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  1. beebs added a post in a topic The worst era's in soap opera's.   

    that long, eh? This was during the time I would sporadically read up on what was happening with the soaps and cringe, instead of watching.  Only really got back into them once GL's cancelation was announced, so my timelines are a bit off in some cases, I will admit. 
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  2. beebs added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    I'm still finding this weird that they took eight days to announce it. Maybe I'm just used to all things about remotely famous people being instantly splashed all over all media, but it seems unreal.
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  3. beebs added a post in a topic The worst era's in soap opera's.   

    Well, for me...

    DAYS: 2004-2008 (Reilly 2.0 was a mess and Hogan was embarrassing, Dena at least had the baby switch to help make the show at least watchable).
    GH: 2001-present. Guza gutted everything I loved about the show, and Cartini has set the carcass on fire. I can't begin to care about this show anymore, and Jean P Smart TV isn't inspiring my interest either. 
    Y&R: 2005-present. Been some peaks and valleys through this time, but it isn't The Young & The Restless anymore, and Pratt writes the show like he's Snoopy writing his Dark & Stormy Night novel. I can't.
    OLTL: 1990-91 are particularly embarrassing years, though 2010-11 was awful too, after The Great Minority Purge that saw the Abs Brothers eat the show. I've never been so glad to see someone killed off by a falling chandelier in all my life.
    AMC: Whatever year the unabortion happened until the end of Pratt. Gross.

    But that's just what I've seen. The last decade has been REALLY rough on these shows. Yikes.
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  4. beebs added a post in a topic Where were you 11.22.1963?   

    It actually does bring up an interesting point. Not to get too far off topic, but you'd think this would be a microcosm of the kind of viewer the soaps WANT to appease. Instead, there's a history of open hostility to the internet voices. Very strange.
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  5. beebs added a post in a topic Where were you 11.22.1963?   

    Not even an idea in my two-year old mother's head.
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  6. beebs added a post in a topic 3 Current Most Hated Soap Characters   

    1. Daniel
    2. Kayla
    3. ....Daniel
    Possible Andre but that's just because I really don't need another sociopath 2-dimensional DiMera running around.
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  7. beebs added a post in a topic Daytime's Master Headwriters: Their Strongest and Weakest Work   

    Yeah, I really think the last head writer to have any modicum of control over the direction of GH in that period would have been Pat Falken Smith. After that, it seems to me to have been a very active collaboration with Monty, though I imagine she had her hands in Marland and PFS' work to some degree as well. 
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  8. beebs added a post in a topic Daytime's Master Headwriters: Their Strongest and Weakest Work   

    And then to work AGAIN at DAYS after such an awful track record (particularly when Patrick Mulcahey has basically admitted the staff would rewrite ALL of her work before it went to air because it was so god-awful), a move which the show didn't recover from until Reilly's stories took off five years later (and, though I love that era, I question whether or not that's a good thing). It's utterly baffling. The woman must have been the ultimate sweet talker, because her work never backed up the amount of employment she'd get.
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  9. beebs added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: Y&R/GH/DAYS Up in Women 18-49 Demo   

    Yes. And a lot of the fans that remain are very loyal to the end, but, I confess, if they're anything like some of the Facebook fans I see, they aren't very smart. Result: DAYS not doing crazy outthere stunts, ratings flatline. The only thing I can say in favour of what's currently on screen is that it LOOKS 1000x better than what the last 7 years have thanks to Tomlin-Vision. I know it kept the show on the air this whole time, but Alarr's done a lot to make the show feel more professional. That helps make a lot of the dud stories look a lot better, though I wonder how much more compelling the first year or so of TomSell would have been if they'd put the effort into the look of the show.
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  10. beebs added a post in a topic Daytime's Master Headwriters: Their Strongest and Weakest Work   

    Definitely agree with Ann Marcus's worst work being at DAYS. She did away with the Grants almost immediately upon her arrival, and did an embarrassing lesbian story that lasted about a week from all accounts. Just embarrassing, and caused great damage to the show's ratings in the process.

    I generally agree with most of your picks, though from all accounts Marland's Doctors was no hell either, so I'd probably tie that with his Loving for his weakest work.

