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  1. JFP said good girls are boring. I disagreed with her when she said it and I still do. GH lost some of its soul when they killed off Emily and Georgie. They helped balance the mob turds. Laura was a good girl before Luke raped her, and I never considered her boring. Good girls can be written with the many facets that make any characters interesting. It was a lack of imagination/creativity on JFP's part that she could not see that. Edited: Apologies for the GH-centric nature of my comments. I came here following a notification link and forgot this is a Y&R thread.
  2. Could you possibly be speaking of "Good girls are boring" JFP? After all those years in the business, she never figured out soaps need ingenues. And tentpole characters. And solid good characters to balance the evil. Maybe good characters aren't as exciting, but they're quite necessary.
  3. Yes, both before and after. JZ had a nice voluptuous body before she got enhanced.
  4. She was always called Boobie in fun. Back in the days before JFP decided JZ was too old to be sexy, she loved to show as much of her girls as she could get by with.
  5. KMan, I think I might enjoy Boobie now that she won't be spending all of her time enabling/lying for Luke and Lucky. I got to the point where I disliked her because of that. Now if only they'll use her.
  6. I don't disagree at all but for me, KM is a complete dullard. Always has been. I can't stand Snobin and yes KM is dull She's also a notorious nag and control freak. I wonder who they've decided deserves to be told how they should be living now that Patrick is gone. She's had her lips firmly attached to Sonny's posterior for years, so I doubt he'll get the special Robin treatment.
  7. I would agree with you if you were talking about Mo Benard, Steve Burton or Tony Geary. I remember when Tony Geary crowed in an interview that he, Benard, Burton and Guza had been writing GH for years. Tyler Christopher, although he brought his own set of problems, was not one of the alpha males who ruled GH for years so I don't blame him for its degeneration. I think he's like the three of them in that they all considered themselves too good for soaps, even though no one else wanted them. It's not like they didn't try, but it never happened for any of them. He belongs to an era of GH that's gone now, which made him expendable. I'm sure Frank needs his salary to pay his pets or his next twink.
  8. This has been a horrible year for me as a soap fan. Canary, Nixon, now Malloy. Yes to all of the above. We've had too much sad news this year.
  9. In choosing to renew these contracts, ABC has stated pretty emphatically that they don't want GH to improve or succeed. I'm guessing it also means they haven't come up with their usual dreck that's sufficiently bad to replace it.
  10. Thanks, depboy. My swiss cheese brain remembered Lesley talking to Rick rather than about him, but that's the clip. It's pretty clear she says Carolyn instead of Caroline so that's another piece cleared up.
  11. I've seen a clip where Lesley and Rick had a conversation soon after Jeff left town in which Lesley referred to Jeff's wife as Caroline. That's the clip I mentioned earlier. I've always assumed Lesley and Rick would know the name of Jeff's wife because they both knew her. I don't know where Andrea Trent came from but it's my understanding that name was only mentioned once in passing and it was during the time Robin Mattson was playing Heather so it was probably another piece of rewritten history. That was after GH's continuity department had been disbanded so no surprise to learn GH doesn't know the history of its characters.
  12. She looks like about half of the women in Dallas. The city, not the show.
  13. It was either Caroline or Carolyn; I believe it was Caroline. I don't have the link to it now, but there is a clip where Jeff and she were being talked about after they left town. To my knowledge, that was the only mention ever made of her by name.
  14. I always think of it as a game of musical chairs where only the most untalented are allowed to compete.