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  1. This is an pretty good chat on Bernie Sanders facebook page between he and voting rights and campaign finance expert Rick Hasen. Very good and clearcut for folks who have a hard time understanding the issues around voting certain demographics face. I will say I am glad to see Sanders talking about this. https://www.facebook.com/senatorsanders
  2. This gives me hope for the cases in places like Wisconsin also,
  3. SCOTUS gave the GOP in NC a huge defeat ruling against the gerrymandering in NC, Take a look at the attached for the maps showing it, SCOTUS tossed out the entire top map today. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/10/27/1579905/-These-three-maps-show-just-how-effectively-gerrymandering-can-swing-election-outcomes
  4. I just can't. There are some in Illinois whose anger at the democratic party here is misplaced as well at this point in time. Chicago and much of Illinois is still old school democrats(there have been some local races that have been taken by new faces which is encouraging) but the party itself is still run by the establishment. We have a GOP governor who is a billionaire, yet these people are talking about putting a primary candidate against Mike Madigan when we have the most destructive do nothing governor in the history of the state. Now I am no Madigan fan but right now I am happy he is speaker because who knows how a less powerful speaker might have compromised on some of the issues this governor wants to push(right to work, voter ID laws). It's like channel your efforts accordingly right now. Let's focus on getting the GOP out right now and then roll back and go after those you see as barriers to progress in the party itself. And I still have a lot of issues with the democrats(their messaging is still a nightmare) but can we not get people to unite behind opposing the GOP and bad healthcare, a horrible tax plan, protecting our public lands and support improving the ACA and a progressive tax plan?
  5. Well maybe people could get over it if others didn't keep dragging it up. I'm over the Clintons in terms of public service, but [!@#$%^&*] Chelsea Clinton can't even have a twitter account and tweet and promote her book without white male pundits coming after her telling her to go away and stop trying to run for office, something she has said now denied having an interest in at least 10 times in articles in recent months. Was this something Biden had to mention NOW, particularly after a fairly disastrous unity tour Perez and Sanders conducted. So while perhaps my post is offensive , lets all move on to a new generation of leaders. They are out there. Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Kirstin Gillibrand, Chris Murphy, Jason Kander, Adam Schiff, Keith Ellison, Tim Ryan, Gavin Newsome. There is actually a fairly decent bench of younger democrats I'd be happy to see step up provided the older folks allow them to. If any benefit has come of this, it's allowed us to see some other folks step up.
  6. Biden ran how many times before. People forget that serving for Obama restored his image a bit so perhaps that's partially true. But isn't what we kept hearing is how this was an election of change? I'm not convinced Biden would have won anymore than I am convinced Sanders would have.
  7. Do men like Biden and Sanders really believe the way to the presidency is continuing to attack Hillary Clinton or prop themselves up as saviors?. Seriously. For people who want to move on, these white men can't stop talking about it. You know I was actually proud Obama stepped forward in 2014 and acknowledged women have a tougher time than men, over black men. Why do people like Biden want to take us back. I can respect his service and much of the heartache due to the tragedies in his life, I also remember he WROTE the disastrous Clinton Crime Bill. I also am old enough to remember how he along with the parade of white men in the senate, lambasted Anita Hill. Hearings that aired on TV and led to 6 women getting voted into the senate in 1992. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/05/19/biden-disses-clinton-i-never-thought-she-was-a-great-candidate-i-thought-i-was-a-great-candidate/?utm_term=.d146122a84cd
  8. He's also 75 years old. Is it a requirement to be an old white guy to be appointed by Trump?
  9. I'm not a McCain fan but this did make me chuckle and it's kind of true. Remember that ugly story Bush's campaign spread about McCain in 2000 about him having an Asian child
  10. Who goes to jail for this? Flynn?
  11. Did they change the rules after Nixon was able to fire Cox?
  12. Good thing. THis is what the democrat have been asking for. He's going to have open access to anything he needs, ability to investigate, subpoena, hire investigators, and prosecute. He has a fairly stellar reputation. I believe he was asked by Obama to stay on beyond his 10 year term.
  13. Boom guys here it is. Thanks to the democratic leadership in DC. They made this happen
  14. I appreciate you sharing this. I am going to have to put him on my podcast list. That second half on voter ID laws, voter suppression, and such was excellent and really good contributors. I've already subscribed to the Brennan center newsletter after listening. There are some very sobering facts but also some reason for optimism if people keep working and paying attention to these things and actually show up to vote. There is a great organization out there also called Voter Riders which is a national group organized to help people get the documentation they need to register and to vote. Another crony. Didn't he work for the law firm backing Gorsuch's nomination? No thanks. He also backed McCain over Obama. Pass. I don't buy he's non partisan
  15. Even before any of this I never understood the appeal of Fallon in this role. Short term as a novelty yes. But he's far too silly IMO.