BILLIE: Oh thank God, you're still up.

Billie walks into Daniel's apartment before Daniel even gets a moment to react.

DANIEL: Come...in?

BILLIE: I'm SO sorry I'm barging in at this hour, I just...I needed to ask you something.

As Daniel tries to object, Billie holds up her finger to stop him.

BILLIE: And before you say a word, no, it can't wait until tomorrow.

Daniel sighs, giving up. He looks to Billie, arms folded, an exhausted look on his face, eyes half-open.

DANIEL: Okay...what do you need?

BILLIE: I need you to find a way to get me in to see Theresa.

Daniel's eyes squint even harder, trying to process what Billie's proposing.





Nicole sits with Eric at the edge of the river. Visibly upset by what Eric's just told her, she looks intently at Eric.

NICOLE: What do you mean, you can't marry me, Eric? EVER?

Eric nods, slowly, and with a heavy heart.

ERIC: Nicole, my faith means a great deal to me. I...I can't just...turn my back on the teachings of the church because they're convenient for me--

Nicole interrupts, hurt and upset, a rage coming over her.

NICOLE: ...Convenient isn't the word for it! Eric, this is what's right, this is not convenience. Damn it, Eric, we love each other. I think there's a reason why we've been...brought back together after...all these years. It's meant to be, Eric. You can call it...God. Or...whatever you want. But would a just God want to deny you the one thing that makes you happy because I married the wrong person once or...a few times?

Eric says nothing. Staring straight out at the water. Deep in thought, contemplating what Nicole's saying, and his own perspective.


Still staring out, Eric doesn't even acknowledge that he's listening. Nicole tries desperately to get Eric to respond.

NICOLE: Eric, say something!

Eric sighs, finally speaking up.

ERIC: Nicole, just because it...feels right doesn't mean it is.

NICOLE: Why? Why is it not right? Who is it hurting, Eric?

Eric sighs again, this time reluctant to answer. Nicole doesn't wait for his answer.

NICOLE: There's a reason you can't answer that. Because you know, in your heart...that I'm right.

Eric looks at Nicole, a very troubled look still stuck on his face, as he gets up and walks away, leaving Nicole by the river, still tense with anger, and confused and upset by Eric's reluctance to dedicate himself to her.


Jordan tries in vain to get Rafe to give her back her cell phone. He slides the phone off the table and puts it in his shirt pocket. Jordan tries to reach for it frantically.

JORDAN: Rafe, give that back.

RAFE: Ah ah ah! nope. We agreed to spend a quiet evening together. Not checking our social media every few seconds.

Jordan rolls her eyes before giving up.

JORDAN: Okay. Okay. Sorry.

RAFE: Well, it's better to at least see something other than the top of your forehead.

Jordan squints her eyes, unimpressed by Rafe's humour.

JORDAN: Ha ha. Very funny. I was actually waiting for a call from someone.

RAFE: And when it rings, I can hand you the phone. It's no big deal.

JORDAN: Rafe, yes it is. That's a very important call.

Rafe becomes more and more agitated as Jordan becomes more and more frantic.

RAFE: From who? Jordan, you're not acting like yourself at all. What's wrong?

Jordan flashes back to her last conversation with Sheryl.




Jordan sits attentively at her desk at the hospital, waiting on Sheryl to fill her in on what the next step of their plan is.

JORDAN: Okay. Tell me, what's this great plan of yours?

SHERYL: Simple. I made a phone call today, to an old friend of ours.

Jordan's brow furrows, as she pulls her glasses off her face.

JORDAN: An old friend?

Sheryl leans in, smirking confidently at Jordan as she quietly tells her the name of their old friend.

SHERYL: Jerome Grant.

Jordan leans back, surprise plain on her face as the news hits her.


Jordan sighs, before rolling her eyes and telling Rafe what he wants to hear.

JORDAN: I'm worried about...a friend.

RAFE: Anyone I know?

JORDAN: Yes. Okay, fine. It's Sheryl. Look, she and Lucas have been...I dunno. He's been so busy with work lately that she hasn't heard a word from him and she's getting a little...anxious. You know?

Rafe shrugs, before taking Jordan's hand and looking into her eyes, hoping she'll listen to his advice.

RAFE: Well that's for them to worry about. Not you.

Jordan looks away, trying to avoid Rafe's gaze, but he holds his hand up to her chin, guiding her gaze back his way, ever so gently.

RAFE: Hey, hey. I know you're concerned about your friends. I understand. But you can't fight everyone's battles for them. Sometimes you just gotta...let whatever's happening happen.

Jordan nods reluctantly, smiling half-heartedly at Rafe.

JORDAN: I guess you're right.

RAFE: I know I am. Now...come on. Let's enjoy our evening together. No. Distractions.

Jordan finally gives in, smiling warmly at Rafe as he leans in across the table. She gets up slightly from her end as they gently kiss each other's lips.


Daniel shakes his head slightly, checking to be sure he heard Billie correctly.

DANIEL: You...you want me to what?

BILLIE: I want you to find a way to sneak me in to see Theresa.

Daniel blinks, shaking his head again in disbelief.

DANIEL: I...Billie. Seriously? This is all kinds of...illegal and unethical.

BILLIE: And doable. Kim doesn't have a guard at the door of that room. And you know full well that if I go in later in the evenings, the hospital will be quiet enough that no one will see me, as long as we're careful.

Daniel holds up his hands to object to Billie, but Billie won't hear of it.

DANIEL: Billie, I can't--

BILLIE: No buts, Daniel Jonas. I will not have Kimberly Brady trying to concoct some kind of parallel history that denies my relationship with her daughter. Theresa is my friend, and I am one of her ONLY friends. She needs me around her. You know that.

DANIEL: Billie, I can't interfere with a court order. I mean...do you understand what you're asking me to do, here?

