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  1. Spicer won't last. I mean he can lie like some of the best but he's a coward and it comes across. Maybe Corey Lewandowski comes back.
  2. As if anyone really believed Marco Rubio wouldn't cave. Endorses Tillerson https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/23/us/politics/donald-trump-administration.html
  3. Oh there is no question that she's done. But after several months of what we're seeing now, I doubt the press and the public will be as harsh on her and I do believe her legacy is in no way going to be lock her up. The Clinton Foundation does so much good around the world, but I would love to see her do something independent of Bill. I know their a team , but I hope she does something on her own outside of politics. I do wonder if he and some of the people around him including Bannon who's honestly a smart guy, really believed once elected they could keep up the reality show atmosphere surrounding them. As completely frightened as this all makes me, I never believed it was sustainable nor did any of these hypocrites like Morning Joe, which is exactly why they a;; continued and still continue to talk about him pivoting. The only reason people kept discussing that was because they knew the circus could not last forever. I remember the stories of when Nixon's descent started, and there are a lot of the same patterns here. But at the end of it, America was a dark place then too. While we had I think decent people following in Ford and Carter to try and restore some semblance of trust, this country has never been the same since. And this is all going to make that look like child's play. I can honestly say I fear this man not just shooting a nuclear weapon at someone outside of the US, but against his own country.
  4. I don't think there's a smoking gun either and honestly when people discuss see the taxes to determine conflicts of interest, I'm not sure what the tax forms show in respect to that. I'm also no tax expect and honestly if there is something what Schedule would show that? I do think his own personal worth is much less and while I don't think people much care about that, including democrats, no way does he want people to see that.
  5. Seriously how many times do people really think this man is going to change or the change they have planned is positive?. Honest to god if I have to read this crap again from people who I actually think might have a brain despite what they do, and have watched this for the past 18 months, there is no pivot, no positive change, etc..
  6. Was he on Maddow about 3 weeks ago? If that was him, young black man - went to Harvard - joked about still having tons of student debt himself, LOVED him. He did talk about running but me being I have not heard much since. Probably because he hasn't been front and center. He talked about the work he was doing in SC and the types of things that you do to gain trust at the grass roots level in your and other communities, soliciting for donations for food pantry's, getting people to donate school supplies and distributing to the needy throughout the school year, getting people bus passes, transportation for the elderly, etc.. Definitely impressive. I kind of wish they could do co-chairs but know that likely wouldn't work. I'll admit I'm hesitant about Elison because I don't think the dems can afford to lose a house seat. He's much more needed where he is now IMO. OT: WTF Julian Assange unreal. "WikiLeaks offers to publish Trumps tax returns" It enforces what I always thought. Assange is an egomaniac who just wants to create disruption in the US. And is he doing this at the instruction of the Russians. Because I honestly don't believe Putin gives a crap other than to continue to weaken and divide the US. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/wikileaks-send-us-trumps-tax-returns-so-we-can-release-them/ar-AAm7rH8?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  7. I honestly wish there was someone else who would be speaking other than these two. Like a WOMAN. Moore was on AMJoy this AM talking about the march and ended it with telling people to support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. Now I like Ellison but really Moore? I also like Tom Perez and he seems to be the only one kind of fired up and making Voter suppression a priority. As for the Madonna thing, I marched yesterday in Chicago - 250k people. Home, dinner, went out a bit later for a drink with a few friends not one person mentioned it or even knew about it. I only heard about it this morning. And it was a blip.
  8. I think you are completely wrong about what people will remember about yesterday. All the major newspapers across the country have this as their lead and pictures all over the front pages. And nothing about Madonna. That being said, I appreciated the rally in Chicago. No celebs of note other than a local Olivia Staples who came out and sang I'm every woman. But it was all activists and real people and the speeches were uplifting. I think the worst thing yesterday was Michael Moore trying to co-op the DC rally by making it into a call for Bernie's people. I give Ashley Judd credit for stepping in and interrupting him before it went too far. I assume she knew why a lot of the people were there yesterday. And it wasn't to rally for Bernie and his supporters.
  9. For anyone who thinks our own media is not misogynistic, I rest my case:
  10. This may have been posted already, but David Brock is now funding the start of a Breitbart for the left. I'm no fan of Brock's by any means, but David Sirosta I hope can be a controlling force. I know Sirosta was scathing on Hillary but it might be good having someone at the help with an opposing view. We'll see. Obviously I am skeptical but it's sadly something needed. The left also needs more media outlets so the message can get out to the non urban areas. http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/20/media/true-blue-media-david-sirota/
  11. So I just got back from the rally in Chicago. Mega amazing. 150,000 people. There were people of all ages, colors, genders. People brought their pets, babies, kids and it was a very uplifting event. They had to cancel the actual march because of the unexpectedly large turnout. But much of the crowd elected to march anyway. Only thing that does sadden me a bit is not a lot of black women and I can understand why. We white women have a lot of work to do to earn their trust back and justifiably so. I don't even know if it's possible. Not to say the crowd wasn't diverse, but it was something I observed. But the white women in the crowd were schooled by a 75 year old white woman who was a civil rights activist and worked on the equal rights amendment in the 70's. She rattled off the percentage of European centric Americans who voted for Trump included the 53% of white women. It's obvious it made many in the crowd uncomfortable. She acknowledged it would, that she was pissed about it, but went on to challenge them and to charge the crowd up again, but especially that group. It's odd to hear me talking in the third person as I am one of them. Not one of the 53% but a white women and know there is more I can do. It feels like such an overwhelming task until you realize the Tea Party started in 2009 and made huge election inroads in 2010.
  12. They lead by example. They love the poorly educated.
  13. This is true but disingenuine. This march originated from Pantsuit Nation, the group started on Facebook to support Hillary Clinton and it was a place for women to share their stories, especially those being targeted. That evolved into A BLACK WOMAN from Ft. Lauderdale saying we should have a march. Then a few women got together, formed the committee and started organizing and guess what, not one WOC as part of the group. They got slammed and finally added a couple but I have to say it's disingenuous to an extent, only. BUt one of the original organizers is a Bernie supporter who has been on the defensive for weeks as women, men, finding it offensive that the woman who was the original inspiration for the group doesn't get recognized but the woman who was the first green party VP candidate does. THey are even using the phrase Hillary marked "Womens rights and human rights" as their call. I mean seriously. And the excuse was we didn't think the timing was right and no reconsideration. Much of the bickering again is being propagated by the extreme left "Bernie Bros", who themselves are sexist and racist. I doubt any of these people are going to be at any of the marches. Their rights are not in danger. But this is their goal. Chaos. But as a result, the women who know best about resistance, persecution, being targeted, black women have been turned off by the arrogance of saying the woman who inspired the group who herself suffered targeted harassment on the political stage like no other, who they supported, is not good enough to at least be recognized because of a few women at the top of the organization think adding her name to a god damn list would be divisive. What happened to marching and being inclusive like your talking about. This wasn't really intended to be a political march per say, but a show of unity. Yet even it seems we still have women, you know white women - the 53% of the population who voted for Trump, saying unity is important except when they don't think it is.
  14. Considering many of those MP's supported Brexit, I would have expected a bigger turnout. I think Theresa May at least finally gets how screwed they are. But twisting the knives on the Scottish as she's trying to do is not going to help.