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  1. beebs added a blog entry in Days of our Lives   

    DAYS: Episodes 93-96
    Hopefully this is cool, just wanted to keep those of you who've been following my DAYS up to date with my new entries, which I'm posting externally.

    EPISODE 93

    EPISODE 94

    EPISODE 95

    EPISODE 96

    Gonna lurk around at SON, but again, likely not gonna be posting much. Hope you all follow DAYS: TAT. Thanks for reading
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  2. beebs added a blog entry in Days of our Lives   

    Days of our Lives: The Alternate Timeline is moving!

    After two years, I've had the pleasure of sharing my vision of Days of our Lives with you here at SON. I regretfully will be moving my posts to Blogger, after some lingering formatting issues, and the banning of ML Cooks (aMLCproduction) from the forums (look for his Y&R to appear as well soon), I have decided that it is best for me to move the blog onto another account.
    All episodes from #93 will be posted at, as have the previous 92 episodes here. I likely won't be posting much, if at all here anymore, but greatly appreciate the time I've spent here at SON, and hope you all will follow my story there, and please feel free to leave me feedback. Every bit helps motivate me to improve and grow as a writer.
    This has been a fabulous exercise for me, and I really appreciate your support through it all. It's been quite the ride!
    ETA: If you'd like to keep updated with new episodes, check out the DAYS: ETA page on Facebook.
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  3. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Jack is Winning the War against Victor! #182   

    Another strong show. I love all the different pieces. The Abbott teleconference was great again as Jack stubbornly refuses to believe he's in any danger from Victor. But the family knows better. Don't get too comfortable, Jack. 
    Phyllis and Michael was another strong beat. I'm enjoying watching them at odds over this. Phyllis will not take Michael's actions lying down, and she shouldn't. I love that you're showing the emotional conflicts here, as I find the best soap opera is when you can understand the motivations for everyone's actions and understand why they feel they did the right thing. Great storytelling there. I'm interested to see where things will go with Gloria now that she's in the loop on what Michael has done.
    Karynn and Esther's adventures continue. I enjoyed the heart-to-heart between Chance and Nina on their way to Chicago. It was good to see them discuss things. Nina's a meddler, though given her history, I could see why she'd be a bit protective of him. 
    Karynn is is so snarky, it's fantastic. You really got a strong connection between her and Esther, and I totally buy it. Great writing there. Fascinated to see where the story wth Karynn's ex-husband goes as well. 
    All very strong stuff here. A solid episode. Great work, ML!
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  4. beebs added a blog entry in Days of our Lives   

    DAYS #92: Roman is found, while Nick moves forward with the next part of his plan

    EPISODE 92
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson 

    The sunlight fights its way through every available crack between Nick's blinds. One beam brightly hits Nick right in the eyes, jolting him from his slumber. The bright sunlight shocks him, causing him to squint.

    Nick goes to sit up, but is hit almost immediately with a searing headache. It nearly cripples him, but he manages to stumble over to the window of his small studio apartment.

    Looking out the window, he sees the bright day, sighing as he winces, the sunlight hurting his eyes. He turns back to find his laptop bag. Rifling through it, he finds his pills. But his fingers slide across what's resting next to the pill bottle: Marlena Evans' perscription pad. Just as he's about to lift the pad up, he lurches back in pain. The pad gave him a papercut.

    Nick puts the cut finger in his mouth, wincing at the pain and discomfort.

    NICK: Mm! Dammit!

    Nick holds in his pain a moment to awkwardly open the bottle of pills. He struggles, as his hands shake violently. He looks at them, concerned greatly by his symptoms.

    He quickly opens the bottle, taking two pills from the bottle. He looks down at the bottle, shrugs, and pulls another one out. Taking all three, he steps into the bathroom, and turns on the tap, pouring half a glass of lukewarm water, which he uses to wash down the pills.

    After downing his medication, he looks into the bathroom mirror. He looks at his messy appearance, the emerging circles under his eyes, and shakes his head.

    NICK: You gotta get it together, Fallon. You got too much to do today to let this stop you. Wayyy, way too much.


    Sheryl lies half-asleep in bed, sighing after a good night's rest, before she reaches out slowly to caress Lucas' face. She reaches out and finds no one there.

    Opening her eyes in surprise, she gets up with a start. She looks confused around her room.

    SHERYL: Lucas?

    Getting up from her bed, covers, of course, covering her body, she inspects the bathroom before looking for her phone.

    SHERYL: Where the Hell did you go?

    Pulling her phone out, she looks down, seeing no texts or calls from Lucas. She looks up, confused by his absence.


    Hope walks into her living room, dressed and ready for work, coffee cup in hand, as the doorbell rings. She jumps momentarily, before putting her coffee cup down, and calls out toward the door.

    HOPE: One second!

    She runs over to the door, looking in the small window in the door, she spots Marlena. She opens the door, smiling.

    HOPE: Hey! Marlena!

    Her face drops, however, upon seeing the heavy concern on Marlena's face.

