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  1. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic Who should be YRs new head writer?   

    I always think of it as a game of musical chairs where only the most untalented are allowed to compete.
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  2. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I apply the sauce for the gander, sauce for the goose rule of thumb to fat-shaming. I always saw Kim Zimmer shamed on soap forums.
    Any non-pregnant actress who works for ABC and gains weight is warned. Forcing women to be underweight has been a pattern with ABC for a long time, and it hasn't gotten better. There's a reason most of the women on GH are seriously underweight and it's definitely not accidental. The only woman I have seen whose weight increased on GH in recent years was NLG, who seemed to have gained some (probably) menopausal pounds that are mostly gone now. I would be surprised if she wasn't warned to get her weight down.
    With the exception of Sean Kanan who was treated execrably and shamed publicly, men on GH have been allowed to gain weight, apparently without censure. Do we know for a fact that anything has been said to Billy Miller? I seriously doubt it.
    I remember all those years Steve Burton was allowed to blow up like the Thanksgiving turkey during football season. At one point he said JFP told him he was to do a shirtless love scene in 7 weeks. The love scene happened, but Burton never took off his spandex wife-beater.
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  3. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror. I suspect it's quite different from the goofy-looking fat guy I see on GH, and yet we're supposed to believe he's the ultimate catch. If I caught that, I'd throw it back in the water.
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  4. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH Casts New Nurse   

    If she's as bad a gossip as Amy, she'll be gone faster than the hospital can say "HIPAA regulations."
    What am I saying? This is GH where nobody producing or writing has a lick of common sense.
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  5. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH actor bumped to recurring   

    He was probably hired and kept on contract to make their numbers look better. It was obvious they never had any intention of using him.
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  6. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH casting   

    Have we seen any indication FV is capable of feeling any embarrassment or shame about what makes him ejaculate?
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  7. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH: March 2016 Discussion Thread   

    This is so odd, and random. Neither BM nor MB wake up long enough to work most days, so how does Giddens think they could pull this off? The days when Sonny and Jason had any real drama are far in the past.
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  8. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH Actress' Contract Negotiations Hit Snag; Rival Soap Eyeing to Hire   

    He did it to Steve Burton. Well, to be honest he didn't lowball him but he refused to work with him so he had more time off and he was very nasty about it.
    OTOH, Bryan Craig probably gets soft lights, drinks and romantic music when he negotiates.
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  9. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH Actress' Contract Negotiations Hit Snag; Rival Soap Eyeing to Hire   

    Herbst's husband Michael Saucedo has been negotiating her contract renewals for years. It might not be in Herbst's nature to grab Frank by the cojones and give them a good hard squeeze, but I doubt Saucedo would have any such reticence, especially when Frank richly deserved it.
    Behaving like a jerk is not an especially good negotiating strategy, even though it seems to be Frank's favorite ploy. He probably thinks it makes him seem powerful when in fact it blows the preconception of good faith negotiations right out of the water and shows everyone he's willing to act badly. When negotiators go ugly like that, they give permission to the other parties to behave the same way. He and that weird ABC guy really blew it, probably because they're both stupid.
    When they were forced to call Saucedo back, Michael had Frank right where he wanted him, and he and Frank both knew it. Of course Saucedo got what he originally wanted, maybe even more. Saucedo had all the power when they went back to the table. When Frank's strategy failed it left him with nothing; that's why no one with a functioning brain acts that way in negotiations.
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  10. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH: March 2016 Discussion Thread   

    It's becoming obvious Frank is the problem. He most likely gets plenty of assistance from ABC, which is known for hiring the very worst people for every job.
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  11. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic Michael Muhney Responds To Rumors   

    Exactly. JFP brought both HK and Robert Adamson to Y&R after working with them on Hollywood Heights.
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  12. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH: February 2016 Discussion Thread   

    It doesn't do much good when other posters keep quoting him. Look how many times it has happened since you made this post. He's a troll, he wants attention and he gets plenty of it here.
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  13. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH - December 2015 Discussion   

    Carly hated Robin long before she ever revealed Michael's paternity, probably because she was in Carly's way. Those of us who were subjected to the never-ending torture that was Cottage Hell can attest to what a shrew Carly was. Never mind Robin had helped raise Michael while Carly was away melting down, Carly is not a creature who does grateful. It was perplexing that Carly was so ugly to Robin when Robin was keeping her big secret; then again Carly has never been accused of being very bright. I couldn't stand Robin, Carly or Jason, who was the biggest weenie ever for letting himself be manipulated in that story. There were no good guys in Cottage Hell. When Robin finally spilled to AJ, that was the only time I ever liked her. Yes! I only wished she had thrown Carly, Jason and Michael out on their butts a long time before the reveal and saved us all that time and frustration.
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  14. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH - December 2015 Discussion   

    I wouldn't have as much of a problem with the great whitewashed if they weren't so ridiculously hypocritical. Carly and Sam dragging Elizabeth for lying is the equivalent of Jocelyn Wildenstein dragging someone for having cosmetic surgery.
    I don't know when GH became hypocrite central, but there's been quite an epidemic on the show. Carly, Sam, Monica and Alexis are all raving hypocrites (just naming a few GH women off the top of my head). They should be slinking around hoping no one notices instead of acting like they own any moral high ground.
    Sonny has been known to give morality lectures, which pretty wins him the biggest hypocrite in the world prize. I have nearly choked at some of the silliness that comes out of his mouth.
    When Jason covered for Courtney when she got high and then got behind the wheel of a car, he apparently forgot how he ranted at the Qs for covering for AJ.
    Yeah, lots of it going around.
    [Edited because I can't ever remember the paragraph spacing on the site.]
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  15. SweetPea36 added a post in a topic GH - December 2015 Discussion   

    Oh, good grief. Two men threatening kids in a park with guns is okay if they're actors? That's absurd.
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