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  1. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Dru Returns to Genoa City and Takes REVENGE! #172   

    This is one crazy episode. So much fallout from all the past month's events!
    Good use of flashbacks with Mary and her men. Haha. I'm hoping this all leads to some great fallout there. Mary has been very good at doing her mother's dirty work, so I really do hope there's some fallout from that.
    Leslie really needed to put Sister Patterson in her place. That was some foolishness. She needs to do something other than harrass Leslie, so I'm glad that happened. Haha.
    Dru and her family reunion were wonderful. Every beat felt real and well-written. I love that Dru and Phyllis finally had their showdown, but  hope it isn't their last. One of my favourite Y&R rivalries.
    GREAT cliffhanger too. Did Nate pull through? Gonna be an exciting episode next time around. Fantastic work, beginning to end!
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    DAYS #77: Valerie & Marlena catch up, Daniel talks Kim down

    EPISODE 77
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

    Valerie and Marlena sit in the cafeteria in University Hospital, sipping on coffee as they pick away at their lunch. The old friends smile as they catch up. Marlena pulls a picture from her wallet.

    MARLENA: So this is my daughters Belle and Sami.
    VALERIE: What beautiful young women they are...Wow. Roman must be so proud of them.

    Marlena looks down awkwardly, which Valerie catches.

    VALERIE: Okay, gotta get me up to speed on this whole...Roman situation. What happened between you two?

    Marlena nearly spits out her coffee at Valerie's unintentionally loaded question.

    MARLENA: Valerie, if you wanted me to fill you in on that, you'd need all afternoon, not just a lunch date.

    Valerie smiles, laughing quietly, but realizing how out of the loop she's been. She furrows her brow subtly as she responds.

    VALERIE: Cliff notes?

    Marlena puts down her coffee, trying hard to hide her frustration at Valerie's persistance, but Valerie catches on, and holds up her hands.

    VALERIE: Okay...if you don't want to talk about it...
    MARLENA: No no. It's's very complicated. (sigh) Basically...we thought we had lost Roman...many many years ago....not to...get into too much detail but...a man came to town. John Black. We...we all thought he was Roman and...I married him.
    VALERIE: But Roman was alive the whole time?
    MARLENA: He had been held prisoner...for seven years. And then they kidnapped me as well.

    Valerie looks on, shocked by Marlena's story.

    VALERIE: My God! Marlena, I' sorry.

    Marlena smiles re-assuringly. She puts her hand over Valerie's.

    MARLENA: It's alright. We managed to escape. Either way, once we were all back in Salem...things got complicated. John and I had an affair...and that's how we had Belle.
    VALERIE: I see. Is....that why you and Roman aren't together anymore.

    Marlena nods with a hint of sadness. Valerie looks at Marlena with a sympathetic face.

    VALERIE: I'm sorry to hear.
    MARLENA: Oh it's okay. That was a long time ago. I just wish things were going well with John now.

    Marlena stares off in a distance as she thinks over her recent problems with John, and their divorce.


    Daniel stands by the nurses' station at the hospital, trying to step between Billie and and angry Kim, who has caught Billie and Daniel in a warm embrace.

    DANIEL: Okay...Kimberly, I want you to understand something here. This hospital is extremely well-protected without a police guard. There will always be someone within eyeshot of Theresa's room, so all this talk about a police guard is unneccessary. Okay?
    KIM: Says the man that I just caught hugging the woman I have a restraining order against. Come on, Daniel. I'm not stupid.

    Daniel sighs, as Billie rolls her eyes. Giving up, Billie presses the down button on the elevator.

    BILLIE: Look. I have to get back to Titan, but, Kim. Just...let it go. I'm not going to see Theresa, okay? I'm respecting your wishes.
    KIM: If that's the case, then why are you here?
    BILLIE: Believe it or not, I have friends at this hospital that aren't named Theresa. I had to go see Jennifer for a moment, if you must know. Alright? So just relax and call your dogs off. 

    The door to the elevator opens, with Billie staring Kim down as she steps on, making a snarky remark before leaving.

    BILLIE: But I will not stop caring about Theresa. And when she wakes up, you better hope she doesn't put a restraining order out against you. Especially conseridering how well you two get on. Have a nice day, Kim. Daniel? I'll see you at Club TBD?

    Billie steps onto the elevator, while Kim stares her down as the doors close. Kim points to Billie as she looks up at Daniel, who's had quite enough of Kim, himself.

    KIM: Do you see that? And you try to explain to me why I shouldn't have a police guard up.

    Daniel finally snaps, looking over Kim's head as he shouts out at her.

    DANIEL: Okay, Kim, ENOUGH! There will be no guards for Theresa's room and that's final, got it??

    Kim looks at Daniel, stunned and disgusted by his strong reaction, and his domineering.


    Eric walks through Town Square, deep in thought as he quickly grabs his phone from his pocket to check a newly received text message. As he does, he continues walking. Turning the corner by Tom & Alice's tree, he slams into a woman passing by, who jumps back before she falls down, herself not having paid close enough attention.

    NOELLE: Oh God, watch...!
    ERIC: I'm so sorr--

    Eric stands back, shocked to see Noelle again. Eric looks on, at a loss for words momentarily, as is Noelle.

    ERIC: Noelle Curtis...what are you doing here?


    Eric offers a hand to Noelle as he lifts her up off the ground of Horton Town Square. The both smile, surprised to see each other again after so long.

    NOELLE: My God! Eric Brady, it's been...ages!