    MARLENA: Hope, I...
    HOPE: ..W...What's wrong? Come in, come in!

    Hope moves back away from the door, welcoming Marlena in. Marlena walks in solemnly. She hesitates to speak, sighing as she begins.

    MARLENA: Thank you. Uh...I had to see you, and I'm...I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning.

    Hope shakes her head, looking very concerned at Marlena.

    HOPE: No, no! Nonsense, you're always welcome here, you know that. Uh...sit down. You, want some coffee? I just made a fresh pot.
    MARLENA: No, thank you. I couldn't possibly keep anything down right now.

    Marlena obliges Hope's request, sitting down, breathing heavily, struggling to hold herself together. Hope quickly walks to Marlena's side and sits down next to her.

    HOPE:'re scaring me. What's wrong?

    Marlena looks up at Hope, starting to tear up.

    MARLENA: Roman's missing. And I need your help to find him.


    Lucas wanders through the park, deep in thought over the events of the previous night. Up ahead, he spies Club TBD. He craves a drink, but resists. Looking at the nearby bench, he spots something unusual.

    It's Roman, asleep by the bush. Lucas looks on, baffled by the sighting, and calls out to him.

    LUCAS: Roman?

    Roman doesn't answer, but is startled by Lucas. He stirs, as Lucas approaches. Lucas kneels down next to him, shaking him gently to make sure he's okay.

    LUCAS: Roman! Hey, man. You alright?

    Roman grunts as he starts to wake up. Lucas bursts into action as he takes his jacket off to try to warm a freezing-to-the-touch Roman up.

    LUCAS: Man, you're freezing! Here, take my jacket.
    ROMAN: Uh...where am I?
    LUCAS: You're in the park, just outside Club TBD. Are...are you okay? What are you doing sleeping out here? It's got to be like...fourty degrees outside!

    Roman's eyes widen, as he struggles to catch his breath. He looks around, confused.

    ROMAN: I...I have no idea. I went for a walk did I end up here?
    LUCAS: I dunno, man, but we gotta get you inside. Come on.

    Lucas hoists Roman up on his feet and guides him slowly towards the club.


    A tray of food is set down in front of a sleeping Sonny. The sound of the tray hitting the table jolts Sonny from his sleep. He looks, wide-eyed at the tray, before looking up, and seeing Will standing over him, a smile on his fiance's face.

    WILL: Good morning!

    Sonny looks stunned a moment, before lifting himself off the couch he'd spent the night on in the hospital lounge. He stutters a bit before he answers.

    SONNY: I...ah...Will...hey!

    Will laughs a bit, watching Sonny stumble over his words.

    WILL: You surprised to see me? I've been with you all night.
    SONNY: have?
    WILL: Yeah. I was worried about you. I...I saw Adrienne walk out of here last night, she...she seemed really upset. Did you--
    SONNY: ...Yeah. We talked.

    Will folds his arms, nodding slowly, knowing exactly how it turned out from Sonny's reaction.

    WILL: Aaand obviously that didn't go very well.

    Sonny raises his eyebrows, before shrugging, a hint of sadness in his voice.

    SONNY: You could say that. 

    Will sits down next to Sonny, putting his arm around Sonny's waist, drawing him close to him. Sonny leans into Will, feeling comforted by Will for the first time in a long time.

    WILL: I'm sorry, Sonny. I...feel like I'm...I dunno, like it's my fault this all happened.
    SONNY: (sigh) Don't say that. It's not your fault my mom has this...vendetta against you.
    WILL: Well...what happened?

    Sonny lifts himself off Will's shoulder, turning to face Will. He sighs with sadness in his eyes before answering him.

    SONNY: Well...she came to me to tell me what her and my dad were fighting about in the garden.

    Will looks at Sonny, a very concerned look on his face as he asks Sonny a question, almost not wanting an answer.

    WILL: And...what was it?
    SONNY: She says that you are a carbon copy of your mother, and that you are, and I quote: lusting after my brother. 

    Will tenses up, knowing that Adrienne has his number, but he hides the uneasiness.


    Sami stands in the DiMera living room, sipping her coffee, as she flips through some paperwork. She hears her phone ring. Picking it up, she quickly answers.

    SAMI: (into phone) Hey! Uh...Suzanne, it's Samantha Brady...yeah. I, uh, I'm heading into the station today and I just need you to pass along a message to Nicole Walker.

    EJ walks into the DiMera living room, Johnny on his shoulders, laughing heartily. Sami turns and sees EJ and Johnny step into the room. She smiles as she sees them come into the room, but is immediately striken with tension, as they approach. She fights the tension, as she continues her phone conversation.

    SAMI: (into phone) ...YES! I, I just want to pass along to her that I would like to meet with her for 11am. Tell her it's imperitive that I speak with her, and she should cancel all other arrangements for that time...Thank you.

    Hanging up the phone, she looks at Johnny and EJ and smiles.