BILLIE: I think I might. I used to be a cop, remember? Come on, you don't have to be any more involved than just...schedule your checkups on Theresa for later in the evening and let me in.

Daniel laughs in disbelief at Billie's suggestion. He takes a moment to respond so as not say anything too harsh.

DANIEL: You have no idea how my rounds work, do you? It's not that simple, Billie.

Billie chokes up a bit as she walks in close to Daniel. She looks intently at him, hoping to appeal to his symapthies.

BILLIE: I know it's not simple, but...please. Daniel. I need this. I need to see Theresa. This is the only way I can make this work.

Daniel shakes his head as he puts his hands on Billie's shoulders.

DANIEL: Do you realize what could happen if we're caught doing this? I could lose my license, and you would go to jail immediately.

Billie sighs, looking at the ground before she looks up at Daniel, nodding.

BILLIE: I'm ready to deal with that. I don't care, as long as I get to see Theresa. Daniel, people in comas, they hear us. And I know that it'll be good for Theresa to hear my voice. That girl needs to hear my voice, Daniel. Please. Do this for me.

Daniel thinks it over a moment, walking over to the window before turning around suddenly to face Billie.


Billie smiles immediately, rushing over to hug Daniel.

BILLIE: Thank you. Thank you...oh God. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel holds Billie tightly, but looking out, a concerned look on his face as he contemplates what he's about to do.


Laura looks concerned as JJ speaks to her, the concerns she's had about Jennifer and Liam's relationship coming out JJ's mouth.

JJ: I'm worried, Grandma. He...he was talking to some guy and...I know I heard her name.

LAURA: Did you tell your mom?

JJ: Yes, but...this is what's really scaring me, Grandma. Liam came out of nowhere and he heard me tell mom about his conversation. He knows I heard him.

Laura's now trembling in fear from JJ's comments. JJ sees Laura tremble and takes her hands into his.

JJ: Grandma...you okay?

LAURA: I...I don't know.

JJ: Just...try to relax, okay?

Laura breathes in deeply, as she tries to relax herself and keeps asking JJ questions.

LAURA: Right. Okay...so...JJ...what happened after that conversation you had with your mother?

JJ: Well...they took off, mom and Liam did...and I stayed behind to try to...sort this out in my head...and as they left...Liam...he looked at me...I caught him trying to...like...stare me down or something. But I'm more worried about Abigail than anything. I mean...she's working for Stefano but...Liam works at the hospital, he has no ties to Stefano.

LAURA: JJ, I don't...I don't understand any of this. I mean...what business would Liam have spying on Abigail for Stefano, unless...

Laura halts midsentence. JJ immediately more tense as Laura's expression becomes even more terrified.

JJ: Grandma?? Grandma what's wrong?

Laura tries in vain to allay JJ's fears, too terrified herself to relax.

LAURA: JJ...I...I have to ask you something.

JJ: Anything, Grandma, what?

Laura leans in close to JJ, trying to ensure JJ listens carefully to her.

LAURA: Don't do anything else. I have a terrible feeling that I know exactly what's going on.

JJ: What? What, Grandma, tell me what it is.

LAURA: I can't, JJ. If I tell you...I don't know if either of us will be safe. Just...leave it alone. Leave it all to me. I will take care of this. Okay? Promise me!

JJ looks on, now terrified for his family, but not sure what Laura won't tell him. He nods in agreement as he gets up from the edge of Laura's bed, where he was sitting.

JJ: Okay. I promise. Goodnight.

JJ walks out of the room in a daze. Confused by Laura's reaction and petrified by what Laura won't tell him. He closes the door behind him as Laura stares into the mirror, visibly terrified and upset.

LAURA: Damn you, Stefano! You better not be up to what I think you are.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Eric sits alone by the river, skipping stones into the river as he stares ahead intently. Deep in intense thought, he doesn't hear as Nicole approaches him carefully. As not to scare him, she simply takes her heels off and sits down with him. Eric finally stops to look and see Nicole sitting next to him before going back to looking out at the water.

Nicole hesitates before finally speaking up, speaking gently to not antagonize Eric any further.

NICOLE: You're not an easy man to find, you know.

ERIC: I hate to say it, Nicole but...that was kinda the goal.

NICOLE: I went to St. Luke's first thing and...they suggested coming out here, since you used to head out to the riverside whenever you were feeling lost.

ERIC: I'm amazed you didn't know that.

Nicole laughs half-heartedly.

NICOLE: I guess I was too focused on not...falling back in love with you to notice? Sounds corny, doesn't it?

Eric softens a bit at Nicole's words. He looks her way again, giving half a smile before he speaks, then returning to looking away at the water.

ERIC: Nah...I understand.

NICOLE: Well...I don't. What happened at the square that's got you so upset? You were fine before--

Eric tenses again, interrupting Nicole immediately.

ERIC: ...It's nothing. Just...(sigh) Marlena gave me some news and...

NICOLE: And? Come on, Eric, what is it? Is everything okay?

ERIC: Will and Sonny are getting married.

Nicole looks at Eric, confused by what he's saying until she suddenly clues in and reacts.

NICOLE: I don't...wait, Eric. What are you saying? Do you have a problem with Will and Sonny getting married?

Eric looks at Nicole, an upset and frustrated look on his face, matching Nicole's confused and disappointed look.



Will storms into his shared apartment, with Sonny following not far behind. Will appears to ignore him, as he walks into the bedroom, leaving Sonny in the living room. Will walks back out with blankets and a pillow, hastily piled together and throws them down on the sofa, his eyes laser-focused on Sonny. Sonny looks at Will with concern and points to the sofa.

SONNY: What, you're not gonna sleep out here tonight, are you?

Will folds his arms and keeps his eyes focused on Sonny, a cold anger in his eyes.

WILL: No. You are.

Will turns and walks back into the bedroom, and shouts out to Sonny before the door slams.

WILL: Goodnight!

Sonny closes his eyes, wincing at the sound of the door slamming.



