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3 minutes ago, sheilaforever said:


I'd love to hear your two cents on the airdates... But be warned: the Polish episode numbers given are NOT the actual episode numbers. They are off by roughly 210+ episodes... For instance: I'm just watching episode #887, yet it is listed as "odcinka 672". I mention this particular episode because this is one of a few shows that have Sherylin Wolter subbing in for Hunter Tylo as Dr. Taylor Hayes.

I figured it wasn't the actual airdates as I think B&B celebrated 1,000 episodes early's a shame that Lorie B's website has finally shut down, because that's where they had the German B&B episode guide which did help  even if they were a little off as well, and some summaries were missing......I've only watched a few scattered episodes so far, but I'll compile a list of all the airdates at some point :) I think the last episode uploaded aired February 3, 1992......(though it looks like a lone 1996 episode is on there as well) It helps to remember which other episodes from certain years were on YT at one point in 1990 when Stephanie finds out about Brooke and Eric, ("OH THAT BITCH CAME INTO THIS HOUSE!!" etc...)  the original episode aired May 16, 1990, so just keep going forward or backwards from that start date....of course preemptions have to be considered as well, and I don't think Y&R/B&B always shared the same preemption dates or at least when it came to breaking news coverage....

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7 hours ago, YRfan23 said:

haha thanks! :) but the credits goes to the person who actually did, I just found these! LOL 


LOL Yes, I am aware. :lol: I was thanking you for (finding and) posting them here hahaha But, since we mention it, thank you, random YouTuber!

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