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  1. They repeated "version 5" of 8 today so I'm not sure what's going on
  2. Oh, that's neat! Wonder where they'll "draw the line" for which recurring cast members to include. Maybe there are 10 total versions.
  3. Tracey Bregman is on contract? I watched all five last week and she wasn't included. Maybe they just dropped her in, replacing someone else? I highly doubt there are more than five versions of the credits.
  4. Here is the second one
  5. Lmao, I noticed that too. And she sure ain't wrong.
  6. The cover may indicate that but no, the actual article is just a bunch of former AMC/OLTL actors, Cameron and RSW being two of many, expressing how much their characters mean to them and that they'd love to portray them again. That's all it is at this point, let's not muddle the waters with false rumors.
  7. They are two of my absolute favorites too. So happy you both liked my post! It was fun to look at the counts this year. Everyone across the board had lower counts (budget cuts I assume) but there was a bit of balance again. Was healthy to see.
  8. A few of my thoughts: Yay for small favors: The hospital resurgence led to Leslie Charleson's highest episode count (44) since 2008 (48)! For some history: she had 42 episodes in 2009, 15 in 2010, 27 in 2011, 41 in 2012, 28 in 2013, 27 in 2014 and 11 in 2015. Despite Jackie Zeman dropping from 37 episodes in 2014 to 27 episodes in 2015 to 17 episodes this year (being absent from January-April didn't help), I felt Bobbie was utilized really well in the latter part of this year and each appearance of hers mattered and was memorable: great dialogue with Carly, her birthday celebration, the ongoing the Nelle storyline and her being reinstated as a nurse, just to name a few. Hope to see lots more of her in 2017! She's such an asset to the show on so many levels. Sad to see such a consistently, drastically reduced role for John J. York and Kristina Wagner. For John, he went from 55 episodes in 2012, 60 episodes in 2013, and even 32 in 2014, down to 6 episodes each in both 2015 and 2016. After he went off contract, he essentially disappeared. On a tiny positive note, despite Kristina Wagner raking in 45 episodes in 2013 and 24 episodes in 2014, she dropped to a staggering 3 episodes in 2015. She rose back up a bit with 9 this year, consistently seen once every other month or so. She did a lot better than John in this regard, who was off-screen for almost 8 months from early May to late December. I sure hope we can see more of them this year! It was so great to see the awesome Jon Lindstrom rise from the ashes (with Kevin having 20 episodes in 2013, 14 in 2014 and a meager sum of 2 in 2015 with one additional with a temp. recast) to 39 this year with the ongoing romance storyline with Laura. He's such a strong, likeable actor and this return to form for him is well-deserved. Kin Shriner and Lynn Herring were used fairly consistently this year compared to last, as well, for better or worse. At least their appearances didn't drop in numbers much.
  9. I was surprised she was bumped after being Emmy-nominated last year. I agree with those who said put her with Ned and call it day.
  10. She was the last holdout there. Other than say Paul and Andre on occasion, most of the contract cast are seen weekly/every other week.
  11. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone but Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) is officially on recurring status (per the closing credits). Her final week credited on contract was August 1-5.
  12. I've heard ABC press has referred to her as "Nelle" in quotes. I think Nelle is likely a code name. It wouldn't surprise me if she turns out to be Christina, Lucy's adopted daughter. The actress is maybe 21 or so, the character would be 17 if not SORASed, we know Lucy is back on canvas soon, Kevin has been (thankfully) all over the canvas lately with Laura, and there were rumors not long ago that Christina would show up soon going by the name CC (acronym to avoid confusion with Kristina). The pieces fit, so I hope I'm right!
  13. I do love the new writers using Nancy more, it's just too bad her scene partner is such a trash pile. I agree on using Genie Francis more, I'm sure her guarantee is one or two filming dates a week which is why her episode count number is a little less than 1/4 of the year's total episodes.
  14. We already knew Bree was recurring. I feel like it's a short-term story to break up Nathan and Maxie. Maybe we'll be lucky enough for Nathan to leave town with her? Cross your fingers, everyone!
  15. PRAISE JESUS! Did that happen to the Lani actress? Or Kassie DePaiva? I'm sensing some necessary tea spillage!