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    DAYS #86: The Kiriakis Family Dinner (Part 2) - Will meets a new (unwelcome?) family member

    EPISODE 86
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson
    Sonny walks up to the door of the Kiriakis Mansion, and rings the doorbell, while Will stands behind him, trying to hide his annoyance at having to be at this family dinner to begin with. Henderson opens the door.
    SONNY: Hey, Henderson, we're here...
    Sonny is taken aback, when he looks behind Henderson, to see a face he hasn't seen in years.

    SONNY: Oh my God....Alex???
    ALEX: Hey, my man, how are you??
    SONNY: Oh WOW, this is...WOW, look at you, man! It's so good to see you!
    Sonny races inside to give Alex a hug, as Will steps inside, a wave of horror washes over him. Sonny turns to face Will, a huge smile on his face as he speaks.
    SONNY: Alex, I want you to meet my fiancé, Will Horton. Will, this is my brother, Alex Kiriakis.
    Will turns ghost white, stunned into silence. Realizing what's happening, he snaps out of his daze and chokes out a reply. Feigning a smile.
    WILL: I...yeah, we...we've met.
    ALEX: Yeah! Turns out Will's my new employee.
    WILL: Yeah! Keeping it in the family. You know.
    Will sneaks a look at Sonny, whose eyes beg Will not to keep antagonizing him on this night. Will smiles, as Alex motions them into the living room.
    ALEX: You, guys wanna come into the living room. We're having drinks before dinner.
    SONNY: That...sounds like exactly what I need. Will?
    WILL: Absolutely. Lead the way.
    Sonny and Alex head into the living room, Will following closely behind, his face dropping as his sudden tension at being at dinner with both Alex and Sonny shows.

    Jennifer walks into her living room, a file folder in hand, as Laura sits on the sofa, reading a book on her tablet. As Jennifer walks in, Laura looks up at her daughter and smiles.
    LAURA: Jennifer! How was your day?
    Jennifer sets the file folder on the desk in the corner of the room, before turning toward her mother, smiling, but with an visible tension about her body language.
    JENNIFER: Oh, it was good. You know...quiet day. I had...a press release to finish up about our brand new chief of staff.
    LAURA: Ohh Valerie Grant. It' exciting to have her back. I mean, I wish it were under different circumstances, but...
    JENNIFER: I's such a shock...Kayla taking off like that so suddenly. No word on why or...what's happening with Steve and Joey.
    LAURA: I just hope they're okay.
    JENNIFER: do I.
    Jennifer looks to one side in the momentary silence between mother and daughter. She smiles quickly before heading for the kitchen.
    JENNIFER: I, uh...I should go get myself together. Liam and I are going out tonight.
    This causes Laura's eyes to bug out, suddenly worry showing across her face as she watches her daughter head out of the room.
    LAURA: Going out, again? You...Jennifer, you and Liam have become...really close really quickly.
    Jennifer stops in her tracks in the doorway. Turning around, a strange look on her face.
    JENNIFER: Yes, we have. know, you've been rather...uneasy with Liam lately. I mean...I know JJ has also had some...rather vocal misgivings about him as well.
    LAURA: Yes, he has. And...I have I. But--
    JENNIFER: ...Has JJ been putting these ideas in your head, Mom?
    Laura turns to Jennifer, trying to put her at ease and reaching out, as Jenn walks back into the room, arms folded.
    LAURA: Darling, no! Look, we just...we love you, and with Abigail away, and it being so little time since you and Daniel split...I just...I don't want you to rush into anything, I mean...are you going to be coming home tonight?
    Jennifer turns to face Laura, arms still folded in discomfort at her mother's invasive line of questioning.
    JENNIFER: Mother! Look, this is none of your business, I am a grown woman with adult children of my own. I don't have to tell you where and when I'm spending the night with a man I'm dating.
    Laura puts up her hands to try to calm Jennifer down a moment.
    LAURA: That's....that's not how I meant it. I'm just....I'm just saying, I want you to take it slow. I know how Daniel hurt you by lying about JJ and Theresa and I just...
    JENNIFER: You're just looking out for me, I know...
    Jennifer walks away again, her arms unfolding as she tries to calm down, realizing her mother's only looking out for her. After a moment, she turns again, cooled off enough to speak again.
    JENNIFER: I know. It's just...JJ's different. I know he wants me and Daniel together, and...I don't know...
    LAURA: Do you think JJ's making up trouble for nothing?
    Jennifer ponders Laura's question a moment before answering.
    JENNIFER: I don't know. I mean, maybe. Maybe he's just looking out for me.
    Jennifer shrugs as she continues, pacing the room as she talks to Laura, almost thinking aloud as she does.
    JENNIFER: Sometimes I wonder about him. I he came to visit me at work, and...he had some phone call. He hurried off. It was bizarre, he seemed so...tense. 
    LAURA: A phone call?
    JENNIFER: Yeah...some deal he had to close with another hospital. It really seemed to upset him and he ran off.
    Laura feigns cluelessness, as she tries to coax more information out of her daughter.
    LAURA: Well, hopefully it clears up before tonight.
    Laura gets up from the couch, putting a hand on her worried daughter's shoulder.
    LAURA: Look, JJ will come around, and soon Abigail will be home, and...things will get back to normal again.
    Jennifer smiles, the tension starting to ease off as she turns to face her mother, a warm smile on her face again.
    JENNIFER: Thanks, Mom. And for the record, I have not been to Liam's home yet...I actually...honestly don't even know where he lives, if I'm honest. It's...strange, isn't it?
    Suddenly, the doorbell rings, prompting a chuckling Jennifer to head for the door again, leaving Laura behind, her worry intensifying. Laura responds quietly, as Jenn leaves the room.
    LAURA: Yes...very strange.

    Jennifer steps into the foyer. Opening the door, she's surprised to see Billie waiting at her door.
    JENNIFER: Billie! Oh my God, it's so good to see you!
    Billie smiles widely, looking almost too happy to see her old friend as she waits at the door.

