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  1. I don't think that is the case at all. If anyone ruined Days, it was Langan. But he didn't either because it showed sparks of life after him too under B&C.
  2. The attitude era of WWF was one of the best soaps ever made.
  3. Peapack!
  4. Let's play a game. Post one-word responses that immediately conjure up painful, cringeworthy memories amongst soap fans. Responses must be one word only (no initials) and identifiable to one soap only (so most character names are out.) should be the most infamous and reviled events, storylines, or moments in soap history. Bonus points if you one-up the post immediately above yours. I will start. Subsex.
  5. Devon really wears the aggro/jealous look well. I was kind of hoping they would start fighting/kissing.
  6. This episode is so awkward. Why did everyone say offensive things to each other just as the fireworks went off? lmao. Really gauche dialogue all around today.
  7. Monday July 3, 2017 Kevin complained to Chloe that being locked inside was no way to spend summer. They searched the house and found an unlocked window, which they cracked open. Unfortunately, the fog that turns people inside out was lurking outside and seeped into the room. Kevin and Chloe were unable to escape and succumbed to their injuries.
  8. Sorry, but the anti-Trump crowd has gone as insane as the anti-Obama crowd ever did, if not worse. There are people here in this thread mocking him for posting wrestling GIFs. WWE fans tend to be more working class and will see that as an attack on them. And all this stuff about Trump "disrespecting the presidency" is the same [!@#$%^&*] that was thrown at Obama. The Dems should be laser focused on this horrific healthcare bill right now, with everyone repeating the same talking points ad nauseum on all the news shows every day. Mueller is working on Russia, let him do his job!
  9. He is right. What will come of it? Nothing. It's just like the Republicans who screeched about Benghazi for 4 years. And plus, people just don't care. Talk about things that actually affect them, like the Healthcare bill.
  10. Eh, even then there was an Abby Ewing complex to it. She would do anything for her children (well OK just Lucas, but it's not like she hated Austin and Billie.)
  11. Yeah, I really disagree that the show is dreadful. I mean, it is way better than the other three soaps on TV. That's not saying much, so let me say that to me it's better than it's been since LML wrecked it. I think the the sexual harassment story is great. So many times on soaps these days, there is the problem of nothing meaning anything. Now Cane's actions are having real effects for multiple characters on the canvas, and instead of rushing the denouement they are playing every beat of the storyline and going through the excruciating minutiae. I do not think it's a problem that not everyone has a story. What Y&R used to do so well was to make Genoa City feel like a real community where you saw characters even if they weren't front burner at that time, and I think they're doing a good job with bringing that back. Dialogue wasn't Y&R's strength ever, but I didn't notice it being particularly bad. Im not saying it's perfect, but it has piqued my interest and I've watched more episodes this month than I've watched in 10 years. JMO and YMMV.
  12. Writing wise, B&B should be an extremely easy show to pull off. All you need is terrible, sexy people doing terrible things to each other with style and fashion mixed in. That formula worked extremely well for like 15 years. This? I don't know what they're trying to do.
  13. Lol, Michael as a lawyer reminds me of Lionel Hutz on The Simpsons. There is one episode where Marge just goes, "Why do we keep hiring him?" Juliet's lawyer is really fun though.
  14. Dems must dump Pelosi ahead of 2018 elections. The fact is, Karen Handel was able to drive Republicans to turn out tonight by showing them a picture of Nancy Pelosi. As long as Republicans can do that, Dems have no chance at regaining the House.