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  1. I will say I do credit the press on this. FINALLY they are paying attention to this and the millions of people around the country fighting to defeat it.
  2. True CNN was wrong and there should be action, but I am still waiting for Fox to fire people for - Peddling the lie about Obama's birthplace - Now telling viewers that Trumpcare does not cut Medicaid. Who lost or is losing their jobs for these lies. And I can list pages of false information Fox has peddled. And the only way anyone gets fired it HE Is caught sexually harassing someone. Well even that doesn't dictate firing.
  3. I think if you have a billionaire who truly understands that what we are, are a consumer driven economy and that helping those other than the 1% as FDR did is the only way to prosperity it's great. FDR stood up to people from HIS OWN CLASS to help working people, and people need to understand, those people built our national and state parks, added electricity to local communities, built airports, subway systems across the county, built infrastructure in rural communities, people who think the Koch brothers would do any of this are living in a fantasy land. See Kansas for case number 101 on this.
  4. American Medical Association one of the most nauseating right wing groups has come out blasting TrumpCare http://shareblue.com/american-medical-association-blasts-gop-health-care-bill-it-violates-do-no-harm-oath/#.WVFYFiBdW8g.twitter
  5. And continue to push groups like ISIS which is what they want so people can continue to believe that "evul muslims" are against us. You can't talk to stupid and willful ignorance
  6. Most of that was before 1965 and the passing of the Voting Rights and Civil Rights acts which LBJ acknowledged would lose the southern states for the democrats for at least one generation. So stop parroting the points relative to the party when it wqas actually reasonable and believed that public policy could help people. Corporate taxes under Eisenhower was also around 75% so are you advocating for those policies, policies under Roosevelt and Eisenhower which helped elevate the middle class? Educate yourself and read about the Southern Strategy. My fault. I take the blame. But it is evidence of ignorance and that they could care less about what the GOP stands for today. White men and corporations. How sad that they have done nothing in terms of public policy since Eisenhower but hey if Eisenhower is the prototype, can we get the 75% tax rate on businesses again?
  7. You answer first what has the GOP done? I can state a litany of items the democrats have done. And no they have made mistakes.
  8. See I actually live in a state where the democrats have done equally as much damage as the GOP. And see I can actually acknowledge that many democrats suck. I actually voted for 2 GOP governors in this state years back who it turns out were culpable in the financial mess this state is in and a governor now who wants us to turn into Kansas, as if the state of Illinois is not in bad enough shape now. So I don't need any lectures on how awful democrats are but then I also don't need lectures on identity politics from people who are blind to the fact the GOP has used this for the last 60 years. Read up on the Southern Strategy.
  9. LMAO from a representative of a party who's entire basis is driven on white man identify politics that's rich.
  10. As much as I disliked Bush even he did a couple of things I admired. The program @DramatistDreamer being one of them. Also how he attended those services in Washington at the Mosque to show his support of Muslims after 9/11(even if his policies didn't). But I can't get over the venom people have for people not like them. I admit to being appalled by some of the policies in this country over the past maybe 20 peoples(yes even under Obama) but I always felt the people in this country had compassion. Now it's all about blaming black and brown people and yes women and targeting them for the most hurtful legislation and programs over guess who. My dad a veteran who fought in WW2, was at Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany and saw the horrors they committed against their fellow people(he never talked about it until he was much older), and we are reliving parts of this. Yes I know much of this is not new to many black and brown people, but it's never been so open and accepted. I am ashamed of our country and to be an American now. I never believed I would reach that day. Well then I have no words if that's true. You have a political party who has actively worked against black people for 60 years(and yes the democrats have their issues) and a blatant racist in the white house now intent on enacting anything that destroys any kind of legacy the first black president has. But hey if you can sleep at night that's all that matters.
  11. Really. THis ban was supposed to be in effect for 90 days to shore up Visa procedures. So let me ask you since January when the ban was shot down by the courts, what has this administration done to up vetting? It's been what 150 days? The ban should not be needed right. You don't give a [!@#$%^&*] if this ban discriminates or even protects us. No terrorist attacks have been undertaken by anyone from any of these counties. So I am confident the entire ban will be shot down when it's proven it's based on religious discrimination but [!@#$%^&*], do all you morons care about is hurting others regardless of what the action is. It's all about your white mediocrity and persecuting others who are black, brown, and female so you don't have the more capable people competing against your mediocrity. Pathetic. It's been 150 days since Trump exec order claiming he needed 90 days to review vetting--and no terror attacks. So he needs another 90 days? OT So if these GOPers are oh so proud of their healthcare bill, why on earth can't they actually tell voters the truth. Seriously you have Trump surrogates running all over TV denying the cuts in Medicaid when the bill slashes Medicaid by over 800 billion so the Koch brothers can get a 3.2% tax decrease. But if they are so proud of this legislation, why lie about it? Because Trump is quoted in many places at RALLYS saying he would not cut it. http://money.cnn.com/2017/06/26/news/economy/medicaid-senate-health-bill/index.html
  12. And then the insurance companies can charge you 30% more
  13. Between the Boeing jobs, Ford announcing that rather than moving those jobs to Mexico(remember how Trump crowed over that) they are going to China, And now the Carrier jobs. Remember all those jobs he supposedly saved 1100 jobs and more.. Lie. Carrier who was supposed to take that money given to them from Indiana and invest in workers, used that money to increase improvements in their plants not in their people. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/22/trumps-carrier-jobs-deal-is-just-not-living-up-to-the-hype.html Oh and please the thousands of retail jobs leaving each month, as if somehow those jobs don't matter.
  14. Ryan and McConnell are 2 of the biggest "takers" out there based on their own definitions. Ryan got Social Security benefits for years because his father died and got his college education paid for by the government. In his mind, he's a lazy taker and should pay for that. McConnell had polio as a child and got help from the government to see him through it. I DEMAND they pay all that back plus the interest over all those years. Those 2 lazy takers need to be booted out. Ryan has never had a real job in his entire career. He needs to quit sucking money off the government.