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  1. WTF was the Orange Fruitcake thinking giving a speech like that in front of Boy Scouts?
  2. one day and people are already starting with the hack talk and ratings crap. My goodness....
  3. and CNN is going all over the place with it.
  4. I'm not sure.....hope they have the money for these returns. most of them may be on recurring....but it tells me a story is coming up that will involve most of the canvas.
  5. should have never killed Renee off.
  6. Bobby Ewing, Dallas. The First Roman Brady, Days.
  7. I have always loved them both. when I read he went straght from the hosp. back out to help finish building homes I just smiled. I don;t care what anyone says...he was a good POTUS and such a great man.
  8. I'm going with you YRBB, and thank you for the update. please let us know if there's anything else they be doing.....I'm very interested because SA is back in the saddle again, and Corday needs to keep his damn hands off of anything they do IF their SLs work. I have decided to just laugh at them. they prove that it's not about the show or giving a new regime a's about ALWAYS blasting everything even before it airs because they have nothing to do but ride through the streets like Paul Revere and shout how "THE BAD WRITING IS COMING!!! THE BAD WRITING IS COMING!!!" Couldn't have...because the comment read once it's all about him the show will tank. even though people will still watch because it'll be stirring up a crapstorm instead or just enjoying the show. always have that small percentage of people who won;t be happy with nothing.
  9. not one word or one scene of his reign has aired.......and people already are saying he sucks and will start calling for his firing by thursday.
  10. I find it sickening. Joe is going for a ratings grab and not wanting to take responsibility for helping this fool into office. he may run for some office down the road and doesn't want to be a part of HIS party....after he's spent 30 years defending and lying for them. the TVMSM with few exceptions are just sickening. Trump all damn day. I mean 7 days a damn week. and the same topics every single day. how much time did MJ spend on the transport crash that killed 16 soldiers? 30 seconds? but spends 3 hours going off o this tiny little orange. Joe is a fake ass punk. and the TVMSM are whores for matter what they have to slap on screen.
  11. an article was written in St. Louis Post-Dispatch last week saying Claire McCaskill would need up to 30 million to run for re-election. I sent her a tweet.....informing her that Dracula would get my vote for the second straight time she's ran for re-election.
  12. just wondering where all the trump sycophants are to defend this latest disaster? Buehler......Buehler......Buehler.....
  13. and once again, Pres. Orange Crush makes an ass of himself.