    Throwing in some patchier writers into the mix:

    Bob Guza:
    Best work: SB
    Worst work: GH, his cynicism and dark edge works fine for SB, which was always rather irreverent, but coming off Labine's very earnest run, his hubris and penchant for taking history and wiping his arse with it was rather disgusting.

    Josh Griffith:
    Best work: OLTL (the first time)
    Worst work: OLTL (second time)
    His DAYS has been alright, and I really don't want to give him too much grief about his Y&R because we all know he didn't have that much say with JFP in the house.

    James E. Reilly:
    Best work: GL
    Worst work: Passions
    While DAYS is what got me hooked on soaps in the first place, and I really do think the team of headwriters at GL was more or less Nancy Curlee + others, that era of GL was stronger than anything he's done since.
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  11. beebs added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 212 Devin Lucas Hutchins meets Lindsay Winthrop   

    An excellent episode again. Simple, tight, and well-constructed.
    I like that Devin is meeting everyone, and Gregory is NOT happy. That jealousy is already kicking in and we can see it playing out. Great recast with RSW, btw. Totally works. I also really liked that Lorna's still a bit sneaky, grabbing that water bottle for the DNA. Ooo, she's good at this sneaky stuff.
    Jake and Stacey connecting over their concern for Lindsay was great and real. A small beat, but an important one. And it shows their continued connection through their daughter. I'm sure that's going to draw them closer and closer over the coming weeks. Great stuff.
    Christy is not being honest and Frankie knows it. Glad to see she's onto her, someone has to be. The conflict between Cass and Frankie is turning and I enjoy that shift. Their energy is going to shift, though I expect they'll continue to debate how ill-intentioned her motives are.
    Rachel and Russ trying to make Carl feel less guilt was great too. The beauty of it is how much history is there, and you captured it all. Very character-driven and strong writing. You really know how to write for Rachel, I have to say.
    WONDERFUL work.
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  12. beebs added a post in a topic Nathan Varni on Jelly's take on Jason Reveal   

    I co-sign this.
    I actually was starting to get back into Y&R under them, mostly because it wasn't a crazy ass mess like it's become since. But...I knew they weren't earth-changing.
    Jelly aren't great writers, Jonnysbro. They won't change the world, and they won't revolutionize daytime, no matter how many times you try to tell us they will. Jean Passanante stays employed because she writes generally inoffensive soap opera that appeases as many meddling execs as possible. Hardly an ideal creative environment. They only have as much 'vision' as Nathan Varni will allow. It's well-known that he's got his nose where it doesn't belong and has been influencing story, possibly for months.
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  13. beebs added a topic in mySON TV™   

  14. beebs added a blog entry in Days of our Lives   

    DAYS #82: Kate and Laura make big discoveries
    EPISODE 82
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson 

    Will walks down the hallway on the EnerNext floor of Titan towards his office. As he walks, he passes Alex, who’s heading into his own office across the hall from Will. Will looks up, suddenly nervous as Alex locks eyes with Will and smiles. Will holds back a giggle and smiles back awkwardly.
    ALEX: Hey Will! How’s the first day going?
    Will nearly chokes on his words as he responds, voice cracking.
    WILL: Gre…(clears throat) great! Heh.
    Will immediately bugs his eyes out as he turns away, opening his office door and quickly scurrying away in embarrassment. Closing the door behind him, he leans up against the other side of the door, exhaling audibly in relief to be out of that situation.
    A moment later, Will’s cell phone rings. Frantically trying to remember where he’d put his phone, he jumps over to his desk to grab his phone. Seeing Sonny’s name on the screen, his face drops. Looking unimpressed, Will holds his finger over the ‘hang up’ button, but thinks better of it and, after a moment, answers.
    WILL: Hey.


    Sonny is sitting standing by the bar at Club TBD, nervously tapping his fingers against the bar as he begins to speak to Will.
    SONNY: Will! Hey…I…uh…I’m glad you answered. 

    WILL: Sonny, I don’t really have much time, I got a lot of work to do.

