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    ANOTHER WORLD 228 The Love/Hudsons celebrate a new birth

    The Love/Hudsons celebrate a new birth
    Written by:  C. Nathaniel Richardson
    Consultants:  Alex Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, DRW50
    John and Brianna go into the staff locker room.
    John:  You’re a real pro in there.
    Brianna:  I’ve delivered babies before.  It’s always a joy to see the families happy.  The mother having a baby; the father right there with her.  Must be nice.
    John:  I wasn’t there when Gregory was born.  Sharlene gave birth to our son in a shed.
    Brianna:  Wow.  
    John:  Taylor Benson delivered him actually after she...never mind.
    Brianna:  No tell me.  What did Taylor Benson do?  
    John:  I...don’t really wanna get into that.
    Brianna:  Oh um.  Ok.  
    Brianna starts feeling around in her pockets.
    John:  Looks like you lost something.
    Brianna:  Yeah I...can’t find my badge.  Maybe I dropped it somewhere.
    John:  Well go to a computer and log in.  If someone tries to use it, it will tell you where it was scanned.  Hopefully someone will return it.
    Tyrone wheels Marley in a wheelchair to the nursery.  They look through the glass at their baby in a bassinet labeled “Roman Montgomery” on the outside.  Donna, Michael and Vicky join them.
    Marley:  Look at him Tyrone.  He’s so tiny.  So innocent.
    Tyrone:  Our son.
    Donna looks at Michael.
    Donna:  And our grandson.
    Marley:  Have you called your mother?
    Tyrone:  She and Etta Mae are on their way.
    Marley:  He’s a miracle.  I thought I was never gonna be able to have children.  I’m gonna shower all the love I have on him.
    Tyrone:  He looks like a sports enthusiast.
    Marley:  We will love our son whatever he wants to be.
    Michael:  He’s got a large family behind him.
    Donna:  Where’s everyone else?  Where are the twins?  Where’s  Kirkland and Victoria?  I’m gonna go see where they are.
    Bridget and Michele are in the waiting area...quiet.  Each girl has her arms folded.  Bridget is sitting in a chair while Michele is sitting on the right arm of the couch closest to the glass door.  Michele looks at Bridget, rolls her eyes and gets up.
    Michele:  I’m gonna go see how Aunt Marley’s doing.
    Bridget:  No you’re not.  You’re gonna look for something to cut yourself with and blame it on me.
    Michele:  You can’t stop being a bitch for two seconds can you?
    Bridget:  Maybe after what you did tonight everyone will see that I was right about you.  You need help.
    Michele turns around and walks slowly toward Bridget.  Bridget gets up as if to prepare for another fight.
    Michele:  If you want a replay of what happened at the Corys I’m game, because I should have done it a long time ago.  I’ll be more than happy to beat the bitchiness out of you.
    Bridget:  You think some fisticuffs is gonna change anything?  I still have Cory, and dad and grandpa think you’re crazy, too.
    Michele:  Really?  After everything you’ve done, mom still supports me.  I’ve always been mom’s favorite daughter.  You’ve always been the black sheep; the outsider; the screw-up.
    Bridget:  Shut your mouth!
    Michele:  Deep down, dad knows it, too.  Mom knows what you’ve done, and sees you for the conniving little skank that you are, and that you’ll always be.
    Bridget:  You crazy bitch!
    Before they can start another physical fight, Kirkland races in and manages to get between them.
    Kirkland:  No!  Not here!  You two can’t stay in a room alone without wanting to kill each other?
    Michele:  Your bitch sister provoked me again!
    Kirkland:  Bridget why don’t you go the nursery and see our little cousin.
    Bridget:  But…
    Kirkland:  Go!
    Bridget looks at the both of them and walks out in disgust.
    Kirkland:  When are you two gonna stop?
    Michele:  It’s all her fault!  Wait til mom hears about what Bridget said.
    Kirkland:  You’re not gonna tell mom anything about this.
    Michele:  What do you mean?
    Kirkland:  Both of you need counseling.  You gotta let this go.
    You gotta stop being so angry.
    Vicky walks up to Steven.
    Vicky:  How’s Rachel?
    Steven:  I left a message on her voicemail.
    Vicky:  I know the rest of her family’s there.  Did you call your dad?
    Steven:  Not yet.  It’s still pretty late there.
    Vicky:  Listen I’m...I’m sorry about the way I’ve behaved…
    Steven:  But?
    Vicky:  But what?
    Steven:  You still don’t approve of Joy being in my life.
    Vicky:  No I can’t.
    Steven:  That’s too bad isn’t it?
    Vicky:  That girl is a homewrecker!  I cannot just sit here and watch this happen.  She is going to destroy you.
    Steven:  She was only eighteen years old when she had the affair with Tyrone.  You are still holding her past against her.  What if somebody held your past against you?  What she did before doesn’t stop me from…
    Steven stops as he, and Vicky, realize something.
    Vicky:  Oh my God.  You’ve fallen for her haven’t you?  You’re in love with her.
    Steven gets a text.  He looks on his phone.  The text is from Joy.
    Joy(text):  I’m home.  
    Steven (return text):  Good.  Thank you for being with me tonight.  I love you.
    MEANWHILE, Joy walks around the corner on the same floor.  She looks around to see if anyone sees her, and slips into a room.  She then gets a text from Steven.  She looks at her phone a bit jolted.  Steven’s declaration has taken her aback.  She takes a deep breath and texts back.
    Joy:  I love you, too.
    Joy looks around and sees scrubs.  Joy is not home.  She is in a hospital supply closet as she has a flashback:
    (EPISODE 174)
    Reginald:  Joy Joy Joy.
    Joy:  Did you do it?
    Reginald:  The antidote?   
    Joy:  Thomasina said she’s feeling better.
    Reginald:  Yes I called and they gave her the antidote.
    Joy:  Then we’re even.
    Reginald:  No we’re not.  I can get to her whenever I want.
    Joy:  So what does that mean?  What else do you want me to do?
    Reginald:  I don’t have to tell you.  I want to raise the next patriarch of my family, and you’re going to get him.
    Joy:  Where the hell am I supposed to get...no.  You can’t make me do that.
    Reginald:  You don’t want Thomasina to get sick again do you?  Get me my great grandson.
    Joy flashes back to the present and she notices Brianna’s hospital badge on the floor, and she picks it up.
    Joy:  I’m so sorry Steven but I have to do this.
    PART 2
    Marley lies in the bed.  Michael is sitting at her bedside.
    Marley:  I don’t think I can get any happier than I am now.
    Michael:  You’re very lucky.
    Marley:  I am...very lucky.  Lucky to have a husband who loves me; lucky to still have my parents; Vicky, Allen, all of you.
    Michael:  Your grandfather didn’t allow us to have this type of moment when you and Victoria were born.
    Marley:  Don’t bring him up.  Happy thoughts.  Happy memories.
    Michael:  Of course.  The birth of your child is something you’re always gonna remember.
    Marley:  And that you came back.  We all thought you were dead, but you fought your way back to us.  I’m so glad you’re here dad.
    Michael clenches Marley’s right hand.
    Michael:  There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
    Allen is talking to Tyrone.
    Allen:  Look at you man.
    Tyrone:  Yeah.  I got a son.  My boy Roman.  I mean this is just the icing on the cake.  All this time we thought Marley couldn’t get pregnant.  Just miraculous.
    Allen:  I know.  I’m just...glad I can be here to share this with you bro.
    Tyrone:  Thank you.  
    Allen:  For what?
    Tyrone:  You helped me to realize that my anger was misplaced.  Our father is the one I was really mad at.  
    Allen:  You can’t be too mad.  He raised you.  What was he like?
    Tyrone:  Typical dad I guess.  Be a man.  Don’t show any emotions.  
    Allen:  I didn’t get to spend hardly any time with him.  You did.  That’s why I’m so insistent on being in KC’s life.  Our dad wasn’t there for me.
    Tyrone:  I ain’t sending my boy off to no boarding school.  I’m gonna be there for him.  I’m taking him to all his games; to all his practices.  Whatever he wants to do.  I’m gonna support him.  I will never give up on my son.
    Allen:  I know, cuz I ain’t gonna let you.  He’s my nephew you know?
    Tyrone:  You know what’s so great about this, too?
    Allen:  What’s that?
    Tyrone:  I got my brother with me.
    Allen:  I got you.
    They hug and Donna and KC walk up to them.
    KC:  Look at this.  My dad and my uncle Tyrone….bonding.
    Donna:  I called my sister.  She told me the good news.
    Allen:  I’ve had a good night.
    Donna:  I can’t find Victoria or the girls.  Have you seen them?
    Tyrone:  No.  I heard about what happened between Michele and Bridget.  
    Donna:  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.
    Michele:  So what’s the matter?  You think I’m crazy, too?
    Kirkland:  Getting help doesn’t mean you’re ill.  It means you need to get rid of this anger you’ve got.
    Michele:  I’m sure you’ve heard what she did.
    Kirkland:  I know what happened.  She was devastated, hurt, and could hardly forgive herself when we thought you were dead.  She felt really down about losing you.
    Michele:  She’s got me, and the only she can act toward me is bitchy.
    Kirkland:  You both are doing it to each other.  Serve and volley.  
    Michele:  You’re comparing us to tennis.
    Kirkland:  Come on.  I can’t stand to see my little sisters fighting all the time.  Can you at least consider it?
    Michele:  Getting help?  I don’t need any help.  She’s the one who needs it.  Mom’s on my side.
    Vicky:  Who was that?  Joy?
    Steven:  I told her to text me when she got home.
    Vicky:  I’m gonna see about Marley.
    Steven:  Mom.  
    Vicky:  What is it?
    Steven:  I love you.
    Vicky smiles as her eyes well up.
    Vicky:  I love you, too my firstborn child.  
    Steven:  Let’s go see about Aunt Marley.
    Vicky:  Good idea.
    The Love/Hudsons surround Marley who is lying in her bed.
    Marley:  Would you look at this?  It means so much to have all of you here.
    Vicky:  We got a little one to look after now.
    Donna:  He’s gonna have a hell of a time being a part of this family.
    MEANWHILE, Bridget stands at the glass of the nursery, and watches her cousin Roman in his bassinet.  
    Bridget:  Are you sure you wanna be part of this family Roman?  Your cousin Michele is crazy.
    As Bridget walks away, Joy, dressed in blue hospital scrubs, with a mask over her nose and mouth, scans Brianna’s stolen badge into the nursery, walks over to and stands over Roman Montgomery’s bassinet.
    Marley (V.O.):  Roman’s gonna love all of you.  Let’s go see him.

  2. HeavensMeadow3.jpg

    Heaven's Meadow

    Season 1 - Episode Sixteen

    "Strike Three, You're Out"

    This episode features:

    Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

    Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer

    Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning

    Christian Alexander as Billy Jackson

    Peter Porte as James

    Catherine Hickland as Lindsay Rappaport

    Michael E. Knight as Tad Martin

    Vail Bloom as Brianna Emerson


    Jerry ver Dorn as Clint Buchanan

    Kelly Ripa as Hayley Vaughan


    Robin Chistopher as Skye Chandler


    • Hayley realizes she had an alcohol-infused one night stand and finds herself on the ledge.
    • Jack told Blair he had a boyfriend.
    • Lucas has a prisoner.
    • Skye has a secret.
    • The mystery woman changes her plan.



    kelly_ripa_2.jpg James: civilians7.jpg

    (Hayley is standing on the ledge. Tears are streaming down her face. Her entire body shakes as she looks down at the road 23 stories below her. She inhales sharply and reaches one hand behind her, grabbing the railing. With her other hand, she raises the bottle of vodka to her lips and takes a sip. Her hands shaking uncontrollably, a large splash of vodka splashes onto her chin and robe. Sobbing, she throws the bottle behind her and hears as it smashes on the balcony. She wipes the makeup soaked tears from her eyes one last time, and lets go of the railing. Just as she begins to lose her balance, a hand reaches out and grabs her arm, steadying her.)

    James: You can't do this, Hayley.

    (She turns to look at him through her blurry, tear soaked eyes.)

    Hayley: Oh, don't pretend to care.You don't even know me.

    James: Maybe not, butI know damn well that I'm not about to let you jump off of this ledge.

    (He reaches out and wraps his arms around her waist, lifting her over the railing and back onto the balcony.)

    Hayley: Leave it to me to have a one night stand with someone that actually gives a damn.

    James: You honestly expected me to let you jump?

    Hayley: I didn't expect you to be awake.

    James: Well, thank God I was.

    Hayley: Just because you pulled me off of one ledge doesn't mean I won't find another.

    James: Look, I don't know what's going on in your life, but I know that this isn't the answer.

    Hayley: You're damn right. You don't know anything about my life. You have no idea what I go through every single day. And you have no business interfering in my personal life.

    James: You can say whatever you want, but I don't have to know you. I don't have to know you, to know this isn't the answer. My mother killed herself when I was 5 years old, and it has haunted me for my entire life. And I know who you are, Hayley. I know you have children at home. And I'm not letting you do to them what my mother did to me. I'm not letting you take the coward's way out.

    (Hayley slaps him across the face.)

    Hayley: Don't you ever call me a coward. How dare you.

    (At this point, tears are once again streaming down her face. She stumbles away from him, and inadvertently walks barefoot directly through the shattered glass on the ground. She winces in pain as blood begins trailing from her foot.)

    (James moves towards her.)

    James: Let me help you.

    (Hayley looks up at him, a mixture of pain and hatred in her eyes.)

    Hayley: You stay away from me.

    (She limps backwards throw the doorway and into the hotel room. She grabs her purse from the chair, as well as her clothes from the ground, and stumbles from the room wearing nothing but a silk robe and her underwear.)





    oltl_depaivaK_9.jpg Jack: Andrew-Trischitta-Jack_Manning_OLTL.jpg



    (Inside Skye's club. Blair is standing with Jack and Billy.)

    Blair: Excuse me?

    Jack: This is Billy. He's my boyfriend.

    Billy: It's nice to meet yo--

    (Blair cuts him off.)

    Blair: Jack, I don't have time for your games. I have a lot going on right now.

    Jack: Mom, this isn't a game.

    Blair: You were livid at me for sending you to boarding school, and even more angry that you had to stay for the summer program. And what do you do? You skip school and pull a stunt like this.

    Jack: This isn't a joke, Mom.

    Blair: You expect me to believe that you're gay? You expect me to believe that you skipped school and hitch-hiked to New Hampshire to tell me that you're gay?

    Jack: Yes.

    Blair: Well, I don't believe you.

    (Her voice cracks. She turns and walks away from them, to the other side of the room. She picks up a stack of papers, and begins fumbling through them. Jack moves towards her.)

    Jack: Mom, please. I need you to--

    (Blair swivels around and cuts him off.)

    Blair: Why now? If this is true - Why now? In the middle of your summer term, you show up and tell me you have a boyfriend? You could have waited a few weeks until I visited. But you expect me to believe your story, when you show up here and drop a bombshell like this? I know you, Jack. You're up to something.

    (Jack is chocked up. He swallows the lump in his throat and chokes back tears.)

    Jack: Mom, I couldn't take it anymore.

    Blair: Take what?

    Jack: The bullying.

    (Blair is visibly taken aback by this. Blair and Jack lock eyes for a moment. Tears well up once more in Jack's eyes, and he turns away from his mother. He walks several feet to the other side of the room and sits at an empty table. Billy, still standing by the door, glances towards Jack, and then Blair. He moves across the room towards Blair.)

