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  1. As a resident in a big city, I have no interest in asking our already taxed police department to start rounding up illegals. We have enough problems already.
  2. All I know is in Chicago our immigrant communities have contributed to some of the areas in the city that have had rebirths economically and that includes undocumented folks. Ukranian Village is the number 1 neighborhood in the city in terms of economic growth in the last 5 years and it's due to immigrants and many undocumented folks. These folks contribute, take jobs again white working class America thinks is too low for them, and pay into a social security system they will never collect from. I'm still waiting to hear from the white working class as to what undocumented jobs they will be taking once all these job stealers are gone. Are they going to go work in all those meat packing plants in Iowa where Tyson has hired them, or as bus people and waiters and waitresses in all those restaurants in Ukranian Village, or in the agricultural fields in California?
  3. They can't withhold federal funds based on what the AG considers non compliance no matter what is said. DeBlazio talked about this at length a month ago I think on Rachel Maddow's show. They already do work with them but trying to turn them into an ICE arm isn't going to happen. That is not their job. Legally the feds cannot force it and would lose in court. It's also unfair to ask local and state law enforcement to focus their efforts on rounding up "illegals" when they already have a full time job.
  4. Yeah I agree. Some on twitter are also claiming "the resistance" is only about the overblown Russia story and how the democrats are failing by not focusing on "important" issues. I have now attended 4 actual townhall meetings held by politicians in Illinois, Gutierrez, Davis, Durbin, and Schakowsky and I heard 2 questions about Russia in all of them combined. Most questions were about Healthcare, Education, and Immigration.
  5. The Wars of Watergate and Abuse of Power both by Stanley Kutler give one real insight into the scandal and into Nixon. The first book in particular talks about Nixon's own personality and history and how this played into the events as they unfolded. There are tons of books on Nixon and on Watergate but Kutler's work focuses on the legal aspects moreso than any others. I think there are good comparisons to today. Remember much of the world we live in today is very different. In the 70's there were no news channels, newspapers were gospel for the most part, no social media. You read the paper and then watched the network and local news in the evenings. All of this plays into why the current events are so hyper-sensitized. It may seem like they weren't during Nixon's presidency, but that's not true at all. Some of the published work out there can give one a sense of the climate back then. Even the recent news about Sally Yates being allegedly muzzled, the distrust of the news media, the blackening of the press, all these events also happened under Nixon.
  6. Merkel and her party reportedly to win big in Germany based on exit polls
  7. I was looking for the article in Politico I was reading this morning(can't find it now) but they talked about how it's possible that maybe just maybe there can be work across the aisle on healthcare. NO one is going to convince me this is some sort of hallow victory. Movements don't come all at once they come in small pieces. Out of the 35 no votes I believe 20 of those came from non Freedom caucus members. There are people like Rep Freylinghuysen who might now realize it's time to reach across the aisle and try to improve what is there.The ONLY reason these people swung to NO was because of pressure from constituents and fear of getting beat in 2018. And trust me while Peter Roskam here in Illinois is now in what is a purple district in Illinois(Clinton won it by 7 points) he's been in Trump's corner for months now and he only backpeddled a bit on this due to pressure from voters. He never did come out as a definitive one or the other(that's why I wanted a vote) but this damaged him a lot as does his overwhelming support of Trump in a district that doesn't like him. If the Bernie people want to believe the George Soros crap let them. They would only believe it because that is what they want to believe.
  8. Just so people know the movement is not naïve to success, Our Senator Durbin held a townhall in Bloomington Il last evening and basically told Indivisible folks that while this was an important victory, elections win respect and that the work needs to continue. So our local groups sort of indirectly led by the main Chicago group below, will continue their own focus on Local Elections(WE WON A BIG LOCAL ELECTION IN BERWYN IL) and state election efforts, they are going to reach out to help Ossoff in Georgia. The group I am working with is going to do some phone banking for James Thompson in Kansas for the next 2 weekends. https://www.indivisiblechicago.com/take-action-1/2017/3/25/saturday-march-25th-support-jon-ossoff-in-georgia-6th-witness-slips-for-hb780 As for George Soros, the same people who want to believe it will. The same people who want to believe all the people who show up at Townhalls, the millions calling their local reps are all paid by Soros, will. Can't worry about what they think or do.
  9. I didn't watch but no screaming just a packed house with lots of Indivisible folks. Some pushing for better healthcare(improvements to ACA, some concerned about the Russia stuff, some with muslim ban.
  10. The best part is on twitter this AM I saw that Lindsey Graham's townhall was packed with people. And these are not all little Trumpbots showing up.
  11. That's because they never had one. And what they came up with was garbage. But let me tell you if it weren't for the PEOPLE(not the dems or Gop) every R would have gone with it. I keep seeing so much energy out there and it's not ending. I hear people saying the dems should not gloat. Pelosi did and honestly while she's not my favorite, she was a damn good speaker and at least understood what she needed to do to get legislation passed. I think her gloating was more seeing the boy wonder fall flat on his face. I put much of this on Paul Ryan's shoulders. But while most were happy yes, every other dem I saw talking, Schumer, Warren, Kennedy,Jan Shakowsky, my own congressman, and even Sanders all thanked Americans for making this happen but that there is more work to be done. Maybe he found out he is under investigation or might be now since he's leaking to the White House and vice versa.
  12. I hope so. Democrats really have to push hard on this and make this a cornerstone issue. John Conyers from Michigan introduced into congress HR 676 which Is a bill to expand and improve Medicare January 23rd I believe. That was done intentionally of course at that time for those who said the democrats didn't have a better plan. I'm not suggesting this is realistic but it's a starting point. I think it was Rep Frelinghuysen an R from NJ who even said last night CHris Hayes mow that it's time for the R's to look across the aisle and start working with the dems to make the ACA better. He talked about his No vote on the new plan and how many people he talked to from his district who has stories if how the ACA helped them. If there are enough R's who feel this way now, 30 or so, this could happen or at least pressure to help it happen or at least to help make it a campaign issue for 2018 for the dems.
  13. See Kansas, Louisiana, and now Wisconsin for how much of a failure GOP governance is.
  14. This is a victory that those of us who worked and called and protested were not entirely responsible for. It was also a victory that was helped tremendously by the gross incompetence of the Speaker of the House and 45. Governing is not the same as running a business(let's not talk about his business failures that followed him for years). You need consensus building. I know the GOP loves to say the ACA was shoved through but there was careful planning and negotiating for a program that still is not anywhere near perfect. With a speaker by the way who knew how to build consensus and a president who despite many difficult hurdles stuck through it. Both knowing it was going to cost them seats in 2010. I was actually hoping a vote would happen because I wanted people on record in my state voting for the AHCA. But what does it say about a Speaker who would expose his colleagues to the wrath of their constituents by exposing their allegiance or alleged kacj if it to placate a doofus of a president. Someone on twitter was commenting on how Paul Ryan really mismanaged this and the bullying and trying to intimidate house members by the president actually backfired and turned more of them against him than for him. Someone needs to tell 45, while I have zero love for the GOP house members, they are their to serve their constituents not him.
  15. Damn I wanted a vote. Would have been a great to use against those running in Clinton districts who voted for it. One district close to where I used to live where the rep, Peter Roskam, has been dodging constituents for many weeks now and was a yes but moved to undecided.