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  1. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: Actress Returns in New Role   

    I've heard ABC press has referred to her as "Nelle" in quotes. I think Nelle is likely a code name. It wouldn't surprise me if she turns out to be Christina, Lucy's adopted daughter. The actress is maybe 21 or so, the character would be 17 if not SORASed, we know Lucy is back on canvas soon, Kevin has been (thankfully) all over the canvas lately with Laura, and there were rumors not long ago that Christina would show up soon going by the name CC (acronym to avoid confusion with Kristina). The pieces fit, so I hope I'm right!
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  2. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GENERAL HOSPITAL: June 2016 Episode Count   

    I do love the new writers using Nancy more, it's just too bad her scene partner is such a trash pile.
    I agree on using Genie Francis more, I'm sure her guarantee is one or two filming dates a week which is why her episode count number is a little less than 1/4 of the year's total episodes.
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  3. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    We already knew Bree was recurring. I feel like it's a short-term story to break up Nathan and Maxie. Maybe we'll be lucky enough for Nathan to leave town with her? Cross your fingers, everyone!
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  4. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic DAYS: Actor out   

    Did that happen to the Lani actress? Or Kassie DePaiva? I'm sensing some necessary tea spillage!
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  5. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: June 2016 Discussion Thread   

    You are correct. Finn is the only character we know, historical or otherwise, of that Hayden's father swindled. The only revisionist history (so far) is that this Berlin scandal seems to have been widely known by the residents of the town before Hayden hit the scene, despite us never hearing about it or seeing any of the character discussing it.
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  6. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic DAYS: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Just watched yesterday's episode. What in the actual f**k is the actress who plays Ciara doing?! Her lifeless screaming "Stop it" earlier in the week when the new guy from Scream beat up Theo was so pitiful and embarrassing. And then the awkward shouting across the room at the new guy who played the video of her and Theo? Why hasn't she been fired yet?
    I don't know what in the living hell they're thinking with this Deimos/Nicole crap but I do love Victor and Nicole teaming up again.
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  7. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I think Hayley Erin has improved quite a lot from where she started a year ago. (Unlike, say, Ryan Paevey for example.) I really care about Kiki, which I never thought was possible with KA in the role. Even if you think Hayley isn't great, I think we can all agree that we'd rather have her here than KA. Also, I am HERE for Kiki and Dillon. They had great chemistry and anything to get Kiki away from Morgan is good with me.
    Laura and Kevin is such a fun idea! And with
    I can't wait to see where this story goes.
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  8. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic TWO GH returns   

    Yasssss! Love me some Lucy. Glad it looks like she may have more story this go-round also. I hope Lynn fought TPTB and won. Happy Robin will finally be there for it too! Female vets returning always makes me happy.
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  9. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic "Scream" King Joins Days   

    No, his character on "Scream" was named Will
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  10. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: Hayden's identity   

    Wait that seems contradictory. You think is or isn't more to the identity? Like she might end up being someone we know down the line?
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  11. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: Hayden's identity   

    I'm wondering if this is only part of the secret. I mean, this can't be it, right? Maybe it's a diversion.
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  12. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic GH: Hayden's identity   

    What the actual !@#$%^&*]?!
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  13. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: Axes 4 Actors   

    Yaasssssssss! AMEN TO THAT. God I can't deal with the horror that will ensue with JPL and Nadia. I'm curious to see how they play off each other though only because I think Nadia is close to Farah IRL. I wonder if Nadia will go bitching to Farah about how awful he looks and how shitty of an actor he still is. It'll be fun to imagine the backstage drama from it, if anything.
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  14. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic Days: Axes 4 Actors   

    No she isn't, which always struck me as odd. As a result, she technically can't be fired so I'm sure she'll leave with Shawn and Belle.
    I'm surprised how upset I am about Martha Madison being out. She struggled for a few months to find her footing as Belle again but has really found it lately. Hot ass mess Belle has been awesome to watch. She's been very confident in her hideous decisions which is somehow both embarrassing and liberating for the character. She somehow had more chemistry with JPL than with Beemer. In regards to Beemer, as someone said, they've done literally nothing with him and he's a bore IMO. They should've kept Martha and recast Shawn again.
    A big ole BYE to Sal Stowers and Marie Wilson! I wish I could say I felt bad about Sal being let go because she was good on nuAMC but she was just wretched on DAYS. Horrific anti-chemistry with all of her costars. I wish her nothing but the best though. Will they recast Lani?
    In regards to Summer...We thought Serena was the most botched new character on DAYS? NOOOOOPE. Look no further than Summer who literally popped up on a beach with her 45-year-old-not-passing-for-30s screechy duck lips out of one of Brady's (who I now loathe) wet dreams. PASS. Hopefully they make sure to undo her recent ties to Maggie before killing her off via drowning. It's only fitting.
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  15. alexisfan07 added a post in a topic DAYS: March 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I watched Wednesday's show earlier, didn't they have a confrontation about it? Where Theo basically said "Did he rape you?" in more vague terms? Something like "Did he hurt you?" lol. I was half-watching but I think it was right before we saw them all with tied-up Chase. You're just saying we didn't get enough of the Theo/Ciara scenes?
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