    Billy: Jack and I met in chemistry class this past year. We became friends instantly, and eventually it progressed to more. I've been openly gay for about a year now, and once Jack and I became close, he felt comfortable enough with me to admit that he had been doubting his sexual orientation.

    Blair: And you just swooped right in and took advantage of that?

    (Jack stands, visibly angered by this remark.)

    Jack: NO!

    Billy: I never came onto Jack. But once he accepted it, we began to explore our feelings for one another.

    Blair: Jack, when did you start having these...feelings?

    Jack: Last year...For Shane. I know I treated him horribly, and that's why. When my friends started bullying him, I hated it. Because from the minute that I met him, I felt...something. Of course I was in denial about it, and so I started bullying him harder than anyone else so that no one would know. But I hated it, because I had...feelings for him. Everything that I did was to cover that up.

    (Blair sighs and rests her head in her hand for a long moment.)

    Blair: Well, what is this that you said about bullying?

    Jack: It was late at night, and Billy and I were down by the water. We shared a kiss, but we didn't know anyone was around. Apparently one of the guys from the football team saw, and he told everyone. The next day I came back to my room after class and someone had broken in. My room had been completely trashed, and they spray painted...

    (He stops.)

    Blair: What, Jack? They spray painted what?

    Jack: They spray painted the word fag on my wall.

    (Blair is visibly horrified. A look of sheer heartbreak spreads across her face. In that moment, all denial that she had was wiped completely out of her.)

    Blair: You're serious.

    Billy: He is.

    Blair: Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!

    Jack: I didn't tell anyone, Mom. It would have only made things worse. But I couldn't handle it any more. The harassment was too much. Everywhere I went, they would call me names and mock me. I know I deserve it, after what I did to Shane...But I couldn't handle it, Mom.

    (Blair stands. There are tears in her eyes now. She moves towards Jack, who also stands. She embraces him tightly for a long moment.)

    Blair: I'm so, so sorry baby. Everything's going to be okay.



    mek.jpg Lindsay: 2193340.jpg

    (Inside Lindsay's apartment. She is standing near the door, with Tad. There is a suitcase next to her.)

    Tad: I can't believe I just got back, and now you have to leave.

    Lindsay: I know, but there's just something that I need to take care of. And now that you're officially living here, we'll see each other so much more. No more back and forth to Pine Valley.

    (Tad smiles.)

    Tad: Thank God.

    (The two kiss.)

    Tad: Where are you going again?

    Lindsay: To Seattle, to see my sister. She's had some crisis or another, and asked me to come see her. Always the drama queen, that Melanie.I'll be back in two days, okay? There's food in the refrigerator for you, and plenty of towels in the linen closet. Oh, and--

    Tad: Lindsay, I'll be fine! Go! Before you miss your flight.

    (The two kiss again. Lindsay grabs her suitcase from the ground. She opens the door, and steps into the hall, closing the door behind her. Tad moves across the room and has a seat on the couch. He reaches for the remote, but before he can turn the TV on, his phone rings. He picks his phone up off of the end table and looks at the caller ID: "Call from: Dixie Martin"

    Lindsay stands in the hallway. She opens her purse and takes out her plane ticket. It reads: DESTINATION: Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. She speaks quietly to herself.)

    Lindsay: I hate lying to you, Tad. But it's time I pay an old friend a visit.



    kelly_ripa_2.jpg Brianna: most+missed.jpg


    pic-of-rick-hearst.jpg Skye: skye.jpg


    jverdorn_240x320.jpg Erica: Erica%2BKane.jpg

    (Inside the WAVE Studios. Hayley sneaks in through a side entrance, still wearing nothing but underwear and the long silk robe - which is now tied. She creeps down the hallway and towards her dressing room. When she gets to her dressing room, she is surprised to see the door already open. She peers in and spots Brianna packing things into a large cardboard box. She enters the room.)

    Hayley: What the hell are you doing?

    (Brianna looks up, visibly stunned to see Hayley there.)

    Brianna: Hayley...We didn't expect you to show up today. It's so late already.

    Hayley: Don't deflect the subject Brianna. What the hell are you doing in my dressing room?

    Brianna: I shouldn't be the one to tell you this...

    (Before Brianna can finish, Hayley storms out of the room and down the hall into the large open room containing the set on which the show is filmed, as well as the camera crew, snack table and makeup touch up table. She spots Lucas on the other side of the room and marches towards him.)

    Hayley: Lucas, what the hell is going on here? Why is Brianna packing things in my office?

    Lucas: Hayley, I...I'm so sorry.

    Hayley: Sorry for what? Lucas! What the hell are you talking about?

    Lucas: You missed another day of taping, Hayley. I tried to defend you, I did. But...they've decided to let you go.

    (A look of utter confusion spreads across Hayley's face for a long moment. Slowly, it morphs into realization, and then anger. Before she can continue speaking, Skye enters the room through a set of double doors across from where Hayley is standing.)

    Hayley: You! You did this, didn't you?! You bitch. I asked you not to say anything.

    (Skye looks genuinely sympathetic.)

    Skye: I didn't do anything Hayley. This is out of my control.

    Hayley: No, I don't believe you. No, you did this! You hypocritical bitch. I asked you. I begged you not to do this to me. I should have known you couldn't change.

    (Before Skye can speak, Clint enters the room and begins speaking.)

    Clint: Skye had nothing to do with it, Hayley. This was my decision.

    (Hayley turns around slowly to face him.)

    Hayley: Excuse me?

    Clint: Your erratic behavior won't be tolerated anymore Hayley. It isn't benefiting the show or anyone involved, especially you. I'm very sorry, but you are being let go.

    (Hayley slaps him across the face with all the force she has, leaving nail marks across his cheeks.)

    Hayley: You bastard! You came to me. You came to me and told me you respected me, that you respected that this is MY show. But that was just a lie. It was nothing but a lie....You are just like the rest of them.

    Clint: I know you're upset, Hayley. But this is your own doing.

    (Tears well up in Hayley's eyes and cascade down her cheeks. She turns to storm out of the room but spots Erica Kane standing across the room. An evil glint fills her eyes as marches towards her. She shrieks.)

    Hayley: YOU! This was your plan all along, wasn't it? Swoop in here and steal my show because you're such a complete failure yourself. I should have known better than to trust you. You truly are the shallow bitch everyone makes you out to be, Erica.

    Erica: You should know I would never do that to you, Hayley.

    Hayley: But you did. You did do it, Erica. You slutted your way through Pine Valley for 40 years, and once that well was dried up you decided to swoop in here and cash in on your own daughters death, at my expense.

    (Tears well in Erica's eyes. Hayley opens her mouth to speak again, but Skye steps forward and in-between Erica and Hayley. She speaks.)

    Skye: Don't do this, Hayley. Don't take this out on Erica, or anyone else. You've made some mistakes, but it's not to late to fix them.

    (Hayley pushes Skye away from her and steps back.)

    Hayley: ​Oh, shut UP Skye. I am so sick of your incessant preaching. You are an alcoholic, slut mob princess. And everyone in this family hates you. You may be a biological Chandler this week, but it doesn't mean anyone wants you. We have been pretending you didn't exist for decades, and you begging to be my safe place isn't going to get you back in the will, honey.

    Skye: I've been where you are, Hayley. I know saying those things makes you feel better, but it isn't helping. You need to snap out of this denial --

    (Hayley cuts her off.)

    Hayley: Oh, honey. I'm not in denial!

    (She opens her purse and pulls out a flask.)

    Hayley: Ladies and gentleman, Hayley Vaughan is off the wagon! And I am loving every damn minute of it!

    (She uncaps the flask and takes a swig before recapping it and putting it into her purse. She turns to walk away. She moves towards the stairs, but before she can walk down them, Skye chases after her. Skye grabs her arm.)

    Hayley: Let go of me, Skye!

    (Hayley jerks forward, attempting to break Skye's grasp. Skye loses her balance and stumbles forward, down the steps. After the fall, she lies unconscious at the bottom of the steps, a small pool of blood on the floor near her head. Hayley looks down at her for a moment, before beginning down the steps. She walks down the steps, her high heels clicking with each step. When she reaches the bottom, she steps directly over Skye's unconscious body and walks out the exit of the building.)


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    PC – Episode 313
    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Written by: Tishy Smith and Ryan Chandler

    Cassandra woke up and looked around the unfamiliar room. She sighed as she got out of bed. She pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Not hearing any noise, she walked towards the kitchen and saw the cook. “Where is everyone?”

    “Alexander left early this morning. He said he will be back soon. Would you like some breakfast?” The cook asked.

    Cassandra nodded politely. “Yes please.”

    The cook served Cassandra some toast, fruit and a glass of orange juice. “Alexander said you are not to leave the premises. He wants to talk to you when he gets back.”

    Cassandra looked out the window. “Yes ma’am. I will not leave.”
    The doors to the 5th Floor Nurses’ station open up, showing Michael Corinthos III stepping off the elevator. He slings his backpack over his shoulder and makes his way to the desk.

    “Hi, excuse me miss?” Michael says to the pretty nurse working on the computer. “I’m looking for someone who works here. Maybe you can help me.”

    “Michael?” says a voice behind him.

    Michael turns around and is surprised to see Elizabeth. “Umm..hi.”

    “Aren’t you supposed to do be in school?” she asks.

    “Yeah….but I had something to do.” Michael turns away and rolls his eyes. Michael hasn’t really liked Liz since he found out she cheated on his cousin Lucky. “Maybe you can help me,” he says. “I need to talk to someone….about my mom.”

    Liz’s stomach drops. It’s no secret she hates Carly. Carly’s always putting her nose in things that don’t concern her. Hell, she still blames Carly for meddling in her relationship with Jason and Lucky. “Well Michael if you want to talk to me you can.”

    “No offense Elizabeth, but you’re not someone I would talk to about my mom. Is Dr. Winters around?” Michael says looking around, anxious to find someone other than Elizabeth.

    “I can leave a message for her to call you if that’s what you’d like.”

    “Yes, that’s good.” Michael hands her a piece of paper with his number on it. He walks to the elevator and steps on. He keeps the doors from closing and says, “Thank you Nurse Webber….Elizabeth. This is really important to me.”

    Liz smiles at Michael and says you’re welcome. She picks up the phone and begins calling Lainey.

    Back inside the elevator, Michael tosses the hair from his eyes and sighs. “I hope mom understands what I’m trying to do.”
    The role of Serena Baldwin will now be played by Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby, AMC).

    Serena dumped her books on her bed and shook Maxie awake. “Wake up, it’s like eleven! Don’t you have summer class or something?”

    Maxie punched her pillow. “Or something.” She mumbled into her pillow. “Why are you waking me up?”

    “Hunter hasn’t been in class in a week. He won’t answer my calls or my texts. I stopped by his dorm room and Jack said he is gone. All of his stuff is packed up and gone. Apparently he’s been gone almost a week. He never told me he was leaving.” Serena tosses her phone on the bed. “In fact, he told me he was going to stay in Port Charles for the summer.” Serena said angrily.

    Maxie pushed herself up into a sitting position. “Why do you care about that loser anyways? Do I have to remind you how he acted the second your back was turned and he was with that brunette tramp? Mind you, this wasn’t the first time he’s done that. So he left, just let it go. You’ll get over it. All guys leave. Trust me.”

    Serena wasn’t buying it. “No Maxie, not all guys leave. Hunter and I had something special. You wouldn’t understand.”

    “I wouldn’t understand.” Maxie snorted. “Please Serena. I have the real deal before. Your relationship with Hunter was about as special as receiving a gift from your boyfriend…that he gave to his ex. Hunter was a loser with a complex who hit on girls right before your eyes! Wake up! That is not something special. It’s lame.”

    Serena laid down on her bed and focused on a mark on the ceiling. She stayed like that for a long time. “Maybe you are right.” She said slowly. “Maybe I should let it go.”

    “You should.” Maxie wasn’t being mean when she said, “I hate to say this, but everyone gets dumped sometimes. It happens. Maybe his plan was to go home early and not tell you. It has happened to the best of us, we just have to move on.”

    “I know.” Serena rolled over and let her blond hair fall into her face. “I just have never been dumped like this before. I don’t want to cry any more though, you know?”

    “Crying over a guy is so lame anyway.” Maxie said confidently. “This summer we will have an awesome time! Think of all the guys we will meet! In no time you will be saying Hunter who?” Maxie laughed. “I can’t believe I have to go to summer school, but so be it. At least you will be here with me.” Maxie lay back down. “I’m going back to sleep, ok?”
    Alexander walked through the front doors of the mansion that he and Cassandra were currently living. He has a lot of things on his mind and he didn’t need Cassandra giving him a hard time. He made his way into the kitchen where he figured she might be. Looking like a little girl lost, she sat there eating her breakfast. He nodded to the cook. “Can you excuse us please? I need to talk to Cassie.”

    Cassandra whipped around in her chair, happy to see Alex. “Alex, where have you been? I was getting worried about you. You have been gone a long time.”

    Alexander sat down next to her. “There is no need to worry, I’m fine. Did you sleep alright?”

    “Just fine. Where did you go this morning?”

    “I had some business to attend to in Port Charles. Everything is good now.” He smiled tenderly at her. “Everything is just fine.

    Cassandra still looked worried. “Did you? You know…. Did you see?”

    Alex wiped his hand across his brow and frowned, cutting her off. “Cassie, you know I hate it when you ask me these questions. You know you aren’t supposed to yet you continually ask. What do you think will happen when the day comes when I am not here to protect you? You don’t want a repeat performance, do you?”

    Cassandra shook her head and whispered. “No. I’m sorry.”

    Alex picked her up and hugged her tightly. “I’ll always protect you…remember that.”

    Cassie smiles, tucks her hair behind her head and walks out the room. Alex takes a cup of coffee from the counter and walks out to the terrace overlooking the water. A devious smile forms on his lips.
    Next...on Port Charles
    - Ric continues to hide something from Alexis
    - Anna receives another cryptic call
    - Dillon returns studying abroad and runs into Maxie
  4. vorjns.jpg

    As the sun has set, a mournful nation is in shock and heartbroken over the assassination of their president. Lawrence’s body has been flown back to Washington D.C., and as the plane lands at the airport.......a distraught Forrest walks over to the staircase as Jennifer is being helped down. Their eyes lock.........and, once at the bottom of the staircase, she falls into Forrest’s arms and sobs deeply, only mustering the strength to say......

    Jennifer: I’m so sorry.

    Forrest holds on to her, and Jack comes up and takes her from Forrest.........as he sees his brother’s body being brought off of the plane. The nation, and especially the citizens of Salem, watch is disbelief as the casket carrying the president is loaded into a hearse to be taken to the morgue.

    Jack, having placed Jennifer in her limousine, walks over to Forrest and tells him.........

    Jack: Sir, I have that file you requested.

    Forrest: Good. Get it to the F.B.I., the I.S.A. and Interpol. I know who killed my brother.......I just want the proof, so, when he is captured.......the charges will stick. But.......

    Jack: Yes?

    Forrest: Keep the identity of the person who ordered his assassination out of the media. They will only get in the way. Also.......contact Stefano DiMera and Shane Donovan. Tell them I’m signing off on their plan.

    Jack: Yes, sir.

