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6 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:


Not necessarily. Look at Abby. Noah. 


What he would have been is paired up with Lily if CK could have stomached it. 


Yeah but it's different, & plus it would also give CKLily option with a black guy.

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Anyone (male OR female) who dates someone like Kevin Fisher is "dating down."


Also...?  I think the idea of Kay and Jill needing closure where Philip's death is concerned is so not what Y&R is about.  Because you know that if Bill Bell were still alive and writing, he'd have Kay insisting all the way to her grave that she didn't kill Phillip on purpose and that he would have stayed WITH her had Jill not seduced him.


But, then again, I don't think Bell would have ever had those two women become as close as they were when Kay/JC died either.

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