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Pam Long didn't see her as a heroine- she saw her as a sexed up vamp.  Ironically, the only interesting thing about Long's tenure was the Angela/Ted relationship she created.  But, only seeing her as a vamp and not a heroine, there was no follow-through, Ted ended up with Lily, Angela ended up alone, and Nina Arvesen was one of 2 or 3 cast members who didn't appear on the last episode.  I believe her last appearance was on the 3rd or 4th to last ep.  It was a total missed opportunity.  The Dobsons liked writing for her and saw the potential.  That changing of the guard in the writers' room never should have happened.


Well that was stupid that Pam Long didn't see her as a heroine AND a vamp character too b/c Reva was a heroine and smutty too, and that was Pam Long's greatest creation. Maybe this is why he possible did wanna do that b/c she'd assume people would think that she was trying to do Reva over again, which isn't bad. All great writers borrow from their previous works. 

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That storyline was the Dobsons.  People complain about their second tenure and I really don't get it.  They managed to keep me invested in the show for the first 8 months after Marcy left, which was no easy feat.  They also created a new heroine that I fell in love with- Angela!

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