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  1. So how soon before the Agricultural Industry starts increasing prices?
  2. I wish more people would have paid attention to the danger. If this is not an example of white privilege I don't know what is. I am especially disappointed in Eichenwald.
  3. I wish I could find the link but I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day talking about the budget plan being now tweaked by the White House. THey are changing the growth numbers increasing them to around 4% which is 1.5% higher than the Obama white house had them. Most economists and the CBO have the projections at around 2% for the next 10 years, but of course Trump doesn't believe in economists. The Congress of course has to follow the CBO in the budget. What's interesting about it was the fact that our labor market participation rate has been up while unemployment has been down, not hard to see why(baby boomers starting to leave the workforce) and the only reason we are able to maintain a decent participation rate is - lets wait - immigration and foreign workers. So the WSJ article basically is saying if the rate of immigration is reduced that there is no possible way those growth numbers are achievable and likely would not be even if we weren't kicking people out, deporting, and cutting back on immigration. And they can keep increasing H1B Visa's but that won't make up for it, as many younger people who come here on Visa's going to college end up staying and become permanent residents. It's amazing the ignorance of these people. While this country may not be welcoming to many, these people help our economy thrive and grow. It's what has separated us from everyone else. There are already 3 million jobs in this country that can't be filled due to lack of skilled personal.
  4. That one gives me pleasure because that actually costs him money and yammering on a book tour. Now in allegedly half of Breitbart staff saying they will walk if he is not fired. His downfall after all the first amendment pearl clutching done by venomous GOP is one short lived positive.
  5. He's from Illinois. I should have remembered that. I just remember all the "the poor man is sick" comments because he rolled into court in a wheelchair.
  6. Oh yeah I know that. I guess my comment was more cynical. But I guess we know pedophilia at least right now is the one bridge too far for these folks. But honestly I don't buy they didn't know what about him. Much of this has been known about him for a good long time.
  7. They are? I guess pedophilia was a bridge too far but xenophobia, white supremacy, domestic abuse, bigotry are all a-ok(see who else is speaking).
  8. The collaborators are being eliminated. I feel Flynn is going to disappear at some point.
  9. This is awful but it's the kind of stuff he's been doing for ages. He's dirt in the worst sense. We've been considering cancelling our cable service regardless, but finally did today. My intended gets internet service with his job so we don't need that aspect of the service anymore. When asked why we were cancelling, I told them it was due to Bill Maher and his show and support of Milo. I said for HBO to continue to support this was a bridge too far for us. Granted this is not the cable service direct issue, but hey maybe it's on record somewhere.
  10. There's the "progressive" Republican Party again. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/02/19/utah-republican-argues-against-equal-pay-for-women-its-bad-for-families-and-society/?utm_term=.7da02d56dc1b#comments
  11. Probably a way to keep the base juiced up.
  12. I have no idea if this account is true, but I believe it.
  13. I am in no way advocating for keeping Trump. But the danger is once he's gone, Pence will look like a relief. And I can just see the media and press calling him some sort of savior not because policywise he is any better but because he won't attack THEM. I believe it. But this is a distraction from Russia
  14. I actually kind of agree with Carl. And not trying to discount what your saying Vee. The danger is the progressives will be so relieved to be rid of Trump, his exit will look like a huge victory and the people who I believe are awake right now might just be willing to ride things out until the next election. With Trump in place I do think 2018 is going to be a huge turnout for progressives finally. With him gone people might believe the victory has been won and stay home. After watching how the press, media, Washington and many people in her own party demonized Hillary, I am not sure I have the confidence people will stick with it. They are still blaming her for Trump. On the flip side hopefully this election has woken up the silent majority who I think in some sense realize now that they are the ones responsible for Obama getting so little support after 2010. Lord knows I have been critical of Obama at times, but I'd like to think I hold my politicians accountable, but I would never vote against him, never not show up because I am "not excited" or he's not perfect. I know a good public servant, someone who wants to do good when I see it. So many of these idiotic progressives need a rock star like Obama not a solid hard working non charismatic leader like Hillary Clinton. Not to say Obama was not all those things but he has the rock star quality, charisma that Clinton has lacked for years and people in our party need that extra umph to motivate them to vote.(why I can not take millennials seriously as voters) That's exactly how we ended up with Bruce Rauner as Governor in Illinois a billionaire do nothing right to work loving republican over Pat Quinn, a non charismatic but well intentioned democrat who inherited a mess and tried to do the right thing. The election Rauner won only saw a 28% turnout in Illinois.
  15. So the person offered the NSA position turned it down