Gabi stands in the park with Hope. She stammers, trying to cover herself about her plan for Nick.

GABI: I...I meant I...I was so sure because he was...he was...he's been acting...

Hope motions to Gabi to spit it out, finally finishing Gabi's sentence for her.

HOPE: ...unusual? Like he had been before?

Gabi nods, looking up hesitantly at Hope.

GABI: Yeah.

HOPE: Well, the thing is, Gabi. I don't buy it. Any of it.

Gabi looks up, shocked by Hope's rebuttal.

GABI: What?!

HOPE: Gabi, I spent all afternoon with Nick. He seemed absolutely fine.

GABI: No, no no no no, you don't understand. I saw him taking something this morning, I was out with him last night, he was off, he was...

HOPE: Drunk, Gabi? Maybe he had a hangover and took an Aspirin. You know, people DO that sometimes.

GABI: No, Hope, you don't understand. You need to go back and check his bag again. I'm telling you he's got to be on something.

Hope shakes her head, silencing Gabi.

HOPE: I can't. I looked, there was nothing. Look, Gabi, I'm worried about Nick too. I'm worried he isn't making the progress I thought he was after this whole ordeal with you and Sonny and Will, but...I can't just go searching through people's stuff on a whim. If I do find something? Gabi, it wouldn't hold up in court. It sure as hell wouldn't help Nick.

Gabi looks pleadingly at Hope, petrified that her plan will fall through.

GABI: Hope, please!

HOPE: No. Gabi, I'm sorry. But until you can find me proof that something is up with Nick, I can't...and I won't go snooping again. I'll see you later.

Hope walks off back toward the town square, leaving Gabi behind, shaking with anger and disappointment.

GABI: Damn you, Nick. Damn you.





Billie steps into Club TBD, and, upon seeing Justin waving from one of the corner booths, smiles and heads over to him.

BILLIE: Justin.

JUSTIN: Billie! Long time, no see.

Billie puts her bag down and sits down across from Justin at the table.

BILLIE: Ha ha. Glad to see you're still keeping your sense of humour.

JUSTIN: Well, we do what we can, even when we're the pariah of the family.

BILLIE: I'm sure. Victor must be really livid with you about the divestment deal with Titan TV.

Justin shrugs, clearly resigned to his fate.

JUSTIN: It is what it is. Victor couldn't hold onto both the station and the oil sands project. I just...forced his hand a little.

BILLIE: Well...I'm glad you did.

Justin looks to Billie, intrigued by her interest.

JUSTIN: Why's that? I mean...I know you voted in favour of divesting, but...I mean, you work with MadWorld, why do you care what happens to EnerNext?

Billie looks to Justin, knowing what direction he's taking this conversation, she stops herself and gives Justin a 'gotcha' smile.

BILLIE: I don't think you wanna get into that.

JUSTIN: Oh, but I'm SO fascinated. Do tell!

BILLIE: Let's just say that I want what's best for everyone at Titan. Now, let's get to why I asked you to meet me here.

Billie reaches down into her bag and pulls out an envelope, containing the restraining order Kim presented her with earlier.

JUSTIN: Is this business or...?

BILLIE: Personal. But...I'm pretty sure I know which lawyer my, uh...the other party in this whole...situation consulted, so...

JUSTIN: Say no more. So what's this about?

Billie hands Justin her copy of the restairaing order.

BILLIE: Well...obviously, since Brady and Theresa's accident...I've been visiting Theresa at the hospital for the last few days.

JUSTIN: Right. And that...from what I can see here...really displeased Kim.

BILLIE: That's...(sigh) putting it mildly. Justin, she hates that I have a relationship with her daughter. She gave some judge a...sob story about me harrassing her and her daughter and he bought it.

Justin looks up from the order and shakes his head slowly.

JUSTIN: I hate to tell you this, but a restraining order is very easy to put into effect.

Billie looks a bit disappointed at Justin. Sighing as she speaks, she responds.

BILLIE: And...not so easy to get lifted.

JUSTIN: Unfortunately. So...whatever issues you're having with Kim, you may just have to find a way to work around them, I'm sorry to say.

Billie nods, pondering over what Justin's said, gears turning in her mind.


Gabi unlocks the door to the apartment and sees Sonny watching TV on the couch alone, blankets covering him. She looks on, confused, as she speaks softly, trying not to wake Ari.

GABI: I...what are you doing out here?

Sonny looks up from the TV, a resigned, shamed look on his face.

SONNY: I'm uh...I'm kind of in the dog house right now.

Gabi looks confused as she turns on the light in the living room. Sonny squints with the sudden change in light.


GABI: What did YOU do to get thrown out of the bedroom.

SONNY:Ohhh nothing huge, just...lied to Will about where I was going and then tried to convince my Uncle Vic that he should rescind Will's job offer.

Gabi looks surprised and upset by Sonny's confession, nearly blurting out her surprise aloud before catching herself and returning to a soft voice, this time, agitated.

GABI: I...you...are you serious, Sonny?? What kind of stupid move is that?

SONNY: I know! I know...I should've just...kept my mouth shut.

GABI: You don't say. You know I was waiting for you guys to come around at the memorial service and you never showed. I was getting worried something was wrong. Obviously, I had good reason to worry.

SONNY: Yeah....and now Will is...so mad he's threatening to call off the engagement and...I...I just feel like a...an ass. So...yeah, sorry we couldn't meet you at the memorial.

Gabi gets up off the couch and walks over to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, as Sonny looks at the time and realizes how late it is.

SONNY: Oh yeah, speaking of which, that...that was...hours ago...where have you been, anyway?

Gabi nearly spits out the water as she drinks it, trying to come up with an answer for Sonny.

GABI: I, uh...I was catching up with Will's family. They...wanted to see Ari.

Sonny nods, a bit unconvinced, but willing to accept Gabi's answer.

SONNY: Makes sense.