    JOHNNY: Mommy! 
    SAMI: Hey, sweetie! You ready for your trip today?
    JOHNNY: Yup!

    EJ and Sami laugh as Sami gently pats Johnny's head. She smiles, though her hand trembles. EJ catches Sami's hesitation and speaks up.

    EJ: I uh...I packed the children's things, Harold...helped me out, but...
    SAMI: That's great. Thank you. Uh...

    EJ leans down to lift Johnny off. EJ crouches down by Johnny and speaks kindly to him.

    EJ: Now, I need you and your sisters to be downstairs in twenty minutes. No later. Alright?
    JOHNNY: Okay!

    Johnny runs off out of the living room, heading upstairs, as EJ approaches Sami. He nearly places a hand on her shoulder, but thinks better of it, as Sami, sensing the nearness of his hand, flinches slightly. Setting his hand down by his side, EJ sighs.

    EJ: Are you sure about this?

    Sami responds, not turning around the face EJ.

    SAMI: I think it's better that they are with family far away from all this tension right now, yes.

    EJ sighs, as Sami turns to face him, explaining her rationale.

    SAMI: Look, EJ, I don't want them to go to Colorado any more than you do, but the truth is that while you and I are going through therapy and I'm struggling just isn't healthy for them. They need to feel loved and cared for. I can't give that to them right now, especially Johnny.

    EJ nods, trying to understand.

    EJ: I understand...but it seems as though you're punishing the children for something that I did. And by extension, you're punishing me, and yourself.
    SAMI: I have to do what's  best for them. And what's best for them isn't to be around us right now. Not until I'm able to deal with what happened between us that night, and not until I'm comfortable...I'm comfortable being with you again.

    EJ looks down, fighting his emotions, as he nods. He tries to understand Sami's situation, though he struggles. He finally responds.

    EJ: I...uh...I need to go check on the children. I'll see you at the office later?
    SAMI: Yeah! I'll be in after I take care of business at the station.
    EJ: Alright. Samantha...

    Sami turns back at look at EJ, who stares at her, hurt, but lovingly.

    EJ: I do love you, very very much.

    Sami smiles, unsuccessfully holding in her desire to cry.

    SAMI: Me too.

    EJ swallows heavily as he turns back around, heading out after Johnny. Sami stays behind, wiping her tears away, as she hears another notification ping. She looks at her phone, stunned.

    SAMI: Oh my God!

    Sami reads the headline:

    Victor Kiriakis suffers heart attack, hospitalized


    Will sighs heavily, biting his lip as he looks up at Sonny, almost afraid to ask what Sonny did next.

    WILL: And...what did you say about that?
    SONNY: Well, of course, I told her it was nonsense...and then I told her that I wanted her to stay away from you, and from me.

    Will looks stunned, unsure what to say in response to his fiance's act of loyalty.

    WILL: didn't have to do that--
    SONNY: Yes...I did, Will. Look, you know...this is why I was afraid of you taking this job at EnerNext. I...I don't mean to interfere in your career, family, they have this way of...meddling, of worming their way into our lives. And it looks like they found their way in already.

    Will takes Sonny's hand, and holds it tightly. He smiles warmly at his fiance.

    WILL: Sonny, I love you. And I really appreciate what you did for me. But I don't want you to ruin your relationship with your mom over me. It's not fair to you, or your mom.
    SONNY: No, what's not fair is my mom deciding to meddle in our business. She's trying to create problems and make me doubt you. And I'm not going to let her do that.

    Will looks down, still tightly gripping Sonny's hand, he smiles warmly at him.

    WILL: I know. But don't you think you're just...both under a lot of stress right now, what with Victor's heart attack, and Chad being AWOL from TBD, and...our...problems at home...don't you think you overreacted just a bit?

    Sonny looks at Will, then looks down. He thinks over what Will says intensely.


    Hope gets off the phone to the station, and turns back around to Marlena, who is furiously texting, a very worried look on her face.

    HOPE: Okay, I just spoke to Rafe...they can't formally put out a missing persons' report yet, but...they are looking into it.

    Hope looks down at Marlena finishing up her text.

    HOPE: Who are you texting?
    MARLENA: Kim. She was with me when...Roman took off.

    Hope looks on, increasingly concerned for Roman. She takes a moment, unsure whether to ask or not, but decides to go ahead.

    HOPE: something wrong with Roman?

    Marlena looks up at Hope, incredibly hesitant to tell her the truth. She looks down and sighs before responding.

    MARLENA: In all honesty, I don't know. But if we don't find him, I'm very concerned for his well-being.

    Hope, shocked, rushes over to the sofa again and sits at Marlena's side.

    HOPE: Good's not Stefano is it? Has Stefano kidnapped--
    MARLENA: ...No! No, no, no, it's not least not that I'm aware of. No, it's...Roman himself...I am so worried that he may be a danger to himself.

    Hope looks on, before pulling a tearful Marlena into a hug. Still unclear as to Marlena's concern, she furrows her brow, concerned for her brother-in-law.


