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  1. Was broadly expected. With that being said, what is the writers arrangement on Monday's upcoming episode, please? Thanks in advance.
  2. This. Though I've long since accepted that won't return anytime soon. Whether it's finances or the fact Jill Farren Phelps got rid of the composers of the themes (with them required to reintroduce them) the current composers are here to stay.
  3. I'd previously (deliberately) ignored this thread as I didn't want to give credence to the notion that people wanted a head writer change so soon after her stories hit the air. At least 'so soon' at the point it was created. And just for the sake of clarification, I definitely don't want her gone. The show more resembles the Y&R I loved and adored as a youngster than it has done in over a decade. And the examination of character and motivations (i.e the scenes in themselves) is fascinating. I feel the pieces are nearly in place in order to drive (actual) story going forward. My opinion, of course and I only speak for myself. However, I must admit to being slightly concerned about how long Sally Sussman will be given with the loss of viewers, pre-emptions or otherwise. If the networks listen as much as they appear to at times, and given what happened when they gave Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer, Scott Hamner, Jill Farren Phelps and Charles Pratt Jr more time than other soaps do, they may decide to take a more 'modern' approach and exercise their option to dismiss sooner than before. What it also may do is raise the question of what type of soap/storytelling do viewers in 2017 want to see? It has said before that it may just be the fact that (any resemblance or attempt at) the Bill Bell style doesn't accord with with the tastes and attention span of the 'younger viewer'. Sadly, for me, it would appear to be true. And if a change were to occur (and with it goes Kay Alden, et al) what does that leave Y&R with option-wise?
  4. She has. If I remember correctly, I think it was the 3rd set, just before Doug Davidson. She looked gorgeous, of course. I'm not certain of her placing, but she has been featured. EDIT: A quick check of the interweb and it was actually Friday 17th February... and yes, she was before DD.
  5. Today's episode features both Sharon Case and Tracey Bregman (her 1st appearance on these new credits). As for where the find them, glib though the answer is, I'd say initially, by watching the episode. Someone will probably extract the credits shortly.
  6. Congratulations to Days. To be honest, the change of Head Writer was a clue that someone within the show knew something.
  7. I'm looking forward to the bonus version... 30 seconds and 9 various poses of Faith Newman ? You know it's coming.
  8. How on earth did they keep that quiet up to now? Usually, there are hints or leaks. My opinion, it's not bad at all. There are obviously more versions but this initial one is quiet easy on the eyes. Or mine, anyway. Maybe I need to wipe my glasses. The actors all look quiet attractive, which is in contrast to the previous version, where it was hit and miss.
  9. His name has started appearing again. 2 days in a row this past week I believe. I also noticed that Sara Bibel's name appeared on the same title card (as it were) as Brent Boyd. This is Monday 13th February. Just under his name. I don't know if it means she just assisted him to do whatever his role is (the name escapes me) for this episode or if she will assume his role going forward. Remains to be seen.
  10. With the writing and directing combination you've mentioned, I have little doubt it will be a great watch. While the flash and razzmatazz of the last couple of years are not there anymore, that's not what made Y&R what it was and was not in its identity (I use that word carefully as I appreciate the world is faster, less patient and with more options now). In depth, character-probing and psychological scenes are. I also appreciate that my preferences don't accord with a lot of people (and the all important rating may take a dive over time) but I like that/this kind of writing and will watch as long as it's put out there. So if a final scene takes 6 minutes, then I imagine as much of the above would have been wrung out of it and I'd be as engaged as anyone else gripped by the effects of a snowstorm, an explosion or the tense, shouty scene after a scandalous reveal. I appreciate any writer/team who puts that level of trust in their audience.
  11. Thanks for that. I saw his name, thought I recognised it (as in I'd seen it somewhere before), did a search and hey presto, regurgitated facts above.
  12. Add Christian McLaughlin to the list of Y&R writers. Former intern at Y&R, B&B writer and co-creator of Spyder Games. Yes, Wiki is my friend.
  13. I didn't know about the broken embargo. Then again, I still haven't rekindled my love affair with Eastenders so these things are passing me by. In fact, I only see bits and pieces of each British soap and only fully watch Y&R and Home and Away consistently as well as focusing on my own writing. I'm hearing of improvements to Coronation Street and I'm still adjusting to McLeod's tinkered version of Emmerdale, but is Eastenders (in general) worth getting back into?
  14. Is it me or was a little jab at DigitalSpy and the like when talking about click bait websites? ?
  15. If memory serves me (badly), even though Smith was the Head Writer I think Sally Sussman Morina was Story Consultant, so may have had a hand in some of what was going on. Plus I've read (on here, actually) several times over the years that she basically took 'credit' for the poisoned necklace.