Gabi walks back around to sit beside Sonny, concerned more for him than her own trouble, she puts a comforting hand on his knee.

GABI: So? What are you gonna do about you and Will? You think you'll work through this?

Sonny sighs looking down at the floor in contemplation, almost as though Gabi weren't even in the room.

SONNY: I'm not sure...I'm just not sure.


Will stands in the bedroom, staring intently out his window at the moon shining outside. He looks at the alarm clock beside his bed and sighs, knowing he won't be able to sleep, between the pressure of the new day and new job, and his pressures at home with Sonny, Gabi, and Nick, Will has a lot on his mind, as, saying nothing, he closes his eyes, as if to make a wish.


Eric stares up at the same night sky, by the river, Nicole by his side, upset by his reaction to the news of Sonny and Will's engagement.

NICOLE: I mean, you can't be against them getting married. I never took you for a bigot, Eric--

Eric interrupts Nicole, clearly irritated by her implicit accusation.

ERIC: ...I don't have a problem with them getting married. I mean...(sigh) It's complicated.

Nicole looks on, confused by Eric's statement, she responds more emphatically this time.

NICOLE: What's complicated about it, Eric? They love each other. They...they take care of that baby better than I've ever seen anyone care for a baby. There's...so much love in that home...that's the stuff marriages are made of...not that I'd know from experience or anything, but...

ERIC: But there's more to it than that. Nicole, I've spent years dedicated to a church that tells me that marriage is a sacred vow under God between a man and a woman. It's about creating children together, and having their love recognized by God under his laws...

Eric trails off at this point, clearly troubled by what he's saying.

ERIC: ...but I can't look at Sonny and Will and think that their love's any different. And how can I reconcile that with what my beliefs have taught me?

Nicole tries, unsuccessfully, to bring some levity to Eric's clearly troubled mind.

NICOLE: Well...it's not like you've tried stoning me to death for not being a virgin on my wedding day.

Eric looks up at Nicole, a wry smile on his face as Nicole chuckles and leans into Eric, playfully.

NICOLE: Come on, Eric. My point is, maybe it's time you stopped following the....silly little intricate rules of the Bible and just...followed the basic outline. I mean...come on, one day...down the road, I'd love to get married to you, and I know you won't let some...archaic rule about not divorcing stop you from marrying me, right?

Eric hesitates to answer, making Nicole nervous almost instantly. She looks back at Eric, very frantic, very fast.

NICOLE: Right??

Eric looks up at Nicole.

ERIC: That's the thing, Nicole. I don't think I can.

NIcole's face turns white as a sheet at Eric's revelation.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Nick walks up to the door of Percy's cabin, and knocks on the door.

After a short wait, Percy answers merrily, as always.

PERCY: Greetings, Master Fallon! How are you doing this fine day?

NICK: Just great, Percy!

Percy steps out of the way to allow Nick to step inside. Closing the door behind Nick, Nick gets down to business almost immediately.

PERCY: So to what do I owe the pleasure, Nicholas?

Nick puts his bag down on the table and unzips it.

NICK: Well, I have some news, and a job for you.

Nick pulls out his laptop and sets it on Percy's dining room table.

NICK: Uh...you don't mind if I plug this in at all, do you?

PERCY: Not at all.

NICK: Thanks.

As Nick plugs the computer into the outlet in the wall, he continues to talk to Percy.

NICK: So...my news is...ah, there we go...that we finalized the Titan TV sale. The propaganda campaign is off.

Percy smiles from ear to ear at the news. He walks over to the dining room table, holding back a bit his glee, in his own, incredibly posh British way.

PERCY: I...oh, I am so grateful to you, Nicholas. You have truly saved the day. I...how can I ever repay you for your kindness?

Nick sits down at the table in front of his computer, and opens it. He smiles up at Percy.

NICK: Funny you should ask. I have a little job for you, as I said. And you won't even have to leave your home to do it. But...for that to work, you're going to have to connect yourself to the world wide web.

PERCY: ...I'm sorry?

NICK: The internet. Because you, Percy, my friend, are going to be doing some...surveillance.

Percy looks on, baffled by Nick's request.



Sami talks with Marlena, Maggie, and Laura after Brady's memorial has ended in the town square, sipping on what's left of her drink, before hearing her phone ring.

SAMI: Oh...uh...I think that's my phone...just one sec.


Sami searches through her bag to find her phone as she steps away from the group. Pulling her phone out, she sees that it's EJ. She excitedly answers, while trying to find a quiet spot to talk.

SAMI: Hey! EJ! What's up? I'm just at the memorial, it's wrapping up.


EJ: Samantha. Saw your text. Listen to me carefully. We are making a bid on Titan TV. Meet me at the house immediately. Tell NOBODY what you're doing. You understand me?


SAMI: Completely. See you in a minute.

Sami hangs up and smiles widely. Looking around her to make sure nobody's looking, she talks to herself.

SAMI: Ohhh EJ. You did it again.





The crowd returns to conversing at Town Square for Brady's memorial after John's speech. Most if not all still have drinks in hand. Gabi spots Hope in the crowd and waves, trying to subtly get her attention. Hope notices and stops her conversation with John, and excuses herself before heading over to Gabi.

GABI: So, did you do it?

Hope grabs Gabi's arm and looks around to make sure no one's listening in.

HOPE: We can't talk here, Gabi.

GABI: What do you mean?

Hope looks at Gabi incredulously.

HOPE: Are you nuts? There's people we know everywhere. Come with me, now.

Gabi stutters to respond before following Hope out of the square, both of them looking around with suspicion as they do.


Nicole stands with Chloe, sipping on their sparkling juice and having a chat. Chloe looks uncomfortable, a fact Nicole picks up on.

NICOLE: You alright, you seem a little...nervous.

CHLOE: Well, wouldn't you be if Victor Kiriakis spent all his time staring you down?