    Forrest: And have Bo Kiriakis brought to Washington tomorrow. I’m going to offer him a job. I just hope he takes it.

    Jack: Yes.........Mr. President.

    As Jack walks off, Forrest asks him a question.......

    Forrest: Jack.........I need a man I can trust as my Vice President. Interested?

    Jack: {After a brief pause} With pleasure, sir.

    Forrest: Good.

    Both men walk to their cars. Forrest gets in his own limousine, and Jack sits in Jennifer’s limousine. As all the cars drive away from the runway and leave the airport, Jack places his hand on Jennifer’s hand........and it makes her break down once again. Jack puts his arm around her, and comforts her as she cries in his arms, as the motorcade drives off into the beautiful starlit night.

    In Salem, the Hortons sit in the family living room and cry at what they have witnessed on the television. Maggie remarks that she didn’t think someone would a man as honorable as Lawrence. Hope doesn’t know why she would think that. People die every day........why should his death be any more important? Maggie is shocked by Hope’s attitude, and Hope doesn’t care. All she wants is Bo. And she will have him........

    Hope: Even if I have to get rid of that whore he’s married to.

    Maggie stands and looks at Hope, as the scene fades into.......

    The DiMera household, where Orpheus comes downstairs for dinner. He rolls up his sleeves and sits down to eat, and Eric and Lucas walk through the door. Marlena comes out of the kitchen with Carrie and everyone sits down to silently eat. Everyone keeps looking at Orpheus, and after minutes of this tension, he puts his fork down and says......

    Orpheus: Ok. Your grandfather and I have a plan in place. I can’t tell you what it is.

    Lucas and Eric look at each other, with Lucas saying........

    Lucas: I want in.

    Eric: So do I.

    Marlena: {Standing up} No. None of my children are getting involved. The country is in mourning. And you father and grandfather have enough on their plate without you two getting involved. Besides Lucas, you left home because of the violence.

    Carrie: And now you want to in. You too, Eric. Interesting.

    Lucas: I know all of that........I’m just sick of those damn Bradys running all over everything and everyone. Dad......you can see that, can’t you?

    Orpheus: Of course, son. But there are reason why none of you can have any part in this. (Turning to Marlena) Great food as always, my dear. You are truly a great cook.

    Marlena: Thank you, dear.

    Orpheus: And now.......I’m going to meet with some people. I’ll see you all tomorrow morning. Good evening.

    Orpheus heads out to meet with Stefano at the station, while Eric and Lucas decide to follow him. Marlena stays with Carrie, and as the men leave out...........

    Steve and the new president sit in the Oval Office, going over then plans to attack the Brady Mansion and bring Roman and Shawn Brady to justice.........as, 90 minutes later, Lucas and Eric sit in Lucas’s car and listen in on Orpheus’s meeting with his father.........

    Lucas: They need to get to the damn pont. I’m sick of sitting in this car. BTW.........how did you get that microphone into Stefano’s office?

    Eric: I’m a DiMera, as are you. You know we have our ways.

    Lucas: True. Wait a minute.........what did Dad just say?

    Both men listen intently and both of them hear the plan to attack the Brady compound. They look at each other as Eric tells Lucas to hit the peddle........

    Eric: I have to get to the house and warn Sami.

    Lucas: What about the rest of the Bradys?

    Eric: To hell with the rest of them! She’s the only one a I care about. If anything happened to her.......

    Lucas: Calm down, little brother. We’re on our way.

    Lucas starts his car and guns it towards the Brady Mansion...........

    While Steve and Forrest converse with Shane on a conference call about when they strike. Forrest agrees that tomorrow is as good a time as any. He tells the men that he intends for Steve’s brother Bo to go along with them. Steve and Shane both ask why.........and Forrest tells him that the U.S. Attorney General is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country.......and that is what he intends to make Bo, if he excepts the position.

    Back in Salem, Lucas and Eric pull up down the street from the mansion. They look at each, shake hands, and Eric jumps out of the car, racing towards the compound. He tries to stay out of sight as Lucas starts his car and drives off. He then picks up his phone and calls Sami’s private phone. When she answers, Lucas tells her Eric is on the grounds, and needs to talk to her. She thanks Lucas for the phone call, and he says........

    Lucas: It’s the least I could for my brother. Take care.

    As they both hang up........Bo’s private jet lands in Washington, D.C. He looks at the television as the nation mourns Lawrence’s death, and disembarks off the plane. He is met by F.B.I. agents and Secret Service agents, sent there by Forrest for his safety. He gets into a waiting limousine, the destination......

    The White House.

    At the Horton home, Hope goes upstairs to see her sister, Kimberly. She sees her laying in her bed, sleeping. Hope walks in and silently sits next to her. She takes her hand and holds it, while also wiping tears from her eyes. She then leans forward and quietly starts talking to Kimberly, telling her........

    Hope: I tried calling Bo, but he had left town. I can’t believe the president is dead. What are we going to do? I hope Bo can protect us. I just don’t know, Sis.......

    I just don’t know.

    In his limousine driving through Washington, Bo calls Megan, asking how she’s doing. She says his parents are doing a fine job taking care of her. He tells her not to overdo it, and she smiles, saying he needs to stop worrying. He should have his mind on more important things, and he tells her.....

    Bo: Nothing, and no one.......is more important than you.

    Megan: My dad will be happy to hear that. Thank you, Bo.

    Bo: For what?

    Megan: Being by my side.

    Bo then looks out the window, and tells Megan he has to go. They say their good-byes, and after they hang up, Bo’s car stops. Someone comes and opens the door, and as he gets out, he looks up at the beautiful White House Mansion........and slowly walks in.

    In Salem, Roman comes downstairs and sees Sami putting her jacket on. He ask where she’s going, and she says out. He demands to know why she is running around after what happened in Dallas today, to which Sami replies..........

    Sami: I think you know EXACTLY what happened in Dallas today.

    Roman: What are you saying?

    Sami: {After a pause} Did you? Did you have the president killed?

    Roman: How dare you ask me something like that. What kind of damn monster do you take me for?!

    Sami: The same monster who has been trying to have Orpheus locked away for years. The same monster who held him from his family, the same monster who.........

    Roman: What?! Say it!

    At that moment the door opens, and a man walks in. He says to Roman and Sami........

    Maxwell Brady: She won’t say it, Dad. She doesn’t have the guts.

    Roman and Sami just look at each other, and Sami then turns around. She smiles at her brother.........right before slapping him hard across his face. She storms out as he holds his chin, saying to Roman......

    Maxwell: She still has that temper.

    Roman sighs deeply and welcomes his son home, and as they both walk into the main living room.......

    Sami runs out to her car. She gets in and starts it up.........as Eric sits up in the backseat. He startles her, and she reaches back and starts slapping him, telling him about scaring her. He says he’s sorry, and sits up all he way, telling her to drive. She looks at him with fear, and he tells her........

    Eric: Yeah, it’s huge..........now get out of here.

    She puts her car in reverse, backs down the long driveway, puts her car in drive, and floors it towards her Aunt Kate’s home. As the two lovers drive through the night.......

    Bo sits down in Forrest’s Oval Office, as Jack walks in as well. As they sit, Bo offers his condolences for Lawrence’s death. Forrest thanks him, and says that’s one of the reason why he’s there. Bo doesn’t quite understand, and Forrest tells him that a plan has been put in place to take out the person responsible for his brother’s death. Bo looks at Jack, who shakes his head in agreement. Bo wonders what he has to do with it, and that is when a man, the Director of the C.I.A. walks in and tells him........

    C.I.A. Director Ernesto Toscano: Everything, son. Let us know right now. Are you with us.........

    Or against us?

    Bo looks around the room and looks back at this man, as the scene freeze frames........

    And slowly fades to black.


    The blog will be taking its 400 plus episode blog elsewhere EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, according to creator and headwriter, King Reilly. "It's true! I am moving the blog to a different location for MANY reasons! I'm just not happy here!"...confesses King. "The blog will benefit from being elsewhere. Fans can email me at [email protected] for exclusive details on its new location, and it's NOT where you think! ;) "...teases King. The blog isn't going to another message board promises King...at least not yet. "It's bigger than that. I'm taking the blog to a whole new level. I don't want to reveal too many details! If I post them, a certain other blog will probably steal them!”…King says with a laugh referring to the lack of integrity, originality of another SONBC Blog. “If they want to prove to all of SON they have no originality and are in the field of piracy, that is fine by me.”…King says with a smile. But that is not the reason for the big move. "Oh heck no! I wouldn't give people the satisfaction. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess! But I have been threatened with a potential banning so I cannot say anymore. I am moving the blog because SONBC doesn't appear to have much traffic or viewership anymore."

    As for the future, it's very bright. "The cruise ship storyline was one of the most exciting I've done, and it isn't even over yet! The smoke must clear, those that survived still have to get out alive. There are still so many secrets and lies to come out. It will be a multi-week adventure that will leave lives in its wake! And there is a huge new storyline coming up concerning Victor's inheritance and his fortune. He is dying so he knows he needs to set something up to take care of his loved ones. Stefano's impact on Salem will be one of those most heavily felt forces on ever on the history of the show. Brady Black will be returning. The blog will finally tackle a gay love story with Will/Oscar. The Brady/Dimera feud will be amazing and ignited on a whole new level. Stefano never really had a reason to hate the Brady's before. It was simply that Roman was attacking him and trying to nail him to the wall, they kept him from Maggie, and Megan's death, which, turns out, she didn't die until recently. Now, Stefano will REALLY have a reason to hate the Brady's, and it won't be pretty!"

    With over 600 entries, an 26,862 views, and 1,100 comments, the blog and SON are parting. "Over 25,000 views? That's so amazing! And 1,100 comments is ridiculous! I am so happy the blog's fans have read and commented and supported it like this. It will continue on to greater heights and better things...just not here!"

    Once again, fans can send an email to [email protected] on how they can follow the blog in its future!

    Here's to 400 more! :)


    Now, email me! LOL!
  6. carlton_colleen_leon_alt_image2.jpg

    Colleen asks Abby to keep a secret for her

    Wiping sweat from his brow, JT looked at all of the belongings that Amanda had him help bring to the loft. He wondered how someone could accumulate so much in such a short period of time. Coming into the loft, Amanda had two large garment bags full of her dresses and other dress clothes. Shaking his head, JT told her that he’s glad that he made enough room in the closet for her belongings. Amanda insists that she doesn’t have a lot. Rolling his eyes, he pulls her into his lap and gives her a kiss on the lips. He tells her that he’s glad that she’s going to be living with him. Kissing him again, Amanda grabbed some of her boxes and made her way towards the bedroom.

    At Crimson Lights, Michael and Phyllis are having their usual bonding session. Phyllis comments on Dru’s ‘absurd’ behavior at Newman Enterprises. Chuckling, Michael tells her that he has her beat. He fills her in on his visit with his father. Phyllis asks if a part of him was glad that he got to see the man who is his father. Scrunching up his nose, Michael tells Phyllis that he only went to Atlanta to face the man and be done with him for good; how could he want to get to know about the man who walked out on his family. Taking Michael’s hand, Phyllis tells him that he should just try to get to know a little bit about Lowell; what could possibly happen know after so many years.

    At the Abbott house, Abby, who has come with Colleen, is reading a book when she brings up what happened at breakfast the previous day. The young girl asks Colleen why she lied about eating when she threw her food away. Seeing that Abby could possibly slip and tell her father about it, Colleen asks Abby if she can keep what happened at breakfast as secret. Shrugging, Abby asks again why she threw her breakfast away; questioning if something was wrong with it. Smiling a little, Colleen tells Abby that she tried to eat it but she wasn’t hungry. Extending her pinkie finger, Colleen asks Abby to ‘pinkie swear’ to keep quiet. Linking pinkies, Colleen is relieved when Abby says she’ll keep quiet.

    During his visit to the prison, Kevin can tell that Gloria isn’t in good spirits. When she sits down, she tells him that she’s glad to see him; that she has something he should know. Kevin, worried, asks her to tell him what’s going on. Before Gloria tells him, she asks him how things are going at the coffee house. He tells her that business is steady. Kevin then makes a comment about some guy coming by asking about her. Looking at her son, Gloria tells him that the man that was looking for her was none other than Michael’s father, Lowell Baldwin. Kevin asks how she can be sure? She tells him that he paid a visit, and made it clear that he was going to get to know Michael more; as well as the rest of the family.

    Adrian, walking into the foyer of the Abbott home, asks why Colleen isn’t dressed for dinner. Colleen tells Adrian that she doesn’t feel like going out to a crowded restaurant. Laughing a little, Adrian tells her that he had made reservations to a new hot spot, and was hoping she would enjoy it. Handing him the phone, she asks if he can cancel and just stay, cuddled watching movies with one another. Taking the phone from her. Adrian dials the restaurant, apologizing that he must cancel the reservation. Colleen tells Adrian to pick one of the movies on the entertainment center, while she goes to pop a large bowl of popcorn. As she makes her way to the kitchen, she once again feels her stomach growl , but ignores it, more determined to stick to her goal.

    Coming from the athletic club, Lauren coos at Fen, as she places him in his stroller. As she was pushing it towards the door, she smiled as an older gentleman offered to open the door for her. Looking down, the man crouches down and tells Lauren that she has a adorable little boy. She smiles, telling him that he’s even more adorable when he’s fast asleep. Looking at him for a moment, Lauren asks if they’ve met before. Shaking his head, the man tells her that he’s new to Genoa City. Checking her watch, Lauren realizes she’s late for her visit with Katherine. Excusing herself, Lauren again thanks the man for helping her get the stroller out of the door. When she is out of sight, Lowell smiles to himself, pleased that he managed to not only see Michael’s wife but his little son.


    • Amanda bumps into Daniel at Newman Enterprises
    • Neil admits to Phyllis that the presence of Ji Min makes him feel like an outsider
    • Victor introduces Nick to Tyler

  7. Unfortunately, scheduling problems and lack of ideas has left me with no other choice but to end this fan fiction. It's a sad day for me, but this is a decision that I felt had to be made. I want to thank all the loyal readers (you know who you are) for following ANWT for this long. I also appreciate all the feedback that I've received, good and bad alike, during the course of this fan fiction. Lastly, I could have never have done this without the help of 2 amazing friends. P.J., you are a God-send. Co-writing this fic together was a phenomenal experience that will always be remembered. Thanks for all your support, nagging, and friendship. I wouldn't have had it any other way. DrewH, without you, I would have gone crazy. Thanks for helping me keep my cool and giving me great story ideas in the process. And to all the readers, whoever and wherever you are, thanks for letting us turn your world. It's been a fun ride.

    With that said, the ending will be posted in parts. Each part will be posted whenever I can get around to it, so please be patient. And now, part 1 of "A New World Turns: The Ending". :)


    Carly finds Brad an apartment to sub-lease at the Oakdale Towers. Brad nitpicks the place to death, until Carly finally shuts him up. She points out he was all for pushing her to "move on" when Jack left town. Now she's the one advising him to move on with his life. Brad reminds her they've never been friends. He's always been a pain in the ass, Carly admits. But he grew up a little while Jack was out of town, looking out for her and the kids the way he did. That makes him family. Rolling his eyes, Brad admits the fabulous apartment isn't that bad...all it needs is a recliner and a big screen tv to make it perfect. Carly says he might want to add a bed, unless he plans on unrolling a sleeping bag on the floor. And sleeping alone for the forseeable future.

