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  1. Now he's trying to clean it all up. first he said people were blasting him because he supported he's saying he and his wife were in constant contact with her and tried to help her and he can't sleep and all this.....he's made it about him. he's ruined his career and now wants sympathy. he's a college basketball team taking algebra.... No.Class.
  2. Scott Baio. What an ass.
  3. Thank you for posting this.
  4. why did Bergman hate that SL? I have tried to find out using many sites but can't find anything. people keep bringing it up but won;t say why he hated it.
  5. She has walked back a bit of it now...saying he asked to meet her at his hotel not hotel room, but....she still stands by her initial story.
  6. You know, I've gotten to the point that it now doesn't matter the airliner. these are the two stories we've heard about....I wonder about the ones we don't hear about (and SW IMPO shouldn't stick their noses up in the air).
  7. Ah, the friendly skies....
  9. i'm going to need video for a party later that day so....
  10. when will they learn?
  11. all these fools heard was "emails.....wall....make america great again". idiots.
  12. I wonder is this part of the reason why the stuff happened on his last show. he's one of the reasons (T. Bradshaw is the other) why i don't watch NFL pregame on Fox. he talks too damn much and over people.
  13. he's got the money....21st Century apparently gave O'Reilly 25 million as a settlement.
  14. I a another woman involved?