Could a WGA Strike be a "Death Knell" for Soaps?

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10 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


Outside of soaps (the majority of the WGA), it is much more complicated than this.


Again, as I've mentioned before, it is not simply about money.


It's also about healthcare benefits as well as exclusivity contracts.

that's why my university professor said, she used to be a writer on a few primetime shows like Touched By An Angel and Beverly Hills: 90210.

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It appears that the negotiations are now focused primarily on exclusivity contracts, especially as how it relates to writers' ability to write limited series scripts, which, from the beginning, I had the feeling would be a good entry into a sensible negotiation process.


JMO, but if both sides can negotiate more flexibility for writers to finish writing scripts for one series then go on to a next, without having to wait until after the previous series is in production (or post-production), writers may show more willingness to give a bit more on the healthcare side.


As for soap writers and strikes, it sounds like many on this board feel strikes are unecessary, damaging and foolish for soap writers?

That's a possibility but then the only solution would be to make all soap writers' work ineligible for the WGA- I'm not sure whether most of the remaining daytime writers would agree with that.

It's like Brexit, you can't honestly expect to remove yourself from the union yet expect to still reap the benefits and rewards...did I say rewards?  I meant awards.

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