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  1. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'   

    DEAD as hell at Brad. *Sends Text* Your move.  Boo wasn't with it! I love me some Brad... I just do and next week will be amazing as I think Alex's parents are in the house.

    I'm glad Randal's mom is staying a lil longer... I was just hoping she could. LMAO at when he came home and was asking if they wanted cigars and singing the ABC song. Ramsey is good looking. I just can't with that body!

    Joey needs to stop and Fawn/Faun's dad is so OTT like he's grown and that's like a lawsuit - you firing someone because your daughter wants the D.
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  2. London added a post in a topic Rush Hour: Discussion Thread   

    And to think -- two years ago they passed on a Beverly Hills Cop redux and I'm sure it looked WAY better than this sh!t! I mean at least you had Eddie participating in it from time to time and Brandon T. Jackson is awesome.
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  3. London added a post in a topic Black-ish: Discussion Thread   

    The first haircut by T had me in tears! Then when he basically didn't know what they were talking about and Zoey was saying that's because you're working the angles. OMGGGGGG! This show is a damn mess!

    When Ruby said that Bow was Rhonda on Empire! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Bow saying that Christmas does not need a bad bitch. Man, this ep. was so fricking funny!
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  4. London added a post in a topic Chicago Med: Discussion Thread   

    Next Up.... Chicago Teachers!
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  5. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'   

    Rewatching the show and Yooooooooooooooooooooooo. In tears, I missed the beginning.

    Marcie told Randal that his mother would be wearing a black dress and watching her piss on his grave.

    DEAD & BURIED!  I am loving the fire Heather gets to bring to this role now.

    Bring on Alex's father -- and I'm sorry, I get that she is playing her but there's no way that Amanda Clayton truly believes that Alex can be redeemed. IN what way, shape or form?
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  6. London added a post in a topic Y&R Spoiler Tweets   

    I KNEW, I knew Grandpa Billy from somewhere, Remember The Titans, that was messing with me for awhile.

    I'm still laughing at Stitch & Ashley
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  7. London added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    Lucious.... Lucious... Lucious -- Trouble in paradise already with him and Mimi.

    I love me some Andre --- so damn fine. Sad how much he wants his approval. Poor Andre.

    I'm not surprised Anika is pregnant 0 saw that coming a mile away when Hakeem showed up at her porch when she returned from her run.

    Is it sad that I forget that Rhonda is on this show until she makes a two minute appearance? Please tell me Anika is not trying to pass off this kid as Lucious' because I don't think they've had sex in however long.

    I'm sorry that every damn time Cookie calls one of her sons boy, I get shades of Good Times and Michael telling the dad that Boy is a racist word. 

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They're still homies though?@! She better tell him, or Cookie gon' try to get all up in that a** after the baby comes.
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  8. London added a post in a topic Rush Hour: Discussion Thread   

    This. Looks. HORRIBLE!
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  9. London added a post in a topic FX: The Bastard Executioner   

    Katey was phenomenal in SOA, it was crazy how I could look at her as Gemma and say THIS is the woman that played ol' loveable Peg Bundy?!

    The promos and just everything about this show was an instant turn off. I'm still POed they didn't do the one show he was goign to do with Katey, Diva. Clown. Killer.

    I liked the sound of it at least.
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  10. London added a post in a topic Chicago Med: Discussion Thread   

    Her too. She's always great.  YAY!

    Let me know what you think And!
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  11. London added a post in a topic Chicago Med: Discussion Thread   

    Anybody else watch the new series?

    I didn't think it was bad, and I really liked it at times. I'm always here for Brian Tee since seeing him in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. But I lovvvvved Maggie and the actress that plays her.
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  12. London added a post in a topic Rosewood: Discussion Thread   

    I really hope we get a second season. I can't wait for TMI's mom to come played by the wonderful Aly of OITNB.
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  13. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'   


    Ha, I knew you would be raving at that scene Cheap. I'm all fired up for Kelly to just leave that bitch twisting in the wind where she belongs because she was NEVER a friend. Like, Kelly's going to stop you from jumping on some d*ck. Puh-lease! I could not stop laughing at her trying to go in on them and then kicking all of them out of the room but I would have told her skank/whore a** off and then left. I wouldn't have even given her the option of kicking me out.


    In Natalie & Ese's defense, when they initially went to check on Brad in ep. 1 when it came back, he threatened to run over Esperanza so I wouldn't be that gung ho to check on him., Granted he did say all of that in anger, but at the same time when the series first started, they all talked about how their kids brought about their friendship.

    God I love me some Eddie. I mean I hate him, but he;'s so damn good to look at which is probably why he gets more of a pass on me than Randal's smug/ew a** ever could.

    I may not have liked him initially and I definitely couldn't buy him as a pair with Ese but I was in tears about Quan and Julius. He was so funny in that car abd maybe he even took acting lessons on his break because he's gotten a lot better to me.
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  14. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'   

    LMAO! Right! I was in tears when he told them to get their asses out of there... like NO CHILL! Those are not even your kids! Eddie is just so ride or die with Brad and I ain't mad... I'm really not.

    They really do. But we see their kids and Joey and sometimes Natalie's more than every other kid... like we haven't seen Justus a lot -- maybe once and we have not seen Ese's kid, Mika, since last season.

    I believe thats he wasn't -- they barely show her and Natalie sometimes we don't see her but we sure as hell see Alex and Kelly every damn episode and they're not really doing anything with those stories. Kelly's in a thirst trap and Alex hyperventilates whenever she sees Brad and then everyone coddles her.
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  15. London added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Here for RHOP - they have some gorg looking black women -- so I'll take a dip and see what happens.
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