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  1. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Pretty sure Rosalie and Brad got the silent gas death. They were barely on and then were just phased out every so slowly. Rosalie hasn't been on since August and that was before the regime change. I don't think there's a chance in hell she is coming back. And Brad? Not sure if it was a network demand but the gay storyline with Lucas has all but evaporated and I think we saw once with Brad last month but that was the only time since the new writers took over. So I would definitely say Rosalie and Brad were the first two casualties.
    Agreed on Valerie needing to go, I can't stand her. And why has Dillon all but disappeared too? So odd the way this storyline crashed and burned, though it was wretched to begin with so I shouldn't be complaining.
    Thank God for Richard Burgi and Genie Francis holding my attention in today's episode.
    Carlos' return screams "redemption for Anna and quickie exit for Sabrina" and nothing more, he served a few plot points, it wasn't because Frank adored him. I think Sabrina will permanently exit with Carlos and not return post-maternity leave this time. JMO, of course.
    I'm sure no one else gives a !@#$%^&*] but where is Lucy Coe? Lynn Herring must have really pissed someone off, she's been off screen for six months now, vanished without a trace.
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  2. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic DAYS: Fan Fave Returns for 5 Episodes   

    Maybe this is indeed for a Melissa Reeves exit. She started airing again when she rejoined in June 2010 and Ashford would appear around June 2016. I think contracts typically go to the month if there aren't terminations at an odd 13-week period. Hmm...
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  3. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic DAYS: Actor Leaving   

    If he signed a short-term contract extension, doesn't that mean he chose to leave? I wouldn't call that fired.
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  4. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Actor extends contract   

    Ugh get to trottin so I can see Genie Francis in the opening credits please 
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  5. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    So are they killing Bo off or how are they going to write Peter Reckell out yet again? They're foreshadowing Hope hoppin on that #RafeDick and Hope hasn't even reunited with Bo yet (I've seen through Wednesday's show.) 
    The faux reunion scenes with Bo and Hope that played made me very suspicious no actual reunion will ever come to pass on screen.
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  6. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Essentially, this:
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  7. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Twin Peaks   

    Thank Jesus!
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  8. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Thanks for letting me know it's in there! LOL. I know, I don't why they couldn't PS in Rafe and Justin. Both actors said they were on vacation during the shoot.
    I believe Reckell is on a short-term contract only. I believe Aiden is on the way out within the next week or so. Nicole and Daniel are also missing from the photo.
    Is the cast photo a two-page spread?
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  9. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic OLTL actor Nathaniel Marston in critical condition after car accident   

    God, this is a terrible story
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  10. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

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  11. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I had the exact same reaction! I have been pretty 'meh' about John and Marlena since picking up the show again but that was a nice, romantic, sparkly moment for them and it played beautifully.
    Anyone else think drunk Father Eric is going to
    I wonder how long RSW will be around now that the truth is out. I can't believe it happened either, I too thought it was a fakeout! I'm going to miss my batshit crazy bunny hunnie. What's odd is Ben is in the 50th anniversary cast photo, which they took at the beginning of August during a filming break. That would mean RSW would still have been taping then and airing through the end of the year at least, the show is five months ahead right now. Or maybe they just invited him back for the photo, like Alison Sweeney (she taped in May unless she taped more in August). But inviting the latest serial killer character back for an anniversary cast photo? Seems odd to me. I wonder if they will try to send Ben to an institution and somehow keep him around for awhile? We are all assuming he is on the way out but I have seen no rumors or spoilers to substantiate that.
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  12. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I mentioned this in another thread but I'm so hot and cold with Emme. I think she does really well with a lot of the lighter material, has a nice subtle humor about her, and occasionally makes me emotional with the heavier stuff. I think she is better when she's understated a bit more, like in yesterday's show. I bought her pain today, especially how defeated she looked when Maxie got her, but she still comes off as extremely "act-y" and "script-y," despite me still buying into it. It's the oddest thing. She is someone you can tell for sure is acting because of how inconsistent she is, which irks me a lot. Sometimes she even goes from decent to dreadful within a matter of seconds or between segments. I've never seen daytime performances that make me feel so polarized LOL.
    I felt Dominic Zamprogna was also pretty bad today and I usually love his work. He does understated sensitivity well but he was too understated today. I felt like Dante just didn't give a [!@#$%^&*]. Maybe Dom played it that way because he wanted out of scenes with Emme.
    Brytni Sarpy and Robert Palmer Watkins were okay but nothing special. Both were a bit better than usual but are still very green. There is potential there though.
    Hayley Erin continues to amuse me as #DrunkKiki, gotta love that Twitter hashtag. I have been noticing improvements in her acting lately, especially with the onset of the lush storyline. Her scenes being a ratchet bitch toward Ava at the bar a few weeks back gave me life and I was so amused by her passively aggressively calling Darby "Darcy" today for some reason. All I have to say is THANK GOD we don't have KA here trying to play this story. Hayley is a much better actress IMO.
    Bryan Craig looked like (even more of) a complete neanderthal in his hat with his stupid ass facial expression. I can't handle him anymore.
    PS, was anyone else confused as hell with Dillon and Valerie screaming at each other in one section of the boat and then cutting to Kiki and Morgan on the same boat, presumably ten or so feet away from each other, and none of them heard each other? It really threw me off.
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  13. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH Promo: Jason Revealed   