    Jennifer hesitates for a moment, before stepping back from the door to invite Billie inside.
    JENNIFER: Uh, sorry, oh gosh, Billie, come in.
    Billie steps in, all smiles, with a tension in her smile, as she looks around to see if anyone else is at home. Jennifer turns to face Billie, holding her arms out for a hug.
    BILLIE: Ohhh, thank you, it's so good to see you!
    Jennifer and Billie hug tightly. Billie steps away from Jennifer, still holding her hands.
    JENNIFER: You too. I'm surprised to see you just...drop by.
    BILLIE: Yeah, sorry, I should have called first. I've been in town...well...a month or two now and...I just never called. I'm sorry, there's just been....a lot happening.
    Jennifer looks with concern at Billie.
    JENNIFER: I heard what happened with Theresa. I can't see her and I...ever saw eye to eye but...she didn't deserve this.
    Billie looks down, trying to hold in her emotions. Her voice cracks a bit as she talks to Jennifer.
    BILLIE: Yeah, well...ahem...she'll pull through this. She's pulled through a lot already.
    Jennifer simply smiles in response. After a moment, Laura walks over, a bright smile on her face as she sees Billie.
    LAURA: Billie! It's good to see you again.
    BILLIE: Hi! Yes, it's been...years. Wow!
    LAURA: Look, uh...Jenn, I'm just going upstairs a minute. I have a call to make.
    JENNIFER: Alright, Mom.
    Laura heads upstairs, as Jennifer guides Billie into the living room. Jennifer motions to the couch for Billie to sit. Billie obliges, as Jenn steps to the side table.
    JENNIFER: Did you, uh...did you want some tea?
    BILLIE: I'd love some, thanks.
    Jennifer flips over two teacups from the tray on the table, pouring out tea from the pot next to it. Billie reluctantly speaks up, breaking the increasingly awkward silence.
    BILLIE: So, uh...Jenn. I uh...I hear you've been...seeing someone. Does this mean you know...over Daniel?
    Jennifer looks up, setting the tea down before she overpours the tea. Turning to face Billie, she looks on with confusion at Billie's strange line of questioning.

    Lucas sits at his desk at Titan, typing away at his computer, as Sheryl knocks on the door of his office. Lucas barely flinches at the distraction, choosing to continue his work. Sheryl, refusing to be ignored, speaks up.
    SHERYL: Oh Mr. Horton. You have a visitor.
    Lucas looks away finally, seeing Sheryl looking at him sensually. Lucas smiles back.
    LUCAS: Sheryl! Hey! Um...hey, come in, I'll just be one second, okay?
    SHERYL: Alright.
    Sheryl steps into Lucas' office, walking up behind him, putting her hands on his shoulders, sensing tension in them. Lucas flinches as Sheryl rubs his shoulders gently.
    SHERYL: Ooh, someone's feeling a bit tense.

    Sheryl leans in, speaking softly into Lucas' ear as she rubs Lucas' shoulders more deeply. Lucas can't hide the discomfort he increasingly feels. As she does, Kate is about to enter Lucas' office, but stops, hearing Sheryl inside. She leans against the door and listens in silently.
    SHERYL: I guess I should...(whispers) take care of that.
    Sheryl bites Lucas' earlobe, finally causing Lucas to jump back. Sheryl jumps back as well, stunned by Lucas' strong negative reaction.
    LUCAS: Sorry, I caught me at a bad time.
    Sheryl looks Lucas up and down, annoyed at the reaction to her sensual play from her partner.
    SHERYL: I should say so. God, far be it from me to disturb you.
    Lucas gets up from his seat, putting a hand to his forehead, as he tries to apologize.
    LUCAS: Look, it''s not you, I just...there's a lot of stuff going down right now with work. You know, the TV station selling, the oil sands fiasco, and  Brady dying. It's just...I got a lot on my mind.
    Sheryl takes a moment, before stepping towards Lucas again, trying to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Kate spying even closer by the door, just out of eyeshot of the two inside.
    SHERYL: Honey, I know that. That's why I wanted to...surprise you with a know...affection.
    LUCAS: I know, babe, but...look, just...just give me ten minutes and, I promise...I'll make this up to you, we'll go for some drinks and maybe a late dinner at Club TBD? How's that sound?
    Sheryl cracks a smile again, noticing Lucas relaxing again.
    SHERYL: Alright, you're on.
    LUCAS: Great, uh...why don't you go ahead of me and, I'll meet you there in 20.
    SHERYL: Sure.
    As Sheryl responds, Kate opens the door to let herself in. Sheryl looks on, surprised to see her.
    SHERYL: Kate!
    KATE: Sheryl! What a surprise to see you in so late...putting in those overtime hours is paying off?
    SHERYL: You could say that.
    Kate smiles, but with an underlying coldness in her tone that Sheryl can sense.
    KATE: Well, I wouldn't want you to overwork yourself. Go enjoy your evening.
    SHERYL: Ohh, I intend to. I'll see you later?
    KATE: Indeed.
    Sheryl walks toward the door as Kate steps inside. Sheryl turns back to speak to Lucas as she rests her hand on the doorknob.
    SHERYL: See you in a half hour?
    LUCAS: Sounds good.
    SHERYL: Alright, bye, honey.
    As Sheryl closes the door, Kate turns to face Lucas, looking unimpressed.
    KATE: A piece of advice?
    Lucas looks at his mother, dreading what's about to come.
    LUCAS: No, but I'm sure you'll give it to me anyway.
    Kate leans over Lucas' desk, never taking her eyes off Lucas for a second.
    KATE: If you intend on seeing this plan through, you're going to have to be an awful lot more convincing than what just went down.
    Lucas looks on, looking simultaneously annoyed at his mother, and confounded that she was able to listen in.

    At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano sits quietly in his executive chair, facing a raging fire, as the sun dims into dusk. He stares directly into the fire, contemplating the many matters on his mind at the moment. 

    As he does, the doors of the living room open, Nick Fallon making something of a grand entrance.
    NICK: Mr. DiMera, Sir! You will be pleased to know that everything is moving ever-so-quickly into place.
    Stefano smiles, his eyes never moving from the fire as he responds to Nick.
    STEFANO: I should hope so. You've done very well in bringing us Titan TV, now to bring us the rest of the empire...and Victor Kiriakis' head on a platter.

