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  1. SFK added a post in a topic Characters with the most creative nicknames   

    Orangutaniel, I damn near choked the first time I saw that one.

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  2. SFK added a post in a topic Y&R: November 2015 Thread   

    Well damn Sharon. #body
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  3. SFK added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I keep expecting Bo's death to be a fake-out, the rushed timing is just absurd.  What's RKK up to?
    The way See-error blurts out and strings together her words reminds me of Cecily Strong when she does that ex-pornstar skit on SNL.
    A Martinez is rocking my 8th grade haircut circa 1992. 
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  4. SFK added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    Honestly, I do think that FV has a mix of nostalgia and respect for classic ABC daytime (I'm not looking for an argument, you know what I mean) that he of all EPs would consider dedicating an episode to DC.  Such might be deemed "inappropriate"/"confusing", but I think it would be a classy move. I actually sat through The View today hoping they might pay him tribute.
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  5. SFK added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    Cameron and Mr. Canary were birthday buddies, something I've always remembered because I also share that day with them.
    I idolized the man, so many priceless memories.  One of my earliest memories of DC on AMC was Stuart sneaking out of a secret passage and cracking a vase over Ellen's skull.  She literally didn't know what hit her.
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  6. SFK added a post in a topic Funny, Amazing and WTF Pictures and Gifs   

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  7. SFK added a post in a topic Couples(Husband/Wife) on the same soap at the same time   

    Celeste Holm and Wesley Addy (Loving)
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  8. SFK added a post in a topic AMC Tribute Thread   

    I'm almost positive that Skye had already left town.  I don't remember any scenes involving her within this storyline, mostly Adam, Hayley, and Arlene.  I do remember Hayley mentioning off-canvas Skye in loaded conversations with Adam re: his children/parenting skills during the time before CG's "Toni" showed up.
    BTW, I thought the way they shoehorned Toni into Skye-dom was so clunky and awkward.
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  9. SFK added a post in a topic AMC Tribute Thread   

    Yes indeed, seems like yesterday.  Of course, who knew that sisters had just met for the first time?  (Can we just forget that retcon bull about Skye not being Adam's?)
    I also recall the first time we saw her blonde hair.  I want to say that Brian was up on a ladder, changing a lightbulb or painting or something, and she came in from the kitchen/other room, bashful running her fingers through it.  Brian (and we at home) were so taken aback.  In my youth, it never occurred to me that she was wearing an Elvira wig.  I just assumed that she dyed it.
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  10. SFK added a post in a topic When current Daytime collides with Old School Prime Time - Joy   

    Ha, LW's Krystle Carrington 'do.  Donna looks just like classic Abby.  Susan looks like Katherine Helmond.
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  11. SFK added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    She's a Texan, I presume from this audition video [strong language]:
    Absolutely gorgeous, I'll give her that much.
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  12. SFK added a post in a topic Y&R: November 2015 Thread   

    Oh wow!  Thanks for the responses, glad to see that she's back in daytime.  Guess it's been just long enough for me to not immediately recognize her.
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  13. SFK added a post in a topic Y&R: November 2015 Thread   

    Who is this playing Elise (sp?)?  She looks familiar.  At least I *think* I'm thinking of someone other than Chelsea Handler.
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  14. SFK added a post in a topic OLTL actor Nathaniel Marston in critical condition after car accident   

    My heart is heavy.  While I'm glad that he was spared from a difficult future, I'd be much happier had he been spared from this painful ordeal to begin with.  When I was living in New York, shopping for representation, I met with someone on the team of the actor who replaced Nathaniel on OLTL.  I said, "Congrats!  But it's really a shame what happened with (Nathaniel)."  This person responded, "Not for us!"  I thought right then and there, "How callous."  Folks, we are so quick to snark and judge and dismiss, but you don't know WHAT these people out here are going through.  God bless you if you've never been mentally and emotionally tortured, if you've never known such heights of destructive behavior and pain.  There but for the grace of God...  Fame, infamy, bank account, artist, CPA... regardless.  If you are blessed to have your sh!t together in the presence of a loved or merely liked one who is not as blessed as you, wrap your literal/figurative arms around them and do the best you can to help.  Experience tells me, you have the time to make a difference even if you think you don't.
     My heart goes out to his mother, who went above and beyond to keep us all updated.  She was well within her right to share nothing.  My sincere condolences to his loved ones who may visit this site.
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  15. SFK added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I was fully expecting a predominantly white, Jewish cast for Potomac and thought, "Maybe Prince George's County is next."  PG County has the highest concentration of wealthy blacks in the country.  I was surprised to see so many people of color for the Potomac cast.
    Darren Starr is from Potomac, 20854, and based 90210 on his high school experience.  Lynda Carter is Potomac's biggest celebrity and everyone seems to have their own first- or second-hand story of seeing her at Montgomery Mall.  Kennedy-Shrivers, Stallones, Sugar Ray Leonard, several NBA players have all lived there.
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