RIP Peter Hansen (GH/PC) (1921-2017)

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Not sure Susan would be up to an appearance on GH. This photo is from 2013. She is now 85. That's Peter on the right.

Longtime stars Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy), Susan Brown (Dr. Gail Baldwin), & Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin) did not stay long, but I managed to get this picture before the event began.

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I'd imagine if they had been able to we would have seen them at some point during Ron's run. He even tweeted when Peter passed.


Random but I just saw Peter in War of the Roses on Logo yesterday and then I saw Susan Brown in BH 90210 today on Pop! I just love them. I hate how they just disappeared in 2004 from GH. I don't think they ever appeared again. I know Gail was mentioned at times from Monica or something but it's a shame the way Phelps and especially decrepit dinosaur Frons treated the vets.

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