    SONNY: Don’t worry, this…this won’t take long. I uh…I just got off the phone with Maggie, she and Victor invited us to dinner at the mansion tonight.

    Will rolls his eyes and tries to cut Sonny off.
    WILL: Sonny, I don’t really have time—

    SONNY: Will, it’s…a big deal. Apparently Victor has a surprise for us or something. It’s a big family dinner.

    WILL: This wouldn’t happen to be some ploy to get me to forgive you, would it? Because, seriously, Sonny, I’m really not in the mood for any more games right now, I’m serious—

    SONNY: Will, I’m serious. This is no game. Now, please, can we just…put our problems aside, just for tonight and just…pretend everything’s okay?

    Will bites his lip, looking to the sky as he mulls over Sonny’s plea. Reluctantly, he answers.
    WILL: Fine. But this does not mean everything’s good between us. Don’t even try to use this as an opportunity to try to squirm your way back into bed tonight. You understand.

    Sonny closes his eyes in frustration, sighing audibly.
    SONNY: Fine. Meet me at TBD for 6 and we’ll head over together?

    WILL: Meet me at Victor’s for 6:30 and we’ll walk in together.

    Sonny snaps, finally losing his cool at Will.
    SONNY: Will, come on!

    Will smiles evilly, knowing his got Sonny’s goat.
    WILL: Final offer!

    SONNY: (sigh) FINE. See you at Vic’s.
    Sonny hangs up angrily.

    Will hangs up, a deliciously evil smile on his face as he chuckles to himself.
    WILL: Sonny, you are not gonna get away with lying to me that easily.
    Will sits down in his office chair, smirking as he leans back confidently.
    WILL: You did the crime, now you’re gonna do the time.

    At the hospital, Billie steps into Laura’s office, having interrupted Daniel’s talk with Laura about Liam. Both Laura and Daniel are taken aback by Billie’s arrival, and both struggle to speak.
    DANIEL: Uh…Billie! Hey…uh…mm, Laura and I were going over some…
    BILLIE: …Something I’m not supposed to know about? Sorry to drop in like this, Laura. I couldn’t find Daniel in his office and I heard his voice from the hall.
    Laura, sensing tension in the air, looks back and forth between the two of them and starts to back away.
    LAURA: I think…I’ll leave you two for the moment. Daniel, we can finish this later.
    DANIEL: Sure, Laura.
    Laura walks towards the door, but, before walking out, stops and turns back toward Daniel.
    LAURA: Oh! And, by the way, Daniel! Thank you so much for everything. You’ll lock up behind me?
    Laura smiles, and heads out the door, as Daniel holds up his hand in a half-hearted wave back at Laura.
    DANIEL: Sure. Don’t mention it.
    Once Laura leaves, Billie crosses her arms, impatiently waiting for an answer from Daniel.
    BILLIE: Far be it from me to be sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong, but what exactly was that?
    Daniel looks off to the side in frustration, knowing Billie won’t stop until she has an answer.
    DANIEL: (sigh) I can’t go into this with you, Billie.
    BILLIE: Oh come on, Daniel. I mean, I…Jenn’s a good friend of mine. If something’s wrong with her and Abigail, I want to know about it.
    DANIEL: Billie, there’s nothing wrong. I…Jenn’s worried about Abigail being in Italy working for the DiMeras, and Laura just wanted me to check in on her.
    Billie’s eyes peer down at Daniel, who’s sitting in front of Laura’s desk. Billie leans over and perches on top of Laura’s desk. She looks at him intensely as she responds softly and slowly to him.
    BILLIE: I don’t believe a word you’re saying. And I’m going to find out exactly what’s really going on.
    Daniel sighs in frustration at Billie’s resolve.

    In Jennifer’s office, Jenn sits behind her desk, working away on her computer, when she hears a knock at the door.
    JENNIFER: Come in.

