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  1. London added a post in a topic E!'s The Royals   

    More casting news for The Royals!
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  2. London added a post in a topic Netflix: The Get Down   

    YAY! Another person, I like everything you wrote.

    Post more so I can see what you think. idk I might be one of the few that absolutely LOVED ep. 1.... it just got me into the mood.
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  3. London added a post in a topic The Plan to Save DAYS: 2016 Edition   

    Dead as hell at the empty promises hash. 
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  4. London added a post in a topic Criminal Minds: Discussion Thread   

    This is the gift that keeps on giving. If he sues I look forward to following it (and quite possibly laughing) on Deadline.
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  5. London added a topic in PrimetimeOxides   

    Netflix: The Get Down
    Is anyone else watching this show? I was dancing like no one was watching with the pilot episode.

    Justice Smith is such a treasure and find and I am loving him and how he portrays this role. Shameik, I loved recognizing him from the indie film Dope.

    I swear some scenes or upcoming scenes are predictable and I bust out laughing so much.

    I just love the old school music sooooooo much. If you're watching, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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  6. London added a post in a topic OWN: Greenleaf   

    It wasn't bad. Nice to see Sophia's dad. If I were Jacob I would have knocked that girl's clock off trying to tell me to knock in my own house and you're not paying toward anything.

    I only liked Charity's rant to her mom, Jacob and Gigi aren't obligated to tell her anything. I did laugh earlier when Jacob said because of the way she reacts she isn't told anything.

    Pastor shooting MAC was funny to me. I'm still Ugh at Mae calling Gigi "That girl.." whenever she references her. What was up with Bishop reacting to Gigi the way he was after he got out of jail?
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  7. London added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    Exactly B! Did they learn NOTHING from last year? Just because you can doesn't mean you should or at least have the element of surprise with your guest stars. I would rather watch and then see Carey or Diggs or anyone pop up and not know in advance that they are appearing. I still can't believe that Daniels revealed that after the mega ratings and stuff from S1 everyone came out of the woodwork to try and get on the show and they've just let them with no respect to the stories that are going on. It was pointless stuff too.

    I can see S3 going the same way as S2 tbh.
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  8. London added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    Here we go again...

    Mariah Carey to guest on Empire -

    Taye Diggs is coming as well... -

    ... and then there's French Montana.
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  9. London added a post in a topic Rio Olympics   

    I hear you DD.

    SS 5 medals? They mainly did it because he's the most decorated at 22, and if what they're saying is true the other athletes voted him. So any gripes people have would moreso be with them than him.

    I could not watch the opening as it was bogged down with commercial after commercial after commercial. I commented on one of my other communities that Id id not recall so much blatant disrespect and disregard as a viewer in 2008 or 2012 when I watched their opening uninterrupted. NBC's lame a** excuse that they delayed it for "relevant commentary" and not for what it so obviously was, GREED. I did enjoy streaming the BBCs coverage as they had it in real time and they only interject a little here and there.

    Overall I am SO happy that their ratings were sh!t because so many people felt how I did with a commercial after three minutes of coverage, come back and then they're onto a new segment. NBC also has the most disrespectful hosts. 

    I had a lot of feels.
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  10. London added a post in a topic Rio Olympics   

    My body is ready!
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  11. London added a post in a topic Big Brother 18   

    But will GrodHog have her mitts in it?  I wonder if they're just going to do away with Kass Casting.
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  12. London added a post in a topic OWN: Queen Sugar   

    Queen Sugar gets renewed for a second season ahead of its premiere.

    The QS FaceBook page released a new teaser and I just need it to be Sept. already so I can watch.

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  13. London added a post in a topic Big Brother 18   

    Season 19 will arrive quicker than we thought... This Fall! Only on CBS All Access!
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  14. London added a post in a topic OWN: Queen Sugar   

    Yes, she is.  She was supposed to direct all the episodes but I think it wound up conflicting with another project she attached herself to and that's when she did her boss move and brought in all women to help direct the show. Gotta love it when Hollywood says that "There are no women directors..." out there and Ava proves them wrong.
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  15. London added a post in a topic Netflix: Daredevil   

    I'm hoping Elodie returns so I can have more Elektra and I'm ok to wait for her spin-off.

    The Defenders looks like something I'm really going to get into.

    Did you see the Luke Cage trailer? I laughed at it -- hopefully the show is better.
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