    Jack calls in a favor and gets access a copy of the OPD file on Carly's accident. Other than Katie, the OPD had no suspects. He's upset to find a report detailing the earlier vandalism on Carly's car that he knew nothing about. The detective's notes question if the incidents are related. Jack's face turns ashen and he storms out to his car. Pulling out his cell, he leaves an angry message---"you have a lot of explaining to do."

    Jack remains silent during dinner, and after she sends the kids to do their homework, Carly asks what's bothering him. Calmly, Jack asks why she didn't tell him her car was vandalized. Carly shrugs her shoulders and reminds him he wasn't around. At the time, she wasn't even sure if he gave a damn about her. Kissing her, he tells her everything he's done, he's done for her.

    A few days later, Carly takes Brad to the mall, to help him furnish his new apartment. While they shop, Brad notices Mac out of the corner of his eye. He doesn't say anything to Carly, but he makes an excuse and confronts Mac, thinking he's stalking Carly. Mac tells him he's an idiot, that he's picking up some equipment for the hockey team. Brad backs off, but he's still suspicious. Later, he plays the sympathy card and invites himself back to supper at Milltown, and takes Jack aside, volunteering to help him "knock some sense" into Mac, Snyder style. Parker walks by and overhears Jack thank him for watching out for Carly, but refuses to confront Mac. After Brad leaves, Jack insists on staying the night with his family---on the couch.

    The next day, taping runs late at WOAK. Expecting his furniture, Brad asks Jimmy to wait for the delivery men. When he's finally done with work, Brad runs in to Carly in the parking lot. She chides him for acting like a kid at Christmas, anxious see the presents Santa's brought. Brad reminds her she had fun too---spending his money. Carly admits she did, and Brad invites her to be his first official houseguest...and help do all the "woman-y things" like arranging the furniture. She agrees. When they arrive, everything's been delivered but the bed. Brad thanks Jimmy, and he and Carly are soon engrossed in unpacking and rearranging the furniture.

    When the kids arrive home from school, Jack is walking up the block to greet them. While JJ and Sage do their homework, Parker asks Jack if he had a talk with Mac. Jack denies it, and wonders why Parker's asking. Parker admits he overheard Brad accuse Mac of stalking Carly. And that while Carly befriended Mac at first, she grew uncomfortable around him, and he saw them arguing on the porch the last time Mac stopped by the house. Jack assures him there's nothing to worry about. Parker berates him for acting like it's no big deal. Maybe if Jack had been around to see it like Parker and Brad were, he'd think differently. Parker has a bad feeling about Mac---he thinks he's lying about something. And frankly, he thinks Jack's lying to him too.

    A knock at the door interrupts them. It's Margo, accompanied by two cops. She tersely asks if Carly's home. Carly's still at work, Jack tells her. Margo shakes her head. Carly's not at WOAK. When Jack asks why Margo wants to know, she takes him aside and tells him 911 got a call half an hour ago from Oakdale Towers---Brad's been stabbed. He's been rushed to Memorial, and it doesn't look good. Jack asks what that has to do with Carly. Carly was seen entering the building with Brad, Margo answers. But no one saw her leave. And her purse was found at the scene. Jack pales---Carly's obviously been kidnapped. Margo hesitates--or she's the suspect in an attempted murder. Jack scoffs at the idea. Margo's serious. She mentions the fact Carly's been seen with Brad all around town lately. She was helping Brad set up residence, using his credit card and ordering furniture, including a bed. She even mentions Katie accused Carly and Brad of having an affair minutes after Jack left town. It wouldn't be the first time a lover's spat had ended in violence.

    Jack tells Margo she's wrong...he and Carly are back together. Margo snidely reminds him it wouldn't be the first time Carly's deceived him. Jack snaps, reminding her Carly was nearly run down just a few weeks ago. Margo says it was probably just an accident, and Carly used it to drum up sympathy. Finally, Jack comes clean. The reason he suspects someone is after Carly, is because someone's after him. Right before Christmas, Jack went back undercover with the FBI after they informed him Ben Harris had been brutally attacked. An obituary of Joe Teague was left at the scene, along with an old newspaper article about Jack finding the evidence that linked Teague to the Milltown Church fire. The FBI has been investigating a white supremicist group headed by Joe Teague's son, Junior. Ben was put into protective custody, and the Bureau wanted to put him, Carly and the kids under protection too while they hunted Junior down. Jack refused, staged a break up, and left town to keep his family safe. Margo chastises him for not informing her--she could have at least placed the house under surveillance while Jack was out of town. Jack assures her he made his own arrangements before going undercover and trying to get information from one of Teague's old buddies about where Junior might hide out. He couldn't find out anything useful, and he came home after hearing about Carly's accident.

    Margo puts out an APB on Carly's car, and Jack asks to be a part of the investigation. He calls the FBI, hoping they've had a break in finding Junior. Emma comes over to be with the kids, while Margo authorizes police protection for the house. Emma tries to reassure the kids, but Parker overhears the officers speculate that Carly's probably already dead. Convinced that Mac is behind Carly's disappearance, he sneaks out of the house with a baseball bat. While Parker hides in the bushes at Mac's house down the street, Carly wakes up in the dark, screaming, recalling finding Brad laying in a pool of his own blood.

    Parker spies Mac sitting in his front room, in front of his laptop. When Mac leaves the room, he sneaks inside the house, and is shocked. There are candid pictures of his family hanging on the wall, along with schedules of their weekly activities written out. When he hears Mac returning, he waits by the door, and hits him in the back, knocking Mac to the floor. As the older man coughs up blood, Parker shouts he wants to know what Mac's done with Carly. Mac denies any involvement, and Parker hits him again. Parker shouts Brad was right, Mac is some stalker-pervert fixated on his mom. Slowly, Mac crawls into a corner as he coughs up blood. Parker raises his bat again, as Mac tries to calm him down. Mac understands that it looks bad, but he's not stalking anyone. He's been protecting them. Parker laughs at him--he's a cop's kid, he'd have known if they were under police protection. Understanding nothing he says will convince Parker, he offers up proof. The phone number of the man who hired him.

    Emma panics, realizing Parker's taken off. The officers search the house and call Jack, who races home. The officers report they've searched the area, and Parker's bike is still in the garage. Jack tells them to keep searching and begs Emma not to worry before taking off again.

    Parker tells Mac he's calling the police instead, and pulls out his cell phone. Hearing someone else enter the house and call out Mac's name, he hides by the door and raises his bat. Just as the person steps through the doorway, Mac yells at them to duck, and they roll to the floor as Parker swings and misses. Parker's ready to swing again, but stops cold when he realizes it's Jack. Parker tells him he's found Carly's kidnapper--Mac. Jack yells at him, asking what the hell he's doing running out on Emma in the middle of a crisis. Mac yells at him explain everything before Parker hits anyone else with the bat. Then Jack comes clean. Mac is ex-FBI, the first partner Jack had when he joined the Bureau. Parker was right, Jack lied when he left town---but it was to go undercover--and he only agreed knowing someone he trusted would be protecting his family. He got Mac the job at the rink, so he could have a way to keep an eye on them without scaring either Carly or them. Mac called him right after Carly's accident, and Jack decided to come home. Jack assures him there's no way Mac had anything to with Brad's stabbing or Carly's disappearance.

    Parker apologizes to Mac, and Jack scolds him for taking matters into his own hands. As Jack arranges for a squad car to take Mac to the ER, he gets a call on his cell phone. The caller's voice is disguised, and he's told that if he wants the blonde returned safely, he'll come to where Joe Teague was murdered. Alone.

    Carly explores the cabin she's being held in. To her horror, she realizes it's the same cabin she and Jack took refuge in after being trapped by Joe Teague in the tool shed and nearly freezing to death. Where Jack was stabbed and Teague was killed after fighting with Ben Harris. Carly desperately tries to escape, but the door is barred from the outside and all the windows are boarded over. Carly hears someone outside and tries to hide, hoping she can just rush out past them. She can't see the man's face, but he advises her not to run, and holds a gun out for her to see. Besides, her hero is on his way to rescue her---she wouldn't want to miss that. Carly tells the man he'd be better off leaving---Jack will kill him for taking her and killing his brother. The last he heard, Brad was hanging on in the ICU at Memorial. Then all he has to do is let her go, and he'll live, Carly tries to bargain. Jack needs to pay, the man tells her, turning around and introducing himself as Joe Teague Jr. Carly pales recognizing Jimmy, the intern from WOAK.

    Joe/Jimmy tells her to scurry out from the corner she's hiding in. He's not going to hurt her---at least until Jack gets there. He laughs as Carly stays hidden, and tells her how fun it was being so close to her at WOAK, knowing he could just kill her anytime he wanted. It amused him to see her operate, bedding Brad while Jack-the-hero was out of town. And the way she tortured poor Katie made him hate Carly all the more. That's why he trashed her car---for Katie---but he also hoped to scare her enough to bring Jack back to town. It took nearly running her down to do that though. He could have played this out for months, but when Katie left town, it left him without someone to take the blame. So he stepped up his timetable. And when Brad asked him to let the furniture guys in and she showed up too---it was the perfect opportunity.

    Carly and Joe/Jimmy hear a car pull up, and Carly makes a break for the door, screaming for Jack to stay away. Jimmy hits her, knocking her down, then grabs her up by the arm and hauls her out to the porch with him. Pointing his gun to her head, Jimmy tells Jack to toss away his gun, then kneel down. His dad would want his murderer to die on his knees. Jack wants Jimmy to let Carly drive away in his car first before he'll toss the gun. Carly's horrified and begs Jack not to agree---Jimmy's going to kill her either way. Jack tells her that's not true, Jimmy promised Carly wouldn't be harmed. Jimmy laughs...as long as Jack knows what a faithless bitch Carly was, sleeping with his brother, he'll let her go. He tells Jack to throw his gun away and walk away from the car. When Jack does, Jimmy drags Carly with him off the porch, and moves with her closer to the car. Eyes locked on her, Jack tells Carly he loves her.

    When they get to the front of the car, Jimmy tosses Carly to the ground and shoots three rounds into Jack's chest. Carly scrambles for the car door as a shot rings out, dropping Jimmy to the ground. Screaming, Carly dashes over to Jack, begging him not to die as she presses her hand over his chest. Jack groans, and tells her not to worry, she's not getting rid of him that easily. Carly feels a solid mass, and realizes Jack's wearing a bulletproof vest. Suddenly she's aware of a handful of FBI agents swarming the scene, and realizes he had an entire squad backing him up. Relieved beyond belief, she smothers him with kisses. Jack groans in pain, and protests going to a hospital when one of the medics suggests it. Carly overrules him, and tells him she's putting her foot down. The sooner he's healed, the sooner they can get married. Jack laughs that he hasn't asked her yet. Carly tells him she's not waiting for him to ask, they're getting married exactly one week after he's discharged. No ifs, ands or butts about it. Laughing, Jack agrees---but he's not taking her name. Carly kisses him, and tells him to shut up.



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    March 1983

    Matt’s change of heart would only fuel Drake’s lawsuit against the hospital, this time solely targeting Matt. Drake would suffer a brief moment of clarity when reporter Bill Avery tried to convince him to drop the suit. Drake would seemingly appear to be at a crossroads until a bitter Emerson came upon him. With an axe to grind against Matt, Emerson would encourage Mr. Corbin to continue his lawsuit against the very hospital he worked for! Emerson would underline the importance of knocking Matt down a peg or two, and getting him out of the hospital for good. Motivated by Emerson’s words, Drake and his attorney would present the hospital with an ultimatum; continue on with this lawsuit or fire Matt. Sitting in on the proceedings as owner of the hospital, Mona would vehemently oppose such an offer. Matt, noticing the toll this would take on the hospital, would begin to consider resigning from the hospital. Days later, when Matt had decided to hand in his resignation, Drake would bump into Emerson and the pair would become embroiled in a heated confrontation, with Drake accusing Emerson of using him to do his dirty work. Drake would threaten to tell everyone what Emerson had urged him to do. In the midst of the argument, Drake would collapse right there in the elevator, his airway swollen. Much to Emerson’s shock, the elevator doors would open up to reveal Matt, stunned to see an unconscious Drake on the floor. With the help of Darren Match, an intern, Matt would execute a successful tracheotomy on Drake Corbin, using only an ink pen and plastic straw while in the elevator. Shortly after stabilizing Mr. Corbin, Drake would later be diagnosed with a case of vasculitis. Matt’s curiosity would be piqued when he’d think back to Emerson admitting that he and Drake had been arguing before the man had collapsed. Matt would wonder what the pair could have possibly been arguing about. When Drake regained consciousness, he’d be under the impression that Darren had saved his life, but soon Mr. Corbin would be thrown in for a loop when he’d learn that Matt was the one who he should be thanking. Faced with such a fact, Drake would experience an epiphany of sorts and call off his lawsuit against Dr. Powers. When Emerson paid Drake a visit to make sure the man would remain mum about his involvement in the lawsuit, Drake would keep the doctor on his toes, not certain what he was going to do. Shortly after reuniting with his family, Drake would decide to leave Madison for good. Shortly before departing, Drake would receive a visit from Matt. Drake would offer a sincere apology to the doctor and thank him for saving his life. Not revealing Emerson’s backhanded tactic to get Matt removed from the hospital; Drake would warn Matt to watch his back with Dr. Mitchell.

    Jason and Nola’s daughter fell victim to a rare blood disorder that required a blood transfusion from the girl’s father. When Jessica flat lined and was subsequently brought back to life, it seemed as if Jason and Nola would find comfort in each other’s arms, until Lewis Baker, Nola’s business savvy fiancé walked in. Jason would be rendered speechless upon meeting the man, unable to deal with seeing the woman that he had once and still loved, with another man. As Nola and Jason celebrated the success of the blood transfusion, both would be at odds emotionally about how they felt towards each other.

    One night a former john of Carrie’s made his way into Traci’s apartment and tried to have his way with the young woman. Luckily Tom and Traci would be in the next room, and would hear when Carrie signaled for help by knocking over a lamp. Both Traci and Tom would play hero, ending with Traci threatening to hit the guy in the groins with a baseball bat.

    Tobias and Greta would continue to grow close, while both Natalie and Darren looked down upon their potential pairing. Darren, having pined away for Greta for years, made it known to Tobias that he didn’t think a man like him deserved Greta. Natalie would echo the same exact sentiments, and mentioned the secret past they shared together. Natalie and Tobias had once been engaged. On the eve of their wedding, Natalie, under the pressure of FBI agents, falsely testified that Tobias was a drug trafficker. With all of this weighing heavily on Tobias, he’d push Greta away, scarring her emotionally. Tobias’s home life would not be a walk in the park either; he had to deal with his violent and lush of a father Burton. Tobias would also have to shield his father’s fierce temper from his younger brother, Cyrus, who sympathized with Burton. Weeks later, good news would grace the Fullard household in the form of a job interview for the unemployed Burton. Were things finally looking up for this suffering family?

    Stunned by the fact that a woman of Elizabeth’s age and stature was single, Mona would go against the young woman’s wishes and set her up on a blind date with Madison’s newest arrival, Royce Bryant. Though Elizabeth wasn’t particularly fond of the idea, she’d surprisingly get along with Royce upon their first meeting. However it’d be proven that there existed more to Elizabeth than what met the eye, when she made a cryptic call to someone noting how she had Mona and everyone in town fooled.