    The door opens and Liam’s smiling face appears. Jenn smiles in return, pleased to see him.
    JENNIFER: HEY! I wasn’t expecting you!
    Liam comes in and walks immediately over to Jenn’s desk. The two kiss quickly on the lips.
    LIAM: I figured you could use a break from the nonstop…press releasing.
    Jenn laughs and smiles warmly as Liam sits down across from her at the other side of her desk.
    JENNIFER: Well, it’s definitely welcomed. I gotta get this all done by the end of the week. We have to announce the new head of HR that’s replacing Anne and then…ugh, I’m boring you, aren’t I?
    LIAM: Never.
    JENNIFER: Well, good, cos I’m boring myself. (laughs) So what brought you here, I thought you had to go consult at a hospital in Chicago.
    Liam shuffles in his seat a bit before leaning in close to Jenn, a sensuous look in his eye as he gives Jenn his news.
    LIAM: I…yeah, but I finished early, so, I thought you and I could leave work a little early today for a little…quiet dinner at Chez Rouge?
    Jenn leans in, smiling wider than ever, she nuzzles in close to Liam as she answers.
    JENNIFER: I think that is something that can be arranged, Mr. Frasier.
    Jenn leans in and touches Liam’s nose with hers. They look intensely in each other’s eyes before leaning in ever-so-slowly for a soft kiss.

    Gabi looks up from reading Nick’s tablet, as she sits across from him at a booth at the Brady Pub. She looks stunned by what she sees: An old modelling picture of her in an apparently new ad for MadWorld Cosmetics.
    GABI: Wh…what? You want me to be new face of MadWorld?
    Nick smiles broadly, anticipating a favourable reaction from Gabi to his gift.
    NICK: Absolutely. I mean, Gabi, you’re gorgeous, and you’re already established with MadWorld…there’s nothing stopping you.
    GABI: I…Nick, I mean, this isn’t the first time you’ve set up modelling jobs for me and it was a disaster—
    Nick holds up his hands to stop Gabi midsentence. He interrupts her.
    NICK: I know! I know, it’s…I didn’t go about it the right way last time. This way, you can stay here in Salem, you can co-parent with Will and Sonny, there’s no great upheaval. We can take it slow.
    GABI: Nick, you’re…you’re talking like…
    Gabi stops herself mid-sentence, stopping herself from letting Nick know her true (lack of) feelings for him, but Nick’s suspicious, and it shows in his eyes.
    NICK: Like what?
    Gabi tenses up almost immediately, trying to backtrack to allay Nick’s suspicions.
    GABI: You’re talking like…like I can just stay in Salem and model, I mean…that isn’t exactly how it works.
    Nick nods in understanding, but pinches the bridge of his nose, as though feeling a sudden pain. Gabi looks on, trying to sort out what’s happening.
    NICK: No, you’re…you’re right.
    GABI: Nick, you okay?
    A voice is heard approaching Gabi and Nick from behind, while the sound of approaching heels clicks closer slowly.
    KATE: Is he ever?

