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  1. That's interesting, didn't think of that ("titi Cristal"). The thing that I do think of whenever this reimagining crosses my mind is how faithful the show will be to the original when it comes to the Adams, the Amandas, the Dominiques... characters who had mysterious/surprise intros. You can't really do that twice. I mean, you can, but... I wonder if those characters will even make it to the new series, and if so, will the original back stories be glossed over.
  2. I saw Eric Braedan's autobiography in B&N the other day but didn't see Mrs. Nixon's. I still haven't read Eight Years in Another World or that OLTL collection of personal narratives, which I'd like to get around to doing.
  3. Uhh, who are these "models" in the new opening? Did some lucky folks win a contest?
  4. There used to be clips of her Jill on YouTube, but I couldn't find them just now. Bond:
  5. I think Brenda was ill, or some sort of contract kerfuffle? Jerry Douglas did one of those SOD stroll down memory lane photo interviews back in the mid-'90s. In reference to the picture of him and Deborah when she was a permanent recast, he said something to the effect that she was his favorite Jill. He loved the layers she brought to the role (this was pre-Jess, he was essentially comparing her to Brenda).
  6. Some casting news that showed up on my FB feed: http://deadline.com/2017/03/dynasty-rafael-de-la-fuente-cw-pilot-w-tre-davis-valor-1202039712/
  7. Gee, where would anyone get THAT idea?? ?
  8. This still makes my jaw drop:
  9. I will watch this reimagining of the show in the same spirit with which I watched the "BTS" TV movie. Instead of letting myself be so bothered by this like that Jem movie, I'll keep in mind that this can't take anything away from my affinity for the original series. Just don't touch Sable.
  10. This opening was rather short-lived and similar to OLTL's Gottlieb champagne opening. I loved the Johnny Mathis but they saved the best for last with the Jeffrey Osbourne. I was working at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park a few months ago, and Nada Rowand's headshot hung on the wall of a local pub, Blind Lemon. I took a photo but apparently the file is too large to post.
  11. I really liked MB btw, there was a real charming ease about him. I can see what LG saw in him as part of that casting initiative.
  12. I was watching earlier, and the sight of them chucking those bundles of papers on that loading dock tripped me out. It's an oddly refreshing glimpse of blue collar reality, away from the flash of the offices.
  13. Susan Lucci's auction for CP... would someone please buy me her sheared beaver trimmed with mink tails coat and let me get All My Llife to Llive??  I gag.

  14. A little bummed that I didn't know IMDb's boards were closing down sooner, would've liked to connect with a few people.  Is there any sort of general consensus about where folks have decided to post?

  15. I saw The River at Spooky Action Theater in D.C. In the lead, Jeff Allin's bio, it read that he'd appeared on B&B for some years.