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  1. I just want to be with my SO so bad right now. I was so stupid I couldn't see what was right in front of me the whole time and I felt used by all the not the ones. So, I hid myself...thinking I'd have to search to find the right person when he was local the whole time until he fled this hellhole. At least he wants to move back here. And, this is so not a crush or an obsession. We just know. I can tell he's working it all out right now. Poor baby. I just want him to get rid of all that past hurt. I have. 

    It's this what it's supposed to feel like? 

    1. ChitHappens
    2. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      He's the best. Really. And, he looks like Michael Keaton so I guess we are like Batman and Robin.

  2. You make me better. So cliche. But, you do sweetie. I can't just come right out and spill how much you mean to me yet though. But, I think we are both figuring it out. Because, I think I make you better too.

  3. Finally got a TV in my bedroom again. So, I had myself a little "Gimme A Break" marathon because backlogs of episodes of it on my DVR. God, Nell Carter was one funny and talented woman. She's missed. Who agrees?

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    2. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      Yeah. I really liked it when she sang. Do you know if she released any albums? If not she should have.

    3. SFK


      I only know of her cast recordings, no solo albums.  I love it when she sings on the show.  "Everytime I Feel the Spirit" and "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Godspell among many others.  She and her onscreen sister Lynne Thigpen, gone far too soon.  And for her size, Nell could MOVE.

    4. MissLlanviewPA


      She did this. Ridiculously over the top and cheesy as hell. I love it. (Sorry for the crappy video quality, this was originally on the 80's TV Theme Supersite, pre-YouTube. God Bless late 90's Internet video quality! Fun times.)




  4. Sonny and the mob stuff was worse than Haley's horrible attempt at acting. Yesterday Dillon made the funniest comment about Sonny's "coffee" shipments. Anyone hear that one? He said to Dante...something like..."I know it's not coffee he's shipping. But, do they list it on the police reports as coffee anyways?" I laughed hard at that.
  5. Nooooooo!!!!! Not that crazy bitch!
  6. Humblebrag here. 31 pounds lost in 2 months. This is awesome. I honestly feel so much better now. Still need to lose more though. Wish me luck. :)

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    2. DaytimeFan


      Way to go! What have you been doing to achieve that?

    3. ~bl~


      Did you change your diet or was it more about exercise?

    4. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      Calorie counting and only eating 1200 a day instead of the crazy amounts I ate before. Plus walking and playing basketball almost every day. And, sit ups, running, leg lifts, planking, crunches, etc. 

  7. Errol. The new site looks pretty good. One thing though my friend. I really want my username changed to Ryan Chamberlain on here too. It's that name almost everywhere else and the whole "Golden Duck" thing doesn't really fit me anymore. Is there still a way for a username change to be done. Just asking.
  8. *giggle* BASTARD...FIRED.
  9. Dead Silas was a wonderful birthday gift. I couldn't have asked for more.
  10. Oh what a glorious feeling! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out Ron!

  11. The way TV One speeds up the Good Times theme makes it sound like The Chipmunks are singing it. LOL.

    1. Khan


      Honestly, if they are trying to squeeze in more time for commercials, they should just cut to "Developed By Norman Lear" and the painting at the end and be done with it.

    2. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      Agreed. I'd much rather watch the show on Antenna TV. At least they don't cut as much there. Still enjoying the marathon though. They played both episodes with Ron Glass in them today. That makes me happy since I love Barney Miller.

    3. SFK


      It's crazy, when I'm home on Saturdays I watch those TV One Good Times marathons week after week from 10-4 then Sanford. It's like nothing else on television exists and I've seen every episode at LEAST five times, and I think that's a conservative estimate.

  12. At least DAYS and not GH got him. *feels relief...and yet sadness for the DAYS fans at the same time*
  13. Men On Cooking was the only "Men on..." skit I haven't seen before. Just died laughing. Glad that FXX still reruns In Living Color

    1. ReddFoxx


      "Boy, Could you put this in my car please?"

    2. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      "No this is going in my car!" :D

  14. Watching SNL and a commercial came on for the "Drain Wig" and I really thought it was a parody commerical from the show. This thing looks ridiculous.