    HA! Love it. Frankly, I think the show would rather forget it happened too. Poor Donna Mills being subjected to that [!@#$%^&*], my God.
    I don't get Nina and Franco either, they are SO isolated. The issue is Franco and the history he has with 95% of the canvas. It says something when they're reaching for Franco to get some connections by having him interact with Maxie, though despite the crassness of it, at least Franco and Maxie have a bit of a past and it's not quite as horrible as what he's done to the rest of the town. And Nathan being Nina's sister is a nice easy way into that quad. But they need more than that and I don't see how it's possible with the current canvas. I don't mind the quirky Franco, Nina and Kiki family either. It would be a nice nod to adopted families if neither Franco or Nina turn out to be Kiki's parent but I'm sure one of them will be. My money's on Nina being Kiki's mom right now.
    I actually like Nina for the over-the-top caricature that she is. The fish-out-of-water in the 21st century can be quite entertaining - Stafford just needs to tone it down 100 notches sometimes. I love Roger Howarth and if they can somehow recast him as a third, more veteran (even doctror) character, I say go for it because Franco just doesn't work as a permanent character on the canvas. That, or just cut him altogether and pair Nina up with someone else.
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  14. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH Promo: Jason Revealed   

    Yassssss boo. EXACTLY. Our combined posts should cover it all!
    I feel like I read a few comments by JP and SA about Liz and they seemed to defend her recent actions a bit so maybe they can take the character in a different direction. I would love a good mental illness storyline for Liz to dive into what is behind her Jason obsession and be a winner by coming out the other side mentally free of him. I am probably being overly optimistic and we will probably just get Liz/Nik/Hayden but whatever, I love all three actors so I'm easy to please.
    I will say, I think the show sees Liz and Lucky as endgame, despite how trashed they are. So until the show is cancelled or Jonathan Jackson has amnesia himself and thinks he needs to come back to this dreck, Liz will continue to dick hop. In theory though, they could build her a nice, popular short-term pairing in the meantime, like Sam and Patrick. I did like 2014 Liz and Ric, maybe that little scene with them bumping into each other at the hospital was a prelude to revisiting them now that they've both done horrible things and will (presumably) be trying to better themselves in the near future. (We'll just pretend the Ric/Nina [!@#$%^&*] ever existed, okay?)
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  15. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH Promo: Jason Revealed   

    Juliajms, I do see some of your points as well and I think they are valid. A lot of the current "hero" characters have come from some nasty depths as well. I just don't think anyone else has been given the shaft by numerous and subsequent writing regimes as much as Becky Herbst has.
    Sem-tangent here but the only way Becky Herbst can rank in the fist slot in the opening credits is by holding Billy Miller's dick. I will be forever pressed about that [!@#$%^&*]. You know once Jason Thompson leaves and they have to break up that quadrangle photo they'll shuffle her off to some "lesser" picture frame next to Genie Francis without a dick to share between them.
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