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I think 8-10 is the max Gillian Anderson would go for given her busy schedule (she's also just picked up Bryan Fuller's American Gods on HBO). That being said, I think 6 would have been fine with more skilled writers and a cohesive thread through the stories. I enjoyed the whole thing as a messy romp of good and bad, but I am not that invested in TXF.

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Glad they got the right number of episodes this time.


They could've done it with six, really, but Chris Carter's overbearing hand really damaged the quality on the last season - it varied between great fun, mediocre and outright terrible from week to week, and both the premiere and finale were very bad thanks to him.  He's a great idea man but when it comes to individual episodes he's more and more the show's worst enemy.


I would like to believe he'll have a more hands-on writers' room with stronger collaboration this time, but I have my doubts. Either way, I'll still enjoy seeing it.

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