    Noelle leans over and gives Eric a warm hug. Eric smiles and hugs back.

    ERIC: It's been a...long while. You're looking...fantastic.

    Eric pulls out of the hug and, still holding her hands, backs away from her to see how beautiful she looks. Noelle smiles, flattered by Eric's compliment.

    NOELLE: You're not looking so bad yourself. I heard you...have had...quite a year.

    Eric's face drops, as he nods, a sad look across his face.

    ERIC: ...Or two. Yeah, you could definitely make a case. But I'm pulling through.
    NOELLE: Good. I'm glad. Yeah, it's...definitely not be an easy year for me either.
    ERIC: I heard about your dad. I'm sorry to hear. Neil and my mom were good friends for a very long time.

    Noelle smiles half-heartedly, a certain sadness in her eyes. She nods as she looks down, deep in thought in a way, as she continues to talk to Eric.

    NOELLE: Yeah. It wasn't easy on any of us. Especially since now I'm...helping to support her.

    Eric looks shocked by Noelle's revelation. He looks into Noelle's eyes with a deep concern.

    ERIC: What??

    Noelle holds up her one hand to motion to Eric not to panic.

    NOELLE: It's...not a big deal, don't worry. I'm taking it all in stride. I'm just...gonna have to make it work is all.
    ERIC: Well, I hope it does work itself out. Hey, how long are you in town for? 'Cause I really would love you to meet everyone, catch up with me and Sami and...

    Noelle laughs at Eric's enthusiasm as she interrupts him to give him her news. As she does, Nicole appears from the opposite end of Horton Town Square and spies Eric and Noelle speaking. She hangs back, observing their body language from afar.

    NICOLE: Who the Hell is that?

    Noelle smiles and responds to Eric.

    NOELLE: Well...we'll have plenty of time for all that. I'm staying in Salem...hopefully for good.

    Eric's eyes light up at the news. He smiles widely, still standing hand-in-hand with her.

    ERIC: Really??
    NOELLE: Really!
    ERIC: That's fantastic!

    Eric pulls Noelle back in for a big hug as Nicole looks on. Now blind with jealous rage, she storms over to Eric and Noelle and, upon approaching them, makes herself known.

    NICOLE: And just what in the HELL is going on here?

    Eric pulls away from Noelle and turns to face Nicole, his face immediately twisted into one of confused displeasure.


    Jordan sits down at Sheryl's desk, sitting in a chair next to Jerome. Sheryl leans over her desk, placing down before the both of them a single page each. Jordan squints at the page as she picks it up, looking up at a smirking Sheryl as she scans the page.

    JORDAN: You're serious about this?
    SHERYL: Absolutely.

    Jordan sets the paper down on Sheryl's desk. She looks over incredulously at Jerome.

    JORDAN: You're going to steal all the data Titan has on EnerNext from their mainframe and cover your tracks with a virus?
    SHERYL: Not just any virus, Jordan. That's why I brought Jerome back to help us. He can explain it a lot better than I can.

    Sheryl motions to Jerome to continue. He smiles wryly and begins, hands clasped together as he sits casually at his seat.

    JEROME: We will be accessing that specific server only. Once the files are accessed and copied, which should only take about twenty minutes, we would have to cover our tracks to avoid any chance of Titan's security system catching the transfer. As a result, we will systematically corrupt and effectively paralyze the Titan servers, top to bottom.
    JORDAN: And what if the firewall stops us before then? I mean, wouldn't someone not get a warning that there was a breach in the firewall?
    SHERYL: Not if Jerome's plan goes correctly.

    Jerome looks over to Jordan, who is still a bit lost on the logistics of the plan.

    JEROME: There is a hole in every firewall. We just have to figure out where it is, and take advantage of it.
    SHERYL: Once we're in, we take what we need, and then effectively set fire to the house.

    Jordan looks at Sheryl, unimpressed, and responds sarcastically.

    JORDAN: Sounds extreme.
    JEROME: It's the best way. It's effectively untraceable, destroys Titan's inner workings, which will cost them millions if not billions, and whatever we collect on the project will go straight to the media, which will put the final nail in Titan's coffin.

    Jerome turns to Sheryl at this point, pointing and smiling, looking impressed.

    JEROME: Oh, and by the way. Great work with the Titan TV sale. I didn't think you could pull that one off, but it helps us out big time.
    SHERYL: Thank you.
    JORDAN: Won't that still be a bit of a battle? I mean, I'm sure there's a boatload of Titan loyalists still left at the station. I can't imagine they'd be thrilled with this.

    Jerome looks back to Jordan, a wry smile on his face, and a glimmer in his eye.

    JEROME: Trust me. When the man isn't signing their cheques, they'll take him down in a heartbeat for a good story. You can believe that.
    SHERYL: And truth be told, I'm certain that by the end of the week, there won't be a Titan for them to worry about anyway, and we'll be miles away by then.

    As she finishes her sentence, Sheyl looks up shocked as the door to her office swings open. Lucas looks on, confused by the scene he sees in front of him.

    LUCAS: Miles away from where?

    Sheryl looks on, stunned and at a loss for words as Jordan and Jerome turn to see Lucas in the doorway.

    LUCAS: Sheryl, what the Hell is going on here?


    Daniel pulls Kim into his office, with Kim attempting to free herself from his clutches, as he shuts the door. Kim pulls off him, finally, and curses him as she feels her not-as-sore-as-she's-making-out upper arm. Daniel leans against his desk and points a finger at Kim as he starts in on her.