    It would take a silver ring, for Emma to remember where she had met Walt Richards from. As a child, Emma’s family took in the son of a homeless man. That same young boy who stayed with Emma for many months kept the same ring that Walt wore on his finger today. When Emma confronted Walt with such a fact, a cornered Walt would confirm that her suspicions were true; his real name was not Walt Richards, but Denny Graves, the son of a coal miner in West Virginia. Walt would reveal that after his father died, he went to work for a coal company and after many years of hard work and dedication he rose up through the ranks. Upon amassing great wealth as President of that very same coal company, he changed his name to Walt Richards. Walt would have Emma swear to secrecy about his less than humble beginning, ashamed that his past might taint himself somehow in Mona’s eyes. Emma would reluctantly agree. From then on, Emma and Walt would reaffirm the friendship they had once forged as kids. Walt found Emma to be breath of fresh air, a break from the life he had submerged himself many years ago as the wealthy Walt Richards. He found Emma’s grounded personality charming, while Mona found their bond troubling.

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    Westwood Park, Ria’s House

    Natalia knocks on Ria’s door. Ria opens it up.


    “Hey girl. It’s good to see you.” Ria hears the Bryan’s crying in their stroller behind Natalia.


    “Girl, I’m not feeling no chill’rens right now. My stories are on girl. I’m trying to find out who killed Diane Jenkins and just who exactly is the real Todd Manning.”


    “You and your soap operas I swear.” She says entering her bestfrieds house with her the double stoller.


    “Girl you know I hate to be interrupted during my story time. So what is going on?”


    “Well I came to see how you were. I have not seen you in a wile. I’ve been so caught up with Bryan, Sabryn and her trial.”


    “I’ve been ok. Just taking it day by day. Watching my soaps keeps my mind of my own problems.”


    “Well watching your soaps is not helping the cause. So what’s next? Are you going to get treatment for this breast cancer?”


    “I have not gotten that far. I’ve been so scared. I don’t know what to do I just can’t’ believe this is happening to me.” Natalia walks over and gives Ria a hug as Bryan Jr the 1st begins to cry.


    “Damn girl. Can’t you shut that damn baby up!?”


    “It’s Sabryn’s big headed son who keeps being a cry baby. I don’t know what to do. He won’t shut up. I can’t live my life because all he wants to do is be a cry baby like his mother.”


    “Well you ever think he needs his real mother Nat? With as much as Bryan charges for his whack as drinks at his club, he need to be hiring you a baby sitter or nanny or something.”


    “It’s all about my son. And keeping my family together. I am doing this for my son. You’re right though. Bryan is making a killing of his notorious expensive drinks at his club. I should be able to live out my life to. I should hire a nanny or something to help out with Sabryn’s bad ass son.”


    “Do you really have to since Sabryn is going to jail right?”


    “To be honest, I really don’t know. It’s looking like Sabryn's lawyer may beat Sabryn’s murder wrap.”


    “Wow, Sabryn shot Ashley eight times in front of police. How does she get away with that?”


    “I want to know the same thing. But it looks she’s about to. And the first thing she is going to do is come after me and my family. I have to be ready?”


    “Well I will say Lisa is a bad ass lawyer so I am not surprised she’ll get those charges against Sabryn dropped. I will say Nat, Sabryn is a strong person. Are you going to be able to go head to head with her?”


    “Ria, I’ve won so far. I got her baby’s father, I got her son, and I now got the company she once dreamed of having. Her fashion house is non existent now. I have the life she wants. She can’t touch me.”


    “How can you be so sure?”


    “I asked Bryan to marry me?”


    “Shut up hoe! No you didn’t. How did that come about?”


    “Oooo, Ria you would be so proud. I gave Bryan some good p u s s y and I think he is falling in love with me. He is showing me he cares about me. All it took is some good sex.”


    “I know that’s right girl. You doin the damn thang. So what did Bryan say? Is he going to marry you?”


    Episode 141: EXPOSED!

    Written by ML Cooks

    Story Editor: Monique Cooks

    Creative Consult: Ian Hefts

    Lavender Hill, Karim’s Mansion

    Alexis unlocks the door and walks in. She is stunned to see Karim lying naked on a red satin sheet with rose pedals all around him and the floor. Candles are light and the lights are low. Soft music is playing in the background “So Sexual” by Sisqo. Alexis is quite impressed with the scene of romance.

    “What is all of this?”


    “I’m glad you came. I didn’t think you would come home.”


    “And why wouldn’t I?”


    “A lot has been going on between us lately. Ladonna, my father and mother, my brother’s suicide, your sister, her child. “


    “It has been a lot. “


    “I just wanted you to know that I love you and I believe in you. We haven’t had any “us” time. And I felt the tonight it could just be us. So why don’t you get more comfortable and lay here with me.”

    Alexis is seduced. Remebering how she fell in love with Karim in the first place. His looks, his body, his sensual eyes. She takes her clothes off and lies next to Karim. He holds her.


    “This feels so good Karim. I’ve missed this.”


    “I’ve missed you. And I love you Alexis. I apologize about my recent behavior, my drinking and the incident with your sister.”


    “So does this mean you are done drinking?”

    Karim Looking into her eyes,

    “Alexis, I love you, No issues. Not tonight. I just want to love you.” He kisses her passionately. He then pulls back and looks at her once more.

    “Alexis I love you and I can’t wait to be a family. You have made me the happiest man in the world. Having my child, it’s something no one else can give me.”


    “Karim I love you to.” She kisses him back and they lean back and make love to the music. Alexis makes sure she enjoys this love session with Karim as she knows it could be her last.

    Downtown Pasadena, City Jail

    Bryan walks up to Sabryn’s cell.


    “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be at home with that tramp Natalia? playing house with my son?”


    “That was quite a show you put on with Mike today at court.”


    “Was it? The only show I was interested in was the one about me about to beat this murder rap. And you know what is going to happen next when I get out of here?”


    “Yea yea same old story Sabryn. Revenge.”


    “I can’t believe you are so calm. So you enjoy hurting me Bryan? The only thing I did was love you. How did we get here? Why did you do this to me? Being with Natalia and letting that low class slut raise our son? Why? What did I do to you for you to do me like this?”’


    “I was scared! I thought you weren’t going to beat this murder rap Sabryn Jesus Christ you shot Ashley in front of police eight times! How do you except to get away with that? I had to do what was best for my family and Natalia was on the same page.”


    “Of course that leech would be. She would do anything to get at me. She’s holding this stupid grudge against me. Well Bryan it looks like I am going to beat these charges. And you should already know when I get out of here I am coming for you and that nasty skank of yours. And of course I will obtain my son. You went too far by being with nasty Natti. That’s unforgivable to me. You have forever ruined us. My son will never know you as his father. So enjoy this time you have with him now.”


    “You won’t be able to take my son away from me. I won’t let you.”


    “How do you expect to stop me?”


    “Well first off, you’re not the same Sabryn. This murder has really brown nosed you. You have lost everything. Your money, your power, and your respect. You don’t have that much to get my son from me.”


    “And why is that? Because you had an affair with Ashley. This all stems from that. You did all of this. And I will do some error correction.”


    “Natalia asked me to marry her.”’


    “You Bastard! A dirty Bastard! I can’t believe I have a child with you. And what did you say? Are you going to marry that whore?”


    “You’re going to marry Natalia?” He says walking in on the scene.


    “This is none of your business super man.”


    “I care for Sabryn. I don’t understand why you here Bryan. I have seen nothing but you hurting Sabryn. She doesn’t need you here rubbing in the fact that you are marrying her enemy.”


    “I didn’t say we were getting married. I just said she asked me to marry her. This is none of your business Mike. I have a child with Sabryn and you can’t touch that. Never!”


    “Not trying to my friend. It seems you are jealous.”


    “Of what?”


    “That Sabryn and I are moving closer and you wish it was you. You see you’re the runner up. You got Natalia. I got the grand prize, Sabryn. You have hurt Sabryn deeply and that’s just something she will never forgive. I would advise you not to waste your time coming around her.”


    “Who the hell do you think you are man?” Bryan tries to punch Mike but Mike blocks his punch.

    Mike, chuckling

    “ There there now. Calm down. You don’t want to hit the chief of police now do you?”


    “Take that title and shove it your mother’s ass Mike.”


    “You know Bryan. I’ve dealt with this kind of situation before. I had to deal with Ty taking Jenn away from me. I’ve learned a thing or two from that. And let me tell you I won’t lose Sabryn to you. I mean I know it won’t even be an issue considering what you are doing to her. And look at where Ty is now, in jail. “

    Bryan is furious knowing he is defeated just walks off.


    “Wow Mike. You were amazing. That was amazing.”


    “I’m not going to let Bryan hurt you no more.” He grabs her hands through the bars. She leans in and kisses him.


    “Mike, I think I’m falling in love with you.”

    Divine Design

    Natalia pushes the Bryan’s baby stroller into her new office. She sits at her desk and thinks about what Ria said.

    “Bryan should hire you a nanny.” Sabryn’s son begins to cry and Natalia scream out in frustration.

    “Shut up damn it!”

    “I’m not going to deal with this. I need time to make sure Rufus doesn’t undercut me here at DD. And I have to be ready in case Sabryn is set free. I can’t do all this and raise her damn brat. And now I got Diego back in town playing games with me. I know he’s up to something.” Natalia logs onto her computer and decides to place an add on Craig’s list for a nanny.

    Court is now back in session in Downtown Pasadena.

    Rufus, Sabryn, Mike, Bryan, Karim, Ladonna, and Alexis are all in attendance.


    “State, call your next witness.”

    Jack, standing up

    “Your honor, my next witness is a doctor and has an emergency at the hospital. I ask for a delay until tomorrow.”


    “I see. Does the defense wish to call anybody in the mean time? We can at least get that out the way. This trial is taking to long and taking up to much tax dollars.”


    “My pleasure your honor. I call Rufus Taylor to the stand.” Sabryn smile sand looks at Alexis. Alexis rolls her eyes at Sabrina and looks away. She lays her head on Karim’s shoulder and holds his hand. Ladonna notices this sweet scene of romance and is not impressed.

    “Do all that while you can Alexis. Rufus is about to expose you.”

    Rufus, struts himself up to the witness stand. The chatter increases, as people in the courtroom don’t know what to make of this cross dresser. Rufus is sworn in and Lisa approaches him.


    “How shall I address thee?”


    “I would like to be called Miss Rue. I’m a bad ass Bitch around Pasadena now. So I need to be respected in that capacity. So it’s Miss Rue.”


    “I’m impressed. You know I remember you from trial’s before. You have come a long way Miss Rue. I must say you look nice.”


    “Thank you. It’s been a long time coming. And I must say this is only the beginning.”

    Alexis standing up

    “Objection, this is supposed to be about Sabryn killing Ashley. I don’t pay my tax dollars to hear about this trannys trials and tribulations. My sister is dead; she was assassinated, being shot 8 times in front of police. I want justice damn it!”

    Karim pulls Alexis back down as the judge pounds on her gavel.

    “One more outburst from you Miss Jones and you will find your self behind bars.”


    “She’s getting nervous.”


    “Don’t start Ladonna. I have Karim and you don’t It’s that simple. Now just leave us the hell alone. Stop stalking us.”


    “She’s right Donna. Just please leave us alone.”

    Ladonna, with a tear forming in her eye,

    “You’re going to be so sorry Karim.”


    “Your honor, I have a method. This is all leading into my point. I am setting it up. Please indulge me.”


    “I’ll allow it.”


    “Thank you ya honor.” Lisa now walks over to the jury.


    “Miss Rue, could you tell us about your relations with the deceased Ashley Jones?” Everyone in the court room leans closer, on the edge of their seats to hear what Miss Rue is about to say. No one is waiting more intently then Alexis and Ladonna.

    Miss Rue

    “I sure can. My relations with Ashley were not pleasant. Ashley kidnapped me and held me hostage. She held me hostage in a place where Mona was. Mona, Abe, and Sharon. It was terrible. It as something straight out of a Saw movie. Ashley kept talking about getting revenge on Sabryn and how she stalked her for months disguised as a lady in red. At the same time Mona was the lady in black. Ashley kept talking about winning Bryan. I even knew that Ashley stole Natalia’s baby, making Natalia believe that her child died when she was shot. Ashley is also the one who shot Natalia at the fashion show. You know the one where Jodie told the world she had HIV. Ashley is evil. Pure evil. Straight from hell. She even used a chain saw to sodomize me. The bitch was so insane she thought she was Jason Voorhees.”


    “Wow. It seems the state left all this information out. Ashley has a record of unstable behavior. Ashley was a demented criminal herself. A menace to society. Maybe it’s a good thing justice was served with her death.” The courtroom is outrage. Alexis burst into tears and Karim holds her.


    “Oh Karim. How can they just demonize my sister this way? She’s dead. She’s not her to defend herself. This is all so terrible.”


    “It’s ok Lexie. I’m here for you.”


    “Not for long.”

    Lisa, walking over to Rue

    “Can you tell us if Ashley was working alone? Was there anybody who was helping her?”

    The courtroom is dead silent


    “Yes.” Chatter erupts once more. Alexis’s mouth drops and she begins to sweat. Karim looks at Alexis and Ladonna can do nothing but smile out of enjoyment... The time has come.


    “Is the person who helped Ashley in this courtroom right now?” A pause is had. Alexis has a burning sensation in her stomach. Karim begins to get uncomfortable as he watches Alexis squirm. He begins to wonder if everything Ladonna has been telling him for months is true.


    “Yes they are!”

    Alexis and the courtroom are stunned. Alexis doesn’t know what to do. She is about to be exposed. She wants to stand up and stop the proceedings but she knows if she does it will be an admission of guilt and she’ll lose Karim for sure.

    “This is not supposed to happen. This is not part of the deal I made with Rufus. He’s going to betray me. I am going down!” She thinks to herself.


    “Miss Rue can you identify the person who was helping Ashley? Who is the person that helped kidnapped you and also knew about Mona and all the crimes against the Williams family?” Sabryn, Mike, Bryan, Karim and Ladonna turn and look at Alexis.


    “Oh My God.!” She stands up and gives Rufus a look.

    Rufus smiles at her

    “It was her. Alexis Jones. She knew the whole time Ashley was alive and knew the goings on about Mona. It was Alexis Jones!”


    “Alexis, has finally been exposed!”


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    Carter grabs a faint Lisa before she falls do the ground. Scott rushes over to a table nearby and pulls out a chair while Carter drags Lisa to the chair, seating her.

    Lisa: (faint) Scott? Is it really you?

    Scott: Yes, Mom.

    Carter comes back to them with a glass of water. He hands it to Scott, who is now kneeled next to his mother. He holds the glass while Lisa takes a sip.

    Scott: You all right?

    Lisa: I will be . . . (strokes his face gently) So glad to see you . . .

    Lisa then strikes her son across the face. Scott holds his face, which stings. Carter is stunned. Lisa jumps up and hovers over her son.

    Lisa: How dare you! How dare you do this to me!

    On Scott totally shocked,

    CUT TO


    Henry, with a chef hat and apron that reads "I rub my meat for two mins," dances around the kitchen while the pots of the stove create a slight fog from the steam.

    Henry: (singing) Pour it up! Pour it up! That's how we ball out! . . . Strips clubs and dollar bills--

    He is abruptly interrupted by a knock at the door. Aggravated, Henry opens the door to reveal his younger sister, CLARK COLEMAN.