    Lucas sits Roman down on the bench, as T comes over to see what's wrong.

    T: Hey, uh...Lucas...what's wrong with Mr. Brady? Is he okay?
    LUCAS: I uh...I think he's okay, but...he's been outside for quite awhile, can you grab us some coffee for him?
    T: Yeah, absolutely.

    T runs off to grab Roman a cup of coffee, as Lucas pulls out his phone.

    ROMAN: Who are you calling?

    Lucas doesn't look up as he scrolls through his contacts.

    LUCAS: I'm calling Marlena, first off. She needs to know you're okay.

    Roman panics at Lucas' suggestion, holding his hand up to reach out for Lucas' phone to stop him.

    ROMAN: I don't want Marlena to hear about this, you understand me?

    Lucas looks at Roman, stunned and concerned.


    Nick steps into the lab, where Percy sits at a desk, headphones in, listening intently to various conversations throughout the Titan complex. Nick waves silently to Percy, who, over the sound of his headphones, welcomes Nick loudly.


    Percy fumbles, realizing not everyone hears the things he is, and quickly takes his headphones off. He walks quickly over to Nick.

    PERCY: Oh, Nicholas, I have very important news for you.
    NICK: Oh do you.
    PERCY: Well...strictly speaking, I have two items for you to look over, but...this first one is of utmost importance.

    Nick looks to Percy, intrigued, as he sets down his bag on the table.

    NICK: I'm listening.
    PERCY: may not be especially thrilled about this first one.
    NICK: Try me.
    PERCY: seems as though Miss Ridgeway and Miss Connors have taken on a new addition to their ensemble--

    Nick pulls out an apple, which he bites into as he replies.

    NICK: Oh yeah...I met him last night. Jeremy or...
    PERCY: Yes, uh, a Jerome Grant. seems as though the three of them have some sort software they're looking to install on the Titan servers, and it appears to me, as though today is the day they will go ahead with this. It sounds actually like something that could really cause a lot of damage.
    NICK: Really!

    Nick smiles wryly as he crunches into his apple.

    PERCY: Yes...I say this because I have a concern that...well...they may try to use you as a...what did they call it, a...uh...."fall guy" for their plan. And knowing that your intentions are only to assist these young ladies...I wouldn't want to see you harmed.

    Nick laughs, slapping Percy heartily on the back before pulling him in close to him.

    NICK: (laughs) Ohhh Percy. Not to worry, I won't be taking the fall for anyone. You can bet on that.

    Nick looks down at his apple, and bites into it, almost maniacally.

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  5. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Phyllis comes to a Stunning Conclusion #181   

    OOOOO Phyllis is figuring [!@#$%^&*] out. You got her very good. A little bit smarter than pretty much anybody in town. I like that. Her relationship with Michael is a great way to help connect the dots, and I love how this is moving. I can't wait to see how that progresses.
    I liked the flow of following Scotty from the lobby to the condo and into the conversation with Victor and Lauren. Great way to guide us into the situation and connect the stories. 
    LOVED the Abbott teleconference. It was nice to see Ashley here. She's kind of glue holding everything together, her absence is helping to cause the family structure to crumble. I can't wait to see the struggle between Keemo and Jack explored more. You've been digging deep into the family and emotional relationships between the characters lately and I have been really enjoying it!
    Nina and Jill meeting at the Chancellor shell. A good scene, with revelations left, right and centre. I expect Nina will be saving Karynn and Esther soon. 
    Great as well to see the panic spread across Genoa City as Victor's release becomes public knowledge. I'm sure that will have ripple effects across town, and it'll play heavily into future story. Great stuff!
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  6. beebs added a post in a topic DAYS casting old role   

    YASS! Polka Dot Door, memories! Haha

    I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, and that they'll likely just have her on once a week, go on some dates with Abe and then only show up at the hospital when there's a health crisis and Dena has someone convulse in their bed like they're on a theme park ride until she's quietly ushered out of town with a throwaway line. But I see so much potential if the fans respond well enough to her.

    I think the excitement that's already building is a good sign, honestly.
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  7. beebs added a post in a topic DAYS casting old role   

    Probably because she played one of the only black female leads in the show's history, the other one having died of Salem Park Bench tumours.