    KIM: Let go of me! What kind of neanderthal are you?
    DANIEL: One that's concerned about your daughter's well-being.

    Daniel stops a moment, relaxing somewhat as his tone changes to a more reserved, concerned one.

    DANIEL: ...And yours.

    Kim looks up from studying her arm for bruising. She squints at Daniel in wonder.

    KIM: My well-being? (laughs) Daniel, I've been much worse than this.
    DANIEL: Yeah, and how did you handle that?

    Kim looks away a moment, annoyed by Daniel's interference.

    KIM: I don't want to get into this with you, okay?

    Daniel raises his voice, hoping to stifle Kim's objections.

    DANIEL: You need to, Kimberly!

    Daniel stops a moment before softening his tone again, his eyes unmoving from Kim's.

    DANIEL: Your daughter has been in a terrible accident. The longer she's in that coma, the greater the chance she'll never wake up from it. Now, I want to do everything I can to make sure she does wake up, but that includes her being surrounded by friends and family that will help her heal. And whether you want to admit it or not...that includes Billie.

    Kim looks away at the window, shaking her head in denial. As she responds to Daniel, she becomes increasingly emotional, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

    KIM: That woman has caused us nothing but pain. She's torn every bit of stability and normacly away from that girl. And just when I finally get my daughter back...

    Kim stops a moment to collect herself as she begins to break down. Daniel looks on, sympathetically, but folds his arms and stays put, not wanting to step towards Kim.

    KIM: I can't take any chances with this, Daniel. Billie Reed poisoned my daughter against me, and I'm not going to let her near my daughter again, ever!

    Daniel looks down, retaining his composure as best he can as he takes in Kim's emotion.

    DANIEL: It's not right. And you know it.

    Kim nearly hollers over Daniel, refusing to accept what he has to say.

    KIM: Oh to HELL with what's right for Billie! She has no right to insert herself into this.
    DANIEL: Okay, Kim...I want you to realize something. Okay? I saw Billie with Theresa, and I saw how much Billie cares about that girl getting better. That kind of energy is sometimes exactly what can make the difference between someone coming back out of a coma, and someone never waking up. 

    Kim stays silent, wiping away her tears as she listens to Daniel.

    DANIEL: But I have to respect that restraining order. If I don't, I run the risk of losing my job, and my licence. Why would I risk that? Just...don't let this anger consume you, Kim. Billie may be in my life, but that's not gonna give her special privilege where Theresa's concerned. You need to trust that. 

    Kim stops a moment, mulling over what Daniel's said before continuing.

    KIM: Okay...fine, I won't ask for a guard for Theresa's room, and I will respect...whatever thing you have going with her...but if I ever catch Billie Reed in my daughter's hospital room again, so help me, you will live to regret it. Do you understand me? And trust me, if she's in there, I WILL find out. I can guarantee you.

    Daniel looks up again, afraid to even make a response against Kim's strong reaction.

    In the hospital cafeteria, Valerie studies Marlena's troubled expression with concern of her own.
    VALERIE: What do you mean by that? Is everything okay with you and John?
    Marlena sighs as she answers, not able to quite look Valerie in the eyes, hoping to retain her composure.
    MARLENA: No, I can't say that they are. We're getting a divorce.
    Marlena feigns a smile, as Valerie reaches out across the table to touch Marlena's hand in comfort.
    VALERIE: I'm really sorry to hear that. But I'll tell you something, you look a hell of a lot more conflicted than sad about this. Marlena...are...are you sure this is what you want?
    Marlena looks down, contemplating Valerie's question. She slowly nods, before looking back up at her friend to answer her question.
    MARLENA: Yes. Yes, it's probably for the best. Too much water's passed under the bridge, and as much as I don't want to admit it, I have much more important priorities to consider right now.
    Valerie raises an eyebrow at Marlena's vague statement.
    VALERIE: Such as...?
    MARLENA: What to do about Roman.
    VALERIE: What do you mean? Is he okay?
    Marlena takes a sip of her coffee before answering. Putting the cup down, she shakes her head subtly, hoping to maintain discretion concerning his situation.
    MARLENA: No. And actually, that's something I really should ask you about, especially with your expertise in neurology.
    VALERIE: Absolutely, anything.
    Marlena leans in, looking around to make sure no one could be listening in on them as she softly asks Valerie her question.
    MARLENA: Roman's been having very...bizarre memory lapses and these...strange moments that almost seem like the beginnings of dementia...
    VALERIE: It very well could be, but he's so young, that's a surprise to me.
    MARLENA: To me too. And it comes so soon after his mother's diagnosis with Alzheimer's as well. But, that's the thing. The symptoms don't quite line up.
    Valerie looks on, head tilted slightly in confusion.
    VALERIE: How do you mean?
    MARLENA: I mean that something in my gut is telling me something else is happening to him. And I need you to figure out what it is.
    VALERIE: I'll do whatever I can.
    Marlena smiles at Valerie warmly.
    MARLENA: Thank you. I'll be meeting with Roman after lunch so maybe we can have a chat with him then.
    VALERIE: Sounds good to me, I'm free for a little while longer, so I don't mind at a...

