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  1. she would know who the Bandits really are.... IMO, the postponement of this vote not only hurst rump tremendously it hurts Ryan just as also puts the GOP behind the 8 ball and makes them look horrible because, after 7 years of trying to gut the ACA, this proves they never had anything ready as an alternative and what they just tried to get passed seems to go back to the healthcare system we had BEFORE the ACA. all they had to do was work on the bill across the row and work with Dems...but that made way too much sense. now, they are stuck with a God awful piece of legislation that has badly damaged the GOP, cause (among other things) Trump's numbers plummet and have even started to turn republican voters against them...because these people were so ignorant about their own self interests they woke up (slightly) to find out "HEY!!!!......they're screwing us like porn stars!!!"
  2. This is what happens when you spend almost 2 years talking [!@#$%^&*] about everyone when you're running for high office....they remember every single word and band together to wipe your ass OUT. that is what is happening right now.
  3. Possibly starring Michael B. Jordan as Neo. Hollywood has officially run out of ideas.
  4. Nunes fucked this all up royally. thanks for the update Wales. you say he's from your state?
  5. To me it ruined him. but wasn't it hilarious to see all the empty beer bottles?
  6. The entire party seems to be in flames now.
  7. I saw that story. very wonderful. I just woke up from a nap and saw all this. Did Nunes [!@#$%^&*] up that badly? I only saw a snippet of his PC and he seemed to lie 3 different times in less than a minute on one question.
  8. disgusting and vile.
  9. Marceline.....I would like to thank you for giving me my laugh for the day.
  10. And Both Carl and John would know about how much of a [!@#$%^&*] POC liar Trump is compared to Nixon. That orange prick and people in his admin. and on his team better hope they don't end up in prison.
  11. Isn't that laughable that being pro-choice (not racist, bigoted or an outright liar) was the reason her show was suspended?
  12. I saw it live....they dragged that crfap out for two hours and there was a small bit of trash and an empty bottle in a corner. his career was never the same....even the crew was laughing. CT is right in that his return was poor. PD has said that LH called and told him to come up to his home and have a hot tub. he did, and after they both were sufficiently lit, PD said LH told him in very colorful language that he knew he had made the biggest mistake of his career....he left as being the No. 1 good guy on the top tv show in the world at the time. So PD said "if they back the truck up and it's filled with cash...." he signed, got a HUGE raise....but the crew felt fans would not accept Duffy back as anyone but Bobby. I had that Dallas: The Complete History book and I HIGHLY recommend it for any Dallas or tv show fan. What I had posted last night was one way Bobby could have returned without the Nero crap and the secret spy and evil twin and all that BS. LK didn't want to pull the trigger. and I have read over the year at Katzman was a REAL piece of work. LG was negotiating a new contract and asked to direct some episodes since the men were allowed to do it. She was fired for that 'demand'. she went to Larry, who went to LK (I believe) and said that if Linda wasn't rehired and allowed to direct he was quitting. and Guess what? (Also, Howard Keel was asked to take over the role of Jock Ewing after Jim davis' death. he said that Davis was a good friend of his, and was so happy to have been on the show.....he could never do that to him, so he turned it down. Thus Clayton Farlow was born. Keel would have been Jock, having survived the helicopter crash but having had extensive plastic surgery...the same SL they used seasons later with the star of the show SWAT. It was revealed by the NE that he would be the new saw this, called and sent letters to both CBS and Lorimar and demanded that Jock stay dead. that's why the character ended up being a fraud....even though if you watch that season, this man has the same injuries Jock had and there's a scene at the office where there is a office door with Jock's name on it).
  13. There are actually pictures from a scene where bandages are taking off of PD's face, revealing Bobby did survive his accident. JR is shown hugging him...the reason would have been explained that Bobby came back to life after the family left his hospital room, but had no memory of who he was and was severely injured. that would have explained why he was gone for the entire the ones you mentioned...Bobby being an evil twin brother, a man who was made to look like Bobby so he could take over EO....all kinds of stuff.
  14. for me it will always be Josh Taylor as Roman Brady. Just ruined the role (because IMO he just didn't fit it). God Bless him, he tried so hard in the beginning but just wasn't Wayne or early Drake.
  15. You know, she just may be right. What pissed off so many fans was that they invested a year in his death, the mourning of the family (the season IMPO started off well) and then it turned into Dynasty. So, Leonard Katzman came back as EP the same year PD returned. the writers and producers watch every episode and said that was the only thing they could do because the previous season was bad (LK actually was a consultant on the dream season) and even though the next season was their last great season...your mom could be right. it just insulted a fanbase worldwide like "The previous crap you've justs een didn't happen. forget ALL that [!@#$%^&*]..."