    I think, despite her short time on the show, the fan reaction would indicate they're possibly tapping into something that could be exciting for the show, and she'd be easy to build a family around.
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  8. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Nikki has a Good Time with her Driver! #180   

    GOOD episode yet again!
    As Cary said, the balance was perfect, the stories were firing on all cylinders, and the movement was there. Loved it.
    Phillip is going down a destructive path, no thanks to Cane, I'm wondering how much Rufus will manipulate the situation to get her hands on that Chancellor money. Very dark scenes and the music helped too. Good stuff.
    Nikki and driver had a really surprisingly tender moment. I feel like he's really going to be there for Nikki, and that's what she needs right now, though I worry he will coddle Nikki with her drinking, much like Jack did back in the day, and that will not help matters at all. I'm intrigued by the direction that story's going.
    Victor and Lauren's scene was good as well, though Victor really has to get in the moment and gain back that intensity he has always had. I find his "breaking character" moments amusing, but I think the intensity really needs to be there, too, and it'll help your scenes flow even better. REALLY good job writing Lauren as well, and you gave the recap dialogue a very smooth stroke, so it let us buy into it without breaking the reality of the moment. GOOD job.
    Michael and Phyllis was another good scene. Phyllis is a great confidant for Michael and I'm glad you took advantage of their longtime friendship to help bring people up to speed with the story. Michael is in HUGE trouble now that Victor's out, and he KNOWS it!
    Fantastic show beginning to end. Another winner, ML!
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  9. beebs added a post in a topic DAYS casting old role   

    Tonya Pinkins could do the role justice, I'd say, if they insist on going younger.
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  10. beebs added a blog entry in Days of our Lives   

    DAYS #91: Roman's condition worsens + Sonny & Adrienne have a huge fight over Will

    EPISODE 91
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

    The doors to the elevator at University Hospital open, to find the Kiriakis clan step out, by and large upset and a bit panicked, as Maggie in particular moves briskly to the nurses' station to ask Maxine about Victor.

    MAGGIE: Maxine! Where's Victor's room?

    Maxine quickly points down the hall to guide Maggie, as she turns herself toward the room.

    MAXINE: Just over here, Maggie. But you can't go in yet, they're operating!

    Maggie runs before Maxine's even finished her sentence toward the door, stopping just outside, upset that she can't go in to see her ailing husband.

    Alex, Sonny and Will hang back, as Justin and Adrienne step forward, the shock still plain on their faces.

    Daniel steps out from the room VIctor's in and immediately sees his mother's worried face. He sighs, giving a half-hearted smile, as Maggie rushes over to him.

    MAGGIE: Daniel! How is he?

    Daniel holds up one hand, a half-hearted attempt to calm Maggie down, as the others move over closer to him to hear what he has to say.

    DANIEL: He's stable. Victor had a heart attack.

    Maggie clenches, upset by the news, she grabs Adrienne's hand for support.

    ALEX: How bad was it?
    DANIEL: (sigh) It wasn't minor. But...I wouldn't worry too much, he's getting prepped for surgery now.
    WILL: Is he gonna be okay?
    DANIEL: Victor's in...remarkably good health for his age. I think the bulk of the problem has been the stress he's been under lately. We may have underestimated how much pressure he's been under the past few months.

    Maggie looks at her son, the feelings of guilt rushing over her as she recalls her snapping at him, knowing the pain he's been through.

    JUSTIN: Alright, Daniel, just...keep us updated.
    DANIEL: For sure.

    Daniel stops to give Maggie a hug, before stepping away to prep for surgery. 

    DANIEL: Alright, I gotta go prep for surgery, I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. I love you.
    MAGGIE: I love you too. Thank you.

    Daniel walks off at a determined pace, as Maggie starts to crumble. Sonny takes her other hand and pulls her towards him, putting her in a tight embrace.

    MAGGIE: It's all my fault.
    ADRIENNE: No, sweetie! Absolutely not! You were upset, and we've all been under a lot of pressure. You can't blame yourself for this.

    Maggie begins to sob as she holds onto Sonny, Adrienne provides comfort, gently stroking Maggie's back, as the family circles Maggie for support.


    Kim walks through Horton Town Square, quickly scurrying to get to her car as she's walking alone at night, when she spots a familiar face.

    KIM: Roman! Hey!

    Roman looks confused, before turning to face his sister. He looks at her with a look of a total stranger.

    ROMAN: I...Hello...

    Kim looks at her brother, a concerned look on her face and she leans over to touch his shoulder.

    KIM: I...Roman, it''s me...Kimmy!

    Roman stares at Kim, totally bewildered by her. Kim looks back, a smile on her face, but with an increasing tension and panic in her face.


    Jennifer smiles as she and Liam sit at a late evening dinner at Chez Rouge. Liam pours Jennifer a glass of champagne, never taking his eyes off her.

    JENNIFER: You know, you have this really sexy look in your eyes right now.
    LIAM: Oh yeah? Well if that's a come-on, we haven't had our food yet.

    Jennifer feigns offense, as Liam laughs.

    JENNIFER: Well, I never! Putting off romance for food? I don't know about you, Mister!
    LIAM: Ohh, I've always got time for romance.

    Liam leans over the table and gently kisses Jennifer on the lips, before sitting back down in his seat.

    LIAM: But I've also learned, that good things come to those who wait.
    JENNIFER: Isn't that the truth.

    Jenn raises her glass, as Liam does the same. They toast, once again never taking their eyes off each other.


    A woman in black pumps walks quickly into the terminal of Salem International Airport. She walks over toward the exit, but stops just beforehand. Pulling her phone out, she taps the screen on her phone to get an Uber from the airport to the Horton House.