    Gabi and Nick look up in surprise to see Kate looking down with her usual sour expression. She catches a glimpse of the MadWorld ad and looks over at Nick, unimpressed.
    KATE: What are you up to now, Nick?
    Kate leans against the edge of the booth casually, waiting for an answer from an obviously pained Nick.
    NICK: Nothing, Kate. Just…ugh, taking care of business with Gabi.
    Kate, unmoved by Nick’s pain, grabs his tablet and looks at it momentarily before holding it up to show Nick the picture of Gabi.
    KATE: I see, and this wouldn’t have anything to do with your little…amateur adventures at Photoshop, would it? Because I never authorized you to set up any ad campaigns, Nick. You work in the lab, remember? You make the formulas, I sell them.
    Nick groans as he tries to keep up with Kate, trying to grab his laptop bag to grab his “ibuprofen” tablets. He replies as he searches.
    NICK: God, Kate. You never let up, do you?
    KATE: In business, if you let up, you get screwed. You should know that better than anyone.
    Kate looks over, watching Nick struggle to find anything in his bag.
    KATE: Having trouble, Nick?
    NICK: Yeah, can’t find them, you have any, Gabi? I’d take them from you, Kate, but you have a bit of a history with poisoning things, I’m not gonna take my chances.
    Kate rolls her eyes as Gabi hesitantly goes through her bag. Not finding anything, she gets up from her seat.
    GABI: Uh, no. I don’t…if you want, I’ll run down to the drugstore at the corner and grab you something, okay?
    NICK: Sure, thanks, Gabi.
    GABI: No problem, uh…Kate, can you do me a huge favour and watch over Ari—
    KATE: …Say no more, but hurry. I have places to be.
    Gabi turns back and nods appreciatively.
    GABI: Yep, no worries, I’ll be right back.
    Kate turns around and picks Ari up from her high chair, as Nick fumbles out of his seat.
     Outside the door, Gabi looks back to make sure she isn’t spotted by Kate or Nick. She walks just to the edge of the building, just out of sight from those inside. She grabs her cell phone and makes a call.
    GABI: (into phone) EJ! I need your help. NOW.
    Will walks onto the elevator to head for home. When the doors open, Will steps in, and leans casually against the back wall, catching up on messages on his cell phone. As the doors are nearly closed, a hand stops them from completely shutting, and the doors open again.
    Will sighs, impatient to go home, and looks up unimpressed by the new passenger.
    Until he sees who it is.
    WILL: Alex.
    Will immediately lights up as he sees his new supervisor dressed in skin-tight biking gear. Will’s eyes look Alex up and down as he steps on. Alex smiles back at Will.
    ALEX: Hey! Will! How you doing?
    WILL: I…uh…good, I…heh. You look, awfully casual.
    ALEX: Oh! Yeah, this. I…heh…I usually bike home from work, and I wanted to try the commute home from the new office before the weather got too cold.
    Will nods, half-listening to Alex, as he’s too distracted by Alex’s biking outfit, which leaves…little to the imagination. Will licks his lips and, catching himself, looks up at Alex, smiling.
    WILL: Yeah, it’s…good weather for that.
    Alex smiles, before the air fills with an awkward silence, broken only by the sound of the elevator as it beeps, passing each floor on the way down. Alex finally breaks it.
    ALEX: So, how was your first day?
    WILL: Oh, it was great. I’m…really glad you were able to help. I have a feeling I’ll…need a bit more. Heh.
    ALEX: Oh, don’t even worry about it. I’ll definitely be around whenever you need. Just ask.
    WILL: Thanks.
    Will looks up, looking at his watch. The awkward silence hits again for a moment, but Alex again takes the opportunity to break it.
    ALEX: So…you…uh…have any plans tonight?
    Will thinks a moment, before answering carefully.
    WILL: I…uh…yeah. A bit later, but...hey, maybe…did you wanna maybe grab a drink before you head home, we can maybe…go over…a few more things and get to know each other better…
    Will quickly realizes what he’s just said and quickly backtracks.
    WILL: In a totally professional way, of course.
    Alex laughs as Will blushes, Alex’s eyes linger into Will’s as the elevator finally stops at the ground floor. The doors open as Alex responds.
    ALEX: I would love that, but I have dinner plans tonight, and I’d better go shower before all that, so…maybe tomorrow?
    WILL: I…YEAH! Definitely.
    ALEX: Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.
    Alex goes to head out the door, but puts a hand on Will’s lower back on his way out. Will tenses as he feels Alex’s hand touch him gently.
    ALEX: Great work today, by the way.
    Will nearly chokes as he feels Alex’s hand slide away, Alex walking out the door, smiling at him as he waves, that Will nearly forgets to leave the elevator himself.
    WILL: I…yeah…I mean, thanks!
    Will exhales as he exits the elevator. He watches Alex walk towards the door, mesmerized momentarily by his muscled body in his tight-fitting sportswear. Will snaps out of it a second later, feeling like the biggest fool on the planet.
    WILL: Yeah, Will. Great work. (sigh)
    Daniel gets up from his desk, still trying to find a way to allay Billie’s concerns.
    DANIEL: Billie, you can’t do anything about this.
    Billie watches from atop Daniel’s desk, looking at him incredulously.
    BILLIE: Like Hell, I can’t. Look, I know you want to protect them, but if something’s seriously wrong…I’re not exactly chummy with Jennifer since you two split.
    DANIEL: That’s…putting it mildly.
    Billie gets up from Daniel’s desk and slowly walks up behind him. She puts her hands gently on his shoulders and sensuously rubs them, as she softly speaks in his ear.
    BILLIE: So…why not let someone who’s a little less…let’s say…controversial get the goods you need, hm?
    Daniel smiles and has a bit of a laugh, but turns around to face Billie. Putting his arms around her, while she rests her arms on his shoulders again, he tries to let her down gently.
    DANIEL: I would love nothing more than to fill you in on every detail of this…
    BILLIE: Good—
    DANIEL: But…it’s not going to happen, Billie. This is something I have to do myself.
    Billie’s drops her arms to her side. She sulks as she backs away from Daniel.
    BILLIE: Fine! I’ll just go to Jenn myself and find out from her what’s going on—
    Daniel’s voice booms as he instructs Billie.
    Billie is stopped in her tracks by Daniel’s explosion. Her face looks toward Daniel, shocked by his intensity. Daniel walks back towards Billie. His voice returns to its soft tone, but the intensity remains, forcing Billie to take in every word.
    DANIEL: Look, you cannot go to Jenn about ANY of this, do you understand? She has no idea what’s going on, and if she does, she may be in grave danger, okay? And if I tell you, there’s a good chance that you’ll be in just as much danger as she is, okay?
    Billie looks at Daniel, a mix of worry and fear in her eyes as she nods slowly in understanding.
    BILLIE: But…will YOU be okay?
    Daniel bites his lip, thinking things over a moment before speaking.
    DANIEL: God, I hope so.
    Kate holds Ari, bouncing Ari in her arms as she speaks to Nick, unimpressed by his latest antics.
    KATE: I told you to keep out of my business.
    Nick, still struggling with his sudden headache, pinches the bridge of his nose while he responds.
    NICK: Kate, we had a deal. You had to get Gabi a contract with MadWorld or I say what I know.
    Kate leans in, speaking softly, as if to get Nick to quiet down by proxy by lowering the tone of her own voice.
    KATE: And it wasn’t time to offer anything to her yet. We had to have product first.
    NICK: No, no. You were stalling. I knew you were. And I decided to take matters into my own hands. You should be thankful this is all I did. You know what I could do.
    Kate rolls her eyes, unable to counter Nick once again.
    NICK: I’m gonna go check with Mrs. Brady and see if she has anything for this headache.
    Nick heads off to the bar to talk to Caroline, while Kate saunters over to the front of the pub. Suddenly spotting Gabi just outside the doorway, she walks closer to the door to spy on her.
     Outside, Gabi stands slightly off to the side, thinking she can’t be seen in the building. She has her cell phone out, talking on her phone.
    GABI: (into phone) I know I was supposed to just get him hooked and get him arrested but it wasn’t that easy…