    Before Valerie can finish her sentence, she spots another familiar face walk through the door of the cafeteria, looking for someone. She spots Roman immediately and calls out to him as she stands up, smiling widely.
    VALERIE: Chris Kositchek! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!
    Roman looks at Valerie, bewildered, and as though looking at a stranger, as Marlena looks on, a flash of deep concern hits her as she looks quickly back and forth between Roman and Valerie.
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    Uh oh! Who's watching Marah? I loved the teen's party. The song fit the whole scene beautifully. Great work there. Could see it all play out, Zack got some game. Wonder if it's all gonna blow up in his face when Cory figures out what's going on.
    You got a handle on the young characters like I'd never be able to. haha. I'm a bit envious of that, if I'm honest. The party felt really real, and I love Zack and Sam's friendship.
    Oooooh the Davis BBQ is drama. Morris is acting like a baby about this, and you know it's gonna get more drama from here. I wonder what's really motivating them to stick together. Is it just all for the kids? Do they realize the damage they're doing to the kids staying together? It'll be interesting to see that grow and how the kids' relationships with others end up witnessing their parents' dysfunctional relationship. I hope you play those beats down the road. Those dynamics are spot-on.
    Loved Blair and Todd again. Awesome romantic 4th of July under the stars. Good way to bring the episode together. I'm really impressed by your work on this one. Good job!
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  4. beebs added a comment on a blog entry Union Creek #12: Summer jobs/The Davis family crumbling   

    The teens are really doing it for me. Great stuff between Sam and Trinity, and I love the math class stuff. Very small beats but it makes everything set up for later, and I can't wait to see that all play out.
    The Davises are fantastic in so many ways. So many questions unanswered, and I love that you're peeling back the layers slowly. It's really fantastic to see Malik dealing with being the mediator, and, just like us, not really knowing what the root of it is or how to take the steps to fix it.
    Reva and Josh taking Jack in. Wonder what's gonna happen there and where it'll lead. It is a bit odd that Reva's so committed to having Jack stay with them, so I figure there's more to that than meets the eye. Josh, of course, isn't so sure of this himself.
    You're really doing good stuff there, and everything's building up nicely. Keep this up, and I know you'll have a great show on your hands. You're doing GREAT.
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  6. beebs added a blog entry in DAYS OF OUR LIVES   

    DAYS #76: EJami in therapy, Will talks to Gabi about Alex

    EPISODE 76
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson
    Billie walks up to Daniel by the Nurses' station at University Hospital, and taps him on one shoulder, before darting in the opposite direction. Daniel turns around and looks confused momentarily before spotting Billie out of the corner of his eye and grabbing her. They both laugh heartily as Billie grabs Daniel's arm and smiles.
    DANIEL: Gotcha.
    BILLIE: Yeah, well, I don't put up much of a fight with you. How are you doing?
    DANIEL: Ahhh, alright. Ready for lunch if you are.
    BILLIE: I think that would be an excellent idea. You made the arrangements for tonight?
    Daniel looks at Billie and shakes his head.
    DANIEL: You know I can't talk about that here.
    BILLIE: I am being as vague as I can, but frankly, I just want to be sure you made the arrangements. This has got to work.
    Daniel leans in close and hugs Billie.
    DANIEL: Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

    As Daniel holds Billie, Kim steps off the elevator and catches the two of them in their embrace. She folds her arms immediately and stares disapprovingly.

    Sami walks down the hallway of University Hospital, just outside Dr. Laura Horton's office, making a quick phone call on her cell phone as she turns the corner.
    SAMI: Gabi! Glad I caught you...umm...are you free at all this afternoon?

    Gabi walks casually toward The Brady Pub while on her phone, pushing her stroller with her other hand, thinking momentarily before responding to Sami's question.
    GABI: Uh...yeah. Sure. I you. Why? Is something wrong?
    SAMI:! No, everything's fine, I just...I have a proposition for you, so I just...figure we could meet up.
    GABI: Sure! I'm just about to sit down to lunch with Will, so...maybe after that?
    SAMI: I might have to make that a little later. I've got a quick stop to make to clear up some business so...maybe...around 3?
    GABI: Sounds good, I'll see you then.
    SAMI: Perfect, bye!
    Sami hangs up the phone before looking down at it again to check the time. She inhales deeply as she looks up at Laura's office.
    SAMI: Well, here goes nothing.

    Sami steps into Laura's office, but jumps back a moment when, opposite Laura, sits EJ. He smiles upon seeing Sami enter the room, and gives a small wave. Sami smiles back, relieved that he's made it.

    Gabi struggles into the Brady Pub with her stroller. Will, already inside, catches this and jumps over to help Gabi in. He laughs as he helps Gabi push Ari inside.
    GABI: Oh my God, thank you SO much, Will.
    Will lifts the stroller over the bump in the doorway, and lets the door shut behind him as he helps to guide the stroller.
    WILL: Heh, hey, I gotta make myself useful somehow today.
    GABI: Rough first day?
    WILL: Just a bit.
    Gabi finds their booth and sits down, positioning the stroller so that Ari can face her. 
    WILL: Here, I'll just...grab a high chair, be right back.
    GABI: Kay.
    Will grabs a high chair from the corner and they set Ari up in it, at which point Gabi folds the stroller shut.
    GABI: There we go!
    WILL: So how was your morning?
    GABI: Pretty boring. Ari fed, got myself ready, came here.
    WILL: Must be nice.
    GABI: Well, it was pretty uneventful until a minute ago.
    Will's ears perk up. He looks at Gabi inquisitively.
    WILL: Oh?
    GABI: Yeah. Your mom just called me. Something she really wants to talk with me about.
    WILL: Sounds...serious.
    GABI: Yeah...and with your mom, I don't ever know what to expect.
    Will rolls his eyes and nods his head in agreement.
    WILL: Trust me, I've lived with her my entire life, it never gets any easier.
    Gabi snickers a bit before looking at Will with a bit of a bemused look as well.
    GABI: So...morning that bad?
    Will shrugs, looking down at his menu disinterestedly. Gabi tries to catch his attention.
    WILL: I guess...I dunno. Met my boss.
    GABI: And how's he?
    Will thinks carefully about his answer, recalling the tension he felt as Alex moved in close to him, and helping Alex peel his shirt off. He snaps out of it after a second as Gabi snaps her fingers, trying to regain his attention.
    GABI: Will!
    Will shakes his head, trying to get back to the land of the living. He looks at Gabi with a confused, smitten look that's hard to hide, even though he's desperately trying to downplay it.
    WILL: Sorry. I just...I don't know...I've never met anyone like this guy in my entire life.
    Gabi looks at Will, trying to downplay how shocked she is at Will's answer.