    It's Abigail.


    Nicole lies in bed, Eric's arms around her, as she sleeps soundly, deep in a dream:

    Nicole stands before the justice of the peace, beaming as she looks at Eric. Flowers in her hand, she's about to become Mrs. Eric Brady.

    JUSTICE OF PEACE: We are gathered here to today to join Nicole Walker, and Eric Brady in marriage.

    Daniel and Chloe stand on either side of Nicole and Eric, smiling, happy for their friends' big day.
    Nicole can't help herself and blurts out to Eric in joy.

    NICOLE: I can't believe it's finally happening for us. I love you so much.

    Eric, far cooler and reserved, smile back, responding warmly but casually.

    ERIC: Me too, Nicole.

    The justice of the peace continues:

    JUSTICE OF PEACE: If anyone can show just cause why these two should not be joined in marriage, may they speak now, or forever hold their--

    Everyone jumps as Sami's voice cuts the happy mood in the room, jolting everyone out of the moment. Sami and Marlena storm into the room, Sami and Marlena shooting daggers from their eyes at Nicole. Nicole turns around in horror as Sami walks over to her.

    ERIC: Sami...Mom, what are you doing here?
    SAMI: We're here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life, Eric.

    Eric looks at his sister, annoyed at her constant interference.

    ERIC: Sami...
    MARLENA: No! Eric, she's right. Nicole has gone way too far this time.

    Nicole rolls her eyes, irritated at the interruption, and trying to remove them from the room.

    NICOLE: Oh whatever, you know what, you two have done more damage to our happiness than I ever could have.
    SAMI: Oh that's REALLY rich, Nicole.

    Eric, upset by what's happening, cuts in between Nicole and Sami, who are now right up in each other's faces.

    ERIC: Wait wait wait wait wait, STOP! What is the meaning of this.
    MARLENA: Eric. Nicole lied to you. She DID get the evidence proving that Kristen hired Dr. Chyka to drug you in that hotel room. 
    ERIC: What?!
    NICOLE: No! I wouldn't do that! If I knew what happened to that evidence, don't you think I would have turned it over?

    Sami looks at Nicole, an angered, mistrustful look on her face.

    SAMI: I don't know, would you?
    NICOLE: You know, if I did do all this, where IS the proof, where did you get it?
    NICK: I think I have the answer to that question.

    Nick saunters into the room, a smug, self-satisfied look on his face, as Nicole begins to hyperventilate. Nick walks over to Eric, and casually places the folder with all the documentation into Eric's hands. He places a small flash drive on top for him.

    NICK: Merry Christmas. Oh, and if you're wondering what the flash drive is, it's proof that she had this folder the whole time and just hid it in her desk so you wouldn't see it. At least, not if I hadn't broken in. (laughs)

    Nicole panics, almost unable to breathe, before letting out a bloodcurdling scream, jolting her out of her dream.



    Eric, scared stiff, jumps up, shocked at Nicole's freak out. He looks quickly at Nicole, and wraps his arms around her to comfort her.

    ERIC: Shhh! Shhh! It's okay. It's okay. I'm here.

    Nicole sobs, shaking in fear over her nightmare.

    NICOLE: No, no no no no, it can't it can't, no...


    Kim looks with a sense of dread at her brother, as Roman looks at her like she's a stranger.

    ROMAN: I...I'm sorry. I...
    KIM: Roman...come sit here with me. You do remember me, right?

    Roman looks down as Kim takes his hand, holding it tightly. His confusion plain on his face as he tries to back off.

    ROMAN: I'm sorry, Ma'am. I...

    Marlena walks past at that moment, spotting their exchange and immediately springs into action, as Roman looks her way.

    MARLENA: Kim! Kim, it's okay. Roman, Roman!

    Marlena walks over quickly, as Roman begins to panic, feeling ambushed by Marlena and Kim.

    ROMAN: Lady, let go!
    MARLENA: Roman! It's okay! It's okay. It's me. It's Doc. Look at me!

    As Kim lets go of his hand, she steps back, tears in her eyes. She observes the panic in Roman's eyes as he begins to calm down.

    MARLENA: Roman. You recognize me? It's Marlena.

    Roman, breathing heavily, nods as he holds Marlena's face in his hand. He gently carresses her cheek as he begins to tear up.

    ROMAN: Doc...what is happening to me? Who...wha...
    MARLENA: Roman, that woman is your sister. It's okay. Her name is Kimberly Brady. Do you remember a Kimberly Brady?

    Roman shakes his head a moment, before cooling down.

    ROMAN: That name means something to me, but...
    MARLENA: That's her. That's your sister.

    Roman squeezes Marlena's hand, nodding in understanding. Marlena looks at Kim and guides Roman to the bench.

    MARLENA: Look, let's...let's sit down.

    Kim approaches Marlena and Roman as Roman sits on the bench. He puts his hands behind his head and leans down, looking down at the ground.