Nicole rolls her eyes, dismissively gesturing at Chloe's comment.

NICOLE: Oh please! Chloe, haven't you ever heard of 'resting bitch face'?

Chloe looks at Nicole, confused.

CHLOE: Yeah...

NICOLE: Well, it's something like that. Honestly, if I got as worried as you are every time Victor tried staring me down, I'd never get any work done.

Chloe shrugs in acknowledgement.

CHLOE: Fair enough. I just don't trust Victor when he's mad.

NICOLE: Honey, don't let it to you. Look, let's just...celebrate Brady, okay? That's what we're here for. Not dwelling about...whatever bone Victor wants to pick with you. Right?

Chloe cracks a faint smile.

CHLOE: Right.

Nicole raises her glass, Chloe meets with hers as they toast.

NICOLE: Come on. Let's go mingle.


Nicole turns to walk with Chloe, but spots a sour-looking Eric in one of the seats set up for the speeches. Concerned, she looks Chloe's way a moment.

NICOLE: Uh...you go ahead without me a second, okay?

Chloe, spotting Eric as Nicole speaks to her, clues in immediately, and nods.

CHLOE: Sure.

NICOLE: Thanks.

Nicole squeezes Chloe's arm as a goodbye before walking over to sit with a solemn Eric.

NICOLE: Hey. You gonna join the party or what?

ERIC: Nicole. Hey...yeah...I...just give me a moment, okay?

Nicole leans into Eric, putting arm around him.

NICOLE: I miss him too.

Eric stands up, in an effort to shake off Nicole's touch.

ERIC: it's not Brady, Nicole. It's...everything.

NICOLE: What do you mean, Eric?

ERIC: I just...I need to go. Alone.

Eric storms off, leaving Nicole sitting in her seat, flabbergasted by Eric's strange reaction.



Brady lays in bed, looks around the bedroom he's woken up in, trying to decipher where exactly he is, when a woman walks in. An older woman, but it's plain to see she was stunning as a young woman, and has aged beautifully now. She appears pleasantly surprised to see Brady awake.

ANITA: Ah! You're awake, finally. I was starting to worry when it took you about a day longer than the doctor expected to wake up.

Brady looks up at the woman, confused.

BRADY: I...wha...where am I, exactly?

The woman smiles and sits down on the bed next to him, she puts a hand to his forehead.

ANITA: About thirty miles from anywhere...Hah! You're not even running a fever anymore.

BRADY: Wait, what? Who...who are you exactly?

ANITA: My name's Anita. I'm the one who found you floating around in the lake.

Brady furrows his brow, confused by Anita's statement.

BRADY: I...what?

ANITA: The lake. We're right by Smith Lake. You are...very, very lucky, I have to say.

BRADY: Woah, woah, woah, wait....lucky? What...what happened to me?

Anita looks down at Brady, shaking her head.

ANITA: That...I could not tell you.


Gabi and Hope step into the park alongside Town Square. Gabi looks at Hope with a worried look.

GABI: Hope...what is happening? Did you...

Gabi looks around to make sure no one hears them before continuing.

GABI: ...did you find anything at Nick's apartment?

HOPE: No, Gabi. That's what I wanted to tell you. Nick's apartment turned up clean. There wasn't so much as a bottle of Aspirin.

Gabi looks at Hope, shocked.

GABI: That's impossible, I...

HOPE: You what, Gabi?

Gabi catches herself before saying anything more, but is now panicked, searching for an answer.


Sami bursts into the DiMera mansion living room, excited by EJ's earlier call. EJ sits at his desk, but stands up quickly as Sami walks in.

SAMI: Okay, so what's the deal?

EJ walks over to the living room doors and looks out into the hallway before shutting them. He looks back Sami's way and holds his finger to his lips.

EJ: Careful, just in case father's lurking.

Sami rolls her eyes and whispers as loudly as she can,

SAMI: Okay, okay, now SPILL!

EJ: I just got off the phone with Chad. We're going to use one of our hidden shell corporations to pick up Titan TV for a bargain right under Victor's nose.

SAMI: I had a feeling you were onto something.

EJ: Right, now, once we pick up Titan TV, we use that to grow Countess W's advertising base, and end this travesty of an energy project Victor's hellbent on setting up. It's a win-win.

Sami looks excitedly at EJ, the tension between them non-existant in this moment.

SAMI: I can't believe you've pulled this off.

EJ: Well, I haven't yet. But I know that if we hadn't done it, Nick Fallon would have been controlling your lives until the end of time.

Sami is crashed back into reality, remembering Nick's blackmail.

SAMI: Oh, how could I forget? Do you really think that going so far out of our way to give into Nick's demands is a good idea.

EJ: Samantha, the more control we have over this situation, the less Nick can control you, Gabi, and Kate. That's what matters. It's just a little...added bonus that we can use this TV station to stick it to Victor. No?

Sami raises and eyebrow and smiles at EJ, the first smile EJ's seen from Sami in weeks. He smiles in kind.


Percy stands at his table in his cabin, looking at Nick with a confused look on his face.

PERCY: I...eh...Nicholas...

Nick looks up from his laptop, a smile on his face.

NICK: Yep?

PERCY: What on Earth do you mean, surveillance? I...I barely know how to use a computer!

NICK: Oh. It's nothing.

Nick waves dismissively as he stands up from the dinner table, and reaches into his bag. He pulls out a small black plastic box and places it on the table with almost ceremonial care.

NICK: This....is an external hard drive. You are going to collect as much data as you can on every...single...member of the Titan executive as you can.

Nick pulls a set of papers out from his bag and hands them to Percy.

NICK: These are the people you need to focus on. Study them carefully, their faces, their responsibilities.

Percy flips through the pages before stopping Nick and looking at him quizzically.

PERCY: I'm sorry, Nicholas but...what exactly is the meaning of this?

Nick stops, looking Percy's way with a huge grin.

