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  1. Probably. I'm kinda sad it died though.
  2. Friday 4/28's episode is all Tracy's dream. It's gonna be damn good. There's a rumor that....
  3. Actually exited for an episode of GH for once. Friday's should be amazing. Especially if the rumor is true about someone returning.

  4. My mom has that damn Kennedy movie that's on tonight on in the family room. And, now the song Abraham, Martin, and John is stuck in my head.

  5. I know that was Lila's ring. But, damn...that was a stupid thing for Mama Pasta to do. She could have got herself or Ned shot.
  6. Brian Tyree Henry-We Can Always Come Back To This From This Is Us. I love this effing song.
  7. I really don't like the way Victoria parents Reed. She's just...not a great mom.
  8. I have been watching far too much MASH since last year. Every time I drive by O'Reily's Auto Parts I wanna scream "I hear choppers!"

  9. I kinda want Brooke to kick Quinn's ass.
  10. Ok. Figured it out. :)

  11. I have been gone so long that the layout changed and I have no clue how to change my signature. LMAO. Help?

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      Hi! I've missed talking to you. I know we're on Twitter but it's easier to talk when you don't have to worry about 142 characters. I'm not here often, but if you're on Facebook still I could friend you there. :) 

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      On FB. I'll PM you. :)


      Friend me for sure.

  12. Petty thing. I love the color of nail polish that Ashleigh/Ivy is wearing in her opening shot. I need to find out what brand/color that is so bad. ETA: I'm a tiny bit saddened they didn't add back in that risque clip of the lady with her boobs almost showing....That was like "whoa" when I was a kid.
  13. I'm team Sally. But, I'll be damned if I didn't laugh at her going into the water. LMAO. If a Spectra falls in the ocean. Does she make a noise?
  14. Dying at edge calling Eric "Bad Santa"
  15. I kinda want her and Eric back together. $Bill does not need another chance. How did he end up being called Dollar Bill anyways? I wasn't watching when that nickname was bestowed upon him. All the jewelry he wears makes him look like a pimp anyways. So, it kinda works. LOL.