    Jordan awkwardly steps forward in Sheryl's office, half-smiling at Jerome as she goes to take a seat. Jerome gets up as she makes her attemps and steps toward her, causing her to step back slightly.
    JORDAN: Wow...It's...been a long time, Jerome.
    JEROME: How've you been...what is it now?
    JORDAN: Jordan Ridgeway.
    JEROME: Right.
    Jerome smiles and opens his arms for a hug. Jordan reluctantly accepts, wincing as Jerome pulls her near. She steps back and sits down as she looks daggers at Sheryl, she smiles smugly at the situation.
    SHERYL: So nice to see old friends reunited, no?
    Jordan rolls her eyes at Sheryl. She shakes her head as she responds.
    JORDAN: You know, you're really starting to make me question this partnership, Sheryl. Ever since we got to Salem, you've been doing nothing but antagonizing me.
    SHERYL: Well, if I don't push you, you'd be spending all your time cozying up to the good cop Rafael, am I right?
    Jordan tries to shush Sheryl as she mentions Rafe, but to no avail. Jerome's heard, and turns his head Jordan's way.
    JEROME: Rafael? You done got yourself some latin dude now? And a cop? My God, nearly going to jail for blowing up that bank really must have scared the crap out of you, Kay.
    JORDAN: JORDAN. My name in Jordan. And no, it didn't. I just have other priorities than constantly trying to take down Western capitalism. It's called growing up.
    Sheryl lets out a dismissive laugh at Jordan's comment. She looks Jerome's way, while pointing to Jordan.
    SHERYL: You see what I've had to put up with? So come on now, let's just...get down to business. I don't have much time before Lucas comes to pick up for lunch so...let's get this plan down, okay?
    JORDAN: Sure, whatever.
    SHERYL: Not whatever. This is going to give us all the leverage we need to stop this EnerNext deal...with or without Nick Fallon's help.
    Jordan looks on, increasingly uneasy with Jerome suddenly involved in this situation, but sighs, looking at Jerome, a bit defeated.
    Gabi looks at Will, a bit surprised by his expression about his new boss.
    GABI: You sound like you're...smitten or something.
    WILL: I'm not...
    Gabi looks at Will, giving him a disbelieving "yeah right" look. Will looks to the side, knowing he's been caught. He leans in close to Gabi so as not to be overheard.
    WILL: He...(sigh)...Gabi, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
    GABI: Are you attracted to him?
    Will sighs heavily, looking down at his coffee mug. He nods sheepishly.
    WILL: Yeah, I am. But...I just met him today, I've been attracted to people you've just met before, right?
    GABI: Well, yeah, but, I mean...I'm not always the most rational person when it comes to guys, now am I?
    WILL: You said it, not me.
    GABI: Rude.
    WILL: I know.
    Will winks at Gabi, and the two friends laugh a second, before Will looks at Gabi seriously.
    WILL: can't...don't tell Sonny, okay? Promise me.
    Gabi takes Will's hand across the table and puts hers overtop, giving it a gentle squeeze.
    GABI: Will, why would I do that? You know I'd never say anything...but you have to be honest with yourself, Will. I've only ever really been with...Sonny...I mean...there's me but that...
    WILL: Hardly counts, I know. And...maybe you're right. Maybe my...brain or my body is just telling me that I'm just...not ready to be married yet. 
    GABI: Maybe. But I do know one thing. I know you love Sonny more than anything. So, you really need to be sure before you take your vows.
    Will nods. He thinks over Gabi's words carefully before answering.
    WILL: Yeah. But I do know one thing...I know I can't hurt Sonny. And maybe I'm just...angry at him and want to...lash out because of yesterday but...I know that'll pass. I love him, Gabi.
    GABI: Then you need to be honest with him. Tell him what's going on, and figure out what you two need to do next. Do it now, before this goes any further.
    Will looks up at Gabi, struck by her seriousness.
    Sami looks pleasantly surprised to see EJ in Laura's office. She laughs awkwardly, as she steps forward, then takes a seat next to him.
    SAMI: EJ!  Wow...I'm really glad you made it.
    EJ: Samantha, where else would I be?
    Laura smiles, seeing the natural closeness they share, she steps over toward her own seat, and sets herself down across from EJ and Sami.
    LAURA: You know, it's not often that I see such positive energy coming from both partners in a setting like this. It's a very good sign.
    EJ: It's simply how I feel for her, Laura. If this is what I have to do to give Samantha peace of mind, so be it. I will be here for her every step of the way.
    Sami looks over EJ, touched by his warm words, and sensing how genuine they seem. She smiles and replies softly and emotionally.
    SAMI: Thank you, EJ.
    Laura looks on, putting on her reading glasses as she grabs her notebook and tape recorder. She hits 'record' and begins to take notes as she looks over the top of her glasses at Sami and EJ.
    LAURA: Okay, shall we begin?
    Sami and EJ shuffle in their seats at Laura's announcement.
    SAMI: When ready.
    LAURA: Excellent. Now, Sami, I wanted to start with you. We've talked about how your relationship with your son has changed recently. How has that situation changed in the last few days?
    Sami looks up at the ceiling. She thinks a moment before responding.
    SAMI: Ohhh I don't know...I stepped into Johnny's room last night. Was watching him sleep. I wanted to reach out to my fingers through his little curls...but I couldn't.
    LAURA: Okay, I just want to focus on something here say you went to his room. Sami, that's actually a good sign. You weren't even able to look at him before without having flashbacks.
    EJ looks to Sami, seeing her stare straight ahead, letting Laura's words sink in. She hesitates to smile, as though unsure whether she believes Laura's optimism or not.
    Kim steps towards Daniel and Billie, who immediately separate from their embrace. Her arms folded, she tuts them as she shakes her head disapprovingly.
    KIM: Well! Far be it from me to break up a cozy scene. But don't you think that, as Theresa's doctor, you really shouldn't be so...cozy with the woman I've specifically had banned from my daughter's hospital room?
    Daniel turns to Kim, arms up to try to motion to Kim to cool down.
    DANIEL: Kim, you need to hold on a sec--
    KIM: I am not going to hold on a second. How am I supposed to trust that you're not sneaking her in?
    BILLIE: Because I'm not.
    Kim glares at Billie as Daniel tries to cool the tension between the two women.
    DANIEL: Kim, I understand why you're concerned about this, but Billie and I have discussed the situation, and she will not be going in to see Theresa, okay?
    Kim shakes her head, refusing to buy into Daniel's words.
    KIM: No. I don't buy it.
    Kim raises her voice, pointing her finger towards the doorway to Theresa's room.
    KIM: I want that door protected by a police guard so I can be absolutely sure...that this woman...
    Kim points to Billie as her voice lowers to a hiss.
    KIM: Stays the hell away from my daughter.
    Billie sighs, biting her tongue hard as Daniel looks on, still trying to reason with Kim, who could shoot daggers at Billie with her eyes.
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    SO much this!! I swear to GOD, someone needs to step to her and snap her out of this, particularly to remind her that she's been through this before and CONTINUES TO FORGET TO BRING CONDOMS.