    Henry is speechless.

    Clark: (distraught) I need your help.

    On Henry worried

    CUT TO


    Mo and Casey sit on the sofa making out. Tom then barges in slamming the door. The two break apart like two teens that have been caught in the act. As the rearrange their clothes:

    Tom: Where is your mother?!

    Casey: She's at the station. What's wrong?

    Tom: Emily!

    Casey: What now?

    Tom tosses the paper at Casey before he storms up stairs. Casey unballs the paper to see the headline (from last episode) featuring Tom, Carter, and Scott.

    On Casey cringing,



    FADE IN:


    Casey kisses Mo (before she leaves) and closes the door behind her. Tom comes down the stairs, undoing his tie and tossing it to the side.

    Casey: You sure you're fine?

    Tom: Do I look fine? (off Casey holding his hands up for mercy) Sorry.

    Casey: No problem but does this story even has any truth to it? I mean we haven't seen or heard from Uncle Scott since I was child. You sure Emily isn't fabricating this to p*ss you off?

    Tom: No she isn't. For once she isn't lying in that rag she calls a paper.

    Casey: (confused) So then I don't get while you're mad at Emily . . .

    Tom: Because she's ruining my campaign! Don't you see it!

    Casey: Dad, I doubt anyone is taking Emily or her paper seriously. Her past isn't squeaky clean either . . .

    Tom: But when you're running up against someone with a stellar track record such as Carter Wallace--

    Casey: Dad, you need to chill.

    Casey goes and sits on the sofa. He pats on it to indicate he wants Tom to join him, to relax. After fighting it, Tom gives in.

    Casey: Dad, you have a stellar track record too.

    Tom: I do but--

    Casey: Not "buts." Who cares that you left mid office almost fifteen years ago? That was then. This is now.

    Margo rushes in breathing heavily.

    Margo: Oh honey! There you are. (rushes over and kisses Tom) I went by the campaign office and Bonnie told me everything. (calming down) You OK?

    Tom: Not really.

    Margo: Don't worry, honey. We'll figure this out--me, you, Bonnie, Lisa--

    Tom jumps up from the sofa

    Tom: Mom! I gotta go see her.

    Margo: We're coming with you.

    On a shot of the Hughes rushing out,

    CUT TO


    Henry and Clark are now seated at a table. We enter mid-convo. Henry is trying to pry some info out of her.

    Clark: Henry, can you stop!

    Henry: No! You just come beating down my door and you want me to stop?

    Clark: Yes.

    Henry: We haven't heard from you in years! Maddie, me, Bernadette--

    Clark: I'm fine. (swiping hair out of face) Can't you tell?

    Henry: Not really but I'll drop it for now . . .

    Clark: I just need a place to stay for a few nights--

    Henry: What? Hold on--you just come in here and expect to provide you a haven when you can't tell me where the heck you've been for the past five years?! Really, Clark?

    On Clark moaning,

    CUT TO


    Picking up where we left off of Lisa slapping Scott, and both he and Carter stunned:

    Scott: What was that for!

    Lisa: For not picking up the phone and calling me! For not visiting me! Your brother--

    Scott: Oh I've seen ole' Tom already.

    Lisa: What? So you've been in town for awhile now! (to Carter) And you knew?!

    Carter searches for the right words, but before he can get them out, Lisa pops him in the face. Carter now holds his face, shocked.

    Lisa: Now I see why you were using me--getting close to me. You wanted to stick it to me and Tom. (pointing to Scott) And he's the best way to do so?

    Scott: He didn't even know I was related you to until the night I arrived in Oakdale.

    Lisa: Oh really? So how do you two know each other?

    Scott: We met awhile back in Somerset. I had a small practice there, he was there visiting--

    Lisa: So you two became buddies and decided to come here and run for district attorney?

    Carter: No! I didn't even ask him to join me until weeks after I decided to come to Oakdale.

    Scott: Exactly.

    Lisa: (stewing) Oh OK . . . So Tom knew you were here?

    Scott: Yes. I've been here since Christmas.

    Lisa: What!

    Tom, Margo, & Casey come rushing in and up to Lisa, Carter, & Scott.

    Tom: Mom--

    Lisa pops him across the face.

    Lisa: How could you! (to both of her boys) How could both of you! . . . (enraged, flailing around) How could all of you!

    Casey and Margo step back, not wanting to feel the wrath of Lisa.

    On Tom holding his face, now stunned too.



  12. BlackLogo.jpg

    The Guiding Light: Episode 090

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Written By: Josh Hawkins


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    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object>


    Josh rolled over in bed and could feel an intense headache forming. “Hell…” he swore under his breath as his feet hit the floor. He rubbed his eyes and tried to recall the previous night…a fight with Shayne, drinking and then Cassie was the last memory he had. He reached for his phone on the nightstand and came back with a note from Cassie.

    “Reva never came home last night. Left around 7:00, thanks for last night. It’s what I needed – Cassie.”

    Josh crumbled the note up and tossed it into the trashcan beside the nightstand. He picked up his cell phone and saw “13 Missed Calls” from an assortment of people: Reva, Billy, Marah…he turned his phone off, tossed it back on the bed, ignored the countless voice mails and headed to the shower, determined to rid himself of this hangover before Reva returned from where ever she had been all night long.


    And Now..."The Guiding Light"


    Marah and Danny appeared from the ICU hallway to see Reva on her cell phone, leaving Josh yet another message. “Hey, any change?”

    Marah shook her head, “No. He’s just lying there, so still and almost life…” she stopped herself and composed. “Lillian said that they’re going to do a shift change and that should take them about two hours.”

    “Two hours?” Reva gasped. “Well what are we supposed to do just sit here and wait? No, I want to go see Shayne.”


    “Reva,” Lillian approached, “this is typical. We do shift changes twice a day and during that time family isn’t allowed in the ICU, I’m sorry.”

    “But you’ll be here the entire time, right?” Marah questioned.

    “Of course,” she answered. “Listen, Buzz called this morning and he wants to offer you guys a room at the boarding house, free of charge.”

    “No,” Reva shook her head. “No I want to be here if anything happens, right here.”

    “Mom be reasonable,” Marah spoke. “Company is right across the street if anything happens we’ll be close and we have to keep our strength up for Shayne.”

    “She’s right Reva.”

    She shook her head, “All right. Danny would you take us back to the house I need to get a few things, some clothes and insurance information?”


    Danny shook his head. “And Lillian you have our cell phone numbers right?” Reva gestured amongst her, Marah and Danny. “If anything changes, anything…you’ll call?” She gathered up her coat and purse, “Okay, let’s go…I’ve got to find your father.”


    “How are my favorite girls?” Bill asked as he entered the Bauer kitchen.

    “Hey! I’m not a girl,” was the reply Robbie hollered back at him.

    “Squirt…” Bill gave him a high five, “I know you’re not a girl, you’re my favorite little man.” Robbie laughed and went back to eating his apples. “Where’s your Mom?”


    “His mom is right here,” Michelle came down the stairs with Grace in her arms. “Do you want to go see daddy? Huh?” She handed him the baby and finished packing Robbie’s lunch box. “Sweetheart, Mrs. Thompson is here to pick you up,” she handed him his lunch, kissed his forehead and sent him out the door.

    “Bye Bill,” he called from halfway down the sidewalk.

    “Can you believe how big he’s getting? Or how big she’s getting? Huh?” Bill questioned.

    “They’re growing fast,” Michelle noted. “How are you doing this morning? Holding up okay? I know that today’s your day with Grace but I just figured you wouldn’t be here until later.”

    He put Grace in her high chair and gave Michelle a look, “I must be missing something. Why would I give up a day with my daughter?”

    “Um…Shayne’s accident. I just figured that you would have wanted to be with your family today, that’s all.”

    “What accident?”

    “You don’t know about Shayne’s accident? Last night at the Beacon? Bill, how can you not know what is going on? It was in the Mirror this morning. Hope even saw it online in Chicago.”

    “I really have no idea what you’re talking about Michelle,” Bill told her.

    “You need to go to Cedars, right now,” she told him. “Rick and Mel spent the entire night there working on Shayne. He was attacked at the Beacon, he has severe internal injuries, head trauma and he’s in a coma. Did your father not call you?”

    “My phone broke yesterday, I just got a new one.” He grabbed his jacket from one of the empty chairs, “We can reschedule?”

    “Of course,” Michelle answered. “Listen if there is anything Reva or Josh…” she paused, “or you need, please call me.”


    “I will,” Bill told her and then stopped in before rushing out the door. “Can I do something that I’ve been wanting to do for months?”

    “What...” Michelle asked and before Bill could answer, she found herself engaged in a passionate kiss with the father of her daughter!


    Cassie entered the farm much the same way she had left it the night Tammy left for Washington D.C., quite and dark.

    She tossed her purse on the table and was about to head up the stairs for a shower and then to bed when the lights suddenly came home.

    “Decided to finally come home?”


    “Oh my God!” Cassie screamed at the top of her lungs, “Tammy Nicole! What are you doing here?”

    “You know I think I’m going to reverse the mother-daughter role here for a minute and ask you the questions? Where have you been all night?”

    “None of your business,” Cassie answered. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in D.C.”

    “I stopped by the Beacon last night and Emily said that she wasn’t sure where you were so I checked your suite and nope, not there. So I called Towers and then Company and no one had seen you in like hours. Then I decided to just come on back here and wait to see if you eventually showed up.”

    “For starters, I don’t know why you’re here or why you’re giving me the third degree, but I don’t appreciate it. Why are you not in school?”

    “Because when my plane landed in Indianapolis I decided to check my messages and I had like four from Marina and another five from Lizzie. Shayne had some kind of accident last night at the Beacon. I canceled my flight to Washington and headed back home.” Tammy glared at her, “You should probably check your phone, I’m sure…”

    “I turned it off…” Cassie rushed over to her purse.


    “Don’t bother,” Tammy shot back. “I don’t know what you were doing last night or with who, but you stink. Take a shower and get dressed, we’ll talk more in the car.”


    Josh wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back into the master suite to find Reva sitting on the bed. “Well, look who decided to finally come home? You enjoy you’re night out?”

    Reva sat in silence for a moment, “Did you? Where in the hell have you been Joshua? I tried to call you last night. Billy tried, Marah…”

    “Is there a reason you’re checking up on me Reva?” he questioned. “I’m your husband, not your child. I don’t appreciate...”

    “What did you just say?” Reva stopped him. “There is a very long list, which is growing at the moment, of things I do not appreciate, Bud. Have you even bothered to notice that I’m still wearing the same damn dress I was wearing at the wedding last night?” she paused. “I’m going to ask you one more time, where were you all night?”


    “And I told you that I’m not your child that needs to be checked up on,” Josh replied angrily.

    “Don’t…” Reva said softly, almost under her breath as she walked across to the dresser and looked in the mirror at him standing there. “Don’t…do not get some holier than thou attitude with me. And please forgive me if I cannot stomach your self righteous indignation this morning Joshua. I’m a little tired, seeing as I’ve spent the entire God forsaken night at Cedars,” she revealed.

    “The hospital what happened? Reva…”

    “You tell me Joshua, you tell me where you were when I needed you the most? she paused and raised her voice, “When this family needed you the most Bud!”

    “I was having some work issues and decided to go have a beer at Outskirts,” he finally revealed. “I had one to many and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to drive so I got a room at that little run down motel across the street.”

    “Finally, an honest answer,” Reva sighed as she began packing an overnight bag. “You know most middle aged men who have a family, a career and responsibilities don’t normally go out and get wasted. I guess I should be grateful you didn’t drive. That’s the silver lining here isn’t it? Tell me, did you at least go alone?”

    “So why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you. Why are you here drinking like there is no tomorrow?”

    Josh shrugged his shoulders, “It doesn’t matter.”

    “It does matter,” Cassie touched his shoulder. “Come on talk to me, I just opened up to you about Tammy, let me help if I can.”

    Josh finished off his fifth glass of bourbon and took Cassie’s hand, “I have a better idea. Why don’t you forget about Tammy leaving for at least awhile and I’ll forget about what is bothering me and we’ll…” he stumbled off his barstool, “we’ll have us some fun.”

    “Of course I did and I don’t deserve that,” Josh answered. “Are you going to tell me why you spent the entire night at Cedars? Is it Marah?”

    Reva gathered her composure before speaking, “No…Shayne.” She finished dressing and allowed the news to hit him as hard as it had hit her twelve hours earlier. “He was attacked last at the Beacon, in the parking garage. Lucy Spaulding found him.”

    “Oh my God…Reva…is he…”

    “Alive?” she questioned. “Just barely. Rick and Mel worked until about three this morning to stabilize him. He has internal bleeding, severe trauma to his head. The doctors are worried that his brain is either bleeding or swelling…they don’t know which yet.” she shook her head. “He’s in a coma…” she choked back tears as Josh reached for her. “No! No…no…no! You don’t get to sweep in here after the living hell that I have been through last night and make this all better, you don’t get do that…” she yelled! “Do you know how petrified and frightened I was last night? And the answer is no, you don’t because you didn’t go through what I did. I sat there…” she sobbed, “on that sofa and held Lucy Spaudling in my arms and just kept staring at her, covered in Shayne’s blood. Each time that door swung open I just knew, I knew that Rick was going to come and tell me he was gone…” she relived the night in her mind. “I was all alone…I have never needed you as much as I did in that moment…”

    “Why didn’t you call Billy?” Josh questioned.

    “I didn’t want Billy! He’s not my husband. He’s not Shayne’s father. I love him like a brother, but I wanted you and you weren’t there. Do not even try to make excuses for that Joshua!”

    “I’m not Reva. That is the last thing I am trying to do.”

    She wiped her face with the back of her hand and attempted to compose herself. “Danny and Marah are downstairs,” Reva grabbed the bag she had packed through the screaming. “Buzz is letting us have a room at Company and…and…” she repeated.



    “And I want you to sit here for awhile. I want you to worry about Shayne the way I worried about him last night…alone! You sit here and you think about how scared he must have been when he was attacked and then you think about me sitting there in a cold, empty waiting room all night long with the woman who perhaps saved his life and then you think about your daughter pouring out her heart and soul out over a brother she may never see alive again and then after you do that, after you take yourself to hell and back, then you come to the hospital and see your son. But not a moment before…do you understand me? Because I pray to God that you do…” she told him as she stormed out of the room!

    :Fade to Black:


    Next on "The Guiding Light"

    - Reva connects with Lillian.

    - Gus makes a decision about his future.


  13. Words from new Show runner ML Cooks


    I usually don't do these kind of things and rarely give previews. I try to remain "press free" and "interview free"

    There has been a lot of chaos and confusion behind the scenes lately on LIS. First it was announced that LIS was back with new episodes after being on a yearlong hiatus. After episode began to air, the show fell into another unexpected hiatus. During that time, show creator Tara Smith was unable to contribute creatively to the show she created. ML Cooks, having already been co head writer for a few years, has laid out a very detailed and dramatic long-term story projection for LIS and the show must go on and it will. Through ML Cooks.

    Now with that being said. The episodes that are currently airing right now were written and produced in February of this year. They were supposed to air in March.

    Having said that, you may notice some things about to happen that may seem a bit similar to the real “Days of our Lives” and the “Young and the Restless”. What do I mean?

