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  1. More like he wants an escalated war so his poll numbers start going up.
  2. Tell people again how statues are protecting "Our Heritage". Montana was not even a state during the civil war.
  3. I see she's still using her Fox "cocktail dress" wardrobe
  4. Apparently many of the scheduled speakers chickened out. So sad. I left home and had some errands to run this AM and turned on MSNBC for a second. Who is this dumb idiot woman they have on today? She follows Joy Reid.The questions from some of these so called news people are no better on MSNBC and CNN then they are on Fox. Actually worse. I can't believe how they rolled out Joy Reid onto all the high profile Sunday shows - on Meet the Press for example but she doesn't qualify for a daily show. Yeah we know why. She'd do a better on Meet the Press than Todd would. She's certainly more well read and intelligent.
  5. I don't know if anyone saw this, but Stephanie Ruhle and Ari Velshi taking a Trump advisor to task about jobs numbers, stock market, business councils etc. I have to laugh. Velshi was right. Do any of these people actually get briefed when they appear on TV with folks like this to know when their speaking with? Both of these people have years in the financial industry and are business correspondents. This is not Jake Tapper or Chuck Todd. They actually know what they are talking about in this particular instance. The one who sounds misinformed is the Trumper. He does the same as all the surrogates. pivots. In this case his pivoting made him look worse because Ruhle and Velshi actually know more on all the pivot points than he does also. Sad.
  6. That's a soft peddled story by non other than Maggie Haberman - shocking
  7. Looks like our "friend" Sydney Evans has lost her safe space to post now.
  8. Who realty thought Trump could unite the middle east. Iran and Israel united - against him https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/898195696221917185https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/898195696221917185
  9. Good next page i hope Toups comes in and fixes it. I messaged . Did someone post this? Heartbreak ring, horrific, and enlightening. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/08/we-just-feel-like-we-dont-belong-here-anymore/
  10. Bump again
  11. Yeah I was looking for a way to report the post because it keeps flashing the thread.
  12. Not all Nazi's do. Take a look at this tough guy/now whiney *itch. They are tough carrying around guns talking tough. One on one boo hoo they melt like butter So all heads of the various branches of the armed forces have broken with the Fuhrer http://www.politicususa.com/2017/08/16/entire-military-openly-broken-trump-denounced-racism.html
  13. Awww poor Nazi snowflake. Here is your option. Get some humanity or go to hell. "I am afraid you are going to kill me" boo hoo to the same guy who said on this Vice Video "More people will die" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIrcB1sAN8I If I don't have a GUN, I back off. Get your ass off to Englewood in Chicago loser and see how they love you there.
  14. I will repeat something Chris Kennedy said at a townhall he conducted at a few weeks ago. Imagine a more competent version of Donald Trump in office. Someone like for example an Adolf Hitlet who knew how to work the system and how to at least for a period of time, get things done. Perhaps that higher being sent Trump here to rip the bandaid off and show us all what still exists. I laugh honestly at the GOP outrrage when they have fueled this flame KNOWINGLY for 40 years. Those ignorant to history who keep talking about Robert Byrd or how the democrats founded the KKK much be ignorant to what happened to the democrats and GOP once Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and want to pretend like the rest of us are as ignorant as they are. Like most of us don't know that Byrd actually repented unlike the man in the White House who still wants 5 innocent black men executed for a rape they didn't commit. Lyndon Johnson was wrong and right about 2 things. Wrong about the democrats losing the south for a generation after he signed the Civil Rights Act. It's been 2. Right about that you can go up to a white man and pick his pocket outright as long as you tell him he's better than a black person.
  15. 'This is as relevant today maybe even more so as many believe because of President Obama this country has moved past this. I know people like this, some in my own family. http://crookedtimber.org/2013/01/21/the-white-moderate-the-greatest-threat-to-freedom/