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Ranking Viki's alters

One Life to Live

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#41 Scotty


    ...because we only have 'One Life to Live'

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Posted 13 February 2012 - 04:31 PM

How did they explain Viki's DID pre-Slezak?

According to the OLTL 40th anniversary book, the explanation for Niki's first appearances on the show is as follows:

"As a little girl, Viki thought she had witnessed her father killing her mother. While Viki had seen her mother's death, the circumstances surrounding it had been misintererpered. Yes, her mother and father had been arguing at the stop of the stairs at Llanfair, but her father had not pushed his wife down the stairs. She had slipped during the argument and fallen. Viki's coming to that revealation in the late 1960s seemed to cure her of her need for the Niki personality."

From there, it eventually morphed into Viki walking in on her father and Irene doing the nasty, to her discovery as a teen that her father had built an underground city, where her first love Roger Gordon was killed (although he would later turn out to be alive), and that her father had had all of that (as well as being pregnant with Megan) wiped from her memory, to the ultimate revealation that her father had sexually abused her as a child in 1995.
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#42 BKuzak



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Posted 13 February 2012 - 09:52 PM

I also did not buy that storyline of Jessica/Tess being taken to bars by Niki when she was a little girl. I hated that storyline and convinced myself it might have happend when Viki was recovering from her stroke and couldn't control Niki comming out (like when she shot Johnny Dee). But then i have to remember when Jessica was a little girl, Cord and Tina were also living at Llanfair (i beleive). and don't forget about Herron, the butler and a houseful of staff. and i am sure Clint came home eventually. Niki musn't have stayed out long. unless Clint just went to bed and said, "Oh well Viki must be in another part of the house tonight. and Jessica must be with her." No! it's not like it was a normal house with just a mother, father and three children. I don't think Erika "bought it" either.

and Tess said she came out sometimes during the day when Jessica was a child. I also don't beleive that because especially during the day the house was flooded with realtives and staff. Nobody noticed that little Jessica wasn't acting like herself? Tina? Cord? Megan? Asa? Renee? Bo? Sarah? Herron? Clint? Viki? Wanda? Doctor Larry? forget it....

Viki's DID was so much more thought out. All she had was her father and her younger sister. Victor never remarried until Dorian (he didn't have time...he was bedding every young girl in Llanview in that secret room.)
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#43 JackPeyton



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Posted 14 February 2012 - 03:00 AM

I can not rank them as i really have no history or knowledge of them, but Tori sure does sound the most interesting.
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#44 JackPeyton



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Posted 14 February 2012 - 03:04 AM

Tess wasnt originally a joke..when she first appeared TSJTodd and Viki still had a relationship.

Tess was great when she first came on. Say what you want about Dena's OLTL and how it is a total retcon to make it work, but tess was an interesting character and Bree played her perfectly. Ron never wrote Tess as serious, she was always a joke and high camp and BW went OTT playing it. jessica has always sucked though and i wish tess had become the dominant personality.
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