NICK: Why, it's quite simple, Percy. Blackmail.



DAYS #68: He's Alive!



Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


John stands before the crowd, with Victor beside him, the crowd still milling about, conversing warmly and sharing memories of Brady. John turns to Victor and quietly asks him a question.

JOHN: Now...you're sure you don't want to speak?

VICTOR: Positive. As far as I'm concerned, this whole thing is a farce. I'll be mourning my grandson only if they find me proof that he's really dead. As the kids say, I wanna see the reciepts.

John shrugs, nodding his head in understanding.

JOHN: Alright. But I gotta tell ya, Vic. You're gonna regret not speaking today. And you know it.

VICTOR: I'll take my chances.


As John and Victor finish their conversation, Hope and Aiden explode into the square. Still bickering, they cause a scene in the square as they storm in, Hope storming in first, trying to ignore Aiden as he follows her, shouting at her.

AIDEN: ...And I swear, I've never see a cop be such a rotten driver in my entire life!

Hope stops and turns around, pointing at Aiden.

HOPE: And you need to learn what a turn signal does.

AIDEN: Oh, THAT again? Come on! Hope, you're being ridiculous.

HOPE: Oh, I'm being ridiculous? Right, I'm not the one who's trying to weasel his way out of a ticket by trying to cozy up to the officer issuing the ticket.

Aiden snaps in a voice loud enough to be heard in the next county.


Aiden's outburst is greeted by stone silence from everyone in the square. Aiden and Hope immediately feel sheepish for having rendered the crowd silent, and Hope immediately sits down in the nearest seat.

Victor pats John gently on the back as John turns to the crowd before the collection of chairs assembled by Tom & Alice Horton's tree.

JOHN: If I can have everybody's attention, please. Please, everyone, have a seat.

The crowd hushes as everyone begins to filter into the seats. Hope looks daggers at Aiden as he sits down in front of her, an equally sheepish look on his face. She mutters angrily to him.

HOPE: I hope you're satisfied.


As she says this, Caroline shuffles in to sit beside Hope on one side, with Maggie down beside her. Daniel, naturally, by her side. Caroline speaks softly to Hope, as she puts a hand on her shoulder.

CAROLINE: I'm glad you could make it.

HOPE: Thanks. It's good to see you too.

DANIEL: I gotta admit, that was quite an entrance.

Hope blushes, making an embarrassed face as she replies to Daniel.

HOPE: Yeah, I...guess I should just stick with saying 'hello' and hugs, right?

MAGGIE: I was just surprised it took you this long.

HOPE: Well...I got kinda...tied up.

Hope looks Aiden's way as she speaks, with Maggie, Caroline, and Daniel's eyes following Hope's, before looking at each other, knowingly.



EJ files away papers in his office at DiMera Enterprises when his text tone goes off. Stopping what he's doing, he steps over to his desk and checks his phone. He sees Sami's text and immediately jumps into action.

He sits down at his desk, opening his laptop and immediately typing in www.salemspectator.com.

The main headline pops up, as do EJ's eyes.


EJ stops a minute, soaking in the information.

EJ thinks quickly, grabbing his phone and makes a call.

EJ: Yes, I need to get ahold of Chad DiMera. Tell him it's urgent, his brother needs him.





Liam walks up behind Jennifer in the park just off to the side of Town Square, placing her hands on her shoulders firmly, but tenderly, as Jenn converses with her son, JJ. JJ scrambles to cover himself after having begun revealing what he overheard Liam say earlier in the same park.

JJ: Sorry, I didn't mean any harm, I just...

LIAM: Nonsense! You have every right to be concerned. Your sister just flew off halfway around the world. You're concerned! Thing is, I am too.

JJ nods, looking down at the ground, hoping not to make matters worse.

JJ: I'm sure. And...and I appreciate that!

Jenn smiles at JJ, while putting one hand on top of Liam's.

JENNIFER: See? It was just a misunderstanding. Honey, Liam cares about both of you. I trust him. and I know you'll learn to trust him too.

LIAM: Your mom's right, JJ. I'm really concerned for both of you. You're great kids, and I just want to make sure Abigail's safe. So I put in a call to someone I know from the hospital who knows Sami and EJ, and they'll try to keep tabs on her while she's in Italy.

Jenn smiles at Liam, turning around to face him, lovingly. She wraps her arms around Liam's neck.

JENNIFER: That's wonderful. Ohhh wow. Thank you! I mean, you didn't have to do that at all and yet...

LIAM: Anything for you guys.

Jenn smiles before turning back towards JJ.

JENNIFER: We really do appreciate it. Don't we?

JJ nods, still deep in thought and still trying not to rock the boat.

JJ: Yeah. Thanks, man.

LIAM: Anytime. Now, shall we get back? I thought I heard someone announce that the ceremony was getting underway.

JJ: Great, I'll uh...be right there in a sec.

JENNIFER: Alright. I love you, sweetie!

JJ: Love you too, Mom.

Jenn hugs JJ quickly before taking off, arm in arm, with Liam. As Liam turns the corner towards the square, he shoots JJ a very tellingly menacing look. JJ looks up in time to catch Liam's look, striking terror in his heart, but JJ tries to maintain a cool exterior with some degree of success.

JJ: I don't know what's going on, but none of it is good.



Gabi arrives at the service at Town Square and has a seat next to Eric and Nicole, near the aisle so that she can keep Ari in her carriage. As she rocks the carriage back and forth for Ari, she texts Will as discreetly as possible.

Hey! Is everything ok w/ u & sonny??

Gabi looks up at the podium where John is speaking, a worried look on her face as she mutters quietly to herself.

GABI: Come on, Will. What's going on over there?



Will stares Sonny down in the office at Club TBD. Sonny stands in front of the door, hoping to keep Will from running out as he explains himself. Will, for his part, leans almost pointedly casually against Sonny's desk, arms folded. However, he cannot contain his shock at Sonny's confession.

