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ANOTHER WORLD 95...2 Showdowns...3 shocking secrets!!!!

ANOTHER WORLD 95 Showdowns...and secrets SHOWDOWN #1---Grant vs Kirkland Grant is at his home, and he opens an invitation to the grand re-opening of the Harbor Club. He goes back to shut the door and Kirkland shows up. Grant: Kirkland...come on in son. Kirkland: I'm gonna cut to the chase. I'm gonna give you one last chance to concede the mayor's seat to me. Grant (laughing): Do you really think I'm gonna drop out of this race? Kirklan



ANOTHER WORLD 67 Welcome Home

ANOTHER WORLD 67 Welcome home CORY MANSION Rachel is there when Amanda and Cameron walk in. Rachel (running to Amanda and hugging her): Oh my God Amanda. I’m so glad you’re okay. Cameron? What are you doing here? Amanda: It’s a long story mom. Cameron: Evan was holding me prisoner down in St. Croix. Amanda: We’ll explain everything mom I promise you. We’re just really tired and we’d like to get some rest. Rachel: Of course honey. I was so worried about you. Amanda: We

ANOTHER WORLD 69 Jake questions Vicky

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 69 Jake questions Vicky BAY CITY CENTER Frankie and Charlie sit at a table sipping coffee Charlie: Mom I’m so sorry. Frankie: It’s okay honey. Charlie: I wasted so much time being angry with you. Frankie: I left. I made you think that I had abandoned you. That wasn’t the case at all. Charlie: When I saw Felicia crying over losing Mitch, I had to call you. I was frantic when I couldn’t get in touch with you. Frankie: A lot’s been going on. Charl

Back to AW Episode 23 3/21/2012 Wed..."Full of Surprises"

In this episode.... MCKINNONS HOUSE Vicky sits on the living room couch and Jake walks in. Jake: Open the door. Vicky: Nobody knocked. Jake: It's a surprise. Vicky: Jake I'm really not in the mood. Jake: Vick just go open the door okay. Vicky reluctantly does so and gets a pleasant surprise. Vicky: Kirkland! Oh my God! They hug each other tightly. "I'm so sorry mom." he says regarding Michele's death. Vicky: About what honey? I'm so glad you're home. Kirklan



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 68 Jack and Paulina reconnect

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 68 Jack and Paulina reconnect CORY MANSION Cameron and Amanda are in their bedroom, and Amanda has just read the contents of an envelope that Rachel gave her. Amanda: I can’t believe this. Cameron: What is it? Amanda: My mom sold Cory Publishing to Reginald Love. Cameron: Wow. Is that what’s on the paper? Amanda: No. My lawyers are telling me that I have thirty days to contest the sale and keep it in the family. Cameron:

Back TO AW...Episode 11 "MONDAY"

P.I. OFFICE Frankie sits at her desk, with Jake walks in and gives Frankie the mail. Jake: I saw the mailman on the way up. This came for you. Frankie: Thanks Jake. Jake: Yep you can sort out all the bills. Frankie: Gee thanks. Frankie sorts through the junk mail and suddenly she shrieks as she touches a piece of junk mail that has a picture of a Caribbean island on it. Jake: You okay? Frankie: Yeah...yeah I'm fine. Frankie wonders why she got a bit of a premonition abou



ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 59 Frankie's world is turned upside down

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 59 Frankie’s world is turned upside down ROOM Two men hold guns to Jake and Frankie, and Amanda is brought in by another armed guard, who pushes her toward Jake and Frankie. Evan, walks in behind them, and puts his cell phone in his pocket, as he has just called Grant for another payment. Evan: The gang’s all here. Amanda: He shot Mitch Blake! Frankie: What’s going on here? Jake: It all makes sense now. You’re avenging your mother’s death. You’re tryin

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 52 Evan talks to a mystery patient

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 52 Evan talks to a mystery patient Evan walks into a room at a private hospital, and up to a person lying in a bed, on a respirator. Evan: Hey dad. I’m keeping you alive, even though you abandoned my mother and me after you got her pregnant. I’m not even gonna think about all of that right now. Evan takes out a tablet and opens up a newspaper article about Mitch and Felicia’s wedding. “I have a wedding to attend.” He says. -------------------------------

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 62 Jack and Toni close in on Evan

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 62 Jack and Toni close in on Evan POLICE STATION Jack and Toni are in Jack’s office. Jack: So what have you got? Toni: We’re waiting for the report on the bullet casing from the church shooting. Jack: It should confirm everything. Rachel would have been right all along. Toni: I got a copy of the invoice for those bullets. They were purchased in St. Croix. They’re only made there. Jack: Thank God Rachel came to us when she did. Toni: Mitch would be

ANOTHER WORLD 85 Enemies are confronted

ANOTHER WORLD 85 Enemies are confronted LOVE MANSION Cass is there looking over papers while Donna sits across from him. Donna: I got the papers yesterday. Cass: E.L. Industries? Donna: Yes. They want to be the principal investor. Cass: Looks like they’re fronting most of the money. Donna: Yeah I had been thinking about this for a long time. Cass: Reopening the Harbor Club? Donna: I had to close it down because the economy got so bad, but I think it’s time now. Cass