    Victor stands in the living room, pouring himself a drink, as Sonny, Will, and Alex step inside. Victor looks over, and smiles.
    VICTOR: Ah! Sonny! Will! Glad to see you've made it. A drink?
    Will immediately pipes up, cheerily chiming in his response.
    WILL: I'll have a double.
    Sonny looks back, annoyance still lingering on his face, as Victor responds, holding a glass up.
    VICTOR: Sonny?
    Sonny hesistates, trying to communicate to Will to cool it, before turning to respond to Victor.
    SONNY: Uh, yeah, Uncle Vic. Just a single for me, though.
    VICTOR: Fine. You, Alex?
    ALEX: I'll pass, Uncle Vic.
    Victor prepares the drinks, as Victor continues, casually starting conversation.
    VICTOR: So, Will! How are you finding working for EnerNext?
    Will looks at Sonny, then Alex, smiling wryly as he responds to Victor.
    WILL: So far, I love it. Everyone's been lovely, and your uh...nephew here has been incredibly welcoming.
    Victor turns, heading over to hand Will his drink.
    VICTOR: That's good to hear. And how are things between you and Sonny?
    Sonny and Will look awkwardly at each other, before Sonny tries to end this line of questioning.
    SONNY: Uh...Uncle Vic, I'd rather not--
    WILL: ...Oh it's fine, Sonny. After all, you were more than open with Victor about how you feel about me having this job, I'm sure Victor won't mind me sharing how I feel.
    Sonny looks at Will, shocked by his petulence.
    ALEX: I...think I should go...check on...dinner...
    WILL: No, no! Alex, don't be ridiculous. Stay, it's nothing major.
    Victor looks at the situation, taking a sip from his drink while he frets about the mess created.
    VICTOR: So you heard about our conversation then, Will?
    Will looks at Victor, smiling, a smugness in his eyes.
    WILL: Oh yes. We had a really...intense talk about it. Oh, don't worry. He and I came to a very good resolution about it. I mean, you's not perfect but...well, I'm definitely not going to be giving up my job anytime soon.
    VICTOR: That's good to hear. We're lucky to have you with us, Will.
    WIll smiles warmly, the layer of artifice melting away at Victor's compliment.
    WILL: Thank you, Mr. Kiriakis.
    Victor smiles back, as he hands Alex his drink. Alex obliges, nodding slightly in thanks. Alex turns to Will in the same moment.
    ALEX: Victor's right, you know. I'm really glad Sonny has gone along with this job. Personally, I didn't think he would be down with it. He's really....proud that way.
    Sonny laughs uncomfortably at Alex's dig at him. Alex continues before Sonny can respond.
    ALEX: Ahhh, I'm just playing. Look, bro. Your fiancé's a great writer. He's gonna be an awesome addition to the team.
    Sonny smiles graciously, if sheepishly. He nods in agreement, though looking to the ground, deep in thought.
    SONNY: Yeah, that' surprise to me. He's a very talented guy.
    WILL: You're all so kind. I mean, honestly, thank you. All of you.

    As Will finishes, Maggie, Adrienne, and Noelle walk into the living room from the side room leading to the kitchen. Maggie's face lights up upon seeing Will and Sonny.
    MAGGIE: Will! Sonny! You're here!
    Maggie walks over quickly, giving a hug to both Will and Sonny, while Noelle hangs back, curling her arm around Alex's. Adrienne, meanwhile, hangs back, watching Victor's quickly-souring face as he watches Noelle slinking herself around Alex, never talking her eyes off Victor as she does.
    A moment later, Adrienne's eyes are taken with Will's sudden fascination with Noelle and Alex's closeness. Will looks stunned, almost despondent, by the gesture of affection between Noelle and Alex.
    WILL: Um...Alex...who is this?
    Alex looks over at Noelle, who rests her head affectionately on Alex's shoulder.
    ALEX: Oh! Yeah, where are my manners? I'd like to introduce you and Sonny to my wife. Noelle Curtis.
    Noelle smiles proudly as Will's face drops, another bombshell hitting him. Victor, meanwhile, grips his drink tightly, immediately taking a sip while he looks away bitterly, and Sonny looks on, cheerily oblivious to everyone else's displeasure.
    Adrienne, meanwhile, looks on from the corner, fixated on Will's miserable expression. She can't hide the displeasure and concern in his face.
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  2. beebs added a comment on a blog entry DAYS #85: The Kiriakis Family Dinner (Part 1) - The Guests Have Arrived   

    Thank you! I'm grateful you're still reading, and love that you think I have the chops to write the show. Really appreciated
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  3. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Nikki gets a Surprise Visitor! #177   

    LOL Nick just gone round town punchin' everyone! First Paul, now Noah. Lawd.
    Noah's reaction makes perfect sense, seeing as everyone just glossed over Sharon's absense. I loved seeing the interplay there, and that ENDING. Victor appears just in time.
    I liked the scenes between Phillip and Paul, and Phillip in the bathroom with the drag queens. And then Scotty walks in. Ohhhh this is gonna be good. Phillip's temptation, and recalling the history with Cane and Colin was smart. Very good filling us in.
    I'm wondering if Paul will unlock the mystery. Hope those twins are safe. That's gonna be an interesting story to play.
    Karynn and Esther's adventures are gonna be GREAT. Loving what you're doing so far, so definitely keep that moving!
    Great show!
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    2 wouldn't be Chabby at DAYS, would it? Considering Kate Mansi wants to leave, that would explain the 'end of their story' bit...
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    DAYS #85: The Kiriakis Family Dinner (Part 1) - The Guests Have Arrived

    EPISODE 85
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson
    Laura, Marlena and Will walk into Laura's office at University Hospital, laughing as Laura tries to break the tension from her earlier close encounter with Liam.
    LAURA: So, I was hoping to grab something Ariana was really going to need, but...I kept thinking to myself, "Laura, remember when you just had Jennifer, and all you wanted was a couple glasses of wine to mellow you and Bill out?"...and then I remembered that you and Sonny are nowhere as dysfunctional as Bill and I, so (laughs) I just went with it.
    Will and Marlena laugh as Laura reaches down into the cabinet behind her desk and pulls out a rather large box. Will looks on, pleasantly surprised by Laura's gesture, as she sets it down on her desk, but is unsure whether or not to open the package. Laura motions towards him.
    WILL: I...what is this?
    LAURA: Go on! Open it! I have another one for your wedding, so don't feel like you have to wait on Sonny. This one is all for you.
    Will smiles warmly at Laura. Feeling a bit emotional, he sighs as he responds.
    WILL: Thank you, Laura. You know, you don't have to do all these things for us.
    LAURA: But I enjoy doing them.
    MARLENA: And, I have to say, she is persistent too!
    Everyone shares a laugh, as Will opens the package, revealing a set of wine glasses, and a pair of fine wines, one red, one white. Will is stunned by the gift.
    WILL: I...Laura! Oh my GOD, you didn't have to do this for us!
    Will leans over and gives Laura a warm hug. Will, Laura, and Marlena share a laugh, as Will's phone rings. Separating from their hug, Will looks at Laura and Marlena apologetically.
    WILL: Sorry, I...I gotta take this.
    LAURA: Oh, not to worry. Go ahead.
    WILL: Thanks.
    Will turns to head out into the hall, and sees who's phoning. He glowers a bit when he sees it's Sonny.