    EJ stands in his office at DiMera Enterprises, an agitated tone in his voice as he talks to Gabi.
    EJ: (into phone) What do you mean, Gabi? What’s happened?

    GABI: (into phone) Hope didn’t take the bait. She couldn’t find the bottle of pills I switched out at all. I know he’s been using it, I mean, he’s been getting these really bad headaches. But…he’s out of pills and I don’t know what to do.
    Kate is now outside, looking on, brow furrowed as she catches some of what Gabi’s saying. She listens closer as she approaches, as quietly as she can.

    EJ: (into phone) Okay…I have an idea. Just…head to the pier and meet the same guy as before in one hour.

    GABI: (into phone) No, I don’t have that kind of time, EJ. He thinks I’m already headed out to the pharmacy. Please, you have to make it sooner than that. I can’t do this anymore. This time, the plan has to work. He has to be caught red handed before he goes any farther.

    EJ: (into phone) Well, if the pills weren’t enough last time…

    GABI: (into phone) Well, then we need something more incriminating then. A prescription pad, a…phony doctor’s note.SOMETHING.
    Kate is stunned by what she’s hearing. A wry smile starts to appear on her face as she begins to realize what Gabi’s up to.

    EJ slams his fist on the desk in anger. He shouts into the phone.
    EJ: (into phone) Dammit, Gabi! Okay, just head there now. I’ll try to get my guy over there, but no promises.

