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45 minutes ago, cattykittens said:


Chancellor Industries made brief appearances here and there. Clearsprings, and when Kay & Jill became mother and daughter they set up a boardroom. They had Chancellor buy Jabot as a subsidiary. But most of the time it was offscreen. The Chancellor mansion was Kay & Jill's set. Their big stories took place there not in the office.


Chance could come to fruition tomorrow, or years down the line. It'd be short-sighted, well just plain stupid, for a soap to render a whole block of future stories impossible just because a certain character isn't on set today. An 80-year old classic character is returning next week for 3 months. Who would've thought?


Phillip Chancellor's name is as synonymous with Y&R as Kay Chancellor's name. Simply because one of them, in some form, was always around or being fought over. In the 70s-Phillip 2, in the 80s-Philip III, the 90s brought little Phillip IV/Chance. After that Cane was thought to be Phillip III, and after that the real Phillip Chancellor 3 returned gay. And then Chance Philip/IV returned from the service. I think he left in 2011, so it was maybe a six year drought until Jill's story about Phillip 2.  Anyway, lot's and lot's of Phillip through the years.


I don't see how Chancellor would have provided conflict for Devon given he wasn't interested in business or Chancellor Industries when Kay died. Cane was the one working there. She named him CEO in her will. Devon waking up the day Katherine died as a Tucker clone ready to take over CI would have been far fetched. 


Jill is still alive and she doesn't have to be blood to have things that Katherine once had. People can die and leave nothing to their blood relatives if they so choose.  Devon got more than his fair share out of Katherine compared to the other blood relatives, the argument he was entitled to more has no merit.


 It was dialog at one time, stuff like that goes back and forth. It happens to everybody. The script writers don't always know the history. One day Nick and Victoria grew up together and were always close, the next year they talk about how they hardly knew each other because they were in aways in separate boarding schools.


The last dialog about it onscreen confirmed that Phillip founded CI. It was in a fight that Ashley had with Kay about Tucker.

From the Y&R transcript 8/11/11:


Ashley: You know what really gets me? You both know what it feels like to have a company you love ripped away from you, only it's much worse for Tucker, because our father started Jabot,  and Phillip started Chancellor, so basically, you both took over family businesses. But Tucker built McCall from the ground up, and you do not have the right to take it away from him.


Kay: Ashley, now you listen to me. Whoever founded the company is immaterial to me.


You're quoting Y&R from 2011 as fact of something that happened 30 something years prior. Come now, we all know that's not credible. 

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Just now, ajsp35801 said:


You're quoting Y&R from 2011 as fact of something that happened 30 something years prior. Come now, we all know that's not credible. 


I said that's the last I heard it talked about on-screen.


The past speaks for itself. It's been almost 40 years of story about Phillip Chancellor heirs, not Gary Reynolds heirs. Kay didn't encourage, or even ask Brock to get involved with Chancellor but she groomed Phillip 3 for the role. Why would that be if it was Gary's legacy? 


The writer's pen can make Gary the founder tomorrow but it still doesn't change my argument all that much. But how many viewers know who Gary Reynolds was? Viewers would be like WTH? But say they did it anyway. How does that help Devon?


Philip grew the company into a huge corporation and Kay killed him. He was still entitled to at least half in a divorce. And since Kay knew nothing about running a company in those days Kay would have been paid out. And it weakens Devon's right to it. It would be Brock & Mac over him. Kay cheats on their father/grandfather Gary Reynolds with Judge Arthur Hendricks (Devon's grandfather) and somehow Devon's entitled the company that Gary founded? Makes more sense for Devon to have the company his father founded.

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3 hours ago, cattykittens said:


It did not become more Katherines. Katherine MURDERED him! That's the only reason she got full control of it. Maybe if Phillip II would have been allowed to raise his sons, and mentor them in the business, they would have been interested. 

It's been 43 years. We've seen the footage, you need to let it go. She's dead. 

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