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  1. DAYS: Episode 109-111

    More DAYS blog entries are up. Thinking of posting back on here with each episode again after this. EPISODE 109 EPISODE 110 EPISODE 111
  2. I'm pretty sure I'm on week 3 of consecutive DAYS episodes featuring at least one mention of Daniel per episode. I feel trolled.

  3. I would still LOVE to know why they always gave Nina such stupid poses in those group shots at the end. That and her looking fawning wistfully over David Kimble in the next version were just weird.
  4. AW's last opening was BAD for that. The new cast additions after RKK all being shot on videotape was so JARRING when the rest were on film stock. And by the end they just kept clipping the intro shorter and shorter because they knew it looked bad. Shameful. Personally, I like the new intro, but agree, it looks a bit too college-student-fan-used-Final Cut-for-his-end-of-year-project for me. And keeping Michelle Stafford's headless body shot was kinda pointless, but...*shrug*, it's still miles better than any intro they've had since the late 90s (hated the 1999 p*rn intro as well).
  5. I wonder what on EARTH happened in Nov. 78 to cause such a steep drop across daytime. WOW. AW and Family Feud lost half their audience in a year!
  6. ONE episode without hearing Daniel Jonas' name. ALL I ask.

  7. What did it for me was how they tried to compare Nicole and Daniel's...what? Four months together to Mickey and Maggie's four decades?? I nearly lost my dinner. There is someone on that show that has it BAD for Shawn Christian, and I do NOT get it.
  8. Caught the wrath of EJami fans with my newest blog post. LOL, it's been two years and they're still absolutely batshit. Let it the f*ck GO!

    1. AlexElizabeth


      People still give a [!@#$%^&*] about EJami? Why?

    2. beebs


      Lmao right??? This woman's been having a fit because I dared to keep writing the EJ/Abby affair storyline on my blog, and apparently this destroyed the ENTIRE SERIES. Then got mad because I wasn't posting her comments. 


      I'm starting to understand why James Scott had had enough. There's something particularly unhinged about some of these stans. 

  9. From Nicole's attempt to marry Eric, to Abby covering the protests, to Marlena making connections about Roman's condition, my DAYS blog carries on (slowly).
  10. DAYS: Episodes 106-108

    Continuing with the DAYS blog with new entries! EPISODE 106 EPISODE 107 EPISODE 108
  11. Don't even say it, or else we'll get Tanner Scholfield back by Christmas.
  12. As would I, if you can! Please.
  13. Oh no, Erika's fan club did an interview with her and she ripped into Dena when she was HW at OLTL and basically...told the truth about Dena's writing. She was out at OLTL within weeks. I'm fairly certain Erika had an amiable relationship with RC, though after Dena, I'm sure that if she didn't, she'd have kept quiet.
  14. Nah, he'll have a redux of the Kim one and drive Patsy Pease right back out the door and he'll wonder why.
  15. Ugh GOD no. Philip and Mimi every damn day *barf*