    LIS itself has been in the midst of it’s own reboot even before the yearlong hiatus. The reboot never made it to air. In that reboot, I have written in a whodunit. I again want to stress that this was created about a year ago, that I wanted to kill a certain some one off in a whodunit.

    So there you have it. LIS will be telling it’s own whodunit. I will not reveal just whom it is here in this press release, you’ll have to read the series to see who it is. The whodunit will serve as a reboot as new storylines begin. LIS will not be dominated with the murder mystery as in Y&R. I am rotating other stories in and out of it.

    To get the big storyline started, I am airing a series of three episodes to set up the whodunit starting with episode 460. It will be told in three different parts and will involve legacy characters such as Bill Horton and Julie Williams. Bill Horton is being played by Jerry vor Dornclint_buchanan.jpgJulie.jpg

    Big changes are coming for LIS with a big murder mystery to kick things off.

    Stay tuned for some status updates in the casting department.

    Drama lives here.

  14. CUFFS

    EPISODE 12

    "Eight years ago, I worked for this woman here in Port Charles. Her name was Faith Roscoe. I was young, stupid, and out for revenge against my ex and the guy who stole her away from me. Faith knew that and used me to get what she wanted." Zander stopped pacing and looked towards Jack.

    "I see." he replied as he suckled on his coffee.

    "Anyway, Faith wanted something that Nikolas had. A brand new freighter. She wanted to transport her drug shipments with it and Nikolas wasn't about to give her his permission to use it, even though he owed her millions of dollars. Faith told him she'd take it in trade for the money he owed her. This back and forth went on for a few months, and finally Faith was just sick of Nikolas's stalling. She ordered me to remove Nikolas permanently. I went to Wyndamere fully aware of what I was doing and why I was there. I found Emily and Nikolas in the catacombs that run the full dimensions of the mansion. I followed them to the study and waited for the right time to appear. What happened after that wasn't suppose to happen. I had it all planned out, down the last detail, nothing was to go wrong. But something did go wrong, and I have held the guilt ever since."

    Jack listened to his partner re-live that night that had him so shaken.

    "Zander, what happened after you appeared to them?"

    Zander rubbed his hands over his face and stared coldly at Jack. "I don't really remember what Nikolas was shouting at me, it was really all a blur till I heard the shot. She wasn't suppose to get hurt, Jack!" The tone in Zander's voice changed, from calm and cold to painful and agitated.

    Jack got up from the chair and went to him. He stared into Zander's eyes. "What happened?" he said calmly hoping to keep his partner calm enough to tell him the rest.

    "She died in my arms, Jack!" Zander broke down and sobbed as his knees buckled and he went to the floor.

    "You shot her? You're ex?" Jack went to comfort him and went down on his knees to the floor.

    "She was so vibrant, full of life, Jack. I took that all away that night. My stupid mistake took her life!" Zander sobbed uncontrollably as Jack wrapped his arms around his friend.

    "It's okay, Zander. It was a long time ago, you've changed your life for the better now."

    Zander looked up at Jack and wiped the tears from his face. "I shot her Jack and I can't take that back! God I wish I could, but I can't! I have tried so hard to forget but it's been nearly impossible."

    Jack helped Zander to his feet. "First thing you have to do is forgive yourself, Zander. You can't keep this inside of you, it's going to destroy you from the inside out."

    Zander stumbled to the bed and sat down. "Don't you think I know that, Jack! I do! I just don't know what to do anymore, it's eating at me for the past 8 years. I just can't shake it!" Jack didn't know how to help him, he sat and listened to Zander, hoping it would be enough.

    "Tell me about her Zander. What was she like? I assume you love her still, tell me about your life together." Jack didn't know if would help but remember her in life might help him move past not having her in his life now.

    Jack noticed the empty bottle sitting on the nightstand. He got up from the chair and went to throw it away. "Is this how to solve the problem, Zander?"

    Zander looked at the bottle in Jack's hand. "It's the only way I know how, Jack."

    Jack threw the empty bottle of Jack Daniels in the small waste paper basket and continued to question Zander like he was a suspect.

    ""It's been 8 years, Jack. I was heavily into the mob at that time, working for Faith who had connections with Lorenzo Alcazar, a known International criminal ... Jack all this disappeared in a matter of hours. There was no proof of anything. Emily was dead. End of story." Zander was getting annoyed with all of Jack's questions about that night. He just simply wanted to forget that night, he didn't want to re-live it over and over again.So what happened afterwards? I mean, what happened to Nikolas?" "Nikolas?" Zander looked up at Jack who genuinely seemed concerned for him.

    "Yeah, Zander. Nikolas. Is he still living here in Port Charles? What happened between the two of you? I mean, you obviously didn't spend any time in jail for this. Care to tell me how you got out of it?"

    Zander stood up from the floor and walked towards the bed. He sat down on the edge and held his head in his hands.

    "Nikolas just wanted it all to go away. He didn't want the media to have field day with the incident and as far as he was concerned he knew I didn't do it on purpose. He was upset and quite angry with me, but mostly at himself for allowing it to happen, cause he could of stopped it before it happened. He blamed himself for it more so then he did me for pulling the trigger. As far as I know he moved back to Greece shortly after the funeral. I wasn't charged with anything, with Nikolas gone and not willing to press charges or to say what happened in that room that night, there was really nothing that could be done to me or to anyone else."

    Jack stepped closer and sat down on the chair, he still had concerns for his partner, this was alot to bear for someone, especially for Zander. "What about her family? No one ever questioned it?"

    Zander looked up at Jack. "Sure there were questions, plenty of them. But Nikolas ran and so did I, there was really no one else to ask. Jack, this incident just disappeared. For all who knew about it, well, they are either gone from this world or they have disappeared so no one can find them."

    Jack raised an eyebrow.

    "Look, I was heavily into the mob at that time, working for Faith who had connections with Lorenzo Alcazar, a known International criminal ... Jack all this disappeared in a matter of hours. There was no proof of anything. Emily was dead. End of story." Zander was getting annoyed with all of Jack's questions about that night. He just simply wanted to forget that night, he didn't want to re-live it over and over again."Okay. end of story." Jack got up off the chair and threw Zander his clothes that laid across the back. "Here, let's go get some breakfast. I think you need it." Zander caught the clothes thrown at him and looked at Jack.

    "Sure, as long as we can put your interrogation about that night to rest?" Jack started to walk towards the door and turned to look back at Zander.

    "Okay, no more questions. Just get dressed, I'll meet you downstairs in 10 minutes." Jack left Zander alone in the room and closed the door behind him.

    Zander fell back on the bed and sighed heavily. He rubbed his hands over vigorously, he couldn't believe this was happening to him. He decided to throw himself into the new case they were working on, maybe taking his mind off of that night would help it go away for good.

  15. Because work has gotten the better of me in the last few weeks, my episode lead time has decreased significantly. Therefore, in order to get myself caught back up to a decent backlog of episodes, the series will be pre-empted this week (5/21-5/25) at the very least. I'm hoping to get things back up to speed and back to normal by next Monday.

    In casting news, in light of Leann Hunley returning to Days, I'll be recasting Betsy Crawford Harper in the coming weeks. I have a few strong contenders for the character. Also, the 1st new "contract" character added to the cast since the series premiere should debut shortly. Leo Kent, a suave European businessman, will be represented by images of Ben Richards who formerly played Bruno Milligan on the UK sudser "Footballers Wives".


    Time and time again, The Market keeps returning, but this time it's for good. On November 1, 2008 The Market returns with an all new setup! This time around The Market will come in 24 episode seasons, with full dialogue! The characters are the same, but the storylines have been tweaked. Look for all new romance, all new secrets and all new lies! The Market returns like never before!!!!

    In the meantime check out the old Market at it's main home DR-TV
  17. After long back and forths the past week, and even for months and months, I've decided that, for the moment, my forrays into fan fiction must come to an end. I didn't want to do this, so soon into my blog. I had so many plans, but a number of things have gone into this decision.

    I find I spend far too much time on the computer. Others seem to handle balancing a blog, posting time, school, work pretty well. I, however, am very bad at doing this. I'm trying to spend less time on it now. Ending the blog, and an fan fiction writing, is a big part of this. I've also cut back on posting, in general.

    Another reason is that soaps, in general, have just become frustrating, Even Days, which has come so far in such a short time, doesn't quite have it anymore. It's better, and I enjoy it for what it is now, but, at this rate, I think the magic is gone. I could be wrong, but either way- I'm disillusioned with the genre as a whole, and sometimes, it just dsepresses me when I write things so far superior to those in the actual genre.

    With school coming up, the blog would likely drown worse than it already is. Week-by-week, I've been unable to get a whole week's episodes finished. I'd usually rather be doing other things, things that are more fun. Doing a five-day-a-week blog is so demanding, and I'm definitely not up for it, I've discovered.

    This may be my last year at my current school, and then I'll be transferring and my schedule will change drastically. I want to find a different job, that I can better balance in anticipation with this new potential school.

    And so, the blog does say good night. I'm so sorry for the readers out there who are disappointed in this decision. I'm itching to write, as always, but fan fiction just doesn't satisfy me anymore. I have the urge to create, to have a blank slate. I want to get out there and act. I need my options open, basically. I'll catch you all on the boards.

  18. Kiara’s heels clicked against the tile granite floor tiles of the kitchen as she walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water. Her long brown hair was in a neat bun at the top of her head and her olive skin was complimented with a cute white lace dress. Her makeup was fresh and her skin looked dewy.

    “Oh, you’re back,” Ashley says in a sarcastic tone while walking into the living room dressed in a cami and daisy dukes her long hair loose down to her shoulders.

    “Yes, London was quite enjoyable thank you for asking. I always get joy in further refining my craft,” Kiara tells her sister.

    She walks out to the patio admiring the view of the city midday. Ashley follows behind plopping down on a black lounge.

    “You know just because you’re a grad student at Yale and you had a small role on Broadway doesn’t mean you’re above the rest of us,” Ashley quips.

    “Did you listen to the words that came out your mouth? I excelled all my life; while you choice local parochial school as an option I was thrilled to attend one of the top boarding schools in the country. I graduated top of my class and became the only member of this family to attend an Ivy League school. You may not have higher inhibitions but my goal is to be an actress and I never set a goal I can’t achieve,” Kiara says proudly.

    “Did you practice that speech? Yes you were a good student but dad’s money and your last name got you into Yale’s School of Drama. And I thought you wanted to do movies and TV? Why are you doing wasting your youth in grad school?” Ashley inquires.

    “I’m refining my craft,” Kiara retorts. She sits down on the couch and picks up her Ipad.

    “You’re dating the son of a television producer; you’ve had your SAG card since you were 10. You know you could be the lead of a TV show right now. Are you afraid to move out of your comfort zone?” Ashley asks.

    Kiara smiles a sly smile. “Let’s talk about you for a moment. What’s this I hear about sneaking into the club?”

    “I just wanted to have a night out with the girls so we got dressed up and I went downstairs and partied. We were dancing and having a good time. Dad’s busy freaking out over what this supposedly means for his reputation,” Ashley explains. “I don’t know why he’s so worried about a little small town gossip.”

    “Well considering his history as well as that of his father, it’s easy to see why they would be worried about another scandal. Grandma is justified for being distraught over the affairs,” Kiara expressed. She sets her Ipad down on the table.

    “Please she got millions in that divorce settlement and then she got money from the tabloids for airing out our family business. She was being spiteful about something she knew about for over a decade,” Ashley said.

    “I’m not sure what lies dad covered the story up with but she didn’t know her husband was sleeping with younger women who worked for his company. She would’ve left much sooner had she know. Grandma had class and dignity just like my mother,” Kiara said.

    Ashley rolled her eyes. “Oh here it comes! More my mom versus your mom crap. I know dad left your mother for mine and you’re jealous.”

    Kiara leaps from her seat. “That couldn’t be further from the truth,” she bellows. “Our father cheated on my mother with a younger version of her and he’s rumored to have slept with quite a few women in this town. I’m happy she was able to flee in time.”

    “And just like grandma she took a nice chunk of change with her,” Ashley pointed out. “I don’t believe those rumors about dad having affairs despite how my parents got together.”

    “You are more naive than I thought. Let’s hope you never discover any of our father’s hidden secrets. I knew I should’ve spent the rest of my break in New York with my mother,” Kiara turned and headed back inside.

    "It's not too late for that," Ashley snaps.

    Mr. Harrington walks in the living room.”Kiara, when did you get home?” he asks.

    “Very early this morning, daddy. I was tired and wasn’t in the mood to talk,” she replies.

    He can feel the tension in the room. “What’s going on here?” he inquires.

    “Ashley tried to insinuate that my mother and your mother are nothing but gold digging whores,” Kiara says. “The daughter of one however has no place judge.”

    “Because you’re just Little Miss Perfect,” Ashley derides.

    “Kiara! You don’t talk about your family that way,” Mr. Harrington raises his voice in a stern tone.

    “I’m sure others do. You and your wife can try and keep up the façade but I see right through it. I see something much more deep past the shallow surface,” Kiara says stomping off.

    “What was that all about?” Mr. Harrington asked.

    Ashley shrugs. “How should I know? She woke up in a bad mood, I guess. It was the usual back and forth until she brought up our family and reputations.”

    “What did she say?” he asks.

    “Something about not brushing off every rumor about you; that we’ll find some out to be true,” Ashley recalls.

    “You weren’t buying into that were you?” he asks cautiously.

    “Please, ain’t nobody got time for that,” Ashley laughs before adding. “Let her throw her little hissy fit. She lives here with us so she can’t be mad for long.”

    “I hope you’re right. One thing I’ve learned from my own mother is to never mess with a Harrington woman when she’s angry,” Mr. Harrington noted.

  19. I am tying up some storylines in one episode, and doing it without dialogue. It was going to be stretched out into a week, but it's not feasable.

    ~Brook Lyn arrives and is shocked to find out that she has a half brother. Ned never tol her about James, which angers her.

    ~Dillion is offered a summer internship in New York City with NYU. He will be in the city helping to film a major motion picture. He breaks things off with Lulu, who takes it in stride.

    ~Sam makes more apperances around Port Charles, always evading detection. She breaks into the PCPD and burns the evidence against the Cassadines. She is seen entering a warehouse where she meets up with a man who gives her an assignment. The man, who is a Cassadine, instructs her to kidnap Spencer, Kristina, and Molly.

    ~Luke is angry that there is no progress being made in the hunt for Helena and Sam. He feels that Robert is spending too much time with Tracy, who are continuing with their affair. To counter this and to get Robert back on track, Luke tells Tracy about the bet. Hell hath no fury than Tracy Quartermaine scorned!

    ~Carly, completely and utterly depressed that Jax has dumped her ends up one night at Jake's. She starts playing pool and catches the eye of a man who starts harrassing her. She tries to fight him off and an attractive younger man saves her. They end up sleeping together and then she asks his name.....

    ~The custody trial of James begins. The star witness is Brook Lyn. She testifies that she hardly knows her father and he barely raised her. Ned doesn't know if he should allow Ric to attack Brenda's character. In the end, he doesn't allow it. Sonny though is fair game and it does test Sonny and Brenda relationship. The court judge comes back with a judgement and custody of James is awarded too.....

    TUNE IN AFTER THE HIATUS. We Will be back in June!

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    Kim Hughes sighed.