    GABI: (into phone) Oh my God, thank you, EJ. I owe you BIG time.
    Gabi hangs up the phone, and quickly walks off toward the pier. As she walks away, she doesn’t see a smiling Kate behind her. As she bounces baby Ari in her arms, she laughs quietly to herself.
    KATE: Bravo, Gabi. I gotta say, I didn’t think you had it in you.
    Liam and Jenn’s kiss is interrupted by Liam’s cell phone ringing. The pair are jolted out of their romantic moment, as Liam leans back in his chair, grabbing his phone and looking at who’s calling.
    Frustrated, he gets up from his seat and holds up one finger to indicate to Jenn.
    LIAM: Ahh I gotta take this, it’s Chiacgo, one moment.
    JENNIFER: That’s fine, take your time, sweetie.
    Jenn nods, going back to work, as Liam hastily leaves her office, shutting the door behind him.
    Liam storms into the hallway, checking all around to see who’s passing by, before sliding into the waiting room. As he turns into the waiting room, Laura passes by and spots Liam going in. She carefully follows to the doorway and, just out of his line of sight, listens in closely.
    LIAM: (into phone) This better be important.

    EJ responds, now pacing his office, a headache developing for him as well now.
    EJ: (into phone) You need to get Percocets and a prescription pad to the pier in 15 minutes or less.

    Liam reacts in angered disbelief.
    LIAM: (into phone) WHAT?

    EJ: (into phone) Exactly what I just said. We’ve got an emergency on our hands and if Gabi Hernandez doesn’t get Percocets and a prescription pad in her hands by…
    EJ checks his watch hastily before continuing.
    EJ: …4:30, everything we’ve worked for is in jeopardy.

    LIAM: (into phone) A prescription pad? EJ, I mean…the drugs are one thing but…
    Liam looks around the room to make sure no one’s watching or coming into the room. He leans in and speaks softer. Outside, Laura focuses in even closer.
    LIAM …a prescription pad? That’s not exactly easy to get.
    Laura looks on, confused as all get out as to what Liam’s up to. She whispers almost inaudibly to herself.
    LAURA: Prescription pad? And why is he talking to EJ? (sigh) I have a bad feeling about this.

    EJ: (into phone) You’re in a hospital, you’ll manage. 15 minutes, Liam. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    LIAM: (into phone) Oh, what? I’m just supposed to pull one out of my ass now? Come on, EJ. This is crazy.

    EJ: (into phone) There is no time argue or question me. Get the pills, put them in the same ibuprofen package as before, get the prescription pads, give them to Gabi Hernandez, and tell her she needs to sneak the pad into the target’s bag when he isn’t looking. That’s it.

    Liam, resigned to his fate, throws his hands up.
    LIAM: (into phone) (sigh) Yep. Right. I’ll be there.
    EJ hangs up the phone. Liam follows suit.
    LIAM: Okay. Percocets…and prescription pads. Good luck, Liam. You’ll need it.
    Liam turns and storms out of the room. Laura, still standing outside, leans up against the wall as closely as she can, praying Liam doesn’t spot her. He turns away from her, and walks down the hall in the other direction. She breathes a sigh of relief, but looks on, more worried than ever.
    LAURA: Selling pills and prescription pads…to EJ DiMera. Oh Daniel, I hope to hell you figure out what he’s up to before it’s too late.

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  15. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Union Creek #17: Will Todd Manning find out the truth?   

    I bet it wasn't Blair who ran Reva down, but someone trying to frame her. Marty trying to frame her maybe? Hah, who knows.

    So much good here, I loved the Eartha and Elijah flashbacks, they're so sweet together, and you really feel their sense of love and loss and tension. It's a great story, keep that up! Zack needs to make a move before his girl ends up with Cory. GET IT! Haha
    Lily and Holden are inviting Noah back. AH! That's gonna get messy and I LOVE it. Haha, right up my alley, as you know. Good move there.

    Gary is up to some shady [!@#$%^&*], and I can't wait to figure out what it is. You're really building that mystery and it's strong story. I can't wait to find out what he's after and what he's scheming and with whom. GREAT stuff!
    Another great show, good work Nick!
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