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Created By

William J. Bell


Lee Phillip Bell

Directed By

Deveney Marking Kelly

Written By

Bradley Bell

John F. Smith

Tracey Ann Kelly

Senior Producer

Ron Weaver


Cynthia J. Popp

Music Composed By

Jack Allocco

David Kurtz

Music Coordinator

Lothar Struff

Casting Director

Christy Dooley

Assistant Casting Director

Shannon Bradley

Production Assistants

Miriam Walmsley Wadick

Sara Kettler

Production Coordinator

Erin E. Stewart

Adam Dusevoir

Production Office Staff

Jan Claire Tynes

Leah Priceman

Mike Vita


Richard Ginger

Associate Directors

Catherine Sedwick

Jennifer Hodill

Steven A. Wacker

Production Supervisors

Lynne Bushyhead-Ripple

Pat Stine

Production Designer

Jack Forrestel

Art Director

Fabrice Kenwood

Set Decoration

Lee Moore, JR.

Charlotte Garnell Scheide

Lighting Directors

Lauri Moorman

Rudy Callan

Costume Designer

Birgit Muller

Assistant Costume Deisgner

Craig Aspden


Ross Fuentes

Gina Chapa

Frank Tobin Public Relations

Francis X. Tombin

Kathryn Boepple

Joe Handy

Paula Navar

Tenchincal Directors

Charles F. Guzzi

Donna Stock


Clyde Kaplan

Jennifer Spangler


Ted Morales

Gordon Sweeney

Joel Binger

Mike Glenn


Roberto Bosio

Scha Jani

Videotape Editors

Gary Chamberlin

Brian Bagwell

Ernest Sanderson

Bob Bernstein


David Golba

Stan Sweeney

Jim Hope

Post Production Audio

Jerry Martz

Daniel Lecuna

Julian Salas

George Forbes


Christine Lai Johnson

Donna Moss

Chris Escobosa

Charlene Jackman


Kathy Weltman

Carlos Pelz

Stage Managers

Laura Yale

Doug Hayden

Supervising Producer

Rhonda Friedman

Executive Producer

Bradley Bell

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