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  1. A little bummed that I didn't know IMDb's boards were closing down sooner, would've liked to connect with a few people.  Is there any sort of general consensus about where folks have decided to post?

  2. I saw The River at Spooky Action Theater in D.C. In the lead, Jeff Allin's bio, it read that he'd appeared on B&B for some years.
  3. Rick reminds me of a young Bob Woods. Claudia, isn't that Arthur Miller's sister, name escapes me at the moment. Viki's aunt Gwendolyn on One Life.
  4. I think the new titles look great, my issue being the same as with the last version... the superfluous background shot of each actor in essentially the same pose. Switch it up a bit. I would eliminate the rear live shots and have the actors preening in front of static charcoal headshots.
  5. I give up on SON, how do I make a status update? It shouldn't be this hard, I shouldn't have to ask
  6. What a handsome guy, that uncle Pork chop.
  7. Gotta love Ernie Anderson giving rival Dallas a shout-out. Love Krystle's outfit.
  8. I totally remember watching those Blondie and Dagwood, and Cathy specials that night, trippy. Geesh, I'm a little annoyed by how Laurin won't let up with the salacious line of questioning. Sure, Joan's partially responsible for her public image and she made loads of money thanks to it, but still... At any rate, Joan handles it well but one can sense that the Joan=Alexis cliché has become a little tiresome for her at this point.
  9. I always think of John Davidson on Hollywood Squares saying, "Princess Zsa Zsa!" Her talk show appearances in the eighties were always a hoot. Debbie Reynolds does a fabulous Zsa Zsa impression.
  10. I Googled Gloria DeHaven the other day after seeing her on some Family Feud reruns on Buzzr. I was sorry to see that she'd passed only months ago. I didn't know about Mother Angelica and Joe Alaskey.
  11. I guess Sadie, Wanda, maybe even Ina Hopkins, all had the potential to fill that role.
  12. That number choice certainly isn't coincidental?
  13. What a great incentive for me to learn Italian! "Buh-NUN-uhs" ?. Yeah, not Carolyn, but funny nonetheless.
  14. I really wish I'd watched more of his silly scripted reality show on Pop, I think it'll be too sad to do so now. I certainly watched GP as a kid, and my goodness, what can I say about those classic theme songs... Mr. Thicke hosted a Saturday afternoon show about animals that I watched faithfully. His co-host was a cute (treacly?) little hedgehog puppet. Whenever Robin is mentioned, I always think of Brennan who has always been the "star" offspring of the family since he voiced Dennis the Menace. My cousins and I watched every weekday after school. RIP Robin Thicke
  15. Does anyone have information on the P&G visitor center in Cincinnati where you can peruse soap bibles and such?  Someone posted about their visit years ago, he mentioned reading the Somerset bible.  I'm interested in going but my Google searches have been in vain.