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Agnes Nixon's autobiography

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On 3/19/2017 at 0:54 AM, amybrickwallace said:

I have not read the book yet, but I'd like to. I'm curious about the woman behind the legend and her family life.


The book left me with great admiration for Nixon as a person. I love biographies and autobiographies anyway, so even though I was disappointed with the relatively brief amount of time spent on the behind-the-soap-scenes material, the personal stuff was absorbing.


3 hours ago, YRBB said:


Oh, certainly not! That's not the impression I got. I doubt Nixon would be capable of something worthless. My main interest, however, would be the info and anecdotes you mention, so it sounds like it wouldn't give me what I'm looking for personally. 


I wanted both: soap opera information and Nixon's personal history, so I did feel that I got my money's worth in general. But as I mentioned in an earlier post, the book could have easily added another 50 pages at least to fill out the later years of Nixon's life and (particularly) her career.


3 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

Does she go into her feud with Ellen Holly at all?


She does not even mention it. Nor does she mention anything about Brian Frons and how she was forced out of her own shows. The entire era of when the ABC serials fell into the toilet and were butchered by incompetent PTB is simply skipped over. At the end of the book, she briefly mentions that the soaps HAD been destroyed, and that she HAD been forced out, but nothing whatsoever about the how and the why. No specifics.


She also brings up a shocking story about what the executives at SEARCH FOR TOMORROW did to her. After detailing the unfortunate initial events, she goes back to writing about her personal life, without ever letting the reader know the outcome of the SFT drama. It left me very frustrated, considering there is absolutely no way for anyone to find out further details now, 66 years later. :(

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Hmm... on the fence now whether I should get it or not. I love autobiographies by soap stars, but the behind-the-scenes dish is always the most interesting. I just finished reading Michael Zaslow's "Not That Man Anymore." It was mostly about his battle with being diagnosed with ALS and his wife's perspective of much of the events. But there were definite snippets of GL and OLTL mentions. I'd probably enjoy a little bit more about GL (they were non-specific regarding executive names, but anyone can figure out it was Paul Rauch), but his story itself was fascinating.  On the other hand, Bill & Susan Seaforth-Hayes' "Like Sands Through The Hourglass" was more of the cherry-picker reading. After their initial courtship and coming together, their personal story basically involves all the different random people they've encountered over the years through their travels. After awhile, I no longer cared about meeting some chick in Bumblefuk who had a great cherry pie recipe or some such stuff. The behind-the-scenes stuff was good though. 


There should always be a good balance between personal life and behind-the-scenes recollections, because that's mostly what people are here for. I enjoyed reading the autobiographies of Jeanne Cooper, Bill Bell, and Ken Corday (his was another cherry-picker book). 

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