    ROMAN: My God...What's happening to me, Doc?
    KIM: No, seriously, Marlena...what's happening to him?
    MARLENA: I..uh...I'm going to talk to Kimberly for a moment, okay?

    Roman nods, as Marlena takes Kim's arm and steps away from Roman for a sec to talk quietly to Kim.

    MARLENA: I think...I don't want to say for certain before we've had a chance to look closer into things but...
    KIM: Marlena, I can take it. Just...tell me straight up.

    Marlena looks back at Roman, seeing him taking deep breaths on the bench behind them.

    MARLENA: Valerie Grant and I are looking into it. We...we think it could be some form of dementia, but...
    KIM: Roman as well?
    MARLENA: That was my first thought,'s progressing too quickly to be anything like Caroline's...and anyway, I don't think this is the same situation as Caroline, anyway.
    KIM: Wha...why is this the first I've heard about it?
    MARLENA: Well, if I'm being honest, I didn't realize until today it was getting so bad so quickly. Honestly, Kim, I wanted to wait until I had a definitive answer before I said anything, and Roman...well, he didn't want to alarm you all what with Kayla leaving and Bo still missing...

    Kim nods, understanding Marlena's point.

    KIM: I understand that...but I wish you'd told me something was wrong sooner.
    MARLENA: I know...and I'm sorry, just...I had to think about Roman's wishes as well.
    KIM: I know. (sigh) Look, I...I think we should speak to someone at the police station about this before Roman ends up hurt. I mean...
    MARLENA: I thought about that as well...I think, considering what's happened tonight, we might...maybe consult with Hope and...maybe Abe as well. I know Abe isn't...directly involved with the police right now, but...
    KIM: It's still worth a try. I mean, I just...I don't want my brother to end up injured on duty or worse.
    MARLENA: I agree. Look, for now, let's just get him home.

    Kim nods again, in agreement.

    KIM: I agree, I think...uh...I'd rather he not be alone though, maybe he should go with you.
    MARLENA: Absolutely.

    Kim sighs, a bit relieved, though still horribly concerned for her brother.

    KIM: Okay.

    Marlena and Kim turn to grab Roman from the bench, only to stop in their tracks upon realizing he's vanished.

    MARLENA: Oh my God.
    KIM: Oh no, he's gone.


    Nicole is held in Eric's arms as she breathes deeply, still deeply shaken by her dream.

    ERIC: It's you want to tell me about it?

    Nicole shakes her head as Eric cradles her.

    NICOLE: No, it was too awful. I just...just hold me.
    ERIC: I'll never let you go. Just know that, okay?

    Nicole looks off, desperate to believe that what Eric says is true.

    NICOLE: Okay.

    Eric, sensing her tension, kisses her gently on the lips and smiles at her.

    ERIC: I love you.
    NICOLE: And I love you. More than you'll ever know, Eric.

    Eric smiles as Nicole finally smiles again, they kiss again deeply, as Nicole holds onto Eric for dear life.


    Jennifer laughs again as Liam finishes a story. She's not drunk, but has had a few glasses on champagne by now.

    JENNIFER: You know...I don't have to work tomorrow and...well...JJ's out with Rory...God help him, and my mom went out with some friends for the have the house to ourselves, you know.
    LIAM: I'm listening...
    JENNIFER: wanted to take me back to your place? I haven't seen it yet and all...

    Liam stiffens at the suggestion, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

    LIAM: I...uh...I think we should maybe...maybe your place is a better idea.

    Jennifer looks concerned suddenly by Liam's shuffling.

    JENNIFER: okay? I...
    LIAM: Yeah, no. I'm...I'm fine, I place is a disaster zone still, we're...we're kinda...still renovating the place so...

    Jennifer smiles, a bit relieved but still thinking about what Laura told her earlier.

    JENNIFER: That's fine...maybe we should just...take it easy tonight, if you're not up to it.

    Liam catches on, and changes his tone again, trying to reassure Jenn.

    LIAM: No! No, it's fine, I just...(sigh) I just don't want to disappoint you at all. You know?

    Jenn smiles, reaching her hand across the table to meet Liam's.

    JENNIFER: You could never disappoint me. Trust me.

    Liam smiles back, grasping Jenn's hand in his. They both gaze intensely into each other's eyes.


    Abby arrives at the Horton house. The lights all out. She turns them on as she walks into the living room.

    ABBY: much for surprising everyone. (sigh)

    Abby looks down at the table, and sees Jennifer's files from work. She looks wistfully at them, recalling the circumstances that led to her leaving the hospital.

    ABBY: Back to keeping secrets and telling lies. Thank God it'll be easier now. No one will ever know about the baby now.


    In the University Hospital lounge, Adrienne stands, holding a cup of coffee in styrofoam cup. Her hands shaking like a leaf as she struggles to raise it up to her lips to take a sip. Her sons, Alex and Sonny sit in the opposite corner of the room, a deep concern for Adrienne plain on their faces.
    Sonny sighs, as he slowly gets up, as Adrienne nearly spills her coffee. He puts a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump momentarily.