ANOTHER WORLD 75 REUNIONS GRANT’S HOUSE (THE DOOR IS AJAR) Grant is on the phone with his assistant. Grant: Have you got my speech ready for the announcement? (beat) Good. Paulina walks in and knocks lightly. Grant: I can’t wait until then. Bay City won’t know what hit em. Grant hangs up and Paulina walks up to him. Paulina: Is that right Mr. Harrison? I guess I better get ready huh? Grant (putting his arms around Paulina’s waist): Yes I think you’d better. Paulina: Wh


RACHEL/MITCH/FELICIA: Mitch continues to be there for Rachel. Felicia will understand, but not for long. JAKE/VICKY: Their marriage will be tested greatly, and Jake will turn to an unlikely source for comfort. ALLEN/AMANDA: Amanda will continue to be drawn to Allen, and Allen will reluctantly return the favor. The closer he feels to Amanda, . Allen has a personal agenda also, outside of Cory Publishing. GRANT/PAULINA/JOHN/SHARLENE: Grant professed his love for Paulina



ANOTHER WORLD 70 Rachel learns the truth

ANOTHER WORLD 70 Rachel learns the truth TOPS Grant is with Paulina at a table. Paulina: So tell me about your trip to St. Croix. How did it go? Grant flashes back to shooting Evan. Grant: It went very well. I took care of everything. I’d like to focus on you now. Paulina: I’d like that. Kirkland and Charlie walk in. Kirkland notices Grant and Paulina together and quickly orders a table for the two of them. Charlie does not notice what Kirkland ha

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 47 Felicia gets a pleasant surprise

ANOTHER WORLD EPISODE 47 Felicia gets a pleasant surprise FELICIA’S APARTMENT Mitch and Felicia lie on the couch and have a discussion. Felicia: I can’t believe it’s so close. Mitch: Our second wedding. Felicia: I get the feeling the second time is going to be the charm. Mitch: It will be. I can’t wait to make you my wife. I’ve always loved you Felicia. Felicia: Me, too. Mitch: Oh so you’ve always loved you, too huh? Felicia (tapping Mitch on his chest and chuckling):




COMING SOON TO ANOTHER WORLD The investigation into Reginald Love's death ramps up, and it yields an unlikely suspect John and Felicia discover the truth about Michael Carl takes matters into his own hands Lindsay becomes more determined despite strong opposition Christy Carson will gain an unlikely ally Kirkland and Charlie grow closer to a future, but the past will not let go Grant extends his reach to make t



ANOTHER WORLD SPECIAL....Bay City Perspectives...

FOUR PERSPECTIVES... ANOTHER WORLD RECAP EPISODE Bay City perspectives AS TOLD BY TYRONE, VICKY, GRANT and RACHEL TYRONE MONTGOMERY Ever since I got married to Marley we’ve been happy for the most part. We had some issues with her guilt and all dat, but it seems like she got over it. We’re good now. Me and Toni Burrell was together for a little bit before I knew Marley, but she loved Chris Madison, and even before that, she was married to my brother, which I al

ANOTHER WORLD 50TH EPISODE!!! Dr. Taylor's killer is revealed!!!!

THE 50TH EPISODE OF ANOTHER WORLD GRANT’S HOUSE Grant answers the door, and gets an unexpected visitor. Grant: Toni Burrell. Toni: May I come in? Grant: Sure. Toni: I’m gonna get right to the point. I have to ask you some questions about Dr. Taylor’s murder. Grant: Ask away I…I will do anything I need to do to bring the killer to justice. Toni: Really Grant? Grant: Yes. Toni: Well you can start by telling me why you were depositing large amounts of money in Dr. Taylor



ANOTHER WORLD 72 Nicole's family rallies around her

ANOTHER WORLD 72 Nicole’s loved ones rally around her POLICE STATION Jack Snyder has just put down his office phone when Toni Burrell walks in. Toni: You look like you just lost your best friend. Jack: Not quite that bad. Toni: Did you hear from the St. Croix Police? Jack: That was them. Toni: Oh…what did they say? Jack: They got the autopsy report from Evan’s murder. Toni: I coulda told em he died from a gunshot wound. Jack: That’s the problem…he didn’t. Toni: H

ANOTHER WORLD 89 Allen threatens Reginald

ANOTHER WORLD 89 Reginald receives a death threat AT MITCH AND FELICIA’S…. Felicia is wowed by Cass’s admission… Cass: She has cancer! Felicia: Nicole has cancer… Cass: Of course Felicia, I’m not talking about anybody else. Felicia: Nicole has Donna, Vicky, Marley. Why do YOU have to be the one to take care of her? Cass: I felt guilty. I was just one of the many who let her down. She felt like she had to be perfect. Felicia: She lied to you for months. She let me get



Story updates on BACK TO ANOTHER WORLD

LAST WEEK (episodes 21-25) ---Jake and Vicky dealt with the aftermath of taking Michele off life support ---Battle lines were once again drawn between Rachel and IrisLAST WEEK (episodes 21-25) ---Jake and Vicky dealt with the aftermath of taking Michele off life support ---Battle lines were once again drawn between Rachel and Iris ---Allen and Amanda gave in to their desires ---Charlie walled off Frankie ---Kirkland returned to Bay City ---Frankie suggested hypnosis for Sharlene



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