    Sonny calls Will's phone from outside Club TBD, hoping to get an answer from his fiancee.  As the phone rings repeatedly, Sonny becomes increasingly impatient.
    SONNY: Come on....come on, Will, pick up.
    Exasperated, and just about to hang up, Sonny is about to move the phone from his ear when Will finally answers.
    WILL: (into phone) Hello?
    Sonny immediately bugs his eyes out, glad to finally get an answer, but annoyed he had to wait so long. He covers his annoyance on the phone.
    SONNY: (into phone) Hey! I uh...I'm heading to Victor's now, just...wanted to check to see if you were on your way.
    Will closes the door to Laura's office behind him, a bit annoyed by Sonny's persistence. Will doesn't hide his exasperation, however.
    WILL: (into phone) Of course, I am, Sonny. Just...finishing up at the hospital.
    Sonny, sensing Will's frustration, gets a bit agitated, but tries to suppress it.
    SONNY: (into phone) Look, I'm sorry I bugged you, but...we haven't been talking much the last few days, and I was worried you were gonna back out.
    WILL: (Into phone) I'm not gonna back out, Sonny. I keep my promises.
    Sonny bites his tongue, knowing the subtle implications of what Will just said. He smiles sarcastically, and responds politely, but coldly.
    SONNY: (into phone) I'll be there in 15. Meet you at the gate?
    WILL: (into phone) Will do. 
    Will hangs up the phone immediately.
    SONNY: (into phone) I--
    Sonny hears the phone click, ending the call. He stammers in frustration at Will's continued petulence. 
    SONNY: you.
    Sonny sighs, disappointed by how the call's gone. He walks off toward his car.

    Kate walks back toward the seat where she and Nick had been waiting for Gabi, with Ari in her arms. Nick still looks distraught, the searing headache still gripping him. She looks on, feigning concern, slightly.
    KATE: Didn't find anything for that headache, hm?
    Nick looks up, sitting at the booth, lifting his head from the table. He looks groggy.
    NICK: No, I did. Just...didn't work.
    KATE: I see, so I guess Gabi's your only hope then, now, hm?
    NICK: I dunno. These headaches have been getting pretty bad.
    Kate smirks as she starts to put Ari in her high chair.
    KATE: Well, then! I guess you're going to need something stronger to dull the pain, aren't you?

    Trying to hold in her smug laughter, Kate looks over suddenly as she hears Gabi walks in just at that moment, the bag of pills in hand. Almost leaping over to the table, she reaches into the bag and pulls out the bottle of what appears to be acetominophen. Handing it over to Nick, she smiles.
    GABI: Here you go, Nick.
    Nick smiles back, accepting the pill bottle eagerly. Kate looks on with amusement.
    NICK: You're a lifesaver.
    KATE: Yes, she certainly is.
    Gabi looks at Kate curiously, as Kate looks back with her trademark smirk.
    Nick takes the glass of water on the table in front of him and downs two of the pills quickly. Gabi breathes a quick sigh of relief, as Nick gets up from his seat.
    NICK: I uh...I need to go to the bathroom just a minute. You''ll watch my things, yeah?
    GABI: Of course!
    NICK: Thanks. I'll be right back.
    Kate smiles, playing with Ari as she watches Nick leave.
    KATE: We'll be waiting!
    Once Nick's out of eyeshot, Gabi sits down nervously by Nick's things. Kate looks at Gabi with a knowing look, which renders Gabi ten times more nervous than she was already.
    GABI: Kate, you''re scaring me.
    KATE: Oh, I'm sorry. I just...I can't get over your chutzpah!
    Gabi looks at Kate, increasingly confused.
    GABI: My what? Kate, what are you talking about?
    KATE: Why Gabi, don't be so coy! It's not every day you get your psycho ex-boyfriend hooked on prescription drugs again. Quite frankly, I'm impressed.
    Gabi looks at Kate, horrified that she's been caught, as Kate casually sips on her martini.

    Hope is at the Salem Police Station, questioning Jerome in the interrogation room, as Valerie Grant storms into the station, the look of a woman on a mission. She stops at Rafe's desk, trying to grab his attention.
    RAFE: Uh, can I help you?
    VALERIE: Yes, you can start by explaining to me why my grandson has been arrested for having the audacity to move into my home, and make it fast.
    Rafe looks on, a cocky grin on his face as he prepares to do battle with Valerie.