    SONNY: Mom...are you okay?

    Adrienne turns to face her son. She smiles as she takes her son's hand. Alex looks on from the corner, a smile on his face as well.

    ADRIENNE: Honestly, I'm terrified. But I'm grateful my boys are here. 
    SONNY: Mom, we wouldn't be anywhere else.

    Alex gets up from his seat, taking Adrienne's other hand.

    ALEX: Sonny's right. We're here for you and for Dad.
    ADRIENNE: Thanks, sweetie. Uh...Alex, honey, can...can I talk with your brother alone for a moment?
    ALEX: Of course, Adrienne! I..uh...I'm gonna go check on Noelle.

    Adrienne gently squeezes Alex's hand as he walks off toward the hallway. As he disappears around the corner, Adrienne turns to Sonny and looks at him intensely.

    ADRIENNE: Sonny...look, I don't want to start a fight, but..I--
    SONNY: Then don't.
    ADRIENNE: Sonny!
    SONNY: No! Seriously, Mom! This is SO not the time to start going in on me about my marrying Will.

    Sonny turns away from Adrienne, as Adrienne reaches out, pleading with her son to listen.

    ADRIENNE: Sonny, Listen! I didn't want to start a fight. All I'm saying is I want you to be careful. (sigh) Will has never been with another man before, and...

    Adrienne pauses, looking out the door to make sure no one hears what she's about to say. Sonny, not watching his mother, interjects, prodding her for an answer.

    SONNY: ...And??
    ADRIENNE: ...And I saw Will...I saw how he was looking at...

    Sonny turns around, exasperated by his mother's stalling.

    SONNY: At??? At who, Mom? Spit it out!

    Adrienne shouts out her response, shaking in fear and frustration over Sonny's demand for an answer.

    ADRIENNE: At Alex! He was giving your brother the eye. The whole evening we've spent in that house, Sonny. I couldn't stand it. You were looking at him with and affection's so honest and...all I could see was the lust in Will's eye for Alex.

    Sonny looks at his mother, absolutely stunned at what she's saying. Sonny begins to laugh at his mother's answer, totally in disbelief.

    SONNY: have absolutely lost your mind!
    ADRIENNE: I'm serious, honey. I'm not making this up. I swear, I saw it with my own eyes.

    Sonny backs away from his mother, holding his hands up to stop her from approaching.

    SONNY: No! No no no, THIS...this is it, Mom. I know you can't stand the idea of me marrying Will, but to make up something like THIS? You stay away from my home, and away from Will.

    Adrienne begins to tear up, petrified of losing her son.

    ADRIENNE: Please! No...
    SONNY: No, Mom! Enough! If you want to see Arianna, I'll bring her to the house, you can see her then, but I'm not going to allow you to meddle in our lives anymore. I've had it.

    Adrienne shouts out as she watches her son walk out of the room. She holds her head in her hands as she cries.

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  11. beebs added a post in a topic DAYS casting old role   

    Now, I know for a FACT Dena been stealing my ideas! LOL

    Since she's only on recurring, and none of the characters she interacted with are on much anymore except Marlena, I'm curious how they'll tie her in or keep her around.

    But knowing DAYS, she'll just be a doctor in the hospital that Marlena talks to once in awhile while making eyes at Abe. I'd LOVE for them to build a family around her character, but it won't happen, I'm sure.
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    Oh now she gone have a baby. She better move fast or that sperm will die before it's even in her! LOL.
    What an emotional episode, though. Vicky serving Jake with divorce papers, and Paulina being there for him. We all know where that's heading, and with Grant as a spoiler, the classic set up returns, and I can't wait. Really good scenes there, particularly with Michele seeing it all go down, and immediately blaming Bridget. This will just be more fuel for her fire.
    Felicia's shaking, and I love her dismissing it as just hot flashes. She KNOWS something's up, but what's causing those cravings. Hmmm...
    I can't say I'll really miss Jack, but what a way to tie all that history together, really good stuff there! Grant is not going to get what he wants, particularly when this is the lengths, and desperation he goes to to get it. Loving that, and Frankie still being worried about Cass. She has good reason to!
    Another excellent episode!
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    Christy is showing herself now. Time to have a baby LOL. Oh WOW. I loved her luring Cass to the warehouse. That whole family is nuts. Haha. Frankie's feelings were right on the money. Really enjoyed that build-up. After all this time, people STILL don't buy into Frankie's extra-sensory abilities! People need to get with it! LOL.
    Michele's scenes were great too. What did she find on her sister's computer? I can't wait to find that out. That girl is out for blood! Loved the scenes between Bridget and Cory as well. She's there for him in his time of need, and it's good to see. She's really growing up, and that's good. Michele's schemes will be a true test of that, surely!
    Another all-around great episode. Lots of great stuff, and great movement. Fantastic job, Cary!
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