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  1. London added a post in a topic This Is Us: Discussion Thread   

    Not surprised. I'm trying for two more eps. to see how I like it. The dude that the sister was kinda lucking at that meeting I'm not here for and it felt forced and rushed to me.
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  2. London added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    Let us pray.
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  3. London added a post in a topic This Is Us: Discussion Thread   

    I saw that coming with the related part because they kept saying like Modern Family and so I put two and two together. I didn't see that he would have been born on the same day as them and I didn't see that Milo/Mandy would be playing their parents.
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  4. London added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    I actually agree And but I will give this ep. a thumbs up because they had me rolling at certain parts.  That dinner scene was too funny!
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  5. London added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   


    I didn't really think that they were going to kill her! But in the end... what did she bring? 

    I'm so confused.
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  6. London added a post in a topic OWN: Queen Sugar   

    Vee, in the book Charley is. They changed it up a little from what I'm reading.... I started the book a little before the show but work has me busy so I fell off a bit.  Also, Blue is a girl, and she's Charley's daughter. Ralph-Angel is in the book as well.... Nova is the only character of the three siblings that isn't in the book. I think it is told from Charley's main POV. I gotta finish because most days my job does afford me with a lot of down time, so I can catch up on my reading.
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  7. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'   

    Literally EVERYTHING Cheap siad is how I felt watching that episode. I can't even but it did have a lot going on and I liked that.

    But damn a sh!t ton of stuff happened in the first episode from the trailer.  

    Ok who was dude in jail?

    I need Ramsey to come out of nowhere and save Kelly. I need to look him up on Twitter and see if he is still on the show because I can't handle the fake hair and ish on that little boy. What are they even doing with him? Making him a mix between Eddie & Randal? No one is even here for Travis.
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  8. London added a post in a topic OWN: Queen Sugar   

    I really enjoyed the second episode. I felt bad for Charley and her seemingly being put out with some of the preparations, but if that's what their father would have wanted then.... Ok, now we know that Charley has a different mom than Nova and Ralph Angel.

    I loved when Charley kinda gave it to those men who came on her father's land. I mean he isn't even cold in the morgue yet and they're already sizing up his property. The level of disrespect is real.   I seriously could not with Nova's editor trying to get the "scoop" on her sister's marriage. I'm with her when she told him to stop wasting her gas money and I would have went one step further and told him my mileage and time too... especially with the grief she's going through.

    I really love Blue. I can't express that enough. Ralph Angel telling Blue to let Kenya stay with him and watch TV was just too funny and cute esp. when he tried to act like Kenya was telling him that she wanted to stay. I simply can't! + Blue and his cousin was adorable when they were playing checkers.

    Mannnnnn Dondre Whitfield is STILL my boo!

    Aside from money, I am wondering how come he didn't farm in two years. 

    Ralph Angel telling Nova and Charley that they were talking about him as if he wasn't there had me cracking up, especially when he was interjecting. "You don't even know what I got Nova." Their reaction to the man saying that they don't do that kind of stuff there had me weak and then he finally let up. I like why they picked the casket and wore the color white.

    I was all sad when Darla's boss tried to threaten her job if she didn't stay because she really wanted to be there to get Blue.  Oh, the scene where he wanted to get his hair cut because he was going to see his mom. So many feels.

    I loved the ending of the season trailer.

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  9. London added a post in a topic Little Women: Atlanta   

    Ew, why that one got on my fave bikini from Target?!
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  10. London added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    Yeahhhh like I said, stunt casting. Lee himself even said that they wanted people in S1 but no one wanted to touch it until it was a mega hit. The same sparkle that hit the show with its debut was lost on a bloated guest stars/cameos. Those scenes would have been just as good with a non name star.
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  11. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'   

    The show returns Sept. 13 if my Guide is telling the truth.
    I checked on Facebook to see if they added a teaser trailer and they have not so I went to YT and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Where the hell is Cheap21? I need to dissect this video. I know this little boy is not coming around after Lord knows how long and threatening Kelly. Where the hell is fine a** Ramsey? Hell, I'll take Justice at this point.

    Oh my damn, Tyler MIGHT actually succeed in surprising me with these upcoming episodes!
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  12. London added a post in a topic OWN: Queen Sugar   

    I lovedddddddd it! It was mad slow in the beginning to me, after that 15 minute mark I was getting into it more and more. It is always wonderful to see Glynn Turman on my screen, I wish we would have had a little more.

    Ralph Angel's introduction I didn't like all that much, I'm wondering if he has been in and out of Blue's life. I hope that we see a glimpse into what the father started when he said that he has been out of jail for the past six months. I have a feeling that might not have been his first... I could be wrong. I absolutely LOVE Bianca Lawson and hope one day she can keep with it and stay a part of Blue's life because he is so beautiful and precious and just wants his mom and he shouldn't deny him her love... but she will need to show/prove that she is on the right track with staying clean.  But I'm with Ralph Angel, there is a time and place and it was not at a hospital as his father lie there in critical care.

    Blue is sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! I mean that little face and his voice! He is so cute and that little doll he takes with him. He is just too much. I liked his teacher and I started laughing when all the kids wanted to come to his party after she "accepted" his invitation. I laughed when it could be heard that the kids thought the party was boring and then everyone wanted to pop up when the teacher arrived on the scene. Pops playing parlor tricks was cute and the little girl playing with him. She's the real MVP for knowing to go get help and alert the adults because something was wrong.

    I'm not here for whatever it is that died on the top of Greg Vaughn's head.

    I'm digging Nova, not the sleeping with married men part but I dig her everywhere else. The scene where she gave that old woman a joint had me weak. She was too excited to get that again. 

    I'm glad RA finally brought Blue to see Pops. That was a very sweet scene and he was waiting to see his little boy Blue.

    Charley's basketball court scene was interesting and I felt bad for her but I'm not sure how far that goes since they were all "stand by your man blah blah blah" up until his face too was plastered in that video. I hope we see a fallout with him because I kind of wanted more, maybe we'll get that tonight. I did laugh at that paparazzi yelling out, "DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH DAVIS?" I mean what does that have to do with anything?  I wish the son would have tried a little harder to get her to see that the family needed her down in LA, I get that her world is crumbling but your dad is on his deathbed ma'am (even though I don't think she knew or understand how dire the situation was). I felt really bad when she got there too late and I was really crying. I did like how she promised her dad that she would fix it.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. I had a lot of feels.
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  13. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'Haves and Have Nots' on OWN   

    SHUT THE HELL UP CHEAP! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I winced and then cringed... followed by flat out laughing at Benny. I simply couldn't.
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  14. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'Haves and Have Nots' on OWN   

    I don't think that was her intention with killing her. She clearly has the intent of being arrested and charged with murder since she told Veronica to get her off since she's "that damn good, the best lawyer."
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  15. London added a post in a topic Tyler Perry's 'Haves and Have Nots' on OWN   

    Yooooooooooooo, she literally shot, walked over, fixed flowers and then went about her merry way! DIS TEW MUCH!
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