    Inside the interrogation room, Hope interrogates Jerome about his alleged crime spree. Jerome continues to evade all of Hope's questions, looking straight ahead at nothing in particular, deep in his own thoughts.
    HOPE: Look, we're getting nowhere, and you're going nowhere before you talk.
    Jerome doesn't respond, as though not even in the same room. Hope becomes exasperated and gets up from her chair, slamming the palms of her hands against the table in frustration.
    HOPE: Dammit, Jerome, talk to me.
    Jerome doesn't move, except for his eyes, which suddenly flash, as he looks at Hope.
    JEROME: Why? So you can intimidate me with what you claim you know about me?
    HOPE: No, because we need the truth. Now, I'm not gonna ask you again: What were you doing with that rental van?
    Jerome bites his lip a moment, before finally answering.
    JEROME: You want the truth, hm? 
    Hope stands upright, thinking she's finally got somewhere.
    Jerome looks Hope dead in the eyes, disdain and malice cutting the tension in the air.
    JEROME: How's this for you? If you had done any research before making your arrest, you would know that that was my rental that I used to bring my stuff from Toronto to Salem. If you had bothered to check whose house you stopped at, you'd know that was my grandmother's house I was parked in front of, trying to move my things inside. If you remembered anything, which I get the strange feeling you know a lot more than you're letting on, you'd know that Valerie Grant was going to marry your nephew, a certain...David Banning? Yeah. So you only had to make one two minute phone call to see that my story checks out. But that would be too difficult for you, wouldn't it? Because anytime a black man 'fits the description', y'all are all too happy to scoop him up whether you have a shred of credible evidence or not--
    Hope finally snaps, not wanting to hear Jerome's accusations of racial prejudice.
    HOPE: ...ENOUGH! Look, this has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, Jerome. Whether you want to believe it or not, we had every reason to arrest you for these burglaries. The description matched you perfectly--
    The sound of Valerie's voice cuts through, stopping Hope in her tracks.
    VALERIE: ...Let me guess. Black male, mid-to-late 20s, muscular build, wearing a hoodie.
    Hope turns around to see a fuming Valerie at her door, with Rafe close behind. Valerie continues into the room, a confident stride as she steps toward Hope in confrontation.
    VALERIE: Am I getting warm, Detective Williams?
    Hope stands, unable to think clearly when faced with her nephew's ex-fiancee. She looks to Rafe, who looks on, a bit sheepish.
    HOPE: What is she doing in here? This is an interrogation ro--
    VALERIE: ...And this interrogation is OVER. It ends NOW, Hope.
    RAFE: The, uh...the boys brought in the real perp. Caught in a woman's house on Greeson St.
    Hope turns, and Jerome looks up to see the main room, where a man in a similar hoodie to Jerome's is brought in...but the man is white. Valerie looks back in the room, giving almost menacing looks at Rafe and Hope.
    VALERIE: Another accurate description by the local police. And they wonder why we're dying.
    Valerie looks at the ground, disappointment stinging her watering eyes, before she speaks again, looking at Hope at the tail end of her sentence.
    VALERIE: Is my grandson free to go?
    Hope doesn't speak, only nodding in agreement. Valerie turns to Jerome, as Rafe walks over to remove his handcuffs.
    VALERIE: Let's go, baby.
    As Jerome's handcuffs are removed, Valerie guides Jerome out the door. Before stepping out, she turns to Hope one last time.
    VALERIE: Give David my regards, Hope.
    Hope looks on, too stunned to respond, as Rafe guides Jerome and Valerie out of the room. The door closes behind them, as Hope turns away, looking shellshocked by what's just transpired.
    Gabi looks behind her, hoping that Nick hasn't heard what Kate's just said, before leaning in and speaking just above a whisper to Kate.
    GABI: What are you talking about, Kate?
    Kate almost chokes on her martini, setting it down on the table as she tries to hold back her laughter.
    KATE: Gabi, come on! You can drop the act. I heard your phone conversation.
    GABI: WHAT? You were spying on me, Kate?
    KATE: Ohhh, relax. Honestly, I'm actually impressed. I wish I'd come up with it, myself. The truth is, if you're going to get rid of Nick, the best way to work is under his nose. So tell me, who's supplying you?
    Gabi sighs, as she tries to find a way to evade the question.
    GABI: Look, Kate, I really can't talk about this here. Nick could be back any moment, and--
    KATE: ...And you don't want to get caught with that perscription pad you're also trying to hide from me, right?
    Gabi looks down, terrified that Kate really does know what's going on. Kate looks quickly down toward Nick's bag and nods very subtly, a signal to Gabi.
    Gabi takes the cue and gently glides Marlena's perscription pad into Nick's laptop bag. Kate reaches out at this point across the table to Gabi, attempting to reassure her.
    KATE: Gabi, you need to understand something. I've been in your shoes before. My ex-husband was an absolute tyrant, and I regret not having taken the steps to put him away when I had the chance. I lost years with Billie and Austin I'll never get back because of that, and there's no way I'm going to let the likes of Nick Fallon do the same to you.
    GABI: Kate, thank you. But you don't need to get involved in this, I'm handling it.
    KATE: I'm sure you well as you're able to.
    Gabi looks at Kate, a bit annoyed at her lack of faith.
    GABI: What's that supposed to mean?
    KATE: It means you need all the resources you can get. I heard you on that phone call. Let me guess, the police didn't take the bait the first time, and that's why you're trying again, this time taking the extra...embellishment of planting perscriptions pads on him? It's smart, but you have to have a plan B. Someone to help you with the potential pitfalls.
    Kate looks over at this point, and sees Nick approaching. She nods and almost mouths her next words.
    KATE: (whipsers) Think about it.
    Nick steps over to the table, still a bit groggy.
    GABI: Nick. How are you feeling?
    NICK: I'm uh...still a litle sore, but...the pain's going down at least. Thanks for running out and grabbing the pills for me. I owe you one.
    Gabi waves dismissively at Nick's offer.
    GABI: Oh, it's nothing. Don't even worry. You don't have to pay me back for that.
    Kate looks at Gabi, trying to hold back a smile at the hidden irony, as Gabi tries to ignore Kate's look.
    GABI: Uh, hey. If you're free at all tomorrow night, we should get together for a bit.
    NICK: I'd like that. 
    GABI: Great, text me.
    NICK: Sounds good. Hey, could you grab me my bag from the corner there.
    GABI: OH, sure!
    Gabi reaches around to lift Nick's bag over, the perscription pads poking out slightly. Gabi spots it and slyly pushes them in as Nick takes the bag.
    NICK: See you ladies later on. OH, and Kate. We have to talk about your current proposal soon.
    Kate looks ahead, drink in hand, almost completely ignoring Nick.
    KATE: Nick, we have nothing to talk about. You handle your business, and I'll handle the rest.
    NICK: So you're okay with Gabi taking on the modelling gig?
    KATE: If she's okay with it.
    Kate looks at a stunned Gabi, who is studying Kate's face, looking for a clue as to what she should say in this moment. On the spot, she chokes out a reply.
    GABI: I....sure! Yes! Sure.
    KATE: Great! We'll sign the papers at my office tomorrow morning, okay?
    GABI: Sure!
    NICK: Okay, well, I'm out then.
    KATE & GABI: Bye, Nick!
    As Nick heads out, Gabi and Kate wait with baited breath to see him close the door to the Brady Pub behind him. The moment it closes, Gabi turns quickly, and angrily to Kate.
    GABI: What was that, Kate?? You told me you were trying to get me away from Nick, not sucking me deeper into his...sick...web.
    Kate raises her glass, smiling widely as she offers a toast to Gabi.
    KATE: Oh, don't worry, Gabi. You may not realize it now, but I have everything under control. You're just gonna have to trust me.
    Kate takes a sip, smiling as she does, while Gabi looks on in stunned amazement.
    Will walks up to an awaiting Sonny outside the front door of the Kiriakis manion. Will looks anything but pleased to be there, but Sonny manages a half-hearted smile. He speaks nervously.
    SONNY: made it.
    WILL: Yep. Just like I promised.
    SONNY: Yeah, you mentioned on the phone. Look, Will...just...speaking of promises, can you and I...make a deal? A pact?
    Will almost laughs in Sonny's face, giving a spiteful smile to Sonny's request.
    WILL: Heh...Sonny, come on. Your promises don't mean much to me right now.
    SONNY: Will, I'm serious. Let me...make this a chance to make it up to you.
    Will's smile disappears, looking down to one side as he sighs, knowing Sonny's being earnest.
    WILL: Alright. What do you want us to do?
    Sonny steps toward Will, placing his hands on Will's shoulders tenderly. Will flinches, but doesn't step back.
    SONNY: Just...pretend to be happy, for tonight. Look, parents will be here, know how my mom is about you and I...just...we'll pretend nothing's wrong, and whatever we're feeling, we can talk it out tomorrow. We'll sit down, have breakfast...and we'll talk. Just you and I.
    Will takes a moment to think over his words, still not quite looking Sonny in the eye. He finally looks up, nodding slowly in agreement.
    WILL: Okay. But don't expect instant results.
    Sonny smiles, finally being given a glimmer of hope by his fiancé.
    SONNY: Thank you. (sigh) Look, we...we better go in.
    WILL: After you.
    Sonny walks up to the door, and rings the doorbell. Henderson opens the door.
    SONNY: Hey, Henderson, we're here...
    Sonny is taken aback, when he looks behind Henderson, to see a face he hasn't seen in years.
    SONNY: Oh my God....Alex???
    ALEX: Hey, my man, how are you??
    SONNY: Oh WOW, this is...WOW, look at you, man! It's so good to see you!