    Can we find a way to get Theresa back into Abigail's orbit so she can knock her ass down a few pegs? Seriously.

    And I'm still holding out faint hope that Will paid those after-school-special gay bashers to attack them at the bar, which means of course it won't happen because that's an interesting twist and this is Gary Tomlin.
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    Yes, that is also my one lingering beef with the update. Not the biggest deal in the world, but it is rather counterintuitive for most people, particularly when you're copy/pasting something from elsewhere, so if there is a way to fix that, it would be fantastic!
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    DAYS #75: The Return of The Grant Family

    EPISODE 75
    Written by A. Washington-Beeby
    Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson
    Sami stands in the DiMera living room, her arm being firmly grasped by Nick, who's attempting to stare her down. Sami glares back, determined with every fibre of her being not to allow him to.
    SAMI: Nick. Let go of my arm.
    NICK: Will you at least hear me out.
    Sami finally wavers, looking down at where Nick's grasping her arm. She sighs in defeat.
    SAMI: Sure.
    Nick releases Sami as she forcefully breaks away from him simultaneously. She steps back away from Nick as she looks back toward him, while holding her arm where Nick held it.
    SAMI: Who knew such a skinny little rat had such a strong grip. Ow.
    NICK: I'll take it as a compliment.
    Sami snaps, cutting Nick off before he can continue his 'witty' banter.
    SAMI: Just what do you want, Nick?
    Nick ensures the doors to the living room are shut and saunters ever-so-slowly over to the sofa. He casually sits down and looks at Sami.
    NICK: We had an agreement, did we not?
    SAMI: What do you mean? I've done everything you've asked of me.
    NICK: Except...neither you, nor Kate have offered Gabi that modelling job I requested you to give her.
    Sami rolls her eyes at Nick's persistent request.
    At the board room at University Hospital, the crowd of staff are aghast at Dr. Kayla Brady's revelation that she will be quitting her position as Chief of Staff.
    MAXINE: Dr. Brady, how soon are you leaving us?
    KAYLA: Today will be my last day.
    The crowd is even more shocked by this turn of events. Kayla immediately tries to cool down the crowd, talking over each other in shock and dismay.
    KAYLA: Everybody! Calm down! It's...not a big deal, I swear!
    MARLENA: Kayla, what's wrong? Why are you leaving?
    Kayla tries to hold back, recalling John's request that she tell nobody of her plans. She inhales deeply as she answers Marlena.
    KAYLA: I...have a bit of a...personal trip I'm going to need to take. I'll be in Africa for the forseeable future with Joey and Steve.
    MAXINE: Well we, at the hospital, are gonna miss you, Kayla. And I am gonna throw you one hell of a going-away party.
    The crowd cheers Maxine's plan on as Kayla stands awkwardly, again trying to silence the crowd.
    KAYLA: I'm...I'm sorry to disappoint anyone...but I will be leaving tonight. There won't be time for a goodbye party. However...
    Kayla has to take a moment over the sound of disappointment from the staff. She holds her hands up once again to try to calm the crowd.
    KAYLA: However...I do have some great news, especially for those of us who have been at University Hospital for a long time. I'd like to welcome our new chief of staff. An old friend of ours with an extensive resume here and in Europe. It's my honour to welcome back to Salem, and to University Hospital...Dr. Valerie Grant.

