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  1. Did the very same thing. too old to argue with someone, anyone who won't at least TRY to have a civil discourse.
  2. here we are again......someone who didn't hear one word that was said. makes me wretch. When THIS MAN says Trump is a failure.....the tides are turning....
  3. this thing said he would not bring up the story...then waited after the show was over to say he was real close to the truth and to stay tuned. this was after FN retracted he story and the family pleaded with him to stop. he deserves to go...what an ass.
  4. His parents are the ones who made Days a truly classic show. Ted & Betty knew what fans wanted.....hardly any bad stories. plus having W. Bell as your HW doesn't hurt. but Kenny Boy has never had one clue. he fell in love JER's Days and seems to want that more than anything else, but times have moved on. he doesn't understand good storytelling for an entire canvas equals ratings. plus I can't count how many times the show was going in the right direction and he showed up and screwed everything up. he hasn't taken responsibility for this show's state EVER.
  5. Oh IA...but what I can't understand is why? what does Coday have against the man? Ashford is the definitive JD to me, but seems to have been written like garbage after his first run.
  6. It was on a picture I saw today on twitter. can't upload the picture. DASmzoiW0AECh-_.jpg-large
  7. Trump has been notified that articles of impeachment are being prepared against him before he left Friday.
  8. I'd rather have another pointless retcon than turning Jack into Jason or Michael Myers. KC seems to not like MA for some reason and has treated Jack like crap.
  9. some talk about incestuos relationships...and some LOVED JER's Days and Passions. If John's story is reconned once again....SA is the ONLY one who could do it. it probably won't happen though, but if it were....and as far as ships sailing, sometimes I LOL at what is allowed by soaps fans when they want to see it. But, that's just me. LOL
  11. What I will add is this......SA said some years ago that if she ever wrote Days again, that is the first thing she would do.....but they may leave well enough alone....for now anyway.
  12. Leaked to WaPo. WTH?! I'll bring the soda.
  13. don't forget Sally too.
  14. I don't care what those people are going through.....they sold their souls to this fool and now have to reap the whirlwind.
  15. just. plain. stupid.