    Sonny races inside to give Alex a hug, as Will steps inside, a wave of horror washes over him. Sonny turns to face Will, a huge smile on his face as he speaks.
    SONNY: Alex, I want you to meet my fiancé, Will Horton. Will, this is my brother, Alex Kiriakis.
    Will turns ghost white, stunned into silence.
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    Those flashbacks were such a fantastic window into Eartha's history with these two men, both of who she loves. A great triangle with legs to go on for ages.
    I love that you're working so hard to bring this teen scene out. Camella is another good addition to the scene. I'd like to see her role expanded a bit, as she's a fantastic foil for Trinity.
    Rourke and that weed. The party scene was great and snappy. Loving it.
    Reva claims she's sure Blair ran her over, but I know there's so much more going on here. Love the mystery of it. I think Josh is right that it's more involved than simply Blair holding a grudge. This may have a lot to do with Daniel and Stefano. Hmmm...
    GREAT show. Lots of excellent stuff in here, keep it up!
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    Well well, this is gonna get intense. Taylor's done, and now Brianna is on a mission. An intense and dramatic story is bound to follow now. Love to see that.
    Sharlene and John are so happy, that never lasts in a soap. Enjoy it now, guys.
    Marley and Tyrone know what's up. Joy is such a complex character and I love her. Lots of facets to the story, and it's getting more and more intense. Great stuff. Steven and Joy are lovely together, and I can tell Thomasina's return will be even more interesting and will add so much to the story. You've got this.
    Matt is a sucker, and Brianna is bad news, stay away, boy! Haha
    Great episode all around, Cary. That Cory party awaits, and I can't wait to see it all unfold.
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    Brilliant twist! Carl and Rachel getting the drop on Iris is a masterstroke. I can't wait to read how this goes down. Devin is really gonna be a major player and it's brilliant. I love this story.
    Amanda, thankfully, is being protected from Iris, I wonder if she's in on it all as well. It wouldn't surprise me.
    Brianna's already snuck her way into BCGH. Danger! I can't wait to see how this goes down, and see what havoc she'll wreak. So much good stuff starting to take shape here. I'm impressed, Cary.
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    Great reveal! I love the situation with Daniel working for Stefano. You did a great thing there. It's a believable backstory, and I love that it all ties together. Daniel should worry about Jack though, if Jennifer, JJ or Abby end up recognizing him somehow. I'm sure that'll go down somehow.
    Ali and Vin were powerful. Greg coming to the rescue at the end was revealing. Great story there.
    Katsu is in the coke game. That will have some dangerous consequences down the road surely. I like the new layers of each story being revealed. All around great there.
    JJ/Eliza/Miranda, and now Hunter. Great setup. I wonder how JJ will deal with this turn of events. Good setup for a potentially long-running quad.
    Love it!
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    Eric has a MASSIVE surprise for Nicole, Victor discovers the DiMeras have duped him, and Billie breaks down (DAYS #84)

    In this week's DAYS, a HUGE surprise is in store for Nicole. But what is it?

    As before, we are featuring more new, and some familiar faces from the past. This week, we will be catching up with returning Salemite: Valerie Grant.
    Valerie returns to Salem on the heels of Kayla Brady's resignation as Chief of Staff at University Hospital to take on a top secret operation at John Black's request. Valerie's first order of business: Find out what's ailing Roman Brady. Has he developed a rapidly-developing form of dementia? Or something far more dangerous? As Valerie returns to Salem, she encounters old friend Dr. Marlena Evans, and brings along a grandson with a troubled history: Jerome. But is Valerie hiding even more dark secrets from her past that even Jerome is unaware of? Will Jerome's arrest by her former flame's aunt Hope Brady bring that dark history to the forefront?

    Find out, on Days of Our Lives, only on MySONtv.