    The door to the board room opens as the group filling the room turn to see Valerie standing in the doorway. Applause slowly builds in the room as Valerie steps in, smiling widely as she looks around the room.

    Rafe and Jordan lie in bed together at Rafe's, cuddled naked together comfortably in their sleep. Rafe begins to stir from his sleep, which rouses Jordan. She turns to face Rafe, who puts his arm around her, as they gently kiss good morning.
    RAFE: Well if there was a better way to wake up, I sure don't know about it.
    Jordan giggles as she quickly kisses Rafe again, never taking her smiling eyes off his.
    JORDAN: I could get used to this being every morning.
    RAFE: Mmm...I like the sound of that.
    As they roll over again, Rafe now on top of Jordan under the sheets as they begin to kiss more intensely, their eyes shut as Jordan wraps her arms around Rafe's neck, pulling him in closely to her.
    This would be when Jordan's cell phone begins ringing, prompting Rafe and Jordan to stop suddenly, but after a moment's shock, Jordan realizes who it likely is and chooses to ignore it, grabbing the back of Rafe's head and pulling it back towards her. After another moment of kissing, Rafe leans back up again.
    RAFE: Aren't you gonna get that?
    JORDAN: No.
    Another kiss, Jordan is determined to distract Rafe from her ringing phone, but Rafe stops again, starting to exasperate Jordan.
    RAFE: Jordan, that could be important.
    JORDAN: It isn't. Trust me. I just wanna focus on you right now.
    Jordan looks seductively at Rafe, her hands running up and down his chest and shoulders. Rafe smiles back at Jordan, as Jordan's phone goes silent, the call going to voice mail. Rafe and Jordan get back into the mood, as Rafe leans in again, starting to kiss down Jordan's neck and slowly kissing down it toward her chest, causing Jordan to stir pleasurably.
    Jordan's phone begins to ring again. This time Rafe immediately slumps down in frustration, while Jordan flops back as well, staring at the ceiling.
    JORDAN: I guess I have to get that now.
    RAFE: Yyyup!
    Rafe sighs as he rolls back over off of Jordan, who leans over to grab her phone off the bedside table.
    Naturally, it's Sheryl.

    Sheryl sits at her office desk, dressed impeccibly as always. She sits in her office chair, relaxed, and looking over at someone sitting across from her on the other side of her desk.
    SHERYL: Finally!
    JORDAN: Ugh...Hi.
    SHERYL: Don't be so happy to hear from me! Where were you?
    JORDAN: Just in bed, I'm not due into work for another two hours so...we were taking it easy.
    SHERYL: What can I say? I've got a gift for timing. Listen, I need you to head over to Titan, ASAP.
    JORDAN: Now?
    SHERYL: No time like the present. I got a surprise for you.
    Jordan's eyes widen, realizing what this means. She stutters a bit before speaking, trying to hide her sudden panic from a concerned Rafe.
    JORDAN: I'll...I'll be right there.
    Hanging up her phone, Rafe looks on with concern as Jordan immediately starts to get up from her bed. Rafe paws at her in a vain attempt to keep her in bed.
    RAFE: Wait, wait, wait, you're not going so soon, are you? We were just getting started!
    JORDAN: I know, and I'm sorry, but...patient at the hospital is in a...really really bad way right now and they need me there early.
    Rafe sighs, not able to argue with Jordan's job. He starts to get up from the bed himself, reluctantly.
    RAFE: Fair enough. But I think we've got time for some time alone, still.
    Jordan goes pilfering through her drawers quickly, looking for clothes for work and not paying attention as Rafe walks over behind her, still naked himself.
    JORDAN: No we don't, I really need to go.
    Jordan stops suddenly and turns back toward the door, bumping immediately into an upright, smiling Rafe. She looks up in a bit of shock at him as he holds her arms in his hands.
    RAFE: I can help wash your back at least.
    Jordan smiles back, almost giggling at Rafe's suggestion.
    Sheryl puts down her phone at the office and looks back at her guest. She laughs as she begins to speak to him.
    SHERYL: I caught her in a bit of a...personal moment.
    The man she talks to looks back her way, having a bit of a chuckle as he replies to her.
    SHERYL: You know, it's good to have you back with us, Jerome. Now our plans are finally gonna start to really gel. You know?