WILL: You what?

SONNY: I...went to talk to my Uncle Vic. I asked him not to give you the PR job with EnerNext.

WILL: What...why the Hell would you do that, Sonny?

SONNY: Because I don't want you involved in something like this. It's...it's...Uncle Vic trying to control you and by proxy me, and control control control everyone in this family and I just...I can't let him do that to you--

WILL: ...Did you ever think for a second to let ME decide that?

Sonny steps forward towards Will, trying to cool things down a bit.

SONNY: You were blinded by the flashy contract and the...glamourous job.

WILL: And what if I was? Sonny, it's my career. And you know what? I'm sorry, but in this day and age, you don't get ahead by playing by the rules. It's about taking an opportunity when it's presented to you, not by being proud and working your way up purely on your own back.

Sonny seems incredibly unimpressed by Will's attitude, but Will is undeterred by Sonny's disapproving looks.

SONNY: Are you serious?

WILL: Dead. Serious.

Sonny stands a moment, at a loss for words.

SONNY: I'm...I'm sorry.

WILL: Oh, you will be. Heh, you know, I might have been swayed if you'd just been upfront with me about all this, but going behind my back? Trying to get my job taken away from me because you don't like who it comes from or what the job entails? How dare you?

Sonny looks down at the ground, increasingly apologetic.

SONNY: I know. I just don't want you to get...manipulated.

WILL: You don't want me to change, in other words. You don't want me to have to stand up for myself because you like doing everything for me. Is that it? Well, let me tell you a little secret, Sonny. I'm not your child. I'm your fiancee. And if you want it to stay that way...you need to stay out of my professional life. Understood?

Sonny's apologetic look melts away as Sonny feels the intensity of Will's tone. Sonny's face suddenly becomes defensive and threatened by Will.


John continues to talk to the crowd gathered at the square about Brady.

JOHN: He was my son. He was our friend. He was sometimes our greatest adversary, but his heart was always in search of love.

The crowd are tearing up a bit at John's heartfelt speech. John himself starts to get a bit emotional, before breathing in and carrying on, a smile across his face, as much in tribute to Brady as anything.

JOHN: I want to keep this party light, as Nicole and Eric requested, and I'm glad that so many of you have come out to help me celebrate Brady's life. So let's remember him in the same way that he would want to be remembered: A great young man with a huge heart that wanted to share the best of everything with everyone he knew and loved.

The waiters from the restaurant in the square appear with flutes of sparkling drinks for the crowd.

JOHN: In case you couldn't tell, I'm proposing a toast.

The crowd laugh as they raise their glasses in tribute, following John's lead.

JOHN: Obviously, these are non-alcoholic. Because the one thing we need to remember...is that though this is a good day to remember Brady, it is to remind us of the importance of sobriety, and caution, and remebering the disease that is addiction...and what it can cost us. Here's to one of the finest men I've ever known.

John looks up to the sky as he raises his glass.

JOHN: I love you, son!

The crowd clink their glasses together in what is surprisingly close to unison, as they shout out.

ALL: To Brady!


The sound of clinking glasses descends suddenly into the sound of screeching tires and the loud smash of a breaking windhshield suddenly.


The flash snaps Brady out of a nightmare as he sits bolt upright in bed, sweat pouring from his face, he gasps for breath as he looks around him, terrified.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Chloe stands in the Horton Town Square, surrounded by Brady's friends and family, facing off with Victor at Brady's memorial.

VICTOR: Who invited this pox on our family, anyway?


Nicole steps in to defend her friend, retorting sassily to Victor.

NICOLE: I did.

Victor gives Nicole the sideeye.

VICTOR: You're lucky you're no longer my employee. I assume word got out that we're selling the station off. If not, surprise! It's your lucky day! Your newest dumb move didn't result in a pink slip. You might want to drop by the corner store and pick up a lottery ticket.


Maggie cuts in, frustrated by Victor's petulance.

MAGGIE:Victor, enough! This is about Brady, and in case you forgot, Chloe happens to have been married to Brady.

VICTOR: Oh trust me, I wish I could forget. The damage she's caused my grandson is the reason we're here today.

Victor turns back to Nicole and Chloe.

VICTOR: You've got some nerve dragging that bitch here. She turned him to drugs, and broke his heart over and over. I hold you responsible in large part for Brady's accident. Both of you.


Nicole steps in to defend her friend, but just then, John interjects, trying to cool down the proceedings.

JOHN: Woah! Woah, Vic. Come on. Chloe's just here to mourn her ex-husband. Now, you two may not see eye to eye, but...just let her be here. This is about Brady.

VICTOR: Yes, it is. And he would want Chloe here. God knows why. Come on, Maggie.

Victor and Maggie walk off, as Chloe leans over to John.

CHLOE: Thank you.

JOHN: Don't thank me. Just trying to keep the peace around here. How've you been?

CHLOE: I'm alright! It's good to see you. I just...wish it were under--

JOHN: ...Better circumstances, I know. But you know, I know that Brady wouldn't have wanted us to dwell on that, and that's exactly why I think this whole wake thing is a great idea.

Chloe smiles, a little misty-eyed. she nods in agreement with John.



Sami and Laura arrive at the Town Square, and Marlena, who has been chatting with Maggie, Roman, Eric, and Nicole (begrudgingly), smiles and reaches out to greet Sami and Laura with hugs.

MARLENA: Ohh it's good to see you both.

SAMI: Hey Mom.

While hugging Laura, Marlena begins to get emotional, and holds her eyes shut a moment to fight back tears.

MARLENA:Ohh, what a...bittersweet day. I'm glad you both could come. You came together?

Sami hesitates to answer, looking Laura's way before telling her mother.

SAMI: Uh...yeah, Laura was at the...house, she offered me a ride down.

Marlena nods, trying to read between the lines. Sami senses Marlena's probing and is immediately uncomfortable.

