Characters That Never Got A Proper Send-off

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On 6/23/2017 at 7:05 PM, Angel M. said:

Hello. I want to know if Travis from Y&R counts as a character that didn't get a proper send off. He pretty much went from sending flowers to Victoria one day and when she told him "Leave me alone" he walked away. The next day, Sally took over and Victoria was talking about wanting to be an independent woman or some crap to Victor and Nikki. I think it was mentioned that he left town but his send off to me wasn't proper he just walked away.


I LOVED the Travis character and wish they'd bring him back.  He came the closest to filling the "Brad Carlton" void of any character introduced since.

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Y&R's Katherine Chancellor. A larger than life character and actress, and Grande Dame of Genoa City. I enjoyed the actor's getting to reminisce about Jeanne Cooper, but I felt her send off disappointing. The subsequent story was lazy, and it didn't connect the cast of old and new in ways that I thought it would. 


Y&R's Diane Jenkins. Casting the IT actress Maura West with a bad writing team was a match made in hell. West is a good actress, but she was never Diane. It was basically Carly came to Genoa City, and it was awful. Save a few scenes here and there.


A lot of Y&R day players like Mary, Gina, Anita (man I loved Mitzi and wish they kept her), Mamie, never got proper send-offs.

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------Characters That Never Got A Proper Send off!!------


------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------

1. Mary Williams

2. Carl Williams

3. Colonel Douglas Austin

4. Mamie Johnson

5. Miguel Rodriguez

6. Lynne Bassett

7. George Rawlins

8. Cassandra Hall Rawlins

9. Michael Crawford

10. John Silva

11. Brock Reynolds

12. Chase Benson

13. Farren Connor

14. Andy Richards

15. Dr. Casey Reed

16. Sabrina Costelana Newman

17. Patty Williams

18. Drucilla Barber Winters

19. Dr. Olivia Barber Hastings Winters

20. Nathan Hastings

21. Nate Hastings

22. Elizabeth "Liz" Foster

23. John Abbott

24. Brad Carlton

26. Colleen Carlton

27. Sage Warner Bingham Newman

28. Delia Abbott

29. Detective Alex Chavez

30. Detective Mark Harding

31. Detective Dylan McAvoy

32. Brittany Hodges Marsino

33. Bobby Marsino

35. Raul Guittierez

36. Diego Guittierez

37. Diane Jenkins

38. Hope Adams

39. Tucker McCall

40. Ryan McNeil


------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------

1. Stephanie Douglas Forrester

2. Sally Spectra(Darlene Conely)

3. Ridge Forrester(Ronn Moss)

4. Caroline Spencer Forrester(Joanna Johnson)

5. Dr. Taylor Hayes

6. Beth Logan

7. Storm Logan

8. Phoebe Forrester

9. Alexandra "Aly" Forrester

10. Whip Jones

11. Thorne Forrester

12. Darla Einstein Forrester

13. Macy Alexander

14. Saul Feinberg(Michael Fox)

15. Kristen Forrester Dominguez

16. Tony Dominguez

17. Clark Garrison

18. CJ Garrison

19. Margo Lynley

20. Stephen Logan

21. Deacon Sharpe

22. Jackie Payne Marone Knight

23. Owen Knight

24. Bridget Forrester

25. Nick Marone

26. Sly Donovan

27. Marcus Walton Forrester

28. Dayzee Leigh

29. Bill Spencer, Senior

30. Donna Logan

31. Ann Douglas



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