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    DAYS #84: Eric's HUGE surprise for Nicole
    EPISODE 84
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson 
    Billie sits at Theresa’s bedside, holding her friend’s hand, watching her comatose body rest. Billie looks on, solemnly, and deep in thought. She smiles after a moment. BILLIE: Theresa. It’s me. Billie.
    Billie stops a moment as she watches her friend lie in silence. The only sound in the room is the machinery around her bed, the beep of her heart monitor. Billie fights the urge to tear up, and smiles instead. BILLIE: You know, I was thinking the other day...about one of our phone calls. You were fifteen and you were so mad at your Dad because he was…off on another ISA mission, and you had made plans with him for the weekend to have a ski trip in Colorado. You were…so upset, but you told me that you knew that you had to be there for your mom. You knew what she was in for when your dad left…I….I know you love your mom, Theresa. No matter what she’s done…underneath all that anger. 
    Billie’s tears up, in spite of her best efforts. The door to the room opens, startling Billie. Daniel walks in, allowing Billie to relax a bit. She gets up from her chair, regardless. BILLIE: Daniel…
    DANIEL: You…probably shouldn’t be here right now.
    BILLIE: I know. I just…I needed to cool off a bit. Daniel looks on, concerned, noticing Billie’s teary eyes. DANIEL: Yeah, I’m not so sure you succeeded at that.
    BILLIE: Yeah. Really. Billie wipes the tears from her eyes, and puts her hands on her hips, trying to regain her composure. BILLIE: Look…uh…Daniel…about…earlier.
    DANIEL: Billie, I…I can’t talk about it, you know that. Billie holds up her hands to stop Daniel continuing. BILLIE: I know. Look, it’s…it’s not about that. I just…look, I know we haven’t been together very long, know…listening to you talking to Laura and…doing…whatever you’re doing to protect Jennifer…I…I mean… Daniel looks at Billie with uncertainty. DANIEL: What are you saying? BILLIE: Daniel, you’re still in love with Jennifer, aren’t you? --- 
    Nicole slams her files down on her desk in frustration. Sighing audibly, she begins talking to herself aloud. NICOLE: And yet again, my shadow follows me. (sigh) Except now I gotta work for her. Dammit! As she raises her fist in aggravation, she stops herself. NICOLE: Having said this...EJ did give me the go-ahead to do the EnerNext exposé... Nicole smirks a bit, realizing how this could work to her advantage. NICOLE: Maybe that little bastard Nick isn't such a bad guy after all. Laughing to herself, Nicole is suddenly interrupted by a text message. Searching momentarily for her phone, she finds it. Picking it up, she swipes over to check her messages.
    It's from Eric. meet me @ Anderson park 535. dont b late, its important. Love, eric Nicole looks a bit concerned. She scrunches up her face. NICOLE: Hm! Wonder what HE wants. Maybe he's finally made up his mind... Nicole stops herself a moment before continuing, laughing sarcastically. NICOLE: Right. Maybe the Pope's become an atheist too! God, I need a drink. Good thing TBD's near the park. Nicole grabs her files, shoves them hastily into her briefcase before grabbing her coat, and heading out of her office. --- 
    Tyler sits uncomfortably in his seat in Victor's office at Titan, as he tries to talk his way out of his dismissive comment against Maggie he just made to Victor. Victor, meanwhile, stands in the corner of the room, sorting through some documents. TYLER: I...I'm sorry, Victor. I didn't realize...Maggie was...your...wife. Victor turns, smiling wryly as he saunters over to his desk, slowly sitting himself down in his executive chair. VICTOR: I had a feeling. Personally, I'm amazed you've made it this far in business without learning to do your due diligence. A man in your position could stand to be a bit more careful. Tyler swallows hard, nodding fervently as he swivels himself slightly to reach a jug of water on Victor's desk. Pouring himself a glass, he continues to backtrack. TYLER: Well...knowing what I do about Maggie now...I...well...she'd be a great fit. I will say though... Victor glares Tyler's way as Tyler continues to fumble. TYLER: You, might want to take a few days know....assess the situation.
    VICTOR: Well, naturally, I'll be attending to some other things, dealing with the last of Brady's affairs with Titan, and handling the selloff of Titan TV. Tyler, suddenly snapping out of his own worries, remembers something important to bring up to Victor. Scurrying to grab his tablet, Tyler gets up from his seat, and walks to Victor's side of the desk. TYLER: Speaking of which, you might want to look at this. Tyler hands Victor his tablet, showing the news report, revealing DiMera Enterprises has acquired Titan TV. Victor's rage escalates immediately. VICTOR: Dammit! --- 
    Gabi walks carefully down the steps onto the foggy pier, looking cautiously around for Liam. Spotting him approach through the mist, she looks nonchalantly about before heading his way.
    Gabi cautiously looks around before speaking to Liam, who never quite looks her in the eye as they chat. GABI: Have you got it?
    LIAM: Yeah. Gabi looks at Liam intensely suddenly, holding out her hand in anticipation, but Liam doesn’t hand the bag containing the pills quite so quickly. LIAM: NOT…so fast. I didn’t go to all this trouble for you to just grab and go. You need to understand a few things first. Gabi breathes quickly, very uncomfortable suddenly with a very intense Liam. ---
    Jerome is escorted by Hope into the police station in handcuffs. He stays silent, but has an intense, embittered look on his face as Hope leads him into the interrogation room, where a curious Rafe joins them.
    Looking over, he points toward Jerome. RAFE: Who's this?
    HOPE: THIS is the burglar that's been targeting the houses in the west end.
    RAFE: Is that so? Well, then I guess it's time we had a little chat then, huh?
    JEROME: I'd love to...after my lawyer shows up. Hope rolls her eyes as Rafe leans over the table, trying to stare Jerome down. Jerome won't engage. He stares at the floor, head tilted. RAFE: You'll talk now if you know what's good for you, man. That's the eighth house you've hit this month. You're a hard man to track down!
    JEROME: I thought I was entitled to a phone call. Rafe grins, shaking his head. RAFE: Heh. Yeah, no. You're not entitled to one.
    JEROME: I know my rights. What little I have--
    RAFE: ...You've been watching too much Law & Order. You're not going anywhere until we hear those magic words. Jerome sighs, fighting his urge to roll his eyes. He simply closes them and responds as if on cue. JEROME: Please?
    HOPE: Wrong magic words, Jerome. He means "I did it". Jerome finally turns to face Hope and Rafe, as if suddenly HIS magic words have been spoken. He looks intensely at Hope as his temper flares. JEROME: Would it make a difference if I did?
    HOPE: What's that supposed to mean?
    JEROME: It means when a black man is in the wrong place at the wrong time, he could saving the President from a terrorist attack and you suckers would think he's the one trying to kill him! Rafe steps toward Jerome in anger, but Hope holds him back. She focuses in on Rafe a moment, speaking softly to him. HOPE: No. We're doing this my way, okay? After a moment, Rafe cools off and nods. Hope turns back to Jerome. HOPE: You want your lawyer? Call them.
    JEROME: I need to contact my grandmother to get a lawyer for me. Hope sighs. She walks up to Jerome. HOPE: Stand up. Jerome responds dutifully, as Hope walks him toward the door. Rafe hangs back, as Hope leads Jerome out into the main room, Rafe following behind them, arms folded, looking imposing. HOPE: We have to book you anyway.
    RAFE: You alright or you want me around?
    HOPE: I think I can handle this one.
    RAFE: Alright. Suit yourself. You know where to find me.
    HOPE: Yup...alright, sit down here. Jerome sits down in front of the desk, as Hope motions another cop to stand behind Jerome to monitor him, which elicits a momentary eye roll from Jerome. Hope barely notices as she pulls up the file on the computer. HOPE: Right. Full name.
    JEROME: I'm not getting my phone call first-- Hope interrupts in a booming voice that could silence a football field. HOPE: FULL NAME. Jerome looks down again, defeat in his voice as he responds. JEROME: Jerome Grant. Hope looks up suddenly, taken aback by Jerome's last name. HOPE: Uh...right. I think the can wait. Did you...your phone call. It was to...
    JEROME: University Hospital. Ask for Valerie Grant. Hope looks over at Jerome, wide eyed, her cool truly lost. --- Daniel and Billie walk into Daniel's office. Daniel shuts the door behind them as Billie walks in, still emotional from her visit with Theresa, and with her questions for Daniel. BILLIE: You didn't answer me, Daniel.
