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  1. Interesting. But honestly I have a friend who returned after spending the last 18 years in Italy and Belusconi and his tenure as PM had a lot more similarities to trump with his business background and the -ability to be the Italian version of Teflon Don. He still has a presence in politics although much less due to his tax evasion conviction and the child pornography associations. He also controls a good amount still of the media there which explains the untruths allowed to propagate as fact.
  2. I appreciate you sharing this and indeed, it's a well researched article I wish more people would read. I think many of us realize the changes in China over the past few years but I have to admit it really didn't resonate clearly to me as to why until I read this. The most disturbing part is exactly what I fear with the new President. You can't bluster in and renegotiate trade deals or cut off trade and hurt our relationship with them to the extent he viably can otherwise the entire world economy will collapse. And this idea we can simply dictate trade policy to them is nonsense. Our business interests are so intertwined that you can't simply cancel everything. The average American won't understand most of this and that's the pity because again it's those people who would hurt the most.
  3. Ok not smart of course. And it makes me even more wary. I know people are freaking out over Russia and Putin but IMO China is a heck of a lot more dangerous or potentially dangerous. Much of it due to the fact they happen to own a lot of this country and a good amount of our debt is to them. And while Russia has the brut force image, China has a heck of a lot more intellectual capacity. And North Korea is still a danger to the world because of China, who could have easily obliterated that regime ages ago. Duterte is a crazy nut so of course he'd be invited over here by Trump.
  4. I don't mean to sound dismissive of Warren but she is 67 years old. And I am a big Duckworth and Wendy Davis fan. I don't disagree with you and I actually don't question the re-election of Pelosi as minority leader at this point, but I do think young fresh blood is needed. We got spoiled with Obama IMO. And I am totally on board with the 50 state strategy but I admit to not being certain about Ellison. He's got a great track record but I am not sure he has the inspirational aspect that that role might need at this point. Maybe I am underestimating him - I hope I am.
  5. I am not one to think this recount is going to amount to anything but the final vote counts in all 3 states(Wi, Mi, PA) now have Hillary's deficit below 80,000 votes. PA dropped from a 70k vote lead to 40k And in now,: Lead recount lawyer in Wisconsin indicates that 19 counties in Wisconsin are refusing to give the recount team access to ballots. I may not believe anything fishy happened in Michigan or Pennsylvania, but Wisconsin - with Scott Walker - I have zero doubt that something happened there. By the way the democrats need fresh blood and that doesn't mean Sanders and Warren, and I like what I have read about Jamie Raskin. Thought this was interesting. https://newrepublic.com/article/139092/jamie-raskin-fierce-funny-message-dispirited-democrats
  6. The irony here is that trump caved and for the great negotiator, he's done exactly what he has criticized politicians for doing for years. Giving a company a tax break for staying here. And in this case, they are still eliminating over half the jobs and sending them to Mexico. What I don't get is if Carrier has a big government contract, tell them you'll consider pulling it if those jobs are all cut. And I never believed most people wanted Obamacare cut. It was just a talking point for GOPers who hate Obama. But states like California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New York, Virginia, Nevada, and Illinois are talking about potentially taking over the state marketplaces and offering a form of the plan to their own residents, possibly pooling all the states together who are interested in keeping some form of it. I don't know if the Massachusetts plan went away after Obamacare went into effect, but I assume they would be another state willing to participate.
  7. In most cases I wouldn't believe the Post over CNN. In this case I do 100%
  8. Well this might be the first concrete thing at this point that could be used to impeach. Along with the courting foreign diplomats for the hotel in Washington but I am fuzzy on what the rules are prior to taking the oath and after.
  9. When did science become a partisan issue? 99.9% of the scientists around the world say it's real, the Pentagon has said it's the biggest threat to out national security but somehow it's partisan. If anything you would think that the more intelligent member of the party would give a damn about their children and grandchildren and not the almighty dollar,
  10. The EPA was one of the few good things to come out of the Nixon Administration(A REPUBLICAN) and there will end up being someone running it against climate change
  11. Is this supposed to be some longterm good news? Of course the energy and financials stocks have soared. De-regulating the financial industry and basically dismantling every policy the EPA has enacted is a dream come true for these businesses. I'll remember this when the financial industry crashes like it did in 1929, 1987, and 2008.
  12. I have been reading up on the proposed infrastructure bill and what a load of BS. And this is the thing democrats want to goto bat on? It basically is privatizing everything and outsourcing through bonds, providing tax credit to the bond purchasers, and allowing the bond purchasers to get their money back through the privatization aspect(ie; bridges would be tolled, roads tolled, etc). Also indicating things like community sewage and water rebuilding would never get done. And forget the rural areas, because the only way the projects are profitable is if you do them in areas where there is lots of spending available. So much for all those infrastructure jobs in places like rural WV and Kentucky. That's certainly not all of it, but it pisses me off that the democrats might be willing to sellout on this. Thanks to Bernie(I will work with Trump on a $10 minimum wage, versus blasting Hillary for a $12 min wage increase) and Chuck Schumer.
  13. Where are you seeing people facing the racism etc. I don't see anyone on the MSM saying much nor in the NYT. As for the Nationalism aspect, I think you have to see IMO how the GOP responds to this because no way do I believe Trump's White House plays nice with the Ryan's and McConnell's of the world. And if Medicare gets slashed, you are going to see a whole lot of people who were promised by the president elect going after someone. He did promise he would not touch Social Security and Medicare. The second part is seeing the grass roots efforts that arise from this because I firmly believe there are going to be many. But time will tell. Am I scared hell yes, but I am also optimistic by seeing millions come together in defense.
  14. So apparently after Trumps scathing response to the Hamilton criticism, his own Vice President responded to him and said they were actually very polite.
  15. I wish I was @Propane_Jane. I've been following her for months and her posts were part of what gave me optimism and hope and she's mad as anything. I saw that tweet from Haberman and that was all it took after months of terrible reporting on the part of the NYT. And those who feel I need to continue my subscription when they still have been reporting, softening this Trump BS and telling people to give him a chance, can use their own money. I have issues with the Post but at least they seemed to try the impartiality even if they did fail miserably. The Times made no pretense and then we have Haberman telling people that Pence deserves respect? Where the hell was all their reporting on Pence and the failures of his own attempts to implement his ideology in Red Indiana? He would have gotten beat and beat badly if he re-ran but I didn't see the Times have any reporting on how the HIV epidemic is up in Indiana while he diverted money onto electro-shock therapy to "cure" homosexuals. Or him wanting to jail women for failing to bury their miscarried fetus's. So yeah I get to decide that the NYT and Haberman(who beat down Clinton for months) are not worth my time. And thanks for the pep talk. This election has really brought out strong emotions and stress in all of us. Oh and by the way here is that hack Haberman saying as VP-Elect Pence doesn't deserve disrespect. Yeah she and the Times can take a flying leap after staying silent for YEARS of disrespect towards President and Michelle Obama. Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT 16h He's also the VP-elect. A level of disrespect twitter.com/ditzkoff/statu… Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff Pence getting booed at Hamilton bums me out. Whatever you think of him. He’s trying to engage. Could get ideas from far worse places.