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  1. Thanks, I've been wanting to see this for years!
  2. I just read that Michael Parks who played Philip Colby has passed away. Rest in peace.
  3. Susan's popularity is thanks to the role of Erica which was written into the stratosphere. While the ladies you list are all fabulous in their own rights, none of their signature roles were written with the epic scope of Erica.
  4. Oy, that Agnes tribute, I don't think I was ready. Thorsten almost broke me.
  5. One of my costumes in my next play is a prison jumpsuit and y'all already know that collar is gonna be popped a la Urrrrica Kane...

  6. SaIIy (<--Roman numeral II cuz I'm clever) reminds me of Gina Tognoni. Coincidentally, they both can fill out a dress. The show seemed to highlight this last week when they had SaIIy bent over her desk and Shirley came in and patted her butt. SaIIy and Coco have not known these men long enough to be revolving around them...
  7. Is Sasha still on the show?
  8. Maaaaaan, if I was the person who discovered the little "30" in the B&B logo, y'all couldn't tell me S#!T!!  Walking around the office like: giphy.gif

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      BRUH. Waking up in the MIDDLE of the night to send that company-wide email, not giving a damn what it looks like to be sending it at 3am because you KNOW that raise is comting.

    2. Cheap21


      Dude thats so last month

    3. SFK


      Hahahaha, and Cheap, you know me and my delinquent viewership lol

  9. And folks scoffed at the "vain" Knots Landing ladies with their no-grandbaby clauses in their contracts... That pilot tho?? I. CAN'T.
  10. If you're trying to access FB via desktop, you may want to try on your phone, or vice versa.
  11. Is Darlita any relation to Darla, or has any character at least been like, "OMG, what a coinky-dink..."?
  12. MTS looked every bit the soap queen today. She looked great against the ranch and Victor's office sets.
  13. I was just watching her (as herself) in the Gong Show episode of What's Happening!!
  14. I'm assuming she's from The Doctors, but who's that gorgeous lady in your avatar?
  15. DMR's acting style is rather laid back, her Vivian lacked the forward energy of JH's which imo made her less engaging in terms of driving scenes, let alone Vivian-centered plots.