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  1. I lasted 15 minutes of DAYS before nearly retching in my own living room at Maggie comparing her 40 years with Mickey to Nicole's 4 months with Daniel.


    The man's been dead a full year and I STILL can't be rid of his sanctimonious ass!

  2. Older was a HUGE album in the UK as well. Six singles released, not one charted lower than #3. I believe Older was far bigger than even Faith in the UK. He was having Top 10 hits well into the Mid-2000s in Britain. I felt Patience was a bit hit-or-miss relative to Older, but it was still lovely to have him back. Fantastic artist, gone too soon. He's been a dramatic influence on me, and it's a real heartbreak that he's gone.
  3. For anyone who's been following my Days of our Lives blog, I have more episodes up. Feel free to check it out and leave feedback! Links in the blog posting!
  4. DAYS: Episodes 103-105

    More DAYS: TAT is up on Blogspot! Thanks for continuing to check in! EPISODE 103 EPISODE 104 EPISODE 105
  5. +1 No, I don't think you should put your hands on your employer, but I also don't think you should be dehumanizing and cruel to your employee. Id've been more than happy with Mariah cutting Hillary down to size verbally, she more than earned it. But pushing her was dumb. Yeah I'm very happy about that. Dumb dumb dumb.
  6. In fairness, Hillary's been, at best, manipulative, and at worst, rude and abusive as a boss. I wouldn't have tolerated that crap from my boss for half as long as she had. But the push bothered me more because Mariah just seemed so frantic. It would have been a stronger choice to have her really stare Hillary down with an intense, simmering rage. That would have been more interesting to watch, and made Mariah look less weak.
  7. DAYS: Episodes 100-102

    After an unusually long break, the next three episodes are up! Feel free to comment and check 'em out! EPISODE 100 EPISODE 101 EPISODE 102
  8. Yeah, but seems incapable of figuring out whose fault that is. Throwing JG under the bus again to prop up his boo Dena. I honestly think this article was simply a slightly-reworded composite of the last four "PTSD" (hah!) articles, with a quotation someone misattributed to Ken taken from Jamey Giddens during a DC podcast about Josh Griffith watching too much True Detective. That was literally the only piece of that article that didn't sound canned.
  9. Episodes 97-99

    For those who want to check out the latest DAYS episodes (hopefully still more interesting than the Dena dreck): EPISODE 97 EPISODE 98 EPISODE 99 Enjoy! Be sure to leave comments and keep following the blog!
  10. Unless the plan involves buying out Ken Corday and throwing Dena Higley into a lion pit, I'm not convinced.
  11. DAYS: Episodes 93-96

    Hopefully this is cool, just wanted to keep those of you who've been following my DAYS up to date with my new entries, which I'm posting externally. EPISODE 93 EPISODE 94 EPISODE 95 EPISODE 96 Gonna lurk around at SON, but again, likely not gonna be posting much. Hope you all follow DAYS: TAT. Thanks for reading
  12. After two years, I've had the pleasure of sharing my vision of Days of our Lives with you here at SON. I regretfully will be moving my posts to Blogger, after some lingering formatting issues, and the banning of ML Cooks (aMLCproduction) from the forums (look for his Y&R to appear as well soon), I have decided that it is best for me to move the blog onto another account. All episodes from #93 will be posted at, as have the previous 92 episodes here. I likely won't be posting much, if at all here anymore, but greatly appreciate the time I've spent here at SON, and hope you all will follow my story there, and please feel free to leave me feedback. Every bit helps motivate me to improve and grow as a writer. This has been a fabulous exercise for me, and I really appreciate your support through it all. It's been quite the ride! ETA: If you'd like to keep updated with new episodes, check out the DAYS: ETA page on Facebook.
  13. Another strong show. I love all the different pieces. The Abbott teleconference was great again as Jack stubbornly refuses to believe he's in any danger from Victor. But the family knows better. Don't get too comfortable, Jack. Phyllis and Michael was another strong beat. I'm enjoying watching them at odds over this. Phyllis will not take Michael's actions lying down, and she shouldn't. I love that you're showing the emotional conflicts here, as I find the best soap opera is when you can understand the motivations for everyone's actions and understand why they feel they did the right thing. Great storytelling there. I'm interested to see where things will go with Gloria now that she's in the loop on what Michael has done. Karynn and Esther's adventures continue. I enjoyed the heart-to-heart between Chance and Nina on their way to Chicago. It was good to see them discuss things. Nina's a meddler, though given her history, I could see why she'd be a bit protective of him. Karynn is is so snarky, it's fantastic. You really got a strong connection between her and Esther, and I totally buy it. Great writing there. Fascinated to see where the story wth Karynn's ex-husband goes as well. All very strong stuff here. A solid episode. Great work, ML!