    Jerome looks back from the chair opposite Sheryl, hands clasped together, one leg crossed over the other casually as he sits in his smartest pinstripe suit.
    JEROME: Well, let's hope Jordan thinks so. Otherwise you may find youself in over your heads, and I guarantee you, you'll end up drowning.
    Valerie steps up the head of the table in the board room, and begins to address the group.
    VALERIE: Well, I told you I'd come back, I just...didn't expect it to take so long!
    Everyone laughs, including Valerie, as she continues on, in a more serious tone.
    VALERIE: But in all seriousness, I am thrilled and honoured to return to University Hospital. I spent a very long time away, and I've missed seeing so many familiar faces. I'm so glad to be back!
    the crowd applauds, as Valerie looks around, a smile on her face.
    VALERIE: I would like to thank Dr. Kayla Brady for recommending me for this position. I know we haven't seen each other in a long time, but I'm grateful that you thought of me, and I will do my best not to disappoint you.
    Kayla and Valerie hug, as the crowd applauds again, and Marlena heads up to greet her old friend.
    MARLENA: Hello, stranger!
    VALERIE: Marlena! Ohh it's so good to see you again! How are you?
    MARLENA: I've been well. Lots has happened since I last saw you!
    The two women laugh as Marlena and Valerie stand, holding each other's hands.
    VALERIE: Well, listen, I'd love to catch up with you, if you're able to. Maybe we can meet up today for lunch?
    MARLENA: I'd love to, but I'm meeting Roman for lunch already. Unless you'd want to join us. I know it's been an eternity since you've seen him!
    VALERIE: I'd LOVE to! Absolutely! Are you two still married?
    Marlena looks off to the side whimsically, and answers with a bit of a laugh, as she turns to head out of the room, putting her hand on Valerie's shoulder.
    MARLENA: That's...a very, very long story.
    Valerie looks on, a bit confused as the two women walk toward the door.
    Sami plays cool with Nick, though she's clearly exasperated by his persistence.
    SAMI: We've played this game before, Nick. Remember? You trying to get Gabi a modelling job so that you could whisk her away to New York and live happily-ever-after with my son's baby? And how did that turn out, exactly?
    NICK: I dunno, you tell me.
    SAMI: As I recall, it went over as well as...well (laughs) a giant boulder.
    NICK: Don't try to be clever, Sami. It doesn't suit you. That's more of a...Nicole thing.
    Sami glowers at Nick, unable to resist his obvious baiting. She bites back loudly.
    SAMI: Say what you need to say and get out, Nick!
    Nick doesn't move from the sofa, instead smiling widely, knowing that he got a rise out of Sami.
    NICK: Offer Gabi a modeling contract. Make her a contract, have me vet it. If you get sneaky, I'll catch it, so don't try to put any clause in there that could upset me. Because you don't want me upset, Sami.
    Sami rolls her eyes and folds her arms, knowing Nick's won.
    SAMI: Fine. I'll draw it up. Now get out.
    Sami grabs her bag and heads to the door, opening it, then standing by it and motioning to Nick to leave.
    Nick gets up but turns away from her, facing the doorway to the garden, pinching the bridge of his nose, but trying to hide it from Sami, who senses something is off. She steps forward slightly, trying to catch Nick's attention. Nick is distracted by the surge of pain in his head.
    SAMI: Did I stutter?
    Nick draws himself up and turns around, still feeling the pain in his head, but working his best to not appear weakened.
    NICK: Just remember, don't even think about double-crossing me, or you'll have an awful lot to answer for, to a lot of people. See ya!
    Nick waves, and sets off walking casually out the door of the DiMera living room, as Sami rolls her eyes. She sighs heavily as she grabs her bag, and leaves the living room herself, shutting the living room door behind her.
    Jordan storms into Sheryl's office, visibly irritated by being summoned yet again. She sighs audibly as she greets Sheryl.
    JORDAN: You summoned, m'lady?
    SHERYL: I told you I had a surprise for you.
    Jordan stops as her face drops, as the colour drains from it, looking down as the chair in front of Sheryl's desk turns around slowly. Jerome appears, smiling slyly as he does.
    JEROME: Hey stranger.
    JORDAN: Jerome....
    Jordan breathes in deeply, trying to maintain as the shock hits her.
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    Who is spying on Todd and what is with this document. That's what I wanna know!
    Great work again with Todd, I love the humour and you can totally see Roger Howarth playing that up. Also loved the scenes of Dani and Sam talking about Todd, wonder if Sam was finally able to get through to her or if she's just paying lip service.
    Ben is after Luke. That boy is thirsty. Great job bringing that to life too, I wonder what Ben really wants out of Luke. Is it just sex? Doubt it.
    Marah going into business with Lily should prove exciting. I enjoy that this is bringing the P&G people together like this. There's a lot of potential story for all of them. Very excited at where it's going.
    Wonder who's spying on Josh & Reva. Probably Blair, let's be honest. Haha.
    GREAT work!
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    HOOO "I got plenty for you to eat", girl you takin' a page off Rob Ford with that [!@#$%^&*]. LOVE it. Yeah, we knew that was going there. Luke gone get plowed now. HAH. Wonder what this Ben thing is going down. Ben is not who he claims to be, i think. Very shady customer.
    Todd and Reva and Josh and Blair is a hilarious mess. Great drama, but also great comedy. There's so much great stuff there and I could see it play out. I figure this is just gonna escalate from here.
    Eartha and Morris seem so good at this game. Years of practice help. Great repartee between them, and the tension is thick. Wonder what skeletons are in Morris' closet that are so disturbing to Eartha!
    GREAT work!
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    Now that an ENDING.
    I bet you Neil comes out of this, but it'll be hard for him when he comes out. Will be able to walk? Hopefully.
    Dru is BACK! I love love love how you're having these family moments around all these chaotic scenes, and I REALLY love that you're dragging out the suspense of who survived the blast. VERY well-written, and incredibly good pacing. You're awesome at this. Your stories are moving and this has been an excellent read that TV Y&R hasn't given me in a LONG time.
    Love Scotty and Rafe and their tension. Scotty isn't ready for anything but sex, and he needs to take that journey to accept himself. I know you'll be able to write that whole process well. One of my favourite scenes of this episode.
    ALL of it moved and it was excellent. GREAT work, ML!
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