    DANIEL: No, I didn't. Because I wasn't going to start an argument in a room you're not even supposed to be in. Billie sighs as Daniel walks over to her, putting his hands firmly on her upper arms. He holds her there, staring deeply into her eyes. DANIEL: Look...Billie, I know it hasn't been that long that I've been...separated from Jennifer, really need to understand. What she and I had's over. Completely.
    BILLIE: That's not what I asked, Daniel. Billie tries to shake Daniel off of her, but Daniel lets go anyway. Billie starts to pace the room, looking down as she carefully chooses her words. BILLIE: Look...I don't want to bring up the past and...painful memories any more than you do, but...when I saw Laura in your office, and you were talking about helping Jenn and Abby out, I...I saw the look in your eye, Daniel. You still love her.
    DANIEL: Well, yes. I's not like those feelings just...disappear overnight, you know. I mean...yes...YES, I love Jenn. I probably always will. But, Billie... Daniel walks back over to Billie and tenderly caresses her cheek with his hand. Billie initially tries to wriggle away but relents quickly, as Daniel continues. DANIEL: I'm IN love with you. That's all that matters. Billie says nothing, sighing a bit as she leans her face into Daniel's hand. DANIEL: Right? Billie starts to crack a smile as she steps toward Daniel, putting her arms around him. BILLIE: I guess...I guess you're right.
    DANIEL: Thaaaat's better. Daniel smiles as he holds Billie. They lean in for a kiss. Separating, Billie smiles. BILLIE: Look. I...I have to get going. Thanks again for getting me in there today.
    DANIEL: Anytime.
    BILLIE: Uh...maybe we can meet up tonight? Dinner at my... Daniel looks at Billie, shaking his head. BILLIE:'s...bad idea. Simultaneously they shake their heads, responding over each other.# DANIEL: Baaaaad idea.
    BILLIE: Yeah, no. Not going there. Well...I'll text you?
    DANIEL: Better idea.
    BILLIE: Alright. Billie leans against the doorway to Daniel's office, she smiles playfully, blowing a kiss Daniel's way. BILLIE: I love you.
    DANIEL: I love you too. As Billie turns the corner, her expression changes immediately to one of determination. BILLIE: Alright, Daniel. What are you trying to protect Jenn from, and why are you Laura's only hope. Inside Daniel's office, Daniel shakes his head, expression changed as well, as he mulls over what he knows about Jenn, and Abby. DANIEL: God, I hope Billie doesn't go digging now. I'm not even sure Abby's safe now. God help her if Billie gets involved. --- Gabi looks fearfully at Liam, who's grabbed her one arm, hands her a plastic pharmacy bag, containing a bottle of what's marked as generic Acetaminophen, and Marlena's stolen perscription pad. GABI: What...what's in here?
    LIAM: Everything you asked for. But you can't go demanding anything like this again. It's too risky. You got it? No more contact. Gabi nods furiously, scared stiff. LIAM: Okay, here's what you need to know. These are Dr. Marlena Evans' perscription pads. Slip them in his bag when his back's turned, and make sure they nab the guy this time.
    GABI: Okay. Okay. Look, what if this doesn't work?
    LIAM: Then he's your problem. There's no third chance here. Gabi sighs. Eventually nodding. She grabs the bag and runs off, stopping momentarily to thank Liam. GABI: Thank-- Gabi looks and finds Liam's already vanished into the mist. Gabi sighs audibly and heads quickly back up toward the pub. GABI: This HAS to work. Please, God. For my daughter's sake. Gabi looks around again, careful not to be seen by anyone as she makes her way up the steps from the pier. --- Nicole walks into the clearing at the park. Looking around for Eric, she doesn't see him. Or anyone. She stands in her winter coat, shivering as she goes to grab her phone from her purse. She looks down to see a bright red envelope attached to the bench in front of her. Intrigued, she steps towards it, picking it up. Her name is on the front. Opening it, she begins to crack a smile as she sees the card inside. She pulls the all-white card from the envelope and reads its inscription.   Nicole looks up. NICOLE: 8-3-5? What the...? Jarred by the abrupt end to the letter, she begins looking around again. She notices a single red rose on the ground on the other side of the bench. Tilting her head around, she approaches it. Picking it up, she sees a trail of roses leading into a larger, but dimly lit clearing on the other side of the bushes. As it's getting dark, she fishes through her bag to pull out a small flashlight she keeps on her keychain. Following the trail leads her to a small box with a combination lock on it. Nicole studies the box carefully as she picks it up. A song gently begins as she does.  (0:13) Nicole checks the note again and begins to plug in the combination. --- 
    (0:26) Valerie hears her office phone ring at the hospital, as she prepares to leave for the day. Picking up the receiver, she's immediately upset by what she hears on the other end. Tearing up as she shakes her head, she responds to the person on the other end shortly before hanging up. --- (0:51) Jerome looks straight ahead, a distant blank look in his eye as the phone is placed back down at the police station. Hope looks on, now more distracted and concerned than she would normally be on the job. She tries to speak to Jerome. HOPE: Is she on her way? Jerome doesn't answer, lost in his own mind, he doesn't even look Hope's way. HOPE: Jerome? Knowing he's not paying attention, Hope carries on with the paperwork, sighing in resignation. --- (1:30) Billie drives down the road, deep in thought about her friend Jennifer and the insecurity she feels about her relationship with Daniel, as well as the tragic circumstances that have led to her close friend Theresa ending up in a coma she may not wake up from, and Kim barring Billie from visiting Theresa in hospital. Distracted, she begins to veer into oncoming traffic. (1:55) She catches herself as a horn blares out, causing her to quickly jerk the steering wheel right, pulling her car over to the shoulder. Braking hard, she begins to tear up. Resting her head against the steering wheel, she lets her emotions out, crying hard in her car. --- (2:08) Victor sits alone in his office, the headline of DiMera taking over Titan TV resting on his desk. Victor looks over to see a picture of Brady looking back at him. He stares into it, wistfully. --- (2:30) Nicole finishes setting the combination on the box, and opens it. Seeing a beautiful diamond ring, she takes a step back, trying in vain to hold back from crying. 
    (2:45) Eric appears, as a series of lights are turned on via dimmers. Eric smiles warmly at a teary-eyed Nicole. 
    The lights are strung up to read "Will you marry me?". Nicole reads them over, and tears up even more. ERIC: So...I've been doing some thinking. Nicole laughs through her tears, Eric joining her. Nicole responds as she wipes her tears away. NICOLE: I can see that.
    ERIC: I just want you to know that...if doing the right thing means a life without you...I don't want that life. Nicole wraps her arms around Eric, moved beyond words. ERIC: Nicole. I love So...what do you say? Nicole breathes in deeply, as Eric gets on one knee to put the ring on her finger. ERIC: Nicole Walker. Will you marry me? (3:34) Nicole shouts out her answer, bouncing in place, still freezing. NICOLE: Oh my God, YES! Eric puts the ring on, lifting Nicole into the air for a passionate kiss that they wish would never end. Eric and Nicole's hands wrap around each other, holding each other tightly as they kiss with an intensity that heats up the cold evening. When they do end their kiss, Nicole rests in Eric's arms, as they tenderly hold each other, Nicole's tears still smearing her mascara. Eric looks on with a look that shows he's finally at peace. ---
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    Yeah, I tried posting earlier in Chrome on Windows 10. The tab crashed repeatedly whenever I attempted to paste anything into the box. So far it's okay in Microsoft Edge, but am going to try again.
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    Yessss you're back! 
    So, Avery spills the beans about everything. I don't think nick will be so tender after this. And I'm SURE Phyllis will have yet another rude opinion about Avery and Cane. Haha. It was a great scene. That fallout is still happening from Verdon Lou and that's great to see. 
    Karynn checking in on Phillip was a hoot. Loving how you can definitely see the sisterly similarities between her and Kay. I wonder what Phillip's next step will be. 
    Victor's out of jail. Yikes. I'm curious to know who will get his assets if Sheila is dead. This is gonna get messy real fast. Good stuff there. The second fake documents are a good twist there, as well.
    Great stuff, ML! Brilliant start to the year! 
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