    It was 2:30 am and she was wide awake. Carefully she slipped out of bed so as not to wake her husband Bob who had been sleeping soundly beside her. She loved hearing the sounds of his snoring so gently.It gave her a sense that they had did the right thing.She missed Oakdale and the time change still needed little getting used to.

    In the kitchen Kim put on a sauce pan to heat some milk. Sounds cliche' but warm milk did help her sleep.It had been almost six months since she and Bob had retired from their jobs,sold their home and relocated to Phoenix,Arizona. Gone were the 18 hour days of owning amd managing a television station for her and being Chief of staff of a regional hospital for him.

    No she didn't miss the lomg hours, the urgent emergencies and the lack of sleep and rest. Oh she missed Oakkdale. She missed her friemds and loved ones. She didn't miss their constant troubles though. And Susan Stewart.She chuckled as she sipped the last of her milk. Yes,she had forgiven Susan and put the stuff she had done far in the recesses of her mind. But that woman and her daughters were the curse of the Hughes men!

    She rinsed her cup and put it in the drainer and returned to the bedroom. She slipped in beside her peaceful sleeping husband and heard the sound of a train whistle in the distance. All was at peace. No worries,no troubles. No emergencies,no deadlines.Not a care in the world.

    Little did she know that peaceful existence was going to come to an end real soon! Real soon!

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  20. - - -sf7.jpg

    Tanisha’s finger gripped closer to the trigger. Until she hears someone coming towards her.


    Put the gun down T.


    You actually showed? Nice tux.


    Could we have a gunless conversation?


    I need to do this.


    Then what? You get caught? You go to jail? That’s not a life I want to see you lead.


    What the hell do you care about me Bernard?


    I’ve always cared about you T. Just lower your riffle. We’ll walk away and you and I will be together. How does that sound?

    Tanisha lowers her riffle. He puts out his hand for her to take.


    You can trust me T.


    I just want you to take care of me Bernard.

    Tanisha decides to give into him. She places her riffle over her shoulder and they walk off. Not seen by anyone.

    - - -sf8.jpg

    Another couple sat at a table that was covered in white. Ava drank water as did Nate.


    You stormed out the other day I didn’t get to hear what you thought of my speech.


    I thought your speech was beautiful. You almost had me in tears.


    You couldn’t have told me that afterwards?


    Ava you already had a support group. One in particular.


    Referring to James?


    One and only.

    Ava gets a call on her cell phone. She looks at the caller ID.


    I bet that’s him right now. Go ahead. Take the call.

    Ava stands up to take his call. She shields the receiver to tell Nate how she feels about him.


    You’re acting ridiculous!

    (to James)

    Hey what’s up?


    Hey I know this sounds weird but I’m in the area. You’re at this big wedding that’s going on right?


    Yeah I am.

    Ava begins walking.


    Where exactly are you?


    Do you know the boat house? I’m parked near there.


    Oh I see you.

    Ava waves to James. He sits on the hood of his car.


    What are you doing here?


    I came to say good bye.


    What? Why are you leaving? I thought everything was going good here.


    It really was. I reconnected with you and I found Bobbie. But I just think that it’s time to move on.


    This seems like déjà vu.

    Nate overhears the two talking and decides to interrupt them.


    That sounds like a great idea James. Pack your things and leave.


    (to Nate)

    Don’t do this.


    I also wanted to tell you that I think you two make an amazing couple. You both have become two good friends of mine.


    So you’re not trying to steal Ava away from me?


    Of course not. I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t reacquainted feelings towards her when I came back but seeing you two together just made me realize that I’d only be a burden if I stayed.


    I’m sorry for acting like a jerk.


    You were being chivalrous. That’s a good trait to have.


    I’ll miss the psycho babble.


    At least this time we’re saying bye on good terms. If you two ever want to hang or if you want to talk about Bobbie or visit her grave together. You have my number.


    Definitely. Bye.

    Ava hugs James good bye. Nate shakes his hand. James gets into his car and drives off. Ava looks at Nate.


    So are you done being jealous?


    Yep. I’m actually quite secure with myself. I got my job back with the school board and I have probably the prettiest girl in this whole entire town standing right in front of me.


    Why don’t you move in with me?


    (taken off guard)



    You’ve lived in that damn hotel for so long now. It’s about time you feel right at home!

    Ava places her arms around his neck and kisses him.

    - - -sf9.jpg

    Blake’s parents Edmund and Katrina Hammerton find Lana sitting alone by herself.


    Lana you look darling.


    Katrina. Edmund. Great to see you.


    Can’t believe our boys had a double wedding.


    They grew up so fast. I can only remember when they were playing in our backyards.


    I know. Time is definitely slipping.


    Are you here with anyone?


    Unfortunately no.

    Lana spots Dylan, Vi, Ryley and Jason talking with Sean.


    Definitely not.

    - - -sf10.jpg

    London spends time with her family at their table. She sits down exhausted.


    Looking good sis.


    Better then the first time?


    Much better. You have such a glow to you. Divorce doesn’t do that. I should know.


    Yeah because you pay your divorce lawyer a crap load of money that you can’t afford botox.


    Real funny Brad. And where’s L.J.?


    She’s with her pap pap.

    Gavin holds baby L.J. and coos at the two-year-old in her party dress.


    My baby girl’s been passed along so much tonight.


    That’s because she’s such a beauty. Ever thought of having another one?

    London looks over at John and Alley.


    I feel like I already have. Excuse me.

    London walks over to speak with the both of them but is pulled away by Blake.

    - - -sf11.jpg

    Sean enjoys the moment he’s sharing with his children and his family.


    Tell us more about Cancun Uncle Sean.


    It’s a very beautiful and exotic location. I lived there for three years.


    Maybe we could take a family trip there.


    Yeah I’m sure that wouldn’t have disaster written all over it.

    (to Dylan)

    Dylan you’re such a lucky guy. You have us all here in the same place and nothing’s gone wrong.




    Don’t jinx it you guys. Mom’s still here…alone.


    Hey could I have a minute with our father?

    Jason, Vi, and Ryley leave the father and son alone.


    Ryley’s right. This is a nice family moment.


    Thank you for inviting me. I didn’t know where we stood.


    You’re my dad and I want to make the effort to get to know you. Carrie convinced me.


    She is a fantastic girl.


    Where’s you date? I thought for sure you’d be bringing Kellan.


    Kellan and I are no more.




    Yeah. He turned out to be a different person from who I met. It just didn’t work out and I’m fine with that.

    Carrie finds Dylan talking to Sean.


    There you are. There are so many guests here I can’t keep count. Sean you look handsome.


    And you look heavenly. Like a picture out of a magazine. Why don’t you two have fun. Enjoy this special night.

    Sean walks over to Lana.


    What do you want?


    I’m single.


    Great. I’d propose we get drunk and hook up but I have a feeling you would disappoint me in the sack like you did in life.


    Lana being bitter gives you wrinkles.

    Sean extends out his hand. Carrie and Dylan watch from a distance.


    Look at that.


    Too funny.

    Lana looks at him and laughs.


    Let’s dance you old queen!

    - - -sf12.jpg

    Back at Rena’s dorm, she steps outside to talk with Lenvy and Will.


    We saw Yvonne leave in a huff.


    Is everything okay?


    Yeah. Better then ever. The good news is that Alicia forgave me. Will you did it. You brought us together. If I could hug you I would.


    I actually know that the heavens await for him. His good deed has earned him a passage way to the pearly gates.


    That’s awesome! Thank god.


    So I guess this is it? You two can go off into the light together.


    Unless Will decides that he wants to stay here as a spirit. That was also a possibility. We could float on over to my sister’s wedding.


    It’s my time to go. Rena I should be thanking you for everything.


    Me too. You guided Will to be a better ghost.


    If he was a better spirit it’s because of you. You really are an angel Lenvy. Go on. Heaven’s waiting.

    A bright white light begins to shine in the night sky. Will and Lenvy smile at Rena. Rena blows them a kiss and waves good bye.


    You ready my angel?


    After you.


    Yee haw!

    Will takes Lenvy’s hand and they both vanish into the light. Rena felt relieved. She goes back into her dorm to watch a movie with Alicia.

    - - -sf13.jpg

    Carlos and Jenny make their way up to the brides' and grooms' dinner table. Carlos shakes Blake’s hand as Jenny kisses London’s cheek.


    Where are you two off to?


    I have a surprise for Jenny. Sorry but we have to jet.


    Thank you so much for coming.


    You’re welcome. What an exciting day we had. A victorious one if you ask me. Bye guys.

    Carlos takes Jenny away. Blake looks at London.


    May I have this dance Misses Hammerton?


    Certainly. I was kind of hoping we’d be able to talk with our ex’s.


    Now seems like a good time.

    Blake leads London to the dance floor. They dance close to John and Alley.


    So this is going well.


    For sure. The only disaster was hurricane Nan but that just blew away.




    Yeah Blake?


    Would you like to dance with the bride?


    Sure Blake. Just as long as I’m not dancing with you.

    Blake fakes like he’s going to punch him. Blake dances with Alley.


    We’re having a kid together.


    I know. What happened to the times when we were fighting about petty stuff? Now we’ll have something bigger to argue about.


    Four parents to raise L.J. and baby…?


    I know the sex of our child.

    London and John overhear them.


    She does? I mean you do?


    I know too.


    I take it you’d all like to know what I’ll be having? You don’t want to be surprised?

    Blake and London shake their heads.


    Let’s throw out some baby names.


    Presley if it’s a boy. Vivi if it’s a girl.


    Those names suck!


    What about Matthew if it’s a boy? And Jessie if it’s a girl?


    I like London’s idea. Baby Matthew will be proud to be a gift from god.


    A baby boy?

    Blake hugs Alley and John.



    Dude don’t make me slap you. I need to dance with my woman.

    John bows to London and goes back to dancing with Alley.


    Are you happy with the way things turned out?


    I am. I’m even happy for Dylan and Carrie. It seems everyone who deserves to be together, is together.


    What do you think of all this wedding stuff?


    Not really my thing. You know me John. I’m a simple girl. For me, getting hitched in Vegas would be fun. Because it would be unexpected.


    So if I were to maybe slip a ring on your finger. You’d say yes to eloping?


    Always and forever Mister Snaldry.

    John takes out a wedding ring from his jacket and slips it on her finger.



    Eloping will save us so much money Misses Snaldry!

    Alley laughs at his joke. The two gaze deep into each other’s eyes and share a kiss as a secretive married couple.

    - - -sf14.jpg

    Carrie was being doated on by Michael and Mary Ann. Mary Ann had tears of joy in her eyes.

    Mary Ann:

    Oh you look so pretty.


    The decorators really knew what they were doing.


    Thanks you guys. I feel like the second time around, I was supposed to have my dream wedding go this way. I sort of wish that Lenvy was here to enjoy it.

    Mary Ann:

    We didn’t really know her but I’m sure she’s looking over you right now.


    You’re right. I bet she is.

    A woman and a male’s voice are heard arguing.


    What’s going on?

    Carrie goes to investigate. She steps off of the dance floor to find Juliana and Victor.


    Victor you’re here?


    He was just leaving.


    Juliana it’s not what you think. I came to congratulate you. I want to be sincere. I promise.


    Carrie if you don’t want him here, say the word. I’ll have one of my men escort him out.


    I’m family Juliana! I know how important that is to you.


    It’s okay mom. We can talk.


    I’ll be watching.

    Juliana leaves them alone. She hopes it wasn’t a mistake.


    Always the protector.


    Thanks for coming?


    You look pretty. And alive. That's always a good combination.


    Look we both know our situation is tainted. So…I don’t know what else to say...let’s maybe try to move on from what happened.


    Yeah I agree. Which is why I wanted to get out of here quickly. I just wanted to say. I’m sorry. I should’ve acted differently whenever I found out the truth about us. Instead I went into a downward spiral. I’m a different person. I’ve changed Carrie.


    I believe you. I kind of hope that you do stay. Don’t worry about Dylan. If he sees you, I’ll handle him.


    Yeah…no…maybe it’s best if I go.

    Carrie hugs Victor and smiles. Victor turns to leave but accidentally bumps into Alexia.


    So sorry.


    Hey no problem.



    Are you free to dance?


    I planned this whole wedding. But yeah. I’m free to take a break. I sure as hell need one.

    Victor and Alexia dance together.

    - - -sf15.jpg

    Carlos leads Jenny to the chapel set on "Blue Crystal." Her eyes were closed and her hands were trying to feel anything or get a clue of what was going on.


    Keep your eyes closed. We’re almost there.


    What are you doing?


    Okay. Open them.

    She opens her eyes and sees a chapel. Sitting in the alter is Agatha and Ian Hadley. A minister stands in the middle. Henry and Carinia stand to the side ready to film.


    What is all of this?


    Jenny Fremann. Will you marry me? Here today?

    Carlos gets down on one knee to propose with a diamond ring.


    Of course I will. But…why are we filming it?


    We’re writing your character back into the show.


    Your first scene is your marriage to Miguel. We’ll edit the dialogue when the time comes.


    And I’m a real minister. But I’m also an actor. This marriage will be binding.


    I'm just happy to be here and begged Cairinia to put me in the scene.


    I get to play your mother. Eek. I’m super excited. My grand kids are going to be so happy to see me on TV! And no one knows it better then me how much you two have gone through to get to this day. You two deserve this.


    Jenny I love you so much and I don’t know I just thought spur of the moment we could do it here. The fans will love it but we’ll have this memory for life.

    Jenny is silent. She walks away from him.


    What’s wrong?


    It’s a little overwhelming. And maybe a little sudden?


    We could just film the scene and get married another time if you want?


    No. I’m just worried about something. I’m worried about Nan.


    You need to forget about her.


    She keeps warning that she’s going to do something. And I need to know what that something is!


    So what if she does? She’s out of everyone’s lives, especially ours.

    Henry hands Carlos and Jenny a script to look over.


    I wrote the script myself. Feel free to add anything. Some of it is in Spanish. Hopefully you’re okay with that.


    I couldn’t think of anyone else who better suits me then you.

    (in Spanish)

    Usted es mi vida.


    There is something that I would love to add.


    What’s that?


    (in Spanish)

    Te amo chico! Tú eres mi perfección.

    Carlos smiled at how good her Spanish was. The two hugged and kissed before walking on the set of their soon to be wedding.

    - - -sf16.jpg

    At the bride and groom’s wedding table, Blake and Dylan stand with champagne flutes in their hand. They clink the glasses at the same time with a silver fork. Leon comes around to snap a photo of the couples.


    Picture perfect!


    We would like to make a toast. All four of us.


    The reason we made the wedding ceremony so short was so that we could say our vows to each other now.



    And also because Blake was hungry.

    The band drums the joke.


    John wrote that. Good one.


    I didn’t get to do this at my first wedding and I’m glad I get to do it now. I get to tell you Dylan how much I truly love you. You stood by my side in my most darkest times. Now I get to spend my most happiest times with you. My knight. My hero. My love.

    Dylan takes Carrie’s hand into his.


    Carrie and I met on this campus. She was troubled and I was lonely. I remember when I first looked at her and thought. Dang. That girl is beautiful. I was really nervous to ask her out. It took me about three tries to do it. The way she answered me was pinning me down to the ground with a kiss. That kiss was one of many.

    London turns to Blake and smiles.


    For me I came back to life. Literally. When I did there were pieces in my life that were missing. Things changed. The one thing that didn’t change was the love that I have for you Blake. Which is why I get to share my love with eve