MARLENA: I see. Sami, you sure you're okay?

Sami responds a bit defensively, hoping Marlena will back off.

SAMI: Yes, Mom. I'm fine. Promise.

MARLENA: Alright. You're in good hands with Laura.

Sami, a bit relieved that Marlena isn't probing any further, smiles.

SAMI: I know.

Hoping to change the subject, Sami interrupts the group's conversation with an almost-too-cheerful question for the group.

SAMI: Hey! Uh, has anyone seen Will or Sonny yet?



Sonny walks into Club TBD, looking more than a little nervous as he looks Will's way. Will sits at the bar, a sour, pissed off look on his face.

SONNY: Will.

WILL: So...hard at work at the club, I see.

SONNY: Will, I--

WILL: ...NO excuses, Sonny. Now, do you wanna tell me where you actually were? Or should I give you this ring back now?

Sonny looks mortified at Will, as his biting question hits him.




Eric stands with the group at Town Square, responding to Sami's question.

ERIC: Haven't seen Will or Sonny yet, why?

SAMI: Well...I wanted to thank them for the offer to stay with them while I was....working on my issues with EJ. I think I'll be okay there at the mansion for now, there's a whole empty wing I can stay in for the time being, and...they're a bit of a full house right now.

Marlena's far from thrilled by the news, and pipes up immediately.

MARLENA: No! No, Sami...you can stay with me if you like.

SAMI: Mom, it's okay. I'll be fine.

Sami immediately tries to change the subject again, hoping her mother will stop trying to insert herself into her affairs.

SAMI: Speaking of Will and Sonny, they've been trying to...give me some news for the past while. Has anyone found out what it is? I'm so curious.

MARLENA: Yes! They did tell me the other day at lunch. They had been hoping to tell you first, actually.

Sami's standoffishness quickly changes, as her own nosiness into HER child's life creeps in. The others in the conversation smile with anticipation.

SAMI: Oooh, tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

MARLENA: Well...I really shouldn't be saying anything. I don't wanna steal their thunder, but...

Everyone huddles up like schoolchildren in on the latest gossip, giggling in anticipation.

MAGGIE: Come on! Tell us!

MARLENA: Okay, okay! (laughs)

Marlena takes Sami by the hands and smiles excitedly as she tells Sami the news.

MARLENA: Your son, and Sonny are engaged to be married.

Sami's eyes light up. The first bit of great news she's had in awhile. She's speechless, as the others in the group gasp in excitement, then begin to chatter away excitedly to each other. Everyone, that is, except for Eric, who looks on in stunned silence, trying to absorb the news.



JJ and Jennifer are having a tense moment in the park just outside Town Square. JJ looks to a stunned Jennifer with worry, as he tells her about what he'd just seen.

JENNIFER: What did you just say?

JJ: Okay, so I...I came to Brady's memorial and on the way in, I saw Liam off the side of the park, and he was on the phone.

Jenn looks at JJ, a bit confused.


JJ: He was talking about Abigail's trip. And something about...keeping tabs--

JENNIFER: Woah, woah, woah, no, STOP! JJ, seriously. This has got to stop. First Daniel, now Liam?

Now JJ looks at Jenn, confused as to what she's talking about.

JJ: Wh...what? I don't--

JENNIFER: First you do everything you can to tear me and Daniel apart, and I understood, because you miss your father, and now, once you decide that, oh, Daniel's okay, and I move on with someone else, you decide to go after Liam? I mean, JJ, are you ever gonna be happy with any man that comes into my life?

JJ: Yes! But I don't trust this guy.

JENNIFER: Don't lie to me. You've done enough of that today already.

JJ: Mom, I was respecting Abigail's wishes. Mom, she didn't even want ME to know where she was going. She told me she was going to California. I had to sneak a look at her boarding pass to find out she was actually heading to Rome.

Jenn looks away, incredulous.


JJ: And I'm worried, because when I heard Liam on that phone, he--

A voice interrupts JJ, causing both he and Jennifer to jump.


LIAM: ...I was trying to figure out where she was and if she was okay.

JJ looks on in fear as Liam walks into the park.


Sami steps away from the group, taking a moment to step aside and grabs her cell phone. Holding it up, she texts EJ.

did u read the news? if not, check the spectator website

Sami hits 'send' and looks back up. She talks quietly to herself.

SAMI: Hopefully EJ has some insight on how we can make this deal work for us.

She smiles slyly before turning back to the crowd and rejoins the conversations.


Will and Sonny step into the office at Club TBD, and Sonny shuts the door to the room behind him. Will leans against the desk, arms folded, a contemptuous look on his face, while Sonny is looking worried himself, but angered by Will's outburst in the main room.

SONNY: There, now we can talk like adults instead of some trashy reality show!

WILL: Why? Didn't want your three patrons out there to hear what a rotten liar you are?

SONNY: Will, enough!

Sonny steps toward Will, his expression and tone become a much cooler, calmer one as he continues.

SONNY: I need you to understand what happened today--

WILL: ...Oh, you mean you need to explain why you lied and said you'd be at the Club when you were really...?

Sonny looks down, away from Will. Will follows his eyes, making sure Sonny never gets an opportunity to look away from him. Sonny rolls his eyes.

WILL: Not gonna tell me? Do I really need to take this ring off, for real?

SONNY: How dare you even suggest that...let alone twice.

WILL: Sonny, you need to understand something. I have had such an unstable upbringing between all the guys that my mom would force out of her life,and mine, of course...that I don't put up with lies. And if we're going into this on lies, then we aren't going into it at all. You understand me?

SONNY: Alright. I get it.

Will gestures, waiting for Sonny to spill the beans.

WILL: So? I'm waiting. Where were you this afternoon instead of at the club?

Sonny sighs heavily, closing his eyes as he confesses.

SONNY: I went to see Victor about his company hiring you.

Will shakes his head in stunned disbelief.


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